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Harls and Apes: Buddy Cops
Date of Scene: 27 February 2020
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: What happens when a girl who's never had a pet before, suddenly has two hyenas brought over to her house that are of questionable training. And what happens when the person who brings them over talks about how she just fed a person to them? Lets find out!
Cast of Characters: April O'Neil, Harley Quinn

April O'Neil has posed:
Its a late evening in Brooklyn and April has been home for about an hour. She'd gotten off of work at the TV studio and ridden her bike back home. After a shower and a small bit of food was heated up, she'd retreated to her office to work on some projects for tomorrow.

The tv in the living room is on, set to Channel Six's station so she could see her report when it came on, but she herself is in her office at the moment with her legs crossed and a laptop on her lap. Her hair is tied back in a loose pony tail and her reading glasses on making her look 'distinguished and nerdy'. Her phone is buzzing with a series of text from the orange bandana wearing turtle who's desperately trying to get April to bring him some 'Sweet Wednesday Food Fiesta' which means go spend $75 at the local grocery store and then shove the bags of snack foods down a drain cover.

She'd already been caught shoving her groceries down there last week by someone, who thought she was utterly insane, and she'd told Mikey she needed some time off from that sort of stuff after ward. He wasn't having it! So she's ignoring the texts, with plans to bring him a big breakfast platter in the morning.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley was gonna use the window again, but April had just gotten it replaced and that wasn't how friends made house calls. Instead, wearing her entirely too tight black pants, croptop black/red shirt, and leather jacket loaded down with chains and spikes (a bright pink Smiley face on the back), she's walking her Hyenas down the street on a pair of leaches. Which is to say, trying not to be drug off by them! So excitable, her babies!

"Whatcha lookin' at, buster brown?! Ya aint never seen a classy lady walkin' her pups?" These are big ass pups.. with long fangs. Also, incase it wasn't easily deciphered, they're fucking hyenas. Yapping at anyone who gets too close. "Tha's right, run ya big chicken shit... they was jus' sayin' hai. Fuckin' pussy."

Her blonde hair is up in pig-tails, one streaked baby doll blue and the other pink, and her makeup all smeared like she was cryin' and it rain... then she tried to clean it an' smudged it all ovah her face... The doorbell is rang with her forehead, leaning over, "APRIL! It's HA'LEE... open up, toots." Finger waving at a passing couple, "Nice night, huh?" POP, gum in the back of her teeth as the pair speed up, startledly glancing back at her.

April O'Neil has posed:
Being that April's apartment is at the top of a staircase off of the back room of the antique's store, Harley will undoubtedly be ringing from that back room door which there-by triggers the bell in April's apartment upstairs. So she stands up and sets her stuff aside, then makes her way down there...

When the door opens, April is surprised at what she sees. "Harle-- AHH!" She jumps back as she sees the giant Hyenas! Harley had mentioned them last time they'd had a 'pow wow' but there they are, in the flesh!

"My god, they're huge!" April states to the Clown Princess of Gotham crime. The back light on the wall is on, a orange glow, glowing the brick wall and the alley around Harley and her pups. "You look re-energized!" April says to Harlye then with a flashed smile. "Come in, come in before--" She cuts herself off and steps back, goes up a few of the stairs to let them have room to come inside the stair well!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley said all the things to the passing by people as she was headed into the alleyway is all! It all works out! Systematic reengineering!

Harley waves like a bafoon when April opens the door and the two Hyenas leap against their thick chains towards her. "No... no, bad.. dontcha make an ass'uh me aftah I told't her wha' good babies ya was..." Still waving as she chastised her big monsterous pets! Their ears fold down backwards on ther heads, "They really is supah sweet once ya get tah know'em."

Bud, the right one, looks like he might still have something dark brown dried into his muzzle. "Ya gotta lil' smudge, Bud..." Wiggle pointing at her own mouth then down at him, and he tries to lick it off. It does not work. "We'll work on it..."

Blue eyes, all wide, rise to April. "Oh, yeah, totes.. I done some heroin'.." Which sounds like heroin. "Like tha fightin' uh crime, not the chemical derivative of morphine, can I come in?" Arm across her chest, "It's cold out heah an' my nip nips are rock ha'ad."

April O'Neil has posed:
The 'heroin' part makes April's eyes flash open but then Harley's explanation lessens it, and she follows it up with a soft laugh. "Right, right, yes. Come in, come in." She urges the 'three' of them. "It is freezing out there!" April turns and starts up the stairs. "Bring them up here to the landing, if they're well behaved, they... they can come in to the apartment though." She'll trust Harley on this one! Trust Harley Quinn? Oh god!

"The Cops haven't... ya know... tracked ya down I take it then?" She asks as she reaches the front door of her apartment and leans on it for a moment. "I mean they're probably going crazy trying to find ya, Harley." She states before a thought strikes her head. "Less they got more trouble keeping them busy, which I guess is probably the case around here. Things have been kind of crazy lately, which means, hey... lots of work for a Reporter, right? Yaaay." That is a weak, little, yay, but hey, she has her little things in life too!

She turns then to open the apartment's front door to let her visitors in. "You guys hungry? I got a couple pizzas, no ... uh, Hyena food though..."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley follows April up the stairs with Bud and Lou shaking off their whole body where there was a lit drizzle of frosty rain. Padding up the stairs ahead of her, still trying to drag the Clownette off her feet. "Slow down, ya big flirts!" She calls after them, playfully panting when she makes it to the second story landing. Both of the massive scavanger animals have their tongues lulled out the side of their mouths. Each breath sounds like a little giggly yelping.

"I unno, prolly." Harley doesn't sound terrible concerned by the police tracking her. She did just walk a pair of Hyenas through New York City in early evening... so she's running on an empty tank of fucks. Her red smeared lips quirk into a dramatic frown, fingers digging into the back of her neck scratching, "I blew up a hijacked truck yesterday, maybe ya seen it on the news? I'm pretty sure tha' alleviated me of all previous wrong doin' in the eyes of the law."

She cannot possibly be that ditzy.

"Mah Babies had robber fer dinner yesterday, didn't ya? Didn'a eat that stupid fucker? I bet he don't never bring up Mistah J again, huh?" Kneeling down to accept face licks, hugging both of their necks. "Tha's right, he'll nevah say nothin' bout him cus he's dead, stupid bastard." Eyes up on April...

"He deserved it."

April O'Neil has posed:
April now back steps into the middle of her living room to let Harley and the Boys have their little hug session out on the landing. She folds her arms over her stomach rumpling the baggy loose yellow shirt she's wearing over the black track shorts beneath it, fuzzy yellow slippers on her feet. She reaches up her right hand to adjust the black framed glasses over her eyes and she just grins at the three of them. "I truly, truly hope that that person did deserve that." April says to Harley then.

"And no, I hadn't heard about that. I've been covering Stark Election stuff for the Station ever since he announced it. I should probably look in to that though... or get you to tell me all the details. I got another podcast coming up and I, well, always love having more to talk about on it."

She shows her friend a grin then and tilts her head at the pups. "Where'd you get those two anyway, Harley?" She has to ask that question. "I've never even seen Hyenas in person before..." She shuffles on her slippered feet and is not small amount of uncomfortable with man-eating-canines on her front stoop!

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley reaches out to unhook the chains from around Bud and Lou's neck and the two massive hyenas pad happily into the open doorway with April. The blonde vixen pushes off her bent knees and tosses the chain across her shoulder as she follows them, but immediately begins to disrobe her leather jacket on the otherside of the landing with it left hanging on the door handle she closes behind her.

There's a massive pistol holstered over her halter-top with engravings.

She slides that off too and throws it over the back of the couch. "He did, he was shootin' up Metropolis." Pantomiming with her hand up, jerking her shoulders back with one eye squinting as she makes KERK KER KER noises. "So I blowed their fool ass up with an RPG... it was super badass... top six most badass things I evah done." Holding up six fingers.

A foot comes up and she hops a few steps tugging at her boot, which nearly has her falling over the couch. "UGH!" Turning, she finally gets one off and actually does have a tumble on the second, but rolls right over the cushions onto her knees infront of the television! BOOT IN HAND! "I got'em... uh... I don't 'membah, I think when Mistah J an' me held the Gotham City Zoo hostage'e suh'en. They was babies, tho.." Showing relative size, no bigger than a Shitzoo. "Now they my BIG babies!" Arms open wide, the pair of them rush around, from where they were sniffing at April... to tackle the crazy blonde bitch under a sea of kisses! Licking her face, licking her mouth, she don't give a shit, these are her babies!

April O'Neil has posed:
April's eyes go wide behind the lenses of her glasses when she listens to Harley explain what happened with the RPG and... the badassery that she apparently caused. "Wow." She says in response to it as she gently shakes her head and keeps her arms crossed over her stomach while the Hyenas rush in to the apartment and start to nose around. She eyes the jacket get is discarded and then the huge gun... and then watches Harley rush around the apartment and it makes her smirk in amusement.

When Harley gets to wraatling the Hyena twins then, April lowers down to sit on the arm of one of her sofa chairs, arms still crossed over her stomach. "Well they seem to love ya, so thats pretty great." She comments about the two, Bud and Lou. "I like their names too and well, I'll fore-go offering them any pizza if they're filled up on... robber..." That part makes her a little queasy...

On the television, the anchor-woman says April's name and then it cuts to April from this afternoon up near Stark Tower, giving a report about the new Presidential Candidate. In her yellow leather jacket, her auburn hair blowing gently in the window and talking into the camera all professional reporter-like.

April's attention is pulled away from Harley and her pups as she looks at herself on the television then. "Ugh, we didn't get the front entrance to the building in the shot, with the logo. Damnit, Vern..." She mutters.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley is laid up beneath a pair of massive Hyenas, but she mushes one of their faces away from hers when April's name is spoken on the television. She turns towards it and watches the broadcast with a little yelp of delight seein' her friend doin' her thang! "I unno wha' any of them big werds ya said mean, but tha' sounded like a professional piece!" Blinking a few times at April's own criticisms, "Want me ta pay him a visit fer fuckin' up yer shot?"

"I'm kiddin'." Because she can sound pretty serious when she's offering to hurt people. Grinning from the floor with one leg up crossing the other while Bud tries to weasel his muzzle in to kick at Harley's cheek, "Schtap!" Mush. "Go play, go..." Patting both of them on the muscular flank. They leap into running around the apartment, jostling tables enough that things almost fall over. "Aint they adorable?" Real dreamy like.

The Clownette rolls around on her back and lays her feet in the cushion near her host, head craned back to watch the television with her forehead all wrinkly, "I kinna hope tha' Stark fella wins. I been followin' all his shit on twitter..." Wiggling her cellphone pulled from her back pocket. It has a Sailor Moon case cover.. It is tossed over her shoulder onto one of the tables so her fingers can lace behind her head.

"Ya aint never watched Lion King? A hyenas' belly is nevah full. Could eat ya outta h- HEY!" Clapping suddenly at Lou, "Don't pee in the plants... tha's rude, go in the bathroom an' pee in tha tub like ya got some civilizin'!" CLAP CLAP... "Sorry..."

April O'Neil has posed:
April has to look over to Harley when she insinuates sending her, and likely Bud and Lou, after Vernon. "Oh, no no." April laughs lightly as she shifts one foot forward and pulls the other back while the Hyenas run around bumping into things. "Vern would wet himself just seeing you across the street. He's not exactly the bravest man in the world." She states with a smirk while Harley rolls about on the floor.

April's eyes are going back to the television as the Clownette talks about Stark but she stops when the talk of peeing in the plant between her kitchen and bathroom is announced. "Oh jeeze." April says as she moves to stand up. "Here, let me go get them something then."

Her slippers stride past Harley on the floor making little swooshy noises as she pads into the kitchen, stepping arooooooound Bud and Lou and in to open the fridge up. She leans down to pick up one of the pizza boxes and open it up to peer inside, then she moves to turn around. "They okay with vegetables and chicken pizza?" She asks. "I don't think I'm going to eat any more of it."

April then glances back down to the box as she turns around. "They just ate a person, dumby. They'll be fine..." She turns back to Bud and Lou and opens the box up then crouches down to set it on the floor in the kitchen.

On the tv some guys behind April on the sidewalk are making faces and joking around behind the reporter's back while she talks into the camera.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley glances to April when she moves to grab some grub for Bud and Lou, but turns her gaze back to the screen with a silly looking grin on her face and a weird look in her eyes. Kind of wild, manic maybe, but certainly not normal. There's very little normal about her.

Bud and Lou hop around yipping at April pulling pizza from the fridge, "Yeah, they'll basically eat anything. I bottle fed them when they was real small, so they good about not eatin' yer hand if ya wanna feed'em!" She sounds distracted cus she's watching the guys behind April being turds. Her grin becoming more of a sneer. "Well tha's jus' rude... fuckin' lil punks!" Said under her breath, but plenty loud enough to be heard.

Blue eyes darting over every little feature trying to get some source of identification she can use to track them down and see how they like bein' made fun of while slowly stabbin' them with kabob scewers... "WAIT, no, tha's old Ha'lee.. I aint like tha' no moah."

The twinsies hop around in circles waiting for the box to be set down infront of them, then attach the box like a downed deer, tearing at the pizza almost as soon as April is out of the way. Giggling retardedly as they devour the contents AND the box... legit, they'll eat anything! They don't care.

"OH! Did yer frien' end up fuckin' tha dude she was with?" Turning her head to look over the couch in a half situp so she can see April. "She filled ya in on the deets right?"

April O'Neil has posed:
When the Hyenas go to town on the pizza box, April leaps back and out of the way so that they don't take her arm off. "Hand fed them, huh?" She mutters then before she glances down at the back of one her hands to make sure it still had all the fingers. She then walks around them and starts back in toward the living room. "Ya know, Harley, you should think about working at a wild life preserve or something, if you're willing to take that kind of extra care of animals in need of a good owner. Thats pretty rare stuff. Lots of animals out there being treated badly by their owners." She may just have inadvertently set Harley Quinn off on a vengeance war path against bad pet owners... and she doesn't even realize it.

Stepping back to that sofa chair though, April sits back down on the arm of it and looks from the tv that finished showing her piece from this afternoon and was now talking about Robots working in the Beef Packing Plants down by Hell's Kitchen.

A glance is given to the kitchen where furry tails are finishing off whatever is left in there and then she looks back down to the Clownette. "Seriously though, if you got a passion for animals, you should chase /that/ over blowing people up with rocket grenades."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The sounds Hyenas make when they're eating is truly disturbin'! Even Harley, who raised these two, covers her ears until they're finished, frowning at how disgusting the sound of slobbering wet smacks is... Both of them drop to the floor beside the torn up box they'd just devoured and kick playfully at one another, after dinner entertainment.

Harley's hands slide back behind her head, "Tha's what Ivy said too... I mean, I think it was.. She has a tendency ta get all hyper when she's got an idea an' then I don't even know wha' the heck she's sayin' at all.. blah blah earth tol't me ta do this.. blah blah good tha' yer goin' green..." She's not mocking, so much as ilistrating her own inability to follow a converstaion.

She's also the only person ANYWHERE who would say Ivy is hyper.

Grinning coocoo cachoo up at April, "I unno, my frien' Fred Lottery-" That's Floyd Lawton, "-said I shoul't start layin' criminals down on mah couch offerin' psychiatric advice aftah I talk't him outta killin' his daughters teacher this mornin'." Apparently she realizes how bad that must sound... And widens her eyes, "I mean, it was fer money, so it aint like premeditated murder or nothin', but I still says to him... I says: Fred, listen, wha' kinna example is ya settin' fer yer daughter? It's all fine to tell'er to stab a guy in the groin if he's gettin' handsy, but to kill yer teacher cus he fail't ya? That's a lil extreme."

Head cranes back, watching robots in packing plants.

April O'Neil has posed:
April is watching the robots moving giant plastic wrapped boxes around from shipping crate to shipping crate while listening to Harley, kind of mesmerized by whats on the tv. "Yeah..." She says zoned-out about the murderin' part. "Wait- what?" April looks back over and down at Harley. "Who's Ivy?" She asks then before looking in to the kitchen to see the two hyenas all tuckered out on the kitchen floor--sorta? Thats a relief, right?

"You know a kid who's getting abused by her teacher?" She follows that up though. "Do they have any evidence to support it? We could bring him down if they do. Text messages, anything inappropriate? Doesn't have to be -kill- like... like you said." Some part of April sees a lot of good in Harley Quinn, and its making her sympathize with her even more. "If there's evidence, we can get his dirty ass thrown out of his job, and maybe even in jail."

April stands up then when her phone rings in her office and she steps over and in through the door to grab it off of her office desk. Its Mikey. His surfer pic comes up on the phone's screen and she checks the text and its him doing a series of emojis to describe how he's dying of hunger!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Oh, nothin' like that I don't think." Harley is kind of distracted herself, but likely for very different reasons than April.. It's the colors. They're swirling on the meat products in such a way that she kind of is being hypnotized... until it cuts away and she flutter blinks her eyes back onto April, big grin in place, "He jus' fail'd er cus some cunty blonde bimbo child lied... I don't know if he needs ta go to prison, but..." Her shoulders slide upwards along the carpet.

Noting that her question about Vanessa hadn't been answered!

She doesn't ask again.

"Is tha' yer boyfrien'?" Peeking, as best she can, with her hands propping her up to see over the back of the couch. Bud and Lou yap giggly at her as she passes, but otherwise remain plastered on the gorund back kicking one another playfully and gnawing on the others paw when it gets too close.


"Ya aint nevah heard of Pamela Isley? Poison Ivy? She's sorta like my best frien'... kinna. We met in Arkham an' hit it off real good on account of there aint a lot of broads there, ya know? So we aint had many options.. but we do get along perty good. She's cray cray in all tha right ways. You'd prolly like her."

April O'Neil has posed:
April had heard the question about Vanessa but the hyenas going at her hand and the pizza had distracted her enough that it slipped her mind to reply to that. So now, standing in the doorway of her office replying to Mikey with 'I'll bring you food in the morning' with several thumb taps, she smirks at Harley's words and sets her phone down on the bookshelf just inside the office door. "No, Casey and I are on a break. I've had about as much of his macho man attitude as I can handle for a little while. Its too distracting for my job, ya know?"

She turns back to the living room and walks back inside it now, but over to the sofa where she drops down into one of the corners of it. The News Broadcast is wrapping up as they're going to go to some terrible reality tv show next.

"Pamela Isley..." April racks her memory over that name. "Yes, I do know her. She's the one that they call the 'eco terrorist' right?" April's not sure how Harley will react to that title, but still, its how she knows of her. "Is she... being chased by the cops right now too?" She has to ask then, showing a little grin.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Casey is a terrible name fer a guy." Harley says in a completely not politically correct tone, face scrunching up slightly, "So I see why he's gotta double down on tha macho.. Nat tha' I'm agreein' wit that type'uh behavior'er nothin'." Hands up defensively, hands back down to pillow behind her head. Her feet remain in the cushion until April settles into one corner.

Then they slide over towards her and cross ankles over her thigh.

"Yeah, I think they call'er an eco terrorist'er suh'n.." Yawning, but not really looking tired, she stretches out her arms above her with her wrists/hands reversed. Pulling her whole body tight for a second, then relaxing. "I like ta say she's an extreme botanist." Grinning up, smeared red lipstick making her smile look seven shades of fucking nuts.

"She's mah sistah from anothah mistah."

April O'Neil has posed:
On the sofa now, April curls her legs up bent at the knees and she peers over them at the tv and then down to Harley. "You know, I'd never considered that. You're right. I mean, its not the -most- female name a guy could be given, but it certainly likely maybe has played a part in his over abundance of chest thumping and man hollaring... Hmm. I'll have to use it next time we argue as a way to really get him riled up." She smirks then before she raises a hand up and over behind her to get the remove off of the back of the sofa where it was laying.

Once she has it she flits it that Disney+ service again. "Okay, Harley Quinn. You're in my apartment, you've got your hyena friends and we're all outta pizza. So now we gotta find something to watch and maybe talk about some of this amazing amount of inside info you have on all the scoops around town that I could then take to make my career really take off." She shows a smirk to the Clownette then. "Or just watch a movie, one of the two."

"But again, if the cops show up here, I'm gonna say that you have my held hostage. I sure don't wanna be thrown in to Arkham. I wouldn't last a -week-." April snickers then, apparently growing a little more comfortable with the crazy woman with her, enough to make her bad jokes anyway.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ya should insult the size of his penis." Harley says without glancing up from the television, "There's no man on earth tha' aint bothered by that... nothin'll ever get Mistah J in a fightin' mood than tellin' him how small his punchline is." Quote fingers, grinning wide enough that white teeth are visible between smeared red lips. There's a little lipstick on her front teeth too.

"mmm..." The Clownette rolls backwards, up onto her shoulders and pushes upwards with her hands off the ball of her neck. Her feet extend directly towards the ceiling into an inverted pushup, with a foot coming down to step towards the couch out of the manuever, tugging her shirt down over her bra where it came up when she stretched.

"Mkay." She steps up on the couch and drops down into a cushion right up against April. Turned so her shoulders are braced against the reporters, blonde head dangling backwards onto her friends shoulder, she twists enough to wrap her arms around Apes, "Whatcha wanna know bout whats goin' on aroun' town? I'm a barrel of infermatin'... also I can write fuckin' great scripts fer ya too... ya know, like if ya wanna add skits."

Grinning like a child, who is also a psychopath, up at April. Neverminding that there is a .44 Magnum in a shoulder holster well within in reach of them. "Yeah, totes... cops show up, I'll totally tell'em I'm holdin' ya hostage.. I mean, we can whip out some handcuffs now if'n ya wanna really sell it..."

Brow bouncing jokingly.

"OH! DARKWING DUCK!" Wiggle pointing, hand slapping April's arm, "I FUCKIN' LOVE DARK WING DUCK!"

April O'Neil has posed:
What seems to be common place for being around Harley Quinn, April's eyes go wide when she sees the agile woman roll up onto her shoulders and then vault herself right on back up and on to her feet. "Hello there." She replies in her best Obi-Wan voice after watching it and seeing the blond sort her hair out and then join her on the sofa. "That was impressive. I'm pretty sure I would've just broke my own neck there and fallen limply onto the coffee table where I'd be found dead a week later by a Cop who was sent over to investigate the smell."

There's a smirk from the dark haired reporter and she is momentarily slapped in the face by one of those brightly colored pigtails whole the handcuff joke is made and she laughs lightly again. "It might sell the story a bit more, but it might get really weird if they never show up and I'm just sitting here wearing them too."

She raises the remote up and makes the colored box go over to Darkwing Duck. "I remember this show, vaguely." She adds then as she selects it. "I don't think I need to do skits on my podcast though... my interview with you has had some serious traction. Like, its already my most viewed and downloaded show yet. Seriously, lady... you got a lot of clout in this world, people are interested in whatever it is you're doing." April smirks at Harley beside her and then averts her stare toward the kitchen and where she'd last seen the Hyenas. "Are they all right in there?" She asks then.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"General O'Neil." Harley says in a disturbingly good impression of General Grievous. Grinning idiotically through the half curtain of pink died, bleach blonde hair. Seriously, she's in desperate need of some conditioner... it's like brillo. A brooms needles. She could clean grout out of bathtub tile.

"If ya say so, toots." Cuddling a bit more, super casual, head on April's shoulder as if this is totally not at all weird for anyone involved. How couldn't it be? There's still a bit of blood under her makeup from killing that Bratva lastnight.

It was a very busy day.

"It takes a long time fer ya to start stinkin', anyhow... in this weather, we're talkin' weeks. Honestly, someone'd prolly report ya missin' long before the smell ever drew someone ta investigate..." Still as casual, like she absolutely knows these things to be true. Speaking completely from experience on this particular point.

"An' there's still at least three weeks worth'uh winter left too, so.. maybe late march, early april before anyone one even got a wif.. an' that's if there was a window open. Ta get down to the street?" She exhales like a balloon releasing air, pfffffffffffffff, with her bottom teeth tight against her upper lip and tongue waggling. "Maybe nevah. So, ya don't gotta worry none about nobody thinkin' there's a stink up here if ya die.. Bud an' Lou would eat most everythin' anyways."

Nuzzle nuzzle.

Arms tight around Aprils elbow, trying to crotchy her forearm like a pillow.

"Ya want them to come snuggle?" Turning to glance back over her shoulders, "Babies! Come!" They jingle as they hop up, bells around their collars, and leap into a running jump over the back of the couch to dominate whatever space there is.. including ontop of the pair of ladies. "Ewww, veggie brea- OH GAWD, Lou did you fart?" Pinching her nose! "That's foul! Go, get, ugh.. gross!"

April O'Neil has posed:
With all of the morbid details of a decomposing body in late winter laid out before her while her eyes were on the tv and the cartoon unfolding upon its screen, April is gently shaking her head and speaking up just before the hyenas are called over. "I really am not sure if thats the kind of information I nee---" And here come the hyenas!

Its like having two giant bodies flying around you trying to /create/ the most comfortable place they could find. April's not even used to having anyone this close to her as Harley is, let alone giant fuzzy (arguably well mannered) heynas! So the poor reporter is left just gasping and squeaking as feet, tails, muzzles and lots and lots of fur flies around her!

When its all said and done, she's stuck in the dead center middle eye-of-the-furricane, with her eyes open and lots of new friends surrounding her and laying across her lap even. "Oof." April says finally, quietly.