16083/A minute of rest

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A minute of rest
Date of Scene: 15 October 2023
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Scott's not feeling well, but Emma's there with the jokes.
Cast of Characters: Scott Summers, Emma Frost

Scott Summers has posed:
It's not in Scott's nature to be something other than efficient. The workaholic tries to trim down 'wasted' time where possible. But some things can't be rushed.

Scott looks pretty terrible. He's pale, but is pushing through. The largest indicator of what is going on with him is he's wearing a mask -- to keep his current cold or flu to himself, while making a great effort to heat up some tomato soup at the stove. He's dressed simply - the low effort of the ill, in gray hoodie and blue Xavier sweats, untied sneakers. He won't make noise about a problem like this -- he'll just weather it and try to get through it as soon as he can.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would enter on in, and then glance over at Scott, "Mister Summers, you look like you've had quite a trying day. It's not close to graduation or finals, and we're not even at midterms yet. So what has you looking like you just caught Logan coming out of the shower having attempted to use Nair upon himself?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Scott pauses, turning his head towards Emma. He doesn't shudder, but ... it's close to that. "Thank you for that mental image, Emma," Scott says, with a coughed sigh. His voice is lower than usual, the gravel of flu, though he doesn't sound like death. He's making an effort to not sound like death!

"Several of my students were kind enough to share some germs. Not that this will get them out of tests at the end of the week," the math teacher 'jokes' mildly. "Just a mild illness. I'll be fine tomorrow, I expect." By the sound of him, probably not.

"Or Tuesday." Maybe.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance at Scott, "Well, at the very least you're not having seem him after some of the studetns replaced his shampoo with industrial strength defoliant." That had probably never happened. But the mental trauma alone was perhaps enough if the brain wenta long it's twisted pathway of having to wonder what something was like before shoving the thought away..

"I believe, Mister Summers, that you need bed rest before you turn into one of those things that a student leaves in the fridge too long that becomse sentient and decides to take over the world."

Scott Summers has posed:
"Are you suggesting I wouldn't do a good job as a fridge monster?" Scott sighs at Emma, as if that were the only problem with what she'd said. He's not in a bad mood: even if his illness might have excused it if he were.

"Otherwise, let's avoid making /too/ much fun of someone behind their back." Scott, always the stick in the mud, trying to get the team to be 'better' or something. Even about someone that he regularly gives a hard time.

"Bed rest, maybe, but I haven't eaten all day. Have to equip myself to fight with ..." what was he doing? Oh yes. "Soup." Illness brain is a thing. Still, he's basically done heating it, and sets about shutting off the stove, preparing it into a bowl, and cleaning up after himself. It's autopilot, but even sick, he's not going to leave a mess for someone else to deal with.

"If you needed the counter here, I'll be out of your hair shortly."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance at Scott, "No, I don't think you would. Unfortunately, Mister Summers, you're not -quite- at the level of pastel consistency required. You would have to be green. And while you look rather pale, yous till havea ways to go. And Mister Summers, I believe the point as Doctor McCoy would call it is self care. Admittedly he would probably say it while wearing a large latex glove on his head while calling himself a chicken and talking to the younger students, but the point is the same."

Emma does, however, turn to diamond now. She doesn't want to -risk- getting whatever icky yucky stuff Scott has on her!

Scott Summers has posed:
"I'm glad to hear that I am not yet green," Scott says, with patience, though tiredly. His ability to pretend to be semi-functional isn't going to last much longer. He lifts an eyebrow as Emma clearly turns diamond. ....to not catch his illness. But he doesn't get insulted: nah, he smiles under his illness mask.

"Good idea, keep yourself safe," Scott approves. He LIKES seeing others be /smart/ and not risky. "Looks like there is some very good leftover chicken Parm in there. I didn't touch it." It safe!

Scott collects his meager sick-person meal, then. "If you don't see me tomorrow, do send a search party. I could be green by then." Scott's smile is in his voice, if not blocked by mask.

Emma Frost has posed:
It's a good thing that Emma doesn't have emotions in this form. At least, that's what her profile says on her secondary mutation (whatever exact those things were). "No, MIster Summers, no one wants to see you high with envy. It doesn't suit you well. You should try for something different. I'd suggest another color. Maybe red? Or purple. You could be a walking velvet. Then again, one of the students might think you were a valet with the way the American edutation system is.."

Scott Summers has posed:
"I suppose I'll stay with ruby red, whether I want to or not," Scott answers. He gives her a smile again -- and an 'upnod' of lifted juice and soup. He pauses, though ... and gets a spoon. He'll need that. He blushes only a little -- still pretty pale, though. "Stay healthy. This isn't fun," Scott recommends, before heading out to eat in a place where he won't infect others!

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would nod over at Scott, "Of course, Mister Summers. Do take care of yourself. I'd hardly enjoy it if you were end up some sort of spore and the rest of the faculty had to take your share of hte paperwork over."

Scott Summers has posed:
"I already take on others' paperwork. It would be a disaster indeed," Scott sighs. Speaking of paperwork.... "I'd better do that before I actually rest."

So much for resting. But at least he'll eat the soup.