16910/Training Roller Day

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Training Roller Day
Date of Scene: 13 January 2024
Location: Derby Queens
Synopsis: April discovers that coach Harley won't let her flee from her roller derby team responsibilities!
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, April O'Neil

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's a beautiful Saturday morning! Winter cold because that's New York for ya. It's a great time to just be under the covers and sleep the night away. Or at least it would be if it wasn't for.....


And however did Harley convince April to wake up at 8am to go train at the roller derby rink? It probably involved drinks. But what's true is that they are here now, Harley out in the rink dressed in her COACH get-up which actually also involves a fedora, foot tapping on the floor.

"APRIL, how much longah you gonna take changin' into the rollah derby getup?! I ain't got all day ovah heah!" she says in her very typical Gotham slash Brooklyn accent.

April O'Neil has posed:
Wait...ACTUALLY roller derbying? That was a joke. Last night. Sitting with drinks and Netflix, and some easy banter with her roommate. Not...actually..what.

But, she's here now. 8am. In an outfit that is probably way too close to underwear for her to be comfortable, on skates that she can barely stand on, wobbling out onto the rink, "I'm here!" she says, weakly, before she starts to tighten up her helmet.

She's...well it's clear Harley picked the team uniforms. Spandex shorts, tight striped black and blue uniform top. Black helmet with white numbers on them. It's practice so at least she's not also in the fishnets that Harley said were totally part of the uniform.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Damn right it's way too close to underwear. BUT, there's shorty shorts, and tight t-shirts. And even some shoulder pads. Because protection is important when you are barging into other girls at high speed and aiming to throw them off the rink. Maybe they should put this in the deadly sports category.

"Ahah! Good." Harley bobs her head at April stepping out, "I mean, I wasn't suwah about bringin' you back into the team after you missed the LAST game. You were supposed to be our Ace, April!" the coach complains.

"Even Ivy showed up.." Then she grinning widely, "And we won!" she gestures for April to get up on the rink. "Now start skatin', let's see if your form is keeping up."

April O'Neil has posed:
'Form' is a very loose term for what April attempts. She's BEEN on skates before. She's athletic. But...there's some re-adjustment going on here as April tries to recapture whatever 'form' it was she was once in. She makes a lap without falling! That's good! But...speed is not her specialty. She's slow. And only really pushes off with her left foot. Because she can balance better with her right, you see.

"Yes coach," she says, not miserably, but...well...she's not exactly happy to be out here. "You sure you still need me? I think I'm a much better cheerleader..." she offers with some trepidation. Best not to anger the coach after all. Especially when she owns hyenas!

Harley Quinn has posed:
"We already got cheerleaders! Bud and Lou look great in their little outfits." Harley confirms back at April as she continues to watch April roll around the rink at ..., not a great speed. "Don't make me get in the rink, O'Neil!" she calls out. And what's with calling her by her last name?

Most likely some weird coach thing.

"You need to use both feet to push out. Come ovah heah!" she blowing on a whistle (where did it come from?!) for the other woman to come over to the coach section.

And Harley is just finishing getting into her own roller blades too.

April O'Neil has posed:
"Yeah but I think I coul....oh...ok." April says as Harley explains the team's cheering section to her. Again. She's clearly tried this tactic before. The whistle blowing gets a LITTLE more speed out of April. She IS trying to make Harley happy, just..she's really not talented in this particular arena. She pushes off with both feet now, and for the most part gets almost to the coaching area before there goes her balance. One skate doesn't stay under her like it should, and in a moment legs are spread too far, she's all out of whack, and *BAM* she falls to the floor. Fortunately she had knee pads on so as not to skin up her knees, but that looked painful coach!

"Am I getting better, coach?" April asks from the floor, where she's just laying there, looking up at the ceiling.

Harley Quinn has posed:
There's no escaping the clutches of playing for the Brooklyn Derby Queens apparently! Harley the coach is tenacious when she believes in a player.

Even if said player ends up just skidding across the floor on that last meter or two just as she's arriving by the coach area. Harley gets up then, peering at the fallen reporter.

"Damn, you are probably the worst player I ever saw." No mincing words this coach! "But we gonna turn you into the best. Now get up.." she rolling over easily to April extending her hand.

"Time to get that rear into shape." It said with the kind of manic look on her expression that's telling they won't be done until April is rolling perfectly on the rink. What did April just get herself into?!

April O'Neil has posed:
April O'Neil growls something just below the level of hearing for any of those reading the log, before she gets pulled up by Harley. Again, it's not that she's unwilling, she's just...raw. "I think my rear is in a very nice shape though," April protests to that last bit. But...here we are. She gets to her feet, and then leans a little against Harley as she regains her balance, "And I'm not any worse than...that other...who was that you kicked off the team to put me on it?"