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  Spider Woman  
Jessica Drew (Scenesys ID: 495)
Name: Jessica Drew
Superalias: Spider Woman
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Private Investigator
Citizenship: British
Residence: Hell's Kitchen, NYC
Education: Home schooled, HYDRA, vocational PI
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: SHIELD
Apparent Age: 26 Actual Age: 26
Date of Birth 7 Dec 1993 Played By
Height: 5'10" Weight: 130 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Altered before birth, Jessica was born with 'spider skills' that give her superhuman agility, speed, and recuperation. Jessica grew up in a laboratory until the death of her parents. Lured into HYDRA as a teenager, she was trained in martial arts and espionage skills. After freeing herself from HYDRA and joining S.H.I.E.L.D, Jessica moved from Britain to the US and now resides in NYC.


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1993: Born December 7 in London to Miriam and Jonathan Drew.
1993:Parents moved to Wundagore Mountain in Transia
1993: 2nd trimester in vitro exposure to laser beam containing the DNA traits of several different species of spiders
2003: Mysterious disappearance of her parents, raised by Bova, her nanny
2011: At age 18, recruited under false circumstances (brain-washing) to HYDRA
2011-2015: Extensive training in martial arts under Taskmaster's tutelage. Memory loss from implants.
2015: After meeting Ben Grimm, encounters Mordred the Mystic, who removes HYDRA's memory implants and restores her memories
2016: Move to London, search for work. Meets Jerry Hunt of S.H.I.E.L.D. Scotland Yard investigates her
* 2017: Meets Magnus, time travels to the Middle Ages.
2017: On her return from time traveling,goes to Los Angeles
2018: Relocates to San Fransisco to share apartment with Lindsay McCabe
mid-2018: Sets up PI practice
2019: Moves to Hell's Kitchen, NYC

IC Journal

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Poorly socialized and lacking some of the finer points of social veneer, Jessica was not among age peers until she escaped HYDRA and went to work in London as a twenty-year-old.

Socially Awkward:
Standoffish, she can appear cold and often doesn't follow social cues. This can be traced back to an her early years of being sequestered in a laboratory by her parents and having no contact with children her own age.

Strong Moral Compass:
Despite being clueless at times socially, she has a strong desire to protect the innocent as well as put injustices to right

Character Sheet


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Agility and Reflexes:
Her speed would put an Olympic athlete to shame, capable of reacting with preternatural speed to threats.

She is able to discharge blasts of bio-electricity in what she calls, 'venom blasts' though there is no poison involved. The blasts are strong enough to inflict a great amount of pain, cause unconsciousness or even kill a man. A concentrated blast can pierce metal.

Extended Longevity:
Closely allied to her capacity to self-heal quickly, the power slows aging.

Regenerative Healing:
She is able to 'quick' heal wounds, witness her come back within minutes from deep claw marks during a fight with 'Wolverine'

Extremely acute sense of hearing and smell. Capable of telling whether someone is alive and breathing from a distance. She hears heart beats and can smell a person's fear or arousal.

Spider fast, faster than the eye can see.

Spider Cling:
A secretion from the palms of her hands lets her cling to surfaces like a spider.

Stamina and Resistance:
Jessica is able to take more punishment than an ordinary human and possesses superhuman staying power. She can't stop bullets but will can keep on fighting long after a normal human would be KO'ed. Her physical makeup also makes her highly resistant to all terrestrial poisons, toxins, and completely immune to radiation. While she is typically rendered dizzy by the initial dose, she is completely immune to it after being exposed again.

Super humanly strong, able to lift 7 tons at the peak of her powers


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Jessica was extensively trained in covert operations, stealth and information gathering under the tutelage of HYDRA and S.H.I.E.L.D

Korean, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

A crack shot, she learned how to handle and care for weapons from her training in HYDRA. She has been known to carry a Walther PPK.

Martial Arts:
Jessica received training from the Taskmaster in a variety of martial arts, including, capoeira, tai chi, karate, judo and boxing.

Private Investigator:
On the job training as a PI with her first partner in LA continues to be refined in her practice in SF.


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S.H.I.E.L.D. - Jessica has a long and paradoxical history with them, starting off with being recruited by their enemies to kill Nick Fury as a double agent acting for HYDRA. Mid-Assassination attempt she realigns to side with S.H.I.E.L.D.

NEW AVENGERS - recently joined she was asked into the organization by Steve Rogers.


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Jessica will launch into saving people without a well-laid plan.

Emotionally Immature:
She has the enthusiasm of adolescence and its high and lows. Jessica loves quickly and passionately without considering the consequences or the person that she chooses.

Little reason was given to her as child to trust people. Her suspicion of others harks back to her early years when she was viewed more as a research subject than a child by her parents. Subsequently, as a teenager, she was rescued by HYDRA whose sole objective was to turn her into a killing machine



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Jessica Drew has 88 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
The Saudi Arabian Debrief January 4th, 2021 SHIELD reviews their intelligence in a debrief and comes up with an elaborate plan with many moving parts to take down a US senator, a Saudi war criminal, and may be, just may be, finally catch up with the stolen SHIELD technology.
Spiders and Insects, Working Together... December 20th, 2020 No description
Snakes in the Desert December 17th, 2020 Peggy leads a team of agents, including Jessica Drew and Lara Croft, into the Mojave Desert to locate a new time anomaly. They encounter unexpected resistance.
Historical Accuracy December 14th, 2020 A fireside chat, rabbit stew and a black powder gun accurate enough to hit a mosquito.
...But Satisfaction Brought Him Back December 11th, 2020 Someone from Metropolis wants to interview Spider-Man. Who knew?
The Saudi Arabian Heist December 10th, 2020 SHIELD and The Punisher successfully heist a secret Saudi Arabian gold reserve vault. State secrets were stolen, but the desert claimed the vault back in the end.
=The White Spires of the Cathedral December 5th, 2020 Bowling with Santas at St. Patrick's Cathedral
Red Queen Gambit November 29th, 2020 Peter Parker indulges in a little spy(der)craft while getting his butt handed to him in chess by a Vision.
=The aroma of the past November 9th, 2020 No description
Mood Rings October 20th, 2020 Jessica and Lara tell Thor stuff, and Thor probably retains most of it, maybe.
The Drones in the Sky October 17th, 2020 The crew of quinjet 17 get on board the super-drone and take out the 1980s prototype AI rifle that caused this whole mess.
Monsters of the Cosmos: 1 - Raudkarr October 14th, 2020 The dark elves come to play!
A Cluster of Spiders October 9th, 2020 Mania meets Spider-Woman meets Araña meets Spider-Man...eats White Castle.
The sacred right of all SHIELD agents: The Swordfish Bar September 30th, 2020 Bobbi, Phil, Jess, and Angelo catchup at the swordfish
Nachos con Alexandre'! September 4th, 2020 Mexican food!
After Action Alex September 3rd, 2020 JD and AA go get mexican food.
Epicenter: Agents of SuperSHIELD August 25th, 2020 Agents Bobbi Morse and Jemma Simmons have been taken by HYDRA. They were taken from Toshiro Mori's estate in Japan, who is known to have been working for HYDRA and specifically Daniel Whitehall. Whitehall has been running his ridiculous 'SuperSHIELD' and Bobbi was investigating it.

Now the small teams Bobbi has been sending out to find SuperSHIELD have come back with something concrete. A secret base of operations. The mission: Infiltrate SuperSHIELD, Disrupt their operations, Rescue Bobbi and Jemma, take down Whitehall, take down Toshiro Mori.

NOTE: Some of the Agents of SuperSHIELD are unaware that SuperSHIELD is actually a HYDRA operation. They are working under the pretence that they really are Agents of SHIELD's super-powered division. They have been helping SuperSHIELD find Inhumans, Mutants, and Metahumans unaware that Whitehall has been using them for genetic experimentation.

WARNING: Agents of SuperSHIELD and HYDRA agents within their ranks are equiped with a new piece of technology, a watch that lets them select stolen Inhuman abilities and give them a small dose of it for a brief period of time. They should all be considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Hunting the Myasnikovs (3 of 3) August 22nd, 2020 As the Myasnikovs attempt to flee, SHIELD closes in. May leads a team of quick thinking agents -- Barton, Drew, and Whitman, with Alexander Aaron along as support -- to finally apprehend the killers.
Black Sun: Glorious Summer of the Reich August 14th, 2020 Death and war gather at the footsteps of a necromancer wielding the Holy Lance. Now what?
Black Sun: Once More Unto the Breach August 14th, 2020 The cavalry is coming.
Mead and Cupcakes! August 13th, 2020 Heidi celebrates surviving another year while her friends cheer her on.
Agent Evals: Mission One August 11th, 2020 Agent Morse leads a team of SHIELD agents on a rescue mission into the Himalayas to retrieve an American businesswoman, only to encounter a mercenary gunning for the same prize. A stand-off ensues.
Dakkadakka August 5th, 2020 Late night at the range, conversation and interesting weaponry.
Meanwhile, in the recovery ward July 16th, 2020 Cecily gets visitors, and a BIG GIANT TEDDY BEAR!
Black Sun: Last Exit to Brooklyn July 15th, 2020 Mariposa isn't dead thanks to the timely engagement of a bear, a sword, ICERs, a broken guitar, and a Sorcerer Supreme paid with one sock.
Black Sun: Manhattan Transfer July 15th, 2020 The Grail is saved, but at what cost?
The Bridge of Dreams July 7th, 2020 Jessica interrogates Alexander on the source of a dream she had, confirming her initial impressions of him.
Epicenter: Hunting for HYDRA June 25th, 2020 SUPER SHIELD WANTS YOU!
A Wave Crashes on Land June 24th, 2020 A walk in the park accompanied by shots fired by Aquaman at the poor beleaguered Agent Drew.
SHIELD Briefing - Earth's Latest Peril June 21st, 2020 Carol shares what she knows to some of the best and brightest of SHIELD. Hopefully they can pull some tricks together and help stop Brainiac.
Harbinger of Trouble June 14th, 2020 Spider-Man reaches out to OG Spider-Woman about the Kulan Gath threat.
Encountering Alexander June 12th, 2020 While on a training mission with Jessica Drew, Agent Melinda May drops in on Alexander Aaron at the ESU campus. The three chat and toss a basketball around. Poorly.
Epicenter: The Daniel Whitehall Briefing June 11th, 2020 Peggy shows us the horrors of HYDRA. SHIELD is coming for you Daniel Whitehall.
The Ocean Meets SHIELD June 8th, 2020 Arthur Curry is spotted in New Troy. SHIELD alerted to his presence sends Agent Drew out to have a chat with him. Curry grumps his way through the 'interview.'
Stakeout or Steakout May 31st, 2020 No description
Triskelion Physical Security Audit May 29th, 2020 SHIELD security passed the test. There was cake. Mystique didn't get any...
Stark's Yacht Party May 28th, 2020 Tony Stark has a birthday party!
Spiders and Androids May 20th, 2020 Gothic Lolita meets Jessica Drew and Jennifer Takeda more formally, and the trio get to know each other slightly better.
First Impressions May 19th, 2020 No description
Epicenter: Part 2 - Tracing the Tremors May 17th, 2020 SHIELD takes out a nest of neo nazi scum, then meet a new old face.. hail hydra.
Debrief: Belize Island Case May 16th, 2020 Daisy, Jessica Drew and Techno gather up for a debrief report with Alexander about the Elis Society and was discovered on that island in Belize. Some secrets are uncovered and apparently Happy Harbor has a lot of SHIELD people there. Go figure.
Welcome Back, Jack May 15th, 2020 Agent Nolan is back on duty!
The Elis Society: Resolution May 14th, 2020 SHIELD and Morrigan arrive and take control.
Shield Briefing - Talk to the Animals! May 8th, 2020 Daniel gives a briefing on his research into communicating with the shadow creatures and things don't go well.
Hunting the Wild Loli May 7th, 2020 Achilles, Daisy, and Jessica have a moment to relax while setting a trap for Gothic Lolita.
Let's Try the Triskelion tonight May 5th, 2020 May gets Mysterious and Enigmatic. Debrief occurs.
Hunting the Faux: Part 3 May 5th, 2020 Escape? Faux get about it
A day at Spider-Woman's office May 4th, 2020 No description
Achilles, Agent of Zeu... SHIELD May 4th, 2020 Ow, he hits hard!
Meeting Quake. Hide! April 30th, 2020 Secrets get revealed. Consultants get consulting...
Hans, We're In Amerika! April 30th, 2020 A Nazi rally featuring actual Nazis earns limited sympathy from SHIELD, aka, the Nazi-scum-defeating agency.
Wolf in the Network April 29th, 2020 Spider-Man meets with Spider-Woman and Wolf to connect them to the Spider-Comm network.
=Chinatown Dodge April 26th, 2020 A misunderstanding.
=A Recruit April 25th, 2020 Achilles and Jessica have a roundabout conversation about Shield
Sensing the Shadow: SHIELD field operatives are setting up sensors in Metropolis April 23rd, 2020 SHIELD team set up audio, UV, infrared, laser, seismic, radiation et el sensors all over Queensland Park and up the streets to the north in the hopes of catching the shadow invaders in the act. The biggest issue raised in the briefing was a lack of knowledge about these creatures. Now it's up to the data crunchers and fate.
Thwippin' on the Dock of the Bay April 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man catches up with Jessica and shows her the prototype for the Spider-Comm system.
A Case of Portal COMBAT! April 21st, 2020 Now you're thinking with portals.
Chat in Church. Fun times! April 20th, 2020 No description
Chelsea Piers April 18th, 2020 Three on a golf range, two pissed off, par for the course.
To Strengthen the Web April 12th, 2020 Spider-Man meets with Spider-Woman about a new opportunity.
Ice Ice Baby April 11th, 2020 Spider-Woman saves Detective Dick Grayson from the icy clutches of Killer Frost!
Spotted April 10th, 2020 No description
Raclette! April 9th, 2020 No description
Mugging Monsters! April 7th, 2020 Jessica and Blake meet, beat some muggers up and have a little chat!
Missing Spots 1 April 1st, 2020 Where to begin and who will do what to chase the missing Snow Leopard is decided on.
You Hello and I Say... April 1st, 2020 After the mission they decide on raclette.
There's no such thing as down time. March 31st, 2020 A pleasant chat between agents results in Coulson triggering Daniel's ptsd.
'Carnaval' in New York March 29th, 2020 Dinner with a work colleague is sometimes more pleasant than you'd imagine.
Getting Our Lines Crossed March 29th, 2020 A Colombian drug gang and a major cartel run afoul of two Spiders.
Lions and tigers and bears - oh my! March 25th, 2020 Heidi and Jessica Drew find exotic zoo animals loose in Central Park. There is suspicion that the animals were left out to cover the theft of a valuable Snow Leopard. Could this put them on the trail of a rich collector or something much worse?
C'est le choix de monsieur March 24th, 2020 Thor takes Jessica on a tour of the Avenger Mansion
Endless Embassy Encounters! March 23rd, 2020 While Acting as the Receptionist for the Embassy, Cassie recieves and Entertains A Variety of Guests.
Triselkion Trick or Treat March 23rd, 2020 No description
Cool People Doing Cool Things! March 19th, 2020 Jessica and Thor catch up on what passed and Heidi shows up and is a nerd.
Once more, good friend! March 19th, 2020 Thor saves the day
I Don't Mean To Boar You March 18th, 2020 Some ladies defeat a giant rampaging boar in a park, then proceed on to relish their victory over pub food.
Mr. Levinsky March 17th, 2020 JD and Thor stop a crime
As Two Spiders Connect... March 16th, 2020 Spidey gets some unexpected help from the OG Spider-Woman.
Red Fellas March 15th, 2020 A surveillance in the bd part of town, Russian blows into town.
Skyline Sights March 14th, 2020 No description
Late Night March 12th, 2020 No description
Another Drive-By March 10th, 2020 No description
One night in Metropolis March 9th, 2020 No description
The Package March 8th, 2020 Kyani makes the fastest pizza delivery in history.
Runaway in Central Park March 4th, 2020 An overturned truck, some Asgardian lore, and a secret revealed.
Streets of Hell's Kitchen March 2nd, 2020 Cartel Ambush at the Bagel Cart gets thwarted by a polite Asgardian, an incognito immortal, and Spider-Woman.
Showdown in Hell's Kitchen. Along Came a Spider. February 29th, 2020 Jess and Achilles scare off a street gang and have Japanese food after. Yay Tea!
Alley Surveillance February 28th, 2020 Three drug dealers end hanging from a thread. Insults are exchanged between Wolf and Jessica Drew.


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Jessica Drew has 88 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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