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Date of Scene: 05 July 2020
Location: Molly's
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Sara Pezzini, Achilles

Sara Pezzini has posed:
Brooklyn on the side streets is full of them or used to be. Rising real estate prices, chain restaurants, and bars are putting the small mom and pop operations out of business. The businesses that survived the Mafia, crime running rampant, and competition are no longer considered lucrative.

True to the cliche, 'Molly's' has seen it all and lived through it, partly with the help of the policemen and women that congregate there on off-hours. The long bar made of dark wood burnished by countless hands, knees, and elbows has a brass rail to set your foot on. The owner, an older heavy man with an apron tied around his ample belly, is reflected in the mirror embellished with shamrocks that has begun to haze with age. A framed picture of a woman with an eighties shag haircut smiles benignly out on the bar.

The music thumps, one of the cops is on a Blues kick, and Howling Wolf is wailing in the background. A lot of the Blue are out, and among them, Sara Pezzini, who is knocking back a whiskey with a few of her comrades from homicide. She's fresh off from work, but the heat of the bar already has made her take off her jacket, the turquoise silk of her sleeveless silk t-shirt highlighting her eyes an emerald green.

"Woo, that bites nicely," she says, banging the glass down on the bar with a grin.

Achilles has posed:
    If there has been one single constant in the life of Achilles over the millennia, it has been the lure of gathering places where warriors drink, talk, socialize, and otherwise let off steam. Whether with darts, billiards, or older games such as daggers.... it is one of the places that the old man has always felt welcome, always felt a camaraderie with fellow warriors... be they soldiers, peace officers or the like.
    But it never fails. Within a few weeks of moving his home to a new location, he will find his way to one of those various drinking holes. But however it happens, tonight it is Molly's that draws him in.
    It's not some supernatural draw, or some power. It is merely the allure of the sounds and sights of such a place. The feel of coming home when he pushes that front door open and steps inside.
    The boyish grin on his ancient face almost transforms him from looking in his mid-thirties, to a kid in his early twenties. But the weirdest thing is that his voice is hard to mistake... at least for someone who has spent as much time around him as Sara has.
    "One of your most popular brew on tap." says his very-light English accented voice.

Sara Pezzini has posed:
One of the other detectives is in the middle of a long elaborate joke when Sara overhears the voice at the bar. She turns and then leans forward to look down the row of patrons. Angelo's blonde hair gleams in the overhead lights; he looks at ease here, like he's been coming to the bar for years, not just recently moved into the neighborhood. As if seeing him with fresh eyes, Sara admires his long straight nose and the set of his almost too generous lips, his eyes are Aegean blue - she is staring, mouth open before she comes to herself.

Lifting her hand, she says, feeling lame, "Hey, Angelo. You hanging out here now?" The other detectives turn to see who she is talking to and give each other meaningful glances when they see Sara's gaze fastened on him like she is saying, 'Lord, if this is a prayer book then let us pray.'

Achilles has posed:
    Hearing her voice... that voice. Angelo turns his head slowly, the lights flickering in his eyes as his smile turns into a grin. "Detective!" he says with that voice of his that he has used to great advantage to get under peoples' skins.
    And then to the bartender he says, "If this is a cop bar then let me buy a round for anyone with a badge in the house please." as he hands over his American Express card. And just so that nobody questions his right to be here, he does it in a way that revealed the corner of the metal badge inside his own wallet.... by accident.
    And hey, he didn't just buy -Sara- a drink in the bar. Because that might draw too much attention her way. And yes, he's buying twenty seven drinks, just to make sure you get one from him.
    But then he picks up his own beer and steps away from the bar to approach you at a slow meandering pace.
    "Tell me that I am not infringing on your sacred haven here. Molly's just felt... right. Like a home for those who have bled for their communities. On second thought, I -should- have realized you might be here."

Sara Pezzini has posed:
"Are you kidding? I had my first Shirley Temple here. My dad drank here and he would bring me in and set me up with paper and pencils in the corner over there while he had drinks with the cops from the precinct."

The bartender is pulling beers and pouring drinks with the efficiency of forty years on the job. It takes time for the drinks to be passed around.

If Angelo's intent was to take the pressure off of Sara it didn't work. Her colleagues looked at her for a cue on whether they wanted to take a drink from this civilian. The ones that could see his badge are eyeing her wanting to know if he is some kind of Fed. The joke teller narrows his eyes at Angelo because he had been trying to get Sara to laugh.

When her drink arrives, she holds it up in a salute to the blond man. "To the NYPD," she says loudly enough for those around her to hear. There is a brief silence then many voices echo the toast raising their glasses.

Achilles has posed:
    Noticing the attention, Angelo lifts his own drink when the salute is given. "To the NYPD." he echoes and only after that first drink is taken, he opens his mouth to add more to it. And then he shuts it again.
    "I suppose I should not try to butter them up eh?" he asks Sara as he settles onto a stool nearby.
    His eyes are drawn to the corner where she indicated and he smiles fondly. "I bet you were the adopted little sister of every officer in here." he says. "Such an adorable mental image there. But..."
    Then his eyes sweep the room once more and he grimaces. "I suppose that by coming in here tonight, I am -not- making your life any easier, am I?"
    And then he glances to the narrowed-eyed joker and lifts a brow, "Chap, if it'll make you feel any better, then why not give me your best shot?"

Sara Pezzini has posed:
"Again, I ask you, are you kidding? These guys are eating it up. They can kid me about you for the next three months."

An older cop in shirt sleeves, looks between the two, "Pez, we should thank the guy for giving us something to rib you about."

The joke teller, sneers at Angelo but doesn't take him up on his offer. He turns his back to them both. Some mysterious grace falls over the whole group and Sara and Angelo find themselves side by side with everyone's attention turned elsewhere.

"Now, you've done it. They'll have us married by next week." Her smile takes the bite out of her words."Yeah, can you believe my father? They smoked back then, too. What a place to bring your kid, right? I loved it. I knew the whole precinct when I was ten."

Achilles has posed:
    "Oh, so by making your life more difficult, I am giving all of them..." Angelo eyes the joker and smirks, "All but one... happy to give them something to tease you about. I suppose I can live with that." he admits as he sips his own beer, "Locally brewed?" he asks towards the bartender, "This is quality."
    But then... the married comment happens and he laughs. "That does not give me much time to shop for a ring, does it?" he adds in jest.
    But then he leans forward and says... obviously still joking... or is he... "Perhaps we will be forced to simply live in sin." far more softly, -intended- for your ears only.