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X-men Road Rage: Vulture and Goblin
Date of Scene: 24 September 2020
Location: Archimedes Steel Foundry (abandoned)
Synopsis: Rogue, Noriko and Julio helped Spider-Man after the ambush by Vulture and Green Goblin, and the group took down Vulture while the rest of the team faced off with Goblin.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, Peter Parker, Julio Richter, Rogue, Noriko Ashida

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The Archimedes Steel Foundry shut down six years ago during an economic downturn, and has remained closed to this day. Though perhaps not completely out of use. A few medical scanners from a Queens hospital were stolen, and Spider-Man was able to track them via their unique radioactive signatures. Track them right to the Steel Foundry.

It seemed like it might be a straightforward case of nab the bad guys. The foundry has tall smoke stacks with walkways going between them, and also connecting various buildings at different heights. But as Spider-Man swung into the air, his spider-sense began tingling like mad.

The sound of twin engines announced Vulture's arrival, zooming out from behind a building to fly towards Spider-man to try to deliver a blow with a metallic wing of his machine-frame that he flies with. Meanwhile on the other side, a sound like jet engines echoes off the buildings as Green Goblin flies over another building top and throws some of his pumpkin-shaped bombs towards Spidey!

To complete the ambush, a number of goons run out of the buildings and onto the elevated walkways. They are armed with some exotic looking weapons, though at first they just take positions to trap Spider-Man in a kill zone, but leave it to the two supervillains to fight unless they need help.

Peter Parker has posed:
Yep. Looks like he's working through lunch!

He'd tangled with these two before, but never together. And if this stinker sundae wasn't bad enough, the goons were the cherry on top. Or the chocolate sprinkles. Yeah, that was better.

Spidey jumped to the left to miss Vulture's wing, getting his freshly-washed suit grungy in a heartbeat. Then he had to spring to the right to get out of the blast radius of the pumpkin bombs. Mid-leap, he webbed one of the goons to the floor as he landed on the side of one wall, putting his hands on his hips, bringing the knees in tight to jump again.

Guess he was doing the Time Warp again...!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Vulture doesn't delay in sweeping around Spider-Man and coming back in, mechanical feet reaching for him to try to grapple him. "Warned you kid!" he yells at Spider-Man. "You've messed around in my business too many times!"

The pumpkin bombs explode like clouds of anti-aircraft fire around Spider-Man as he deftly eludes them. Green Goblin's war-glider zooms in a circle about Spidey. "You should have left enough alone, Wallcrawler!" he yells towards Spider-Man even as he manages to web up one of their men. "Today is going to be a day that the city rejoices as the Day that Spider-Man Died."

His glider pivots acrobatically and a pair of missiles are launched, homing on Spider-man as he lands on the wall. One of the men on a nearby walkways opens fire, not waiting for Spider-Man to get a chance to web him. It hits the wall next to the red-and-blue hero, sending bits of bricks flying.

That weapon looks like something the Dark Elves used during Loki's attack on New York.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man looks around, alert for the local goon wildlife, then webs another who ran too close to a wall.

"Funny! I thought it was going to be The Day the Goblin Got Arrested With a MAN-PURSE!"
He springs sideways as the gunfire moves towards his position, one bullet zipping far too close to his leg. He was going to have to hustle this up before this game of bullet billiards got too high-stakes...

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Goblin's missiles hit the wall, blowing a hole in the building that he wishes would have been blown in Spider-Man instead. The WebCrawler's evasive maneuvers get him away from Vulture.

So far this is all going about how Spidey might expect. But that's when the real surprise is sprung on him. Vulture and Green Goblin both pull out some kind of gun looking device from their belts, attached by a hose to a small tank on their back.

As Spidey is dealing with the weapons fire from the henchmen, both super-villains fire at Spidey. A yellowish ray from each gun hits him. There is a noticeable accumulation of something yellow on his costume as well. And within seconds, Spider-Man feels his powers fading. His strength, agility, even his spider sense are gone. Leaving plain old Peter Parker with working web shooters and a costume, but not much else.

Green Goblin tosses another pumpkin bomb that blows up near to Spider-Man, severing his web and sending the powerless hero plummeting down to a rooftop, while he and Vulture begin closing in. "Oh this is too good. A helpless Spider-Man-" Vulture finishes the sentence for Goblin, "Ready to be crushed under a boot!"

Peter Parker has posed:
The Spider-Sense is great for the most part. For small groups, he tends to have the edge. It helps when you know what the bad guy is doing a split-second before he does it.

But larger groups bang the old Spider-Radar a bit too hard, and it gets worse the more are in the party.

Which means when the beam lances out at him, he gets warned...but he is unable to do anything about it.

Suddenly, it's like the entire mental network drops. He hits the roof, HARD, and feels the left humerus snap...which isn't very funny at all.

The Radar is gone. His entire body feels leaden. And the pain is immense.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The X-men knew that the particles used by the power inhibitor only hold a charge for a short time. Some of the research materials that Doug and Kitty had retrieved from the corporation making the device suggested how much power the particles take to be recharged.

A hack of the local electric companies and a few days of data analysis finally located a place whose power utilization was raising and lowering by that amount several times. Archimedes Steel Foundry, which had been shut down for six years since an economic downturn.

Now the Blackbird is coming in low over the Hudson River, quickly approaching the foundry. And it looks like they have definitely found the right place, for Vulture and Green Goblin are flying around the air above the facility, fighting Spider-Man!

The X-men's plane comes in, piloted by one of the other X-men so the assault team can act freely. It comes in low, hovering to let people jump out.

Green Goblin sees the plane coming and he wheels his war-glider over, heading towards them to try to occupy them, while Vulture moves to try to finish off Spider-Man. Even as the X-men exit, henchmen armed with blasters of Dark Elf design, as well as a few smaller Ice Giant weapons left over from the Battle of New York, begin to open fire on them.

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio skids eagerly down the Blackbird ramp on a board of ice that his boyfriend froze onto the green boots of his X-men outfit. It's chilly, sure, but useful if you're trying to launch yourself past a Goblin on an intercept course!

After a few quick slaloms down the smooth ramp, he launches into the air at speed, gripping the board in an equivalent of the trick skateboarders call a boneless. He's surrounded by a shifting aura of green tectonic energy, a wave of which he fires into the pavement ahead of him as he plummets.

By the time he would be hitting that pavement, it has split and collapsed ahead of him, into a smooth ramp that he skids down smoothly into a sheltered concrete tunnel that will provide him -- and anyone else who wants it -- cover on their way to the face-off between Spider-Man and the Vulture.

When he breaches back up from the ground near Spidey with a seismic shudder, the ice-board is gone, and he's instead surrounded by a glowing filigree of green light: the outline of an invisible set of mystical armor that will shield him from at least an initial assault.

"I don't know this guy, but if half the stuff J Jonah says about him is true, he's cool with me," he hollers in a distinct Mexican accent, and extrudes a rocky wall between the web-slinger and his enemies, creating cover for them both. "Smash the state, compañero!" he says with a grin, raising a power fist.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been to the briefing, had been given a special item for the mission, and had patiently waited for the X-Jet to get to the area. Of course, it's barely a 5m flight to where they're going, so once they arrive, Rogue hovers up in the air near the back of the jet and watches the others.

"This should be a tough one, ya'll." She says out to the others. "But stick close t'one'a the more experienced members if you're not sure where t'be. And just stay active on the team comms! Make sure we don't lose site of ya!"

When Julio heads out, Rogue is right behind him, flying down out of the sky and swooping low over the building roofs. <"I'm looking for this Spider-fella. If anyone spots him, shout him out for me! Word is he needs some help!">

Noriko Ashida has posed:
As the Blackbird approaches the airspace surrounding the Foundry, Surge twists a small knob on the side of her left gauntlet, then bumps it back into its retracted position with her other fist.  A small bolt of electricity licks its way up the gauntlet and dissipates.  She sets in the other gauntlet but no theatrics result for that one.  It's only the pre-show anyway right?  She stands up on the approach and leans a little to watch the battle coming into view.

"This'll be like Duck Hunt," Surge says with a grin until they step out to see all the goons.  "Damnit.  Fucking goons are always standing in the way."  She drops down from the Blackbird, her metal bound hands balled into fists, electricity rippling down the plated forearms.  Speaking of goons, one too close for comfort rushes in.  Surge ducks and socks him in the stomach.  It isn't hard, at all, but she gives it her all.  When her fist connects, the electricity does the rest and she snaps her fist back.  One down.  Just enough juice to knock him out, she thinks.  She's pretty sure.  She kicks away his gun away quickly.

A look back and forth on her walkway, Surge shouts, "Incoming!..Walkway!" the latter as if an afterthought.  "321CLEAR!"  That's gotta be enough for superhuman reflexes right?

Surge drops down into a crouch and almost touches the walkway, practically perched.  The electricity starts to pool downward and then, contact.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Julio's arrival by Spider-Man is timely. Vulture dives down, meaning to use his super strength mechanical feet to crush the friendly neighborhood hero right then and there! Instead his metallic clawed feet clamp on rock, breaking off part of the barrier but resulting in a frustrated curse from Adrian Toomes.

Vulture zooms back up into the air, rolling over and pointing the tips of his wings down towards Julio and Spider-Man both. He lets go a barrage of metallic, sharp feather-shaped missiles, each like a razor sharp dagger as they zip through the air towards the pair, aiming for the hole he made in the rock shield.

Surge takes down a henchmen, leaving him writhing on the ground with the aftereffects of the shock, though he's still alive if incapacitated. Two others rush towards her, some kind of Dark Elf swords in hand, rimmed with a wicked looking energy. But Surge beats them to the bunch, electrocuting the walkway and disabling both men as the collapse to the ground.

Rogue has the device that can restore Spider-Man's powers, and the attack by the Vulture that is blocked by Julio is like a marker to tell her where Queen's quip-ingest hero can be found. Two henchmen spot here though, opening fire with Dark Elf blasters that send zaps of energy shooting past her. They seem powerful enough they would probably hurt something awful, not to mention possibly destroy Hank's restoration device.

Meanwhile, the other half of the team stops an attack on the Blackbird which zooms off. Over the comms, Kitty Pryde says, <<Thanks for the cover. Blackbird is away. Will hover cloaked off shore until you call. Give 'em hell, X-men!>> The stealth plane zooms off.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man would have seen the missiles even if they were behind him.
But he isn't Spider-Man right now. He's Peter Parker in a Halloween costume with a broken arm...

...AND two webshooters. And is lucky enough to be looking up at the hole to see the missiles.
What is the tensile strength of spidersilk?

"INCOMING!" Not-Spidey yells before he lifts both arms, gritting his teeth against the pain, and lets fly, filling the gap with as much spidersilk as he can throw at it, hoping to heaven it'll be enough.

Julio Richter has posed:
"Mierda, you got hosed down, didn't you?" Julio grunts, taking a couple of steps back and grimacing at the yellow gunk Spidey seems to be covered in. "Not my kink. Are you depow--" He starts as Spider-man fires webbing to plug the breach in his stone barrier, then shrugs. "Never mind. Not depowered, then." Cut him some slack: the X-man has no way of knowing that stuff comes from a gadget.

He ducks behind the rock shield as the Vulture's barrage shakes it in place. Once it has passed, he rears up, swinging arms ringed with writhing green oscillations, and slams his hands together to try to catch Vulture in a cone of detonating seismic energy midair. His green and gray jacket flares behind him, blasted back in a dramatic music-video gust caused by the pressure wave.

"I am not great with jerks who fly," he tells Spider-man over his shoulder. "So if you want to do the swingy thing now, that would be muy chido."

Flicking his communicator on with a tap to a conveniently placed X-badge, he says, <"Lo siento -- I've got Spider-Man. He just shot web, so I think he's fine. There's some pendejo in a robot wing suit here if anyone wants to smash him, though.">

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is in the sky dodging the Elf Blasters, her Seventh Sense alerting her to the incoming danger coming from thsoe firing upon her. Weaving, twisting and gliding, she makes her way toward where she sees Julio, and the famous suit of Spider-Man!

With a deep swoop downward, Rogue comes up behind Parker as he's flinging webs from his shooters, and reaches for her utility belt wrapped around the waist of her green and gold bodysuit.

"Reach for the sky, Pardner." Rogue says, her yellow gloved hand going for the grip of the odd gun she has holstered to her belt!

She draws the weapon, lines it up at Peter, and pulls the trigger. "Bang---" The gun doesn't even make a noise, it just glows for a second, and does whatever it's supposed to do.

With an eye roll, Rogue sighs. "Where's the fun in a quiet ray gun?" She asks, no one in particular, before ducking when a Elf Blaster is shot at her again. "They got way cooler guns than us!"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Surge is actually watching the meter on one of her gauntlets and doesn't stop till-THUMP, THUMP!  One of the glowing strange blades clatters and slides into her view.  "Ooh.  Badass."  Surge moves to scoop up the sword without a thought, which maybe she should have given a moment for given her powers.  Not stopping, she takes off running at a normal sprint down the walkway, halfway to the next goon and suddenly realizing, "Shit.  Like I'm going to use this to hack someone in half," and tosses it aside.

<<Too busy having fun with these losers,>> Surge calls out through the comms.  Overhearing a snippet of Rogue's disappointment just over 'there' somewhere, Surge kicks the next goon in the groin and bends forward to tap the nose of the hunched over guy with a zap, "Pew!" tap, "Pew!"  SFX provided.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Spider-Man's webs make a barrier to fill the hole in the rock shield, even as his broken arm burns with the effort. The razored metal feathers are mostly stopped, though the last one cuts through the web shield and buries itself a foot deep into the rooftop just a few inches from Spider-Man's head. That was close!

Vulture zooms back down, taking advantage of Rictor having to hide behind his rock shield. When the earthy X-man next looks out from behind the shield, there's a gun-like contraption with a hose attached to it pointing his way. The same yellow ray that hit Spider-Man earlier shoots towards Julio.

Hopefully it IS Julio's kink after all.

But Rogue using Beast's device seems to have an effect. The yellow particles clinging to Spider-Man's outfit lose some of their brightness, and most of them just fall off to the rooftop. His powers come back quickly. Within a dozen seconds he's feeling almost back to his old self, albeit with an arm that needs some time to heal.

A trio of henchmen rush out onto the rooftop where Spider-Man had landed, the men having hoofed it through the building to get there. "Take them out!" Vulture yells to them. Two of them open fire, while one of them takes something that looks suspiciously like a grenade and throws it towards them!

Surge takes down another henchment, but then two more jump out ahead of her. They move to either side of her, obviously trained combatants. "Don't let her touch you," he says, swinging one of those swords around himself like he knows what he's doing. The other? He does his best Indiana Jones impression, smirking at Surge and drawing a Dark Elf blaster intending to hit her with a blast at point blank range.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man looks to the left at the grenade as he senses it coming at them.

There might as well be a SYSTEMS REBOOT going on in the lenses of the mask. He can feel his strength returning, but that grenade is worse than any he's sensed tonight, and he realizes he doesn't want to be NEAR it.

So...one last effort in the time he's got.

A webline shoots out to snag the grenade. One-armed, he swings it around and up, aiming it skyward with all the strength he can muster...

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio's improvised bunker is crumbling under the sustained assault, but the mutant himself is unscathed so far, operating as he does on his own spider-sense: the situational awareness his seismic sense gives him by sifting through the vibrations underfoot. So it is that he's already turning toward the stairwell exit as the armed henchmen rush out onto the roof.

The Latino mutant raises his arms, wreathed in quavering green fire, and shifts them through a couple of sharp, static motions, and the roof beneath their attackers cracks, shifts, and starts to crumble away, soon to drop them into the building interior. He sees the grenade coming at them, but Spider-Man clearly has it under control. He turns to Rogue with a laugh and says, "See, I told you he was--"

And that's when it hits him. He was so focused on the onrushing henchmen, fixed as they were on his vibrational radar, that he was ignoring their comparatively stealthy winged boss. He jerks upward, spine arcing, as the ray blast hits him full on, sapping away his vibe awareness, his seismic powers, even the glowing tracery of his armor. He stumbles down to the rooftop, crawling away from his attacker in an instinctive, panicked rush.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's attackers are dodged, as she skip hops across the factory roof to deliver a booted kick to a large metal ventilation shaft sticking up out of the room. The kick sends the vent flying across the distance toward her attackers, making them scatter.

When she looks back, her eyes go up to Vulture. "I owe ya a bit pain, as I recall." She mutters, taking to the sky!

She sweeps over the roof, and right past Julio. "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzap!" She says as she passes him by, holding the Noise-Less Ray Gun in her left hand, she shoots him with all the flare of a pricing gun at Wal-Mart, then angles her flying form up to gain altitude, before heading straight for Vulture.

"Why don't ya take a sit for a bit, huh Sugah?" The Belle says before pulling her right hand back and thrusting a fist at the man's face!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
<<Uh oh.  This guy practiced a lot of sword swinging in his mom's basement.>>  Like this, Surge is a fish in a barrel.  She has few options.  Unlike most sane people though, she decides to run headlong at the pair instead of the other way, starting by slipping her thumb up on the dial of her gauntlet as she raises it up, trying to flash them before juking toward the one with the sword and using her gauntlet to try and block his blade to pivot so the guy is between her and the barrel.

It's a gamble.  But so was staying back and getting shot from afar.  It's just unfortunate that Surge doesn't spike the knob high enough to really do what she wants.  It's also unfortunate that she has no idea if her gauntlet is going to be sliced through like butter.  Field tests!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Spider-sense makes the most sense! With his powers returned thanks to Rogue, he's able to grab the grenade with a web and send it flying off away from them. It explodes, creating... holy crap is that a miniature black hole? It sucks in everything around it and then implodes in a way that makes one grateful they weren't pulled in!

The threat on the rooftop with Julio and Spider-man is dealt with as Rictor sends them falling into the room below as his powers tear the roof open where they stand. Julio has that momentary, possibly terrifying feeling of his powers draining away. But then Rogue is doing a fly-by zapping and the yellow particulate turns a dull color and falls off of him. His powers return quickly.

Rogue flies up to Vulture and throws one of her punches at his face. Those punches aren't trademarked yet, but Kitty has submitted the paperwork. Vulture doesn't really care about their money-making potential though, he moves his wings to cover himself. Rogue's fist smashes into the armored mechanical wing, sending Vulture flying back through the air. His wings deploy again, but one is visibly bent and smoking, with sparks shooting out of it.

"Damn you, whoever you are!" Toomes yells at the X-men. "Spider-Man! I will have my revenge, one day if not today!" He starts to fly as if trying to escape, his path taking him overhead of where Spider-Man and Julio are on the remains of the one building's roof.

Noriko never heard the Charge of the Light Brigade, but then maybe that's why her charge works and theirs didn't. The swordsman slashes down, the sword chopping into her gauntlet deep enough to possibly ruin it. It definitely starts sputtering and sparking. But she manages to pull the man into the line of fire. The blast hits him in the back and he goes down hard, leaving Surge with one opponent left facing her.

One of the remaining henchmen tries to cover Vulture's escape from the X-man that seems the biggest threat. He pulls out a blue-white glove and points at Rogue. Like a winterland Michael Jackson video, a blast of freeze ray shoots at the Southern belle, enough it could leave someone coated with ice not unlike Iceman.

Meanwhile, the other half of the team is holding their own, taking down henchmen and battling Green Goblin who is currently off his flyer, which is attacking Beast on its own. And it looks like the team has been joined by... Spider-Man? Spider-Man with a big sniper rifle.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man looks to his arm, feeling the bones start to knit already. He grabs his arm, grits his teeth, then wrenches.
The pain is sharp, but the bone moves back into place.

He looks up, then aims, hoping he's got his A-game back.

The webline arcs up to snag the gun, and then Spidey YANKS.

Unfortunately, the Parker Luck decides to weigh in, and the webline yanks hard on the glass container and it pulls it out of whack.

That's...probably not good for the gun...

Julio Richter has posed:
Julio is scrambling backward across the bitumen when Rogue's beam of silence rakes over him. She might have to make her own sound effects, but the physical effects are anything but disappointing: the X-man takes a gasping breath as his powers flare back on, tectonic energy from the ground beneath him and the vibrations of the rooftop around him flooding back through his consciousness.

He has to take a few seconds of gasping breath just to re-center himself, not to mention draw in enough energy from the earth to bring his powers properly back online, the green earthquake aura kicking back on. But as soon as it reappears, Vulture is jetting overhead, fleeing from the Southern powerhouse. He hisses out a Spanish swear word, condenses his diffuse aura into a single, wedge-like green spark of mystical energy, and drives it down into the rooftop.

"Man, I hate these pinche flyers!" he snarls viciously, the feeling taking root in the Earth's energy and then bursting upward in a mass of thorned, glowing green vines that drive into the sky like lashing ropes, whipping toward Tooms to entangle him and drag him to the ground. It won't cause a crash -- Mother Earth don't play like that -- but it will keep the supervillain down in ass-kicking range, even for the most ground-bound of heroes.

Rogue has posed:
<"You doin' okay, Surge?"> Rogue asks, hearing Noriko's voice over the comms, knowing full well that the younger one is a bit new to this sort've mission with the X-Men, she's gotta look out for her! Even... if she currently doesn't have eyes on her!

The sight of Vulture's wings being busted up by her attack makes Rogue smile. "Gonna clip those bad boys off ya, put ya in a cage, like a wee little Songbird." She taunts the Vulture, before the ice gun fires at the Belle!

She sweeps to the side, only to have her left arm blasted by the ice, which freezes her arm and the Ray Gun she was holding!

Dropping out of the sky, Rogue lands on the edge of the factory and smashes the ice against a wall, knocking it off her arm, chunk by chunk before it can chill her arm to the bone! "Why do they have all the best guns?!" She shouts in frustration.

<"You back in action, Geocities?"> Rogue asks Julio over the comms then, using her own nickname for him.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
When the blade lodges into her gauntlet, the damage's irregulation is something that Surge detects immediately.  And so she begins to suck up whatever ambient energy is around her, but in fits and spurts as she darts.  She knocks the blade out of her gauntlet with a quick punch of her palm and a growl.  Time for field repair.

"I JUST CALIBRATED THAT!"  Surge launches herself at the pew pew wielding goon with abandon, raising her broken gauntlet to wallop the guy.  It's not really a punch so much as something akin to the unbridled rage of a little sister on an older brother.  Wild, frustrated, the crackling unbridled electricity reflecting off her brown eyes.

Breath ragged, <<Bastards busted my gauntlet.>>

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Spider-Man manages to tangle up the device that Toomes and the Goblin came up with shoot the power nullifier particles, yanking at it and causing the tank to come open. The particles all empty out to no particular effect, some sticking to Toomes but he doesn't have any powers to be canceled.

His getaway is foiled as Rictor gets a hand from Mother Gaia, sending those thick vines up into the air. They grab Vulture's wings, catching in the propellers and shutting him down. Thankfully for him they also pull him him down to the ground in a controlled way rather than leaving him in freefall. He's trapped on the ground now, struggling. Trying to activate anything on his wings that might help him escape.

But those wings? They are kaput.

Rogue manages to free her limb from the frozen ice. Her weaker sensory input probably keeps her from feeling too much unpleasantness from having that arm trapped in ice. But it does make one wonder how Bobby likes it so much!

Noriko takes out her opponent, and is introduced to the the longstanding tradition of X-men watching their beloved gear or costumes ruined in a fight. Maybe she's Rogue's good luck charm, because for once, Rogue's costume survived completely intact!

Any remaining goons have already fled, sliding down ladders or disappearing into buildings as they realize the fight is lost.

Over in the other half of the foundry, a small explosion can be heard echoing between the various buildings, and a plume of smoke rises from one of the buildings. Meanwhile, Green Goblin is flying out over the Hudson River. A single ruby red beam shoots through the sky and blows his war glider apart. He falls, landing way out in the water with a splash.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man pulls himself up to a sitting position, unzipping the backpack to pull out the medkit. One splint, coming right up.

He looked over to Julio, then sighed. "Listen, whoever you all are...thanks. Those guys would have had my guts for garters." Yeah, he still says stuff like that.

Julio Richter has posed:
<"Todo bueno,"> Julio answers Rogue. He flashes a shell-shocked expression, but also a woozy thumbs-up. <"Thanks for the help; not having my powers was... terrible."> His features harden into a malevolent look as he stomps over to where the glowing vines he mystically summoned have entangled Tooms and trapped him on the ground. "Having trouble with your robot wings, human? Let me help with that," he says, his tone low and menacing.

The leaping, hazy rings of green energy that envelop his hands descend to meet them, and his arms start vibrating violently. He presses his palms against the nearest surface of the wing suit, pushing the vibe into the metal monstrosity, where it resonates, cascades, and starts to clash against itself, gradually tearing the entire machine apart as pieces shake loose, shudder apart, or simply crack and crumble.

Tooms himself won't be hurt. His wings, on the other hand, are going to slowly shake to pieces like a stone building in a continuing 5.0 earthquake. Satisfied that the thief won't be going anywhere soon, he returns to Spider-man and shrugs under his jacket, pointing to the little X-symbols at the top of the sleeve.

"We're X-men," he explains. "I'm Julio. You're some kind of anarchist political extremist bent on tearing down western civilization one piece at a time, right?" To his credit, the Latino's amused expression suggests he knows this is mostly JJJ's exaggeration, but still, he lifts one fist to offer a bump. Raising his eyebrows at the splint, he adds, "I... guess you weren't as OK as I thought you were."

Rogue has posed:
<"So long as he didn't bust you up, Surge."> Rogue replies to the younger mutant. She smashes whats left of the ice off of her arm, and takes to the air again. Spotting Julio and Spider-man down on the ground, she sweeps in low and lands in time to hear them sharing words together. Her yellow gloved hands go to her hips and she smirks at what Peter says. "With gams like that, I think you'd find a way t'wear'em well." She tells Spidey, because she can never not flirt with people, especially new ones.

"We good here then?" She asks Julio in particular. "I think we better round up, get ahol'a Cyclops and see if we need to high tail it outta here before much else shows up t'hold us down." Like Cops, or ShIELD, or the Avengers, or the Justice League... those folks all tend to have a lot of questions, and the X-Men weren't too fond of questions!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The goon drops at the second wallop, because really, unbridled electricity.  Surge nudges him with her boot hard enough to get a groan.  "GoodStill 'live," her speech is picks up pace a little.  She looks up in time to see the Green Goblin getting is ride wrecked.  That earns a satisfied chuckle as she regains her breath.  <<Goons are gone here, but I'm going to have to get this thing fixed...soon?>> Soon is right.  <<Not a scratch.>> She doesn't think as she takes off jogging to catch up with the others.  Then, realizing something inconvenient, like not being able to fly, she comes to a stop.

<<I'm kinda stuck on this walkway thing though...>> Surge sighs.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man chuckled. "I'll mend, don't worry about me. I've done this a hundred times." He thinks for a moment. "Maybe...FIVE hundred, actually. X-Men, hunh? Well, I'm sure glad to see you guys."