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Bounty Babes Episode 2 - Telebanking
Date of Scene: 26 May 2023
Location: 1st National Bank of Happy Harbor
Synopsis: Harley and Jinx, on a tip from reddit, head to Happy Harbor to catch a double bounty in the act. They get more than they bargained for from the mutant criminal duo.
Cast of Characters: Jinx, Harley Quinn

Jinx has posed:
"No. I won't do the voice. Sorry. That's not my thing. I don't even like star trek." Episode 2 of Bounty Babes opens in to interview with Agent Shatner once more.

"The reddit forums are filled with critiques of your verbal attack on Jinx and Harley and the damage to all the cars. What do you say to the fans of the show out there who think you're being too hard on them?"

"Too hard? why are they even allowed to make a TV show like this. How did Harley even get a bounty hunting license? the world has turned up side down! - Jinx a month ago was a Super Villain wanted across the world!"

"Yeah but both of them are fighting crime now. Do you think they're just faking it? Some sort of diabolical plan? Luring us in to a false sense of security?"

Agent Shatner sighs and rubs the back of his neck. "Next question?"

The opening title sequence splashes up on to screen of Bounty Babes with intro music once more [ https://youtu.be/MTZ2JRrUK7Q ]

The scene cuts to the duo in Harley's car. "Happy Harbor. Never heard of it. The Psycho twins are here?" Jinx asks from the passenger seat. One of the camera crew replies, "Teletwins."

Jinx winks at the camera and says, "Right. Teletwins. Harls, take a right up here - head to the bank. That's where the reddit tipster said to go."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You know when you got that feelin' ...." Harley is on the driver's seat, cruising down a street in happy harbor. And yes, she was singsonging it to the beat of that famous music. The hood on her jaguar is down and there's a nice wind felt on their faces. " .... when someone's talkin' about ya and not in a good way?" does Harley have that sixth sense about Agent Shatner? But isn't this all edited?

Harley is all smiles though, long blond hair flowing as she keeps her head mostly out of the car, big round sunglasses over her eyes. It's like a leisure trip! And is she even listening to what Jinx said about what they are doing today? "You gonna love Happy Harbor, everyone is just so camper and dandy ovah heah..." she nodding back at Jinx and then looks over her shoulder at the camera.

"Wait, did you just say Teletwins...?" then she titters as if stopping herself from laughing out loud.

"You know ..., like Teletubbies?" giggle.

Jinx has posed:
Jinx raises her eyebrows. "This is your business Harls. I'm the unpaid helper here..."

Back to the confessional filming, "So on the note about payment. We raised that last episode and it struck a chord with the fans. What has the resolution of that been?"

Jinx sighs and says, "So proceeds from the show are going to a charity now. The Lost Children of America foundation for Orphans." She looks to the camera, "Ya hear that tax people lawyers? I'm not making anything on this."

Cutting back to the car the sound of bells ringing can be heard as they round the corner. A car suddenly starts speeding away and Jinx blinks, "Oh heck our deep throat on reddit was right. They really did rob the bank - and we're late to the party. Step on it Harls!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Teletubbies it is ..." The clownette eventually controls her giggling (which is a good thing because she's driving), then shakes her head to herself. "Ah, I love how these villains name themselves..." but then a more serious nod, "Yes, it was an actual VERIFIED redditor too so you know they mean business."

"Though they didn't buy the blue twitter marker so eh ... maybe 50-50.."

As Jinx is at the confessional filming there's a photo bombing from Harley, she creeping up behind Jinx, "That's right, we only take for our bare necessities! Because all the pursuits can be expensive. And someone needs to cover my new car door." pause, "Oh shit, did I just spoil what's gonna happen?" she opens her arms to the sides. "Can we put a huge spoiler warning right here and--"

Cut back to the chase and Harley is starting to speed up after the car. "On it." and like in a Fast and Furious movie she puts one gear down, the engine revs, and then they are on hot pursuit!

Jinx has posed:
It all happens so fast. Miscommunication. Or perhaps complete lack of communication. 'Step on it Harls!' and Harley stepping on it even as the other car tries to do an evasive manoeuvre. With the top down Jinx undoes the seat belt and and opens up her side door to get a better angle. Pushing her hands out and blasting their get away car with her bad luck pinks.

The cloudy skies part and a bolt of lightning hits the bank robbers car shutting off its electronics, which cuts the engine and the car drifts as Harls races past and the passenger side door goes flying. A bewildered look is paused on Jinx's face as they voice over to the confessional.

"You say your power is bad luck but that seemed really lucky that you didn't lose your leg in that car accident Jinx." The confessional voice says.

"Yeah. There's been a lot of that going around lately." Jinx replies. The footage resumes as Jinx cries out, "Breaks! Reverse!" Meanwhile the teletwins have exited their car and they look pissed. One of them cracks his knuckles and the other flips Harls the bird. The second camera car comes crashing in to the back of the stopped get away vehicle.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Blast 'em out of the road!" Harley starts calling out to Jinx and then .... a door is flying. FLYING! The camera freezes right there with a big wide-eyed look from Harley.

Back to the confessional. "Alright, yea. Sorry about the spoiler. But god damn it no one hurts my Betty and gets away with it! Cute Teletubbies or not.." she folds her arms together, clearly still cross that her jaguar lost a door, " ... though the Teletubbies really wish they hadn't messed with my car because what happened next ..." BIG SPOILER ALERT CENSORING HER MOUTH AND VOICE.

Back to the pursuit Harley engages on the breaks and takes the car for a spin, the tires screaming in complaint. "That does it ..., gonna mess up these Teletubbies.." the car stops and she kills the engine. A look to Jinx. Then to the door. Then to the guy flipping the bird. "The bird flippah is mine.." she tells Jinx.

And starts exiting the vehicle, a baseball bat twirling between her fingers."Hey, you guys got lost from Teletubby land?" icy stare shot at them.

Jinx has posed:
Jinx looks at the teletwins and then back to Harls who has vengeance in her eyes. A fist bump is given and she starts marching toward the twin bank robbers who are ready to throw down with the would-be heroes. Sort of heroes. Bounty hunters. D-grade television wanna be stars?

Then Jinx feels the rush of wind against her skin and her hair flicking about as the tele in teletwins/teletubbies kicks in. Telekinesis that is. Jinx is mutant power lifted up off the ground and thrown across the road in to the wind screen of a parked Porsche.

The footage cuts back to Agent Shatner with his head in his hands. "You have to admit, that was not Jinx's fault." Mumbling behind his hands before the Agent of Damage Control huffs and sits back up in the chair.

Yanking the mic and cable from his torso he stands up, "You know what. This interview is over," comes his quietened voice.

Back to the footage, the camera crew are hiding behind cars in the road. The camera focuses in on Jinx as if it were found footage and captures her groan of pain, then pans over just in time to see Harley experience the telekinesis next.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The fist bump follows up with their song popping up again. Thunder and Lightning. Slow motion approach....

Then quickly back to Jinx being tossed against that Porsche. Ouch, sounded expensive! Harley just grumps and rolls her neck when that powerful telekinesis starts being felt. And she fights against it, continuing to advance, gritted teeth. "I asked you boys .., if you weah lost!" fury in her eyes as the clownette from hell continues her unstoppable advance!

A bead of sweat comes down one of the Twins and he looks at his brother. "Help!" and with the two joining in tandem they cry out and finally Harley gets pushed away.

Right onto a fruit stand, making a mess of it. The shopkeeper comes out. "My oranges!" he shouts.

Jinx has posed:
Back in the confessional with both Jinx and Harley, "Coincidentally we have new merch." She holds up a white T-shirt with a picture of an orange on it and the words 'My oranges!' underneath it. From off side the camera in an exasperated voice can be heard Agent Shatner, "Are you for real? are they allowed to do that?"

Back in the encounter footage Jinx rises up off the car and shards of round glass fall off her leather jacket. She gives her jacket a tug and ruffles her hair, more glass falling out. She hops down off the car bonnet and in to a side walk garden. Shoes are off.

A cop car rounds the corner and comes to a skidded stop. Doors open the police officers exit with guns drawn. One fires a shot at the telekinetic duo and Jinx pushes out a hand and her anti-moment shield extends out to save the bank robbers. For her thanks one of them motions back to Jinx and tosses her up in to the air.

Jinx looks at the ground rushing away.. and then rushing back toward her. Still briefly connected, she pushes her hands forward and creates a cushion of air before her so she doesn't hit the ground hard.

The teletwins take cover behind their car too now that the cops are willing to shoot. Jinx looks over at Harley and calls out, "We need a better strategy... any thoughts?"

It cuts back to confessional and Jinx has a stupid grin on her face and shakes her head, "Really never thought that'd work.. but it did. Sometimes Harley is a certified genius."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"We are, actually!" Back on the confessional Harley is sitting on a high chair with a pair of glasses on, looking very professional. She has a book in hand, "According with article 3, paragraph 6 - What happens during these REAL pursuits can be used for merchandise to which the Bounty Babes hold an equity share of 50%!" she closes the book with a thump!

Fireshots are ringing throughout the area. Cops. Teletubbies. A standoff of sorts. With the Bounty Babes having found a perch behind a car to not get a stray bullet their way...

Harley peeks out to survey the battlefield. Eyes narrowed. Lips pursed in a cute manner...

"Alright, I think it's time.." she murmurs. She turns to sit back down next to Jinx. "We gonna take 'em in a way they never expected." an emphatic nod give to her friend and she squats herself up and readies ..., for what?

"Toss me..." she tells Jinx. "And give me some good height so I can fall on 'em from above!" hands hold up to her baseball bat!

Jinx has posed:
Jinx stares flatly at Harley as the camera unevenly zooms in to catch the facial expression. "You want.. me to throw you.. at them." She suddenly looks amused and calls out, "Hey you could just give up about now if you want." In answer to that one of the police officers is lifted up in the air and tossed.

"Okay fine. We'll do it the hard way." Jinx wriggles her toes and then begins to massage the air with her hands. Her concentrate face comes on as the wind begins to pick up around Harley's legs and forms in to a vortex. Then, with a woosh she lifts Harley up in to the air using the power of wind and magic.

It's a Flying Harls as she begins to motion with her hands to guide her over toward the telekinetic twins. That's, unfortunately, when the battle of wills begins. Mutant telekinesis versus magic. Harly is stuck in the air being jerked back and forth.

The pair of them are working to counter Jinx's magic and stay out of range of Harley's baseball bat.

In the confessional - "So.. the ice cream truck. Good timing."

Jinx nods her head, "Extremely good timing."

"One might say - lucky?" asks the voice behind the camera.

Jinx glares and the footage cuts back as an ice cream truck speeds around the corner. It's a small town. They were not expecting police cars everywhere. Hitting one car, bumps it in to the next, and the next, until one of the twins is hit with a car door and loses concentration.

Just enough loss of concentration for Jinx to move Harley in for the swooping finale.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Back and forth the clownette goes. Up and down. Left to right. And all the secret up up down down secret cheat code!

"I am startin' ta feel sick!" warns Harley. And they better be scared. Because those tacos she ate for lunch may just come out her gullet if this keeps up for longer. Thankfully they are all saved from a taco rain when that truck comes over the corner...

And ugh..., why does it have to be a ice cream truck?! Now she's getting sorta hungry for ice cream and ....

"AAaahhhhhhhhhhhhh.....!" Harley flies down at speed before the scream turns into a malefic grin. "Heeereee commeesss Harleeeeyyyyy!" she shouts and the bat comes right down on ....

The image cuts back to the confessional. "So..., in order to keep things PG-13 we decided to cut the next few moments. We are a family show after all!" she looking around then whispering to the camera, "... you can see the whole section on my OnlyFans. Subscribe now!"

Jinx has posed:
The confessional cuts to lead choreographer for the Dungeons and Dragons: Amongst Thieves movie. "When you created the evil sorceress character, did you model the spell work off any one in particular."

The man adjusts his blazer and smiles, "Of course. We took inspiration from all the rare footage of sorcery being done in the world. The bronze statue controlled at the end? straight out of news footage of Jinx from six years ago."

"A lot the fans of your work know you go for authenticity but they don't know you actually interviewed Jinx six years ago, is that correct?"

The choreographer nods his head, "Yes. That footage never made it to air as one of the Five destroyed it. But the Jinx I met then and the Jinx I met today. Very different people."

"How so?"

"The Jinx before seemed lost. Like she was playing the part to avoid being eaten by all the jackals around her. Now? .. I think she's actually enjoying herself."

The video then cuts to an advertisement for the new D&D movie, who have sponsored this episode. Credits then roll for Bounty Babes Episode 2 and the music strikes up once more.

The byline includes the address for Harley's OnlyFans, as well as a 'The teletwins are set to face court in July' and 'No animals were hurt during the production of this presentation'

Harley Quinn has posed:
Credits starting rolling up, all full of rainbow letters and both Jinx and Harley's heads popping about from time to time. And of course to the theme song of the BOUNTY BABES. Thunder and lightniiinggggggg..

Amidst those credits an image appears of Harley, hand on hip and the other holding her baseball bat on her shoulder. "Wooheee. All this violence has made me hungry." a manic lil look to her expression. She wraps her arm around Jinx's shoulder.

"How about some ice cream? Only place the teletubbies are goin' is teletubbyland!" aka the prison, most likely...

And she starts dragging Jinx over towards the Ice cream truck, those hips sashaying on the way and the camera making sure to get a good look of their derrieres, zooming in until....

Back to credits! Episode 2 is a wrap.

Jinx has posed:
As the last of the credits fade away suddenly new footage pops up. It's found footage from someones phone. Jinx is looking left and right to make sure no one is looking. She digs a foot in to the green strip of the pedestrian path and wiggles her fingers at the destroyed door of Harley's car.

With cracks and crinkles, it reforms itself back in to a normal looking door. Jinx gets a satisfied little look on her head, then quickly dashes off as the repair men head over to pick it up.