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Peter Parker (Scenesys ID: 172)
Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
Superalias: Spidey
Gender: Male
Species: Homo Sapiens Arachnae (Human/Spider Hybrid)
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Citizenship: American (by birth)
Residence: 20 Ingram Street, Queens, NY
Education: High School Senior
Theme: Marvel (MFC)
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 08 Feb 2002 Played By Tom Holland
Height: 5'10" Weight: 167 pounds
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: "When I Swing By" by Miracle of Sound,

Character Info


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Peter Parker was a genius, but mercilessly bullied because of how different he was. Now, unbeknownst to all but a very few, he's even MORE different. Peter Parker is quiet, unassuming, an average-looking guy who would get lost in a crowd of ten. Spider-Man is a wanted vigilante who refuses to sit idly by when he can help someone, anyone, in any way.


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* 02/08/2002: Peter Parker is born to Richard and Mary Parker.
* 2006: Peter's parents leave him in the care of Uncle Benjamin Parker and Aunt May Parker to raise them at their home in Queens, NY.
* 2008: Peter starts kindergarten and runs afoul of Carl King, which will begin a cycle of bullying that will continue for ten years.
* 2010:Peter is tested for the first time, IQ measured at 250.
* 2018:Peter attends a field trip at OsCorp, and is bitten by a genetically-engineered spider that also had been bathed in radiation from a separate test. Peter develops powers, beats Crusher Hogan in a wrestling match, and lets Dennis Carradine pass by; Carradine kills Uncle Ben two months later during a botched robbery.
* 2019: Peter revamps his first costume (hooded sweatshirt, sweat pants, and socks) for a new suit and web-shooters. Is present at the death of Gwen Stacy, and is held responsible for her death.

IC Journal

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"With Great Power Must Come Great Responsibility." Uncle Ben told him, but it is how he lives now. As a teenager who went to the local Episcopalian church in Queens with his aunt and uncle, he was taught that gifts are given for a reason, and he knows the reason now.

Spider-Man the hero was born the moment Peter looked into the face of Dennis Carradine and recognized him as the thief he let slip by because he had reslved to "look out for Number One." In his own eyes, he killed Uncle Ben by inaction, and no one can prove otherwise. Much of why he is Spider-Man is because he never wants to sit by and let someone else get hurt, or worse. He already has the blod of his family on his hands.

As Peter, he is shy, withdrawn, introverted. He has been bullied and fooled and taunted all his life for being different.As Spider-Man, no one knows who he is, and that give him great freedom to say what he likes and to act as he like. However, he still exudes confidence to hide the lack of it. One of the benefits of the mask is that no one can see how frightened or nervous he is, even as his unfettered mouth annoys and irritates his opponents.

Character Sheet


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Enhanced Speed:
Peter can run up to 40 MPH along open ground. (Yes, this includes running UP the sides of buildings.)

Healing Factor:
Although he cannot heal in seconds like Logan, Peter's body undergoes an accelerated rate of healing. Broken bones can heal completely in hours, lacerations in minutes. He can recover quickly from toxins and poisons that could kill normal people.

One of the few superhuman parts of him the spider-bite didn't create is his mind. He was tested twice, the results placing his IQ at 250, making him an exceptional genius. He remembers a lot, and can make complicated calculations on the fly. He has always excelled in class (even when he started nodding off in class due to his late nights as Spider-Man).

Iron Will:
Peter idolized Rocky Balboa growing up, and he has one thing in common with his hero--his indomitable will. He will not give up, no matter what. He keeps fighting when others have given up. Mental powers have a toughter time influencing him--where others' minds are homes, his is nearly a fortress.

At this point, it is not very well-developed, but the technical term Peter gives it is a "hyper-spatial awareness." Any imminent threats are sensed by him up to a mile away (as long as he is threatened directly). He can get a general sense of direction and proximity, but he will be warned in enough time to avoid harm...most of the time. As time goes on, this sense might develop further.

Superhuman Agility:
Spider-Man is capable in gymnastic feats that would put Olympic gold-medalists to shame, and he can do them almost effortlessly. He can contort in many ways the human body wasn't normally designed to handle.

Superhuman Reflexes:
Peter can react with a speed faster than human maximums, giving him the ability to dodge bullets (not at point-blank range...yet), lasers, and fight multiple enemies easily. It gives him the ability to react to unseen threats detected by his Spider-Sense.

Superhuman Stamina:
Spider-Man is capable of intense physical activity for hours at a stretch. He can support his own weight and the weight of others without difficulty.

Superhuman Strength:
Spider-Man can lift, on average about 15 tons. He is capable of more under extreme circumstances, but it will seriously overtax his body.

He doesn't yet know exactly how it works, but his hands and feet can stick to any surface, porous or non-porous. He can catch objects easily, and walk along walls or crawl on ceilings.


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Peter is an accomplished computer programmer, able to develop his own code for the various systems he is developing for his Spider-Man suit and other gadgets. He is also a very sharp and proficient hacker, but only against computer systems belonging to criminals.

Peter is a young man with a genius-level IQ that is close to the likes of Reed Richards and Tony Stark. He is well-versed in many aspects of chemical and mechanical engineering, having developed both the synthetic spidersilk compound and the web-shooters that use them.

Peter has had to exhibit a lot of creativity - to avoid bullies like Flash Thompson and Carl King, to plot out patrol routes, and also to create the equipment he needs as Spider-Man, because Best Buy doesn't stock web-shooters. If he needs a component, gadget, or machine to fill a need, he will buy the components needed to make it, find a trashed one and fix it, or create the tools required to make it.

Peter does have a sense of how to compose a picture for dramatic effect, studying various types of photography to determine the best shot. As this skill keeps the lights on and the water running for him and Aunt May, he has gotten very good at it.


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Basement Lab:
For the last seven years, Ben Parker and his nephew Peter had cleared out and expanded the basement, turning it into a fairly sophisticated lab. Ben also located and acquired various heavy machine-shop tools to help fabricate things Peter might need to create. Peter also knows the best places to dumpster-dive, and has repaired and refurbished equipment for use in his own lab.

Daily Bugle:
He can use the resources the Daily Bugle has to look up background information on people and use his credentials to work/bluff his way into places normal civilians cannot go.

In spite of his reputation with the Bugle and the NYPD, Spidey has run into a few people who are grateful enough for his assistance to help in small ways. They are not very well-connected to be contacts, but there are one or two criminals in New York who are willing to cut Spider-Man some slack.


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Peter Parker has a tough time dealing with being the primary source of income in the family. Uncle Ben did not leave much money and his pension is miniscule, so Peter has to hustle, save and work to make enough money to keep the lights on, the water running and the taxes paid.

Secret Identity:
Living a double life is hard for the best of people in optimum circumstances, which is nowhere near where Peter is. With school, work, and what little social life he has, he has to deal with all the complications of a double life, having to lie to the people he loves so he can keep his problems off their doorsteps.

Survivor's Guilt:
It's his fault. It's all his fault. No matter what calamity happens to him, he takes it as a display of his own failings. Uncle Ben was his fault. Gwen's death was his fault. The fact he is the primary breadwinner of the house is his fault. He is willing to take extreme risks of personal harm if it means someone else gets to go home to their family.

The Parker Luck:
If something is going right for Peter, watch out! Trouble is on the way. Nothing works out for Peter personally. If he's going to meet a girl for a date, the Rhino is going to make him late. If he has an interview for a good job, the hijacked bus will put the kibosh on that. His bad luck is both depressing and awesome to behold.



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Peter Parker has 256 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Big Trouble in Little Odessa April 10th, 2021 Rule One of Observing Criminal Wildlife - Don't get too close to the
A Tale of Two Vases April 10th, 2021 Knox's bad luck streak continues when he encounters the neighborhood's favorite wallcrawler. Another vase is lost, but the thief remains free.
The Undeniable Poole of White Castle April 1st, 2021 Spider-Man grabs lunch and falls into the deep end of the Poole...
Late-Night Snacking March 30th, 2021 Taste tests, personal chats, and the nature of weirdness in the wake of Spidey's recent events as he spends some quiet time with Blake Riviere.
1000 Faces: I Just Want You For Your Body March 28th, 2021 In part I, trouble is afoot with the rusalka in Vermont.
The Brownstone That Ate the Upper East Side March 27th, 2021 Clea, the Question, and Spider-Man converge on a very mobile home.
For Want Of A Spike March 26th, 2021 The meeting of three Spiders and a Warhead. Ground Zero: a goth shop.
The Thief of PRINCEs March 20th, 2021 Spider-Man spots a thief stealing a Prince and goes in pursuit...which is how she wants it to go...
Return of the Mack (Ninja) March 20th, 2021 Spider-Man and Owari reconnect, and share costume design and dating advice. Like superheroes/ninja do.
Spidersilk and Steel March 15th, 2021 Spidey tracks down a lead and meets Steel for the first time in Suicide Slum.
What's better than a drug deal at a church March 10th, 2021 Spider-man webs his way through finding some interesting bad guy power-up juice.
Good, Good, Good...Good Vibranium March 8th, 2021 Black Panther and Spider-Man meet during a high-stakes robbery.
The Wrath of J Jonah Jameson March 6th, 2021 Peter Parker runs into Eddie Brock in the Daily Bugle lobby. A confrontation with J. Jonah Jameson results in Eddie taken away in a squad car, and Peter negotiating to get the charges dropped.
Sunset at the Gotham Cafe March 5th, 2021 Peter meets up with Nia and they go out for friend chicken and geeking out.
Feeling Blue From Seeing Red February 19th, 2021 Tea, sympathy and pie!
The Bazaar - Pier 20 February 8th, 2021 The Defenders and the Avengers team up with Cloak and Dagger to take down a human trafficking ring!
Going Gwen-tle Into That Good Night February 2nd, 2021 Spidey sees a Ghost, and it's all right.
A Pit Stop February 2nd, 2021 No description
Light Swallowed By Shadows February 1st, 2021 Cloak and Dagger are on the hunt to rid the streets of those who harm the innocent. They happen upon Spider-Man and Superboy, who tried to help them remember their humanity.
Gravity Working (Out) February 1st, 2021 Shannon and Spidey get together to train and analyze.
Badger Badger Badger Badger SPIDER! January 31st, 2021 Spidey makes a fool of himself and and finds himself a clone.
Bad venting January 29th, 2021 Much advice and training will be given after saving from thugs
After the Fall January 28th, 2021 Chizue returns to consciousness...and breakfast.
Return of the Shredder:Enter the Haga January 27th, 2021 Shredder arises from the dead, fights cute girls and mauls one of them. Spider man saves the day.
Meeting of Many Minds January 26th, 2021 Mania, Terry, and Spidey meet for Chinese food and plotting how to deal with imposters.
Getting Strix with the Spidey January 25th, 2021 Spider meets Owl.
Return Of The Shredder: II January 25th, 2021 Spider-Man and Mania stop a Jewelry Store robery but the Foot Clan get away with the lid of a burial Urn.
Kat as Catch Can January 22nd, 2021 Spider-Man has a little chat with the Punk Princess, post-Origin.
Dream/Weaver January 21st, 2021 No description
Return of the Tanuki-chan January 20th, 2021 Spider-Man and Owari re-connect.
Lunch for Zero January 15th, 2021 Peter invites his co-worker, Doug, to lunch at 20 Ingram Street.
...But Which Was Which Cat January 14th, 2021 Spider-Man meets Anti-Vorpal, and many Rocky Horror references are made.
Vorpal-Tunnel Syndrome January 12th, 2021 Spidey meets up with Terry and they discuss motivation, Mania, and movies.
Stretching Your Wings January 9th, 2021 Spidey goes to Gotham and runs afowl of the Red Robin.
Polite Palaver January 2nd, 2021 Peter has a chat with his boss about a solution to one problem while soft-pedaling a previous one.
Country Song Christmas KFC December 26th, 2020 Katsumi engages in the holiday tradition of eating KFC alone. Peter Parker happens by, and she dares him to engage in a little make-believe.
Titans Holiday Party - The Wintering December 23rd, 2020 The Titans Holiday party, where there was much merryment, good cheer.... and glitter. And drunk raccoons.
Down, Down to Mutant Town December 20th, 2020 Peter Parker meets Allegra Caradenza and gets a case of Interviewus Interruptus.
Spiders and Insects, Working Together... December 20th, 2020 No description
A Prize Winner December 17th, 2020 Alyx starts some enhancements to the Gravity Gloves and Peter drops by bearing gifts.
Reversal of Fortunes December 17th, 2020 No description
Catty Conversation December 15th, 2020 Peter Parker meets up with a bigger and meaner than the cat-burglar breed.
Snicker-Snacking December 15th, 2020 Cats, Spiders, and sticky fingers.
Historical Accuracy December 14th, 2020 A fireside chat, rabbit stew and a black powder gun accurate enough to hit a mosquito.
...But Satisfaction Brought Him Back December 11th, 2020 Someone from Metropolis wants to interview Spider-Man. Who knew?
Listening to a One-Hit Wonder December 10th, 2020 Jethro Glass timeskips to 2020 New York, and a Spider patches him up.
Amazon Delivery in Central Park December 8th, 2020 Spider-Man runs into Atlin again...or at least the crook he is chasing does...
Funtime Wartime Photography December 7th, 2020 Parker gets the dirt on one of Falcones sons and some good pictures of a lovely display
Chili Dogs and 'Coasters December 5th, 2020 Alyx and Spidey discuss Mojo and lodgings over chili dogs.
Entrance Interview December 5th, 2020 Spider-Man brings Alyx to her interview with Ted Kord.
Getting a Half-Life December 4th, 2020 Alyx Vance and Spidey foil a bodega robbery and have a run-in with Spiral.
Timing is Everything December 1st, 2020 Miss Marvel and Spider-Man ruin the Clock King's timetable.
Park Interlude With Spiders December 1st, 2020 Silk, Mania, and Spidey meet for catch-up on their burgers and hot dogs.
A Passing Blasting November 30th, 2020 A bunch of crooks try to steal using tech and end up getting taken down by Ray, Spider-Man and Shuri.
Red Queen Gambit November 29th, 2020 Peter Parker indulges in a little spy(der)craft while getting his butt handed to him in chess by a Vision.
Banshee's Scream: Investigating a Terrible Scene November 29th, 2020 A group discover that the Dark Banshee haunting the streets of New York City has something far more sinister in mind at F.E.A.S.T. and rush off to prepare for an imminent attack.
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Tourist November 28th, 2020 Spider-Man webslings through Gotham City and finds a healing Balm.
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner November 27th, 2020 Peter gets invited to the Acama household to meet Yaretzi...and Josefina.
Data Collection November 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man finds himself challenged by a raccoon girl after foiling a bodega robbery.
Welcome to the War November 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man meets a vampire while dealing with some werewolves. In order words, Saturday night.
So Much For Speaking Softly... November 21st, 2020 Siobhan and Spider-Man meet and delve into...a family matter.
As American as Apple Pie November 20th, 2020 Supergirl visits the Parker house for the best free food in town and Peter and Kara do a little catching up.
The Golden Eagle Has Landed November 19th, 2020 Peter and Yaretzi talk about Spider-Man and Golden Eagle.
Lab Tour November 18th, 2020 Ted visits the Parker residence and gets a tour of Peter's lab.
Interview with a Bakaneko November 18th, 2020 The Bugle's photographer gets into the ring with the Punk Princess.
Aftermath and Afterthoughts November 17th, 2020 Peter and Andi sit and talk about what happened, and how Andi should work with Mania going forward.
SQUIRREL! November 13th, 2020 Squirrel Girl and Spider-Man meet at the animal memorial in the Park, and share words on heroes and villains.
Connecting over Foine Food November 12th, 2020 Cindy and Peter meet for a no-costumes-allowed meeting to try and relate to each other as regular people.
Teching in the Park November 12th, 2020 Peter Parker tries to get some info from a stolid Dr. Pym.
Ruins of a Crime November 11th, 2020 Ghosts, Manias, and Spideys stop a human-trafficking ring...but limits are tested.
Questions and Answers November 9th, 2020 Spider-Man meet the Question, and they make an unsettling discovery.
Showing Class After Class November 7th, 2020 A chance meeting leads to a large gathering, an ominous portent...and a LOT of coffee flung in Peter Parker's direction.
Eagle, Meet Spider November 6th, 2020 No description
Spider-Silk October 31st, 2020 Silk and Spidey touch base on the new players in town...and other things, too.
The Traditions of the Trade October 25th, 2020 Spidey and Punisher fight Ukranian gangsters in a bath house
Coffee and Spider-Webs October 21st, 2020 Spider-Man meets Taka Hiroshi, and they bond over stopping a robbery.
Evil Explodes October 19th, 2020 The avatars of ancient Egyptian Gods fall down upon Central Park NYC. Heroes Assemble to due battle with the Avatars and save the day before evil explodes across the land!
Bad Luck/Good Luck October 18th, 2020 Spider-Man spots the Black Cat, talks about the Kingpin, and introduces her to Mania.
Making the Scene October 17th, 2020 Peter and MJ catch a moment to eat pizza and touch base on their crazy lives.
Connecting the Pins October 15th, 2020 Spider-Man visits Ted at the office and compares notes on the Kingpin.
Beware of Knockoffs October 11th, 2020 Two Madison High Alumni meet over toys and thugs.
A Cluster of Spiders October 9th, 2020 Mania meets Spider-Woman meets Araña meets Spider-Man...eats White Castle.
Spiraling Down October 7th, 2020 Spider-Man crosses paths with an eight-limbed non-spider.
Putting a (King)Pin In It October 4th, 2020 Spider-Man hears the name for the first time...and glimpses how brilliant his opponent is.
Teenage Mutant Ninja...Spiders October 2nd, 2020 The Foot Clan, bringing ninja turtles and Spider-Men together...
Like A Boss October 1st, 2020 Ted Kord and Peter Parker have a heart-to-heart over the finer points of synthetic spider-silk.
Nice Night for a Robbery September 26th, 2020 Spider-Man and Silver Spider tangle with some dangerous toys...and a very dangerous unicorn.
Arachnid Meets Canine September 26th, 2020 Spider-Man meets a very helpful canine, and shares some apple pie with her.
Auld Acquaintance September 24th, 2020 Supergirl and Spider-Man reconnect and talk about heroism over pie.
X-men Road Rage: Vulture and Goblin September 24th, 2020 Rogue, Noriko and Julio helped Spider-Man after the ambush by Vulture and Green Goblin, and the group took down Vulture while the rest of the team faced off with Goblin.
Sparkling like a jewel September 23rd, 2020 Sometimes you just hate each other, it's fun when it's mutal. Park meets Fisk for the first time.
The Word on the Street September 18th, 2020 Spidey meets a street magician and foils a crime...but are they connected?
Well, There's Pie... September 18th, 2020 Andi and Mania meet Peter Parker.
Darkness and Drugs September 13th, 2020 Two spiders and a vampiress drop in on a drug deal.
COFFEEEEEEE September 10th, 2020 Ben gets a parfait and a little bit of hope from your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Hogwarts invitation for beginners September 8th, 2020 if you need an explanation, you shouldn't read this.
With Costume You Get Egg-Roll September 7th, 2020 Spider-Man and Firehawk meet up for food and costume design.
=Another Brick in the Wall September 2nd, 2020 Brickhead is thwarted yet again!
The Most Dangerous Game August 15th, 2020 Peter Parker picked a peck of painful Puma.
Starting to See the Negative August 14th, 2020 A Ninja, a Spider, and a Firehawk walk into a gun heist...
A Moment of Peril August 13th, 2020 Spider-Man comes to a fork in the road, and accidentally burns it.
Bombs of Many Kinds August 12th, 2020 Mania and Spider-Man tag-team a bomb...and drop a few others.
Promises to Keep August 10th, 2020 Spider-Man helps keep a promise to The World's Mightiest Mortal.
On The Left! August 7th, 2020 Spidey gets help from a Living Legend.
Spider-Man and...a Different Kryptonian August 7th, 2020 Spidey meets yet ANOTHER Kryptonian during patrol.
Chance Favors the Cheesy Mind August 6th, 2020 Pete and Chizue get together for quiet talk and good pho.
When Irish Are Conspiring... August 1st, 2020 The Parker Family meet up with an Irish lady who joins them for a shopping trip.
Castle Rocks August 1st, 2020 Peter and MJ go out to White Castle after a very busy few weeks.
SpiderSpotting July 26th, 2020 No description
Knock-off Spider-Man Sale July 23rd, 2020 Spider-Man recruits a Thief for a Suicide Mission (Or just for Crime Fighting)
You've Got Mail July 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man gets some mail via Kitsune Ninja Mail Service.
Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dim Sum July 22nd, 2020 Catching up with new jobs and a nice dinner!
Showing Up is Ninety Percent July 18th, 2020 Peter gets called to the boss to explain himself...while someone uses the pool in a non-traditional way. It's that kind of night.
Food-Trucking July 12th, 2020 Four heroes visit a bunch of food trucks and find out one of them has a BIG rat problem...
Music Time July 11th, 2020 Spider-Man pays Andi a visit to reconnect with both Andi and Mania
Don't Snatch! July 10th, 2020 Spider-Man teams up with Fenghuang to deal with the Vulture and Shocker.
Wired Goddess July 5th, 2020 Kaminari comes to the Parker home for dinner, dessert, and her membership in a very small club.
Bare-Knuckle in the Park July 4th, 2020 Spider-Man and a strange woman face off against a trap and a next-gen Spider-Slayer.
Insects and Spiders July 4th, 2020 Peter finds a large Beetle in his house...with a job offer.
Meeting of the Mindsets June 30th, 2020 Spider-Man meets up with two powerful female warriors to touch base on the Kulan Gath problem.
The Royal and the Royal Heel June 27th, 2020 Spidey reconnects with Shuri, gulfs are crossed, and friendships are reinforced.
Freeze Frames in Mutant Town June 27th, 2020 Wanda Maximoff helps host a charity event, crossing paths with a Black Cat and connecting with a Spider.
Cat as Catch Can June 24th, 2020 Felicia meets Peter, and talk about really big...swords.
The Burden of Responsibility June 23rd, 2020 The Cat and the Spider meet up, share philosophies and contact info.
A tale of Two Kitties June 20th, 2020 Spider-Man meets up with Tigra, crosses the Black Cat's path, and gets close to a Singularity.
Simply Marvel-ous June 17th, 2020 Spider-Man and Red Sonja foil a bank robbery with the timely assistance of a new superheroine.
Crossing Paths June 17th, 2020 Spider-Man has a Black Cat cross his path (again)...hilarity ensues.
Harbinger of Trouble June 14th, 2020 Spider-Man reaches out to OG Spider-Woman about the Kulan Gath threat.
Food Truckin' With Feline and Deity. June 13th, 2020 Spidey meets up with Kaminari to talk to her about his recent adventure.
Nesting Grounds June 11th, 2020 Spider-Man, Red Sonja, and Owari deal with the machinations of a power-mad sorcerer.
Lab Research June 9th, 2020 MJ joins Peter in his basement lab in a mercifully villain-free environment.
Things That go RAWR in the Night June 7th, 2020 Spider-Man deals with demonic forces and vengeful robots. So, par for the course.
Rumblings in the Subway June 6th, 2020 No description
The Swing is the Thing, or Webworks June 3rd, 2020 Mania meets with Spider-Man to learn about webbing. He also fills Red Sonja in on a potentially big problem she recognizes.
Spider, Silk, and Steel June 2nd, 2020 MJ and Silk meet, Spidey blushes a LOT beneath the mask, and training is arranged!
Eye of the Spider June 1st, 2020 Spidey meets with Mania and Ghost for a little training montage.
Ghost/Mania May 30th, 2020 Ghost and OG Spider meet Mania, and connections are made.
Rock-And-Roll Heaven May 29th, 2020 The Rock-and-Roll Goddess seeks assistance from Peter Parker...and the Internets.
The Fall of Peter Parker May 25th, 2020 Peter commiserates with MJ over the loss of his job, and talk of plans for the immediate future.
The Wakandan Overture May 23rd, 2020 Secrets are shared, info is given, and Peter is upstaged. In other words, Saturday.
Hyborian Deep-Dive May 22nd, 2020 MJ comes over to be wowed with intelligence and ice cream.
Foiling a downtown robbery. May 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man, Feather, Wolf Spider and Thomas Blake encounter and talk down Black Adam from murdering a bunch of criminals.
Trashing May 21st, 2020 No description
Transition to Adulthood May 20th, 2020 Peter Parker and Mary Jane graduate from Midtown High...and goes out in grand style.
Park! May 20th, 2020 An accidental slip into some water finds Peter and Cecily helping out a waterlogged Mori in Central Park.
Spy(der)s and Cloak and Dagger May 20th, 2020 Spidey and MJ/Red engage with some Cloak and Dagger.
Stir Crazy May 19th, 2020 Mania comes looking for payback, and Spidey and MJ come looking for Mania.
With Aftermath You Get Egg Roll. May 18th, 2020 Spidey touches base with Miss Winters, and offers are made.
Outfoxing the Crooks May 17th, 2020 Spider-Man attempts to foil an arms deal and meets up with Miss Winters and Rave
A Rock Goddess in Queens May 17th, 2020 A thunder goddess and a superhero used to bringing the thunder pay Peter a visit.
A Wild MJ Appears! May 16th, 2020 Mary Jane Watson visits the Parker house, Red Sonja reveals herself, and Peter Parker hits the jackpot.
Meeting Mania May 15th, 2020 Spider-Man meets Andi, and her companion, on the roof of the hospital where her father recovers.
Used Cars May 13th, 2020 Felicity meets Peter Parker to sell him a car he doesn't really need.
Fashion Shooting May 12th, 2020 Spider-Man meets someone whose luck may be worse than HIS.
Spider / Mania May 11th, 2020 A kidnapping, a hostage situation, and the birth of Mania!
Spiders and Squirrels May 11th, 2020 Spider-Man meets Squirrel Girl!
Close Encounters May 10th, 2020 The star traveler reaches out to find a compatible host...and locates one.
The Show Must Go On May 9th, 2020 Spidey chases crooks into an arena and meets a Rock Goddess.
Anything is The New Orange May 7th, 2020 Ivy and Harley go shopping, it's never just normal.
Spider-Ninja! May 6th, 2020 Spider-Man goes on the Ninja version of a vision quest.
Clearing the Air(waves) May 6th, 2020 Spider-Man gets Silk connected to the Spider-Comm network, and some misunderstandings are put to rest.
Fashion Statement May 5th, 2020 Gothic Lolita shuts down a dangerous and out-of-control genetics lab. Spider-Man helps. A little.
Spider-Comms On(web)line. May 4th, 2020 Spider-Man re-connects with Ghost Spider and sets her up with Spider-Comm...and a few secrets are revealed.
Royal Pounding May 3rd, 2020 Spider-Man gets splatted by Rhino, Wonder Woman gets involved, and they both get pizza.
Plugging Into the Web May 1st, 2020 Spider-Man reaches out to Scarlet Spider with his own Spider-Comm rig. And it isn't even Christmas.
Null has a Mouse(r) Problem April 30th, 2020 MOUSERs march on Null Group and are stopped by a ragtag group of heroes. Is this the birth of a new super hero squad? Prooooooooobably not.
Wolf in the Network April 29th, 2020 Spider-Man meets with Spider-Woman and Wolf to connect them to the Spider-Comm network.
Jonesing for a Spider-Man April 28th, 2020 Jessica Jones and Spider-Man meet, and Spidey offers to help Jessica.
Lab discoveries April 26th, 2020 Pepper finally puts face to the name that has crossed her desk more than once.
Spidersilk and Vinyl April 26th, 2020 Spider-Man visits Andi Benton's music store with an old record and a little concern for her welfare.
The Spider OutFoxed. April 25th, 2020 Spidey meets a fox/mutant/ninja. Both share info on Foot problems.
Ghosted in Brooklyn April 24th, 2020 Crush and Miss Martian drop in on Spidey and they work together to save some people.
The Girl in Shipment April 24th, 2020 After a most leet battle with Whirlwind, Porcupine, Trapster and Stilt-Man where they attempted to hijack a mysterious SHIELD convoy, Spider-Man, Ironheart, and Mockingbird are able to capture the villains...but cannot stop a mysterious android from activating and then escaping the situation. Mysteriously, the convoy is a complete enigma, even to SHIELD, despite being a SHIELD convoy.
A meeting of masters April 23rd, 2020 No description
Spider/Ninja! April 23rd, 2020 Chizue and Peter go out for a bout of heroing!
Thwippin' on the Dock of the Bay April 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man catches up with Jessica and shows her the prototype for the Spider-Comm system.
Late Night With Spider-Man! Featuring a vampire and a valkyrie! Thugs providing chin music! April 20th, 2020 Dr. Foster gets mugged, but some guardian angels show up.
Royal Treatment April 19th, 2020 Shuri seeks out the underground lair of...PETER PARKER!
Chinese Chop-Socky April 18th, 2020 Spider-Man helps foil a gang fight between Chinese Triads, meets up with a destroyer...then chats with her over noodles.
Warm-Up to the Stark Expo April 18th, 2020 The lines cross for an agent provocateur, a princess, a prodigy, and a spider-geek. Tech, Tony, and tips.
Knocked Out Again April 18th, 2020 Spidey meets quite a few people - a lawyer, a model, and a ninja - when grabbing lunch.
Stark Expo Opening Ceremonies April 18th, 2020 Stark Expo opens with a (good) bang. The wheels of social discourse turn.
A Sticky Revelation April 17th, 2020 Peter visits Riri at her lab, and shares a lot of secret information about his research...and about himself.
Legal Entanglement April 13th, 2020 Jennifer Walters, esq. gets a visit from a certain arachnid, in the hope they can put some bad guys away for good.
A Prelude to Mania April 13th, 2020 A rich-kid gang threatens Andi Benton, who gets a save from Spider-Man. And a hot dog.
Cross-Purposes on Chambers Street April 13th, 2020 Spider-Man runs into a focused assassin and finds himself out-maneuvered.
First-Day Jitters April 12th, 2020 Peter and Aunt May arrive at Stark Tower for orientation.
To Strengthen the Web April 12th, 2020 Spider-Man meets with Spider-Woman about a new opportunity.
Midnight Snacks April 12th, 2020 Spider-Man interrupts Blake Riviere during her midnight feeding, and each learns a little more about the other.
Good News, Everyone! April 11th, 2020 Peter reveals the good news about his new job to Kara, and they chat about what to do and where to go from here.
Apple Pie and Job Offers April 10th, 2020 Tony Stark seeks to make things right with Peter Parker, as an Ironheart and a Black Widow accompany him. Plus, apple pie!
Street Justice April 9th, 2020 Spider-Man has to deal with both Silk and steel when they run across the Punisher for the first time.
It's a Car Chase! You Can't Just Stop! April 8th, 2020 Spider-Man's web-shooters gunk up and he calls for help. Welcome to Miss Driver's Wild Ride!
The Straw Man Cometh April 7th, 2020 Peter comes across the strangest
Legal Repercussions April 7th, 2020 Tony finds out a high-schooler pre-empted a new design, and also discovers that his HR manager is certifiably insane...and takes decisive steps.
The Most Handsome Victim in New York April 6th, 2020 A hit squad with a Wakandan weapon gets the attention of royalty, geniuses, and a suave guy who is more than he seems. And Spider-Man might get the break he needs.
Gold Rush Down Under(ground) April 5th, 2020 Spider-Man and Supergirl stop the Great (Subway) Train Robbery!
Training Day for the Spider April 5th, 2020 Spider-Man gets his first lesson in ninja-ing.
Caught in the Web April 4th, 2020 Two Spiders, a Pixie, and a Goth with a shiny spine give the Triad what-for.
Dinner Interview April 1st, 2020 Kara meets Peter for dinner and an interview, and to tell him how awesome he is.
TECHNO-NINJAS FROM JAPAN! April 1st, 2020 Spidey meets up with the techno-ninja Owari, and they do a little networking. In more ways than one.
Under Cover and Darkness March 31st, 2020 Spider-Man gets a visit from a vampire and a very curious universe.
Super-Problems March 29th, 2020 Kara Danvers shows up at the Parker house to pick up stuff, and drop a bomb. Oh, the CARNAGE...
Meeting of Geniuses. March 29th, 2020 Riri and Shuri meet up with Peter as he provides tech data on the Toymaker.
Getting Our Lines Crossed March 29th, 2020 A Colombian drug gang and a major cartel run afoul of two Spiders.
Convergence of Heroes March 29th, 2020 A Heroic Trio descends upon the Parker home...
Showing Mary the Lab! March 28th, 2020 Mary Bromfield visits the Parker home to return a laser microphone, and gets a good look at his...lab.
Finnegan, Begin Again... March 27th, 2020 Peter Parker gets a visit from a freelance reporter from Metropolis in the aftermath of the Supergirl/Parker breakup.
Superheroing 101 - A Sense of Identity March 26th, 2020 Spider-Man and Supergirl meet up with Naomi at his favorite training field and try to help Naomi acclimate to the heroing life.
=Power and Privilege March 26th, 2020 The Rich Kidz drug lab gets a couple of unwanted costumed visitors.
Home Is Where the Havoc Is March 25th, 2020 Some dangerous toys show up at the Parker house...and Supergirl and Spider-Man fight toy soldiers.
Lunchtime at the Atomic Cafe. March 25th, 2020 Two auld acquaintances re-connect as the photographer takes pictures.
Mugger Population Control March 24th, 2020 Spidey stops Joey and his carjacker pals, and makes a Friend.
Marvel and Aunt May March 24th, 2020 733/Captain Marvel/Shazam and Silk save Aunt May from home invaders, and Spidey senses that animal attraction again...
Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting... March 23rd, 2020 Two Spiders find themselves dealing with NINJAS!
Early morning cup of something March 22nd, 2020 Peter's quest for employment hits a speedbump. Douglas and Mike cheer him on
Crashing at (near) Parker's Place March 21st, 2020 Naomi crashes in a Spider's Backyard. Power Girl and Spider-Man talk to the projectile. That projectile is taken away.
Non-Hulk SMASH! March 21st, 2020 An epic meeting is in the cards as Spider-Man meets Smasher while confronting the White Rabbit.
The Web Widens March 21st, 2020 Carbon Spider meets Spider-Man...and Supergirl. And eats the best apple pie in New York.
Gifts of the Spiders March 20th, 2020 Scarlet Spider gives Spider-Man $5,000...and Spidey uses it to save a man's life. Just not in the way you might expect.
Burger Date March 20th, 2020 Supergirl and Peter Parker go out on a date...and potentially their last one.
Playing With Power (Girl) March 19th, 2020 Peter Parker and Harry Osborn check out a failed bank heist and cross paths with a very-protective Power Girl.
Kings and Spiders March 19th, 2020 Where to even start.... Silk and Ghost Spider break up a heist, Spider-Man shows up and there's some electricity.. then Gwen says goodbye to Peter. It was a rollercoaster.
Fashion Crimes March 18th, 2020 A would-be terrorist drops a bomb. Spidey catches the bomb...and a Looker catches the terrorist.
Better Red, White, and Blue Than Just Red March 18th, 2020 Spider-Man and SUpergirl go out on patrol and re-enact THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER...with more Russian officers defecting and big mechs and less submarines and underwater suspense.
As Two Spiders Connect... March 16th, 2020 Spidey gets some unexpected help from the OG Spider-Woman.
Big Brains in Forest Hills March 16th, 2020 Riri Williams pays a visit to the Parker house to get a legal issue taken care of. Plus, cookies.
Two Spiders and a Sorceress walk into a bar March 16th, 2020 Gwen and Zatanna stop by to chat with Peter... Supergirl shows up. Everybody DATIN'
Never Cage a Lyon March 15th, 2020 Wolf and Spidey try to rescue a Mob Princess and Spidey gets rescued himself.
Being Social (Media) March 14th, 2020 Billy scoops the media with his sudden interview with the infamous vigilante, Spider-Man.
A Date With Destiny March 14th, 2020 It's late at night, and Supergirl meets up with Spider-Man for discussions, opinions...and tacos.
So many Spiders. A janitor's nightmare. March 13th, 2020 Things start tense and awkward, and end with the formation of The Spider Mafia.
Dagger in the Dark March 13th, 2020 Peter and Tandy settle in and hunker down for a long sleep in the kitchen.
Home Ground March 12th, 2020 A Black Cat shows up and gets invited to dinner with the Parkers.
A Bit of Fresh Air March 10th, 2020 A few short days after stumbling into Flash Thompson, Jessica has another unexpected High School reunion when she bumps into Peter Parker.
A Place to Lay Your Head March 10th, 2020 Peter and Tandy make it to the shelter and eat meatloaf in the dark.
Making a Scene March 9th, 2020 Shuri, Spidey, and the Earthbender converge on a TV film scene and give new meaning to the term
Playing With Fire March 9th, 2020 Peter gets away from Happy Harbor...almost. He gets caught by Fire and conscience.
Spiders and Flies March 7th, 2020 Spider-Man discovers a little magic.
A Monumental Meeting March 6th, 2020 Peter Parker comes face-to-face with Supergirl.
Step One - Attract Spider... March 6th, 2020 Cackler plots to waylay Spider-Man. It does not go as expected.
Visiting Hours at James Barnes VAMC March 4th, 2020 Peter comes to face his bully, only to find out that Flash has already been cut down to size.
Science isn't so....fair March 3rd, 2020 Morgan runs into Peter (under an alias) scoping out HHHS, and finds him in the science fair entrant list.
Catch as Cat Can March 2nd, 2020 Spider-Man meets with the Black Cat, and there is something dangerous about every part of it.
The Draw of Cookies March 2nd, 2020 Peter gives Tandy take out
Definite Analysis March 1st, 2020 Sanjeev and Spider-Man take down a human-trafficking organization, and Sanjeev learns some inconvenient truths...
Sunday Ponderings March 1st, 2020 A mass about wisdom and a discussion about science
New Daggers and Old Problems February 29th, 2020 Tandy Bowen runs afoul of some punks and meets a bargain-basement hero. Reese's and scarves are provided/
Droning On and On in the Park February 28th, 2020 Sam's dog Bear fetches a science project and meets up with Peter Parker.
Enter the Spider Lair February 27th, 2020 Peter comes down to the lair to converse with Gwen. BOMBSHELLS!
An Urban Exploration February 26th, 2020 Some urban explorers get a little more than they bargain for when they stumble upon Doc Ock's bots.
As the fire dies down... February 24th, 2020 After a fire is stopped, some heroes have a talk.
Spider to the Max February 22nd, 2020 Maxima meets Spider-Man for breakfast, and schedules progress for brunch.
The Itsy, Bitsy, Spruderz February 21st, 2020 Spidey and Ghost stop a robbery... then they discuss quantum physics. Tears, laughs, a thrill ride from beginning to end. 10/10 would Spider again.
When Paths Are Crossed... February 19th, 2020 A Black Cat crosses Spidey's path, and his luck changes forever.
Those Mobbed-Up Sweatshop Blues February 17th, 2020 Ace Reporter Lois Lane gets the scoop and a ringside seat to the Spidey Show.


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