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Zombie Horde Mode
Date of Scene: 21 January 2024
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: Boom-Boom and Negasonic take on a Zombie Horde Mode sim in the danger room. Good chance to cut loose. Tom Savini would have been proud of the display.
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Negasonic

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It didn't take that long for Tabby to get to the danger room. She was actually in the arcade in the first basement level making sure all the high scores she could get had ASS as the name.

It's valuable work and important. But not so much she can't shrug that off to go and see about getting some sploding in with Negasonic.

Waiting at the main entrance, she hadn't yet checked to see if it was in use. Dressed in her black and yellow biker styled uniform. Synthetic leather pants in black, jacket with yellow padding at the shoulders, chest, back, and sleeves. yellow boots and some red tinted Ray Ban style glasses keeping her long blonde hair out of the way while it's left loose and wild.

In her hands she idly juggles a couple glowing spheres.

Idle hands can be dangerous when they're Boom-Boom's.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie was a bit further off from the DR, up in her dorm room across the yard. So it takes her a bit to get there and when she does it's in her usual attire with the addition of a pretty thick black wool scarf wrapped around her neck and over her bald head. It's still cold down here, doesn't matter if it's inside.

Seeing Tabi, the gothy teenager pads over as slow as a turtle with her hands in the pockets of the long black wool over coat she has over another coat over a hoodie, because it is legitimately cold outside.

"Sup." Up nodding, not necessarily with the same disinterested flagrancy she reserves for newbs, old people, or weirdos. Still, it's Negasonic. A certain amount is to be expected. "Occupied?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
When Ellie finally rounds the corner, the blonde grins and sends a playful salute to the more gothically inclined blaster living across from her in the same building. "Howdy Neighbor!" she greets before she reabsorbs the plasma so no one else gets exploded.

A turn on her toe has her facing the control panel for the danger room. The touch screen showing some news that puts a smile on red glossed lips.

"Nice, we golden! What ya feel like blowing up? Robots, sentinels, zombies, Brood? Stuff we don't have to give a crap about keeping alive." the options abound for the two women.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie doesn't subscribe to the jovial newsletter, but she offers a weak smile on black lips that quickly disappears into her usual pensive expressionlessness. That takes a great deal more effort than smiling would. Because teenagers are stupid.

Once properly at the terminal she gives it a peering glance and shrugs indifferently. "Whiche-.." Her lips quirk to the side, "Zombies. Let's blow up some zombies. I've been watching a bunch of eighties movies the last few weeks, it would be alright to yeet a few of those mother fuckers."

No sense peeling off layers. Her flames wont damage her clothes unless she wants them too anyways. So she walks inside once the door opens, into the familiar interior grey scale of the holographic training simulator. "Robots, brood, and Sentinels seems a little too on the nose anyways."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Zombies it is!

The details are punched in to the console and with that mechanical whoosh, the doors open to a dingy old street. cars strewn about seemingl haphazardly but totally set as a point of cover.

"Okay, it's a horde mode sim. So the walkers totally keep coming until we drop." Tabby explains. One of the upturned cars was a police SAWT vehicle. Dead bodies inside, and a mass of weapons spilled out the back for those who want to shoot more traditionally.

Or don't have the offensive power.

Shambling down the stree at the other end come the aforementioned undead. Wall to wall with them.

Which for two lanes and sidewalks that is a lot of holographic bodies.

Tabby already floating a number of bombs all softball sized overhead ready to go. "You gonna run in the middle of all that, or you gonna get your long game on?" she asks playfully.

Negasonic has posed:
Even if she wants to play it totally cool and cocky, it's important to stretch before any kind of exercise. Only novices to the Danger Room would come in with cold muscles. End up pulling a hamstring or tearing a peck. Nobody looks cool with a torn peck. So while there's time, Ellie stretches... well technically she's just warming up her body, ending with a few jumps in place that has her fingerless gloved hands waving at her sided to loosen her digits.

Doesn't even acknowledge the firearms.

    That's for the nerds who can't blow up an entire city with their brain.

"I'll push." She says with a nod, peering down side streets to their left and right, breaking it down into grid spaces. "Can you hold left and right lane until I clear mid?"

All that movement, the kinetic energy, she's absorbing it up. Sucking it into her body and letting it out in measured doses to heat her core. Wisps of smoke start flicking off her shoulders, blazing in her eyes, ready to take off running as soon as she hears Tabi's reply.

With a final nod, she's off. Arms and legs pumping as she leaps up and over carhoods in graceful(ish) parkour. Four years of Xavier training showing in her sudden burst of atheltic ability that leads to her leaping up into the air with a little 'koooooooosh' burst of nucleaokinetic force. Then down.

The forcefield around her eats the brunt of the landing, but ALL of the outward explosion that errupts from her. It sends zombies flying, the ones closest to her cooked completely, along with a few broken down cars they were trying to stumble around. Clearing a few yards in every direction around her.

Thing about zombies, though... they give even less fucks that Negasonic. Already standing up and shambling towards where she's standing there reaching into her pocket to put her earbuds in. Some people don't look at explosions, Negasonic turns on music in the middle of a fight.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Did Tabitha limber up before hand? She's not telling. Even as she raises her hand over head and with a single index finger pointed up, tilts it at the wrist to point left, and then twist right as a bunch of bombs fly in the either direction not covered by Ellie's own attacks.

When they land it's like watching a missile swarm strike in an anime involving mecha.

It's probably not that pretty a sight unless you've been watching a lot of Tom Savini's work when he was in his prime and can appreciate the work that goes into simulating the carnage.

Limbs fly apart, asphlat is slagged and craters are left. Even a few of the cars down the street.

The earbuds are probably a wise choice really. Boom-Boom's can get loud when she's rolling.

Negasonic has posed:
Cellphone out in her hand, Ellie drags her thumb through her play list with one hand and shoves a zombie away with a fist in the chest with the other. They keep grabbing for her, but she'll be damned if she's going to get into close quarters fighting with the undead without some tunes playing. Thematically chosing 'Black Planet', the phone disappears, and she gets back to work.

With her fingers laced, she reverses her hands and pops her knuckles. Then throws them out ot either side as the music starts, sending two straight lines of nuclear energy like a flow of coiling radiative material in those two directions. It cuts through everything indiscriminately and creates a wide swarth in the onslaught. Leaving behind piles, pools, and puddles of gore in it's wake.

Then she claps them together and sends another, large wall of nuclear run-off straight ahead, which erects into a literal divide that she spins in a circle by spinning in place. Wiping out anything closer than a car length from her. Lazily, the bare minimum of effort so as not to waste all the kinetic energy she'd absord doing redundent things like walking or dodging attacks.

Why would she?

None of these brainless shits can get close enough to be a threat.

At least not yet.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Don't get caught jungling!" Tabby warns. MOBA's aren't her thing as far as gaming goes but she's familiar enough with them to know that's not always a good thing.
Especially when she did say it was Horde Mode.

Boomer Shooters are pretty fun, but she's more a Fighting Game fan these days.

All that means more and more Zombies start flooding the streets as fast as either women can blow them up. And the numbers keep increasing the longer they go as well.

There's no intended winning for this.

Just endurance.

Those earbuds blasting music drowning out the constant stream of moans that even threatens to swallow the sounds of plasma volleys as the blonde climbs up onto the SWAT Truck. The higher vantage point she can get.

This lets Tabitha see what's coming and chuckle.

Thankfully despite the audio that might block out comms, Tabitha has ways around that that can be heard without ears. Telepathy, <<With the safeties on, if they get to where I am, we lose... If the computer detects a bite, we'll fail as well.>> The Shi'ar tech built in to the systems can account for a lot of things.

More bombs are sent, rolling down along the streets, her head swivelling about to try and keep track as she has the shorter end on the power stick.

She has to generate her own blasts from her own bioelectric energy ionising the air, and then telekinetically condensing and manipulate it to serve her explosive needs.

So as she makes more craters with her plasmoids, more Zombie shamble over each other to literally fills the holes she makes.

Negasonic has posed:
While Ellie does enjoy a good MOBA. Especially some of the mobile versions. Often that's what she's actually doing when she's looking at that phone and she's an avid jungler. Which works great against an intelligent target she can out think, there's just no out thinking or out playing an ever expanding horde of zombies.

So the suggestion holds and she begins to back off. Flinging her hands forward to send out a wave of flesh melting nuclear energy while retreating towards one of the over turned police cars, which she climbs atop. Only to get a running start, jump, and send out a blast from her legs to carry her the rest of the way towards Tabitha's swat van.

Even reaching out to steady herself with a hand landing on Tabitha's shoulder when her boot nearly slips off the corner. Zombie's aren't quite surrounding them, but it's getting pretty hairy. More wiggling, this time not to loosen herself up.

All that exploding hasn't hit her draining point, but if she doesn't top off it wont be long. Not with the number of zombies there are around them. After wiggling, she claps her hands together and brings them up over her head to let the fusion reaction radiate between her palms. It grows steadily, like the numbers around them, until she's holding a sphere about the size of a beach ball. A sphere that she hurls down the street in the direction she'd retreated.

To the naked eye, that's like a nuclear explosion.. literally.. but it bares all the tale tell characteristics of Nagasaki bomb. Completely with death shadows of simulated zombies cast across the ground when it completely desentigrates tens of dozens of the projected undead.

There's the barest hint of a grin on her sweaty face. Can't sarcastic your way out of physical exersion. That little grin is the only outward indication she's enjoying herself. Even if she knows there's no winning, only surviving as long as possible, the carnage sure does look like a lot of small victories.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby's hand grabs Ellie's and helps her up onto the van to get her footing a bit more securely.

A grin on the blonde as she is probably closer to exhaustion than Ellie based on how their powers differ.

Even as she leaves bodies innert and piling up, more and more just climb over them. The weight of the upright bodies trampling the downed making an awful mess.

The mini nuke blast is pretty big, hitting the wall of the danger room with a little visible glitch in the wall scrolling while the energy absorbers kick in.

It's had some major testing to handle the higher end blasters like Negasonic, or Havoc.

Not that Tabitha is any slouch. "Figured out how to mimic my gimmick huh?" she does not sound angry at all.

It's probably going to wipe her but she has a few tricks up her sleave still.

Her arms fanning around as flames of plasma build before she does a kind of side lunge stretch with arms T-Posing.

Streams from her fingers, one for each and her thumb leaving and seaking out undead bodies, punching into zombie heads and chests, knocking them about as she pushes through. Seeking out the next while she guides the blasts telekinetically, hands waving to help her focus as she drops more and more.

A view from the booth will show here work.

The bodies all landing spell TABY! in a big dead body font as wide as the street. And underlined.

Negasonic has posed:
The only difference being the nature of the energy itself is radiative and not plasmic and she can only throw it as far as her strength allows for. Which is still pretty far since energy actually doesn't weigh anything at all. ... Well that's not true, but the material itself doesn't. It's not weightless, but condensed mass folding in on itself to the point it negatively impacts the actual physical weight against gravity.

What Ellie doesn't know, what neither of them do until one of the professors reviews the tape, is she very nearly just created a blackhole... In the sense that energy folding in on itself can create a mass vortex. In essense, she almost manipulated the energy enough to shift gravitons against their own substance...

Not that anyone would even be able to explain it to her if they tried.

Hell, she's rolling her eyes just knowing someone tried using her as an avatar.

Instead she smirks at Tabitha and watches the body parts fly into a pattern of spelling out TABY..

If anyone ever wondered what it sounds like to hear Negasonic laugh, it's like the sound she just made. A short clipping 'hek hek' sound that lasted about two point one seconds. But it's something, right? "Nice."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby is starting to get out of breath, and while she was focussing on one direction and Ellie another it ends up finally letting one lucky zombie that had managed to crawl out from one of the masses of bodies inti the circle of cars at the T-Junction intersection.

Soon as the legless undead crawled itself over the line the res all freeze on the spot like the end of a sitcom. But with the two women still moving like it's an old episode of Police Squad!

The loud speakers blaring out. "SIMULATION ENDED" which gives Tabby thar breather as she drops her backside down on the upended SWAT Van's side. "That was a workout! Probably had one last big blast in me." she states and slumps with hands propping her up either side of her hips.

"The Sentinel one is worse. But it's all about pacing, and having enough people to keep an eye on each other. Solo I'm just running around trying to not get a stray shot out of no where." she adds while looking up at Ellie.

Negasonic has posed:
Even Ellie is out of breath. While she doesn't use her energy from the same source, she has to keep moving to stay charged. Her's is all shock and awe. It took her nearly four years to figure out there's no tactical advantage in hoping for one big haymaker punch to knock everyone out before she gets winded.

With the simulation ended, she's leaning over with her hands on her knees trying to catch her breath. Sweat rolls down her face, across the back of her neck where the scarf she'd been wearing has uncoiled to drape from one hand on her leg.

Still, she's grinning.

"That was fun." She has to admit with a nod, uncertain how the Sentinel event would go if it was similar at all to this one. Sentinels are notorious for fighting back. At least they are in all the footage she's ever watched about them.

After a second of standing there, she lumps down onto her butt and lays back on the roof of the car with her arms stretched back over her head to open her lungs up for more oxygen to come in. "We still kicked ass."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Both women are Genosha survivors, so they both know way too well what those things are capable of.

But a simulation isn't the same thing as the real thing. They still trip Boom-Boom's fears, though recently she's gott more fight than flight.

That naval warehouse was mostly her doing.

"A good fight, all that energy. Just need to light up a joint and kick back. Enjoy the buzz and get some decent sleep!" she states, agreeing with the good fight and ass kicking assessment.

With that she slides down and off the van and heads for the direction of the door as the simulation fades out to the stark metal walls of the danger room itself.

"C'Mon, lets head back home. Hit the showers, then come knock on my door. I'll snag some leftovers from the fridge upstairs in the kitchen. We'll smoke a bow, eat a couple more, contents pending. And chill the eff out!"

Goals and plans!