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Date of Scene: 12 July 2020
Location: Mel's Diner - Near Salem Center, Westchester
Synopsis: Remy comes to Rogue's new summer job to pick her up, and he brings her a present even though it was HIS birthday.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been at work since late afternoon, and she'd shown up ready to go! Of course, it was a long time and she had to deliver quite a lot of meals out to the various vehicles that pulled up to the diner's drive-in section. From teenagers with snide comments, to old dudes with lingering stares... she saw it all today.

Now with the diner closed down, she'd sent a text out a bit ago that she was ready to get out. Her first week done at the diner! Dressed in a pink shirt with a white frilly skirt, she'd hung up her apron before coming outside, a pair of white roller skates tied together and slung over her shoulder. She's sitting on the curbe outside the door, looking at her phone. Her hair is tied back in a big brown bun on the back of her head with her white bangs framing her face... she gets a LOT of comments about her hair, pretty much every customer asks about it, and her gloves. 'Why's your hair that color?' 'Why are you wearing gloves, it's 90 degrees outside.' and a few other colorful questions.

Right now, the light from the diner is on her back, a bit of glow from her phone as she just sits on the curb with her knees together and the phone resting atop her lap.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Hey, pretty lady," comes Remy's familiar voice as the expensive, violet-colored muscle car he'd acquired a few months back rolls to the curb with him in the driver's seat, "Want to show me all de tricks you can do on dose skates?"

He lazily leans over towards the passenger side door, unlocking it and giving it a shove so it swings open for Rogue. On the back seat, visible if she stands up alongside the car, is a large cardboard box with a bright green bow wrapped around it. Remy leans with one arm over the bench front seat, looking back at the present through his dark glasses and grinning wolfishly.

"I know it was my birthday, but I don't need many gifts and I t'ink dis spoke to me. It said 'you need to give me t' Rogue' - an who am I to say no, hein?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had to work on Remy's birthday, it was actually her FIRST day on the job. She'd gotten him a piece of cake from work though and brought it to him once her shift was over, but that was a lackluster gesture in her opinion. When he arrives now, she looks up from her phone and springs up to her bare feet! She could've 'flown' home, but she didn't like to fly when she was tired because she got drousey 'up there' and that was... unsettling.

She notes the present when she slips in to the car and sets the skates down on the floor. Adjusting her little 'froo froo' skirt she sits down on the passenger seat and grins over at him. "I made two hundred'n fifty dollars in tips t'day." She says at him. "That's almost as much as my first paycheck'll be." She grins yet more. "Shit, I shoulda done this weeks ago, didn't know my vivacious personality'd do me this much good..." Her eyes glance back to the present.

"Ya got me somethin'?" She asks, looking to him again. "But I owe YOU something, silly!"

Her car door is pulled shut with a thud.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Eh, I got enough things," Remy answers with a wave of his hand, before he rests it on Rogue's upper thigh and gives it a lascivious squeeze through the skirt, "An' de best gift of all right here."

He doesn't pull the car away from the curb just yet, instead leaning one arm back over the side of the seat and looking at Rogue with a mischievous, knowing grin on his face. His eyes dart sideways at the gift box, and he reaches out with one hand to drum his fingers lazily atop the cardboard.

Inside, a high-pitched and whiny sound can be made. Something distinctly canine.

"You better hurry up. I don't t'ink he likes de box none."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue turns on the seat to face him, curling the leg up on to her chair as he rests his hand on her skirt over said leg. She puts her back to the passenger door and just grins at him i nthe dim light coming in from the dinner through the front windshield. "You're a sweet talker, Remy LeBeau." She says softly at him, wanting to move toward him and embrace him, but she's got exposed arms and lower legs, at least with her gloves off like they are now since she'd had them on all day. She stares at him with a serious expression, one of ... well, he'd know.

But the noise that comes from the box in the back seat makes her lips turn up into a knowing smile. "Nuh uh." She says as she turns to move to get up on her knees in the passenger seat and reaches back into the backseat at the box!


Rogue tears the box open to get at the living present inside of it. "Oh, my god." She says as she sweeps her butt back down into the chair, now holding whatever kind of puppy was in that box!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The little puppy just so happens to be a yellow lab. Not just any yellow lab, but a dead ringer in coloration and markings to the yellow lab Rogue has a photo of in her room. It seems Remy pays close attention to such details, and he's been trawling through the shelters and pet stores and breeders all throughout New York trying to find one that matched the look just so - he'd finally found them up in Utica.

"Yuh huh," Remy answers, still grinning broadly as he watches her with the puppy, "He's all yours. I figure you aren't focusin' so much on schoolin' now, maybe you got some time to have a dog, hein?"

Rogue has posed:
That same puppy is now on Rogue's lap and he's a ball of yellow and white fluff jumping around frantically wagging his tail and doing circles around the Belle's lap. He's leaping up to lick at her chin and neck and turning around to try and get to Remy too!

Rogue, is a mess of smiles, looking down at the puppy and rubing the sides of his face and neck with her hands. "I didn't expect this." She says. "We walked past that pet store in town a few days back, yeah?" She asks. "I was starin' at'em through the window, like that cliche song." She pulls the nameless yellow lab back toward her - her powers not working on animals, leaving them safe to her touch - she looks back up to Remy.

"He's the most adorable thing eve'ah." She states before leaning over to nuzzle the top of the puppy's head, causing him to try and go back and forth to get his nose up at the Belle's face whichever way he can! Rogue, meanwhile, is laughing and giggling as her hair falls around the frantic puppy, and she /never/ giggles!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You can't expect me t' see you lookin' at him like that and not come back an' buy him straight away," Remy says with a laugh, reaching out to scratch the puppy between the ears before leaning back and letting Rogue shower him with affection, "Even paid for him an' all his t'ings. They're back in your room. He's got a bed, some toys, food, an' a vet appointment in a few weeks. All bought an' paid for, cher."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her nose down against the dog's shoulders when she hears him say all of that and after a bit more laughing she sits up again and looks to Remy through her wildly displaced white locks of hair. "But what about his name?" She asks, her right hand coming up to sweep her fingers over her face to clear her eyes so she can see. "He needs a name." She grins at Remy then as she tries to scoot closer to him in the driver's seat, raising the puppy up to look at Remy, his front paws up in the air now, the tail going crazy behind him. "'I need a name, Daddy Remy!'" Rogue says in a squeaky high pitched voice

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I don't know nothin' from names," Remy says with a shake of his head, unable to keep from laughing when Rogue holds him up and puts on the voice for him, "I figured dat's your part to do, non? You name him like Crumpets or Cinnamon or Mr. Bananas or somethin' like dat. I never had a pet before, I don't know how it works."

He reaches out to scratch the puppy under the chin, grinning all the more as he does so: "I dunno. Why don't you tell us? What should we call you?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue settles the puppy back down into her lap and lets him chew one one of her white gloves that she produced out of the pocket on the front of her skirt. He's biting it while starting to growl and tug at it! Rogue listens to Remy while looking down at the pup, her white bangs just dangling down in front of herface, but she looks up at Remy again, her head tilted toward the right. She takes a second before she answers him. "Jeepers." She says then. "How about Jeepers?" If Remy asked about the dog in the picture back in her room, she would've told him that the dog in the picture was named Jenkies after Scooby Doo. Jeepers, being another word from that same old cartoon.

Remy LeBeau has posed:

Remy repeats the name, tilting his head and jutting out his lower lip critically. As though he's sizing up the puppy and making sure it fits. After a moment he seems satisfied, nodding his head in the affirmative.

"Yeah, cher. Jeepers. I like it. T'ink he likes it too, hein?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, with a huge smile, looks down at the dog and continues to ruffle his furry body as he does more circles around her, now throwing himself down on to his back on her lap, trying to use his paws to bat at her hands and nip at her forearms as they come near her. "God, he's adorable." She says, rubing his belly before looking up at him. "Lets get outta here, I wanna see the stuff ya bought." She glances out of the car then to the diner. "I got the next two days off too, so ... we can all spend time t'gether." She looks back to Remy and leans over against the back of the chair on her left shoulder. "I dunno how well I'll do takin' care'a him, Mistah LeBeau. But I'll do my best."