224/Happy Harbor - Enrolling a Bird

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Happy Harbor - Enrolling a Bird
Date of Scene: 02 March 2020
Location: Morrigan MacInture's Happy Harbor School Office
Synopsis: Carol takes the wayward bird to Happy Harbor to enroll him in the school project. Thankfully both Doctor MacIntyre and Kian seem to be on board with this plan.
Cast of Characters: Carol Danvers, Morrigan MacIntyre, Kian

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Okay, so while it has only been a week and a half since Kian ended up on Earth, it has been a pretty traumatic week for Kian, full of testing, medical, R&D folks, and the like.
    Carol has tried to keep him from getting too claustrophobic, taking him out flying, and spending a good amount of time letting him use his contact telepathy and trying to teach him English.  Hard to say how fast he is catching on really but she is hopeful.
    Still, one thing has become very cemented with the Captain.  Kian is not a Skrull.  He isn't some sort of advance invasion force.  The poor bird is a teenager/student equivalent and is entirely too far from home and alone and locked up in SHIELD for study probably won't do him much good psychologically.
    That whole lab rat situation has a lot of personal baggage for Carol so she managed to get permission to try to find Kian a place where he could adjust to being stuck on Earth.
    The nudge from that nosy but polite reporter didn't help much either really.  The Titans are defunct even if members are still around and Kian has a lot to learn about humanity and Earth… so why not the Happy Harbor project.
    She set up a meeting with the head and managed to get Kian over there (probably taking him out for a flight) before coming to meet Morrigan MacIntyre where she would have instructed them to go.
    Carol isn't in full costume, wearing her civvies of jeans, AC/DC shirt, and a flight jacket.
    She would have provided Kian with normal teenage clothes of some sort if they could figure out those logistics what with the wings.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan was posted up in her office, the curtains on the windows drawn shut and the red haired woman filing different things as she was waiting for Carol and Kian to arrive.  One of the funders of the school was SHIELD, so Morrigan was more than happy to talk to folks and help out.  The Irish woman finishes slipping the last manila folder into her filing cabinet and then goes to open the door.
    It was sometimes nice to be prepared for people before they arrived.  The office, besides the lighting seems to be at least not a place stacked with books and old files.  It's clean and a bit state of the art.  Plenty of room for people to come in and visit.

Kian has posed:
    The logistics of designing around Kian's wings are a lot easier than convincing him to wear them—he's willing to have his kilt and sleeveless shirt and soft-soled sandals copied, but not replaced.  Certainly not by leg and arm tubes that make him feel all bound up.  He was polite about it… but also firm.  The kilt provides a sort of additional control surface.  He needs to be able to feel changes in the wind that being mummified in Earth wear would interfere with.  And the small silver pendant he always wears, he may not allow that to be covered up.
    None of which is on his mind as he follows Carol.  «This isn't just a casual flight,» he says, gliding effortlessly alongside.  «Are we going somewhere?  You usually stay closer to your… base, is it?… whenever you take me out flying.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Carol replies, «Going out to meet the head instructor at that school I mentioned to you before.  Where they are teaching students with God Gifts like yours and trying to help them adjust to living amongst normal humans.  I am hoping you can blend in there without being cooped up in SHIELD all the time and instead try to assimilate.»
    So yeah he is right.  Not a normal flight.
    She also gave up on the normal clothes, sigh.  That is a battle for another day really.
    She opens the doors and guides Kian into the High School glancing at the signs to get him to right office and holding that door open next.  Once inside she lifts a hand to wave to Morrigan.  "Ms. MacIntyre I assume… thank you for meeting with us this afternoon."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan looks up from her desk when she hears footsteps approaching and there's a smile when she sees Carol and another there.  "Doctor MacIntyre, but Morrigan is fine.  Thank you for reaching out to us," she tells the woman.  She takes a bit of a moment to study Kian, not in a gawking way, but a way that might try to discern appearances and things.
    "Please, have a seat if you would like.  I understand that your arrival on Earth was very recent?" she asks him.  "We have another that is not from Earth here, so it might be good to introduce the two of you at another time."  She nods to that.

Kian has posed:
    Kían had stopped at every door and peered in first, to assure himself he wouldn't feel confined.  It's an exceedingly rare room on his world that doesn't have easy access to the outside.  He hesitates before following Carol in, but he does follow, and stands there a moment looking uncomfortably around himself while the others talk in their language.  The only words he is able to pick out are 'please' and 'Earth', so when invited to sit, he just looks at the woman blankly.
    Turning to Carol, he starts speaking in his own language—it is strangely musical, and sharp, and sibilant.
    He also keeps glancing towards the door; he left it open behind himself.  The curtained windows seem to bother him, too.

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Carol gestures to one of the chairs, couch, anything.  «She offered for you to take a seat and be comfortable.  Did you catch any of her words…»  Carol was really hoping that the practice with the telepathy might be working but he still has a way to go.
    "He is… still learning English, Morrigan.  He does have a form of touch telepathy though and it is accelerated the learning but he has a lot to learn still."
    Carol will accept a seat and look to Kian.  «She noted that she understood your arrival was recent, and mentioned having another student who is a recent arrival from outer space whom you could meet.»

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    "Oh, I apologize."  Morrigan states with a bit of a frown.  Then she moves to settle back into her seat.  The door doesn't close.  Giving a way out if things get overwhelming.  "Completely understandable.  I'm glad that you can translate between us though," she tells Carol with a smile.  It was genuine.  "Is there anything that we can do at the moment to make him more comfortable?" she asks.  "And what were the circumstances of coming to Earth, if you don't mind sharing?"  She looks between Kian and Carol.
    Morrigan takes a moment to touch her forehead, murmuring a few words and then a neon violet energy runs through her fingers and there's a shake of her head, «Maybe this will work,» she hedges.  Hey, she can speak the language now!  «Ah, that's better!»  She smiles.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:

Kian has posed:
    «I thought I recognized 'Earth',» Kían tells Carol, although his pronunciation is more like "ert'h".  «And 'please'.»  Which comes out more like "p'leece'.
    He turns to Morrigan, and bows, spreading his wings very slightly.  "Kié."  It has the tone of a greeting—and it will be translated as 'peace'.  «I… think I will be okay in here, for a little while at least.»  Another glance at the door.  «I'm not entirely certain what brought me to your world.  The only guess I have is that my Gods'-gift interacted with the tachyon drive on the ship that was taking me to the homeworld.  One moment I was on the observation deck waiting for the drive to start and the next I was falling towards water on your world.»
    He adds shyly, «I don't suppose the other outworlder is another Akiár like me?»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Carol watches Morrigan and the spellwork, the neon violet energy and then the talking.  Interesting what it does to her translator though but she doesn't mention it as she tilts her head listening to Morrigan.
    Then she looks to Kian and notes in his language so he can understand, but assumes Morrigan will now as well.  «He is a touch claustrophobic.»  She pauses.  «Okay a good deal but seems to be able to handle decently sized rooms, especially if the windows are not curtained and he can see outside and the sky.»

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan takes a few seconds to let the magical translation take over.  There's a look to Kian and there's a soft shake of her head.  «No, I do not believe he is from that planet.  He's one of our teachers,» she admits.  «I am sure we'll also be home to more than a few more off Earth visitors though as we grow,» she admits.
    Her bright violet gaze moves to Carol and there's a moment taken to look to the windows.  «I can open the curtains if that would make things better.  I am… allergic to sunlight, so I tend to keep them closed, but, can handle a bit of light in small doses.»  She nods to that as she stands up and heads for the windows.  They're big and once the curtains are pulled back the room is filled sunshine.  To which Morrigan shies away from.  «Better?» she asks as she moves to sit back down.

Kian has posed:
    «Thank you,» Kían says, «but please don't injure yourself for my comfort.  That would be wrong.»  His solution is to go stand by one of the windows so he can see out, and can block light from coming in.  «I wonder… if you can give yourself my language so easily, can't you as easily give me yours?»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    "Interesting question actually."  She pauses and says it again in Kian's language.  «That is an interesting question actually.  I don't have a spare translator implant but if he could be… well whatever you just did Doctor."  She isn't exactly sure to be honest, Magick is one of the frontiers Carol isn't as strong on.
    «So I am hoping that Kian might find a place here at Happy Harbor where he can learn about Earth and the language and find people more his age to assimilate with. I am not very keen on keeping him at the Triskelion in the R&D Labs forever.»

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    «It's no problem really,» Morrigan tells the bird man.  «It won't injure me until after two or three hours in it, so, don't worry on it.»  She shakes her head to that.  «And that is a good question.  Magic is an odd duck when it comes to give and take.  I don't think I could grant it in permanence… but probably for small amounts of time,» she tells Kian.
    «I will do research into it.  I just became a Master of the Mystic Arts… so we're still trying things,» she admits.  Then there's a nod to Carol.  «I will do my best to get him settled here.  I know that our students for the most part are under discretion, so hopefully this will work out.  I do not like R&D labs myself,» she agrees.  «And if you would like I could teach you English while we work on getting you settled?» she offers to Kian.

Kian has posed:
    «I am going to have to learn it, and probably more sooner than later,» Kían says, «So yes, please, since you'll be able to explain things in my language while I get familiar with yours.  And then I can take advantage of other classes, maybe.  That's half the reason I was going to the homeworld anyway—I was going to the Imperial University.  Mostly to be studied, but also to work on advanced qualifications.»

Carol Danvers has posed:
    Carol overall is pleased where this seems to be going watching the Doctor and Kian.  «He doesn't really have any belongings just the clothes on his back when he appeared and then crashed into the ocean near Metropolis.  Are there any housing near here or will he need to stay in the Triskelion and commute here for classes?»
    Honestly Carol is just glad this seems to be working out, so far, she did promise to look after the bird and she did mean it.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    «We'll make it a point to getting you studying then,» Morrigan offers to that.  «And we'll get you eased into classes slowly.»  She nods in agreement.  She then shakes her head.  «We aren't going to be studying anyone.  So I hope that is not an expected thing.  We are here to aid and to teach,» she admits.
    Then she smiles to Carol.  «We've got dorms here if he'd like to stay.  I can make sure we find some clothes and other things for him if that would make things easier?» she asks.

Kian has posed:
    Kían absorbs all this; it's slowly settling in that this is real, he's not going to be kept inside forever—and he can carry on his studies, too?  «Gods'-gifts seem common on this world.  I suppose mine wouldn't even be interesting here.  Home, I was the first one in about a century, so it was a big deal.  And… I could stay here?  Without being expected to stay inside?»  He looks out the window at the surrounding trees, the open sky.  «I could do that,» he says, without turning back from the window.

Carol Danvers has posed:
    «Well, your gift is probably interesting but they aren't going to force you into a situation where they are studying it.  It would be good though for you to learn about it and figure out what it can and can't do for your own safety reasons though, Kian.»
    She looks to Morrigan and then back to Kian.  «SHIELD helps fund this school, the idea is to create an environment for Terrans and others with special gifts where they can live normal lives and study and grow up safe.  So yes you can stay here.» She pauses.  «I'll probably stop by to check on you and the school fairly regularly.»

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    «I'm sure that everyone that does have a gift is special in their own ways,» Morrigan states.  «And we'll definitely have to talk about the limits of where you can go for now as far as outside goes.  I don't want someone seeing your wings and be like… what is that,» she points out.  «As I am guessing they are always out?» she asks.  «And no, we will not be studying gifts here,» Morrigan confirms.
    «Not our place to.»  She shakes her head.  «And what she said.  We're definitely here to make sure we learn.  But I don't want to put you into any dangerous situations either,» she states.

Kian has posed:
    Kían stares at Morrigan like a weasel just popped out of her ear and waved 'hi'.  «Of course my wings are always on me,» he replies, a little baffled.  Okay, a lot baffled.  «Where else would they be?».
    He sighs, and comes away from the window.  «I thought there would have to be limits of some kind.  Would people really react badly to seeing me?  The woman who rescued me from the water didn't—and neither have either of you, nor that huge man on the beach when I arrived here.  It might be safer than you think.»  So speaks the alien who doesn't know anything about the world he's stuck on….

Carol Danvers has posed:
    «Well we may have to see about an image inducer… basically hologram to hide your wings but then people might bump into them….»  She considers this for a long moment.  «Well I assume Doctor MacIntyre is used to these problems.»  So responsible of Carol there.
    «The woman on the beach also filmed you and gave it to a reporter actually, which reminds me I need to look her up still.  Should I take him back with me to the Triskelion or do you think you have things from here, Doctor?»  Because honestly this is out of her sphere of experience.  Other than the whole stranger in a strange land of being in Kian's shoes to a degree.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
    Morrigan gives a look to him.  «Some beings are able to hide their wings… I don't know how to explain the how really,» she admits to that.  «So that is why I asked,» she tells him.  «The safety of our students and faculty is one of my top priorities,» she points out.  «I have a few ideas though.»  She smiles.
    Then to Carol, «Thank you, Agent Danvers, for bringing him.  I would be happy to take him around the school and get him settled in a dorm if he feels comfortable in staying with us?  If he doesn't feel comfortable here then we could find housing for him where he feels he can be at home,» she states with a smile.

Kian has posed:
    Okay, that was a little faster than Kían was really ready for—but then, he has nothing at the base that he would need to go back and get.  Like Carol said, he has aught but the clothes on his back.
    He checks to his sides, and then bows low, wings spread as wide as he can without hitting anything.  «I thank you, Ká-rol, for all your help.  I can't imagine trying to get around this world on my own.  I will look forward to your visits.»
    He gives Morrigan a shy smile.  «And I thank you for taking me in, q'sakh.»  The translation is a little involved there—it's somewhere between "teacher" and "sensei".  «I will not give you cause to regret that.»