14752/Bounty Babes Episode 1 - A Very Harley Birthday

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Bounty Babes Episode 1 - A Very Harley Birthday
Date of Scene: 23 April 2023
Location: Greater Gotham, New Jersey
Synopsis: Jinx throws Harley a party and it's a Monster Truck of a good time. Damage Control is not pleased.
Cast of Characters: Jinx, Harley Quinn

Jinx has posed:

"In 2023 April we were invited to join Harley Quinn in her day to day running her own bounty hunting business. Harley Quinn the former Clownette of Crime has in the last few years recreated her image from villain in to the every lady hero whose hard knocks life has endeared her to a large cadre of fans.

Joining Harley is currently reforming international Supervillain known only as Jinx. Recently indentured to work with the Titans as part of an effort to turn her stripes around from evil to good we simply couldn't miss the opportunity to document this transformation.

What follows is all real footage of two super powered individuals taking on the roughest of street crime - Bounty Babes."

Theme music plays on the opening credits of the show: 'BOUNTY BABES', with super cuts of Harley jumping off a building. Jinx shooting lightning from her hands, a high speed car chase. Harley crashing through a brick wall and winking at the camera. https://youtu.be/MTZ2JRrUK7Q

We cut to an interview room much like a confessional on a reality TV show. Jinx is sitting on the chair with mic connected to the lapel of her leather jacket. She looks more amused than anything else as she flicks back her pink hair.

Off camera interviewer: "So this was your idea right?"

Jinx waggles an eyebrow, "Hell yeah. Harls is my bestie. Gotta do something fun for her birthday."

Interviewer: "Things got a little out of control though. How do you feel about that?"

Jinx shrugs her shoulders, "What can I say. I'm a shit magnet."

The footage then cuts to Jinx with Harley on the back of her motorcycle pulling up at a run down stadium on the edge of Gotham City. Jinx walks over and pulls a big lever as huge flood lights kick in revealing a gauntlet of destroyed cars and several gigantic monster trucks. "Happy Birthday Harls. Gotcha an evening of Monster Truck Madness!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
And then the camera shifts back to the interview room. This time the one sitting on the confessional is Harley, big wide eyes and a eager grin to lips.

"So here we were, on the way to a ..., 'smash' room like Jinx had called it.."

Zoom to Harley looking wide-eyed at the lights turning on the stadium. "Ow Eme Gee!" that's what she shouts first. "You weah sayin' smash room and I thought you meant we weah gonna smash! I was sorta confused since we could had just done it back at my place! But this is much bettah.." giddy grin on the clownette as she prances over. She's dressed in a nice tight black and red outfit very much resembling her jester days. "Do I get to choose my own truck? And is theah one in pink..?!" she starts searching.

Confessional again, "Yea, it started a bit X-rated theah! But you wouldn't believe what happened next..."

Jinx has posed:
Arms spread wide Jinx triumphantly declares, "Smash Stadium!" There is a monstrosity of a truck which is in all pink with glitter and somehow they attached golden tassels to its hub caps too. The engine ticks over and makes such a noisy rumble it fills the stadium.

Jinx climbs up in to the monster truck to join Harley and puts on a helmet. With thumbs up he then points forward, "Engage!" The plethora of cars and barriers spread out in the stadium tell a tale of recent use and occasional replacements. This stadium is hireable but Jinx didn't do that. The guy who runs it owed her a favour.

"I remember news footage of the incident that lead to this," says the off screen interviewer as they cut to some news footage of the Five attacking a facility on the edge of Gotham and Jinx suddenly draws the line in the sand in her full on Supervillain persona for the news cameras to see "No! No one touches the Smash Stadium."

Back in the interview room Jinx explains, "Well a girl has to have standards. This place is a pure work of art. Just watch how happy Harley is crushing things."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Fuck yea..." Yes, Harley gets right into the glitter pink, gold tasseled truck. Door closed. Helmet? Not a chance.

Confessional, "So that was the start of the problems. Refusin' to wear an helmet." she leaning to the camera to stage-whisper, "Turns out they are sticklers for rules..." or at least that's her perception on how it all went down! But what's the truth?

Cue back to the arena where the camera is hobbling up and down with a long 'Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee' coming out of the clownette. "Ooooh MmmMmmMy GooOoooOddDDd!" vibrational talking is great. She grins as cars are heard being smashed underneath the large truck wheels.

"Hey, I wondah if I can make the truck spin 360 in the air!"

And then Harley puts pedal to the metal, starting to drive towards a ramp!

Confessional. "Yep ..., Good thing Jinx was wearing a helmet!"

Jinx has posed:
Confessional, "Harley thinks the concussion was about not following the rules. What do you think?"

Jinx raises an eyebrow, "Well.. obviously the 360 truck spin was the source of the concussion. It was pretty wicked though. Just bad timing really. Just really.. really bad timing."

"And this is your bad luck you mentioned before?"

"Usually is."

The trucks glorious 360 flip is caught with drone cameras, ground cameras, a chest camera Jinx is wearing, the microphones picking up their delirious screams of delight. And then they're upright once more - the monster truck rolling backwards in to a set of crushed cars.

"Hey Harley?" Jinx says waving a hand in front of her face. Out like a light. "Naww Birfday girl all tuckered out.." So very very responsible. The cameras refocus on one of the other monster trucks. Strangers have climbed in and started it up. With a donut, the spin, then drive it out of the stadium.

The voice of the camera man pipes up, "Did they just steal that?"

Jinx sighs, "Yeah.. yeah they did." Reaching over Harley's dazed body, she slams down a foot and grabs the steering wheel and turns the monster truck toward the entrance. Time to take this off road vehicle - on road.

Harley Quinn has posed:
What do you get when you mix not wearing a helmet along with not wearing a seatbelt? A pinball clownette! It's exactly what happens as the truck does that 360. And of course that the cameras do it all in slow mo so they get to see a wild pig-tailed Harley bouncing all over that cockpit. Over at the ceiling. Then the back. Then forward again. Then all over Jinx. Then her face showing fully on the camera Jinx is wearing. All in a blur.

Good thing Harley is tough as nails. "Fuck yea!" followed by a hurgle, which pretty much means she's knocked out. At least for a bit.

Confessional: "This is when we learned Jinx can't drive for shit.." a sagenod out of Harley.

Cue back to the pursuit as the monster truck screeches over to start pursuing the robbers! Of course that it's very hard to steer such a monster from the passenger seat!

Jinx has posed:
Interviewer, "Do you think it was a good idea to try and rouse Harley while trying to drive a monster truck down the streets of Greater Gotham in pursuit of another stolen monster truck while in the passenger seat?"

Jinx pauses and folds her arms defensively, "Well when you put it like that..."

Parked cars are not -just- destroyed by Jinx but also by the thieves who are leaving a wake of destruction of their own. Swurving back and forth and trying to make the giant truck stay course as she patpats Harley's face, "Wake up Harls. You're missing out on all the birthday fun."

At one point she swurves out of the way of oncoming traffic and half the truck mounts not just the side walk, but the shop fronts until she manages to get it back down on four wheels again.

"I think I'm getting the hang of this.." she says before the passenger of the other monster truck opens fire back at them with a machine gun.

"At any point did you think to yourself may be you should call in backup?" asks the interviewer.

Jinx stares almost violently in to the camera. "I can handle myself. Also I had Harley. And it turns out the woman was on Harley's bounty list anyway. So it all worked out in the end."

"Not for the playground though"

Jinx coughs and grins, "No, not for the playground."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Uh-uh ... Uh-uh.." Harley is still dazed out as Jinx then starts patting on her face. When she should keep handso n the wheel! It crashes through a couple of parked cars with a grating noise. And then Harley's eyes flung wide open.

"I am awake! I am awake!" Just like an ent.

Confessional: "Jinx really shouldn't had woke me up then..." a sagely nod given.

Harley's hands go to the driving wheel. "Oh shit! This is gettin' wild! I hadn't noticed there were so many props in the smash stadium!" is Harley even seeing anything now? She steps on it.

Right through that playground. Luckily there was no one there!

Confessional: "Not for the playground.." it said in chorus with Jinx's own confessional.

"Hey, I know that shooter!" And she frowns. "It's time for ..."

And a logo appears on the screen! "... the BOUNTY BABES!"

Jinx has posed:
"Is that really the name we're going with?" A defeated sigh from Jinx. The production team pitched it and Harley latched on to it. "Wait wait wait.. take us back to the playground." Helmet comes off and she jumps off the monster truck on to the soil of the playground. The playground equipment is ruined and there are huge monster truck tire gashes in the ground. She can hear Harley complaining that the bounty is getting away... but she shuts her eyes and takes in a deep breath.

The interviewer asks, "At what age did you realise the Earth gave you some level of control over your powers?"

"I was fifteen. One of the few good things my so called parents ever did was find me a mentor. She was a terrible mentor but at least she figured this bit out for me. It took me a lot longer to learn how to store it up."

Climbing back up as the drone flies about the idling monster truck, she dangles from the door way and smirks at Harley, "Okay now we can get 'em." She lifts up her hand in to the sky and with a few whispered words on the air the space between the two monster trucks seems to shrink back and the bullets begin to rain on them once more, but now they hit an invisible barrier. "Do the pit maneuver!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Let's gooOOoooOOoooo!" Harley is impatient, reving the engine loudly and honking the horn.


Confessional: "Jinx should really warn me when she is gonna do her jigamagigas!"

Cue to the jigamagigas happening as the distance between the cars is closed in! And Harley steps on it. "Do I look like a cop to you?" she asks when Jinx tells her to do a pit maneuver. What the heck!

"Alright, I am going for it!" And she steps on it, closing in to the back of that truck as bullets fly around!

Confessional: "So uh ..., all the destruction? Yea, it's what this show is gonna pay foh ..." it was a lot of destruction after all.

Jinx has posed:
The confessional cuts to Damage Control Agent Shatner. "Uh, well. Yes technically because Jinx is legally bonded to the Titans and was in the act of stopping a criminal, the Department of Damage Control does cover the costs incurred during this ... uh ... operation."

"You don't look comfortable or happy about this."

The man grimaces a moment and says, "Would you be? Two ex-villains, supposedly, drive a monster truck in high pursuit down a city road and we're just supposed to-" The footage cuts off as his arms start to flail about.

Jinx holds her breath and shuts her eyes as she keeps her arm out held deflecting the bullets away. But the actual motion of the pit manoeuvre, even with monster trucks, is a delicate thing. A gentle little tap at the back with their front and the big machine ahead of them spins wildly out of control.

Jinx opens her eyes and takes in a breath. "You did it." She doesn't sound like she expected Harley to actually pull it off. Dropping down on to the road, her bare toes wiggling a little, she starts to walk toward the other monster truck. The two occupants are quick to unseat belt and jump out. The one with the machine gun takes aim and fires at Jinx but the bullets spray everywhere but in to her.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Confessional: "See, this is why Jinx is one of my besties!"

Cue to Jinx and Harley stepping down from the monster truck. All in slow motion, of course. And all the good angles too, if you know what I mean! But the important part is that Harley finds a baseball bat behind the driver's seat, grinning wildly at the pink confetti colors on the wood.

"Perfection." She murmurs approvingly, turning the bat around on one hand...

And then it's go time!

No more slow mo, all back to the frenetic pace and the personal cameras! "It's time to go back in jail! And give us some moolah.." Harley is using Jinx's protective shields to slide closer, then over to meet up with the actual bounty. "Smile! You awhe my lace-wrapped gift!"

And she swings the bat mightily at her!

Confessional: "So that didn't go according to what I had planned..."

Jinx has posed:
The drone footage is excellent. The drone pilot is not really known in the industry, hired on just for this pilot show, but they've made a name for themselves as the drone does a full 360 sweep demonstrating Jinx's impossible magic. Bullets hitting an invisible barrier, rippling the air, then flinging away.

Harley moving up behind that cover and coming in with the bat. It's an awesome shot - only ruined by the driver of the stolen Monster Truck stepping in and catching the bat in her hand. She's all muscles and at least 6'8 in height. She grips the bat tightly and squeezes - the bat warps, bends, then buckles before twisting off.

The man with the gun tosses it at Jinx which has the butt hit her squarely in the forehead making her drop a moment as the duo of monster truck thieves double team against Harley. The music to Bounty Babes starts to play as the battle ensues.

~~ My name is Thunder ~~ Lightning ~~ My name is something very Frightening ~~ My name is Adrenaline ~~ Exciting ~~ You don't believe ~~ My name is Thunder ~~ Lightning ~~ I'll be showing up uninvented ~~ If you don't believe ~~ then let me show ya ~~

Harley Quinn has posed:
Confessional: "On hindsight, I should had figured why her bounty was so high... But the bad guys also made a BIIIIG mistake."

They go back to the action. Right with the giant of a woman catching that baseball bat. And snapping it. There's a cry out of Harley. "Noooooooooooo...!!!!!" as if a bestie had just died in front of her. There went Perfection. So awesome, so short lived. Life a blaze...

The shift of attitude in Harley is evident. No more goofyness or otherwise 'playing around'. Baby blue eyes harden up and the words that come out her mouth are deadly ice. "You shouldn't had done that.." right as the first beats of that music drop.

What follows is a action-packed sequence, the duo coming at Harley and the clownette, dodging and spinning out of the way with the kind of nimbleness that would be the envy of even top gymnasts. At the ~~Thunder~~ she delivers a punch to the 6'8 giant that rocks her to the core, sending her against the front of the monster truck and cartwheels to deliver a overhead kick on the machine-gun goon who drops to the ground unconscious.

The giant seems as resistant as she is strong so she is back to action fast, barreling into Harley and sending her sprawling before picking her up by the shirt, "Time to say good night, clown.." she says wickedly, bringing her fist back. Harley just grins wildly at her opponent which makes her pause. "... what you laughin' about?" Harley only winks, ".. Oh, I was only setting you up for the big finish and buying time..."

Setting the big giantess right with her back turned to Jinx!

Jinx has posed:
Confessional: "The defendant, the bounty you two brought in, says that you lured her to steal the monster trucks. Is that true?"

Jinx scoffs in reply, "I _may_ have mentioned there _might_ be some monster trucks at Harley's party... honestly I thought Carlisle and Johanne would hit it off with Harley. Instead, -they- decided to steal a monster truck and go on a joy ride. That bollocks isn't on me..."

Jinx really hates getting hit in the head. It seems to be happening all too frequently. She'd better get some advice from Donna on how to keep her guard up or something. Shaking it off she turns to see Harley putting the beat down - until Carlisle gets the drop on her.

As Harley laughs and distracts her for a moment, Jinx splits in to 2.. 3.. 6.. 12 versions of herself all moving differently and charging at the giant muscular woman.

She spin kicks the first Jinx whose false image turns to smoke. Then she throws a punch at another one which also turns to smoke. One of the Jinx's claps her hands together and all the rest of her false versions puff in to smoke - but a concussive blast knocks out around her at shoulder height, keeping Harley safe, and knocking back Carlisle on to the ground and unconscious.

Also, all the nearby parked cars also jumps and crash in to walls, their car alarms blaring loudly. Jinx clears her throat and looks at all the flashing lights and sirens, "Ooops..." she comments on the calamity and damage she just caused. "Might have over done that one a pip."

The confessional cuts back to Damage Control Agent Shatner, "One of the cars was a Lamborghini." The pained expression on his face suggests how much he disliked having to stamp 'approved' on this particular case file.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Both Carlisle and Johanne are down and Harley does a little dance close to their fallen bodies. It all seems as if she is still doing it with to theme song of the Bounty Babes but in reality she was doing it to the cacophony of alarm blares coming out of the crashed cars. Look, there's a rhythm to it, okay?!

"And that's what you get foh messing with the Boounttyy Babbeeessss!" Harley shooting a fist to the air and then wrapping an arm around Jinx's shoulder as destruction continues raining on them all around.

Confessional: "Best...."

The image shifts back and forth between the confessional and the action scene as Harley echoes the same words on both scenes. "Best. Birthday. Ever!"

Jinx has posed:
Confessional: "Your legal situation means you're not actually a bounty hunter right?"

Jinx nods her head, "Yeah. Doesn't mean I can't help out though. I'm meant to be doing good shit for the Titans yeah. Well, Harley's, kind of a Titan. I mean, not really. But same deal. They help each other out..."

Confessional: "Right, but now you're profiting off of catching criminals through the production of a television show. Is that really in lines with the morality clauses in your special deal with the FBI?"

Jinx stares nervously at the camera for a moment, "Uhhhhhhhh...."

The credits roll for the pilot episode of Bounty Babies with some stirring music.