271/Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good burger

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Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good burger
Date of Scene: 04 March 2020
Location: Burger Joint
Synopsis: Rogue meets Jubilee. It's a cult of personality.
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Rogue

Jubilation Lee has posed:
This is the definition of boredom.

Jubilee is leaning against the front counter of the burger joint in the late evening when most people have returned home. Westchester isn't the big city, so most folks are at home watching Tuesday Night lineup broadcasting on their television sets at this hour and preparing to venture to bed with the close of Jeopardy... At least that's what Jubilation Lee tells herself as she chews absently at her bubble gum.

"Jubilee, take care of that customer." The night shift manager says in a slightly nasally voice, drawing first the girls attention, and then her unseen scourn.. but she doesn't take it out on the couple.

"Welcome to Good burger, home of the good burger, can I take your oder?" This draws a confused glance between the pair.. "I'm just kidding.. it's f- nevermind. What can I get for you?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been getting more and more comfortable with her ability to fly but she didn't like doing it when others could see her. It drew crowds and questions and... well...

So her solution? She'd been wandering through Apple Park and she'd seen the skatepark filled with skate boarders preparing for a tournament this coming weekend. She'd gone up to some of them and within minutes one of them was offering his spare board to Rogue to keep it. Sure you might think that just jumping on a skateboard is not something you can easily do, but when your body can control the speed at which you're moving simply by altering its gravitational field... Rogue can soar down the street or sidewalk at her own desired pace without even taking a foot off of the thing!

She's had to get a little good at not losing it out from under her feet, but its been fun... and she can't afford a car yet.

So outside the Burger Joint, Rogue rolls on up and steps off the board. She kicks it up into her hand and walks in to the Joint. Once inside she approaches the counter to see one of the girl's from school working behind it. She grins at her sales pitch. "Jubilee." She knows her name, the girl was in the X-Men - even if they hadn't talked much yet.

"I'll uh... have... uh... what do you like here?" She asks her.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"ROGUE!" It's more stressed, than shouted. Jubilee recognizes the senior and grins a bit more broadly, "Wait, do you go by Ann or something? Can I call you Ann? I'm Jubilee." Which Rogue already knew. The food for the previous customers is handed over and they go off to enjoy their cholesterol burgers so Jubes can lean on her elbow with her chin in her palm.

Chew chew chewing her gum.

"What do I like... here?" Cautious glance over her shoulders, "Sometimes, when I close? I'll lay my head under the frosty machine and pull the lever just to see how much I can get in my mouth before I die... it's like ice cream water boarding." Super cash. "The fries are good too... you can dip your fries in the frosty and while that probably sounds super nasty? Totally worth the years you're shaving off your life."

"Just stay away from the hotdogs." No explanation or contextual elaboration.

Rogue has posed:
Jubilee has a 'fun with life' attitude that has appealed to Rogue since she'd first seen her at the school. The girl's attention to flare and looking like she's trying to make the world around her more entertaining and less boring? That appeals to the Belle.

She grins at the words she says too. "Well hell, maybe I should put in an application here if there's sneakin' free frosta falls from the machine over yonder." She sees it over there, all metal and boring looking, but she can see that nozzle too that the frosty pours out of too. Yum. Ice cream nozzle--- this is getting weird.

Rogue looks back to Jubilee then and just place sher skateboard in front of her lap and holds on to it with both of her gloved hands, thumbs pressed together. "Large fries and a Frosty then. I'll take that." She says, having decided based on the other girl's recommendation. "And no hotdogs... less I'm gonna be throwin'em at folks!"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Yah, you stare at it..." Jubilee says in a narrator voice as if providing vocal backdrop to the impure thoughts Rogue is having about that ice cream nozzle, "That's the moment Ann Marie realized she could easily see herself eloping with a frosty machine... she didn't know what love was.. but she knew it came from the tip of that gloreously polished dispensing apperatus..."

"Jubilee! Stop screwing around!"

"Sorry Gov'nah! One big and curly and a cup of creamy white."

The manager isn't laughing...

But the guy working the grill is trying his hardest not to.

"OH man! You throw hotdogs at people too? I do it in a total ironic way, though.. like I throw the buns and condoments at them also... It's dinner and assault." Ringing Rogue up, "That'll be five twenty two." Pushing up her shades with the tip of her index finger.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches into her gray half trench coat to pull out her money and she hands two fives to Jubilee. "There you go, Madam." She says with a smile, her hand clad in a dark green glove. "Oh and Ann is perfectly fine, though Marie is good too. Or just Rogue. Whatevah floats your boat, yeah?"

The Belle gives a glance to the Manager and a smile along with it when he glances her way. She's flirty, of course, but she also doesn't want him to get mad at Jubilee cause the eccentric behavior of his cashier doesn't bother her in the least.

"Are you on shift much longer?" She asks of Jubilation then. "I was thinkin' about either headin' back to the school or rollin' past the movie theater t'see if something good was playin'. I saw something last week that totally sucked and it made /me/ want t'throw hotdogs and condiments at the screen..."

Jubilation Lee has posed:

Why would she make her do... MATH! This isn't complicated math, though. "Okay, five twenty two out of ten is... carry the one.." murmuring, counting out bills, "Four seventy eight for you." Which she holds out to Rogue. It takes a little longer than it probably should have, but she's bad at this part of the job.

It's a wonder they let her work the register.

"Just finishing up actually..." Glancing at one of two plastic, neon colored watches on her wrist. Neither of which are set to Eastern Standard time. "Mister Douglas, can I leave early?"


"... Will it change your mind at all if I say please?"


Jubilee opens her mouth and then closes it... Furrowing her brow, "What if I stop telling people you smell like cabbage?"

"... you tell people that?"

"Not if you let me go home early........." Jubes puckers out her lips and nods to Rogue, mouthing, I'll meet you outside

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just grinning while Jubilee counts out what she owes her in change. She nods along with her as she does the math and when its finished she extends her gloved hand to let the other girl place the cash into her palm. "Why thank ya, Sugh." She tells the Jubilant-one.

The money is stuffed away now into Rogue's back jeans pocket on her right cheek and she just stares between Employee and Employer at their little exchange which makes her grin as well. "Right, sounds good."

Rogue steps over to the condiments table to set her backpack down and then stuff her skateboard into it before she hooks it back over a shoulder and grabs a few things she'll need. When she comes back, she accepts her little bag of fries and the cup of Frosty, then she looks to Jubilee's boss.

"Heya, Sweetie." She says to him with a smile. "If ya get the urge t'let Jubilee out a bit early, I'd appreciate it." She says it in as saucy of a way as she can before placing the straw of her drink between her lips to suck on it for a second or so (ice cream don't come through those things too easy after all!).

"Mmmm, thats good." She adds before she waves to Jubilee and turns toward the door to walk her butt back outside.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
If Jubilee's attempts to manipulate the situation fall upon deaf ears, Rogue's attempts to suck ice cream from a straw draws everyone's attention in the establishment... Even the guy over there eating with his girlfriend is staring at her soul crushing efforts... which gets him smacked on the arm, What?! I'm worried she's going to have an anurysm! uh huh.

Douglas is certainly watching.. and after a second he waves Jubilee off with a sigh.

Wasting no time, she dips off to the back to grab her long yellow coat and hops over the counter despite it being literally /more/ effort to walking out the employee only doors. "Thanks Mister Douglas!" Snapping a picture of him gawking at Rogue's tush for later use in whatever future plans she has for this eatery!

Outside, she's donning her jacket and grins, "We're going to call that a team effort... I mean I did all the work, but I'll let you take some credit for style..." Yeah, Jubes was /even remotely/ involved... sure.

"So, movie theater?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is outside leaning on the table on the outdoor eating area when Jubes coming striding out and throwing on her yellow jacket. She is dipping a bunch of fries into the uncapped frosty so that its like an awesome blossom. When she looks up she picks one up to put it in her mouth and smile at her friend. "I love that coat, by the way." She tells her as she pushes off of the table and starts to walk with Jubilee down the side street. Sun is going down, but the street lights are on and Salem Center is well lit up. Westchester NY is one of the richest counties in the United States, so Salem Center is all hoity toity richy-land.

"I'll take that credit, I'll need it, I'm sure. But I totally just made a friend for life outta your boss." Rogue says with a grin in her sultry southern belle voice, then offers the cup of frosty and fries over to Jubilee incase she wants one.

"You wanna go t'the Mall theater? That way if there's nothin' playin' we can just wander around and judge folks." She grins at the girl to her left.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Probably, yeah. I don't think he's been laid since Obama was still in office." Jubilee casually insults her manager, but he's earned her ire! Her WRATH! Hard fought for it, because it's hard to get under the asians skin. Grinning down at her own jacket then, "Oh god, me too.. you can hide all kinds of stuff in it! Like this one time where I totally boosted Timmy's PS4 for game night with some friends back home?" The hands in her pockets flare the big yellow garment out like a cape!



While ya joke...

"Yeah, heck yeah.. I love the mall... like, when my parents died-" Super cash, "I hid in a mall for three whole days. I survived on a steady diet of fresh smoothies from Smoothie Kings and Sobreros pizza... I'm not saying I advise it as a health option or long term dieting scheme... but it tasted good as hell!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is genuinely left laughing at the story about the coat and the vampire impression that she does with it. But that laugh is forced away when the topic shifts to malls and parents dying. She doesn't get /sad/ or nothing, she just gets considerate and just walks along with the bright yellow jacket wearing asian gal, glancing over at her now.

"How old were you when that happened?" Rogue asks her then, but to break the ice she tosses out some of her own story. "I was six when mine died-- though, they didn't really die, they..." She exhales sharply. "I mean they're probably dead, right? Its been twelve years after all."

"But yeah, they vanished in a weird... I don't even know... accident? People refused t'talk to me about it. I tried findin' folks who were there that night, only found two, one'a them was a drunk and refused t'talk, the other was a lecherous pervert who I had to hit square in his nose when he tried t'get fresh with me."

Another Frosty Fry is eaten then.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"A few years ago." Jubilee isn't skipping as she walks, but there's wheels in the bottom of her sneakers, so periodically she lifts her toes up and rolls on her heels. That or jumps over things just for the sake of doing it. Like she's finding obstacles and overcoming them just because she can.

"I was twelve. It's kind of a funny story once you get past the part where my parents are dead." That's just her being glass is half full. She'd be a big fat liar if she said it didn't bother her on some psychological level, but she's just not keen on showing that dower stuff.

"The neighbors, who were also Chinese, and also named Lee? A hitman working for someone bad dude or whatever came to kill /them/ saw my asian parents who were named Lee... and killed them instead."

Maybe it's not as funny as she said it was.

"My parents were literally killed because all Asians look alike." There's the humorous part, at least to her. Snickering quietly as she jumps up on and walks across a bench, rather than walking around it. "Where'd your parents disappear to?"

Rogue has posed:
That whole story summons a lot of different emotions inside of Rogue at once. She doesn't /want/ to laugh, but Jubilee's comedic timing and the dry way that she lays it out there like that, it's entirely presented /to/ be laughed at, so Anna-Marie can't stop herself. She has to huff out a laugh and then shake her head at herself.

"Jesus god all mighty that is... I mean, yeah, I get what you're sayin', thats funny in a 'Life is horrible' kinda way." She shoots a look over to the hardcore-parkour practitioner and watches her roll then hop a tipped over garbage bin. "Did they catch the racist prick murder?" She has to ask before glancing up ahead.

Rogue pushes the cross walk signal and waits for it to flash like a good girl, then starts off across the street toward the Mall parking lot. "My parents? Heh. They were hippies. They moved us t'a hippie farm and then got themslves inta some kinda native American ritual that turned out t'be more trouble than their dumb hippie asses were prepared for. They got sucked inside'a somethin'... I can remember it still." She says, her hand going up to swipe some of her white hair out of her eyes. "It was like a giant glowing... butthole, just sucked them inside. My mom, specifically, my dad just went in after her..."

"I dunno, fuzzy memories, ya know?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Eh." Jubilee is grinning as she shrugs at the unorthodox comedy that is her history, "It is what it is.. I mean I think all white people look the same too, we're all racist." That's casual as heck, jumping up on a plant runner and down in a little spin. It's not flashy, but she keeps walking out of it, and hasn't pulled her hands out of her pockets even once.

"So you grew up on a hippie commune with parents that inadvertantly joined a cult?" Low whistle, shaking her head. "That's a messed up situation, Marie." Standing at the intersection rocking heel to toe with her knees bowing out forward.

Suddenly, "I use to want to start a cult."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs a little again at the racist part. "I think some people just have bad vision and bad memory too, which means they're destined t'have trouble tellin' people apart. Shit there's like a billion million things that go inta that, ya know?" She takes another one of the fries out of the awesome blossom frosty fryplosion and starts up onto the sidewalk that leads down toward the Lost Pond Mall, the two of them strolling past the big fancy sign that has that name on it lit up by little spot lights.

"I was only six when it happened, and was sent t'live with my Aunt in Meridian. Which is just a little shit burgh of a town in Mississippi. So I don't know if I qualify as 'grew up' on the hippie commune, but I do got some memories'a livin' there. No air conditionin', playin' with my dog out by the creek. Layin' on my dad in a hammock while listenin' to a baseball game on the radio. Random stuff like that."

Someone on their way out of the Mall honks their horn at the two teenage girls, a few guys in a car. Rogue smirks and nods her chin at up at them. She then looks to Jubilee and grins at her. "I'm your first member then, Cult'a Jubilation is growin'."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"So they're anatomically racist." Jubilee says helpfully when Rogue explains how various people view things based on a number calculations that go on behind the curtains of their brain-meat. "Which is kind of worse, if you think about it? It's like they're biologically coded for it... I bet those sack of shits can't even tell the difference between coke and pepsi.."

She pantomimes taking a sip from a can. "mmm tastes like soder'tuh me."

Pause... turning to look at Rogue when she casually uses redneck voice to define racism in imitation form. "Sorry... I know that hoity toity people with hundred million word vocabulars can totally be scum sucking gutter trash, but we've been programmed by Larry the Cable Guy, ya know?" She's weird, but she embraces it.

Nodding to the memories Rogue's sharing as she resumes walking, flapping her jacket at the honking boys in the passing car, but otherwise paying them no mind as she heel rolls beside her newest cult member. "Excellent... I'm thinking we'll be like scientology only with a less believable religious dogma." Dry. hard to tell if she's joking.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has to grin at the part of using the southern-style accent to coin 'racist'. "Oh don't worry. I know full well how that goes. I was in California for awhile ya know? They used t'talk openly there about how 'all southerners are racist' and I'd just be like. 'Uh... this city doesn't really get much further south on the map ya know?'" She holds her grin and shakes her head again. "Whatevers though. People believe what they wanna believe. They hear a funny joke, or someone they respect say somethin' so they'll run with it all the way t'the bitter end."

With the majority of her meal from Jubilee's place of business finished off, Rogue tosses it at the waste bin on the edge of the side walk. It thuds against the back of it and falls right inside! Good shot!

"Our cult needs t'have a good dress code. Like, no Nikes'n weird robes. We need high heeled boots'n leather pants as a requirement. Good stuff like that, I say." She gives a sweet smile to Jubilee and then looks ahead toward the theater on the side of the mall.

"Oh look, comic book movies are playing. Jesus Christ, when are they ever gonna make somethin' that isn't about a stupid ass comic book character or a damn video game movie. I miss romantic comedies! Watchin' people pretend like they didn't love each other up until the last fifteen minutes, the suddenly they realize they /do/ love each other, then they live happily ever after. Now that cinema."

'Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Oh, cool, I grew up in Beverly Hills." Some of the accent is still there, even. One part Valley, One part dopey slacker, shaken vigorously until a creamy sludge. "I loved it there, but I know they're just as closed minded as the rest of the country.. It makes it more funny because they're all
oooo we're so liberal...
" Waving her hands over her head like someone running about with their hair on fire. "We're way more liberal than everyone else who sucks for how not liberal they are.." The irony is there.

Both hands drop back into her pockets, staring at the signs with a deep frown. "I wouldn't even mind if they weren't picking the absolute worst characters to make movies on. Titanium Man? Who would even name themselves that?" Snort, snort, derisive, so much disdain. "Whhhhaaaat? It doesn't get any better than thirteen going on thirty, you." Doing an awkward insistant wave at Rogue, shouting under her breath, "It's THRILLER!" heel kicking up, hands in the airs claw pointing to the right.

Rogue has posed:
As they make their way through the parking lot, Rogue just grins over at Jubilee and then reaches in to her jacket pocket to pull out her cell phone. "Beverly Hills... I'd say that that sounds like ya grew up a spoiled rich kid, if ya... ya know... hadn't told me the story about how your parents got blasted for being Chinese." There's a sharp exhale then, a sigh at the world's willingness to suck so openly and abundantly.

Rogue then nods up at the movie sign as they approach the entrance to the ticket buying screens. "How about that Wild movie with the old Indiana Jones guy and the CGI dog? It looks like a sweet movie..."

All the same, Rogue is pulling out some more money. "I'm buyin' the tickets though. Call this my first date with Jubilee. Or just say its my reward for bustin' ya outta work and lettin' ya have a little free time. Besides. You're Asian and I'm gonna forget what ya looked like as soon as there's other Asians around, cause I'm Rogue the Cablegirl."

The door to the theater is pulled open for Roller Jubes to glide on in through and the Belle will follow.