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Pizza! Pizza!
Date of Scene: 08 September 2023
Location: Angelo's Pizza
Synopsis: Bunny and Mark go out for pizza and come across Gabby. Jokes are made, friendships rekindled and Gabby learns that there is more to Mark than meets the eye. (Note: He totally is not a robot in disguise)
Cast of Characters: Mark Grayson, Bunny Macleod, Gabby Kinney

Mark Grayson has posed:
A study break was needed. Mark has been busily helping Bunny study for her GED and had finally reached a point when one of the questions read:

If half of a pizza has 1:4 pepperonis to mushrooms, solve for pepperoni.

His stomach grumbled very loudly at that. It was a short search to find a pizzeria near Bunny's place, and the pair were on their way to grab a bite to eat as he opens the door, showing the Yelp! review to her. "Look, they even have an arcade and pool table!" he says with excitement.

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    The answer is P=1/8 available toppings and alltogether too many mushrooms.

    Or something. Math is not Bunny's strong suite. HEr hair is in need up an update to the dye, a softer pink than what it usually is. She's sporting a bandaid over her chin after forgetting that she has stairs in her new digs. It was pulled back into a pair of high pigtails and bunned into space buns, and she had a helmet under her arm as she skated into the pizza shop, looking at the Yelp review.

    "Oooh, I wonder if they have a Rampage machine. Is it weird to be in The Biz and still like to play videogames where we are wreckin' buildings at Kaiju?" she asks quietly, going to stretch her arm. And of course, she had texted Gabby to update her on Beeper, send pictures of a stack of review books and her brand new basement-level totally-on-the-books-and-safe apartment.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Of course Beeper pics get lots of heart emojis with it, and thumbs up at the books and apartment. Along with jut 'Looks great!' What Gabby hadn't really expected was that the pair would walk into Angelo's of all places. She's seated at a booth by herself with her phone in hand currently responding to some of those texts appropriately while a half-eaten pizza is situated on the table in front of her. Along with a large soda.

She leans to the side, eyes still on the phone, to try and grab at the soda straw with her mouth. It's a little fumbly and her tongue has to pull it into proper position so she an take a good drink off of it.

There's a familiar notification from Bunny's phone when she hits enter.

THAT causes her gaze to jerk up and away from her phone finding the pair at the entrance while she's looking... rather silly with a straw in her mouth, phone held up in both hands, and just... She sits up abruptly and raises a hand to wave with a grin.

"Bunny, Mark! Yo!"

Mark Grayson has posed:
"I don't think they're equivelant. I like Mortal Kombat, but I don't really want to rip the heads off the people I fight. Even if I could." Mark responds thoughtfully. "But yeah, I like Rampage. And Gauntlet." He snickers. "Blue Fighter needs food badly." he comments in an announcer's voice. Then he pauses and looks at the menu. "Wanna split a large, we can take the leftovers to your place if we split the cost."

Then there's Bunny's phone pinging from Gabby's message and a few scant seconds later, they're getting called out to. Turning to the sound of the voice, he returns Gabby's grin and wave. "Hey!" And then to Bunny. "I can place the order, I'll be over in a moment."

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    "Oh man, now I want like, one of those chain-sickles and battle fans so I can pull of mad moves --" Bunny begins excitedly, and then her phone beeps with the Gabby Alert sound, which is the sound of a sword unsheathing from a ninja movie. Shinnk!

    She looks up at the sound of Gabby's voice, and she gives a wave "GABS! Hihi!" she calls out with a wave, balancing on one foot as she leaaans back, continuing to go forward on her skates for a moment before she straightens up, and she looks up to Mark.

    She reaches into her bag, pulls out her wallet, and hands Mark a twenty dollar bill with a :| expression.

    "I promised I'd pay this time, and the tips last night at the piano bar were pretty good." she states, then gives a grin, goes tip-toe on her toe breaks to kiss Mark's cheek, and then boogies on down the lane to park herself at Gabby's table.

    "Not interrupting anything are we?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney pfffts at the question from Bunny with a wry grin. "Naw. Welcome to join me," she offers reaching out to pull the pizza in the center further to the back corner of the table so that there's room for elbow leaning on the table if anyone likes.

"Unless it's a date, then I don't want to get in the way," she reasons glancing over toward Mark at the counter, then back again with a grin. "But yeah I'm not up to anything. I was hungry, got a pizza. Just hanging."

Mark Grayson has posed:
One cannot escape the Bunny :| face. Mark winces slightly, but he doesn't argue with her, instead just accepting the kiss on the cheek with a fond smile before he goes to place the order for a large pizza with all the toppings except jalopenos and anchovies.

He also orders a pitcher of soda and grabs a couple of glasses for himself and Bunny before making his way to Gabby's table as well.

"Still too young for beer, but soda's great." he offers with a chuckle as he moves to sit next to Bunny in the booth. "Is it a date?" he asks Bunny. "I just assumed we were hungry." A wink and then his attention turns to Gabby. "That is to say, you were Bunny's friend well before I came into her life. And I hope I can be your friend too, so no, you're not in the way."

As he pours the drinks for himself and Bunny, he also offers to refresh Gabby's drink while asking, "Was Tim able to find that figure he wanted? I checked ebay, they don't seem that all uncommon."

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    "Eh? Tiiiiiiiiiiiim?" Bunny asks, and she gives a bright smile, leaning back into the chair, "Beer's overrated anyway. Soda's totally enough for me, and she was about to comment again, and she feels her cheeks pinken when Mark asks if it's a date, and she sinks into the bench seat a little bit before mumbling something about serendippity and taking out ankles on purpose.

    "Nah, we needed a study break. Mark's like, super smart so he's helping me out with catching up on six years of missed school so I can take the GED and maybe start some community college classes with the spring semester." Bunny explains, and thenr ubs the back of her head "Y'know, in case my superhero career doesn't take off."

    They both knew about it. She wasn't concerned.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Of course we're friends. I just got to tease you. It's a rite of passage," Gabby assures Mark with a wide grin of her own. "Okay, time alone then. But if it's food then that is fine. Feel free to snag a slice while you wait for yours if you want," she suggests. Hers was just sausage and pepperoni but it was still good. The offer of more soda causes her to slide her cup closer for a top off. It didn't even matter if it was the same or not. Sugar was sugar.

Then the question of the figure, and Bunny's drawn out enthusiastic inquiry which earns a laugh. "Friend of mine from Gotham, known him for years," Gabby explains only with a shake of her head. "And no, he's been trying to get that figure for a *long* time to complete his collection." The thought has her chuckling faintly as if she thought it was a lost cause at this point.

"Lessons are always good. I just got kind of tired of classes and training and ugh, just... everything. Had it shoved down my throat at the labs, and then the school and..." Her hands spread in a helpless shrug looking just disgusted with it. "But I'll probably have to do something 'official' again in a few years to get a degree myself."

Mark Grayson has posed:
"I have my own devious motives to get you your GED, Bunny!" Mark crows all like many of the supervillains he's fought in the past. "You deserve to get the education you want."

He tops off Gabby's drink. "I thought I had told you about that..." Mark admits to Bunny. "It was when I was passing through Gotham a few days ago. Thought I had totally stumbled on her on a date." Because he can do that too.

"So yeah, he doesn't want to throw money at it." comes Mark's thoughtful comment on it all before he chuckles. "I'm still figuring out what I'm doing with my college life. Everyone assumes I want to be a doctor or something."

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    "Yeah, but y'know, straight from the horse's mouth." Bunny gives a grin to Mark, and leans lightly against him. "I'll devious YOU." she threatens, poking at several places on his side.

    "Yeah, I mean I could probably start auditioning for places that need concert pianists, but it costs money to audition. And sometimes you don't get it because you have to wear heels if you're a girl and if they hear heels on the stage then they already mark you down points for being a giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl." Bunny whines at the inherant unfairness and sexism of the professional classical music scene.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney picks up her soda to start drinking again. A lot. She was thirsty but also it gave her a chance to just listen to what they were both speaking of. Bunny's talk of the heels just earns a puzzled look.

"Just glue some rubber mat stuff to the bottom of the heels maybe? Like that foam stuff they use for anti-fatigue mats. Should keep it from making noise while you walk," she reasons as she leans back into her own seat. The straw of her drink is grasped to swish in the drink stirring up the ice a bit more.

"Might be extra traction-y though, so have to be careful about that too."

Mark Grayson has posed:
Mark squirms when Bunny starts poking him and he pokes her back a few times, before reaching over to snag one of the slices of pizza while waiting for the one he ordered. He winces slightly at the pains that Bunny is having in finding the career that she really wants. But Gabby's comment and suggestion do have merit.

"I'm no help on that front, Bun." he admits. "I can't even imagine wearing heels. Much less playing the piano. Which you're amazing at." Then he considers. "Could you make little shields under your feet as you walk to muffle the heels?"

His attention turns to Gabby. "So, what are you studying? I didn't even realize you were in college with all the stuff you have going on."

That is when the waitress is on her way over with the pizza. "One everything sans jalopenos and anchovies!" she announces cheerfully. "Be careful, it just came out of the oven!" And as he walks, she slips - the pizza pan coming out of her hands and towards the table.

Mark acts on instinct, he leans away from Bunny, into the path of the pizza and catches it in his hands. The sound of flesh singing and the smell of burns lofts through the air as Mark quickly sets the pan on the table and brings up his hands to blow on them.

There's no cry. No scream of pain.

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    "I know some guys who use them to practice balance while doing martial arts. I can find a pair in your size, we'll start on kitten heels and move on to four-inch stillettos." Bunny jokes to Mark, and then turns to Gabby and gives a shrug "It's more commentary about how the *system* is operating as intended and needs to be taken down and burned under a pair of fashionable --" she starts, and then the waitress slips. Bunny makes a panicked sound and raises her hand to create a shield from the bubbling-hot molten mess of cheese, pepperoni, meatballs, sausage, bacon, ham, hamburger, peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, basil, pepperoncinis and pineapple from becoming the latest Fashion-du-Jour -- and then she watches with wide eyes and a panicked expression as Mark just catches it, singed flesh, smoking hands and all.

    She opens her mouth, then closes it, and then grabs at Mark's hands and with an over-exagerated-but-quiet tone goes "ohmigod Mark are you hurt are you burned --" just to bring his hands down where Gabby can't see them.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney instinctively reaches out too, but she'd been fiddling with her soda cup. She doesn't get nearly as far as either of them before the pizza is settled on the table. Bunny's already checking on him, and she just stares a moment before glancing to the waitress, "Ah, thanks. Can we get some extra ice please, just in case?" It's hopefully to send the waitress off to fetch that while giving them time to just... do whatever.

Glancing back over to the pair she asks, "You okay, Mark?" Curiously. Mostly because he hadn't screamed. Granted, she wouldn't have either if she'd grabbed it but for entirely different reasons.

Mark Grayson has posed:
Mark's hands are yanked down by Bunny before he gets a chance to check itself. "Yeah, yeah, just I think..." it's well too late to scream or blubber like a baby. He chuffs a breath in frustration. "Sorry, sorry. Reflex." That for Bunny.

In Bunny's lap, his hands open. The burns would have been pretty bad to a normal human, but they are quickly starting to heal and are nowhere near as bad as they should have been. Third degree burns are only has bad as a minor sunburn. Part of him realizes that the jig may be up and his eyes rise to meet Bunny's.

She knows his secret. She knows Gabby. And he already knew enough about Gabby to make a decision. Once the waitress is far enough away, he lifts his hands from Bunny and settles them on the table. "I'll be alright." he comments quietly.

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    The jig, may indeed, be up. Luckily Gabby is one of the most trustworthy people that Bunny knows and can keep a secret, when it counts. Mostly. Bunny gives a small smile, releasing Mark's hands. The waitress is probably staring and may have thrown her hands up because people in NYC are WEIRD man, and she leans back in her seat, and drinks her soda.

    "All good." she states, and gives a thumbs up to Gabby.

    "OH man, did I tell you my older sister tried to get me to move home because my brother realized no one was ironing his shirts for him?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney hmms quietly as she lifts an eyebrow at it all. Then she just shakes her head slightly. "You gotta work on that. I get yelled at all the time for not showing pain, but I literally can't feel it." A wry grin is given to the pair just leaving that there. There's no question or prying at least. "Glad you're okay."

Then Bunny abruptly changes the subject earning a roll of her eyes. "They kind of deserve to be hit upside the head with reality at this point," she says with a sigh of annoyance.

Another slice of her own pizza is grabbed before she starts scooting to the edge of her seat to get up. "Eh, sorry I should run for awhile. Been pulling 'nightshift' for awhile and could use a nap." A small grin comes as she adds, "I'm not in college, Mark. Just figure I ought to be at some point. When things settle down maybe." A shrug is given. "You two have fun. You can have my leftovers too if you want."

Mark Grayson has posed:
"Yeah. Thing is, I forget. I used to know, when I was younger..." Mark shrugs his shoulders as he nods to Gabby. "Thanks. We can talk later. If you want." Concern crinkles the corners of his eyes as he turns his attention to Bunny.

"Sounds like your brother needs to invest in a good dry cleaner." he grunts, before Gabby is suddenly up, and his chest sags, a crestfallen look. Maybe it would have been better if he had not caught the pizza plate.

Once you open that box, you can't close it, though.

"Have a good night, Gabby."

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    "Nightshift... like... with that big demony dude who showed up at the bar?" Bunny questions, her eyebrows rising up, and she looks over to Mark, and gives a wane smile. "He does. But he wouldn't know the account number 'cause I'm always the one who dropped it off and picked it up." she gives a slight smile, and with a nod to Gabby as she makes an exit, she gives a smile to Gabby. "Be safe out there, Gabatha!" she bids the badger adieu, and her hand gives a squeeze to Mark's in reassurance.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney gives a thumbs-up at Bunny along with a nod. "Red, yeah. He keeps wanting to show me all these old 'classic' movies..." She clears her throat a little and shrugs helplessly before heading out.

Mark Grayson has posed:
"I'll take problems that aren't yours for 2000, Bunny." Mark responds, before Gabby throws out that little nugget of knowledge. His hand squeezes Bunny's and he chuckles. "Well. That went oddly." he manages before he glances at the pizza. "So, still want to eat in and play some games, or just get this to go?"

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    "... ohmigod Gabby is gonna end up dating a seven foot tall demon." Bunny states, her eyes going wide as she gives a thousand yard stare.

    And then she pauses, and turns to Mark, and gives a small smile as she rubs the back of her neck "I'm cool with eating in and playing some video games!" she replies, and hten quietly "Legit tho your hands are okay?"

Mark Grayson has posed:
"I mean, as long as she's happy?" Marks asks with a chuckle, glancing aside to Bunny with amusement. "You're dating a half-alien from a part of the universe that has yet to be charted." he points out to her.

Then he nods his head. "Pizza and games sounds like a great date." A real date. They have those! He turns his hands over again for her. They've nearly completely healed. "I'm good. It takes a lot to damage me." he explains. After all, he is...

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    INVINCIBLE -- orchestral hit, blood spatter.

    "And you're dating a mutant who manipulates rainbow-colored forcefields with the power of Rollerskating Parkour, and Gabby is... well. Gabby has a long story and it's not mine to share, but considering Things and Stuff she is *super* well-adjusted."

    The younger girl gives a small smile, and leans lightly against Mark.

    "But trust me. She'd get it."

Mark Grayson has posed:
"She told me a little. When she was with Tim. I thought they were a couple." Mark admits with a laugh. "She explained that she was his bodyguard, though." he shrugs his shoulder and slides his arm around Bunny's waist to give her a squeeze when she leans against him.

"But I'm glad. I want to be friends with those that you are close to, if I get the chance. I'm starting to make my own friends to introduce you to as well. Speaking of!" He's reminded and reaches into his backpack. After a few moments of fishing around, he pulls out a small ziploc bag.

He opens it, and the smell of cookies waft out. "Caitlin made some cookies for the Titans the other night, I snagged a couple for you." he explains.

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    "... you stole cookies, from a premiere super group, made by one of the group members... for me?" Bunny asks, and she takes a deep breath of the cookies.

    "Ohmigod. That is devious. Are you sure you're not gonna become a villain?" Bunny teases slightly, accepting the ziplock bag.

    "I almost wanna eat these before I eat the pizza... almost."

Mark Grayson has posed:
"Just wait til you try them, they are totally worth a villain arc!" Mark responds with a laugh and kisses her cheek with affection.

"Dessert after dinner, my dear Bunbun." he teases her before he takes up a slice of pizza for his plate. "And I'm gonna have a couple of slices before I totally kick your butt in the arcade."

Bunny Macleod has posed:
    "Ha says you!" Bunny boasts, "I hope you're ready to eat your words, Mark Grayson, 'cause this Bunny knows how to rumb--" she pauses a moment, and then looks around

    "OK as long as like that dancing lady doesn't show up again. I can only lose my shirt for victory so many times before it stops being funny."

Mark Grayson has posed:
When she brings /that/ up, Mark's cheeks turn a new shade of red and he looks towards the arcade. "I don't see a DDR machine there?" he responds with a growing frown. "Maybe we should pass for now, though. Just to be sure."