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Doom Over Gotham - Alpha
Date of Scene: 17 August 2020
Location: Kingston - Miagani Island
Synopsis: Bats, Sparrow, Red Robin and Nightwing work together to prevent one of Doctor Doom's tests from going out of control. Minimal collateral damage, zero casualties and maximum results. That's how the Bat Family rolls.
Cast of Characters: Victor Von Doom, Bruce Wayne, Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Carrie Kelley

Victor Von Doom has posed:
It's around nine o'clock on a Gotham evening. The sounds of Gotham's nightlife fill the air around this part of the city. Those sounds are soon replaced with a low thrumming sound as a massive airship begins to descend from the clouds far overhead onto the city below. Down and down it goes until it assumes a position well above the city.

A pair of large doors open on the bottom of the gondola and a set of four small drones flies down and assumes a large rectangular pattern. A moment later the face of Victor von Doom is broadcast over the city.

"This city seems to be less troubled by extraterrestrial threats than others, but Doctor Doom declares that no extraterrestrials will be allowed to attack his world again. Behold, my latest Doomdrones!" The image cuts out and then three sets of five combat drones come flying from the gondola above and assume three separate formations. The first set (A) goes flying off in a northerly direction, the second (B) goes south, and the third (C) starts zooming towards the east.

Each of the formations do not fire any weapon, not yet at least. They all seem to be zooming along at a rather high speed while zooming in between various buildings.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
The Batmobile tears through the streets of Gotham at its' usual breakneck pace, navigating the roads ahead of them flawlessly due to a combination of highly-effective automatic driving and human drivers that are fully familiar with virtually every road and back-alley in the city. It doesn't take long for the multitude of reports to come in, bringing a scowl (well...more of a scowl than usual) to the Batman's face. He flips a few switches to open channels to other Bat-family members he knows to be patrolling tonight.

"Nightwing, Red Robin, there are reports of three groups of drones being deployed by a Latverian airship over Kingston. Stay on the group headed east as best you can. We'll try to intercept the north. For now observe and try to keep up. Do not engage unless they start posing a threat to lives or property. You're clear for deployment of Batwing Beta and Batcopter Alpha as you see fit."

Batman keeps his eyes on the road, turning their course towards Kingston even as he speaks to the young woman in the passenger seat next to him.

"Sparrow, launch Batwing Alpha on remote deployment and keep it in a holding pattern for now."

He patches the next bit through the general Bat-family comms: "I want to know what game Doom is playing before we decide which of the rules we're going to break."

Tim Drake has posed:
Red Robin had just met up with Nightwing for their patrol tonight when the giant Doom broadcast appears over the island-bound city. Behind his mask, his eyes tighten with frustration. "Doom." he mutters to himself, staring off at the projection from the rooftop of the building he had met up with his 'older brother' on. Batman's orders garner a sharp nod, despite the fact the boss can't see it. <<Copy that, Batman.>> he says over comms. The unextended bo staff that had been in his hand gets tucked in a utility belt pocket, before he calls up the full capacity of his gauntlet computer, a blue glow of hardlight hovering above his left wrist. "Bringing Batwing Beta online and into the city, Nightwing. It will rendevous with us in..." he looks, "four minutes."

Then he dashes across the rooftop, leaping over to the next to follow the eastbound drones.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing was wanting an easy patrol to night. One that did not involve stabbings, or Talons, or anything unusual. Just a boring little roof stroll through Gotham. He has been assigned to travel with Red Robin as his patrol partner, tonight and the arrival of the airship causes him to mutter under his breath as he calls out over comms.

<<Understood, east group noted,>> He says looking towards them and to his partner, "Sounds like a plan, I got a couple of little surprises for these drones, but getting closer always helps. Nightwing makes sure his wingdings are easily accessible as he grapple-guns up to another roof for a better vantage point by a water tower. <<At least they're drones, and likely not piloted, also seem to be using the buildings for cover.>>

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Sparrow is in the passenger seat of the batmobile reading over displays and getting live updates on where the Doombots are heading. It was difficult to keep up with the flight pattern of so many, but thankfully they were staying in sectors it seemed. Even as she listens to the orders given to the others she keeps her eyes on the screens in case anything happens immediately.

"On it," she responds easily when her own orders are given. Reaching forward she swivels the keypad in front of her closer to begin typing orders to the cave where Batwing Alpha is located. It powers up and emerges to fly on the path that she programs in.

"On it's way. Holding pattern set. ETA 4 minutes."

Here she pauses to regard the screens again. "What's in the direction they *aren't* being deployed to?" She wonders with a frown.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Another figure exits the gondola once the drones have been dispatched and start their test runs. A figure wearing armor, wearing a green tunic with a green cloak that billows out behind him, his arms crossed and his jet boots keeping him aloft as he lowers himself lower and to a position to observe all that is going on.

All three sets of drones continue to zig and zag around buildings, under underpasses and bridges, and around trees. So far the worst that's happened are a few scared people.

The armored figure raises a hand to its gauntlet and presses a button.

Acting in unison, the five drones that make up the squadron that went east go from a v-formation into one that looks more like a pentagon. They quickly near a group of young adults just exiting a coffee shop and then there's the hissing of five separate launchers shortly followed by five *THUNKS* as give steel pins are shot into the side-walk. A net follows and very quickly the group of youths are entangled in a net of some design, unable to do more than lie on the sidewalk and struggle.

There are cries of help, but no one looks injured.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
The Batmobile swerves into a tight alleyway, with only inches of clearance on either side, but screeches to a halt between the two tall buildings that form the walls of said alleyway. The canopy of the Batmobile slides open even as the safety restraints on its' occupants automatically retract. Batman is rising to his feet before the canopy is even fully withdrawn, though Carrie may notice him detach a small cable from his left gauntlet, with the opposite end plugged into the Bat-computer interface on his side of the automobile. It looks like he just might have been downloading something.

But in any case, his hand reaches for his grapnel launcher, and with a brief glance to Sparrow to make sure she's keeping up, he fires it skyward, the gas-propelled projectile and its' cable finding purchase high overhead, and the gun soon clipped to his belt to allow for a rapid ascent to rooftop level.

"The river, suburbs. Not much real estate in that direction, and even less of an audience, which I suspect is what Doom's after."

Batman replies to Carrie's question as they reach the roof. Adding with more than a note of annoyance in his voice, "He's showing off, but there's almost certainly more to it. He's testing us."

Tim Drake has posed:
Red Robin eyes the drones as they capture some younger Gothamites. He actually thinks he recognizes one of them from one of his classes earlier in the day, but that's not the point. "I got them, Nightwing," he says, quickly stepping off the side of the building and firing a grappling hook back up across the way as he does.

Bats lose their sense of fear of heights quick, if they ever had one to begin with.

He's not quite the acrobat Nightwing is, but he does cut a flip to help guide himself to the right landing zone right before the yank of the grapple's cord catches, slowing his descent rapidly so that when he lands, it's more with a controlled thud of booted feet on the sidewalk than a splat. Quickly retriving the grapple, Red Robin dashes towards the entangled young adults and flips out a sharpened birdarang to cut the ropes at the pins so they can get up. "Back inside," he orders them, as well as some of the people coming out onto the sidewalk to gawk.

Yes, that was the annoying guy from his capstone programming class earlier in the day. Ugh.

<<Eastbound drones attempted to capture some civilians.>> he notes over comms for Batman. He taps one of the pins lightly with his boot. Something to pry out and look at later. He scans with his HUD, keeping an eye on the drones, which he quickly numbers E1-E5 on his display.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Sparrow finishes the last minute commands for the Batwing before switching the command controls over to her own gauntlet computer. Just in time for the dome to open and Batman to exit. She pushes up and to her feet with a quick smooth hop, her free hand already on her own grapple. She might be smaller in stature but she would keep up with him.

"Makes sense," comes her agreement of him wanting an audience. "Given what we know of him that's also not him up on the ship. He likes his decoys." The grapple gun launches, and she ziplines into the air quickly alongside Batman.

The news from Red Robin about the capture of civilians earns a thoughtful grunt but no response. What was his game? It wasn't as if he was one of their usual rogues to puzzle out. This was different. New. And took some thought.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing nearly grappels down as he sees the drones capture the coffee shop patrons, though Red Robin volunteers to go rescue them. He gest to a vantage point where he notes the five of them. He runs over to another roof to get a vantage point where scans the street for collateral damage before chucking a wingding at the fleeing drones, one with a remote electric pulse built in. He frowns and looks down to Red Robin before calling over comms, <<Civilians all right down there?>> He watches the eastern squadron of drones depart. Paying attention to their formation and how quickly they react to their surroundings.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The floating figure cackles to itself as it watches the civilians get netted. Without a word, it begins inputting a few more commands in. Far off in the distance, the two groups that went north and south turn corners and shoot straight into the air, obtain an altitude over the nearby buildings, and then fly at one another at speed.


The civilians who are rescued by Red Robin all give him grateful looks and praise, including that guy from his capstone programming class. They follow his orders, but other civilians nearby who had witnessed the netting all seem to be heading for the nearest open establishment and trying to get inside.

Nightwing's wingding flies true and it clips the right-most drone at such an angle that it veers off and crashes into the drone on it's left. The two of them go spiralling down to the street below. One hits pavement, bounces twice and explodes, sending small pieces outwards but doing very little actual damage. The other lands directly onto the top of someone's Honda and bounces off, leaving a nice dent before it hits the sidewalk and shatters into many different pieces.

The three remaining drones all halt, then turn and start flying directly towards Nightwing.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Batman surveys the situation both from his vantage point, and via what is feeding through his comms and HUD as the moments tick by. He reaches to his left gauntlet, pulling out a small component that Carrie will recognize as the data-drive for the wrist-mounted computer there, and extends it towards her.

"Patch this through to both Batwings. It's a modification to the programming of their Electronic Warfare suites. Bring Batwing Alpha in and put it in hover mode...here." He sends a signal to her own wrist computer noting the location, near where the airship hovers overhead. "And follow me." And with that, he starts swinging, grappling, and gliding his way in that direction, still speaking over the comms while in motion:

"Keep on them, and assist any civilians as needed. So far he doesn't seem to be here to /hurt/ anyone. I think I have an idea what he's up to, but I plan on having a chat with him about it."

Tim Drake has posed:
After herding as many people back inside as possible, Red Robin notes the sudden veering of drones towards Nightwing, and scowls beneath his mask. <<Copy that.>> he replies to Batman's orders, already pulling an explosive birdarang from his belt, sending it whipping after the tailmost drone heading in Nightwing's direction. Grappling gun out and firing to bring him back up to the rooftops (and ignoring the couple of Gothamites taking pictures and video from within the coffee-house through the windows), Red Robin is soon back up above the streets, though a couple roofs away from Nightwing.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing watches as the two drones drop relatively harmlessly. Streets and cars can be fixed or replaced. Denying Doom a chance to cause more havoc? Worth it. He grins as the other three turn around and start heading back at him. A wingding is chucked at the lead one as the escrima sticks are drawn, a light crackle is heard as he tests the battery and drops into a defensive position, constantly moving along the roof in an evasive action, using seemingly random directions to hopefully deny them a predictable target.

Nightwing looks over to Red Robin. <<ETA on copter?>>. Should a drone get close, it's going to get a stick to the dome.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
The USB drive earns only a nod as Sparrow takes it and clips it into the port on the side of her gauntlet. The HUD readout on her mask is what keeps her updated to her surroundings as she types up the new coordinates for the Batwing Alpha, as well as sets the upload for it and the Beta.

<<Uploading new software to the Batwings. Should just take a minute or so.>> With that heads up given to the other batlings she launches off the roof to follow after Batman. Swinging and releasing the grapple to freefall before catching onto a new handhold--It was an aerial race to the destination. << The other drones have shifted direction. They appear to be on a collision course with each other-- Something is up.>>

Victor Von Doom has posed:
In the distance the 10 drones that made up the northern and southern groups come together and then veer towards the eastern part of the city, but they begin to pair off in groups of two, and as they do so, they come together to form 5 larger drones.

"Test 1 complete. Test 2 engaged." The figure's voice drones on as it continues to hover just below the airship. "So far speed and maneuverability have fallen within acceptable paramaters."

Meanwhile, Red Robin's birdarang cracks into the tailmost drone, exploding it in mid-air and causing bits of shrapnel to fly into the two forward drones. It doesn't knock them off course, but they do wobble a bit, and it's enough to cause one of them to veer off to go after Red Robin while the other targets Nightwing.

A small electronic voice comes from the drone behind Nightwing, taunting him. "Even Johnny Storm is more skilled at evading me than you are, and he can barely flame on these days." Small tubes appear on either side of the drones and a bola fires out at a location the AI calculates to be a likely spot for Nightwing to land, but it misses!

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Batman lands on the rooftop that the Batwing has only just come to hover over, and the canopy opens as he approaches, he gestures towards the pilot's seat as he moves towards the passenger/navigator/what-have-you position.

"Hop in, you're flying tonight." He says to Sparrow, a rare opportunity for the Batman's students! He's rather protective of the Batwings. Not that they aren't all trained extensively in how to fly them anyway.

As he settles into his seat, he instructs Sparrow simply: "Get us within grapnel range of that airship."

And then he's cueing up the comms and speaking once more, "If you have or can get the attention of the drones, start leading them back towards the airship if you can. Red Robin, bring Batwing Beta into a holding pattern around the airship at a two-point-five kilometer distance, altitude 3,000 feet."

The comms switch off and he speaks to Sparrow alone. "The codeword is "Chicken. Activate the EW suite when you hear it."

Tim Drake has posed:
<<You mean this Batwing?>> Red Robin says over comms as Beta comes in behind Nightwing, the canopy opening. <<Guess you're driving...>> With a flick of his wrist, a dark blue staff expands to full, and with a rapid spinning as he starts running over the rooftop towards the drone heads his way, the ends of it light up with a sort of wobbly blue light and quiet wubwub sound.

Drone? Meet stick. Red Robin whips the 'wubbing' blue staff around and cracks the drone like a very thin baseball bat against a very large ball. The drone sizzles a second, and then just drops to the rooftop edge unmoving.

"Ha! It works!" Red Robin crows happily, skidding to a stop. He grapnels to the rooftop Nightwing and the Batwing are on, and hops in the back once the eldest Robin has handled the last of the drones.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
That raises an eyebrow and yet causes Sparrow to grin rather broadly in response. They hadn't been going toward the drones so she had already assumed the plan of attack (so to speak) to be toward the ship itself. "Gotcha, Boss," she agrees easily even as she leaps to the pilot seat. With one hand grabbing the edge she hauls herself in to slide down into the familiar seat easily. This wouldn't be her first time flying, protective or not.

As soon as they're both situated the hatch closes atop and she eases the Batwing out of hover mode. It shoots upward with a gust of dust coming off the rooftop as it rotates to fly toward the direction of the drones at an angle as if she were intending to act as backup. Yet it brings the Batwing upwards as well.

At the last possible second the wing dips down in a quick turn that would make the stomachs of lesser individuals flip.

"Provided we don't get any incoming fire, we'll be there in ten seconds, Boss. If we do, fifteen to twenty."

Dick Grayson has posed:
"That'll do, Red Robin, that'll do," Nightwing snorts as he is soon bothered by the taunting drone that soon proves to be suffering a case of the hubris. Without thinking, Nightwing whips around, rolls and lunges forward, smacking the drone with his escrima stick, and giving it a solid dose of electricity to knock it to the ground with a pleasant thud. "Psh. Slow," Dick says when he hustles over to the Batwing and hops in, calling over comms as he begins going to the point Batman directed.

<<On our way to designated point. Awaiting further instructions.>> He then calls back to Tim off comms once they are going, "We should grab those later for samples if we get the chance. No doubt something worth studying in them."

Victor Von Doom has posed:
Red Robin and Nightwing handle the remaining two drones with relative ease, and that leaves the five larger drones left. They are still several minutes away from the airship. Waving a hand, the figure of Doom taps a few buttons on it's wrist computer to monitor some of the data that is coming in from those drones.

"Mmm, it seems as if the next test will be far more interesting than the first." The figure reaches up and straightens out its hood, and then punches one more button. The doors on the bottom of the gondola begin to close shut. Doom then waits to see what comes next.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
"Hold us steady. And keep a tight pattern, I may need pick-up when I'm done." Batman notes to Sparrow as the Batwing reaches the desired spot under her capable hands. The back-half of the canopy slides away, and Batman launches a grapnel up to secure purchase within the Airship, zipping up through those closing doors with only a few inches to spare for clearance. He detaches the hook and lands on an interior catwalk near-silently, but he doesn't keep his presence secret, even if he DOES skulk in the shadows there, as tends to be his manner.

"Doctor Doom. Your little display is impressive enough, but Gotham has its own defenders. Consider this my formal request for you to take your drones and depart." He doesn't really think he's facing the "real" Doom here, but he's fairly sure the genuine article is at least keeping track of the situation.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"Got it." Sparrow picks up a slow back and forth flight not quite trusting a full out hover in case she needs to peel out quickly. While she does this she cues up the screens showing what the other two were facing.

<<Hang on, did those drones pull a Voltron?>>

Tim Drake has posed:
Since he's not driving, Red Robin takes the time to bring up the advanced portion of his gauntlet computer while Nightwing gets them into position and waits for orders. He tags the locations of the drones for pickup after, feeding the coordinates into the Batwing for an easy retrieval. "Already on it, Nightwing," Red Robin replies absently as he does, then pulls up the scans from BOTH Batwings to his hardlight display.

<<As long as they don't form a giant lion with a sword, we're probably okay,>> Red Robin replies, narrowing his eyes at the combining drones. <<Probably. The little ones seemed pretty easy to take out.>>

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing makes a few mental notes as he takes the relatively rare chance to pilot the Batwing to its destination, though there were no immediate threats nearby. He calls back to Tim, "Sounds good, and yeah, preferably they don't go full Voltron. Or Megazord." Dick might not be a geek, but there are some pop culture constants. <<Fewer targets is always good, though just remember they can probably just as easily dismember and go their merry way.>> Dick says as he maneuvers towards the designated point.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The figure of Doom faces the Batman and there's a moment where nothing happens, and then it's eyes shift slightly and begin to glow. "Victor von Doom is well aware of Gotham's defenders, Batman. Doom even respects how you approach your little war on crime in this city too." The Doombot folds its arms and stares ahead blankly. "My display wasn't meant to be impressive, though I thank you for the compliment." He turns around and reaches forward to press a button.

"Perhaps Gotham would like to bring in some of my technology, Batman. As you may be aware, Latveria has no crime, yet Gotham..." He trails off, shaking his head. "All your efforts and the madmen still find a way to frollick through the streets causing mayhem, and while I find their behavior offensive, at least they are human. Or mostly human." He flips two switches and presses another button. "These drones are not meant for you or yours, Batman, nor the people of Gotham. Consider the threats this world faces and then consider that Doctor Victor von Doom is it's salvation, Batman. Think on these things." He gestures towards the windows. "Now behold, the last little test."

The five dual-drones stop before the airship in a single line, each drone side by side. There are audible clicks as something connects between each pair of drones. Then they begin to separate, and the five become 10 again, but this time there are thick cords of electrified netting running between all ten drones as they act in unison and begin moving towards one of the Batwings. The one with Tim and Dick!

"Twenty years ago, I would have loved to given Reed Richards a shocking surprise like this, but now I have my Goddaughter to worry about."

Bruce Wayne has posed:
Batman does actually let Doom speak, his mien impassive before he concludes, "Some things come with too high a price." The Dark Knight vaults the railing of the catwalk, landing below on the very doors he's just slipped through.

"Tell me, Doctor...are you familiar with the game of 'Chicken?'" A fistful of flashbangs scatter before the Batman, sound and fury seemingly signifying nothing. Nothing but intentional misdirection as his other hand, swept behind him with the motion of the throw, launches an electronic "Tag" towards the back of the airship. It's not active yet...but give his friends a moment...

Tim Drake has posed:
"Uh, Nightwing, I think evasive manuevers might be in order." Red Robin's computer flickers off instantly as he pulls the controls for the laser cannons online and in front of him. And he starts firing, attmepting to take out enough of them their web of electrical line is stymied.

Dick Grayson has posed:
"Way ahead of ya," Nightwing says, "Keep them off me if you can, and just pew pew pew away," he grins and begins taking evasive action. Because that is a net of bad times and he does not want to be anywhere near it while in a death tube defying the laws of gravity.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
The Batwing Alpha retains it's holding pattern even as the audio feed over Batman's comms, left open for this very purpose, fill the cockpit with the audio. The comms of the others were available as well though as instant-read transcripts blipping up in corners, color coded for easy identification of each vigilante. Sparrow keeps her attention split on them all as if it were some video game she had to multi-task through to keep up a high score.

As soon as the word is said her fingers fly over the controls to activate the newly installed protocols.

The screens go from their normal red hued readouts to an electric blue. The energy level from the drones pops up on screen, as well as of the ship itself. Row after row of wireless signals start to light up in the lower HUD as the activation sequence starts.

"<< Ready to Rock and Roll boys. >>

Bruce Wayne has posed:
What do those signals that both Batwings are now broadcasting do? No more or less than attempting to override the friend-or-foe identification protocols of the still-active drones, redirecting them to...that tag that Batman just launched to the aft of the Gondola. Which, if the gambit is successful, will now register as one big "FOE" to the drones.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
"Doom has no time for games, Batman." He turns and stares at Batman for a long moment. "What is this game you speak..." He turns around again as lights begin flashing on the console. "What?" He steps forwards and begins tapping furiously on one keyboard as the drones that were closing in on Nightwing and Red Robin's Batwing instead veer upwards, turn and begin coming towards the airship, though they now number 7 due to Red Robin's cannonfire.

"RIIIIIIICHARDS!" It's almost rote how the name of his biggest rival comes screaming out of the voice modulator from the Doombot. This is followed up by the Doombot smashing its fist through one of the computer monitors.

The airship begins to move, a little higher and moving towards the southeast, towards the open water. As the drones near it, the Doombot manages to turn off the Doomnet protocol, but they still crash into the airship, causing it to begin to lose air. "Damn you, Batman!" The Doombot yells out, the airship's ascent halted though it still floats towards the sea.

Bruce Wayne has posed:
As the airship rocks, Batman launches a grapnel upwards, securing it on part of the frame of the airship, and he partially ascends and swings over the head of the Doombot, releasing the line as he hurls a pair of explosive charges towards the windshield of the gondola, causing it to shatter explosively just before the Dark Knight dives through. He lets himself stay in the dive for several dozen meters before he activates the filaments in his cape, causing it to expand and become an impromptu glider, taking him back towards the cityscape.

"I'm clear. Once it's over the water, and there aren't any ships below, weapons free." He notes over the comms to the Batwings and their occupants.

Tim Drake has posed:
Red Robin watches impassively through the screens as the friend-or-foe ID protocol override kicks in and the drones he had been shooting at start moving towards their controller instead. His hands move slightly off the cannon controls, though not far, ready to start firing again should it become necessary. <<Not it for driving the Batsub for cleanup crew on that one,>> he says dryly into the comms. Though, truth be told, he'll do if if he's told to. He waits for the airship to get out far enough before he starts laying down fire, all laser cannons on the Batwing opening up and blasting the airship into bits.

Dick Grayson has posed:
Nightwing chuckles as he successfully avoids the damage, and Red Robin tends to a substantial number of them before the drones go in a different direction. "Good shootin', Goose," he calls back and begins following the airship waiting for it to go out to sea before he operates any weapons on his side. Easier to focus on flying without that, <<Also adding to the 'not it' list for recovery,>> he'd go if told, but no sense volunteering right now.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
<<Slackers.>> Sparrow announces at the multiple not-its. She angles the Batwing away from the ship and toward Batman's position to offer a landing spot if he needed. The rest could handle the ship as it heads out over the waters of the bay itself.

Victor Von Doom has posed:
The Doombot has no mind for Batman as the hero makes his escape, it's doing everything it can to try and keep the airship aloft until it can make it's escape. Unfortunately, the damage is such that the airship is not long for the skies that it inhabits. It shudders and shakes and bits and pieces begin to fall off, all of them landing in the sea, so at least it made it that far.

Back in his underground bunker, Victor von Doom sighs and presses a single red button.

The airship explodes into a fiery ball and debris rain down into the water below.

Back in his bunker. "At least no one is going to fly this one up to the moon." Victor sighs and starts to browse the data that streams through one one of his consoles.