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  Poison Ivy  
Poison Ivy (Scenesys ID: 574)
Name: Pamela Lillian Isley
Superalias: Poison Ivy
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Occupation: Extreme Environmentalist
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Gotham / Arkham Asylum
Education: PhD in Botany and Toxicology
Theme: DC (VFC)
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 14 Jun 1994 Played By Lake Bell
Height: 5'7" Weight: 115 lbs
Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green
Twitter: @GreenSleeves
Theme Song: "Poison Ivy" by The Coasters

Character Info


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Dr. Pamela Isley is a brilliant botanist, biochemist and toxicologist, but very few know about it, because her research was stolen by a Dr. Woodrue. But people very much know about who she became as a result: Poison Ivy. Most would consider Poison Ivy a supervillian. She considers herself an eco-terrorist. She has a remarkable power to control plants, and can release pheromones and toxins that cause others to fall in love with her and do her bidding or die. The fact she has been working along Harley Quinn on some occasions surely hadn't won her any favors.


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* 1994: Pamela was born in Seattle to a wealthy family, shamefully she turns out to be a mutant. Even worse, the visible kind whose mutation was apparent at birth, thanks to her green skin, which didn't endear her to her parents. Being a wealthy family, it was important to avoid scandals in their circles of high society.

* 1995 - 1998: Pamela is mostly kept out of sight, her parents being quite cold to her for the slight of being born a mutant, she is mostly seen to by a hired nanny.

* 1999-2006: Due to being different, and having indifferent parents, Pamela has a lonely childhood and is a constant target for bullying as she survives through the mean halls of Elementary and Middle school. As a side effect for having no friends and no one to play with, Pamela focused on her studies, proving to be an exceptionally gifted student, earning straight A across the board.

* 2007: Pamela was depressed and hurt at how nobody wanted to be her friend, and those who did approach her, did it to bully or prank her. But something strange happened at about her 13th birthday, suddenly she heard voices calling her out to the backyard. When she decided to follow those voices, she realized it was the flowers and plants in her mom's backyard garden who called out to her. Her mutant powers began to fully emerge, and she found out she could communicate with plant-life. Finally she had friends, she shared her hardships, they shared their hardships. Having someone to communicate with really helped Pamela finally break out of her constant state of melancholy.

* 2008 - 2012: By the time Pamela graduates high school as valedictorian, she had ample time to learn more about her powers through communication with her 'friends' in the backyard. She learns that not only she can communicate with plants, but she can control them, and make them shrink or grow or shift. Thanks to having no human contact, she has had all the time in the world to master her ability.

* 2013 - 2018: After years of neglect and outright abusive upbringing, Pamela couldn't wait to go to NY where she was accepted for Sarah Lawrence College. In her sheer brilliance and dedication, Pamela wound up earning PhDs in Botany and Toxicology, in the time it takes most to complete a single Bachelor degree. She begins working on groundbreaking research with Dr. Jason Woodrue, but unfortunately he decides to kill her with toxins and steals all of her research to present as his own solo work. That's when Pamela learned she's immune to toxins and venom, instead of killing her, Dr. Woodrue apparently accelerated something within Pamela and further enhanced her powers to the next level. Pamela loses faith in humanity in general and men in particular, decides to truly dedicate herself to saving the environment, as she fashions herself a new identity: Poison Ivy.

2019: Poison Ivy decides to settle in Gotham City, because that's where the law is overrun by crazy villains, and who would have the time to focus on an eco-terrorist, while you have truly horrific villains, doing their psychotic crimes for no good cause! Ivy starts making a name for herself, particularly for her awesome display of real power, where as most crime in Gotham is violent, nefarious, but relatively within the human spectrum of abilities. Villains in Gotham tend to cross paths, whether by teaming up for profit, or by mingling in Arkham Asylum after an infestation of Bats put them there. This way or that, Ivy crossed paths with Harley Quinn, learned of her story and was determined to help this woman overcome her abuser. She empowered Harley Quinn through science and abilities, while supporting her and pressing her to escape from her abusive boyfriend, the Joker.

2020: The way the world works, destruction of Genosha, hatred of mutants culminating in the destruction of a whole country in a genocidal attack. Misogynistic men blocking opportunities from women, stealing credit for their work, and preventing them from advancing. Politicians going on the offensive on women's reproductive rights. Racism and prejudice against any who are somewhat different. Poison Ivy can do the math. The plague that is humanity doesn't deserve the Earth it so readily destroys and takes away from Mother Nature. She'll need to come up with ways to make a real change.

IC Journal

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Ivy has been bullied for many reasons in her life, while she was still just Pamela, chief. One of the patterns she noticed is the ease with each aggressive men step all over women. Such as when her research was stolen by Dr. Woodrue, or when she witnessed Harley Quinn being stomped by the Joker despite having brilliant ideas. There are glass ceilings, unequal pay, general sexist discrimination. To top it all, you know who gets trampled when greedy wealthy businessmen defile and pollute the environment for their own gain? Why Mother Nature of course. Ivy took a stance to protect nature, but she finds the very same symptom in the male skewed world looking down on females. Ivy will go out of her way to empower women, and step in when they suffer bullying at the hands of misogynistic men. Her most impressive work yet is the ongoing fantabulous emancipation of one Harley Quinn.

In her time, Pamela has been manipulated to think a mentor was in love with her, was manipulated to think an abuser was a friend, and once she opened her eyes, she started to realize just about everyone is manipulated daily by the media's daily offering of propoganda. She's had enough of being the victim, just like she's had enough of mother nature always paying the price for humanity's greed. She has taken the reigns over manipulation, and if anyone will try it in her vicinity, it's best be her on others. She is not beyond trying to say and do what is necessary to get a person to act as she would like them to. Inaccuracies, outright lies, feigned affection, promise of powers, everything is fair game if the end goal is worth it.

Dr. Harleen Quinzel once diagnosed Poison Ivy as a "classic misanthrope with abandonment issues who befriends plants to avoid human intimacy." She was absolutely correct in her assessment. It's no surprise, considering Pamela's upbringing, her parents being every bit her tormentors as the bullies who accosted her at kindergarten and later at school. Wherever she turned people were out to hurt her and her only friends were her the plants and flowers in the backyard garden. Thanks to the good work by therapists in Arkham, Ivy is able to tolerate the presence of humans, but she's still not a fan. She could care less if all the humans were to die so nature can retake control of the entire Earth. Okay, she'd make an exception for one Harley Quinn, for whom she's developed an affinity.

While Dr. Pamela Isley doesn't have all that much affection to humans, she is very much enamored with the struggle to save the environment and conserve nature. It is not out of line for her to provide generous donations, to organizations aligned with her goals. Heck, on occasioan Poison Ivy might show real support for the more extreme environmentalist out there and protect them from arrest or assist them in making a dent in the tremendous forces they face.

Ivy has a sharp wit and generally doesn't suffer fools gladly. She will always be at the ready with a hurtful sarcastic remark, that occasionally flies over her target's head. It's her way of dealing with the insufferable, at least amusing herself in the process. If the intended target happens to realize the intent, it's all the same to her, maybe they'll learn to better themselves. If they want to be all angry about it, well, she is Poison Ivy and has quite a reputation in Gotham City and potentially beyond. Maybe people can let a slight out of her slide.

The benefit of being borng to a wealthy family, is that Ivy is well aware of the ins and outs of the so called 'polite society'. If she were to care for it, she could go into one of the finest galas of the Hellfire Club in NYC and not appear a fish out of water. That said, the fact she knows how the rules of the upper class operate, it doesn't mean she'd necessarily want in on the game.

Character Sheet


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Poison Ivy is infamously known for her fearsome ability to control, animate and manipulate plant-life. She is also able to rapidly speed up the growth of plant life, as well as shrink it down, meaning she could use the very enviornment to create weapons and means of transportation in a flash, before making it all recede as if nothing ever transpired.

Ivy normally can control plants in her vicinity, able to sense them much farther than sight would allow, probably in the realm of single miles. She can use them to whip, ensnare, carry, lift, smash or catch targets. She can make plants grow tremendously to the point of tearing apart and toppling a tall building, given the time and focus. Or she could make them flick a car aside as if it was a toy car.

If there are no plant life in the surrounding area, but there is exposed ground, with any luck she may sprout some from seeds otherwise invisible to others, that she would be aware of thanks to her powers.

The force of the vines and plants under her control is determined by how many, and at what size Ivy made them grow. She usually keeps things proportional to the threat level she's facing. Though all bets are off when she's dealing with offenders against nature.

Enhanced Strength:
No, no, no, this isn't a Superman or Captain America type thing. Ivy is not a bruiser. But she is far stronger than the average human, she can probably throw a punch that hurts like being hit with a bowling ball, but she's not going to lift a car anytime soon.

Her range is stronger than a peak level athlete, and probably lesser to most other enhanced metas out there. Point being, hand to hand fighting with her, is no joke. Although hand to hand will never be her perferance.

While Ivy doesn't have a healing factor like Wolverine or Deadpool, she is capable of healing much faster then humans thanks to her plant based physiology. All she requires is exposure to sunlight, and preferably coming in touch with the soil. While most are likely unaware, if she were to be in the process of dying, or just freshly dead, there's a chance that simply burying her in the ground might revitalize her to the point of coming back to life. Much like cutting a plant down, but then planting it again, and nursing it back to life. It may take more than a week, but it will happen.

With poisons and toxins being part of her bloodstream, it's no surprise that Poison Ivy is immune to them. She is also immune to a variety of viruses and bacteria, and surprisingly, also to engineered poisons such as Joker's or Scarecrow's variants of gases and toxins.

Much like a planet, Ivy's body can secrete pheromones and toxins of different kins, under her full control, allowing her to mesmerize people. Make them enamored with her. Poison them. Render them unconscious. Or make it very difficult to lie through application of truth serum toxin.

When it comes to her aphrodisiac like 'love potion' applicaiton, it is more strongly affects men, although those with extremely strong will such as Batman have been known to shake it off and resist the affect.

These pheromones can be release from Ivy's body like a puff of toxin out of pores that permeate the air around her, it could release as a secretion of substance from her skin through touch, or her favorite, through a kiss from her lips.

Summary of effects she can produce: love, paralysis, anesthetic, hyperalgesia, lethargy, weakness, addiction.

OOC: As with any ability that may affect the agency of a player over their character, OOC consent is required for use of Pheromones, when used to manipulate response that may otherwise be different.

Plant Avatars:
A niche expertise of Ivy in the use of her cholokinesis, is the shaping of plants and controlling them to make them look like avatars of sorts. Making them look like little pets, like leafy humans, or monstrous trees out of the Lord of The Rings saga. It is mostly done to intimidate or endear someone, if she's creating a small avatar, she may control several of these, if she's creating something larger, even fewer, and finally when creating a monstrous tree to scare people, she's only be able to create one.

OOC: It's important to note that in trying to maintain such 'avatars', Ivy is unable to concentrate on her own physical surrounding, or manipulate her powers to help herself. She will need to give up on the avatar to get the focus she needs for her usual mode of operation.

Plant Physiology:
A chief element of Ivy's mutation is that she is a lot more like a plant than a normal human. She breathes carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen, her blood is aloe, her skin is chlorophyll. She nourishes from photosynthesis just as much, if not more so, than food. She also has elements of different plants, capable of secreting pheromones and toxins to act like an aphrodisiac or venom. She herself, can be very poisonous, and as a side-effect, is herself immune to poisons and toxins as they make part of her lifeblood.

While generally appearing green skinned, if Ivy were to go incognito, she is able to affect her chlorophyll levels to make her skin more normal toned looking, but it is a taxing endeavor that demands concentration. So for the most part, she never bothers.

She is also able to handle hotter and colder temperatures better than most humans. Mind you this is about comfort level, not a tolerance to being frozen or burned.

The Grapevine:
Familiar with the term "I heard it through the grapevine?" Well, it holds true for Ivy, because she literally communicates with plants.

Ivy can actually learn quite a bit of intel from talking to plants, because most people are pretty unguarded in their vicinity, not even thinking they can 'listen', let alone 'talk'. This is usually her first sign of something awry, when she learns of a 'pain' or 'discomfort' in the Earth, and it usually can be pinpointed to one scumbag company or other poisoning the soil, or water, or whatever it is they are polluting at any given time.

On the flip side, hearing the plants screams of pain as they die to human brutality, is something Ivy has an extremely hard time coping with. Maybe it's a big contributor to her being a misanthrope.


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Dr. Pamela Isley is a brilliant mind, and her surging in the world of Academics was fast and meteoric, until her work was stolen by Dr. Jason Woodrue. She has earned herself a PhD in Botany, Toxicology and Biochemistry. She has some published works, but you wouldn't know it, because it's all credited to Dr. Jason Woodrue. Luckily, thanks to her powers, he was unable to kill her when he tried. But she did get the message, and left the world of Academics behind for more ethical pursuits. At least in her mind. She can use her vast knowledge along with her higher understanding of plant life thanks to her powers, to reach scientific breakthroughs that others would still take many years to come by. She is a world authority in her fields, mostly thanks to her unique edge on top of her Academics.

You wouldn't think Ivy would be very agile or acorbatic, but you'd be wrong. The ease with which she maintains balance while maneuvering on a vine that takes erratic turns and sudden rises and drops? Yeah, that's not an easy feat. She's no Harley Quinn and definitely not Spider-Man, but she knows how to control her body to maintain balance while standing on uniquely moving platforms like the vines she expertly uses to navigate areas. She could likely do some parkour with the level of control she has over her body, but that was never a thing of interest for her.

Hang around the underworld and you're bound to come across firearms, while Ivy isn't a fan of these weapons, she knows how to use them and she's probably better than your average mall guard, security at a school, or even regular town police officers. If she had to shoot someone to stay alive, she could do it without flinching.

Hand To Hand Combat:
Having teamed up with various villains in her time in Gotham City, most importantly, one Harley Quinn. Ivy had come to really improve her hand to hand fighting ability. She's not going to touch Lady Shiva or Iron Fist anytime soon, at least not with martial arts, but she could probably clear up a typical dojo thanks to real life experience trumping rehearsed setting in an orderly dojo.

Poison Ivy is naturally strikingly attractive, it could well be that her mutation, with her pheromones, is pushing her seduction ability to the next level. What is certain, is that whenever Ivy is behaving in a flirtatious manner towards anyone, one can be sure there is something for her to gain. She could tempt others to take any number of actions in the hopes of hooking up with her, such as stealing something, disturbing someone, or even show their love for her by offering to protect her from harm. Ivy finds it a rather useful skill, and doesn't feel there's anything wrong with getting back at men who so eagerly use women as their doormats, whether it be with abuse, prejudice, or just blatant sexism. She's evening the score, and it's about time somebody did.

OOC: It's an element of the character, not a means to powergame others in ways they OOCly disapprove. Use of this skill requires OOC consent.


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Dr. Quinzel's assessment of Pamela Isley was very accurate, she is a misanthrope, and for the longest time she couldn't stand the company of humans. So she made do with plants. Enter Frank, one of the more exotic plants that Ivy befriended. He is a huge, carnivorous venus flytrap, large enough to feed on humans. Which is just fine with Ivy, but likely not so much with potential victims.

He is much more a companion than a method of execution, however, as he's quite talkative and likes to joke around. His favorite pastime is insulting other people.

"See? See, see, I don't just eat people. Hurtful words are another weapon in my arsenal. You just got a verbal ass whooping." - Frank

OOC: He is mostly meant for flavor around Ivy's apartment/base of operations, he's not very mobile on his own and Ivy isn't likely to carry him with her into odd places.

Taking her Academic knowledge in biochemistry, botany and toxicology, all combined with the pheromones and secretion of her own body, and topped with her control of plants, Ivy is uniquely qualified to create all manners of potions, ointments and tinctures. If she ever decided to have a side income, she could well open a herbals and potions store. As it is, some villains do come to her aid because they're on good enough terms.

She can produce capsule, injection, ointment, tincture, spray or liquid form of the effects she can naturally make with her body. So the various things she can make in limited supply for others to use, will be able to induce: pain, addiction, love, paralysis, weakness, suggestability, lethargy, energy, alertness, etc'. Ivy is better than your local pharmacy.

OOC: Much like Ivy's pheromones +power entry, if anyone is given a capsule or potion or whatnot by Ivy for any specific effect, they must be given OOC consent before using it on another character.


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Ivy breathes carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen, so on the one hand, she can't be suffocated by remove the oxygen from a room. But if someone came to learn of her physiology, she could easily be suffocated by being placed in a room that had all carbon dioxide sucked out of it.

Criminal Record:
Poison Ivy has a criminal record, has been arrested in Arkham Asylum, and declared criminally insane. It doesn't matter what she says, it doesn't matter that she's the hero of the story fighting on behalf of Mother Nature. In the cartoons, Captain Planet can be a thing, but they sure don't like it when someone takes a real stand in the real world. She is very likely to be confronted by law enforcement (though smart ones may avoid her and leave it to the supers), superheroes, and worst of all the pesky Batman.

Cry of Nature:
As a down side to Ivy's plant communication power (+pow ivy/the grapevine), she can hear every bit of torture plant life goes through. She can hear the cries of pain when a flower is picked, she can hear their cries when they are treated with shears. But where the horrors get least tolerable is when she hears the loud harrowing pain that comes from the genocidal treatment huge corporates do to mother nature. When water sources get polluted, when forests get destroyed, when herbicides are used. It is very likely that sensitivity to the very real pain and suffering all this destruction of nature causes is what pushed Ivy towards eco-terrorism. She has to protect those who are helpless to protect themselves. Much like the Avengers, only for plant life.

Hurting plant life in the presence of a helpless Ivy is likely the top means of torture, and would hurt her a lot more than any physical damage to Ivy herself.

Lack of Sunlight:
Due to her mutation, Ivy is more plant than human, she needs photosynthesis to nourish herself. Likely more so than food. If someone were to trap her somewhere without exposure to sunlight, she would gradually weaken to the point of not being able to use her powers. Prolonged denial of sunlight might even result in her death.

Mental Health:
Ivy suffers primarily from misanthropy with abandonmen issues. Her experience of humanity growing up was terribly lonely, bullied for the color of her skin where she turned. Further exacerbating the situation was not only the lack of support from her parents, but the outright bullying on their behalf, as they were humiliated by the scandal of a mutant daughter. She was constantly mocked and berated. It's no wonder she desparately looked for some sort of company, some avenue for a positive interaction, which lead her to plants.

While she's now a grown woman with several PhDs, and infamously known and perhaps even feared as Poison Ivy, all of the mental scars are still there. This makes it very difficult for Ivy to open up to other people, and she's extremely afraid of being abandoned yet again should she eventually open up and connect with another human being. This is something telepaths may well abuse in a confrontation.



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Pamela Isley has 22 finished logs.

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1000 Faces: Putting Romance in the Necromancer March 28th, 2021 One dead girlfriend. One undead girlfriend. A farmer's market, 4 dozen doughnuts, and the police equal a bad romance. Oh oh oh, caught in a bad romance.
Connecting the dots March 9th, 2021 Pam and Harley go to meet with a supposed client for one of their bounty hunts but instead it's some Cruella wanting to know why they were messing with their construction in the docks. Diplomacy fails and so they need a quick escape! Luckily someone liked cigarillos!
Don't Freak out! Part II February 17th, 2021 Harley, Pam and Meggan come across a construction site in the old pier which is taking down the plant life of the area. Then they remodel it.
Don't Freak out! February 3rd, 2021 Pam and Harley go get freaky at the Tiki to celebrate their first bounty hunting.. But when they go to the pier for Harley to walk off all those Tiki-Wikis she drank they find out that the old pier is going to get demolished!
The Bounty Gals January 12th, 2021 Harley and Ivy meet up at the BIODOME, where two former mistresses of crime come in and one badass bounty hunting team comes out.
Checking On A Rumour December 20th, 2020 Ivy heard about Sally and invites her to ask about the services she offers. Ultimately, as a scientist, it doesn't sit well with her.
Cleanin the nexus November 23rd, 2020 Harley is on clean-up duty after their adventure out of time when Ivy arrives after her own adventure mingling with Ace Chemicals execs. Spiral and her TROPES drop in and they mingle. Harley does dinner because she is nice like that.
Somewhere Beyond The Sea October 28th, 2020 Ivy delivers justice to one of Ace Chemicals criminal management, along the way she meets Namor, and finds he is a true hero!
How Goes The Bounting October 2nd, 2020 Ivy and Harley have a rare peaceful moment together to reflect on their friendship and challenges
A New Look September 4th, 2020 Ivy shows off her new outfit to Harley, learns of Harley's new bounty hunter venture.
Do CFOs Dream of Green August 16th, 2020 Ivy meanders about Central Park and meets an unlikely individual, along with an all too likely individuals. She tries to use the unlikely one to her advantage.
What You Find Among the Trees July 20th, 2020 Shared ideas seed possibilities... or worse.
The Best Place in NYC June 26th, 2020 Ivy goes exploring Central Park, and winds up saving its greenery from being damaged by the notorious Booster Gold
An Alliance of Convienence June 1st, 2020 No description
Anything is The New Orange May 7th, 2020 Ivy and Harley go shopping, it's never just normal.
BFF meet BFF April 28th, 2020 Harley brings Ivy home, Ivy brings Frank home, Mikey brings Klunk home, April brings sanity home... this is why we can't have nice things.
Meeting Old Friends April 22nd, 2020 Poison Ivy escaped from Arkham. Harley learned of it and decided to come and greet her, making the correct guess, that Ivy will most likely seek refuge in Robinson Park. The greenest spot in Gotham.
At the dark and eerie park April 10th, 2020 No description
Flower Memories March 12th, 2020 Poison Ivy hires Robin to help the environmental protest revolution.
Star Trek III: The Search for Quinn March 4th, 2020 The Quest for the Holy Quinn finishes this day......
Protest of the Mindless March 3rd, 2020 Ivy and a zombie gang protest environmental abuse when Killer Croc suddenly shows up but they are chased off by Leon & Gar Logan and the police.
All of it is hard February 26th, 2020 Harley is cryin', Ivy is schemin', the two friends meet back up in the park!


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Pamela Isley has 22 finished logs.

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