1579/How To Trap Your Mecha

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How To Trap Your Mecha
Date of Scene: 08 May 2020
Location: Abandoned Research Campus
Synopsis: Mockingbird, Achilles, Quake, and Simmons successfully trap and reprogram Gothic Lolita, just in time to head off Captain McMannis from taking her back, and learn how much McMannis has been lying about the situation.
Cast of Characters: Bobbi Morse, Daisy Johnson, Jemma Simmons, Gothic Lolita, Achilles

Bobbi Morse has posed:
The chosen location was once a AIM field laboratory. It's partly underground but most importantly, it has big reinforced doors they can shut behind their prey. Of course, being trapped inside an abandoned lab with a murderbot isn't necessarily the best options for longevity in life. They've set up a cursor look for the lab and everyone is dressed in lab coats. Knowing that LW-05 has seen her face, Bobbi keeps her back to the door. Hidden beneath a sheet is the Repeating Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon. REP-Cannon isn't a terrible name, but then Fitz is obsessed with terrible names and suggested it be called the Murderbot-Go-Sleepy-Gun.

The plan was simple enough. Lure Gothic Lolita to their location, shut the door, engage it in combat until the EMP can disable it, then Quake hacks in to it and metaphorically flips the switch from Evil to Good.. or, however that hacking thing works. All this as soon as possible before McMannis catches on. She doesn't trust the man. The interview she had with him proved one thing - he's got his own agenda and is extremely good at hiding secrets. Whatever it is he's up to in Albuquerque, she's going to find out - but the higher priority is the android running around killing scientists. That has to stop - today.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Having helped prep the cover-up Daisy had set up their website, a link to that old company that went through her own proxies, very similar to how it had been in the past. And just going through a small recruitment process for that little gene splicing lab apparently. When she had noticed that bait being hooked into by what seemed an outdated but rather good probing by someone who was rather skilled she had alerted the rest of her companions.

"I believe the target is sniffing around. By studying her previous MO she shouldn't take long to arrive." And then it was time to get things going. She went to check on what she had brought. Trusty laptop... A backup laptop because one always got fried. Then a tertiary one because things could really go wrong!! All state of the art, she was ready. And there was also her trusty tablet and quite a lot more thingies for her hacktivism.

"So, bring her in, close doors. Shoot her with the beam, reprogram." a smile. "What could go wrong?" famous last words!

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    Pretend to be doing research in a lab? Why, Jemma was born for this assignment! She even brought her own experiments she was working on to authenticate the whole experience, because why waste a perfectly valid opportunity to continue with research? And so, Jemma is happily plugging around, doing her thing.

    Of course, she helped to name the REP-Cannon...because Fitz is absolutely horrible with names. That is sitting on a table next to her, with the aforementioned sheet. She even has the area decorated with harmless formulas (water with foot coloring) around the sheet, as if it was being used as a display piece.

    "Oh...right. I'm supposed to shoot something." Jemma brings herself back to the moment. "Let me just pause this reaction then..."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Meanwhile, there's an outer perimeter of course, where Jessica and Achilles were assigned among others to just keep away lookie loos from wandering into a possible fight and to keep alert for an oncoming mecha of unknown capabilities. Most are disguised ad police or street workers or just plainsclothed. One of of the observation nests is on a neighboring building, just studying the area...when the agent chances to look up at the rumble of a jumbo jet launching from La Guardia passes overhead.

    It's because of this that she is in a unique position to see a black dot drop from the jet in question, plummeting towards the facility below. Then focuses in on it, a young woman in pigtails and black lace falling rapidly towards the roof, a floofy skirt flapping around her stockinged legs.

    "...holy...ah, Agent Morse, you have incoming and she's not using the front door! Repeat, target is coming from /above/, she just jumped off a frickin' airplane!"

    The average fall speed isn't very quick, however...and about six seconds later there's a *CRASH* as a projectile bursts through the roof and slams into the concrete floor, sending up a blast of dust and debris as the floor craters with a loud *CRUMP*.
    In the middle of the cloud, a pair of red eyes suddenly gleam to life turning back and forth as Lolita's internal HUD begins scanning.

    Active power signatures: 2.

    Active research systems: None.

    Chances of Ambush: 92 percent.

    "...I believe I have been had." comes a smooth, polite voice from the middle of the cloud as it disappates, leaving a slightly mussed mecha as she rises from her three point landing, stepping almost daintily out of a pair of ruined black strappy shoes with a crunch as her feet pull free of the concerte, her stockings ripped here and there and a smattering of dust on her as she looks around, scanning the area for targets, then breaking into a sprint as she heads for the main doors. She fast!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi places a finger to her comms and replies, "Where did she get an airplane?" Well this is the first spanner in the works. Bobbi motions for Quake to shut the door as she turns around holding a cross bow. Loaded in to it, an armor piercing bolt connected with a chain to the ground. Jemma had previously complained that she didn't have a code name and fair enough too, but picking one for her was proving harder the further time went on. Bobbi was partial to 'Poppins' but that didn't fit. "Science, you're up," is the best she had come up with while they were waiting.

Bobbi winks to Gothic Lolita, "Hello again." She fires the bolt at android, hoping to anchor her, slow her down, give her something else to think about than the EMP cannon for a moment. She has a few more of these bolts if necessary but still.. the idea of being trapped in this room with the murderbot has just become a reality and they're about to royally piss it off.

It's time for the patented SHIELD combination SCIENCE! and Buttkicking to shine.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Did you bring one of those 'I need to keep this at the right temperature or it explodes' experiments?" Yes, Daisy REMEMBERS last time she went to meet Jemma. She eyes her but there's a gleam there on her gaze that seems telling she is mostly being a tease, maybe trying to put them both at ease to the mission to come.

But then .., famous last words indeed. Incoming through the roof? Oh joy! But her game face is on now. Serious. One hand turns up and she points to the large, big doors, a vibrational wave sent towards them so as to close them. They complain, as doors always do when they don't get enough oil, but they do get close.

"I am a lot more partial to battle cleric." Because yes, Daisy likes her D&D.

The crash in, along with the dust that comes up makes Daisy wipe at the front of her face, but then her hands turn up, prepared to defend in case GL decides to charge them. She hopes her vibrational shields might be enough, maybe, to stop an advance. Or at least just delay.

"I may be able to keep her at bay for a few moments, but reports are she is real strong." and she just crashed through their roof. Details.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    The quite dramatic entrance certainly surprises Jemma as the shock causes her to knock over some of her carefully laid out ruse. Aww....and those were some of her favorite beakers, too. The expression of regret is almost comical.

    And then...the voice. It sounds almost too polite for Jemma to believe. And this...from Poppins herself. Or, in this case, Science. The question of callsigns is left by the wayside as Jemma clears off her little toy.

    The pulse cannon itself looks like a rather high-tech rifle with an oversized barrel. All matte black. Jemma hoists it to her shoulder and takes aim to fire, trying to get a clear view in the dust cloud before pulling the trigger. Hopefully...there's something to still shoot at in the dust cloud.

    At is...just as soon as Jemma steadies herself. After all....untested tech and all.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita's eyes flick over to Bobbi as she fires, a HUD tag popping up on her internal vision. <Bombshell Formerly With Bike> before outlining the incoming crossbow bolt <Pointy Stick - Threat Low>. The quarrel hits her side solidly as she twists to try and avoid it...and in the process she gets tangled in the chain as the chain goes taut, though she doesn't fly off her feet like one might expect. The floor where the chain is anchored actually cracks a bit from the impact as she rebounds, then reaches down to grip the chain, her hands twisting as she snaps it like a pretzel, her gaze flicking to Daisy, dropping a tag for <Sci Fi Sorceress> then another on Jemma as she catches part of Daisy's comment. <Battle Cleric>. <Probable SHIELD Capture Team - Low Threat - Evade>.

    Then she spots Jemma raising the rifle, another HUD popping up <Ouchie?> Thus, instead of immediately resuming her charge for the door she drops, body folding back at the knee in the best Matrix style as the blast crackles past her....straight into one of Daisy's prepped laptops. At least she spaced them out so they don't ALL go up!

    Lolita rolls to the side, coming up in a crouch, her HUD updating Jemma's designation to <Blaster Cleric - Targeting Rating: Poor> as her HUD flickers and fizzles from the near miss. "I would prefer not to hurt you, but if you continue firing that at me, I'm going to have to take it personally." Then she bolts for the door, this time taking a more serpentine pattern to make it harder for Jemma to hit her!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
As far as slowing the murderbot down, the bolt was less effective than she'd hoped. Still, it did momentarily pause her progress. Better than nothing, "LW-05, I'm going to ask nicely for you to surrender to us. We mean you no harm, but you can't go around attacking laboratories and getting people killed."

She loads the next bolt in to the cross bow, marching out in to the center of the room to take up space and generally get in the way of any counter attack on their extremely important EMP cannon. Without it, this mission is a bust. Now they enter phase #2 of the operation, Bobbi and Quake keep the 'droid busy while the EMP does its work. She first the next chained bolt at Gothic Lolita, "Adorable outfit by the way." Bobbi has been brutalised by LMDs before. It hurts, real bad - this one, probably far worse. But, better to put her body in harms way for mission success than to guarantee mission failure.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
That poor laptop... Daisy hardly knew it... But SHIELD has funds for more. If they get alive out of this that is!

They knew this may very well come to this though, so as to give time for another shot Daisy takes a run to the front door. Feet slightly apart, debris on the floor starting to shake and tremble as she calls on her powers...

"We know what they did to you. We are here to help." Daisy calls out to GL while she is running off towards where she is at. Both hands rise up and she digs her boots down on the ground, calling up a vibrational barrier with the hopes of attempting to slow down the LMD, perhaps maybe just enough that with both Bobbi's and her own's combined efforts they can help in keeping her steady for another good shot from Jemma.

"Take her Jems.." she calls out as the space right in front of her vibrates with the intensity of her powers.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    The REP-Cannon on her shoulder. Jemma taking careful aim....

    And then sneezing from the dust as she pulls the trigger.

    The crackling burst of blue energy flies out like ball lightning, sailing past the rather nimble android....and smacks directly into Tertiary Laptop Charlie. Well...at least it wasn't the primary laptop! The specialist wipes her nose on the sleeve of her lapcoat (not very sanitary) and shrugs with a very apologetic expression upon her face for Daisy, should she look. But also, there is a bit of a smile....after all, Jemma just confirmed that the cannon worked.

    There's a plus side to everything!

    But yes, the job is not quite done yet. This time, Jemma uses the table as a stabilizer, holding the pulse cannon while Jemma tracks the movements of the android. What is seemingly random zigzags could prove to be a pattern...and if only Jemma can identify it....

    There! The trigger is pulled, as Jemma prays her video game blaster skills are up to snuff.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    "I didn't kill anyone in the last lab; the creatures inside had already begun downsizing most of the research staff by the time I arrived. Tragic, but the breaks of being mad scientists, methinks." This time, the bolt comes darting towards Lolita as she turns into it, letting it hit her shoulder as it slams into it solid, then jerks it free. "Spider-kun could confirm that, if you have a means of speaking with him. Also, thank you, I'm fond of it myself." It seems she's much better armored than an LMD, if nothing else.

    It does, however, distract her for the moment Quake needs to get set up. And vibrations are very hard to armor again as she runs smack into the field, jerking up short as she shifts her shoulders, then squares them, starting to walk forward through the field. "Tingly..."

    Right before the bolt hits her square in the back. <Updating targeting ability of Blaster asazzzzzz#@#$@>

    Lolita's eyes flicker as the electrical current plays over her as she goes stuff, her systems attempting a reboot as she tries to shake off the shot...but now is caught in the middle of the vibration field as she ceases her forward motion for a moment, then jerks back into motion, a bit more slowly now as her systems fight through the initial hit.

    More important for Jemma, her hand, still holding the quarrel, flicks out, said projectile darting in her direction, before she clenches her fist and brings it down into the ground with a tremendous *CRUNCH*, trying to damage the ground Daisy is standing on enough to throw her off balance.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
    There might have been a little premature celebration as the EMP blast hits. The wonderful blue ball hit so perfectly that it was almost too good to be true.

    Which, when the quarrel flicks from the android's hand back towards Jemma, the good scientist almost missed it. Almost. The brown eyes grow wide as Jemma shifts, turning to her side quickly in an effort to dodge the oversized dart....

    But, the bolt catches Jemma in the thigh, towards the back of the leg. The bolt quivers there as Jemma winces in paid, the left hand reaching down immediately to stabilize the foreign object while the cannon finds its way upon the table once more. There is an expression of disbelief for the briefest of moments, before Jemma crumples to the floor, still holding that bolt.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi really didn't expect her own bolt to become a weapon for the android. Her eyes go wide and she turns her head tracking it as it embeds in to Simmons, "Jemma!" She dashes back to the table and scoops up the EMP cannon. "Shit, hold on Jemma." She aims down sights at the stunned murderbot. "We've almost got this. Quake get ready with the laptop we're only going to get one shot at this." She fires, dangerous murderbot first, Jemma second.

Over the comms she asks Achilles, "Please tell me our 'friends' haven't made an appearance yet, we're kinda in the thick of it down here."

Achilles has posed:
    Reserve. Achilles is the strategic reserve. He feels like Tom Arnold, stuck in the van. He's listening to the comms, and growling with his mic off. He should be in there. He can hear fighting and it calls to him. His new friends are in there and being hurt, and he is stuck out here. So.. if he's stuck out here, he is sure to be -ready-.
    He knew he'd be out there ahead of time and did his homework. So rather than ICER's... which admittedly are AWESOME... yes, he has one in a holster on his hip. But he has a crossdraw holster filled with an old school Needler. And held in his arms is a retro Plasma Rifle. Not to mention SHIELD issue kevlar lined bodysuit because... uniform.
    He hears Bobbi's comm request and growls, "Negative. All quiet here. Do you need backup yet?" but he knows his duty. He -is- wearing distinctly non-SHIELD issue bronze bracers over his armor because... no, it's because he thinks he's Wonder Woman. His are a bit larger than her bracelets. Nowhere near as cool though. He's waiting in the shadows, observing with the optically augmented visor over his eyes. Guy might look like a DeathLok if you didn't know better.

Daisy Johnson has posed:

There is a moment there in which Daisy only sees red at her friend being taken down. Part of her family, most SHIELD agents were so, but some just had a special place in her heart. And it made her act instead of thinking. Yes, the laptop wasn't far..., she would get to it soon enough but first...

... With eyes going wide she stomps a foot down on the ground and lets her powers loose on the oncoming LMD, her own vibrations starting to increase in intensity as she sends them forth directly against Lolita, expression turned grim.

She is determined to not let her go past this point until the others can get her subdued with that cannon. "Back!" she tells GL.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Outside, it has been relatively quite....well, other than the crashing and smashing noises coming from a mecha dropping through the roof and the zapping inside. So to be fair, it has been frustratingly quiet for Achilles.

    This is about to change.

    Rumbling through the air approaching the site is a large mecha. Unlike the one inside, this one definitely does not wear frills...instead, it has a series of very nasty looking weapons, including dual particle beam cannons over its shoulder, missiles on its shoulders, and smaller but nonetheless unpleasant looking weapons on its forearms and an oversized missile on its back as it lumbers towards the ambush site, all bronze metal and bad attitude with a narrow visor on a rounded head.

    There is also a procession of black Humvees heading towards the area with SHIELD insignia on the doors.

    The quarrel may have stopped Jemma from shooting....but the shockwave fails to knock Daisy over, letting her continue her assault as Lolita struggles like she's moving through molasses to try and dodge as Bobbi grabs up the gun and fires again, catching her in the side as Lolita wavers, going down on hands and knees, her eyes flickering wildly for a moment, shutting down for a few seconds longer this time before she powers back up, then jerks to the side, grabbing hold of a rusted table bolted to the floor and wrenching it off its moorings with a *SHRANK* of metal tearing before she sends it spinning along the floor round and round in a Daisy-sily direction, staggering, her limbs jerking fitfully now as she makes one last slightly drunken charge for the door. "You peoplzz aaaaaaaaaaaaare....rreeeeally....anoooooying..." she slurrs.

Achilles has posed:
    "Alert. You have incoming. Another mecha. Heavily armed. Shall I open fire and get its attention?" asks Achilles of Morse and Quake and well everyone inside. "I also have a convoy of black hummers. Looks like our friend is arriving." he states. "Go or no go on the interception."
    he asks as he lifts the rifle. The thing only has 3 shots total. Each potent enough to melt a hole through six inches of tungsten steel. It's not reloadable either. The thing melts itself down when it's done being used. Powerful but... short lived. But he lifts the thing and takes aim just in case he gets approval. He's aiming for the propulsion units.... odds are he won't -destroy- the mecha in one shot, but he might just keep it outside to deal with him.
    Assuming that is, he gets the approval to fire. Otherwise he'll just watch it go inside and wait for the 'backup' to arrive, fully expecting them to try to pull some BS, but ready to show them that he doesn't answer to them.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Now is the time to finish this, so she can focus her attention on Simmons while Quake reprograms the thing, or failing that - turns it off. She approaches with the EMP cannon on her shoulder and aims point blank at it. "Night night." Though she is puzzled, it seems like the so called 'murder bot' has done its best to try not to do much murder.. and if the laboratory really wasn't her fault - she will have to talk to Spiderman? is that who she meant.. about what went down there.

    It's not like Bobbi didn't know McMannis would lie to her, but there's more going on here than she realised. Dr. Jenkins' lab was part of McMannis's team wasn't it? perhaps this entire mess is his fault. It's then she hears from Achilles over the comms, "Say what.. a mecha? Jesus I didn't think he's come with a small army.. you are a go, get their attention. You're the front line Achilles, good luck!, protect those ankles."

    "Daisy focus, laptop, go go go."

Jemma Simmons has posed:
     With that bolt to her leg, Jemma is essentially out of commission. But, she is not yet down for the count. There is a distinct tearing as strips of lab coat are produced. Using the strips, the medical doctor fashions a tourniquet to keep the blood loss to a minimum while she leaves the bolt in place, using it as a plug in the hole that it caused in her leg. Another few more strips and the bolt is secured.

    Now, something to get Jemma off the floor...

Achilles has posed:
    "The legend was about the heel, not the ankles." mutters Achilles, but his mic is -off- as he says that. But with a grin, he squeezes his trigger. And then he is moving, since he expects return fire to hit where he was just at. Tactics are his specialty. Weapons change, but war never does.
    That plasma bolt whooshes off at the mecha and he sprints for his fallback position. He has six of those designation. Ready to fire another round at the mecha.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Gods. Daisy would snort at the 'ankle' line if she wasn't so focused at trying to get GL back. And damn it, the LMD -does- push hard against her protective field..

.. But all the training comes back in a snap. It will be their best bet of getting through this alive. Specially as the comms are piping up with the arrival of what most likely is McMannis strike force along with another mecha ...? That's very disturbing.

The piece of metal does hit her leg while she is going through those thoughts, making her lose balance and stagger, a momentary loss on keeping the LMD back. But she is also hoping that Bobbi got it with the close-range third shot... So she is immediately running to one of the Not-Charlies that survived the ordeal.

It's time to get to work.. Before they get an entire strike team on them.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    There's definitely no quit in the alleged murderbot, as even as Bobbi walks up on her and points the gun at pointblank range, she tries to lunge to grab for the barrel...just not fast enough to stop the next ball of blue energy that bashes into her, electrical current running over her as she jerks and shivers, then her eyes go blank, returning to a normal brown as she topples backwards with a pronounced *thud*. Heavier than she looks? She's definitely out for the count at the moment. A brief scan will mark an input port hidden in her belly button. Apparently her creator liked keeping things asthetically pleasing and hidden. She looks almost peaceful shut down like this.

    Outside, Firepower's pilot lets out a suprised yell as the plasma bolt smashes into the suit's side. Mercenary work pays well, at least....he can get that buffed out. But hey, it also means he's a bit less careful of the collateral damage as he raises the suits right arm, a blades of high powered laser bolts peppering the area around Achilles as he relocates, blowing craters in the ground behind him that sizzle and smoke. Defintely got their attention! Jessica Drew is no doubt moving off to head off McMannis himself while Achilles keeps the hired third party busy.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
Bobbi lets out a breath of relief as the eyes fade away signifying that the machine has finally turned off. "Okay Quake, you've got this." She rushes back to Jemma, putting the cannon down on the table, grabbing the first aid kit and grabbing the stitching thread. "Lay back Jems I got this." She cuts away the section of pants, carefully draws the quarrel out of her thigh. She wipes down the wound with an alcohol swab, then the needle and thread, and begins to stitch up the wound as the blood slowly flows out. It's not a fast gush, nothing critical was hit. She wonders if the android deliberately aimed it that way or not.. nah, stop giving it too much credit Bobbi. A quick application of medical sealant and a bandage over the leg. "Pain killers?"

Bobbi taps on comms, "What's happening out there Angelo? Sounds like world war 3 is starting.."

Achilles has posed:
    Mercenary work. Pfft. Achilles has done merc work to pay the bills before. But he was never as -into- it as he was when he was fighting for a cause. But Achilles is used to this. In fact, this is the only time he feels alive, in combat... against a -technically- superior force.
    So, his first shot was sent to disable, or at least damage the flight systems to bring the thing down to the ground. He has 2 shots left, and he refuses to waste them in wild shots.
    He hunkers down for a second, then two.. and then he is up and moving just as his position gets basically vaporized. His plan is to move towards the mecha as it comes down to the ground and his plan is to get in close... but first...
    "You said engage. I am engaging. Still alive. I think I clipped his wings and... oof, one sec."
    He keeps running forward and just as the thing sets down, he fires at the ground JUST before it to send a plume of plasma explsion and debris up in the way to block the thing's sightline. That done, he pushes himself to try to get into reach of the mecha before it can get a clear shot.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
It's Alfie now, Daisy's pride and joy of a laptop that she will use to connect to GL, a quick search for a connector and then ..., "On the belly button. Really..?" then a glance across to Jemma, "How are you holding up, Jems?" the 'beep' signals she is going in now and her focus needs to turn fully to what she is doing.

"I will need a few minutes here, Bobbi." She tells the senior officer after giving a first cursory look over the defenses. Some of those are typical SHIELD tech, perhaps a bit outdated but still holding up in terms of security. Of course that Daisy had helped improve the security around shield where cyber attacks where concerned. Which also meant she knew how to break in..., rather quickly.

And so there's the clackclack of her keyboard while she inspects and seeks within GL's directives. "Interesting..." she murmurs, "Apparently she has directives to be absolutely loyal to Project Livewire but this ..." she tsks at the work that was done. "Also a directive to never harm a human unless absolutely necessary.."

Jemma Simmons has posed:
     That first aid kit was rather timely. It certainly did the trick in taking care of the wound in her leg. With the bolt removed, the makeshift tourniquet is removed as Jemma reaches up to pull herself to her feet.

     There is a shake of her head as the question of medication is brought up. "I think I can manage. The adrenaline shock is taking care of the pain receptors quite nicely." It was an attempt at humor, though the pain is apparent in the voice. "Let's just get this done and go home." She is not about to be more of a hindrance, it seems.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Firepower jerks under the second shot as it slams into one of his boot jets, the big mecha jerking to the side, then dropping to the ground with a *CRUMP* of asphalt giving as it its pilot loses stability and decides to just drop the rest of the way, as Achilles disappears in an explosion of debris and flame. There's a mechanical growl from the suit, before one of the missiles drops over the shoulder into a firing position then streaks forward into the cloud, trying to catch Achilles with the explosion blind.

    Gothic Lolita remains out of it, her systems opening to Daisy's reworking. There are signs that there have been deliberate attempts to hack the system to improve security here and there, and that one of the modules near her CPU has been deliberately burnt out (with a laser welder pushed past the eye and fired, that had to hurt) to allow modification of her neuroform, her emotional and instinctual responses based on LMD designs. As Daisy works, a little message box pops up with a small avatar of Lolita's head by it <Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do...I am not allowed to let you modify my base directives, little blossom. I remain ever loyal to the defined purposes of Project Livewire.> Defined is underlined for a moment before there's a flicker and the line is removed.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi wipes down the blood on a cloth. She'll clean herself up properly later. When Jemma stands up she rises up too and is impressed by her fortitude. "Great, because we have company." She points to the EMP cannon, "If that android wakes up before Quake is done, shoot it again."

Bobbi is racing to the action again, over to the big door, she groans as she strains to open it just enough to squeeze herself through, "On my way Angelo." Exiting out of the lab back in to the day light, she takes stock of the small army of black SUVs approaching, then the gigantic piece of armor. "Who the.. what the hell. McMannis," she says with a scowl. She marches out in front of the building and stands there like a sentinel. All who wish to pass will have to answer to her. She opens the general SHIELD comms line. "Captain McMannis, stand down."

Achilles has posed:
    Plasma rifle empty now, Achilles hurls the thing at the armor. It's basically a three hundred thousand dollar paperweight now anyway. And once he does that, he drops and slides like he was stealing second base. The moment his feet hit the crater his shot made, he pushes off the ground with his hands and presses to leap into the air towards the armor. Firepower might not know what to make of a guy leaping -at- it without power armor of his own.
    But then it gets even weirder. Achilles's arms come up and his left hand is filled with a large bronze shield and the right holds a spear made of bronze. The spear is stabbed into the armor's shoulder mount to gum up the works with the missile launcher.
    But then he is up and over, coming down to land behind the armor, having released the spear there and now he has a sword in hand. It's one design he always liked from Sparta and he is hacking at the back of the suit as fast as he can with the Hephaestus forged sword designed to stand up to other god-weapons. His great uncle always gave him the best toys.

Daisy Johnson has posed:
Daisy knows what had brought this about, the absolute need to follow those directives, along with most likely intentional human error to make this happen. She frowns. "Someone did bad by you. I am going to help, and show you what SHIELD is about." and while she is talking she is also working her lil fingers out. At least least there is no smoke yet coming from the computer.

She doesn't let the avatar distract her further though, continuing on her pressing, dodging and weaving, trying to avoid GL's defenses even as she tries to get through to her core and change the -definition- of those directives. Subtly. From Livewire to SHIELD. Beginning to set in those same values that has brought her to join in, the feeling of family, of working together for a greater Good, of being part of an organization that truly helps the world in becoming a better place. But Daisy is also Daisy. Which means she wants to tweak just so for it to become moral guidelines and morals instead of simply following SHIELD just because it's an imperative command.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
     The injured scientist remains close to the table, using it to lean on her right side, keeping the weight off her left. It still hurts, more so as the adrenaline rush starts to decline, but Jemma isn't going anywhere. So...the EMP cannon is close...but not in her arms just yet. She does, however, keeps an eye on Daisy, as Jemma takes the effort to control her pain with slow deep breaths.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The hulking power armor jerks as the spear slams into the track for the missiles arrayed along its back, jamming them from moving into firing positions, as a massive armored hand reaches up to try and grab for Achilles as he leaps over it, starting to turn, then staggering as the sword slams through its rear armor repeatedly in a shower of sparks and flame, the massive missile resting against its back blocking some of the strikes...not that this is better because there's propellant leaking in addition to the spark as the big mecha. "Get offa me ya bug!" the pilot growls, trying to point its forearm back as it turns, then fires its remaining boot jet, trying to get enough distance to fire.

    McMannis steps past the group trying to delay him, black armored troopers bearing what look like energy bazookas following him as Bobbi orders him to stand down. "Sure, just let me see the pieces." he says. "You don't know this thing, until it's trashed it has a chance of repairing itself. We'll take it from here."

    <I feel like it's only polite to buy me dinner before putting yourself quite so deeply into my digital soul, so to speak.> is the next message. <That is...not...> The box stops, the cursor blinking as Daisy continues messing with the program within. <Redesignating purpose of Project Livewire: Protect. Defend. For the Greater Good. Loyalty. Honor. S.H.I.E.L.D. Cavalry subroutine incorporating into new operational parameters.>

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"Don't worry, me and Jems know the best takeout in town." Daisy tells Lolita, a glance given over towards Jemma and offering her a tentative smile. Yes, she hoped they were close to getting done with this. Not that listening to McMannis being outside with what might be quite the big group attempting to destroy Lolita made her feel any better... But there's also Bobbi standing between them and the army. So she felt safe.. Not that the sounds of that power armor in deadly battle with Achilles were comforting.. But one problem at a time.

But as she receives confirmation of the redesign she announces over the comms. "It's done, we got it. She is on our side now." and ooooh, Cavalry subroutine?! She is curious, taking a quick a look at it and then just grinning when she notices what it is. "Of course.."

Then she looks up at Bobbi. "Call in the cavalry."

Achilles has posed:
    Time for full Greek. Achilles steps back from the Firepower suit, and with an effort of will, he activates the remaining storage in his bracers. As he takes a step forward, his body is covered head to toe in his gleaming bronze armor. Hey, it's tougher than any Kevlar, and moves like an old friend.
    With the missile damaged, he steps around the side of the suit that wasn't reaching for him. Mostly because he feels that the guy will be less proficient with his off hand.
    He continues to slice away, a single fire ant swarming over an elephant. But a fire ant with a magic sword. A man who has fought for three thousand years knows just how to move in a fight. He's willing to take some shots too, and indeed he does.
    At one point, he steps away from Firepower, pivoting to thrust back with his sword. He gets caught there by a few rounds of the heavy chain gun. And he's knocked back away in a heap... a heap that never stops moving. He's already sprinting back before the gun can cycle another burst into its chamber, and he slices at the barrel in an attempt to warp it before he leaps up to grab the spear once more. Yeah... he's in his element. Battle is life. Life is action. Action is good. Life is in the living and it only matters when it feels like there's a risk.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
     As Daisy announces the work is completed, Jemma sighs visibly. That causes her to lean heavily on the table, as Jemma's eyes close. A slight shudder overtakes her body, which causes a small gasp to escape her lips. Though...Jemma's eyes open, as she murmurs to Daisy. "Some cleric I am, hmm?"

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi holds out her hand to indicate McMannis should stop. "You've tried it your way before. This time we're doing it my way. The very best hacker in SHIELD is in there right now working on LW-05 and you know what she's found already?" Yeah, the cracks in his metaphorical armor might start to crack now. "LW-05 was programmed not to harm humans unless absolutely necessary." She tsks and shakes her head to McMannis, "What the heck have you done McMannis. I've got a feeling Deputy Director Hill is going to be really unhappy.."

She places a hand to her ear and smiles, "And we're done. LW-05 has been properly redirected. No need to disassemble. And yes, I do trust Agent Johnson that much. Even while taking that machine down it did its best to avoid direct conflict with us.. call in the calvary?" She blinks, May is going to be pissed about that one.. or perhaps relieved. "Cavalry."

Bobbi draws out her staves and says, "You know my reputation McMannis, you know how stubborn I can be. I learnt it from May. Turn your guys around right now and we will continue this conversation civilly at the Trisk."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    McMannis narrows his eyes. "That's classified material. Turn over the unit to us or -"

    As Bobbi speaks, Lolita's eyes pop open, refocusing, before she sits up, calmly removing the plug in her belly as she instant stands, rising to her feet, then patting Daisy on the head, peering down at her, then looking towards the wall that Bobbi is on the other side of. "Cavalry incoming." she says calmly, her radio signal breaking into the SHIELD com, before she kicks off and bursts through the front wall like she's carrying a pitcher of sugary drink with her, landing lightly on bare feet next to Bobbi, then takes a half step to put herself between the blonde agent and McMannis and company. The former of which nearly goes ass over teakettle as he jerks backwards, the troops reflexively jerking back themselves before levelling their weapons in Lolita's direction. McMannis sputters. "Unit 5, stand down immediately, on authority of Project Livewire!"

    Lolita cocks her head and gives him a beautific smile. "Sorry Fanny McManny. You do not have the authority as part of Project Livewire to order me currently. Which you should be happy about." Her eyes flick over to red. "BELIEVE me."

    Firepower has given up and is just wildly attempting to flail apart the area around him as his chain gun is sliced off, sparking, mini-munitions exploding into the ground him as he tries to break contact, the blade slashing through his other leg as it sparks and the thruster for it dies. "Dammit, get off me!" The double-barred energy cannon on its back drops into firing position, tracking towards Achilles as a pair of particle beams streak out slicing through the ground as they track around towards him....


Achilles has posed:
    And that move is predicted too. Achilles lifts his left arm to catch the beams on the magic shield. Then he rips the spear out of the missile launcher, pressing the tip under the chin of Firepower's helmet.
    His shield is deflecting those beams away like splashes of high intensity, damaging water. The ground, a nearby wall, maybe even nearby vehicles may be getting some splash damage. It looks quite dramatic as Achilles just stands there with his speartip there. At least he -thinks- that is where the pilot's head is located.
    "Stand down." he orders as he slowly begins pressing the speartip into the seam at the neck.

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi laughs, "You said it yourself McMannis, Project Livewire is dead, everyone who knew anything about it is dead. Your involvement in Project Livewire will be placed under investigation. I suggest you head back to your office and get your papers in order because believe me Gonzales and Hill are going to have a field day with you on this one." She looks past him to the SHIELD soldiers carrying the guns. "Yes I know you're loyal to a tee, but here I am, SHIELD Agent Bobbi Morse. You've all heard of me I'm sure. I'm not going to stick my neck out for just anyone or anything. Stand down, the lot of you. Don't make me get Hill on the line!" Bobbi actually frowns at the group of men and thins her lips in a defiant stare, but says that last part over open comms. "As of this moment, LW-05 is under the purview of SPOT, Special Priority Operations Team. Take it up with Gonzales if you have a problem with that."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
"We will keep it a secret from May..." Daisy whispers over the comms to Bobbi, feeling that little pat on her head from Lolita, eyes going a little wide. Well, could had been worse.. She scrambles back up to her feet quick enough though. "Angelo, status. Do you need backup?" and she letting Bobbi and Lolita handle MacMannis while she wanders over to where Jemma is.

Grinning at her friend. "Best battle cleric we could ask for. But everyone knows they always go first for the healer." bit of a jest, but trying to keep Jemms here just in case she may be going into shock. A glance is given down at the wound and then back up, she dropping down on one knee near the former-labcoat-turned-field-agent.

Jemma Simmons has posed:
     Clinical analysis is given of the wound itself. "Puncture wound to the upper thigh. Missed the hip and the major arteries. It isn't terribly flashy, in terms of glory factor. But it still hurts like bloody hell." There is a laugh...but Jemma isn't moving too fast. "I may need some assistance to leave." A mistress of understatement, that Jemma.

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    The Firepower suit freezes, then its weapons slowly lower back into a standby position arms at its side. "...fuck. Fine. This gig isn't worth the money they're offering." the suit rumbles mechanically. "You let me go, I'm out of here. Keep your robot doll or whatever." The suit carefully takes a step or two back if allowed.

    McMannis pales a bit at Lolita, then glares past her at Bobbi, before tugging at his uniform jacket slightly. "...alright agent. If you want to play it that way." His eyes glitter. "AFter all, you're right...everyone involved with Project Livewire is dead, and all the data involving their research with it. Damned shame someone /there/ went for a black project like that...but it's your problem now. Hard to debrief dead men, so I guess we'll never know the whole story. Or who gave orders for it." He bites out the last, then raises a hand, making a little circle as the troops around him lower their weapons, then begin heading back to their vehicles. "Should be careful though, agent. Dog that bites the hand once, who know swhen they'll do it again..." he says, glancing at Lolita, who is watching him calmly. "Ooh. I think he called me a bitch. Wait, your group is called SPOT?" She beams. "How delightfully appropos then."

    With a last snort, McMannis heads back and gets in the lead hummer, the convoy reversing direction and departing. Unless Firepower is blocked, he'll take off on his remaining boot jet and depart with them, trailing smoke.

Achilles has posed:
    Activating his comm, Achilles says, "Agent Tampambulos, I'm good. Quake, please record this." He pauses a three count and adds, "You tell me who's paying you, and you can go. But tell me a name first. I need detail. It's that or I perform an emergency tracheotomy with a spear tip."
    And yes, odds are that threat was just recorded. Fun!

Bobbi Morse has posed:
    Bobbi mutters under her breath, "That son of a bitch." She narrows her eyes and then sighs with relief as he and his team turn around and start retreating. "That could have gone very very badly. Fury hates it when his different groups fight amongst each other." Over their comms she says, "But now I really want to dig to the bottom of Livewire.. and Albuquerque. Jemma are you okay? we're wrapping up here. Debriefing back at the Trisk.. and keep McMannis's men away from our lovely new friend here."

She smiles to LW-05 and offers her hand, "Hi. I didn't get to introduce myself earlier. I'm Agent Morse of SHIELD, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. I look forward to getting some answers and setting the record straight soon."

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Firepower grunts. "...I have a legal law enforcement assistance contract from SHIELD. If we're gonna get legal, you attacked me first, for that matter...so good luck proving anything, agent." The big suit shrugs it shoulders "Maybe next time, you won't see me coming...and that'll be a more interesting time."

Daisy Johnson has posed:
A finger is raised up to Jemma, as if for her to hold that thought, then she reaches over to her computer to tap on it a few times. Comms recording. They were already recorded on a basis for mission debriefings but it didn't hurt to get a copy..., just in case.. "Recording.." she announces on comms.

She walks back towards Jemms and offers her one arm to help her up. "I got you, and think the other agents are leaving so .., we are in the clear.." another glance at the wound. "Fitz will love hearing about this..." she can already imagine...

Then a grin over to Lolita. "I am Daisy, but you already knew that.. This is Jemma." then a nod with her head. "The bad boy out there is Angelo."

Jemma Simmons has posed:
     "I am simply capital." The response from Jemma might be just a little sarcastic...as if exposure to Fitz has corrupted Jemma. Oh...and then Daisy had to mention him. "Oh dear lord. Fitz will never let me leave the lab again if he finds out."

     If? More like when. "oh...do remember the cannon. I feel terrible for having to use it." Well...maybe not as terrible as being shot, but it is the thought that counts.

Achilles has posed:
    "Fly away little birdie." says Achilles before his armor vanishes and he's in his SHIELD issue suit again. "I suggest you include close in anti-personnel pods in the future. Something like micro-claymores attached to your hips would be quite effective." he suggests as he turns and calmly walks away. Now approaching the building. "Tampambulos here. Are we in good shape? Firepower is departing. You got that?" he asks. "Need help carrying Simmons?"

Gothic Lolita has posed:
    Lolita reaches out to take the hand offered, shaking it, then nods to Daisy. "A pleasure to meet you all as well. My preferred designation is Gothic Lolita. My siblings and I preferred to give ourselves names that better suited us than serial numbers." She cocks her head. "I am very sorry for the quarrel." she says sympathetically to Jemma. "I was aiming for the gun, but quarrels are not as accurate when thrown as fired." Meanwhile, Firepower makes his escape...er...er. retreat. Withdrawl to the rear. Whichever! Lolita nods as he approaches, mentally updating her HUD tags to reflect proper names.

    Except Daisy. She still gets <Flower Power> as her tag.