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Cindy Moon (Scenesys ID: 981)
Name: Cindy Moon
Superalias: Silk
Gender: Female
Species: Mutate
Occupation: Daily Planet Intern
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Washington Heights, Manhattan, NYC
Education: Midtown High School (dropout)
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 17 Actual Age: 17
Date of Birth 30 April 2002 Played By Kim Yoo-Jung
Height: 5'5" Weight: 120 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: @SailorMoon
Theme Song: "Bloom" by GAIN

Character Info


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Fighting evil by moonlight, working as an intern by daylight. Never running from a real fight, she is the one named Cindy Moon! She was bitten by a radioactive spider, and for the last two years she's been Silk. You know the rest. Or do you?


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* 2002: Cindy was born on April 30th, 2002, to Albert and Nari Moon.

* 2008: Much to the disappointment of her parents, Cindy proves to be a tomboy. Shying away from girly interests, she instead demands to be allowed to learn Tae Kwan Do and Ice Hockey. After much begging, she's allowed her wish, but only if she takes figure skating lessons as well. So while her young schedules was filled with classes in school and after school, Cindy was pretty pleased with her win.

* 2010: At age 10, Cindy is found to have an eidetic memory, and is found to be on the upper range of intelligence. Not a genius by any means, but smart enough for her parents to really push her into sciences. Cindy, for her part, grows unmotivated about school and rebellious. Her focus in life remains: Tae Kwan Do, Ice Hockey, K-Pop and Pokemon.

* 2016: Cindy is enrolled in Midtown High, and her parents still have high hopes she can be steered back into sciences. They put their foot down and threaten to cut her out of hockey and TKD if she doesn't take science classes and improve her grades. She relents, but not before informing her parents that she hates them. Classic teen move. Cindy also gets to learn that an Asian heritage combined with the last name 'Moon', makes it really easy to target you with 'Sailor Moon' jokes. Sad times.

* 2018: Junior year, Cindy is forced by her parents to skip a co-ed ice hockey game she really was looking forward to, and instead, is made to join a field trip to OsCorp for extra credit in sciences and a chance to meet some important people who were really smart. Cindy, for her part, was more interested in a freaky looking spider (genetically-engineered, irradiated kind) that bit her classmate, Peter Parker. Unfortunately, Peter's reaction tossed the spider at Cindy's feet, where he proceeded to bite her as well. It's almost like something out of a comic book!

* 2018: Cindy develops weird powers and exhibits strange behaviour, but for fear of being dubbed a mutant and suffering all the prejudice and hatred, she tries to keep it all a secret and does nothing with it.

Enter Loki in his Assault on NY. Cindy gets to witness people suffering, while heroes such as the Avengers and the Defenders fight for those who can't defend themselves. She's heard stories of Spider-Man at this point, saw his picture in the Bugle and everything, and decides it's her time to shine!

Turns out it was a very bad idea, as she fails miserably, but has her life saved by someone much older with spider powers, someone who had full mastery of them: Ezekiel Sims.

Ezekiel takes Cindy out of the battle and to safety, where he explains she needs to stay with him and learn how to use her powers, in order to survive. He claims her parents know all about it and manages to somehow convince Cindy it's okay.

What Cindy didn't know is that her parents thought she died in Loki's Assault on New York, as they knew she was out at the time for a roller hockey game and that entire block has been destroyed. So shaken by their grief, they moved from NYC, unaware they were leaving Cindy behind.

To accomodate the rigorous training under Ezekiel's tutelage, Cindy drops out of Midtown High, for the most intense learning experience of her young life.

* 2020: After two intense years of training with Ezekiel Sims, Cindy has reached her own level of mastery over her powers. She may not have been as sagely and Yoda-like as Ezekiel, but she was ready to debut her costumed persona of Silk!

Maybe Ezekiel mentioned something about spiders and totems and mystical shenanighans, but the important thing was Silk was ready to make a name for herself next to the other spiders who popped about besides Spider-Man.

It's not all about Silk, however, as Cindy goes about establishing her own life. It's difficult as a 17 year old, high school dropout, but Cindy eventually landed an internship with the Daily Planet. Nevermind she had an edge thanks to her eidetic memory and powers, able to reach evidence others couldn't, and eavesdrop on conversations others couldn't. The future sure looked bright and exciting!

IC Journal

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At the core of Cindy's decision to go out as Silk, is the need to be counted among the heroes. Not for the fame of it, but for the burning sensation that she needs to give back for the powers that she got. Not everybody has powers, but those who do, have the capacity to do good. If enough powered people did good, it would stop the bad ones from doing harm. Cindy watched enough anime to be inspired with all kinds of passion for justice, hunger for success in attaining your goal. She was inspired by what she saw of the Avengers, and on a more relatable note, of Spider-Man. She wants to be counted among them, and she wants the bad guys to think twice before they dare do their evil.

Cindy likes to pretend because it helps avoid the judgement of others. So she might be scared in a fight, but will hide that with a sheet of snark, sarcasm and bravado. She might want to hang out with the cool kids, so she'll pretend she's not way into anime (Pokemon specifically), K-Pop and stuffed toys. She may not always be honest with people, just to get a better perception of herself in their eyes. Someone would need to earn her trust, to really get her to open up without pretense and grand standing.

In her drive to be a hero and make a name for herself as Silk, Cindy has developed quite a reckless streak. She was already a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, but her training with Ezekiel made her feel like a real hero. Only difference is, nothing can replace experience, and she's still a rookie in the field. Prone to making the wrong move, giving chase where she shouldn't, and breaking into areas she probably should have left alone. Regardless, the thrill of chasing justice excites her and makes her feel good. She just doesn't have that fear of failure pulling her back, and might be a bit overly optimistic about her odds of success.

Cindy is naturally a good person, and one of the qualities instilled into her by her parents, was loyalty to her friends and doing what's right. So sometimes, even at the risk to her own popularity, she will stand by someone who is wronged. She has been known to stand in the way of Flash Thompson once or twice in her days in Midtown High, just because she couldn't stand him humiliating and hurting those who were weaker than him needlessly. She would often skip on her own beloved hockey games and TKD classes, only because a friend needed support after a bad breakup, or some other tragedy. At least now Cindy has the powers to better offer support to friends in need.

When Cindy thinks she knows what's best, she tends to keep with her way of thinking, even if someone smarter tries to show her she is wrong. She used to constantly butt heads with her parents, usually avoided smart decision for her future, all in the name of doing what's right. For instance, rather than prove herself in the field of science like her parents wanted, her biggest dream was to prove herself in ice hockey, and maybe one day force a men's league to accept her because she's too good to deny. To her this pursuit of justice and equality was more important. It may not necessarily be true, and she could have made something better of herself than a high school drop out and an intern at a newspaper. But whatever happened, however it turned out, it was ultimately Cindy that made the decision and she's happy to own up to it.

Character Sheet


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Due to some spider-mutagenic-dna-thingamajig, Cindy is able to form claw-like extension on her fingertips. Making her dangerous as it's an undetectable weapon, as most of the time its not there, until she's ready to strike. She can rend through quite a bit with it, but not through metallic armor and such.

Minor Healing Factor:
Another boon from the spider nibble, is that Cindy seems to recover and heal faster than most humans. She's by no means even on the scale of the likes of Wolverine and X-23, but she's back on her feet faster than she should be. But if she's cut, she still needs a bandaid. If she takes a beating, she can perhaps keep fighting and soldier on, but if her leg is broken, she'd need to bow out. Her healing factor isn't instantenous healing, it just a super speed healing compared to regular healing. So if a doctor says, your rib is broken, chill out for a couple of month. Cindy would be back to jumping from rooftops in a week.

Organic Webs:
Unlike some Spider Bite Club members, Silk is able to produce her own silk webbing. They shoot from her fingertips, and she can use them for myriad of things: swinging, sticking, whipping, weaving clothes, or the original favorite, build a giant spider-web.

Another distinction she has from other Spider Bite Club members, is her ability to alter the properties of her webbing. She can make it flexible or rigid, conductive or not, and can ultimately shape it if so desired as described in weaving.

One caveat is that unlike those who don't have organic webs, the fact she generates her own webbing, means it's connected to her health, well being, and her diet. If she's starving, ill, are otherwise unwell, she may not produce as much or exactly as desired webbing. She could get to a point of starvation where she may not produce any webbing. In other words, she needs to keep good care of herself, and someone who might get her in captivity can at least control one element of her powers in utilizing this tidbit.

Silk Sense:
So everybody in the Spider Bite Club has got one, but Cindy decided to be all special and calls her Silk-Sense rather than Spider-Sense like every other spider. She's just unique that way. Then again, there is a distinct difference. Unlike a Spider-Sense, Silk-Sense seems to have a wider range, but is also receptive to things that are not necessarily a direct threat to Silk. This causes some erratic behaviour on occasion. She could react to a threat that isn't there, or could come racing from two blocks down, thinking someone needs help when in fact some girl suffered the heartache of a breakup. She could also come rushing for someone having lost their earbuds. At times the Silk Sense is quite aggravating to Silk, but more often than not, it saves her life when she reacts to something as it happens. It does make her seem like a Martial Arts movie warrior, the way she weaves and shifts between punches and kicks, and totally bullet-time dodged well...bullets.

Another unusual effect of the Silk Sense is that sometime, Cindy can identify someone in the vicinity despite them being hidden. It's not a sure fire thing, and doesn't work with people she never met as the specific 'sensation' wouldn't align with any known person.

Spider Attraction:
The oddity of Cindy and Peter being bit by the same spider, has created some anomaly where the two feel a strange attraction to one another. It's inexplicable, and doesn't necessarily make sense, but Cindy can tell where Peter is and likewise, Peter can tell where Cindy is. It doesn't necessarily means that anything will ever come of it, but if the two were ever to meet in costume and decide to work together, there's a benefit of being able to separate and still know exactly where your partner is. But until they do something of the sort, this is likely mostly an irksome annoyance of feeling an unreasonable draw to someone you used to share a class with. (Note: this was discussed with player of Peter Parker)

Spider Physiology:
The source of Cindy's power is that bite from the genetically engineered, irradiated spider, that day at OsCorp. Just like Peter Parker, her DNA got all messed up and intertwined, as she became a spider based mutate. There's stuff about enzimes, and mutagenic something and biological terms. Maybe Professor Charles Xavier truly understands it, but as far as Cindy knows, she's got lots of spider-like abilities. The end. Or is it?

Super Agility:
One of the most recognizable elements of the spider arsenal, is the incredible increase in agility. She would score a gold every time in gymnastics, and it would be illegal. She can just contort and twist her body in unnatural ways, that doesn't seem possible at a glance. Her motion whether fighting, or dancing, or just swinging about the city, is really fluid and a beauty to behold. She just seems to carry unreasonable awareness of each of her limbs, as well as anything in her surrounding, and is quite possibly one of the fastest and most agile in the Unofficial Spider Bite Club.

Super Durability:
Silk is quite formidable thanks to her spider physiology, as it renders her tougher and harder to injure. A fall from several stories high that would normally kill a human, would only serve to hurt her, though she'd be back on her feet and into the fray. Getting hit by powerful punches might daze her, but will likely not knock her out. That's not to say she's impervious, it would just take more than the one power punch to KO her. She is, on the other hand, not nearly as durable when weapons that are not of the blunt variety come into question. Paper cuts are the worst!

Super Equilibrium:
One of the most beautiful thing about Silk to an observer, and most annoying thing about Silk to a foe, is her uncanny ability to always find equilibrium. It doesn't matter in what position she winds up, how she falls, where she's thrown to, she somehow finds a way to land in a completely balanced manner. Sometimes on a finger, sometimes on a foot, outstretched arm, latching to a pole. She somehow finds a way to maintain balance, even if it seems impossible to others. This allows her to stand on a wide variety of objects, and adjust to balance in a way that even if a floor was falling apart into a narrow plank, ending in a flagpole, she'd maintain her balance throughout a run.It's not something she thinks about, her body just adjusts on instinct.

Super Reflexes:
Silk is not only super fast and agile, she also has super reflexes that allow her to react about 40 times faster than most humans. This coupled with her 'Silk-Sense', allows to her appear like someone out of the Matrix film, easily evading incoming threats including bullets. If someone wants to shot Silk and hit her, they need to do it point blank. Even her powers are insufficient to evade that.

Super Speed:
While Silk might be inferior to Spider-Man when it comes to the gift of strength, she is actually faster. She also accelerates very fast, going from 0 to 55 MPH if she really cared to. If she uses a running start, she can also swing faster than Spider-Man. But that aside, she's not on the scale of super speedsters like Northstar or Quicksilver.

Super Stamina:
Another hidden spider benefit is that Silk doesn't tire as quickly as normal humans, even peak level athletes. Just like Captain America says, she can go all day. Well, maybe for a few hours, like say 5, but it's still impressive! Unfortunately, if she does exert herself going several hours of action, she would be exhausted to the point of needing a couple of days of recovery later on.

Super Strength:
Among the many gifts Silk got from the spider bite, is super strength, albeit she's not quite at the level of Spider-Man. Could be she's a female and he's a male, could be body structures, could be dumb luck. Either way, whereas Spider-Man is capable of powering 15 tons, Silk can power 10 ton while exerting herself. Her average is probably even lower range between 6 and 7. Point is, she doesn't need help carrying bags or opening pickle jars anymore, she can freakin' flip cars.

Wall Crawling:
Much like a spider, Cindy can crawl and walk up a wide range of surfaces, be it walls, ceilings and what not. She can, technically use any part of her body to 'stick' to a surface, but is mostly using her hands and feet to stick to surfaces, crawl, or walk along them. It makes her very difficult to predict during a fight in confined spaces, where she might shift from wall, to ceiling to floor, all fluidly in the midst of combat.

Web Weaving:
Unlike most of the Spider Bite Club, Silk has versatile webbing which she generates herself. Thanks to the training with Ezekiel, she found out that she can use this ability to weave out shapes and objects. So she might make a huge spider's web to catch bad guys, like Spider-Man, or she might weave herself a shield, a whip, a parachute. But the most useful extension of this ability, is the actual weaving of clothes and costumes. Perfect for when your fight tears your costume and you don't want to break the comic code!


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Cindy already was quite athletic before the spider bite, engaging in martial arts and sports, and being a high level black belt in Tae Kwan Do, she did some high flying maneuvers. But the spider bite just elevated her acrobatic game to the next level, and she can really sneak onto a martial arts movie set and none would be the wiser (other than she'd need no wires).

It's only natural that someone with Cindy's control of their body, along with tremendous flexibility and agility, could look good when they strike some moves on the dance floor. Yes. That's it. It has absolutely zero to do with hours spent infront of K-Pop music videos, mimicing the moves to the point of memorizing entire choreographies. Because that never happened, ya hear!? Go away, Spider-Man is a menace, deal with that!

Eidetic Memory:
Cindy was gifted with Eidetic Memory, meaning when she sees something or hears something, she generally remembers it with great detail. It could have been a great tool in many fields, which is why her parents were so annoyed she dreamed of becoming a professional hockey player. Pro tip: if anyone gets into an argument with Cindy and she summons phantoms from the ether, give up, she remembers correctly (probably!).

Ice Hockey:
Believe it or not, until the spider bite in the stupid field trip to OsCorp, Cyndi's dream was to become a professional ice hockey player. Well, not just that, she wanted to be the first woman allowed in the NHL. A girl can dream! She was a pretty legit player though, and could probably do well against semi-pros at a college or minor league level.

Because of her mother, Cindy wasn't allowed to do just 'guy sports', so she toned down her ice hockey with a touch of figure skating. So even before the spider bite she looked pretty graceful on the ice, and could do some elements. Now, with her super equilibrium power, it would be a bit unfair if she were to enter any figure skating contests. Either way, that's not her passion, but she looks good doing it.

Spider Skills:
If it was done to Cindy herself, she'd probably be the worst of the Spider Bite Club. Fortunately for her, while she was about to get herself killed, hopping into Loki's Assault on New York as her first outing as Silk, she was saved by a real Master of The Spider Arts in Ezekiel Sims. That man took Cindy under his tutelage for a gruesome couple of years, which brought her to sufficent mastery of her abilities to go out as Silk without needing to be saved. While she may lack the actual heroing experience, Cindy at least has strong understanding of her abilities and how to use them.

Tae Kwan Do:
Cindy's early passion in life was Tae Kwan Do, and she trained diligently, over the years attaining a Black Belt 3rd Dan, and serving as Assistant Instructor in her dojo. It serves her well as an actual martial arts grounding to her freestyle spider form of fighting, which is kind of self developed due to nature of her improved maneuverability.


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Courtesy of Ezekiel Sims, before they parted ways, Cindy does have an apartment in Manhattan. That's a pretty big deal.

Daily Planet:
While just a lowly intern, Cindy does have access to the Daily Planet, and the capabilities to do some serious snooping should she ever needed to. But even better, she has access to amazing investigative reporters like Lois Lane, someone she can really learn from in just about everything.


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Chloroethane AKA Ethyl Chloride is very effective against tiny spiders, turns out, it's also effective against large ones. Only you'd need to up your dose or method of delivery. Even so, being exposed to even smaller amounts could hamper Cindy's sharpness and quickness of execution. It could be very lethal to suffer these distraction in actual combat. Then again, an elaborate trap incorporating this may be enough to ensnare her.

High School Dropout:
So, rather than finish High School, Cindy totally bailed on Senior year and most of Junior year as she spent time with Ezekiel Sims learning about powers she didn't understand. On the bright side, it helped Cindy deal with what was nightmare fuel for her. On the not so bright side, she has no High School diploma. Her education is lacking, and it may come back to bite her, not unlike a certain spider.

There's also the matter of prejudice some people might have towards her if they take her for ignorant, for not knowing something she was supposed to know as a high school graduate.

Sure, Silk spent a couple of years with Ezekiel Sims to learn how to more or less master her powers. That's great, but that doesn't translate into expertise as a superhero out there in the field. The problem is, the training with Ezekiel left Silk quite confident in her abilities. So more often than not, she tend to be headstrong and tackle trouble at first sight, without really formulating a plan first. It makes her prone of being lead into a trap. Sure, the Silk Sense might help, if it doesn't go crazy on her, but it's dangerous to play roulette with these stakes.

Secret Identity:
Cindy is trying her best to keep to a secret identity, meaning she needs to find excuses to disappear to deal with Silk Sense related things. She needs to be careful not to react spider-like, while near other people in civillian setting. The more people she'll cross paths with the tricker it could get. It could potentially be something another might use for advantage over her.

Silk Sense:
The easiest way for anyone to get to Silk, is to play about her erratic Silk Sense. Arranging any number of small events or potential threats would shoot up the 'Silk Sense' alert and make her less focused on the moment. Then again, there's always a chance of something unplanned and unrelated to any bad guys might trigger, and cause Silk to lose concentration on any given action.

The Bride:
There's something Ezekiel been trying to warn Cindy about, that she never quite paid attention to. Some nonsense about her being the Avatar of The Bride. Some Totem Spider Goddess entity or other. It sounded silly and unlikely. It may even have something to do with Cindy's and Peter's attraction more than the spider bite. The real problem at hand, is that psycho mystics who actually buy these long tales, may wish harm upon Cindy or worse.



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Cindy Moon has 18 finished logs.

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S'now Problem January 8th, 2021 Snowball fight for the win!
Holiday Miracles December 16th, 2020 Beetle and Silk save a jumper (and Ted's gonna pay for his therapy!).
Park Interlude With Spiders December 1st, 2020 Silk, Mania, and Spidey meet for catch-up on their burgers and hot dogs.
Connecting over Foine Food November 12th, 2020 Cindy and Peter meet for a no-costumes-allowed meeting to try and relate to each other as regular people.
Spider-Silk October 31st, 2020 Silk and Spidey touch base on the new players in town...and other things, too.
Chance encounters August 19th, 2020 The Question meets Silk, and they split up to work a case he is working on.
Coffee Break July 31st, 2020 Silk runs across a Black Cat, bad luck ensues.
Silk Sense Tingling! July 10th, 2020 Cheetah thought she had it figured out, but then Silk Attack!
Earlier Than Expected June 19th, 2020 Silk gets to meet Mania, it's weird.
Spider, Silk, and Steel June 2nd, 2020 MJ and Silk meet, Spidey blushes a LOT beneath the mask, and training is arranged!
Turns Out Clark's Not The Only One Who Cheats To Beat The Clock May 19th, 2020 Cindy sneaks in to work from a 6th floor window. Clark overhears her, and she has to come up with an excuse. At the end of the day she learns some new tips!
Clearing the Air(waves) May 6th, 2020 Spider-Man gets Silk connected to the Spider-Comm network, and some misunderstandings are put to rest.
This Scene's For the Birds April 24th, 2020 Falcon, Journey and Silk take down the Penguin... but at a cost. What happened to Sam?
Street Justice April 9th, 2020 Spider-Man has to deal with both Silk and steel when they run across the Punisher for the first time.
Up On The Roof... March 27th, 2020 Silk takes a breather on a roof top after swinging about, she meets Julie, but more importantly she meets Ghost Spider. They discuss so many things, the thingamajig with Silk and Spider-Man, the nature of gender and sexuality, and even David Bowie's crotch! For science!
Marvel and Aunt May March 24th, 2020 733/Captain Marvel/Shazam and Silk save Aunt May from home invaders, and Spidey senses that animal attraction again...
Kings and Spiders March 19th, 2020 Where to even start.... Silk and Ghost Spider break up a heist, Spider-Man shows up and there's some electricity.. then Gwen says goodbye to Peter. It was a rollercoaster.


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Cindy Moon has 18 finished logs.

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