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Tragic Backstory
Date of Scene: 05 April 2023
Location: Blackgate Penitentiary Ward
Synopsis: Jinx gets a free therapy session by a _very_ familiar psychologist. Harley learns about Jinx's horrific birth backstory.
Cast of Characters: Jinx, Harley Quinn

Jinx has posed:
Blackgate's Prison within a prison. Much smaller than gen-pop, this is for the metahuman / superpowered inmates. Jinx is a temporary guest here as she'll be transferred to The Raft on Saturday. Dressed in a prison orange jumpsuit and wearing a weird looking collar.

. There's no such thing as trust in a Gotham prison.  

Harley Quinn has posed:
Prisons in Gotham are indeed known for their security. They are also known for those who know it like the back of their hand. The ins and outs and all the things in-between.

Like Harley!

It's not even visit day today. Not that they'd even let Harley in considering her past. And meeting another super villain? That's a big no no. Which is why when the guards come to bring Jinx over it isn't the usual meeting rooms with visitations but a nicer office. One of them comments, "Didn't know these supervillains had the right to psych evals..." "Heh, must be the new director policy." then the other again, "Well, at least we won't have to bother with this one for long.."

The door opens and Jinx is let into the office. Inside? A woman dressed in a rather professional manner. Dress skirt and white button up shirt, all primmed up. Blonde hair is held up on a ponytail and there's a pair of glasses over her eyes. The name on her breast tag reads: DR. HOLLY CHANCE.

But the little quirky smile might just be too familiar.

Jinx has posed:
Jinx pauses as she looks at this Dr. Chance. She looks back over her shoulder as the guards leave her alone in the room. A suspicious look around the room - not like she can find cameras or mics. But she sits down across from 'Holly' and stares stupified by what she's seeing.

"Uh. So... not what I expected." The Brit isn't usually at a loss for words but she rubs the back of her neck a moment and squints at Harley with an amused smile on her face. "You look weird like this. Right improper."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Whatever you are talking about, inmate Jinx." Harley even lost her Brooklyn accent for this, looking downright improperly proper indeed. Finely-trimmed brow arches up at Jinx and then Dr. Holly leans forward, "We have one hour so let's see about not wasting each other's time, mmm?" so strict!

But then there's a wink and she whispers. "I look great, don't I? You should see me with the whip." ah yes, the good ol' dominatrix look.

"So, tell me about what's going on out here? Holdin' yourself well?" some worry slipping into her expression.

"If we take the two guards outside we only have to take around 30 more to gain freedom." she suggests.

Jinx has posed:
Jinx shakes her head in surprise at the accent too. "You are just full of surprises aintcha." She smirks with a touch of fondness. But there's a sadness in her eyes. "Donna and Vorpal came to visit me today. They're transferring me to the Raft on Saturday so.."

She draws a thumb across her neck. "Curtains for me Friday for certain. They ain't going to miss an opportunity like this. Stuck here, no powers." She taptaps the collar on her neck. She thumbs at the greenery in the room, "Even that stuff is fake. They're really paranoid in Gotham yeah."

She chuckles at the idea of taking on 32 guards - "So apparently the President said the Titan's were an example to be followed or something so Donna says that breaking me out wouldn't be a 'good look' or whatever." She puffs up her cheeks and her hand goes to her chest, feeling a little owl hanging from string hidden underneath her jumpsuit. A surprise gift from Donna.

"You did all this just to come in here and hang with me for an hour?" She motions over Harley's fancy outfit. "That's pants, ain't you got better friends to worry about than me. I'm not exactly the best kinda person you know. Sure, I didn't rob that bank but I did all the other things - and I'm not even afraid to admit it anymore." She's changed.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley listens in silence for a time, just absorbing all the info. Though she does comment. "Love the choker though. I usually prefer leatha though." of course she does. But then she shakes her head. "Ain't no way in Heck I will just let those hive wasps get atcha. So it's eitha we fight through these guards right now or we find another way to get past this." she tells her friend, no hesitation in putting her own rep on the line.

"And well, yes." This about coming to hang out for an hour. "They wouldn't let me in as Harley! I am a security hazzard or somethin'... But no way they'd keep me from seeing you." her own fond smile on ruby lips. "I brought guns in my purse." clearly a security hazard!

"And cake..."

Yet when Jinx speaks about that last part she smiles, "Yes, you did. All the horrible things. I did it too, but trying to make up for it." she says, "That doesn't make you an horrible person, just someone who's made mistakes."

Jinx has posed:
Jinx chuckles, "Holy shit you really are trying to break me out of this place?" She smiles even more fondly but she shakes her head, "But - I can't let you do that. You've made a new life for yourself and if you break me out of here you're right back as a baddie. No one will trust you ever again. I've seen the way people talk about you Harley. Behind your back - you're an inspiration to them."

She twists her lips and folds her arms. "Nah. I'll just make a stand here in prison. I've got moves you know. I'm not all magic. Hell I barely have control over the magic I do know. Besides which, with this collar on all the bad luck is just building up inside me. I can't pass it on our meditate it away so - so bad shit is coming my way."

Bad shit already came here way. Such awful luck to go to the bank when it was being robbed and being pinned for it. "Hey.. nah. I am a shit person Harley. Yeah I did those things. I played the hand that was given to me and it was a shit hand. I figured out a way to make it better for myself - by pushing the bad luck on to others and I did it. Willingly. I did that. Thought nothing bad will come from this but - but I'd feel bad doing it anyway."

"... yeah so then I started bottling it up and then the second worst thing to ever happen to me in my life happened." She shakes her head, "So after that I never bottled it up again."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley makes a face back at Jinx as if she isn't that satisfied with the answer. She reaches for her purse and then brings out a small, wrapped-up container. She sets it on the table, "Cake it is then."

When Jinx speaks about having moves there's a dubious arch of a brow. "Don't try to con me. I know all about conning people, I know you ain't got a chance if they come for you. So don't you lie to me." she waggles a finger in Jinx's direction.

Her expression does soften a touch afterwards, she listening on and her baby blue eyes staying on Jinx all the time, one leg folded over the other, "Tell me about that." she suggests, "What happened that made you never bottle up again?"

Jinx has posed:
Jinx felt for sure the cake was going to be a file joke but no.. there's cake. From the clownette herself. She eyes the triple chocolate monstrocity with eager hungry eyes. "Oh no... you didn't. How'd you know that's my favourite? Bloody hell Harls."

She shuffles closer and grins a moment. But then, right back to the bad stuff. "Huh. Yeah. Fine if you really want to know what happened. I got adopted. Worst day of my life." She looks rather glum talking about this.

"Every orphan dreams about landing that big score, the best rich parents in the world who whisk you away from the shit hole existence you're in. So yeah when Mr. and Mrs. Cartright turned up and adopted me I thought I'd won the lottery."

"They had a stretch Mercedes and fancy suits and loads of jewellery. But...." She frowns and motions to the cake waiting for Harley to cut it in to slices. "It was all fake. They were part of H.I.V.E. I didn't get adopted by loving parents I got adopted by a psycho cult who only grabbed me because some magic person in their group figured out I had power."

She motions to herself, "Tada. Numero Uno of the Five. Off to crazy town I was taken where I have to follow their bat shit crazy rules or else they'd punish me. Yeah, what an awesome time for a 15 year old."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"And you believe what happened was due to you bottling up your power?" Harley cants her head to the side, "You really can't be sure of that, can you? Sometimes fate is fickle like that and you can't control destiny, no matter how powerful you think you are. Those that believe they do are usually the megalomaniacs bent on world domination." she shakes her head, "And that ain't you."

Meanwhile Harley starts slicing up the cake with a hidden knife she had under her button up shirt. Might get it to use in cake cutting if it won't be used for the prison escape! "Go ahead. Eat."

"Your powers ain't a curse. Theah's much you can do with them that's good." she points out.

She takes a slice for herself and starts eating up, big mouthfuls. "From what you are telling me you didn't have much of a choice in the life you led so far. But you -did- break up with that group. And that's the first step. What do you think should be your next?"

Jinx has posed:
Jinx slaps her hands to her thighs, "Why doesn't anyone ever believe me when I tell them what it's like to live with all this bad luck. I thought you of all people would understand.." She frowns with annoyance. "And.. hey.. yeah I -was- one of those people. I had all kinds of plans to take over the world. I even started doing it and it was working."

She frowns and folds her arms in annoyance. "What can I do with them that's good? Yeah, sorcery sure. But only if I got my feet on the Earth. It's the power that makes it all go, the bad juju that's the problem."

She huffs, "Yeah. I left them because I realised even if I was successful at taking over the world I'd just be doing it on their shoulders. Psycho cult mind control freaks that they are. The only reason they didn't mind control me is because it'd get in the way of my magic."

She twists her lips again. "There's no scenario in which you take over the world - good intentions or not - where the people underneath you don't twist it all in to some fucked up dark horror. So I quit. I decided I wasn't going to be a Supervillain anymore."

She stares blankly at Harley, "Uh. Take out H.I.V.E. is obviously my next step. What do you think I've been trying to do - why I trusted the Titan's in the first place. I can't do it on my own. They're too well organised. They're like a ... a hive mind."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"What I am sayin' is that you can't blame it all on yourself. Some things are just inevitable, bad luck or not. Now eat." And those last words seem to be an order. The clownette can be so demanding sometimes! And always with that little smile to her lips.

"Because you awhe blamin' yohself foh gettin adopted by them when what they did is not on you. Nor on your powers." She tells the other former supervillain.

The talk about magic she just dismisses it by not addressing it and she just shakes her head at that last answer from Jinx, "It was a big step. Trusting the Titans. And I know they care about you too." a beat, "Maybe not enough to bring you CAKE like I did, but ya know.." she nudges Jinx with a elbow.

"Tell me about the first worst thing that happened to you, Jinx."

Jinx has posed:
Jinx calms down and peers at the cake. The cake looks so moist and inviting. She picks up a slice and noms in to it. Because who can resist chocolate cake except for people who don't like chocolate. She mms softly and shuts her eyes. "It's so good..." She sighs and lets Harley's statements wash over her because cake.

An eyebrow is raised at the question of the worst thing that ever happened to her and she steadfastly continues to eat the cake until the slice is all gone. "Yeah. Alright. I mean we did fly to Dubai together and fight off a dancing music magic man and defeat a shape stealing monster who wasn't a werewolf together."

"So... yeah. Uh. Check the papers if you want. I was known as the Murder Baby." She chuckles with a pained expression on her face. "Oh man did the other kids give me shit about that growing up. So get this right- my ma and pa and some random woman that they'd apparently kidnapped all dead. I am born to a dead mother..."

She licks her fingers, "Seriously how fucked up is that. Cursed from birth. Cops said it was one of the worst crime scenes they'd ever seen. And me? well, straight to the orphanage yeah. Seriously, wow. Can you get a much more fucked up start to life than that?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
There's a rather dubious expression on Harley when Jinx speaks about being a murder baby. Then she just shakes her head, "Somethin' on that story sounds .., weird? Are you telling me that your powers would had done all that?"

"I am not buying it.." She shakes her head again, this time more firmly.

"But talkin' is cheap, if only we had a way for you to actually face it and witness ...." Her eyes pop up, "Oooh, I could try talking to my old friend Spiral. She has some time travel abilities..." but then her shoulders deflate. "Though I haven't seen her in over a year ..."

Is she really suggesting time travel?

Jinx has posed:
"Fits don't it? fucked up birth, fucked up life." She wipes her wet finger tips on the orange jumpsuit and says, "Hey, enough about me. I was told you were the queen of Wonderland or something? what's all that about then?" Deflecting. She is pretty good at avoiding talking about painful memories.

Being known as the child who came from a triple homicide leaves a scar on ones soul that you can't ever shake. Especially not when all the other kids at the orphanage bring it up any time they want to win an argument against you.

Every evil sorceress needs a messed up backstory. Jinx doesn't really know what happened when she was born. Nor do the cops for that matter. They merely found three bodies and a baby just born. The news articles were skint on details because no one wants to write about such a grizzly scene.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I already told you all about that story." About being Queen. "And we goin' back for Vorpal and Gar's wedding. Also, you are coming to the wedding too. We gonna get wild.." and with that out of the way Harley focuses back on Jinx's life story. Because she can really fixate in an idea when she wants to!

"We ain't done talkin' about that, I am serious about us figuring out a way for you to actually relive what happened. Even if it's not with Spiral.." another supervillain!

There's a knock on the door and a guard says from the outside. "The hour is up. Time to go, doc."

Jinx has posed:
Jinx raises an eyebrow, "Oh yeah. I wasn't listening when you told me about that though.." She coughs a moment, "The hell I'm going to wonderland for a wedding involving Gar..." She twitches her eyes narrow for a moment. Then there's the knock.

"Wait, what do you mean relive it? Why the hell would I want to relive that?" She frowns though at the mention of Spiral again. Why does Harley have to keep comparing her to Spiral. "Hey I don't need Spiral to do weird magic shit. I can figure it out myself."

There's another knock and the door opens. Jinx frowns as their time is ended. The guards enter and Jinx holds up her hands, "Right right. Times up. Whatever." She rises up and they grab her by the arms. "I'll be seein' you doc."