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Petite Theft Yachto
Date of Scene: 20 June 2020
Location: Port Hercule, Monaco
Synopsis: Theft!
Cast of Characters: Illyana Rasputina, James Proudstar, Tabitha Smith

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
"Monaco is a great senior trip!" they said.

Casinos in a sovereign city-state will be so cool, Roulette insisted.

This is how people get roped into rescuing a casino with incredibly deep pockets from all-star Swedish criminals named Fart. Still waiting on The Chef, Mamma Mia, and Colonel Meatball.

Do not take advice from professional gambler-thieves about a city-state of thieves, ruled by a grumpy, portly man and his very depressed swimmer-star wife. Poor princess, she might do better in dominating Genosha or another island nation. But still, the brief interlude in trying to locate those troublemakers requires an addition of some importance.

For that, Illyana insists on ditching the casino altogether and finding a spot where she can be fairly sure taking out a CCTV camera will not cause too much trouble. That means down by the waterfront, among slips costing stupid amounts of money to hook up a dinghy, much less an actual sailboat that might take to the sparkling, fish-free waters of the Med. See, it's early enough into the day that such a boathouse won't be used by those who want to alight off to all the sights. The boathouse isn't big, but nonetheless elegant, with a shower and powder room for people to strip off their bathing suits in favour of Breton stripes and fancy street clothes. Another room offers amenities like a place to sit and water, all for use of those privileged underclasses who pay for sailing and anchorage in ancient Greco-Roman harbours. How did they get in? Don't ask, teleporters make that happen easily.

Much less strange if more people come out than ever went in. "You text her and warn her, da?" she offers to James. He gets roughly 15 seconds to figure out how to put through an international text or call while she hangs a striped towel over the door and blocks off the changing room that's far too elegant to be only that. It looks mildly like an anonymous spa. Folding space in three, two...
And a blossoming mini-portal pops open wherever Tabitha is, giving Illyana a chance not to surprise her in the middle of driving in a car or some such. Pulling a car through at speed would be an accident in the harbour, no? "Have her?" she asks. Because the next moment means a knock-knock from reality to step through.

James Proudstar has posed:
Hey, it's not Jimmy's first international trip. He's actually been texting with Tabby regularly during the trip. He might have even suggested bringing her over. However it had not been fully decided upon so the sudden note of "Hey, Illyana's coming to get you" may seem a bit out of the blue. And that's assuming Tabby even sees it in the 15 or so seconds before Illy goes pseudo-scrying.

"Uh...she hasn't responded yet." Because it's only been fifteen seconds, Illyana! Sheesh.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It is probably a good thing Tabby doesn't drive. Does she? Probably doesn't.

So no worries of things there, no chance of having to pull an at speed car through a portal. Instead, it's just Tabby where she's been keeping herself entertained, clubs. Thankfully she's in the bathroom when that portal pops up, and not the middle of the dance floor.

The response to that, though, is a whole lot of emojis and ????!???? attached.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Probably not a situation where having a mobile portal running after friends is welcome. Fifteen seconds is -plenty- of time to have a signal sent through and triangulation through the aether, isn't it? By this point Illyana has already deciphered where four of the lesser Limbo dukes are currently having a war, striking out at one another. Her head tilts slightly back at Jimmy.

"But I provided sufficient warnings all along. Isn't this obvious enough? A two-way ticket from New York to a civilised part of the world." A friendly finger wiggle means the apparitions in the club mirror are, in fact, pretty damn familiar. They might also be mistaken as ghosts for a concerned bystander, if they weren't drunk or focused on elsewhere. "Come on through if you want to party, da?"

In the day? Right.

James Proudstar has posed:
Jimmy looks a bit sheepish, unaware of whether or not Tabby can see him, and adds, <It's Illyana, you know how she gets. Pretty sure we're stealing a boat or something.> That's about the extent of his understanding, though after seeing this boathouse that's nicer than some actual houses he's feeling less bad about it.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Thankfully, everyone is drunk. Not Tabby, she would never drink. (Spoiler: She's probably drunk.)

Either way she reaches for the waggling fingers, even if they appear to be coming from a mirror and might get her some very odd looks from people.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana, not drunk. Because the drunk Demon Queen firing portals is bound to be extremely dangerous, and when it comes to toxins, her body destroys them with terrifying efficiency when stepping into Limbo. Let's not imagine how that goes.

"Da." In one, the grip pulls Tabitha through a mirror. Not the first time such a gateway has been used, but the glass parts in a ripple of silver fire. The drop, of course, involves standing for some reason atop a -lake- where Tabitha might see a tire swing of dubious familiarity.

Another hop through and they're left in the boathouse tres extra in Monaco.

James Proudstar has posed:
"Hey." Jimmy greets Tabby, albeit accompanied by a kiss if she allows it. "Glad you're here, finally." He does chide just a little bit. "It's been an experience, but I dunno if I'd call it a lot of fun yet."

He turns his gaze towards Illyana and smirks just a bit, "So how's this going to work? The biggest boat I've ever been in control of is a kayak on Lake Havasu, so I hope you're not expecting me to drive."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
That damn tire swing. But it's so quick that Tabby is left confused, uncertain if she's actually seen what she thinks that she's seen.

But Jimmy is always allowed a kiss, and she throws in a hug as well before glancing around them, "What the hell?" Perhaps a little too on the nose? Maybe? "What're we doing?"

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The natural disorientation of being scattered across the cosmos and reconstituted in the Old World using non-conventional linearities might take a few seconds to overcome. Or vomiting in the toilet is probably likely. Not for nothing is there a towel up to block a view from the door if anyone enters.

The blonde Russian withdraws a few steps to give the tight space a little more room, leaning back against the wall with a smirk on her lips. Hugs are easier when Jimmy isn't pinned to a corner by dint of three people in a powder room-slash-boathouse boudoir. "Bonjour to you too." She knows small amounts of French, and a toothy smirk barely shows the tips of her eyeteeth. "Want to raise a little hell? A few oligarchs keep their boats here. I plan on taking one for a spin. How else? You turn it on and run it."

James Proudstar has posed:
"I'm gonna bet it's a little more difficult than that, but what the hell, we can give it a try. Not like we don't have a pretty foolproof escape handy if things start to go sideways." Jimmy isn't exactly a goody-two-shoes even if he's perhaps not as inclined to mischief as either of the ladies here. He doesn't want to make more trouble for the group here, but well...some of these folks really have been a-holes. Both on the side they're "working for" and the opposite. Right now Illyana is on Jimmy's very short list of "acceptable Europeans" and let's be honest she doesn't even really count given she's from closer to China than mainland Europe.

"Either way, I'm in." He glances around the confined space and adds, "Lead on."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"If we need to....I know how to get rid of a boat." Tabby offers, because sometimes you need to actually blow up a boat when you need to make a hasty escape. sometimes you don't.

When there is some shifting around, she moves, making sure that no one is getting elbows in uncomfortable places in the tight space. "I think driving a boat is like driving a plane."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
A roll of her shoulder lends Illyana's plan an unperturbable calm. "Speedboat, then." Recalculating isn't too hard. "Like Bond, da? It does not have to be a sailboat. Piotr and I sailed on More Baikal." Imagine a bit younger Piotr with his much younger sister with her face to the wind and the biggest smile possible, and they might be headed in the right direction mentally. One shouldn't be quite so springy in approaching the water, but then her seat of power is literally a tower overlooking a forest and a lake.

Some things never get far from home.

"Flying a plane is not so hard." She offers her hand behind her to either Jimmy or Tabby, happy to link up either of them or both. Meandering along the promenade won't be so difficult after that, though the more exclusive wharves aren't open to the public and barred off by impressively pretty little gates that don't do much. The guards on some of those yachts undoubtedly are armed enough to keep problems from coming. Now to isolate the right targets. Fortunately for that, it's easy: look for the Cyrillic.

James Proudstar has posed:
"I mean, I kinda know how to fly the Blackbird? Even if the most important thing I know is where the autopilot is." Jimmy notes with a slight shrug, "But let's get outta this closet at the very least. Not that I mind being in here with the two of you, but being able to stretch would be nice." He lets Tabby take Illy's hand, and takes Tabby's in turn, as the Russian Demon-Sorceress leads them out to further mischief.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The middle link in this little chain looks mildly confused, "More what?" Because More is more...right? But that only distracts her for half a second or so before she brightens some, "I bet you could drive a speedboat, Jimmy."