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Carrie Kelley (Scenesys ID: 34)
Name: Caroline Keene Kelley
Superalias: Robin
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Collegiate
Citizenship: US
Residence: Gotham
Education: College Level
Theme: DC (FC)
Groups: Bat Family
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 18 Jan 2000 Played By
Height: 5'6" Weight: 125
Hair Color: Ginger Eye Color: Green
Theme Song:

Character Info


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A fiesty ginger haired young woman who is rather athletic. She seems to have ties to the Waynes. A friend of the family that has come and gone over the years.


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*2000: Born in an alternate world's Gotham. One where Batman had 'retired' after the death of Jason Todd.
*2008: By age eight, she'd become an independent latch key kid. While her parents weren't outright abusive, they were negligent. She learned to survive in Gotham on her own.
*2010: Became interested in electronics, and started building and teaching herself computers. She also signed up for activities outside of the house often, such as girl scouts.
*2013: While walking home with a friend one night they take a shortcut through an arcade only to be attacked by gang members. Batman rescues them having recently returned.
*2013: Carrie takes on the mantle of Robin without permission and begins teaching herself how to move through the city. She stops a few minor robberies.
*2013: While out as Robin she comes across a wounded Batman, and helps him. Batman takes her on under his tutelage.
*2015: While aiding in the rescue of Hank Pym from a military facility, there's an explosion. When Carrie wakes she's in an entirely different Gotham.
*2015: Carrie seeks out Batman and explains what had occurred. Jason Todd is currently Robin, so Carrie opts to build her skills while proving herself by going back to school and continuing her training. After Jason's death, she offers to take his place, but Batman refuses due to his feelings of guilt.
*2017: Carrie returns from training to find that Batman has taken Tim Drake on as Robin. She's none too happy, but quietly aids the pair when needed.
*2020: Still training and acting as the occasional 'alternate Robin' when needed, Carrie has decided to finally step out and be more active on her own.

IC Journal

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Borderline Genius:
Self-taught in so many things, if she'd had the training at the proper age she might have become more. Even so she's smart. Smarter than the average street rat, and smart enough to know how to study to learn what she wants to learn. She's not boasting about it or trying to pass any intelligence tests. It's all in what she knows and what she wants to learn.

Unlike many teenagers Carrie tended to be quiet and reserved. This isn't due to some antisocial or introvert aspect of her personality however; in truth she's simply observing. Watching. Learning. When it seems she may just be staring off into space or slacking she's in reality taking in everything going on. She watches the way that people talk, the way they move, the way that they portray themselves. Even the small things people do are within her realm of perception. This not only helps her read people, but can help her learn skills far quicker than one may expect as is evidenced by the fact that she learned to fly a helicopter in one night by watching Batman do so.

A trait which defines her most often is her apparent never ending patience. That's not to say there won't be times that she's impatient, but overall, she can wait a long, long time to get what she wants. So long as she knows that end is in sight and worth working towards she will put in the time and effort required to get there without looking for shortcuts.

Character Sheet


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Computer Programing:
While she's no hacker she does know how to program on a more-than-basic level. When she couldn't figure out how to make the Bat-Copter's voice activated commands work for her, she opted to just re-program it to use commands that were more suited to her to remember. The classes she takes in school are oriented to someone intending to have a future in computer technology--Which is precisely what her goal was before taking on the mantle of Robin.

While not the same Master-of-Disguise that her mentor may be, she's no slouch when it comes to being able to blend in with any given group. She's gone undercover several times with different gangs. It's a skill that has come in useful more times than not, and she's very adept at playing whatever role she has to for any given situation.

Driving & Piloting:
This goes beyond the normal skill of being able to drive civilian vehicles. Carrie's skill and knowledge covers many vehicles of varying sorts from helicopters to stealth tanks. While she picked up flying quickly from watching Batman she's had time over the years to polish those skills beyond rudimentary basics. Chances are if it's a standard military vehicle she can drive or fly it with skill. If it's something beyond that she will likely be able to figure out how to make it start and stop at the very least.

Girl Scouts taught her first aid, CPR, and many other very useful things. Being the studious, bookworm sort, she went above and beyond the basics. She's able to set bones, create splints, stop bleeding, and bandage injuries. Further classes taken while in her new home have expanded her knowledge to basic triage levels. She can keep someone badly injured alive long enough to seek actual medical treatment.

Horseback Riding:
Carrie received a crash-course in horse back riding in her original home world. When time allowed it was added to her training to ensure that, should such a situation ever arise again, she would still have a viable mode of transportation besides just walking. It's become a skill that is as much a hobby as training for her these days as she finds some sense of peace in riding.

A slingshot was her first weapon of choice as Robin and she proved to be a rather skilled shot with it. There were other weapons that required such skill which she was taught--Not only by Batman, but by the long-since-retired Green Arrow who had banded together with them to help train the Sons of Batman. It was a simple step to move from a slingshot to a bow and arrow. While she doesn't always carry the bow and arrow with her, the slingshot is still by her side to this day. She also makes use of the Batarangs, and the throwing knives that reside in her boots.

Martial Arts:
In the years since becoming Robin, Batman's taught her quite a lot. This was without a doubt one of the first things he began teaching her so that she could fight, and survive. She not only trained directly with him but she had dozens of others to train against as time went on making her a skilled and versatile opponent.

While unable to perfectly mimic someone else's voice, she can nail the pattern of speech or accent one might have. It helps in her disguises to fit in quite well.

Parkour is a holistic training discipline using movement that developed out of military obstacle training. Practitioners aim to quickly and efficiently overcome obstacles in their environment, using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves; furthermore, they try to maintain as much momentum as is possible in a safe manner. Parkour can include running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, rolling, quadrupedal movement, and the like, depending on what movement is deemed most suitable for the given situation. It's become something of a 'city sport' as the landscape of a city offers plenty of obstacles and buildings to overcome, and is sometimes also known as Free-Running. While mostly self-taught, Carrie is none the less highly skilled in this style of movement.


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This weapon is not typical fare for one of the Bat Family, and is in fact inspired by Oliver who helped to train her. With Carrie's accurate sense of marksmanship it became another option when keeping her distance. It's smaller than a typical long bow, partially due to being small herself, and the ends are jointed with a safety release so that it can be folded and reduced to one third of it's length. When carried it's stored over her back along with a modified quiver of arrows. Most are normal arrows though she has a few simple trick arrows--Explosive tipped, EMP, and Flash Bangs.

Carrie's costume has been upgraded from the original she bought with her lunch money. No longer a simple cloth costume, this is a fully functional battle-ready suit. Amored with thin sheets of kevlar over her vital areas it none the less allows her the freedom of movement her brand of fighting requires. Her boots are flat-soled with thick rubber anti-slip grip soles to ensure good footing at all times. The ridges of it are broken up to allow a good amount of flex, and while the ankles are supportive they aren't stiff and unyeilding in a manner that would hinder her movement. Padded along the shin it's impossible to see where the knives she carries are hidden unless she chooses to reveal them. Around each thigh is worn a green holster fitted to her securely. There are no guns in them however--One side holds a sling shot and the other holds various forms of ammunition for it. The typical Bat Family utility belt is worn with pouches of varying sizes holding different items of use from smoke bombs to caltrops and steel pellets for use in her sling shot. The gloves are armored on the forearm with slice-back wings to offer another method of combat. The cape worn is cut in such a manner that it flows back easily over her shoulders to avoid getting in her way, but at the same time can offer a means of hiding in the darkness. The final part is the not-quite domino mask she wears--They were more like glasses with a thick green rim an the lenses are an amber bullet resistant cover. The final addition to her costume is a modified quiver that holds her collapsable bow, and the arrows used for it. It's tucked against her back and beneath her cape so that it's often not even noticed.

Carrie, like all the Batfam, has access to cutting edge gadgets to help aid in numerous situations. They're often kept on her own version of the infamous bat utility belt.


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She's just a normal human with extraordinary training. This makes her as suseptable as any other human to any number of things. Bullets, poisons, gasses, etc.

Secret Identity:
Like many heroes Carrie has a secret identity that she must maintain. Given she's just a normal human, and not an alien or otherwise-gifted individual, she's vulnerable to quite a lot. When out of the costume she's as easy a target as many and so keeping her identity secret is paramount. While she doesn't have to worry of her family potentially being made a target should that information get out it's still important that she keep her identity secret since it may unintentionally reveal the identity of others as well.

Stranger in a Strange Land. There are many things that are not the same as the dimension in the multiverse Carrie is from. Mutants, the Avengers, and many other things are entirely different than what she grew up with.



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Carrie Kelley has 94 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Poor labor practices April 1st, 2021 Like all Mercenary contracts, things go bad.
A Very Wayne Birthday March 31st, 2021 Bruce Wayne's birthday brings out his family and friends for a quiet celebration. The cake was a hit. Dick got an unexpected cupcake. Bruce's heart grew three sizes that day. But then he put it in the dryer to shrink it back down.
This Scene is Untitled March 19th, 2021 Carrie takes Gwen home. To sleep it off.
Half off! March 4th, 2021 Kelley and Blackjack do a little shopping.
Visiting The Redhead February 18th, 2021 Carrie drops a bomb on Steph of her future plans.
Abduction February 15th, 2021 Carrie Becomes a Bunny.
Exit Velocity February 15th, 2021 The Bunnies depart Sol.
An unlikely meeting. February 12th, 2021 Catwoman meets a new potential protege..
Birds and Bats February 11th, 2021 Carrie meets an exotic stranger at the bar and they talk culture, mystery and flirt.
Empty Baths Are for Rock Throwing February 11th, 2021 Harley and Carrie officially meet for the first time.
Bagels. Just. Bagels. February 10th, 2021 Andi and Carrie meet and chat about relationships.
Hot Dumplings Is More Fun When You Speak The Language February 10th, 2021 The Bats gather at Hot Dumplings for updates on Carrie's life, Steph inviting people out for her birthday, and Jason v Tim insults!
High-octane Bird Meets Magic Bird February 9th, 2021 Life lessons are fun.
Pastrami Heals All Wounds February 9th, 2021 No description
OMG SPACE BUNNY February 8th, 2021 Carrie ratted out where Rocket is to some space bunny AND got some alien currency out of the deal. Score!
Tut for Tat February 6th, 2021 ZAP! POW!! BIFF!!! goes King Tut!
Drinkin, Josie's, TBD February 6th, 2021 No description
A day at the roost February 6th, 2021 And Bart and Carrie meet and he briefs her on the Phoebe situation
RecRoomOlympics! October 6th, 2020 Carrie Kelley makes a better acquaintence of Phoebe Beacon. The Gothamites talk Timelines, dating, and motorcycles.
Cat Got Your Brain September 27th, 2020 Chatting about Henry's feral instincts resurging and plotting ways to deal with it.
Outsider Kitchen September 5th, 2020 Cookies in the Kitchen at the Robin Roost. At least Tim is happy.
Thesmophoria September 2nd, 2020 Diana makes an important announcement at a public event at the Embassy, and villains remarkably manage to somehow not show up.
A Fantastic Dinner Party August 30th, 2020 Some of the Bats have a nice dinner with some of the FF. The drama may not come from the direction you expect.
Real heroes, real estate! August 30th, 2020 An apartment is looked over, feelings discussed, and heroics plotted.
Catching Up at the Red Cave August 29th, 2020 Carrie visits Jason and the two talk about their pasts, love lifes, and the situation with the Court of Owls.
Court of Owls: Talon Strike August 29th, 2020 Talons attack Robin and Sparrow!
On Matters of Security August 29th, 2020 There's a long conversation about security risks and breaches.
Mission: The Trickster's Toys August 28th, 2020 The Outsiders stop the Trickster!
Recon at the Spa August 27th, 2020 The ladies of the Outsiders do some recon at a spa. Miraculously, no one bleeds and nothing blows up - except those blow outs!
A Visit from a Large Bat August 24th, 2020 An evening of pool and socializing turns awesome when Batman shows up bearing gifts of new transport. Also, Hope shoots Batman.
Doom Over Gotham - Alpha August 17th, 2020 Bats, Sparrow, Red Robin and Nightwing work together to prevent one of Doctor Doom's tests from going out of control. Minimal collateral damage, zero casualties and maximum results. That's how the Bat Family rolls.
Watchtower Unveiling August 17th, 2020 A crowd of dignitaries, journalists, and superheroes gather at the Justice League's moon base to celebrate the inauguration of the Watchtower.
Outsider Downtime August 16th, 2020 Casual hanging out at The Roost among the Outsiders. The only one without drama is the robot pirate butler.
Having some Pho August 15th, 2020 Good phood and discussion of joining the Outsiders.
Something Just Like This August 12th, 2020 Burgers, conversation, a little drama, and plans for movie night.
Zodiac Rising: No Stone Unturned (Part 3) August 9th, 2020 Serpens sends the remaining four Avatars of the Zodiac to find the last fragment of the Tablet of Zalmoxis... only to find they face more obstacles than they expected.
A Totally-Not-Surprise Bat-Birthday Party! August 7th, 2020 Damian Wayne celebrates his 15th Birtday! There's Ox-Blood Soup, Assorted Swords, Cute Animals...and only one stabbing!
Strange Clouds August 4th, 2020 No description
Picnic Date by the Lake August 2nd, 2020 Histories are told. Akwardness ensues.
Dinner with ... Dad July 30th, 2020 Carrie and Henry survive dinner with Bruce.
Not At All What Was Expected July 29th, 2020 Well that's an awkward conversation.
Not Enough Dumplings July 28th, 2020 Just some dumplings and Batsibling conversation.
Market Sparrow July 28th, 2020 Carrie Kelley goes hunting for a gift for Henry... and finds a little something for herself along the way. It's quite the bargain.
Date Night Hellfire Style aka Steaks July 19th, 2020 Gifts are given and the future is discussed.
Karaoke Night July 16th, 2020 Songs were sang, good times were had
Court of Owls: Lincoln March Re-Election Fundraiser July 6th, 2020 Mayor Lincoln March unveils a bold new vision for Gotham's future at his first Re-election fundraiser, and faces some tough questions.
It's Hot Soup Dumpling Time July 5th, 2020 Chatting, eating, discovering Alfred has a secret family he never mentioned.
Running Late July 4th, 2020 Tim brings a new problem to the Batclan. Fun will be had by all because the Joker will likely decree it.
Chilling with the Waynes June 26th, 2020 Hank McCoy, Carrie, and Alfred watch the Match Game. Easy evening of chatting.
Sink or Swim June 23rd, 2020 Swimming, chatting, discussing family and bonding... a good day!
Batkids and Friends June 21st, 2020 Dumplings and drama, Bat Family, clean up on aisle 14.
Rehab is a Beast June 20th, 2020 A quiet evening of surf and turf, talk, and discussion of Hank's newfound swolness.
A Gotham Graduation Party June 20th, 2020 Friends and family gather for Stephanie's graduation party. No one is stabbed nor drowned. This was deemed a great success.
Exploring Gotham June 14th, 2020 Carrie, Hank and Jason meet for dinner and conversation. Nobody dies.
Operation: Prank Hank June 11th, 2020 Pie. Jokes. Friends. Good times.
Beast: Aftermath June 7th, 2020 Comfort is given, fears are shared - hat shopping and photo sharing is a must!
Musical Night Out May 17th, 2020 Carrie and Hank McCoy go to see Hamilton. Much talking occurs.
Alfred's Blintzes May 16th, 2020 Carrie, Dick and Stephanie enjoy Alfred's cheese blintzes while they catch up on Dick's job, Stephanie's graduation, and Carrie's love life
Take Me Home Tonight May 10th, 2020 Beers and pool at Harry's. Wagers made, and lost. Good times were had.
A Run through the Park May 5th, 2020 A nice run, pushing the limits, and enjoying the conversation. Many plans laid for getting rid of Grodd curing the world.
It's Been Awhile April 30th, 2020 Carrie and Jason reconnect for the first time since his return. They find that while Jason may be a gorilla right now, not a whole lot has changed.
Italian and Revelations April 29th, 2020 That went smoother than expected, and now they have more in common then they initially thought!
A Change in the Detente April 26th, 2020 With Tim Drake and Jason Todd both metamorphed into gorillas, the Bat-Fam takes on the problem as a team to find a way to treat the two vigilantes and cure their affliction.
Winds of Change: The Bats and the Beast April 26th, 2020 Sparrow and Red X seek Beast's aid in curing their transformed gorilla teammates. Secrets abound.
Parkour Time! April 25th, 2020 Parkour and Dumplings
Winds of Change: Gorilla City Part Two April 22nd, 2020 The Bat Family members and Shuri make their way into Gorilla Grodd's palace!
Winds of Change: Gorilla City Part Three April 22nd, 2020 Grodd is defeated and taken into Wakandan custody! Boca is released from her mind control and seeks her missing husband, the true king of Gorilla City.
Winds of Change: A Broken Clock April 22nd, 2020 Gotham is rocked as many people turn into dinosaurs and gorillas! What will the BatFamily do to stop this?
Burger Run! April 18th, 2020 Carrie meets Henry McCoy for lunch, and they run into Warren and Dani. Dinosaurs are discussed.
Flocking Together April 14th, 2020 Batgirl and Sparrow interview two new Bird or Bird Adjacent Heroines and hook them up with Oracle-Tech
HFC: The Dungeon ReOpening April 14th, 2020 Dancing drama and drinks at the Dungeon.
BoP: Singing Canaries and Sparrows April 14th, 2020 Carrie and Dinah visit Zatanna after one of her shows to discuss the Birds of Prey, Zatanna gives her the run down and passes Dinah on to Oracle.
Finding the Prodigal Son April 13th, 2020 Carrie catches up with Damian and chats about the Titans, and his newest project.
BoP: Shaking it Up April 10th, 2020 Carrie and Zatanna capture Graviton, but don't know what to do with him. Thank goodness that Quake was there to save the day and join the Cool Bird of the Month Club.
Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Part III April 10th, 2020 During the Spring Gala, a collection of Hellfire Club VIPs and their guests enjoy(?) the company of the Black Queen....
Training at Grant's Gym April 8th, 2020 Dick and Dinah head to Grant's Gym, and meet up with Ted and Carrie. Dick gets Ted's blessing to date Dinah and Carrie owes Dinah a spar later.
Hang in there! April 7th, 2020 A night at the rock climbing gym sees all manner of people show up.
Bette's Birthday Bash! April 5th, 2020 Bette's birthday bash! Carrie, Stephanie, Gwen and Zatanna all gather to celebrate over dinner at the Hellfire club.
The Knights Table April 2nd, 2020 Cass, Carrie, Stephanie and Roberto hit a Gotham Knights sports bar during the draft.
Rites of Batpassage March 31st, 2020 Dick checks in on Carrie about things, and tries to offer some older brother advice. No booze, she's not 21!
Limos are for Bat Birthdays March 30th, 2020 Bruce Wayne's birthday party. It ends about as well as one would expect. Not well.
Chasing the Amazon March 29th, 2020 Robin catches up to Atlin to figure out who she is, and why she's so interested in Amazonian artwork.
Spring Brings New Things March 28th, 2020 Chatting about family and other issues.
Remember the Family March 27th, 2020 Carrie confronts Bruce about being a father to Damian.
Ninjas in Gotham March 26th, 2020 Robin meets a New York hero taking down some creepy crawly bad guys.
All's Quiet in Coventry! March 26th, 2020 Black Canary meets one of the Robins!
Bat Meetings March 26th, 2020 Robin meets Firebird and exchanges contacts.
Artifacts of the Amazonians March 24th, 2020 While busting an illegal casino, Robin comes across an Amazonian with ulterior motives!
Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Charity Gala March 24th, 2020 Schmoozing, boozing, donations and more. The Hellfire Spring Charity Gala is a huge success, benefitting Genosha.
Original Boy Wonder Turns 26 March 22nd, 2020 Dick Grayson's birthday sees the Batfamily head out to Harlem's Paradise to celebrate.
Dinner at Wayne Penthouse March 15th, 2020 Carrie cooks dinner for an injured Dick, and a grumpy Damian. Damian decides to go hunt down Tim for the Robin title.
Can't Go To Work, Got Bane'd March 14th, 2020 Carrie comes over to give Dick some food and company, and the first parts of... something are put in motion.
Birds of a Feather March 12th, 2020 Carrie comes to visit Babs and talk about crime fighting. Barbara encourages her to go for it when she declares she is doing it with or without being Robin.
The First and the Scion March 12th, 2020 The rest of the bay group get to meet Bruce's biological son, hijinxs ensue. Damian's head gets bumped, Dick shows his daddy issues. Batman does the shadow thing, it was overall a gas.


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Carrie Kelley has 94 finished logs.

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