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  Spider Woman  
Jessica Drew (Scenesys ID: 495)
Name: Jessica Drew
Superalias: Spider Woman
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Private Investigator
Citizenship: British
Residence: Hell's Kitchen, NYC
Education: Home schooled, HYDRA, vocational PI
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 7 Dec 1993 Played By
Height: 5'10" Weight: 130 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Altered before birth, Jessica was born with 'spider skills' that give her superhuman agility, speed, and recuperation. Jessica grew up in a laboratory until the death of her parents. Lured into HYDRA as a teenager, she was trained in martial arts and espionage skills. After freeing herself from HYDRA and joining S.H.I.E.L.D, Jessica moved from Britain to the US and now resides in NYC.


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1993: Born December 7 in London to Miriam and Jonathan Drew.
1993:Parents moved to Wundagore Mountain in Transia
1993: 2nd trimester in vitro exposure to laser beam containing the DNA traits of several different species of spiders
2003: Mysterious disappearance of her parents, raised by Bova, her nanny
2011: At age 18, recruited under false circumstances (brain-washing) to HYDRA
2011-2015: Extensive training in martial arts under Taskmaster's tutelage. Memory loss from implants.
2015: After meeting Ben Grimm, encounters Mordred the Mystic, who removes HYDRA's memory implants and restores her memories
2016: Move to London, search for work. Meets Jerry Hunt of S.H.I.E.L.D. Scotland Yard investigates her
* 2017: Meets Magnus, time travels to the Middle Ages.
2017: On her return from time traveling,goes to Los Angeles
2018: Relocates to San Fransisco to share apartment with Lindsay McCabe
mid-2018: Sets up PI practice
2019: Moves to Hell's Kitchen, NYC

IC Journal

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Poorly socialized and lacking some of the finer points of social veneer, Jessica was not among age peers until she escaped HYDRA and went to work in London as a twenty-year-old.

Socially Awkward:
Standoffish, she can appear cold and often doesn't follow social cues. This can be traced back to an her early years of being sequestered in a laboratory by her parents and having no contact with children her own age.

Strong Moral Compass:
Despite being clueless at times socially, she has a strong desire to protect the innocent as well as put injustices to right

Character Sheet


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Agility and Reflexes:
Her speed would put an Olympic athlete to shame, capable of reacting with preternatural speed to threats.

She is able to discharge blasts of bio-electricity in what she calls, 'venom blasts' though there is no poison involved. The blasts are strong enough to inflict a great amount of pain, cause unconsciousness or even kill a man. A concentrated blast can pierce metal.

Extended Longevity:
Closely allied to her capacity to self-heal quickly, the power slows aging.

Regenerative Healing:
She is able to 'quick' heal wounds, witness her come back within minutes from deep claw marks during a fight with 'Wolverine'

Extremely acute sense of hearing and smell. Capable of telling whether someone is alive and breathing from a distance. She hears heart beats and can smell a person's fear or arousal.

Spider fast, faster than the eye can see.

Spider Cling:
A secretion from the palms of her hands lets her cling to surfaces like a spider.

Stamina and Resistance:
Jessica is able to take more punishment than an ordinary human and possesses superhuman staying power. She can't stop bullets but will can keep on fighting long after a normal human would be KO'ed. Her physical makeup also makes her highly resistant to all terrestrial poisons, toxins, and completely immune to radiation. While she is typically rendered dizzy by the initial dose, she is completely immune to it after being exposed again.

Super humanly strong, able to lift 7 tons at the peak of her powers


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Jessica was extensively trained in covert operations, stealth and information gathering under the tutelage of HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D

Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

A crack shot, she learned how to handle and care for weapons from her training in HYDRA. She has been known to carry a Walther PPK.

Martial Arts:
Jessica received training from the Taskmaster in a variety of martial arts, including, capoeira, tai chi, karate, judo and boxing.

Private Investigator:
On the job training as a PI with her first partner in LA continues to be refined in her practice in SF.


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S.H.I.E.L.D. - Jessica has a long and paradoxical history with them, starting off with being recruited by their enemies to kill Nick Fury as a double agent acting for HYDRA. Mid-Assassination attempt she realigns to side with S.H.I.E.L.D.

NEW AVENGERS - recently joined she was asked into the organization by Steve Rogers.


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Jessica will launch into saving people without a well-laid plan.

Emotionally Immature:
She has the enthusiasm of adolescence and its high and lows. Jessica loves quickly and passionately without considering the consequences or the person that she chooses.

Little reason was given to her as child to trust people. Her suspicion of others harks back to her early years when she was viewed more as a research subject than a child by her parents. Subsequently, as a teenager, she was rescued by HYDRA whose sole objective was to turn her into a killing machine



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Jessica Drew has 263 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
So Is This What Jurassic Park Is Like May 29th, 2023 Detective Chimp, Jessica Drew, and Steve Rogers review some of the research footage of the dinosaurs in the Savage Land.
Attempt Number 736 May 12th, 2023 Wade becomes an official SHIELD agent. Or at least lies and says he is. Drinks and conversation were had. No one died.
Godfellas: Good Cop Bad Cop April 27th, 2023 Daisy and Jessica interrogate Bauer and get confirmation that Teliski is at least partially behind a plan to have John Aaron rubbed out.
Glamping Trip April 25th, 2023 A visitor! Michael is planning Savage Land nonsense, but Jessica comes by to say hello.
Business, Business, Business April 12th, 2023 Mike invites Jessica along to meet with a contact and start a line of nonsense that will aid in an investigation of his. They get to play act. Hurrah!
Undercover Phil rescue! April 11th, 2023 Hydra losses again! Though Phil is left in an akward outfit.
Heavy Metal Dinner, Part 2 April 9th, 2023 No description
Mead of --Nevermind. April 4th, 2023 Mike gets properly smashed with Asgardians. Proclaims things. Is useless.
Ashes In His Mouth April 2nd, 2023 Mike feels a grump. Jess wants to help. He makes it difficult, surprising nobody.
SHIELD Snack Run April 1st, 2023 Two SHIELD Agents talk on the aftermath of the repulse of the Svartelf attack on the Spaceport.
Try Not To Hit The Ground March 13th, 2023 SHIELD tests a method for shooting troops onto the battlefield by railgun. Test Subjects Jessica Drew and Ariah Olivie declare 'it needs some work'.
Operation WATCHFUL: R.O.U.S. March 12th, 2023 SHIELD arranges for Rhino's release as one of the conspirators in the Ryker's Island breakout, hoping to track him to his bosses. Instead they find a test site for the alien bioweapon - that is subsequently triggered and released. Several agents are exposed, and while the government scrambles to quarrantine the location and they rush their agents back for treatment, the site is... actually blown up from orbit.
The Price of Business: Phone Call Aftermath March 3rd, 2023 Alexander gets a phone call from his father and Evil Women (tm) are eavesdropping thus leading to lots of questions.
Take Two. February 20th, 2023 Mr. Evers is considered for SHIELD.
Discordants: Triskelion Aftermath February 17th, 2023 In the aftermath of the attack on the Triskelion, Carin is recovered and brought back online while the rest of SHIELD deals with the repercussions.
Discordants: The Operator February 4th, 2023 The Good Mr. Tannenberg is brought in to consult with the kind people of SHIELD.
Hiding in Plain Sight February 2nd, 2023 No description
Do Dark Elves Have Pointed Ears January 28th, 2023 No description
Operation BIRTHDAY: January January 22nd, 2023 Happy birthday to all! A cheerful moment for SHIELD.
Hot Rods At Rest January 10th, 2023 No description
Discordants: The Synergy of Fear January 7th, 2023 107 souls are lost and one dark elf is slain in the horrible aftermath.
Pitter-Patter December 30th, 2022 Jess and Jane get to work.
It's Beginning to Look...Tacky. Really Tacky. December 11th, 2022 Elves decorate the R&D labs for the Holidays! The level of taste may be questionable to most normal people.
There are four lights! December 2nd, 2022 Wade makes so many friends.
Noise, Noise, Noise November 15th, 2022 The Saga of Luis Camacho, Freedom Fighter
Outlaw Oceans: No Good Deed November 4th, 2022 The disco leafy sea-dragon and the Inhuman colony hidden in the Indian Ocean welcome friends! The party gets started, someone gets stabbed, and all heck breaks loose. Watch the Secret Warriors save their friends and complete their mission... with extra salt!
Where's my money! November 2nd, 2022 The mystery of who took Wade's money is solved.
Shi'ar: Timor Animicida Est October 21st, 2022 X-folk and friends investigate the Shi'ar assassin, but the answers they find are more disturbing than reassuring. The woman's memories are disjointed, one day a happy young officer, the next day a fanatic murderer. While mind-control is familiar to the X-Men, their telepathy reveals little. Instead, it is strange data in the transporter logs that suggests a more bizarre and terrible possibility, that she might have had her mind scrambled or rewritten by the machine itself, or been whisked to some other dimension, replaced, or reprogrammed. Worse than that: several of the X-Men have used the same transporters, and one of their supposed allies among the Shi'ar seems another possible victim.
Transmissions from the Dark Side October 19th, 2022 Everyone blame Kora for... no, maybe not. A moon rock in Fitz's collection is responsible for making lots of upsetting noise all around New York. What power does a rock have to interrupt radio and more? A tale from the dark side...
A Trail of Flame Into The Quiet Wood October 14th, 2022 In which Medusa runs into two humans she isn't expecting.
SHIELDing Yourself October 13th, 2022 A group of SHIELD Agents chat over in the rec room.
Shop Talk October 11th, 2022 Alexander gets to watch Jessica eat a delicious late lunch. He introduces Jessica to his new girlfriend, Dinah who comes to pick him up for a date.
Outlaw Oceans: Blood Price October 4th, 2022 Rescuing an Inhuman becomes an international incident on the high seas.
Beating Down the Bar September 27th, 2022 A group of off duty SHIELD Agents, an Avenger, and an Asgardian walk into a bar..
Training goes ever on and on. September 21st, 2022 One of the recruits blows Alexander's training run in a big way, lowering their overall scores. Agent Drew witnessed the debacle in her role as observer.
Heavy Lifting September 20th, 2022 Under the watchful eyes of Agent Martin (NPC), several senior agents
After PT. September 20th, 2022 Alex sits there and is hassled rudely by Jess and Silver.
Gamma and Hammers September 15th, 2022 A SHIELD team faces off against the Abomination underground.
I Aten't Dead September 13th, 2022 Having suffered catastrophic damage, the Raptor to which Michael is bound is nonetheless drawn out of the Atlantic self-healing; after being taken to the Triskelion, Nat, Jane and Jessica come to see what's up. Turns out he isn't dead, and has quite a lot to report on...
Shi'ar: SPACE CHASE September 12th, 2022 The X-men's prototype space Blackbird pursues the assassin's shuttle as it flees the Atlantic Starport. Launching a single but potentially devastating antimatter torpedo as a distraction and calling on another of the mysterious Raptor armors to defend it, the shuttle barely makes it to close Earth orbit before its engines are disabled and crew telepathically bamboozled. Sam stops the torpedo in the nick of time, Michael has a clone fight and dies for a little while, and the big Shi'ar arrive to arrest everyone. Space is fun!
Into the Hive September 3rd, 2022 A scouting party enters the Legion tunnels and finds out that they do come in more than one size.
Shi'ar: Right of Salvage September 1st, 2022 A boring conference on alien arms control ends in a less boring assassination after a trip to the Spaceport Gift shop. The civil war isn't over, it seems, and loyalists of Cal'syee Neramani - Deathbird - have shown what they think of making peace with lesser planets. Next time: SPACE CHASE.
The Mosh Pit August 30th, 2022 No description
Diplomatic Preparations August 28th, 2022 Some discussion of the upcoming diplomatic situation with the Shi'ar. Also, a yacht! Which speaks space posh. Naturally.
Darts August 22nd, 2022 Darts, dating apps and mosh pits with Jessica Drew and Zinda Blake.
Resonants: Sneaking Svartalfheim August 19th, 2022 Svartalfheim artifact is retrieved. And probably a war between Asgard/Midgard and the Dark Elves Maaaay have been started.
Widows Preparing to Bite August 17th, 2022 Two Widows and a Spider Spar.
Terrible Thing That Happened to Your Outfit August 12th, 2022 Angelo and Jessica run into the dangerous Skein! It almost leads to being skin off their bones!
Going in the Hard Way August 2nd, 2022 SHIELD Agents fly through a dangerous Hydra kill zone to take out a volcano base where Hydra is manufacturing alien weapons and things get very metal.
Bullseye July 30th, 2022 Target practice morphs into gossip between several agents - Angelo, Natasha, and Lara, with their red badge visitor, Alexander Aaron and his 'babysitter' Jessica.
Three Threads July 21st, 2022 Jessica and Jemma meet and have words with Alexander. Jessica lies about her normal inclination to pray.
On the Trail of Threats July 19th, 2022 Jessica chases her quarry to Battery Park where Alex enlightens her on his power and the Fates. His coming back to SHIELD as an asset is discussed.
The People You Meet In Front of a Food Truck July 18th, 2022 Some men try to heist the lockbox from a food truck extravaganza. Only to be stopped by the combined efforts of the heroes!
Wanderers: Killer Queen July 10th, 2022 SHIELD, Thor, and Doctor Strange get vengeance on the disir. They don't quite reach the Stone of Destiny...this time.
Retail encounters July 6th, 2022 A chance encounter between Alexander Aaron and Jessica Drew at the Chelsea Market.
Wanderers: Another One Bites the Dust July 1st, 2022 Inverness gets creamed by draugr, but the quick thinking actions of SHIELD and the Avengers prevent an outright massacre. The damned survivors of the Norwegian-Scottish Wars are decimated... but not before the corrupted Thorn of Yggdrasil is charged, unleashing the disir in their fury on Perth.
Wanderers: Keep Yourself Alive June 25th, 2022 An explosive end to Ascetir's secrets delivers a mysterious rock, a whole lot of undead, and the possibility of a bad disir girlfriend who would like to get revenge.
Wanderers: Don't Stop Me Now June 18th, 2022 Something with tremendous power awakens in Ascetir.
Wanderers: Who Wants to Live Forever June 11th, 2022 Ascetir, the land of resurrection, begrudgingly reveals its secrets to the brave. If they can run the gauntlet of horrors and a bestiary of sins first.
Trauma Event June 2nd, 2022 Subject: Rebecca Ryker. Status: online.
Wanderers: I Want to Break Free May 29th, 2022 An audience enjoys a front-row seat to an impossible attack during a perfectly lovely exploration of the strange little medieval village in a crater in Scotland.
Running in the Park May 27th, 2022 Two birds in the bush might ruffle a lot of feathers. Heather, aka Knockout of the Titans stops a kidnapping attempt by Shi'ar on Jessica Drew - with deadly force.
Sunday Funday, SHIELD Edition May 23rd, 2022 SHIELD socializing over tacos!
S.H.I.E.L.D.'y Snacks! May 18th, 2022 S.H.I.E.L.D. cafeteria gossip amongst the gaggle of agents.
Late Night Landingside May 16th, 2022 A late night dinner on the rooftop of the Triskelion leads to discussions of the past, present, and future paranoia.
We Come in Peace: For Real This Time! May 12th, 2022 Chancellor Araki arrives at the Atlantic Starport, escorted by the Imperial Guard. While the Shi'ar diplomat meets with the leaders of various heroic teams, his escort engages in cultural exchange, learning about Earth food, customs, and engaging in a bit of psychic repartee. They even get a group photo for the history books, courtesy of one Peter Parker.
S.H.I.E.L.D. Save the Chief May 8th, 2022 A S.H.I.E.L.D. strike team goes to rescue the Chief from Hydra captivity!
Scenes From A Shi'ar Restaurant May 7th, 2022 Shi'ar food for the win!
On a Dual Mindset of Mayhem April 23rd, 2022 Mary Jane Watson and Red Sonja greet their fellow members of SHIELD rather creepily in ways only Sonja can provide.
Lab in the Sky, if We could Fly April 15th, 2022 The Hellicarrier labs are the scene of some planning for pursuit of some leftover technology to see if it's not trash.
What happens in the van stays in the van April 13th, 2022 OH NO! Bad plants!
Midnight In The Garden of SHIELD April 11th, 2022 Post-mission for Jessica, Michael chances to run into her and discuss briefly the lack of interest of young mutants in space and the snagging of a certain high-level HYDRA agent...
Hunting the Hydra April 11th, 2022 SHIELD Agents undertake a daring strike to capture a Hydra VIP right from their own base!
The Light of Earendil, And Our Most Beloved Pastries March 31st, 2022 Chilling out and watching the oldest star in the sky!
SWORD: That's no moon March 26th, 2022 SWORD takes their shiny new quinjet out in to deep space to find the source of the acid cube invasion - and boy do they find it. Thanks to cosmic and quantum energies, they are able to put an end to the continued threat.
Gamma Doomsday March 18th, 2022 The Hulk, She-Hulk, Black Widow, Spiderwoman, and Hyperion successfully thwart the Leader's plans to create a gamma powered army, defeating Red She-Hulk in the process. Though both the Leader and Red She-Hulk escaped (the latter after pushing Red Hulk off a very high place), the stolen equipment has been recaptured and the Leader is on the run.
Drowning Practice March 13th, 2022 Aquatic trianing leads to a conversation about battle tactics and the general strengths and weaknesses of the Shi'ar military.
Red Menace IV March 11th, 2022 Natasha Romanov and Jessica Drew, after following the missing Hulk and She-Hulk's trail with the help of Thaddeus Ross, aka Red Hulk, infiltrate the Leader's hidden facility, the Cube, and discover him constructing some sort of powerful gamma radiation device. Unfortunately, they're discovered!
Murderous Advice March 10th, 2022 Practice makes perfect on hi-tech weapons for Michael Erickson, Dottie Underwood and Jessica Drew
Food and Alien Philosophy March 8th, 2022 In which, space-time continuums and space curry are the hot topic between Jane, Jess, and Natasha
Exile From Stasiland March 3rd, 2022 No description
SHIELD Sobananigans March 1st, 2022 Happy noodles, everyone!
Actus Reus: Familiar Faces February 24th, 2022 Incomplete.
Been a Bit... February 18th, 2022 No description
Missing Serum Investigation February 7th, 2022 SHIELD agents investigate their missing agent Nessbaum. They find a run down apartment / safehouse and learn he had been taken by a drug kingpin in Haiti.
Missing Serum Found February 7th, 2022 Super cautious infiltration leads to an inevitable confrontation with HYDRA goons. Yay!
Missing Serum Conclusion February 7th, 2022 Finale. SHIELD fights HYDRA and then both band together to survive Super Soldier Zombehs! Science cures the serum infection and everyone goes home safe!
S.B.D. February 5th, 2022 SCAR friends gather around to see how the new 'issue' rifles (totally not pirated) work.
A Spider's Visit February 4th, 2022 Jessica comes over with dim sim. She and Peggy discuss Jessica's place in SHIELD.
A House Divided: Springbok Down January 29th, 2022 A counter-terrorism operation in Qurac uncovers strange secrets ...
Well, It's All Done Now January 24th, 2022 Musing on a neighborhood empty of angels in the middle of an invasion, newly-minted SHIELD agent Michael discusses the future with Jessica.
The Troll Market: January January 24th, 2022 Jessica Drew and Jan de Wit experience the Troll Market for the first time for different reasons. Veira is just here for a pickup.
S.C.A.R.: Gun Shopping January 22nd, 2022 The agents of the S.C.A.R. team head to Germany to lift a shipment of illegal coilguns that will become their standard weaponry. On-site procurement was never so entertaining.
Floating January 18th, 2022 No description
Snow Blowne January 16th, 2022 THE WOBBLY BARN IN KILLINGTON! Woooooo!
New, Birdy Blood January 12th, 2022 Mister Erickson decides to join SHIELD and become The Man, but almost totally screws it up. Hooray, alien natures.
Rest and Consideration January 10th, 2022 Michael and Jess discuss his joining SHIELD - and then the aftermath of that...
Grand Central Fortress January 9th, 2022 A brief meeting between Peggy, Michael and Jess outlines activity concerning Grand Central's armoring and recent changes to the sitution.
Agents of S.C.A.R. January 8th, 2022 Agent May has been secured for the nascent S.C.A.R. group, and dinner was had by all. Space is doomed.
Civil Defense December 22nd, 2021 A sudden, urgent meeting; desperate measures laid out in laminated pages. Cal'hatar, at least, is back in military form.
Assassin's Creed December 20th, 2021 Peggy Carter approves Jessica Drew being on oversight for Dottie Underwood and Michael Erickson.
Rogue's Birthday December 19th, 2021 Rogue's Birthday! Everyone is great!
Trio At The Tea Room December 19th, 2021 No description
Who wants to be lost in space December 17th, 2021 Bolognese and going into space.
Strictly Space Business December 16th, 2021 Talking with Jane, Mike and Jess present the plan to space-catazz some SHIELD agents.
Guess Who's Webslinging to Dinner December 15th, 2021 Peter and May Parker host an English Spider with Irish Stew.
Upon A Tuesday Clear December 15th, 2021 No description
A Star Is Born December 13th, 2021 Having successfully fed everyone like someone's crazy space grandmother, Michael works with Jessica and Dottie to get the lady assassin on board.
Look at What The Bird Brought In December 12th, 2021 Jemma inspects an alien corpse while Jessica, Jane, and Michael speculate over what they might find out. Some questions need to be raised with da Vinci's ghost...
Monstrous Recruitment December 9th, 2021 Coming to request permission to use Dottie as a mission asset, Michael upsets with his fashion sense and his attempt to give respect. Aliens are...well. Alien.
Sole Bearing December 9th, 2021 An understanding within a couple is reached.
Post-Script: Christmas Trees December 2nd, 2021 Just a little matter about a missing spear, no biggie.
A Tale of Jupiter November 30th, 2021 No description
Shooting at Asteroids November 30th, 2021 WAND and SWORD have a small field demonstration on the firing range when Michael Erickson, Jessica Drew and Jonathan Sims compare notes and weapons.
Frozen Beef Delivery November 29th, 2021 Meeting at the pier, the 'alien' corpse is delivered over to Jane and Jessica.
A Tangled Web of an Update November 23rd, 2021 Jessica comes to ask Peggy about a somewhat delicately personal situation, and Peggy reminds her that SHIELD has been built upon fraternization.
Drops of Saturn November 22nd, 2021 A lovely outing. Food bought, a gift given that's truly out of this world.
SHIELD Nacho Night November 20th, 2021 A group of SHIELD agents converge on the recreation room for a night of nachos and margaritas and nothing really terrible happens, aside for the invention of a new form of chemical warfare. It all ends with a ghostly revelation.
Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting November 17th, 2021 The Christmas tree is lit to much fanfare! Love and holiday spirit are in the air!
Into the Zone: Great Falls November 6th, 2021 A rescue team of SHIELD agents enter an area of anomalous red fog on the Potomac River. Inside, the rules of time and space need not apply. This time, at least, everyone makes it out unscathed... except for their quinjet pilot.
One Night In Gotham (Makes a Hard Man Humble) October 31st, 2021 In which a warning is delivered.
Meet the Scrubs October 28th, 2021 Jon and Martin head to the food court as order by Chief Carter, and run into a variety of other SHIELD agents. Sam Wilson, Jessica Drew, Michael Erickson, and Jane Foster are all there, and they discuss various matters over food.
0-8-4 Files: 073 October 24th, 2021 Boston does not blow up in pursuit of a Daemonite flash suit, but SHIELD keeps up a vaunted tradition of destroying vehicles and property all the same.
0-8-4 Files: 029 October 24th, 2021 SHIELD rescues the Zodiac Formula and imprisons one alien, one mysterious buyer, and one bad, bad go-between. All at the cost of a riot and handsy dignity?
0-8-4 Files: 056 October 24th, 2021 A deadly runestone is smartly and safely snapped up, then SHIELD gets the hell out of Russia before anyone notices. Hopefully.
Cinema Verite October 10th, 2021 Busy drowning himself in cinema verite documentaries, Michael has a chance meeting with Jessica and they have a conversation about the nature of authoritarianism and the banality of evil a la Hannah Arendt.
Hell on Pets October 4th, 2021 Hellboy thrashes a demon like menace that is roaming the sewers of New York after Jessica Drew calls him in on the trail of the neighborhood cats gone missing.
1000 Faces: Disirtations on Mortality October 2nd, 2021 Is it just a random disir attack? Not a chance. The hunters seek flesh and life to slake their hunger. But why are they here?
Enough Liquor to see Stars October 1st, 2021 No description
HowStuffWorks: Shi'ar Edition September 29th, 2021 Michael brings Darcy some gadgets to poke at, escorted by Jessica Drew, his SHIELD handler. There is science, and just a litttttle bit of space politics. And no one gets blown up!
What's a random virus have to do with it September 27th, 2021 Late night lab chat with Jane Foster and Jessica Drew
Blood Alchemy September 26th, 2021 Visiting R&D, Michael meets with Jemma and other SHIELD folks, bargains for a blood machine to be developed, and discusses some of the odder points of Shi'ar politics.
Sinking the Slave Ship September 24th, 2021 Two Spiders crash a slave auction in the Bronx.
Visitors September 22nd, 2021 Meeting late at night, Michael reveals the apperance of one of his countrymen - and sets up a meet between her and SHIELD.
Demolition Man September 19th, 2021 After meeting and chatting with Agent Hellboy, Michael meets up with Agent Drew - light talk, dinner plans, and talk about other planets and alien relics ensues.
Working Lunch September 15th, 2021 Michael Erickson overcomes his aversion to the Triskelion and has lunch with his handler, Jessica Drew.
Chili Dawgs Still Bark at Night September 13th, 2021 Two Spiders, sitting on a castle. No, not the next Game of Thrones clone...
Coffee and Weaponry September 9th, 2021 News from other parts of the Galaxy arrives via Michael Erickson and Jessica gets dessert.
Show Me What You Can Do September 6th, 2021 Angelo Tampambulos and Michael Erickson meet on green fields to fight. After initially holding back, Erickson fights without reserve. Unarmored, the Angelo wins the first round.
Bird Flexing September 1st, 2021 Workouts happen, and the bird (hoho) grouses.
Outbreak August 31st, 2021 An outbreak of the Kree bioweapon that had infected Inferno takes place in the Triskelion. As Inhumans go in to rage mode, agents react and get them to containment. Jemma and Jane realise the vector comes from Bobbi. Bobbi realises she carried the virus with her from Inferno and with each touch to an Inhuman, transferred it. She figures out how to destroy it and works on reversing everyone elses infection too.
What do Shi'ar eat for breakfast August 18th, 2021 Michael Erickson tells his handler, Jessica, a little about why he is on Earth and what his new armor is capable of.
A new home to roost. August 17th, 2021 Chief Peggy Carter has officially signed off on Michael Erickson being a Consultant with SHIELD under Agent Drew's surveillance.
Dollhouse: Moving back to the Triskelion August 15th, 2021 SHIELD is back in the Triskelion. And a new Green Lantern arrived in town.
The Raptor's Claws August 14th, 2021 Dying on the field after helping rout Shi'ar forces from the Grey family home, Michael Erickson/Cal'hatar finds a fallen Raptor which he brought low still has power...and the machine gets a new host to save both their lives.
Secret Warriors: The Beginning August 11th, 2021 Daisy meets Jessica after the defense against Hydra in New York where it's revealed Jessica is developping Inhuman traits after her exposure to Terrigenesis and accepts to be a part of the Secret Warriors. Go team!
Shi'ar: Reckoning August 8th, 2021 Several X-Men and their SHIELD allies follow Jean as she races to save her parents. The Titans arrive to assist. While they're able to defeat the remnants of the Death Commandos and several strange Shi'ar androids, Davan Shakari brings a mysterious young man to the encounter. Jean calls upon unknown aspects of the Phoenix to revive her father, dying from a heart attack from the stress of the attack, but is then seemingly destroyed -- or absorbed -- by the mysterious figure.
Arming For Battle August 7th, 2021 Agent Drew drives Cal'hatar to his apartment to pick up an arsenal worthy of a small assault force.
My Little Alien Hideaway August 6th, 2021 Captain Marvel takes precious time to meet the Shi'ar agent betraying his own kind to help Earth. She turns Cal'hater (aka Michael Erickson) loose with Agent Drew as his 'babysitter'.
Late Night Phone Call August 5th, 2021 Michael Erickson outs himself as an agent for the Shi'ar Empire
The Release August 4th, 2021 Michael Erickson is released into the wide world with the resources of SHIELD watching him for his protection, of course.
Questions, Questions... August 2nd, 2021 Another round of interrogation, another round of indignation, and more than a little quiet manipulation of certain Spider-agents. But did it work?
Shi'ar: Night of the Raptors II August 2nd, 2021 The Shi'ar attack continues. With the aid of a defecting Shi'ar spy and his SHIELD backup, the school organizes its defense and the evacuation of younger students from danger. With the aid of a strange living gas, the invaders manage to reach the X-Men base, but are defeated, and their leader killed. Yet Jean discovers there are several Death Commandos remaining, sent to her home town with one goal: cleansing the entire Grey blooodline.
Dollhouse: The Incident (II) July 30th, 2021 The attack on the metro, an attempt to make more Inhumans for HYDRA to lay the blame on, to show them as 'monsters' who kill with their strange terrigen gas... has been thwarted. It cost SHIELD a hand to do it, and almost cost them Jessica Drew entirely. The Unspoken got away and Inferno died.. but even in his death he got the last laugh, informing Valkyrie that The Unspoken was not a victim of HYDRA but a willing ally in his own fight against Blackagar Bolt.
In the Chair July 28th, 2021 Sharon Carter and Jessica Drew interrogate Michael Erickson. Many questions go unanswered despite him revealing himself as the 'Red Sentinel' and claiming to be an ally. An ally or a potential foe?
Bullet Conference July 26th, 2021 Jessica Drew and her team of SHIELD operatives are set to crash a deal between particularly unlovely people and high-tech arms dealers -- but she's not the only ones on hand to try and put down this little soiree!
Just Who Is This Guy July 17th, 2021 Jessica leaves the apartment with no real clue to who Michael Erickson really is.
Insert Training Montage Here July 16th, 2021 Spider-Man, Spider-Woman introduce new hopeful to the
The Ghost of Edward Hopper July 11th, 2021 Interrupted meals end in fleeing into the dark.
A mutant, a demigod, and an experiment... walk into a bar. No this is not a joke. July 8th, 2021 Dive bars are fun. Idiot gets locked out. Hijinx.
Dill Pickles July 6th, 2021 Dill pickles are more trouble than they are worth. Michael Erickson tails Jessica Drew and likely regrets it. After adventures in the subway, keeping a young man from jumping in front of a train, an armored SUV slams into a car they are in and excitement ensues.
=Long Island Smuggling July 5th, 2021 An agent of SHIELD hiding from HYDRA meets an unusual and unexpected ally as she attempts to stop a illegal arms transaction.
Stand up and Fight June 26th, 2021 Several dead, one infected with an unknown bio-weapon and one fiery explosion. The good guys don't always win but the ones left standing will still fight another day.
The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (I) June 20th, 2021 SHIELD defends against a massive HYDRA attack at the Sphere, successfully defending their trapped comrades against certain death.

This scene runs intandem with Scene 6645 'The Framework: HYDRA Reloaded (II)'.

Spider's Web In Metropolis June 19th, 2021 Spider-Man and Spider-Woman test out the Spider-Comm (Metropolis) system and meet up with a couple of Friendly Neighborhood Kryptonians.
It's not always Pacific Electric's fault June 13th, 2021 No description
Reel Big Killer Fish June 5th, 2021 Ash meets up with Hellboy, Morrigan MacIntyre, and Jessica Drew at the aquarium...none of them are allowed back inside again. Ever.
Once upon a time in New York June 3rd, 2021 Hyperion watches Jessica stop a mugging, is impressed.
The Framework: Data Retrieval Old School Style May 28th, 2021 Angelo and Jessica team up on a very important mission: Retrieve the data Fitz and team went to get from deep within the Sphere -- without suffering the same fate.
Back when the statue still existed. Back from the future May 21st, 2021 Park scuffle leads to floodgates.
The Framework: Sky Commander Morse May 17th, 2021 Sky Commander Morse leads the HYDRA fleet to Nepal where they engage in battle with the Inhuman settlement: Afterlife. Glorious victory is granted to the saviours of the free world. The terrorist Jiaying is dead and her follows either captured or killed. Hail HYDRA.
The Framework: Eliminating Resistance May 16th, 2021 Commander May, Agent of HYDRA, leads a crack team against a pocket of SHIELD resistence, saving the world from those who would destroy the peace HYDRA has fought so hard to build. Chief Daniel Sousa, Agent of SHIELD, has a very, very bad day.
The Framework: Down the Rabbit Hole (II) May 15th, 2021 Daisy and a team of agents work on circumventing enough of the Framework's digital defenses to allow a team to go in to retrieve their friends... They don't quite end up where they expect.
Re-Weaving Webs May 15th, 2021 Spider-Man is greeted by a de-commisssioned Spider-Woman for a late night sojourn.
Ghosting the Triskelion May 11th, 2021 Ava breaks into the Triskelion to get her hands on some tech that might help stabilze her molecular disequalibrium. She runs afoul of Talbot and -- worse -- General Hale, whose secret she knows. Fortunately, a small team of SHIELD agents happen to show up just in time to pull her ass out of the fire.
The Saudi Arabian Debrief January 4th, 2021 SHIELD reviews their intelligence in a debrief and comes up with an elaborate plan with many moving parts to take down a US senator, a Saudi war criminal, and may be, just may be, finally catch up with the stolen SHIELD technology.
Spiders and Insects, Working Together... December 20th, 2020 No description
Snakes in the Desert December 17th, 2020 Peggy leads a team of agents, including Jessica Drew and Lara Croft, into the Mojave Desert to locate a new time anomaly. They encounter unexpected resistance.
Historical Accuracy December 14th, 2020 A fireside chat, rabbit stew and a black powder gun accurate enough to hit a mosquito.
...But Satisfaction Brought Him Back December 11th, 2020 Someone from Metropolis wants to interview Spider-Man. Who knew?
The Saudi Arabian Heist December 10th, 2020 SHIELD and The Punisher successfully heist a secret Saudi Arabian gold reserve vault. State secrets were stolen, but the desert claimed the vault back in the end.
=The White Spires of the Cathedral December 5th, 2020 Bowling with Santas at St. Patrick's Cathedral
Red Queen Gambit November 29th, 2020 Peter Parker indulges in a little spy(der)craft while getting his butt handed to him in chess by a Vision.
=The aroma of the past November 9th, 2020 No description
Mood Rings October 20th, 2020 Jessica and Lara tell Thor stuff, and Thor probably retains most of it, maybe.
The Drones in the Sky October 17th, 2020 The crew of quinjet 17 get on board the super-drone and take out the 1980s prototype AI rifle that caused this whole mess.
Monsters of the Cosmos: 1 - Raudkarr October 14th, 2020 The dark elves come to play!
A Cluster of Spiders October 9th, 2020 Mania meets Spider-Woman meets Araña meets Spider-Man...eats White Castle.
The sacred right of all SHIELD agents: The Swordfish Bar September 30th, 2020 Bobbi, Phil, Jess, and Angelo catchup at the swordfish
Nachos con Alexandre'! September 4th, 2020 Mexican food!
After Action Alex September 3rd, 2020 JD and AA go get mexican food.
Epicenter: Agents of SuperSHIELD August 25th, 2020 Agents Bobbi Morse and Jemma Simmons have been taken by HYDRA. They were taken from Toshiro Mori's estate in Japan, who is known to have been working for HYDRA and specifically Daniel Whitehall. Whitehall has been running his ridiculous 'SuperSHIELD' and Bobbi was investigating it.

Now the small teams Bobbi has been sending out to find SuperSHIELD have come back with something concrete. A secret base of operations. The mission: Infiltrate SuperSHIELD, Disrupt their operations, Rescue Bobbi and Jemma, take down Whitehall, take down Toshiro Mori.

NOTE: Some of the Agents of SuperSHIELD are unaware that SuperSHIELD is actually a HYDRA operation. They are working under the pretence that they really are Agents of SHIELD's super-powered division. They have been helping SuperSHIELD find Inhumans, Mutants, and Metahumans unaware that Whitehall has been using them for genetic experimentation.

WARNING: Agents of SuperSHIELD and HYDRA agents within their ranks are equiped with a new piece of technology, a watch that lets them select stolen Inhuman abilities and give them a small dose of it for a brief period of time. They should all be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Hunting the Myasnikovs (3 of 3) August 22nd, 2020 As the Myasnikovs attempt to flee, SHIELD closes in. May leads a team of quick thinking agents -- Barton, Drew, and Whitman, with Alexander Aaron along as support -- to finally apprehend the killers.
Black Sun: Glorious Summer of the Reich August 14th, 2020 Death and war gather at the footsteps of a necromancer wielding the Holy Lance. Now what?
Black Sun: Once More Unto the Breach August 14th, 2020 The cavalry is coming.
Mead and Cupcakes! August 13th, 2020 Heidi celebrates surviving another year while her friends cheer her on.
Agent Evals: Mission One August 11th, 2020 Agent Morse leads a team of SHIELD agents on a rescue mission into the Himalayas to retrieve an American businesswoman, only to encounter a mercenary gunning for the same prize. A stand-off ensues.
Dakkadakka August 5th, 2020 Late night at the range, conversation and interesting weaponry.
Meanwhile, in the recovery ward July 16th, 2020 Cecily gets visitors, and a BIG GIANT TEDDY BEAR!
Black Sun: Manhattan Transfer July 15th, 2020 The Grail is saved, but at what cost?
Black Sun: Last Exit to Brooklyn July 15th, 2020 Mariposa isn't dead thanks to the timely engagement of a bear, a sword, ICERs, a broken guitar, and a Sorcerer Supreme paid with one sock.
The Bridge of Dreams July 7th, 2020 Jessica interrogates Alexander on the source of a dream she had, confirming her initial impressions of him.
Epicenter: Hunting for HYDRA June 25th, 2020 SUPER SHIELD WANTS YOU!
A Wave Crashes on Land June 24th, 2020 A walk in the park accompanied by shots fired by Aquaman at the poor beleaguered Agent Drew.
SHIELD Briefing - Earth's Latest Peril June 21st, 2020 Carol shares what she knows to some of the best and brightest of SHIELD. Hopefully they can pull some tricks together and help stop Brainiac.
Harbinger of Trouble June 14th, 2020 Spider-Man reaches out to OG Spider-Woman about the Kulan Gath threat.
Encountering Alexander June 12th, 2020 While on a training mission with Jessica Drew, Agent Melinda May drops in on Alexander Aaron at the ESU campus. The three chat and toss a basketball around. Poorly.
Epicenter: The Daniel Whitehall Briefing June 11th, 2020 Peggy shows us the horrors of HYDRA. SHIELD is coming for you Daniel Whitehall.
The Ocean Meets SHIELD June 8th, 2020 Arthur Curry is spotted in New Troy. SHIELD alerted to his presence sends Agent Drew out to have a chat with him. Curry grumps his way through the 'interview.'
Stakeout or Steakout May 31st, 2020 No description
Triskelion Physical Security Audit May 29th, 2020 SHIELD security passed the test. There was cake. Mystique didn't get any...
Stark's Yacht Party May 28th, 2020 Tony Stark has a birthday party!
Spiders and Androids May 20th, 2020 Gothic Lolita meets Jessica Drew and Jennifer Takeda more formally, and the trio get to know each other slightly better.
First Impressions May 19th, 2020 No description
Epicenter: Part 2 - Tracing the Tremors May 17th, 2020 SHIELD takes out a nest of neo nazi scum, then meet a new old face.. hail hydra.
Debrief: Belize Island Case May 16th, 2020 Daisy, Jessica Drew and Techno gather up for a debrief report with Alexander about the Elis Society and was discovered on that island in Belize. Some secrets are uncovered and apparently Happy Harbor has a lot of SHIELD people there. Go figure.
Welcome Back, Jack May 15th, 2020 Agent Nolan is back on duty!
The Elis Society: Resolution May 14th, 2020 SHIELD and Morrigan arrive and take control.
Shield Briefing - Talk to the Animals! May 8th, 2020 Daniel gives a briefing on his research into communicating with the shadow creatures and things don't go well.
Hunting the Wild Loli May 7th, 2020 Achilles, Daisy, and Jessica have a moment to relax while setting a trap for Gothic Lolita.
Hunting the Faux: Part 3 May 5th, 2020 Escape? Faux get about it
Let's Try the Triskelion tonight May 5th, 2020 May gets Mysterious and Enigmatic. Debrief occurs.
Achilles, Agent of Zeu... SHIELD May 4th, 2020 Ow, he hits hard!
A day at Spider-Woman's office May 4th, 2020 No description
Meeting Quake. Hide! April 30th, 2020 Secrets get revealed. Consultants get consulting...
Hans, We're In Amerika! April 30th, 2020 A Nazi rally featuring actual Nazis earns limited sympathy from SHIELD, aka, the Nazi-scum-defeating agency.
Wolf in the Network April 29th, 2020 Spider-Man meets with Spider-Woman and Wolf to connect them to the Spider-Comm network.
=Chinatown Dodge April 26th, 2020 A misunderstanding.
=A Recruit April 25th, 2020 Achilles and Jessica have a roundabout conversation about Shield
Sensing the Shadow: SHIELD field operatives are setting up sensors in Metropolis April 23rd, 2020 SHIELD team set up audio, UV, infrared, laser, seismic, radiation et el sensors all over Queensland Park and up the streets to the north in the hopes of catching the shadow invaders in the act. The biggest issue raised in the briefing was a lack of knowledge about these creatures. Now it's up to the data crunchers and fate.
Thwippin' on the Dock of the Bay April 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man catches up with Jessica and shows her the prototype for the Spider-Comm system.
A Case of Portal COMBAT! April 21st, 2020 Now you're thinking with portals.
Chat in Church. Fun times! April 20th, 2020 No description
Chelsea Piers April 18th, 2020 Three on a golf range, two pissed off, par for the course.
To Strengthen the Web April 12th, 2020 Spider-Man meets with Spider-Woman about a new opportunity.
Ice Ice Baby April 11th, 2020 Spider-Woman saves Detective Dick Grayson from the icy clutches of Killer Frost!
Spotted April 10th, 2020 No description
Raclette! April 9th, 2020 No description
Mugging Monsters! April 7th, 2020 Jessica and Blake meet, beat some muggers up and have a little chat!
Missing Spots 1 April 1st, 2020 Where to begin and who will do what to chase the missing Snow Leopard is decided on.
You Hello and I Say... April 1st, 2020 After the mission they decide on raclette.
There's no such thing as down time. March 31st, 2020 A pleasant chat between agents results in Coulson triggering Daniel's ptsd.
'Carnaval' in New York March 29th, 2020 Dinner with a work colleague is sometimes more pleasant than you'd imagine.
Getting Our Lines Crossed March 29th, 2020 A Colombian drug gang and a major cartel run afoul of two Spiders.
Lions and tigers and bears - oh my! March 25th, 2020 Heidi and Jessica Drew find exotic zoo animals loose in Central Park. There is suspicion that the animals were left out to cover the theft of a valuable Snow Leopard. Could this put them on the trail of a rich collector or something much worse?
C'est le choix de monsieur March 24th, 2020 Thor takes Jessica on a tour of the Avenger Mansion
Endless Embassy Encounters! March 23rd, 2020 While Acting as the Receptionist for the Embassy, Cassie recieves and Entertains A Variety of Guests.
Triselkion Trick or Treat March 23rd, 2020 No description
Cool People Doing Cool Things! March 19th, 2020 Jessica and Thor catch up on what passed and Heidi shows up and is a nerd.
Once more, good friend! March 19th, 2020 Thor saves the day
I Don't Mean To Boar You March 18th, 2020 Some ladies defeat a giant rampaging boar in a park, then proceed on to relish their victory over pub food.
Mr. Levinsky March 17th, 2020 JD and Thor stop a crime
As Two Spiders Connect... March 16th, 2020 Spidey gets some unexpected help from the OG Spider-Woman.
Red Fellas March 15th, 2020 A surveillance in the bd part of town, Russian blows into town.
Skyline Sights March 14th, 2020 No description
Late Night March 12th, 2020 No description
Another Drive-By March 10th, 2020 No description
One night in Metropolis March 9th, 2020 No description
The Package March 8th, 2020 Kyani makes the fastest pizza delivery in history.
Runaway in Central Park March 4th, 2020 An overturned truck, some Asgardian lore, and a secret revealed.
Streets of Hell's Kitchen March 2nd, 2020 Cartel Ambush at the Bagel Cart gets thwarted by a polite Asgardian, an incognito immortal, and Spider-Woman.
Showdown in Hell's Kitchen. Along Came a Spider. February 29th, 2020 Jess and Achilles scare off a street gang and have Japanese food after. Yay Tea!
Alley Surveillance February 28th, 2020 Three drug dealers end hanging from a thread. Insults are exchanged between Wolf and Jessica Drew.


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