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Coffee Break
Date of Scene: 31 July 2020
Location: Cafe Lalo
Synopsis: Silk runs across a Black Cat, bad luck ensues.
Cast of Characters: Cindy Moon, Felicia Hardy

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk was partaking in one of her budding superhero daily routines, a web slinging patrol in search of trouble. Occasionally she gets insight from her Silk Sense, but the problem is with how overzealous and freaky it is, she sometimes rushes into embarrassing and downright awkward situations. Today, on the other hand, has been so dead, that she finally decides to take the dive and changes course on a sudden tingling pointing her at Cafe Lalo.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Standing in line for something to eat is someone with very long, very rich silver-white hair. Curvaceous figure. Bright aqua-blue eyes. Black and white Spider-Man t-shirt. Blue jeans.

This is why Felicia Hardy secretly believes that her domino mask is magical. Or that detectives are just secretly idiots.

But the most dangerous thing the Black Cat is doing today is considering ordering a chocolate frappe and a cookie for lunch instead of doing the sensible thing and getting actual food. Her hips tilt aside, her arms fold under her chest, and she sighs as she waits for the person in front of her to *very* slowly order thirteen croissants.

Cindy Moon has posed:
And just like that, while Felicia wonders what it is she'll take, actual food, or the dangerous empty calorie trap, Silk comes swinging in like the hero she is, flipping through the air and landing right infront of Felicia. Almost appearing as if she was cutting her in line, as she holds her arms up and calls out, "stop in the name of justice!" Albeit her gaze is jumping all around, not even focusing on Felicia, she actually looks she doesn't quite know why she's there.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Used to being attacked from nowhere during heists, Felicia yelps when someone lands in front of her, launching herself backwards with considerable force. Unfortunately, Black Cat's a *lot* stronger than she looks, and when she runs into the guy behind her, she knocks him clean over, along with the lady that was standing behind him.

Landing atop the pile of people, Felicia kips up almost immediately looking horrified and alarmed. How was she discovered? Did Peter betray her?


A wave of anger surges through the white-haired thief and she *focuses* hard on the costumed do-gooder, bending the skein of reality to drain away the unknown hero's luck.

Something very bad is about to happen here.

But, um...which crime, exactly, is this in relation to? Surely not the diamond theft last night. Only Luke Cage saw her, and he let her go! "Um...who are you again, and what exactly do you think I did?"

Cindy Moon has posed:
When Felicia responds by launching backwards, into the other people in line, causing a bit of a pile up, Silk facepalms, shaking her head and looking quite embarrassed on body language alone. "Oh fudge, is this what it's all about!? A small accident...?" She sighs in exasperation,a nd moves to extend a hand towards Felicia and other people as well, to help them up. "I'm sorry, everyone, I'm Silk...and I have this weird power that sends me into places where trouble happens." She shrugs helplessly, "I guess sometimes it goes out of whack, and just people accidentally bumping into each other triggers as 'trouble'. I'm so sorry for the mess I caused!"

She squints at Felicia's more direct question, "you? I don't know, I have no clue what you did...but like I said, I am Silk."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Felicia Hardy just stares at Silk in blank, wide-eyed confusion. "Um, so... You have a Spidey-sense or something, but it can also trigger off something you caused?" She tilts her head, hands on hips. "...Because of the sense telling you something it caused was about to happen?" She looks aside, lowering her voice for a bit of talking more to herself than Silk, "Wow, that's got to be pain to deal with..."

"Anyway, hi, nice to meet you--" she pauses and glances aside, "--I guess." Unlike the other two people who were bowled over, Felicia doesn't seem too worse for the wear, and she trots up and around the superhero to the counter when she sees someone else considering cutting in line.

"So are you another Spider-themed hero?" she asks over her shoulder before telling the attendant quickly, "Chocolate frappe, venti, chocolate chip cookie please."

Turning back toward Silk a bit while retrieving her wallet from a back pocket, she points at her chest and the black-and-white Spider-Man t-shirt she's wearing. "If you see him, can you ask him if he'd autograph something for me?" She beams merrily while handing off her credit card behind her without looking, "My shirt, maybe?"

Cindy Moon has posed:
"Spidey sense? You met Spider-Man!?" Silk asks in excitement, looking a bit more closely at Felicia, "that's cool, are you friends or....?" The faint blush about the visible half of her face might suggest this is a topic she has more than casual interest in. "Well...errr...I guess in this case," Silk admits sheepishly at what Felicia was suggesting, knowing full well how stupid it sounds. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cause any trouble. I just wanted to do justice and all that. Maybe save the day...hehe...clearly, not today."

"You could say, my name is Silk..." she rumbles about, forgetting she already introduced herself, "and I also got to meet Ghost Spider and Spider-Man, he's pretty cool, isn't he?" She then laughs nervously, and looks very much relieved, "oh, you're a fan!! Of course, if I see him again I'll let him know, you got a name I can give him?"

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Felicia Hardy gives an embarrassed laugh, blushing a bit at the cheeks as well as she waves it off, "Oh, well, it's kinda complicated. He probably doesn't even know who I am." She smiles, recomposing herself, "But you can tell him that Felicia Hardy has a few articles of clothing he can sign if he's got the time. That should make him stumble over something."

At the further explanation, Felicia ohs internally, and goes a bit cold, realizing that Silk's sense *did* have a reason to single her out, and that's pretty dangerous. Mask magic seems to be intact, though! Suddenly a little more guarded, Felicia smiles awkwardly, "Hey, how about I get you a drink? Or a sandwich?"

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk laughs as she can relate to the sentiment of totally fangirling over someone, nodding at Felicia and giving her a thumbs up, "I'll tell him, I promise. Felicia Hardy, articles of clothing, signing, got it all."

Silk looks surprised at the offer to get her a drink or a sandwich, and shakes her head, "I really appreciate it, but..." she points at the red buff covering the lower part of her face, "I'll totes ruin my disguise if I take it off to eat or drink! Thank you though! Appreciate it, you're very nice, Felicia...keep on being...safe?" She kinda stumbles on wanting to say something heroic, and winding up saying something stupid instead. "I guess I'll leave you and everyone else at the cafe be...? I mean, no real crime happening here, and I really should be stopping crime in my free time."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
Waving cheerfully, Felicia is making *no* effort to keep a superhero with the ability to detect her D&D alignment nearby. "Stay safe yourself! Don't forget to stay hydrated!" She continues to wave, a cheery smile pasted on her face, silently and nervously sweating a bit that the Silk Sense doesn't suddenly activate again and blow her cover.

She calls out, if the hero does decide to leave as well, "I hear practicing lines in advance helps! And always aim a little further forward than you think you'll need! Better too much than too little on a swing!"

Cindy Moon has posed:
Silk thwips herself a web to swing away, catching the last bit of Felicia, as she turns to look back with embarrassment, "was I that baaaaaa," she gets cut by swinging directly into a speeding bus, sticking to it as it drives away with her. Turns out crossing a black cat does bring it's share of bad luck.