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Head Underwater
Date of Scene: 30 July 2020
Location: Throne Room
Synopsis: Namor's mutant guests run into each other in Atlantis. Julio embarrasses himself; Bobby carries away a fallen maiden; Lorna reverses the polarity; Ruth takes a nap.
Cast of Characters: Julio Richter, Bobby Drake, Lorna Dane, Ruth Aldine

Julio Richter has posed:
After a furious burst of productive creativity in the initial excitement of investigating the Atlantean artifacts Namor presented to them, Julio has spent the rest of the undersea trip unfocused and lacking a verbal filter. He's energetic, even uncharacteristically peppy, enthusiastically bounding from room to room, especially when there's an air-water barrier he can try to make sideways splashes in.

It goes without saying that he has spent a lot of time swimming in the unnaturally warm water; he didn't actually bring any non-swimsuit clothes, as he wasn't sure there would be any air bubbles down here, and he's at least going to make the most of his limited wardrobe. He's padding through the throne room, now, hair crusted with sea salt, spinning and looking upward as he goes, trying to identify the fish in the frescoes by name. Names like "Juliana, Carmen, Miguel," and so on, but names nonetheless.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby Drake worked for some time in very slowly and carefully getting Namor's rocks off. Now that his scepter is all shiny and clean, he has little more to do, himself. He knows very little of the lore of Atlantis, let alone how to defeat some big scary-eyed creature, or how to use the scepter as a key, or as a key to what. So, he helps with research when he can if Doug happens to have some ideas where to look. At the moment, he's taking a break. He's got a mixture of clothing with him, but he's resorted to mostly staying in his swim trunks with all the going in and out of the water.

He comes wandering into the throne room and takes a post up against the wall, one shoulder leaning against it, arms folded in front of him as he watches Julio spinning around in the throne room and naming the various fish, sharks, and other sea life with an amused expression on his face.

Lorna Dane has posed:
What was Lorna doing down in Atlantis? That was the million dollar question. Particularly as she came from the drained, air breathing hall that clearly hadn't been drained when Julio and company had first arrived previously. Moreover the direction she walked from being the Royal Chambers.

She didn't wear anything from the surface either, though in her grip was a cellphone. Reception was spotty to say the least at the bottom of the sea. The green haired woman's hair had been braided back, woven through with golden ribbons, accented with sparkling clips. A form fitting halter top of deep blue cut off at her midriff with a matching skirt that was slashed up both sides to her thighs. Pieces of gold jewelry wrapped around her wrists and ankles, all matching and intricate in design. Though she remained barefoot, her feet making barely any sounds on the marble as she came wandering down the hall, curiously stopping now and then to look out the massive views of the city beyond.

Which is how she stumbled upon the X-men in the throne room. She stopped, blinking repeatedly in a stunned fashion, her lips parting as she stared. "Bobby?-- what are you doing here?" Which is when she noticed Julio and Ruth too.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Big. Massive. Headache.

Ruth knew it was going to be a problem, but she decided to come down anyways. Who in the world would pass up a trip to Atlantis!? Not this girl! So, she learned to deal with her massive headache, traveling from the surface with things that matter. A suitcase full of junk food, soda, sandwiches (which are now depleted), gatorade, Monster, 5-Hour Energy, bottles of Starbucks, Starbucks mocha energy shots, CHips Ahoy Chewy Chocolate chip cookies,cheese puffs, hot fries, Vitners crunchy curls.. the list went on.

So it's of no wonder that.. the girl aimlessly wandered herself, holding the family sized back of Chesters Hot-Fries in her arms, her brows lowered to look a little angry above her blindfold, barefeet dragging along with oversized jeans and ratted sweater through the halls..

..across the throne room..

..to stop right in the middle. *CRUNCHCRUNCH*

Julio Richter has posed:
Unfortunately for Bobby, the spell Julio cast on Namor's scepter only made it harder, it didn't actually make the ice manipulator's exhausting job any easier. Even less helpful was the Latino youth's tendency to wander off whenever there wasn't anything truly riveting to hold his attention; it was on one sudden jaunt to figure out where he had disappeared to that the two of them stumbled down into the dungeons. The less said about what they saw there, the better.

Still, Julio has at least stayed in the well-lit, public-facing parts of the palace this time. He continues naming creatures, ticking them off with his fingers. "Enrique, Angel, Alejandra, Verónica... Lorna...." A look of perplexity descends over his features, but although his eyes lock onto the green-haired woman in her finery, his bare feet keep him drifting, and he bumps directly into Ruth's side.

There's a frozen moment as he wobbles on his heels, bare arms windmilling, but it's clear he hasn't got the presence of mind to right himself, and starts tumbling toward the floor.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby just watches this fish-naming going on until Julio names Lorna, and his eyes drop down to note the figure approaching them is, in fact, Lorna. One brow goes up a little bit as he takes in her finery and her attempt at getting signal down here. He'd powered down his phone as soon as he'd arrived, giving up the ghost on the idea of communicating topside for this particular adventure. "Same could be asked of you, Your Majesty," Bobby says with a little flourish of a bow from where he leans up against the wall.

"I am an official part of the Doug Delegation entourage along with," he gestures by spreading both hands to encompass the toppling Julio and the munching Ruth. "Oh, and Greer, though I'm not sure where she is at the moment. I've been unearthing that scepter Namor found pretty much since I got here, but that's done now." At least he has the good graces not to make the rocks and rod jokes out loud.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna stepped further into the throne room, her gaze swinging from Julio with a furrowing of her eyebrows. She'd never seen him act that way before.. ever. And she didn't really know Ruth either. So she settled for turning her focus mostly to Bobby as he was the one to answer her question at least. His own shot back question earned a faint coloring on her cheeks. "Diplomacy.." She coughed into her hand, glancing off to the side and then down at her phone.

"I am uhm.. working on diplomatic relations with Genosha and Atlantis.." She shifted her weight on her toes, looking vaguely toward Julio again as Bobby gestured.

"I was trying to get a signal to message Clarice that everything was fine. I guess I should've realized it wouldn't work so well." She sighed, her lips twisting into a grimace. "I didn't know that King Namor had anyone else from the surface down here."

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ah. Others were about. Thankfully, she could hear their voices, as everything else that she could do was slightly shut down. It comes with all the weird brains that surround her; Ruth didn't know how to navigate, so all noise came into one ear and out the other. And back again.. and again.. and again.. and again..

Julio's bump into Ruth causes her to jump and -eep-, her knee-jerk reaction quite possibly reaching Julio to stop him from falling.

Or slamming into the ground.

Her telekinesis was never her strong suit, in fact she tried her best to never use it. "Watch where you are going!" She says sharply. "Sorry!"

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio lands hard on solid air, hands reflexively splaying to either side as if to act as air brakes. "Ay," he says, as if he had actually landed, but his look is pure confusion. With the extra time bought by Ruth's intervention, however, he quickly steadies himself. "Lo siento, Ruth, thanks," he says once he's back on his feet, giving his head a quick shake and utterly failing to clear it. "How do you like Atlantis? It's making me really, really high." At least he's aware of it.

He turns to glance toward the exchange between Bobby and Lorna, and even addled as he is and with the conversation in his second language, the body language on Lorna is so clear that he might as well be every bit as clairvoyant as Ruth. And unlike Bobby with his exaggerated decorum, Julio reacts with a shaking, uncontrollable fit of laughter. It takes over his body gradually at first, but finally erupts at its peak into words: "Ahhhh, Dios Mío, Lorna boned the King of Atlantis!"

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Diplomacy, huh?" Bobby asks, both brows raising a little, flashing her a grin as he glances back toward the Royal Chambers. "Genosha and Atlantis intimately entangled in negotiations, hm?" He's such a brat sometimes. He pulls away from the wall and starts to make his way over toward Julio and Ruth, ready to try and disentangle them if they both go down. "He's high," he explains to Lorna, of Julio's current condition. "All the geological activity along the mid atlantic ridge has him all." He makes a swirling gesture in the air near his head with one finger. Which is part of why he's kind of given up chasing Julio around and hovering, and kind of letting him wander. "I think it's pretty much going to be like this until we leave." At which point Julio declares that he is in fact, really really high.

"Namor brought Doug down to translate the tablet that he found, and he insisted that Julio, Greer, and Ruth come because they were with him, assuming they were his servants. Julio told me about it and I offered to come along to help, since I figured more backup was better than less when a powerful sea king decides to kidnap you.. politely, mostly."

It's about then that Julio busts out in laughter and he rubs his face a little with one hand, trying to hide the laughter that has his shoulders shaking. "Okay.." he starts, and then starts laughing again, gently sliding one arm around Julio's waist, steadying him a little bit.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Who knew that the Queen of Genosha could blush quite so brilliantly? Well, Bobby likely already knew over the years, but Julio was another matter as Lorna cleared her throat. "I will make sure you trip Bobby." She muttered, shooting him a look as he played up the teasing puns.

Julio was another matter as he out and out called her out and as Bobby descended into a laughing fit with the man she reached up and rubbed the bridge of her nose.

"I will ban you both from Genosha." She muttered, and crossed her arms as she shifted her weight on her feet. But neither had she denied any of it either. And if the blush on her features was any indication, Julio was spot on.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"It is giving me a headache, thank you." Ruth declares, sounding even more irritated as she explains. "I can hear all of the sea life, and they do not stop talking." Crunch, crunch, munch. Julio was righted, Bobby was nearing and sniggering after the declaration was made.

"I do think that everyone knows." Ruth points out to the lot of them. "Yes. The dolphins are a gossipy bunch and I can safely say the news of their copulation has reached the straights of Gilbralter. Crunch Crunch Munch.

"So loud.." Whether Ruth was talking about the King of Atlantis and his new lady friend, or the gaggle of sealife that does just that.. gaggle.. is unknown. She begins to wander the room yet again, at least hoping to find some safe spot that would dampen the psychic senses.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio is still grinning like an idiot, shoulders shaking with mirthful aftershocks, when Bobby comes over and steadies him. He mumbles, "Oh, OK, hello," with a few bewildered blinks as he does so, but puts his own arm around Bobby, at about mid-back. When Lorna issues her mock threat, Julio wrinkles his nose and complains, "You can't do that! We're ... /nice/." The sheer feats of logic this guy is capable of never cease to amaze.

But the truth is, Julio is pretty nice, deep down, and the overwhelming energy of the rift is scrubbing away a lot of the prickly barriers he normally puts up around that. "The sea animals make your head hurt?" he asks Ruth. "Could we tell them to go away? I could do a shaky wave, but I'd probably break something." He looks to the others. "Do /you/ know a way to make the animals leave her alone?"

Bobby Drake has posed:
"If you can hear all the sea life down here, can't you hear all the birds and animals on the surface, too?" Bobby asks, curious as to why Atlantis is so much worse than the surface, not quite knowing Ruth as well as some of the others, or her abilities. He then grins over at Lorna and says, "Sorry. I promise. That was the only one. I'll be good. It is good to see you, though. The more the merrier, I guess."

He chuckles, "Hi." When he suggests making a shaky wave Bobby says firmly, "No.. remember? No shaking while we're down here. We don't want to accidentally shake something loose and hurt the city. We just need to help Namor decypher his tablet and figure out what to do with his scepter, then we can go back to the surface."

Though on the topic of making the animals leave Ruth alone he shakes his head. "I could probably chill the water enough to make them want to retreat to a warmer area but that's a lot of water, and I'd also chill the Atlanteans who are here, so probably not a good idea for diplomatic purposes. I think we're just going to have to cope with the environment as it is for now."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna made a face, and rolled her eyes at Bobby and Julio as she swept toward Ruth on her bare feet, stepping over the marble of the throne room with ease. "You're not going to be on my island until you're not higher than a kite, okay Julio?" She muttered, and stopped in front of Ruth.

"And Bobby if anyone else starts gossiping surface side, I will know it's you two. Got it?" She shot back, arching a green eyebrow upward as she looked at the two men. Her focus returned to Ruth instead, and her demeanor softened.

"I have an idea and you can tell me if it's something you want me to try or not. In theory your brain and nervous system runs on electromagnetic pulses, right? It's what's telling you things hurt. I can give you a gentle pulse, and see if it helps. There's been some work I've read about in regards to it helping to relax muscles and migraines." She offered softly, even if her cheeks were still faintly stained red.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"I never tell anyone to go away." Ruth admits to Julio. She was a push over to the fifth degree, if someone told her to jump she'd likely say 'how high?' It was an interesting thing to hear how this place also affected Julio, which gives her a tiny insight into his power without reading in too deep. But he seemed a lot more fun, something she'd appreciate if she wasn't packed with her own issues.

"Yes." Ruth says to Bobby. "I am used to those brains, sorry." She says. "I never go to the water. I do not like swimming. I will drown." Mostly because she doesn't know how. It was a pure given that Ruth would keep her mouth shut, so she wisely (and probably wrongly) considers herself to be invited to Genosha! Getting there though..

"It is okay. No freezing. It is already cold down here, thank you." She bobs her head towards Bobby, and at Lorna's approach and gentle suggestion, colored her intrigued! "Yes, please. Please try. Then I can stop eating and finally go to sleep."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio gives his eyes an exaggerated roll and sighs. "Si, Bobby, I remember," he answers, his exasperated tone making it clear that Bobby has been forced to bring this up a fair few times, and that the Latino mutant would still like to try just a /little/ tremor. As a treat. At least Julio's total lack of a filter make Bobby seem demure and polite by comparison.

He peers at Lorna, lips pinched together in an exaggeration of a thoughtful expression. "Waaaaait. Are there volcanos in Genosha? Lots of earthquakes?" His eyes widen in a grim expression. "Maybe it's a good thing they wouldn't let me in. That might have been bad." Then with an awkward shrug -- it's hard to do a big one when you're being held upright by someone else -- he says, "I mean, it's never been as strong as here. So I might never be this bad again."

He turns to watch Ruth and Lorna, fervently hoping that the latter's magnetic powers can ease the pain the former is feeling. "Buena suerte!"

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby raises both brows and says, "Hey.." maybe a little offended that she thinks he's going to spread gossip. Rib her a little in private, sure. "I'm not going to say anything." He smiles a little crookedly at Ruth and then says, "That's rough. Hopefully Lorna can help." Because he's a brat sometimes, but not an asshole. He glances between Lorna and Ruth to see if she's able to help her.

Bobby rests his chin on Julio's shoulder and chuckles. "You can give the earth a little shake when we get back up on dry land," he promises. "I don't remember there being volcanos on Genosha," Bobby says, though he spent most of his time at the refugee camp and on the shore during all the times that he's been there.

Lorna Dane has posed:
A glance was spared for Bobby, some of her irritation fading as he promised to not say anything. "Good because I don't want to deal with the rest of the Mansion being gossips." She drawled, her gaze dropping to Julio as he asked about Genosha and its volcanic activity.

"The mountain was once an active volcano. My father and I checked it over for activity before, but there's not much going on there. It's fairly dormant for the region." Which was saying something, off that coast of Africa, there was plenty of volcanic activity. Still her focus returned to Ruth and she offered her a gentle smile for all that Ruth couldn't see it.

"Alright, if you just want to sleep I can promise you that much at least." It wasn't reversing blood flow or anything so silly as that, a simple pulse to her brain that was low enough to not cause damage, but would act in a targeted enough way that Ruth's body would stop seizing with pain. Lorna raised her hands, holding them out over Ruth's head as she focused, and a soft green light lit up her fingertips with the magnetic pulse she steadied and carefully pushed into the other mutant's frame.

Ruth wasn't about to go limp and drop, but it would a near thing as her body reacted.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
All the wonders in the world, and with this group, Ruth would get a chance to see it. This at least made her hopeful for the future even though the outlook generally was grim.

"It sounds nice, thank you." Ruth says about it all, hell, even Julio shaking things up on dry land gets a thought of approval. Thankfully she didn't share those thoughts, everyone else would get headaches too. But she could feel Lorna stepping close, her chin lifting, expecting her to touch her forehead. But.. could a display of powers have warmth? Does the pulse itself generate heat? Ruth couldn't relax until she feels the first of the pulse directed to her.. and moreso, the pain centers of her head.

And it made her -exhausted-..

"Oh.. thank you.." She mutters, not stumbling, but near hunched. A step back was taken, along with a turn upon her feet, her hands reaching out which causes the bag of chips to fall, both favoring the floor.

And.. just like that, Ruth curls up and clocks right out. Finally getting some good and Lorna-given sleep!

Julio Richter has posed:
"I'm only going to say something if somebody asks me right here in Atlantis, because gguuuuuaaaauuuuu I cannot keep my mouth shut down here," Julio offers. The statement is considerably less reassuring than Bobby's on the matter, but it does have the virtue of being entirely accurate.

Lorna's description of the Genoshan seismic environment elicits a toothy parody of a grimace from Julio, who opines, "Oh, si, that sounds bad. Not as bad as here, but if there's something big it doesn't have to be that close. Here, it's big, and it's also close, so..."

"The good news is I'm like a rock god down here." He flashes the horns with his free hand, making it a pun, and his hand is instantly wreathed in a cracking, distorting, tectonic St. Elmo's Fire, its hue close to that of Lorna's own abilities.

"Or I would be, if /somebody/ would let me do anything about it." He nudges Bobby with his hip, and teases, "I'll shake /your/ Earth."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Come on, I think you know me better than that," Bobby says gently to Lorna. Whatever else he may be, he's her friend, and he doesn't spread around her personal business to other people. He watches as she attends to Ruth though, and smiles a bit when Ruth slowly curls up and actually finally gets to drift off to sleep. "Man, I'm glad that worked. She needed that." He smiles a little gratefully to Lorna for helping out. "Good thing that you're here."

He grins a little crookedly at Julio as they discuss the possible dangers of Genosha which seem at least a little less than the mid-atlantic ridge. He doesn't seem surprised when Julio's hand lights up with its own greenish flame. His magic, at least, seems mostly under control, at least when he used it on the scepter, it was.

He laughs then, "Hey. /You/ were the one who said not to let you use your quaky shaky powers down here. I'm just respecting your wishes, man, and probably several undersea safety and zoning laws." He grins at the nudge and nudges back a little before grinning, "You do."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna eased her powers back as Ruth shifted, and she eased her hands away from the other mutant. A smile came to her features as she watched and she let her hands fall away. "I'm glad that worked. I've only ever used it in a short burst to disrupt things and knock people out instantly." She mused, her voice soft as she turned back to Bobby and Julio. She approached, shooting Bobby an exasperated look.

"I know you Bobby, yes, and I trust you." She added, even if she shot him a slightly miffed look. "Doesn't mean I'm not holding you to it though." She added, a smile on her features. She couldn't maintain being upset with him, despite the teasing.

Her focus returned to Julio, "Genosha is no where near Ring of Fire, levels of volcanic activity, but it's on edge. The North-Eastern part of the African continent bumps up with the other continental plates about there. And Madagascar to the North of Genosha has activity." She exhaled a breath, as she glanced at the burst of power from Julio. Her hand extended curiously as she held up her own lit with green electromagnetic energy. Likely not a good idea, but she couldn't help but me curious.

"I know a little about it all with a Masters in Geophysics and literally being tied to the core and the magnetic fields."

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio's powers are not magnetic in nature, but the tensions and energies that fuel them are bound up in the generation of Earth's magnetic field. His aura interacts with Lorna's with a roiling little crackle along the boundary between them, one which Julio unsurprisingly stares at intently. Still, Bobby's comment about the shaky quaky powers pulls him out of his reverie soon enough.

"¡Puf! Fine, throw it back at me. Just because I'm trying to be responsible and not start an incidente internacional," Julio answers, pouting more for effect than out of actual upset. "'Stupido laws." He rolls his eyes and looks like he's about to complain about Bobby's cheesy turnaround of his 'shake your earth' comment, but at the last moment huffs out a breath, gives an eye-rolling smile, and reaches up to tousle Bobby's hair. "You are so pinche adorable," he says, as though annoyed about it.

A moment later, he lets go of Bobby and walks over to Ruth, checking that she's snoozing comfortably, then retrieving her bag of snacks. "Anybody hungry?" he asks, offering them. "I don't think King Shirt Allergy would want litter in front of his fancy chair."

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Fair enough," Bobby says when Lorna says she's holding him to it, grinning just a little bit and shrugging his shoulders. He's quiet while they talk plate tectonics and magnetism. These are not his fields of expertise, and so he just takes it in with interest. Never hurts to pay attention and learn a little something.

"Mhmn," he says to Julio when he complains and issues that pout, his grin never diminishing. He endures the hair-tousling with a good-natured grin and says, "I know," even as he releases him so that Julio can go pilfer Ruth's snacks.

"We should probably help her to her room," Bobby says and moves over toward Ruth to gently gather her up off the floor. "I'll go take her back, so she won't wake up with a crick in her neck on a hard floor," he chuckles.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna smirked, curious and interested as much as Julio to see their powers interact on the level before them. It wasn't opposing forces, and the interplay between plate tectonics and the Earth's magnetic fields was fascinating, and so it was here as well. "You could impact my polarity, Julio. I bet. If you tried. It's something we should attempt back home though." She paused, "And I wouldn't recommend you trying it on my father either." She smiled and leaned back, letting her magnetic powers fade away from the surface. She watched him and Bobby interact with amusement, and as Julio stumbled off to rob snacks, she laughed softly.

"Yeah, you wanna carry her? I'm wearing borrowed clothes. I don't want to accidentally end up ripping them."

Julio Richter has posed:
As Bobby starts away with Ruth in his arms, Julio sags a little, holding his crinkly bag of ill-gotten gains a bit lower. Behind the other man's back, he given Lorna a dry look. "Too good for this Earth," he says quietly, indicating Bobby with a tilt of his head.

Then, back at a normal conversational volume as they start to follow: "I don't think I'd want to try messing with Magneto, no," he says with a laugh. "At least... not above ground. Maybe in a cave? I could last a few seconds without getting squished like a bug, anyway." He bobs his head back and forth for a second, then ventures, "Maybe here, too. Like I said, rift power isn't just making me high, it's giving me a big boost. Thunder cracks underwater? I don't even know what that would do." It doesn't seem to occur to Julio that it's weird to talk to Lorna about fighting her father: he's just approaching it like a 'star destroyer versus Starship Enterprise' question, which might be off-putting in itself.

As they head toward their guest rooms, he's crunching down the hot fries, not too worried about the flavor powder getting on his fingers. Yup: high.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Yep, I've got her," Bobby says as he moves to carry Ruth out of the room and take her back to the guest quarters where he sets her down on her bed, takes off her shoes, and leaves her to get some rest. It's only after he's done that, that he comes back to the others as they talk about the interaction of powers and the possibility and inadvisability of tangling with Magneto. He comes to stand nearby, leaning back against the wall, arms folded lightly in front of him. "I think just avoiding tangling with him anywhere is probably the best idea," he chuckles.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna arched a brow upward as she glanced back to Julio, "I mean, yeah Bobby is a sweet-heart." She offered softly in response, a smile pulled at her lips, but her gaze swinging between Bobby's back and back to Julio once. Still, she trailed along curiously down the guest hall. It was opposite of her own in an offshoot of the royal chambers. No wonder she hadn't known the various X-men were present.

"Don't try it in a cave, he has a force field." She drawled, shaking her head. "But still, I want to test out if your powers can flip my polarity. The plates shifting over the core are what really causes the movement to create the charge for the magnetic field. And most data suggests that it changes over the past several million years. But no one is entirely sure how it all happens." She murmured, "I can shift my own polarity, which is actually the opposite of my father's in its natural state. But I wonder if you could force it." She smiled at Julio.

"And as far as power boosts go? I know what it's like. Wait until we're home, I'll stick my finger in an electrical socket and show you." She was only joking.. right? Right?

Still Bobby had seen the after effects of Lorna's powers stretched beyond their natural limits, and it wasn't pretty. Her gaze swung toward said icy mutant as he returned from settling Ruth down for her much needed nap.

"I'm hoping to talk to him before he gets released and all hell breaks loose. We'll see what happens. Right now I'm worried a bit about it all. You know how he is."

Julio Richter has posed:
"I'm not volunteering," Julio says, wide-eyed, getting another quick fit of laughter out of his system. The idea of rushing out to fight the Master of Magnetism by himself is -- well, the fact that he finds it silly rather than scary is probably the rift in action, again. He looks at Lorna curiously as she talks some more about their powers interacting, then offers, "I could give it a try, but I would have to see what it looks like first. My powers are, like..."

He trails off and waves his hands around fluidly, then tries to explain: "It's very feelings. Tension and letting go and moving stuff that is here to over here? And then the ground has all these /opinions./ And that's even before you get into the magic stuff which is in there, too. And metals have this whole, brrara thing, instead of the like hmmmnrrr that rocks do. Or like the krring of crystals? So... Obviously, I would have to be there when you did the reverse thing so I could feel what I was trying to do first." Obviously.

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby Drake misses the entire exchange about him since he's busy taking care of Ruth. He comes back in time to hear Julio talking about the brrara of metals as opposed to the krrring of crystals and he just covers his mouth with one hand to hide his grin. "Kind of like the difference between the crrrickle of ice and the psshhhpsshh of snow," he says sagely, with as straight a face as he can manage.

Then there's a glance over toward Lorna and his expression sobers a little bit as he nods. "Do you think that you'll get a chance to?" And then he nods again slightly. He does know how he is, which is part of why the teasing fades a little to concern.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna shrugged once, "I get what you're talking about." She offered with a vague motion of her hands as she spoke. "I only learned to describe what I sense using the proper terms after I went to college. But for me it's the various ways things interact with my magnetic fields. I can feel the differences in how they resonate in the fields. Diamagnetic things push back. Like glass. And paramagnetic a little less.. and then we have straight up magnetic items. I can sort of sonar my way through things if there's enough of a mix." She nodded to the glass windows that emptied out to the sea.

"That though? It's harder in some respect. The salt-water is actually a conduit for the electrical aspect of my powers. You remember learning how all energy comes in waves technically? That hmrr, and brrara.. are how they vibrate and produce energy." She murmured, and as Bobby stepped back toward them she let the science babble fall away. A sigh escaped her.

"I dunno. It's up in the air."

Julio Richter has posed:
"EXACTLY like the psshhhpsshh of snow! Thank you!" Julio answers happily, gesturing toward Bobby with both hands. To Lorna, he nods enthusiastically. "Yeah, words like Terra-kin-ay-sis," he agrees. "Doug told me that one. It's a stupid-sounding word but it makes you sound smart saying it, somehow. I don't know how that works. Word magic."

He pauses for a second, looking oddly sad, then continues, "I actually can't go to college, so I guess I'll just have to keep learning by feelings. That's OK, though, I've already learned a lot, and I'll know basically the same stuff as a high school graduate after next year."