2294/A Lazy Afternoon at the Rathskeller

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A Lazy Afternoon at the Rathskeller
Date of Scene: 01 July 2020
Location: The Rathskeller - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: A chance meeting over a couple beers at the Rathskeller.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Logan Howlett, Floyd Lawton, David Corriea, Alex Summers

Emma Frost has posed:
Coming up on a holiday weekend, the Rathskeller is midday-midweek slow as bars go. But it has a few things going for it around lunchtime...

It has an extremely good selection of beers at really good specials midweek.

And the food specials are to die for... if you like German food.

Emma Frost has a spot at the bar, with a tall draft of hefeweisen and a plate of pretzels with beer cheese and hot mustard that makes your nose run. She's casually dressed, which is light blue, almost white jeans and a white tank top with a white bolero jean jacket over it. She's skimming a tablet computer as she enjoys her lunch.

Logan Howlett has posed:
The Second World War can give a Canadian a taste for German beer and cuisine.  The promise of being surrounded in the ambiance of a good Munich beer house isn't lost on the savage turned mentor for young mutants. He arrives wearing a brown outback hat, a white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up his hairy forearms, a pair of well-fitting jeans, and a pair of black boots that give him a couple of extra inches of height, because he needs them.

He scans the interior of the bar with a sour countenance. Logan has learned to expect disappointment in its many forms, but the smell of brats and beer draw a brief curl to his lips. He runs a calloused hand along his jaw, scratching at his side-burns.

His nostrils flare as he catches the scent of someone semi-familiar. Head tilting, his eyes Emma Frost then decides to saddle up to the bar beside her. Setting his outback hat upon the bartop, he mounts a stool beside her.

"Didn't expect to run into a familiar face." His voice is low and gravelly, the words almost growled, yet they lack malice behind them.

Floyd Lawton has posed:
    At this point, Floyd might be getting himself a membership full time. He's got the cash, and it's not like he's gotten in touch with high society before. Instead of tactical gear, the hitman's gone incognito with a nice hoodie and jeans, his facial hair groomed to a nice goatee. It doesn't pay to press his luck with the Hellfire club, after all, so Floyd's gonna be a good boy.

    The blonde gets his attention, but other than a smirk of admiration he doesn't try to get too leery with Emma Frost. He knows her by rep alone, and only an idiot would try and interrupt her. The short Canadian seems oddly familiar, but most acuqaintences Floyd has tend to be the 'try to kill him' kind.

    He knocks back his lager, toying with some of his pretzels casually.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma glances to the side as Logan joins her at the bar. She gives him a bit of a smile-- he's one of the teachers? she is pretty sure, from the school Alex's brother teaches at. 'School'. She flags down one of the bartenders. "His is on me," she notes to the bartender, who promptly brings Logan whatever beer he asks for and leaves the menu for the lunch specials for the short Canadian mutant. "How's it going?" she asks. She hasn't been back up to the school since after the Sinister incident (in truth she's been largely confined to her apartment to recover).

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan rears back a little as she puts him on her tab. He shrugs and accepts the generosity. Despite being a bit short and hairy, Logan hasn't lacked for the attention of beautiful women. Thus, even with the generous offer and Emma's alluring appearance even in casual dress, Logan's mind is solidly fixated on German food and drink. He asks for a Hefe and a sausage plate.

"Better now with a free lunch. How about y'self?" He asks, drumming his fingers on the bar top. "I haven't smelled you around the grounds in awhile. You keeping busy?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma shrugs. "Doctor's orders-- it's only been a few days since I've been allowed out of bed on my own. Might go back up there with Alex sometime soon, do another taco night, maybe. Kids seem to like tacos, pizza, and cupcakes. And it's summer time, so." She tilts her head, considering. "Maybe I'll bring up stuff for a grill out, instead. Burgers, brats. Steaks for those of us with taste." She snorts. "Alex's brother seems to like taking over the grill, so could just let him burn things. Or whatever it is he does." She seems dismissive of Scott's entire presence as a general rule. "Mostly keeping busy. Should be opening a new under-21 club here in a couple of months, give the kids some place to get into trouble."

She leans forward a bit, eyes skimming the draft pulls. Her glass is about half empty, so she's already thinking about round two.

David Corriea has posed:
    David walks into the bar and sighs, looking about the room. He seems to be listening to something but he smiles and turns to the woman and the man, nodding to them. "Hey." He says as he watches them a few minutes before sitting at the bar, hands on the bar. "So this is the famous hellfire club..." He says as he looks about the place, curious gaze in his eyes as he then looks back to the two present.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan offers a low whistle, "Didn't realize you'd been so knocked out of commission, maybe I need to get my head out of my ass and pay more attention."

He hums, a sound that rumbles deeply inside his chest before he takes a big chug from his Hefe pint. "Kids seem to really like bein' out in the sun. You can't get 'em away from the pool. So a cookout sounds smart. Fuck Scott though, keep him away from the meat. For my sanity."

He raises an eyebrow, setting his glass down. His broad arms fold over his chest. "Guessin' you've got security in mind, huh? I don't like the kids congregating too much outside the school. Makes a big target."

He casts a glance over his shoulder briefly toward David. He sniffs to catch the man's scent then looks toward Emma. "Sounds like you've got a tourist."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma snorts at Logan's crass view of Scott. "Yeah-- well last time he was wearing this //ridiculous// apron and decided to take charge. Apparently being bossy is his //thing//." As if she can really say much, truth to tell. "Mm, as for security, Shaw has stepped it up a fair amount after... everything. I'm not too worried about it. Half the security around here are metas, and the ones that aren't are well trained. We pay through the nose for it, after all." She wrinkle her nose. "Mm. I'm thinking maybe one of the kolschs?" she queries the bartender, who nods, moving to fix her a second pint.

Emma glances over her shoulder at the 'tourist'. "Seems that way," she notes to Logan. "It's a famous building with famous clientele. We get a lot of them. I assume they get lost on their way to gawking like bumpkins in the middle of Times Square."

David Corriea has posed:
    "I prefer my home to be honest. Still this is nice." David says as he looks about. He then smiles and offers a hand to Emma and Logan. He then nods. "Sorry if I seem Touristy." He says as he watches the two. "I come from Gotham and I came over here to discuss opening a branch of my business here." He explains.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan snorts at the mention of the apron and takes another long drink from his glass. He reaches into his shirt pocket to pull out his stogie, stares at it, then tucks it away. "Scott is a bossy, S.O.B. And it's really not welcome except under very.. specific circumstances."

He nods slowly and takes a bite out of one of his sausages chewing as he listens to her quantify how much security they can offer. He swallows, "Well, you don't seem to lack the cash to keep that kind of operation going. Guess I should be glad the kids have another place to hang their hats. Might have to show up, and keep an eye on 'em.. You know, while drinking a pint." He grins.

He takes another sniff and eyes David suspiciously for a moment. He instantly assumes meta-human, a fact Emma catches from his surface thoughts. Since the talk is of business, he butts out and focuses on his food.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma's face immediately twists into the somewhat snotty sneer she's often known for. She doesn't take the... probable metahuman? she does catch the flicker of assumption from Logan's mind...'s hand offered. "Here... as in, here in the Hellfire Club?" She skims him, though she isn't giving any sign of doing so. Beyond the handful of people at Xavier's, and the Inner Circle, Emma's powers are a tightly-held secret. She sighs. "What... kind of business, and why should I direct you to Sebastian?"

David Corriea has posed:
    "Here as in New York City." David says as he lowers his hand. He then shrugs to Emma. "So far people dont seem interested in my business. I run the largest Ice cream business in Gotham City." He says. David's own mind seems to flash to his business, owning several ice cream trucks and an ice cream shop. The business isnt exactly small but not enough to be a conglomerate. He begins to look around once more. "Still I am looking for people willing to help." He says with a shrug.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan drains his glass and then eyes the bartender. "Let's try Schnapps, do me a favor, and just fill the glass." He waves the pint glass then gazes toward Emma then David.

He grunts, his thoughts along the lines of 'There's business.. and then there's Business.' though he doesn't but in. It's not his house, though he does view business men and women as a class of predators onto themselves, and he chuckles when he sees the 'Alpha' come out of Emma only to be faced with ice cream. He takes another bite of sausage.

Emma Frost has posed:
"Quaint." Emma forces a smile-that-isn't regarding ice cream trucks and... whatever small pointless business efforts the young man has. "I wish you luck. Probably need to talk to someone in the city business office." Logan isn't wrong, exactly, and Emma certainly is one of those predators, born and raised to it... much like many in the Hellfire Club, and moreso those who number among the Inner Circle.

She turns back to Logan and her lunch. "He is a bit bossy. I don't think he's particularly pleased that his little brother is dating me, but that seems like a him problem. He'd probably get more action himself if he removed the giant stick from his ass." She muses, watching the bartender top off the glass with schnapps. A flick of her finger, and he leaves the bottle beside it. "But that's not my problem. As for the kids, the hope is giving them a safe place to blow off steam might keep them from getting into places where more predatory types might pick them up. The good Reverend is stirring up his flock again, after all."

David Corriea has posed:
    David smirks a little, as if pleased that they find his business quaint and not worth bothering. Didnt bother him. Kept them away from his real activities of punching criminals and gaining more control of his powers. A brief flicker of thought comes to that but he dismisses it and looks to the others. He then smiles. "So I guess I better go. Quit being a tourist."

Alex Summers has posed:
    There's a soft *ding* from the elevator as it opens and Alex comes wandering out, dressed in dark shorts and a much brighter ocean blue Hawaiian depicting felines surfing with palm tree islands in teh background that hangs loose, the top button undone to keep extra cool in the New York heat. Short socks, and dark walking shoes complete the outfit as he pauses, looking around for a moment, then spots Emma and Logan, whom he knows, though David gets an absent glance as well. Doesn't remember him from around, but there's lots of people who hang out at the clubs here. He starts winding his way across the room towards the table with the former pair however.

Logan Howlett has posed:
Logan chuffs out a laugh at the exchange. A laugh that becomes a crack of laughter regarding the stick in Scott's ass. He then sighs, "Well, some people seem to like it, but even good people can'ave bad taste." He grumbles a little then takes chug from the schnapps glass.

A contented sigh rolls around in his throat. He eyes the glass then nods his approval. He turns back toward Emma and revisits the conversation, "Yea, I see your point. Though not sure who needs protectin' from who. I've personally given a few of those kids a few tips. Better be a big predatory for its own sake."

Logan drains his schnapps glass then growls lowly under his breath at the mention of the good 'Reverend'. The glass cracks in his grip. He glances down then nudges it forward with the back of his head, it falling into fragments on the bar. "Eh, sorry bout that."

He grabs the bottle around the neck and takes a swig. "Something needs to be done about... the Reverend."

He eyes David once more, "Eh, be whatever you want to be. Nothing wrong with bein' a tourist if that's what you are about."

He offers a nod to Alex as he approaches.

Emma Frost has posed:
Alex's arrival has Emma's expression go from snotty and bitchy to soft and hapyy in a matter of an instant. She slides off her barstool as the younger Summers approaches, making a small oof as she lands on her feet and then leaning up to give him a kiss. "Off work early today I see," she teases with a grin, before taking her seat back on her stool. She glances to the broken glassware and Logan's obvious displeasure at the mention of Stryker, even obliquely. "Agreed," is all she says to that. "Mm, Alex, beer?" She gives him a look. "We're discussing the new club, and the latest from the Purifiers. You know they have to see the removal of Mutant Town as something exciting for them. Wouldn't be surprised if they are preaching this... alien thing... is the second coming."

David Corriea has posed:
    "Just looking around is all, sir." David says as he smiles at logan. He then looks to Alex and Emma and smiles. "I need to tend to stuff." He says as he begins to head out. He doesnt say anything more and he seems to be rather pleased then annoyed at emma's snottiness

Alex Summers has posed:
    "A beer would be great. Canadian, since it's Canada Day, eh?" Alex says with a faint smile, right in front of the Canuck. Because that hasn't occured to him. "Which one is the new club again, and fuck those guys, respectively." he adds after a moment. "Of course they would, it's always the second coming when they can fit it into what they wish would happen." He nods to Logan, whom he remembers from....the pizza party? Maybe? He's seen him at the school. That stabby girl is related to him, and Gabby. Laura, that's the one. "Hey." he says in a friendly way, his head turning slightly as David walks past.

Logan Howlett has posed:
"It's a German place, so I'll drink German beer or liquor, but I will toast the British North America Act. Long live, Canada." He raises his bottle of schnapps and takes another swig. He watches David go then raises an eyebrow at Emma. "Not lookin' to invest in ice cream any time soon? Eh, Gotham is a shit hole anyway."

He gazes toward Alex then nods, offering the necessary 'Hey' back to the Summer. He then frowns and shakes his head, "Fuckin' pack of sheep. This is one of those months where I really wonder if Charles' way is the right way. Sometimes you need to just cull the herd."

He grumbles a bit more and takes another drink. His thoughts involve impaling a certain loud mouthed religious figure on six claws of adamantium. He then immediately feels a ping of guilt. A certain bald headed man chiding with a 'No, Logan. You are better then that.'

Emma Frost has posed:
"Hmph." Emma shrugs. "It is a shithole, and I have better things to waste my money on." She sips her beer as Alex is handed one by the bartender. "As for the Purifiers and their Reverend, I couldn't agree more. Some people just need to be removed." She has a bit of... reasoning to feel that hugging it out doesn't always work.

Alex Summers has posed:
    Alex grunts a bit, leaning over to give Emma a peck on the lips gently for a moment, before responding. "...after the last month or so I'm more inclined to lean that way myself." he admits. "Though I don't think the Purifiers are as outright insane evil as...others." He snags the beer as a waitress returns it with. "German works too." he admits easily, taking a sip as he mms. "I don't know if they've got the balls to pull anything, honestly. They're cheering because someone else is doing what they wouldn't for fear of getting caught."

Logan Howlett has posed:
"Never underestimate what single-minded zealotry and stupidity can accomplish." Logan offers in a low murmur, finally feeling some of the effects of the alcohol after drastically increasing the volume. His healing factor rapidly works on processing it away. Hard to hide in a bottle with that quirk. He sighs and scratches at one of his sideburns. "There are bigger fish to fry. Fuckin' robots. Though even if there's a bear outside your cabin, you can't ignore the snake under your bed. That man.. is unreasonable."

He points a thumb at his own chest, "And I know a thing or two about bein' unreasonable."

Emma Frost has posed:
"Do you?" Emma replies dryly. "Couldn't have guessed, really." She pops a beer-cheese dunked bite of pretzel into her mouth. "Robots first, then Reverends and friends. Maybe psychotic doctors somewhere in between."

Alex Summers has posed:
    "We're working on it." Alex allows, frowning. "We got enough to hopefully do both though. I mean...just figuring out what the Purifiers are up to would be a good start. Publically they're always gonna be assholes, it's what they're planning privately and sneakily that we need to figure out." He shrugs his shoulders a bit, sliding an arm around Emma idly as they talk. "And admittedly I'm not great at this, not like..others at the school. My brother." He cocks his head. "...working at it, but not there yet."

Logan Howlett has posed:
He raises an eyebrow at Emma and points a finger at her from the same hand holding the schnapps bottle. "The snark doesn't work on me. I know my demons."

He grunts at the mentioning of Alex's brother and finishes off the bottle. He wipes his mouth on the back of his hand. "Sometimes, you just need to spend five minutes with someone and have a nice 'chat' to figure out what they are doin'."

He reaches over and wraps his fingers over the top of his outback hat. Carefully positioning it on his head without crushing his uniquely Logan hairstyle, he starts to stand up. He pulls the stogie out of his shirt pocket and slips it into the corner of his mouth, not daring to light it. "And that's exactly what I'm gonna'do when I get the chance."

He eyes Emma, "Thanks for the drinks and sausages. I'm gonna head back to the school. Figure I shouldn' stay away too long. Nice bar you've got here, I'll be back, on my own dime sometime."

He nods to Alex and then starts heading toward the door, hands slipping into his jean pockets.