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Doombot Diplomacy
Date of Scene: 27 July 2020
Location: Latverian Embassy
Synopsis: Lorna secures additional aid from Doom... in exchange for something to be determined later. Not ominous at all...
Cast of Characters: Lorna Dane, Victor Von Doom

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna arrived at the Embassy wearing a simple pair of black slacks, heels, and a light teal button up shirt. It was more business casual but it was also easier to move around the city in, and didn't catch attention or concern from most people. She was barely there a moment waiting for an appointment as she stood in the entry room. Her gaze roamed over the various artistry that hung on the walls, a thoughtful tilt of her head following as she shifted her grip on her shoulder bag.

It was something polite to do, right? Besides, Piotr had done her own portrait and she faintly amused herself with offering his talents to the Latverian ruler. The morning light trickled in through the windows here and there, casting pools of hazy yellow into the room. Her heels clicked against the polished floors as she stepped this way and that, moving along the gallery of art as she waited.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"Personally, I wouldn't mind cycling out some of the art pieces here for more contemporary ones, but a certain image has to be maintained." Doom says this from not too far away, politeness in his voice as he approaches, stopping a discrete distance from Lorna as etiquette demands.

"I admit that I was a bit surprised to receive your request for a meeting, but then... rebuilding in the aftermath of Brainiac's attack on Earth is quite distracting, one would suppose." His tone is fairly neutral at that, as he bows as one peer does to another. "What may Latveria do for you, Your Majesty?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna turned with a polite smile on her features, and dipped as her frame as was expected when visiting with another monarch. "The artist did a good job, at least from what little I know regarding art. I have a friend that did my first and only royal portraiture, and he would know a great deal more than I." She murmured, and offered another smile.

"I wanted to thank you first and foremost for your generous donations to Genosha's rebuilding efforts. We wouldn't have made it so far in six months without your support. Furthermore I wanted to make sure you had the intel we've gathered regarding what happened. And perhaps ask your thoughts on things moving forward. I'd very much like to maintain friendly relations between our countries."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom's mask articulates a smile, "Why, thank you. And if your friend did such an excellent job with your own portrait, perhaps Doom should commission him for something more up to date." He gestures, walking along with Lorna and showing off the various pieces of art in the gallery as he talks.

"One thing that nations such as ours must do is work together. Particularly in times of crisis." He pauses a moment, "To be frank, we do have some concern regarding your status, if your father is found to be presumably alive. We feel that we have a very good relationship with you, and thus with Genosha. This is an affiliation we would wish to continue, of course."

Lorna Dane has posed:
A small nod followed, "I'll make sure he's aware of the invitation." She murmured, walking along as she would pause to consider a portrait and then glance back to Doom when appropriate. She smiled at his words concerning her status and her father's return.

"It is a delicate thing when it comes to heirs and lines of succession. I don't think historically there's much that can be drawn from regarding a monarch's sudden return in terms of what to do going forward. It heavily depends on my father and the state he's in upon his return. It's very nebulous, I'll admit. I am attempting to keep the alliances that have been built over the past several months, because several countries have been kind and generous to Genosha in her hour of need. To throw that away for a return to isolationist practices is... foolish at best." She murmured.

"And it is easier said than done to return those trapped right now to their proper places."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom glances curiously over at Lorna with that last line of hers, "Oh? Problems restoring the status quo? I am surprised that is happening, to be honest, unless it is a matter of technical difficulties." A bit of his typical arrogance bleeds through at that.

"Of course, if you wish Doom's help in restoring your people to their proper place, you only need to ask. I am certain that whatever you need assistance with, it can easily be arranged."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna inclined her head, reaching into her handbag to pull out a Stark made tablet and handing it over to Doom. "Here's the basic run down of things. As it stands there's a debate on whether or not we should resize people first and then the cities, or the cities and the people at the same time... And there's issues with the energy sources to run it, among other things. At least that's what I understood. Either way, Genosha will go from having a few thousand refugees in a tiny space to having possibly-- a few million people." She exhaled a breath.

"We don't have the food or supplies on the island to handle that many people. Nor do we have the infrastructure set up around the places that were taken. Everything on the island was destroyed after all. And there's six months worth of storm debris and other ruins that fell into some of the areas." She sighed heavily, "I want my people restored, but the logistics of it all is difficult."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom nods, looking at the tablet, a hint of disdain at the 'Stark' made tablet on his features as he studies it, "Yes, I can see where that would be a problem..." He considers the matter, then glances over at Lorna.

"As you are aware, Latverian technology has little in the way of peers upon this planet. While we have been rebuilding from our own... misadventures, we do have the ability to provide significant aid to Genosha. Enough that we could, at least, restore a portion of your people and do this gradually over time. Particularly if your neighbors would be inclined to provide equal assistance."

He pauses, "Though, I would suggest resizing the people and cities at once. If only because then there's a basic level of infrastructure that is being restored as well. Doctor Pym would be one to speak with about such matters, though I'm certain you consulted with him already."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna smiled faintly, amusement playing over her features at the hint of disdain but didn't comment on it. She inclined her head as Doom spoke of Latverian tech. "That is one of the reasons I wished to speak with you today. I wanted your thoughts on the matter and see what might be done moving forward." She shifted her weight on her heels.

"Doctor Pym did speak on it, and he suggested getting the people resized first and then the cities. If only to make sure that if something went wrong that the people weren't at risk. It is alien tech, and using that comes with risks. I would rather face a supply shortage than risk my people's lives on chancy technology that no one really knows well. Doctor Pym has been studying this field and I trust his assessments on it."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doctor Doom frowns slightly, "Well, that does seem prudent, at least for the test run to make sure it can be done." He nods a bit, then hands the tablet back towards Lorna, "The medical staff that is currently in Genosha can easily be reconfigured to reconstructive purposes. And we can have prefabricated housing set up to house people until such time as the cities themselves are ready for resizing and re-habitation."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna smiled as she took the tablet back and tucked it away. "Thank you, that would be a great deal of help. I plan to ask Wakanda if they might end send us extra supplies that way as well, as they were likewise very generous with our people immediately after the attacks." She exhaled a breath, Shuri was definitely on her list of people to talk to as well.

"I hope that when this crisis is handled as well, that we can work on continuing our alliance. Which, should all go according to plan, should be something easily accomplished." It was a hope at least, barring further issues and Magneto disagreeing with her diplomatic relations.. but..

That was an argument to be had after Genosha was safe. One step at a time.

"I do hope that we can mutually aid Latveria when necessary in the future. I understand how politically it's not always easy to help a country out when there's little given back in return immediately."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom waves his hand, "It is part of how it all works. Ensuring that you have a stable footing to work from and grow means that you will be in a better position to return the favors given. If others are so shortsighted about this, then clearly they lack foresight. Fortunately for Genosha, Doom suffers no such deficiency."

He then nods at the mention of Wakanda, "Also, make sure to point out to T'Challa that Doom has already agreed to offer aid. Playing him against the perception of me helping you will ensure that he'll be more inclined to 'one up' Latveria in regards to assistance, maximizing your own gains. But I'm sure you already had something like that in mind." A bit of a smile at that, as he does know how the Game is played.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna inclined her head, "Well, you have certainly been generous to my country and people. And are easy to work with particularly in comparison Atlanteans, but I suppose even getting them to agree to anything regarding a surface Kingdom should be considered a small miracle in and of itself." She murmured, her smile widening at his suggestion to play off the two world powers in terms of one up-ing the other.

"I feel strongly that Genosha needs allies, we're part of this world. We need to maintain those ties to better mutants everywhere."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom nods, "Of course, particularly given the history of persecution that mutants have received, this is something you should always be alert for. And having strong friends makes that a more useful proposition."

"Admittedly, there is a fairly low mutant population in Latveria, but those mutants that have been discovered are given a chance to learn about their powers in safety and security. For the good of themselves as well as their countrymen." And for Doom, of course, but that goes without saying.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna figured that any mutants born in Latveria were likely snapped up quickly by interested parties, it was hardly a surprise. But considering the alternatives in other countries.. it was a marked improvement. No one would be rounding up mutants to the slaughter at least. A small nod of response followed, "Having diplomatic ties to other countries should certainly put pressure on the UN to not permit Sentinel programs getting government contracts." She mused softly, "And at least encourage them to consider mutants as a people rather than something not worthy of basic human rights.."

A pause followed as she glanced back to Doom. "My own people discovered that the giant Sentinels, the 'Wild' Sentinels, were part of the US government's secret program to develop weapons against mutants. Long after the program was supposed to have been shut down. A troubling thought."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom nods, "The United States government... well, duplicity and betrayal runs deep in the heart of this nation. I can personally attest to my own experiences at that, and the way that they have treated Latveria for the past thirty years." He scowls, then coughs, "However, diplomatic relations are far too important to allow those... grievances, to overshadow things."

"Have they verified the destruction of these Sentinels now? Or are they 'looking into it' for you?"

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna shrugged once, and shook her head slightly. "No, we got a lot of platitudes and run around by people in various alphabet soup organizations. I got further working with individuals rather than any organization officially. And I person don't think that they're not necessarily gone for good. The base program, Master Mold, that Trask created.. we ran into it in a supposedly defunct factory. It escaped. So whether or not that is an AI acting on its own programming, or not..?" She shrugged again, a sigh pulling from her lips.

"But I also think that most of the Sentinels were likely on Genosha when it fell. The sheer number of them was rather impressive. And I doubt they are cheap to manufacture. Particularly the ones that aren't made of metal components. To restablish the Sentinels would take a great deal of finances at this point."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom snorts, "Do not underestimate the ability of the United States to find money for violent ends. They are exceptionally adept at that, if nothing else. But if they are constrained on that front, at least for the moment, that is good news at least." He sighs a bit, looking over at one impressionist style painting, considering the matter.

Lorna Dane has posed:
A small shrug and nod followed Doom's words, "Certainly true." She mused, her smile fading at the sobering thought. If people feared mutants enough upon their return.. the Sentinel program would doubtlessly see some kind of a return. It all depended on what happened in the next few weeks.

"I won't take up more of your time, but thank you for meeting with me to discuss things. I greatly appreciate it."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Doom smiles warmly, "Of course, and it's always a pleasure to see you, Your Majesty." He bows in the old-fashioned courtly sense once more, "If you ever wish to converse, I am easily found. And do let me know if there's anything else Latveria can do to aid you in this trying time for your people."