1495/A day at Spider-Woman's office

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A day at Spider-Woman's office
Date of Scene: 04 May 2020
Location: 102 20th St - Jessica Drew's Building
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Jessica Drew, Achilles

Jessica Drew has posed:
New York is heady with spring after months of grey skies, black slush and the hazards of being splashed by speeding taxis. The windows that open into the courtyard are open, bathing the apartment in sunlight filtered through new leaves and a window box full of bright yellow parrot tulips.

The dining table is witness to an afternoon indulgence. A tea pot is set on the table brewing black Assam tea from high in the Himalayas and a spread of savories and sweets from a bakery in the west Village. Jessica lounges in jeans and a v-neck sweater, her long dark hair twisted into a French twist, a minimum of makeup. Relaxed and at home.

Achilles has posed:
    "I have mentioned how much I enjoy your office, yes?" asks Achilles once the door is opened to allow him inside. He arrives carrying a case of meat and cheese filled Kolache's. Lifting the case, he smiles briefly before setting it down on a countertop.
    "But it is a rare woman who can make 'around the house casual' look fantastic." he adds with a gesture towards your outfit of choice. He himself is in khaki's and a black polo style shirt for the day. Casual yet classy so to speak.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"I would say that enjoying food the way we both do must be something that comes with age." Jessica shoots him a look sparkling with humor as she pours them both cups.

"Thank you, by the way, both for the food and the complements But, I don't qualify for the age part, only being what the French call 'gourmand' which I'm lucky enough to get away with because of parent's dallying in the laboratory. I wonder if it is spider genetics that save my waistline. I might be a walking gold mine if the genetics can be duplicated somehow without all the other traits." The gurgle and rattle of tea cups being filled accompanies her chatter as she serves them both.

"Help yourself. I do have some serious questions to ask you."

Achilles has posed:
    Eyes going to your waistline when it is mentioned, Achilles lifts a brow, "Are you making me searching your waistline on purpose?" he asks as he picks up his cup and takes a sip, smirking behind said cup. "But by all means, ask your questions. I do hope that I can do something to be of assistance to you and yours."

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Hardly. Nor was I being arch or coy. Eat," she scolds with an undertone of mock chagrin, her eyes narrowed as she looks up over her tea at him.

"I'd also say you have had a lot of practice being annoying, too." A decided click when she sets her teacup down and pauses to select one of the petit four from the tray. A tiny tarte au citron between her fingers, she gazes at him acerbically before saying, "I have come to a bit of a dead end on finding that leopard. Are you interested in going on a hunt?"

Achilles has posed:
    Lifting -both- brows now, Achilles inclines his head in silent acknowledgement, "It is a talent that has been cultivated for sure." he admits with a shrug.
    But he selects a treat and lifts it before pausing, "Hunting a leopard in... New York City? Or was this hunt taking us somewhere more... exotic?" he asks, "I would be more than willing to assist you in any way that I am able to."

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Millennia of practice, you have a patina on the skill that many would envy," she retorts with satisfaction. "Here in New York or in upper state, it remains to be seen. I thought I had a trail that led from an exotic pet shop out of Chinatown but it's dead cold now. How are you at breaking and entering?"

Achilles has posed:
    "I presume that were the animal traveling under its own power, it would be rather obvious and stand out." suggests Achilles before taking a sip of his drink. Then he nods, "I think that it may be being transported by smugglers or the like? But I have not viewed your case info yet."

Jessica Drew has posed:
Putting her teacup down, Jessica rises and goes to her desk at the front of the room to bring back a file to him. "Here are pictures of the animal in question, the cage as it was found the day of the 'escapes', the genetic profiles of the missing animal in case when we do find a leopard the ownership is contested."

Seating herself on the settee next to Achilles she picks up her cup then looks intently at him, "I could have sworn I told you about the day that Heidi and I met at the park near the zoo. We were walking to a nearby place to eat when lo, and behold there were Japanese snow cranes high stepping it through a pond that were joined by a family group of snow monkeys. Not your everyday occurrence in the middle of Central Park. As we were going down to get a closer look we heard a leopard chuff from one of the big oaks nearby." She laughs at the memory.

"Not that we can't protect ourselves but still we took a good hard look around us. The short of it is, we bagged one leopard, returned it to the zoo and found out that one was still missing. More importantly, the monkeys did not pick the locks. Someone else did. Professionally."

Achilles has posed:
    Nodding slowly, Achilles studies your face for a long moment. "Okay then." he says, "So, what can -I- help you do to solve this case? I am not unwilling. I am merely curious as to how I can help."
    But then he grins broadly and adds, "Totally happy to help as I said." he adds.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"Do you have computer specialists at your deposal? I either have to break-in to several pet shops here in New York and access customer files or hack computers to trace under the table transactions and bank accounts around the time of the theft. You need at least a van to transport an animal then I have to find out who has a history of collecting that type of animal?"

The grin is returned but fades rapidly in her frustration at having lost the trail, "How would you go about tracing a large feline?"

Achilles has posed:
    "Well, I have some computer specialists, but no idea if any of them are capable of breaking into private computers. I have never asked them to do so. They are network engineers and comm system specialists."
    admits Achilles with a shrug. He sips his beverage and then adds, "But I wager SHIELD might have better luck with doing that. Perhaps Agent Johnson might do it for the fun of it." he adds.

Achilles has posed:
    "As for tracing a large feline... I would suggest searching for the sort of food that such a carnivore would require. Follow the supplies and the money as it were." Achilles adds.

Jessica Drew has posed:
"The food can be a broad range of things, Achilles," she replies frowning. "I thought the same thing. They would need about thirty pounds of fresh meat like beef, venison, rabbit or sheep a week, as well as around twenty pounds of bones a week. Their ailments don't require special medication except for quantity. None of that is especially telling except for someone that wasn't buying that quantity of meat before, you see?"