2399/Genosha Burns: Avenger Weaponry

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Genosha Burns: Avenger Weaponry
Date of Scene: 10 July 2020
Location: Stark Tower: Main Lobby
Synopsis: Tony's invention to stop Brainiac causes Tony and some avengers to have a stressful night.
Cast of Characters: Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, Natasha Romanoff, Thor, Sam Wilson
Tinyplot: Genosha Burns

Tony Stark has posed:

The night sky is split with a massive beam that vibrates the local area, causing car alarms to shriek and squeal all over Midtown at the foot of the massive Stark Tower. Two more bursts flare in rapid succession, ripping a gaping hole in the upper floor of the tower that it came from.

It is JARVIS that sends out the request across the Avenger comms, and there's a tension to his tone. "Based on security protocols in place, I have determined it appropriate to request Avenger backup at Stark Tower, related to research on a Brainiac weapon module----"

The energy ripping in through the 3rd floor of the Tower screams out and blasts a deep gouge at a strong angle into the neighboring building; glass showers into the street, while Stark drones buzz like a kicked hive around the front of Stark Tower, in a weird disarray.

The lobby for now is seems reasonably clear; the emergency evacuation of the tower has worked beautifully to empty the building of human staff.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Things had settled to a dull roar, they really had. It had given Pepper a chance to feel like she could get out at least a few times during the day before going home for the evening; lunch and a quick meetup with friends, dinner, a quick shopping trip, and the sounds echoing through the canyons of Manhattan reach her ears long before the phone call does; JARVIS giving her the message at the same time the Avengers call comes out.

The explosions, and the *kabooooms* get her attention to the point where sheâ??s flagging down her ride to get back to the Tower, and quickly. â??Just get me back-â??

â??But Ms Potts, it wonâ??t be safe-â??

â??Get me back there!â?? Pepper is insistant, certainly.

Instructions included driving down one-way streets (in the wrong direction) and running stops (safely) for her to arrive just as some of the last people out of the building pass through the lobby, and the concrete just seems to be falling everywhere. Getting out of the car, those green eyes are searching the immediate area before she checks with some of the people coming out, â??Have you seen Mr Stark?â?? No.

â??Have you seen Mr. Stark?â?? Again, no...

The more she receives the response, the more the redhead begins to worry, and looking up at the tower, she can see the destruction.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    This is not a traditional tactical scenario. The Avengers don't get many of those. Sometimes Natasha laments this fact, but having a six foot bullet absorbing wall of man at your disposal sort of takes the edge off. It's like mobile cover!
    As the hail of glass fills the street, a Quinjet zips into place above Pepper and the remaining evacuating employees, blocking the rain of glass from (hopefully) hitting anything that doesn't have in insurance. Moments later the landing ramp lowers from the back, and the Black Widow steps off of it, dropping into view a short distance from Pepper.
    "Ms. Potts." She says, sparing a glance as she fiddles with her gauntlets, prompting them to whir to life, giving off sparks when she testingly taps them together. "You should probably clear out."

Thor has posed:
    After the laser blasts, after the flashes of light and the crashing shattering of the glass of the neighboring building, it's Jarvis' voice that spurs matters further into motion. The reserved tones of the English-accented AI still manage to convey a measure of furtive insistence in the voicing of alarms.
    Across the town, there is a sudden rush of wind as the small puffs of cloud over the mansion swirl, then there's a short sharp /KRAKKATHOOM!/ that lights up that side of the city albeit briefly. Just the short snap of lightning then the roil of thunder awash across the buildings.
    In the next instant the silhouette of man and hammer in flight is seen against what little of the skyline manages to catch him in backdrop. Rushing across the distance, voice sounding upon the comms shared between the Avengers.
    << Thor here, I am on my way. Bide as long as you can! >>
    Then the frequency goes quiet.

Sam Wilson has posed:
A mere handful of seconds later, a winged figure in red, white, and gray tumbles into the street at a run as bits of masonry and glass shower down around him. "God damnit, Tony, some of use were USING that sky!" Sam yells as he bolts toward the tower lobby. His mechanical wings are folding away into their housing when he spots Pepper and Natasha.

"C'mon," he yells, rushing up between them. His wings extend to form a pair of debris-blocking canopies about eight feet high, that the others can use as cover to get into the building. "Can't ride a quinjet into the lobby, but this'll work." Without much more delay, he's rushing into the building as those beams carve pieces out of it from the inside, because like most of the Avengers, he is a sane person who does sane things.

Tony Stark has posed:
There's another person on the comm, too! Tony.

<< I would like to state....>> There's a long pause, long enough to suggest the communications may have cut out.

They actually did.

<<That didn't go through, did it,>> Tony adds. <<I was saying, that I did //not//... in fact... build an Ultron. For the record, it is an anti-Ultron.>> Tony's voice is thin and tense, and slightly echoey, as if he were speaking from inside very tight quarters with lousy acoustics. Not at all suitable for a solo karaoke act.


By the lobby, the drones have started to really lay on the evacuation thick: "Move to ... move to a SAFE ... SAFE? SAFE! ... distance. For your SAFETY," buzz the drones. Something is wrong with them, but at least they are rambling about safety, not 'kill all humans'. They get in the way of Sam's rush, though, crowding in and trying to grab and dump them outside. You know, for safety reasons.

"ALLOW ME TO HELP YOU WITH YOUR SAFETY," requests a big multi-limbed robot, grabbing at their feet.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper watches as the Quin comes flying overhead, disgorging a familiar figure once it lands. Pepper smiles tightly and shakes her head briefly; Widow should know better than that! No way is Pepper going to get back, though she does dodge a little debris before stepping aside, away from most of the falling stuff.

It's the arrival of the rest, one at a time that truly brings that relieved smile. And Sam?

Pepper takes a couple of running steps forward to get under his wings in order to try and 'storm' the lobby, only apparently to have it fail.

Tony's voice, however, brings Pepper's attention around, and she's calling out, "Tony?" Then, "What is going on?" It.. it wasn't a drone attack by-

Oh god. Tony...

Pepper kicks her feet away from the grabbing drone, and makes a grand attempt to command the.. anti-Ultron(?),

"Let us through."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha allows herself a tiny sigh at Pepper's reaction, before she moves under Sam's Umbrella. When Tony's voice comes over the coms, she's resists an incredulous arch of her brow, but it's implied in her tone when she asks, "Is 'anti-Ultron' going to try to kill us? I need to be able to tell Shield if there's a pattern emerging."
    She grimaces briefly as the drones detain her; an unexpected complication given that these things are supposed to work with them. Resisting their rescue attempt, Natasha grunts, "No- that's not- stop that, they're the Avengers. It's our- gn! We need to- *Stark*, don't you have a witty passphrase for these things?" She asks with growing impatience, before suddenly a grab is made for her ankles, prompting a sharp hiss of breath. Training and the severe numbers game at work stops her from just shooting it right away, but she's getting there.

Thor has posed:
    It isn't long before Thor arrives in full black and silver armor with his crimson cloak clasped at one shoulder, heralded by a rush of sound and displaced air, landing upon the ground with three steps as if slowing from a run. Mjolnir is drawn back and held to the side as his free hand is extended with palm open. Ready, perhaps, for whatever might choose to assail them.
    "What is the situation?" His words for those near and on the comms will sound with a duality even as he turns to lift his eyes up and up, seeing the damage that has been done to the tower and the neighboring building.
    "Stark is under attack?" Perhaps not having seen the blasts when the occurred but definitely seeing the aftermath of it all.
    Though now... he does espy the drones, and the large robot as it reaches out and without a further thought he underhands Mjolnir with vicious speed, sending it winging on its way straight towards the largest automaton's noggin with a /whom/ heard from the mystical weapon.

Sam Wilson has posed:
"Distance is the opposite of safe!" Sam yells, actually punching one of the flying buzzy drones as it tries to crowd them away from the building. He immediately shakes his hand out, gritting his teeth, because metal. "Outside, things are FALLING on us. Inside there's a -- hold on." He grabs one of the drones, yanks it off of its flight path, and uses it to block a falling piece of concrete.

Much more effective than punching, that.

"INSIDE there's a CEILING!" he finishes, yelling directly at the now-wrecked drone. He holds its dented form up to his face as if that'll help it hear better, then throws it into the street once he's done shouting at it. When the big spider-bot grabs him by the ankle to drag him away, he braces one foot against a fire hydrant, loads up a crackling arc weapon in one wrist gauntlet, and aims at the bot's center of mass. "I am NOT gonna get pushed around by an uppity roomba tonight," he says threateningly.

Mere moments later, Thor arrives and disassembles the thing. "Warned you," Sam says dismissively. If there's no further resistance, he'll try to get them the rest of the way into the lobby in one piece.

Tony Stark has posed:
If there's a witty passphrase, Tony fails to share it with the whole class. He fails to say anything more at all, at that point.

The robot does seem somewhat cowed by Pepper Potts, though. Instead of grabbing, it just tries to stay physically in the way, and usher them backwards out of the lobby and away from the elevator. It must feel the elevator is a dangerous location. Until Mjolnir breaks it in half and it collapses, arms still trying to lift to keep the humans safe. A true protector of human life to the very end.

On the floor, several floor-cleaner bots try to work on the bits that fell off the destroyed robot. PRIORITIES!

Or maybe things have just been reset to some kind of original default. There's a lot of reasons to reset drones to factory settings, and most of them aren't good reasons.

The group is able to make the lobby, under Sam's wisecracking protection. The elevators are temptingly open, on the ground floor, from where the evacuations had begun. There are other ways up, such as stairs, and the big holes punched out from the floor above. Another burst of energy from the big windows outside suggests that's not the best way to go: leaving the elevator and stairs. One of the floor-cleaners comes along to be sure they don't step in any glass on the way to the elevator, at least.

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper does notice that the robot does recognize her voice and had responded to it; in a way, she's feeling a little guilty about its destruction now and it flickers briefly on her face. But, it was keeping her, keeping them from reaching Tony. It's when the drones appear to be reset, each with their little productive *BEEPS* as they look for dirt (plenty!) and glass (plenty!) to sweep up. It just feels strange.

"We can try the elevator." She's got overrides, after all. As long as there's power to the building, she's got vague control over the systems. "Sam.. put me down, please."

Picking her way through the debris, Pepper's making her way towards the open door. The stairs? It's a loooong way up to the tower...

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    The crashing arrival of Thor seems to resolve the immediate situation just as Natasha began to aim her gauntlets at the offending drone. There is a moment when she peers about, expecting the others to attack them in response. When no attack is forthcoming, she says, "That works." and looks to Thor. "Glad you could make it." With that she puts two fingers to her ear and calls up again, "Stark!" When there's no answer - joking, defensive or otherwise - Natasha's brow furrows slightly. "Stark?"
    Without an answer, Natasha's eyes narrow and she marches into the lobby with the others, saying, "We need to get up there." When Pepper speaks, she notes, "I don't like the elevators right now." glancing from Pepper to the elevators, then to the stairs. She doesn't much fancy the stairs either, but that goes without saying. She looks straight up and notes "If Tony were answering we could find out if Mjolnir could make a vertical express lane without breaking anything important, but..."

Thor has posed:
    The hammer returns to his grip with an accompanying /whum/ even as Thor moves in after Sam and Natasha, though he does espy Pepper as he starts to move quickly across the lobby, boots thumping with each step. Sidelong he murmurs, "Be careful, Pepper. Stand at my back if we are set upon." Short sharp words delivered in the midst of a crisis.
    With that said he follows after Natasha, attempting to step to the fore should she allow so he can at the least present an obstacle to whatever might be unleashing that copious amount of energy. A nod is given toward Falcon as they reach the flight oficer. "I shall be the tip of the spear, if I am struck down take the others clear if you can." Another nod given, then he makes for the stairs and the elevator, giving each a glance.
    Mjolnir is set on his hip for an instant as he reaches the elevator doors and /pulls/ them open, digging his fingers into the gap and then tearing them apart until there is the shaft. Rounding back he looks to the others, "Stark is our priority." A quick look around to see if they're in agreement, "We secure him, then handle whatever this mess is that he's created. I shall fly up the shaft and we will search for him." To Natasha, "Can you hold onto my shoulders, and Falcon are you able to convey Miss Potts?"

Sam Wilson has posed:
Once they're (relatively) safely into the lobby and he has, in fact, put Pepper down, Sam folds away the wings and jogs ahead a little bit to check the lobby's structural integrity. He activates his Avengers communicator with a quick button tap, giving the others a significant look as he asks, <<Check me if I'm remembering wrong, Tony, but wasn't Pym trying to build an anti-Ultron how we got... oh, what was it called?>> -- he snaps his fingers, as if trying to jog his memory -- <<Oh! That's right! Ultron!>>

He sighs and turns to Natasha, nodding. "Yeah, I'd rather not be in an elevator car when one of those beams cuts the cables. Stairs sound--"

He doesn't even bother finishing his sentence, as it becomes obvious Thor is going to bulldoze open a third way. "Well, that works, too," he answers with a shrug. At Thor's question about his lifting capacity, he nods. "Wouldn't be much of a pararescue suit if I couldn't carry a couple of people with it."

Tony Stark has posed:
What a MESS Thor has made! Drones rush over to try to clean up and repair the elevator door: meaning, they assist in ripping remnants off. They are in the way and underfoot, but they aren't trying to be, in particular. Most of the drones doing protection watch are around the exterior doors, not the elevator.

<<--Feel like I'm talking to myself,>> Tony is saying on comm. <<Where did I cut out? I want to know where to start my jokes again, though I feel like the original delivery was best.>> Tony sounds like he's just talking for the sake of talking: but it might be for a reason like keeping himself awake and aware.

<<So I made a scrambling beam that will cause Brainiac to have a really bad day if he comes to the planet. Unfortunately I have also had a bad day; the shielding was not what it could have been. I've had some time to sit here and re-evaluate that. So don't destroy it; it's /slightly/ important. Just don't attract it with your arc reactor and it shouldn't even target you --- >>

Pepper Potts has posed:
"It was trying to keep everyone safe from those explosions on the third floor," Pepper responds as she looks back at the drones. She's holding it together, but right now, she's a whole lot more worried about Tony's safety than her own. "It was probably a Mark one," she mutters before she looks back at Thor.

Acknowledging the Asgardian's plan with a decisive nod, Pepper glances back at the elevator and exhales in that 'make ready' sort of breath. If she had to go up alone, that'd be her path. Now that she'd be going with Falcon?

Turning back around, the PA looks a little messier than when she'd gone out for errands, and there are smudges on her face and cream colored suit, but she her expression states nothing is going to keep her from getting up to the top levels. "Thank you, Sam."
Herss she turns to get that ride with the agreeable Falcon, she freezes in her motion, and green eyes move up towards the ceiling. "Tony? What did you... that's not funny." Was that the time when he'd locked her out of the lab...?


Okay, that game face is quickly disappearing, and she looks back at the others. "We really need to get up there." There's a pause before, "And we need to turn that thing off.. without breaking it." Too badly.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha considers Thor for a moment, then nudges the top of her head in Sam's direction, saying "I'll take the Pararescue, if it's all the same." She says. No offense to Thor, but his method of flight more closely resembles throwing yourself really hard. Curiously not the first time she's had to grab hold of a flying man in an emergency, but that's just where her life is at right now.
    When she hears Tony's voice, she responds "Stark? Three or four minutes ago. What's-" She stops to listen to Tony speak, eyes sliding slowly to the side thoughtfully, before her nose wrinkles slightly at the 'arc reactor' line. "... Tony how long have you been-" and then Tony cuts out.
    Allowing herself a short breath, she shows no other external signs of worry as she turns towards the opened elevator and moves towards it - and Sam - while saying "I can turn it off." She says, omitting the 'maybe' in her head. "If we can get close to it."

Thor has posed:
    "Excellent!" Thor says enthusiastically to Falcon, giving a short nod. "If you can manage both of them, then I will clear the path." As he says that he steps over toward the open elevator door, slapping at a drone as it flits in the way. The hammer seems to flip off of his belt and into his hand as he extends it, then gives it a whirl. "Mind the debris."
    And with that said he spins the hammer faster until he throws it straight upwards, leaping into flight with a rush of wind as he extends the mighty weapon before him.
    Rising through the levels, past that third floor where the weapon blasting came from, up toward the lab area as he flies. The floors flash past, emergency lights blinking and casting everything in a crimson hue. Doors open and close at points as the sensors detect the fast moving Thor as a car of some kind.
    "Watch your heads!" He shouts as he rushes up toward an elevator car that might be coming down, only to smash through it and to the side, trying to push it out of the way and /embed/ it in the wall with a two-handed smash of his hammer for Sam's flight up after him.

Sam Wilson has posed:
Sam steps into the elevator shaft, wings folded into a narrow delta to fit within its confines. "Going up?" he asks, keeping things as lighthearted as he can. He grips the two women firmly around their waists and then rises with both of them, entirely on thrust. He can't get especially far or move especially quickly with his wings hemmed in like this, but the two stories between them and Tony's lab are pretty easily surmounted. Even if the remains of an elevator car are sorta-kinda in the way. As soon as they're on the third floor, he touches down and lets Natasha go, fully trusting that she can take down whatever machine Tony has set loose on his own building.

<<You know we've had IFF tech since World War II, right, Tony?>> he asks, the jibe a lot less pointed than the one earlier, as he gets more concerned about his fellow Avenger. <<You don't have to invent everything yourself by trial and error.>>

Without further chatter, he picks Pepper back up and returns to the elevator shaft so that they can ascend the rest of the way to reach Tony.

Tony Stark has posed:
The third floor is a wreck of sizzling zones of fire extinguisher blasts, as a few small drones follow a very large robotic shape as it slowly patrols around the exterior of the windows.

About the size of a golf cart, it has a sloped back, with several arcing shapes that come together in front, forming a zone where the energy is being focused and fired from. It seems to entirely be ignoring the fire-extinguisher buddies that crowd around it. Perhaps that could come in handy for someone trying to get close to it?

It does appear to have an entirely open left side, trailing a laptop that's connected to it. It appears that it was being actively tested and worked on... and just decided to take a safari and shoot up some things.

At the moment, it has a target. There is an Iron man mark 4 actively holding it's attention, on the same floor. It charges, orients... and then the mark 4 dodges carefully, while the machine blows a big hole in the area. The suit seems to mostly be trying to make it aim up and out of the way of targets: //stalling//. Whether Tony is inside it is unclear visually.

<< Not one that hits intergalactic evolved etch-a-sketches that shrinks planets >> Tony is able to snark back. That's how you get Tony to talk: just bait him enough!

<< I'm on... probably floor 85 and three quarters? That's a guess, mind. >>

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper takes hold of Sam, but not before she looks at the lay of the land; the laptop hanging off the drone and the Mk.. whatever. She turns green eyes to Falcon and nods, "Take me up to 86. Or, I'll tell you when to stop."

The moment that they reach the lab's level, Pepper will indeed, ask to stop at lab level. "I won't need help up here," she's pretty sure.


Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha doesn't say anything, or even look back as she's dropped off on the third floor; immediately moving forward to search for the source of the beam with as much caution as her speed will allow.
    She peers through a doorway at the peculiar and worrisome scene. She eyes the drones futile attempts to put out what is most certainly not a fire, and an odd idea occurs to her.
    Unconventional warfare IS her job.
    Natasha clears her throat very softly, takes one step away from the door, and then adopts a look of abject terror as she *shrieks* "Oh my god *haaaaalp!!* There's a fire! I'm trapped! Help me! Iron Man! ANYONE!!"
    Natasha three seconds into her wracking terrified sobs, when one of the drones steps through the doorway with heroic presence and its very own fire extinquisher. <<Where is the emergen->> is about as far as it gets before Natasha fires a Widow Sting into its left shoulder, another into its right ankle, and then three more into its back when it topples forward, before she crouches over it, rips a panel away, and pulls out a bundle of wiring. <<-cccyyyyyyy...>> its voice fades out into a low drawl before the light in its eyes goes out.
    Natasha is expressionless as she begins to pull the drone apart, her gauntlets smoking from being used too much too quickly.
    A minute later the Drone wanders back into the Beam room - slightly shorter and slightly less sure of its step - moving towards the laptop, lugging the fire extinguisher in one hand.

Thor has posed:
    Likely Tony hears Thor's arrival before seeing him. There's that /whooosh/ and then a heavy boom. That's then followed by a /BOOM!/ as the elevator doors to that 85th floor are kicked open, sent spiraling out of the way and embedding into the walls with a clang and a klong that resonates as the metal vibrates for a time from their place in the building's structure.
    "STARK!" The voice of the Asgardian calls out, roaring to try and ascertain where the heroic inventor may well be. Stomping forward further into the first room of that laboratory, Thor advances quickly his head turning left and right as he tries to see what there is to be seen.
    "STARK!?" Another call sent out and then Thor starts to broaden his search as another drone flitters around him which earns it another light /thwack/ to get it out of the way.

Sam Wilson has posed:
For obvious reasons, it takes a lot longer to reach the eighty-fifth floor than the third. Sam at absolutely no point says anything like 'don't look down,' because there is only one reaction anyone has ever had to that command, and it is to immediately flout it. If Pepper /were/ to look down, staring down the vertiginous barrel of an 85-story elevator shaft could easily have a serious impact on her chill, and Sam knows damn well that this is not the kind of situation where anyone's chill needs to be called into question.

As soon as they're on stable ground, he swaps his goggles over to an IR filter that should show heat signatures, and adds an option to flag electrical discharges. Sometimes it's nice to have a suite of tech specifically designed to rescue people. You don't have to stomp around going STARK!, for one thing.

Tony Stark has posed:
The lab has looked better, but most of it isn't destroyed. Just one big wall, where two big bursts clearly aimed out of the tower, to have created those first big sky-lasers that screamed across the night. Another blast is a bit more downward, and has made a whole down into a jumble of floors below. Approaching the hole gives good information:

There's a big clump of deactivated Iron Man suits laying there in a tumble, like a big pile of corpses, in a collapsed jumble roughly under the lab.

<< Wow, Thor, you could audition to do sound-test commercials for movie theaters. I'm awake. >> It's going to be Falcon that will spot Tony; he's very sneakily used the other suits to buffer his location from the hunting gun: and probably, based on physical position, has some injuries from this he's neglected to mention. << Maybe. I think bloodloss might be a REAL thing. >>


The firefighter drones orient on Natasha as if trying to decide if she's malfunctioning. One of them makes a hiss sound at her, a lot like a modem from the 1990's. Some of the drones that are active are NOT new models. It's a wonderful history lesson of all the drones Tony has made to put fires out over the years.

It's a lot of fires.

The Mark 4 is the one to have scanned the area and realized what is happening, in some form. It speaks with Homer's voice: "I am prepared to assist---" dodge... "--you, when you are prepared, I will ensure attention is on this unit."

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper holds her broth as they fly up the elevator staff, and she really, really tries not to look down. After all, she does enjoy the view from the balcony from the Penthouse, and that is a looong way down.

Just as they arrive, Pepper does look grateful for the ride, and whispers a "Thank you, Sam," followed by a quick, worried smile.

Turning around, Pepper searches the lab for any sign of Tony. Blood.. "Tony?!" No stomping around, but she does search the walls, looking for that hidey-hole that he might have found. The place is a mess.. hard to make heads and tails of it!

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha slows her gait cautiously when all mechanical eyes turn on her, squinting briefly at the model that hisses at her. She should remember to ask why Tony built it to do that. Or IF he built it to do that. Psychological warfare doesn't seem like his style.
    When the Mark 4 addresses her, she uses a great deal of self control not to reflexively bash its head with a fire extinguisher, instead listening to what it has to say, and nodding slowly. Useful. Considerate, even. Maybe she shouldn't have murdered that one. Who can say?
    Natasha makes a sharp gesture upward with her head to signal it, and moves to the laptop to begin trying to hack this thing as fast as she can.

Thor has posed:
    Moving through the room, Thor shouts again one last time, "STARK!" With a tinge of anger to his words or perhaps impatience. But then he touches a hand to his ear and the small speaker there which allows him to converse with the rest of the team.
    "Black Widow, we are in Stark's lab. Seeking him now, if you require aid call instantly." With that said he takes his fingers away from his ear and looks around again, but then his eyes flit over toward Falcon as the man seems to be looking around the room with a decidedly stronger purpose than Thor seems to have.
    One hand extends toward Pepper, "Ware, Lady Potts. We know not the extent of the damage here." That said he turns to move toward Sam and fall into step near him.

Sam Wilson has posed:
"You got it, Pepper," Sam answers. He picks his way through the mess of suits, on a beeline for Tony's. He's already unzipping the pouch in the flight harness that contains his medical kit. Sometimes it's nice to be the guy with the rescue equipment, and sometimes you've actually got to put all that paramedic training to use.

"Yeah, he's over here," he announces to the others. Then, to Tony himself: "Can you pop out of that thing? I forgot my can opener." He's got gauze and disinfectant gel ready, and if at all possible he's going to get any wounds wrapped and under pressure before Pepper sees the extent of the damage. He also has a syringe of some pretty potent painkillers if those turn out to be necessary, and Natasha doesn't need Tony's head clear to guide her in disabling his experiment.

Tony Stark has posed:
Just before Natasha signals the mark 4, the large weapon does something new. It does a partial little blast, waits for the dodge, and then ....evaporates the Mark 4 with a follow-up burst.


Did it listen in?! It orients the upper section up and back, turning, the charging beam flickering with sparks as it overloads while orienting on the trailing cords, the laptop.... though it doesn't seem to recognize Natasha. Perhaps her disguise was vital after all, as it clearly searches for a threat, gathering power again....

And the sparks cause the fire extinguisher robots to lose their minds. They starts to blast the hell out of the sparks, giving Natasha one more moment!

"Not in it, under it," Tony says helpfully. "I'm thinking of an upgrade that doesn't weigh as much. The creative juices are really flowing," Tony says tiredly. Sam will be able to get in and tend to a forearm and shoulder that look a bit horrifying, and a very scorched upper chest area near the arc reactor. But Tony's alive, if in some sort of mixed shock. He's taking the cue of being found to start to pass out, by the look of it. "Tell Pepper I didn't die."

Pepper Potts has posed:
Pepper looks around as well, calling out, and her voice rises in concern, "Tony?" She looks around the room and catches the progress of Thor and Falcon, following their path with a worried stare.

"I know this lab, Thor," is said softly. "It's a.." so many things out of place; things pushed away, overturned..

'He's over here,' is announced, and she starts on her way towards the 'here'. "Tony?!"

She's there, suddenly by his side. "Oh.. you had better not die.. or I'll kill you."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha allows herself a wry smile as Thor speaks, and softly answers, "Thank you, Thor, but I have this under con-" Mark 4 is distintigrated in front of her "-trol?!" she manages to keep her voice down, though not without some alarm as the malignant device seems to regard her... and then look away, at which time her heart resumes beating.
    The hail of fire extinguishers prompts her to make a run for the laptop, typing slowly for a moment before she throws off the 'gloves' of the drone armor and types *furiously*, not even allowing herself to glance away to see what the immediate threat to her life is doing before punching in the last keystroke and...
    ... The beam shuts down, ending the immediate chaos downstairs and plunging the area into relative quiet.
    Natasha doesn't really do sighs of relief if she can help it - not until she's actually back home and done a customary search for hidden bugs and assassins, but her shoulders do become mildly less rigid as she calls up to her comrades: "It's done, down here. Is everyone alive?"

Thor has posed:
    On the comms again, Thor simply states. "We have him." To perhaps let those who might be on their way know, and Natasha to update the status. But once that word is given Thor frowns as he looks down at the fallen Tony. A glance is given toward Sam who seems to be tending him well though that doesn't stop the Thunderer from asking. "Should I take him to the place of care?"
    A quick glance is given toward the window then back toward Sam and Pepper in turn. "Or have you this well in hand?"

Sam Wilson has posed:
"I've got him for now, Thor, thanks," Sam answers. "Once I'm done he'll be safe to move to the 'place of care.'" True to his word, he dresses Tony's wounds quickly but effectively; he has patched up a lot of battlefield injuries in the midst of a lot of war zones, and this time he doesn't even have to fly the injured person out from behind enemy lines on his own! Talk about easy mode.

"He's not gonna die," he assures Pepper. "All we've gotta do is stop the bleeding and make sure these burns won't get infected." As he works, he talks her through his process and asks for her help: apply pressure here; disinfect this area; hold him still. He's keeping her involved, keeping her apprised, and giving her something to do other than worry.

Tony Stark has posed:
The fire extinguisher robots stop spraying when the sparks end, but they seem to regard the situation distrustfully, as if more sparks might appear. Still, it seems that the machine is now shut down, and the immediate threat is past.

Tony seems to have passed out from his injuries being handled, but that is probably for the best. He's in a high level of pain: but some 'place of care' treatment can take care of that soon enough!