3422/A bird and a clown walk into a bar...

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A bird and a clown walk into a bar...
Date of Scene: 18 September 2020
Location: Lobby - Titan's Tower
Synopsis: Harley doesn't find her booze at Titan's tower but meets Kian. Introduces him to the concept of booze and they talk about optimism and hope for what is to come next for the Titans and those missing out in space.
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, Kian

Harley Quinn has posed:
It is .., quiet at the Lobby today. VERY, VERY quiet. One would say even suspiciously so! For the Titan Tower is known for it's bustle of activity, the young heroes going back and forth but today... NOPE!

Did they all get the memo that Harley was going to be here? Maybe! Specially after Damian's acceptance of the clownette here she's been itching to come and meet some of the squad, talk, share what they may know or not of the missing ones... She had been honest when she said she was here to help for as long as they were missing ..

But right now.., drinks. There was on person here at the lobby.. Or well, a pair of legs were. Harley was bent over the bar counter, just the fishnet legs seen, feet wiggling a bit and she doing something out of sight under the bar.

Her voice was heard. "Nope, nope..., nooope..." an exasperated sigh. "Where d'ya keep da booze, Shorty?! Ya can't trick me!"

Kian has posed:
    A quiet day is really what Kían needs right now.  Time has really been forgetting to pass of late.
    Just for the change of pace -- he's seen too much of his room, the main room, and the roof -- he dives down the open elevator shaft and flits out into the main lobby... and stops in mid-air with a flutter of wings.  There are legs sticking out of the bar, that's not usual...
    ...but the alarms aren't going off, so this must be someone who's supposed to be here.  "Uh, /kié/?  And I do not know hwat iss 'booz'."  Weird accent.  Definitely not local.  Also not European.  Or African.  Or Asian.  Or anywhere else terrestrial.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The flutter of wings is perhaps unusual, but heh, Harley's search is MORE IMPORTANT! How can these people cope without some drinks?! That many are under-21 just appears to go past her. But then again, there's so much that goes past her she could write a book, or do a movie about it!

It's the words that make those feet stop wiggling. Now -that- was new. An accent she doesn't know?!

The legs quickly scramble back and show the rest of one Harley Quinn, white tank-top, the very pale face along with the mismatched make-up. And that blonde hair in pigtails, the tips in different colors.

"I need ta know. Wheah is that accent from?!" That the man is a .., bird. Well, that's not the most important part now!

"I am Hah'lee. Short-stuff let me in heah." She explains. Just in case! "And booze..." she ponders. "It's a drink that makes ya happy!" technically true.

Kian has posed:
    It's a combination of the accent and the slang that foxes the little birdman.  He blinks rapidly and tries to sort it out.  "Há-li," he repeats.  Hopefully close enough.  He bows slightly in greeting.  "I am Kían... I do not know who hyu mean by "shor'-stuf"... iss only one here shor-ter than I am.  Robin iss let hyu here?"  That seems odd for some reason, but just about everything around here is odd.  "An' I can thin' of a couple drin's that make me happy, so I do not know hwat hyu mean yet."
    And then he asks, quite mildly, "I haf an ak-sen'?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"That's riiight. And ooohhh, love the way ya say it. Ha-li." Harley tips her fingertips over her lips in thought, marvelled at it for a bit, she apparently the type to get enthusiastic about all the small things. Or maybe not so small for her! When he goes about introducing himself she grins. "Kian." she nods her head back and forth a few times. "Great ta meet ya! And yea, Robin. The lil one, not the broody one that stopped bein' a robin ta go all nightwing. Admittedly a coolah name but...." she makes a line about her boob level. "This yay high. But let me tell ya, he has grown since last time so... He's gettin' theah."

"And fine, I am talkin' about some good ol' scotch, 15 years that after ya go past half the bottle ya know it's gonna be one gooood night." Ok, that was oddly specific. "At least it'd make me fohget bout Vorps foh a bit and ..---"

Full stop when Kian asks if he has an accent. "Just a tinsiest wee lil bit? Yoh're not from around heah, are ya?" With 'here' being a rather loose term for Earth.

Kian has posed:
    "Yis, iss Robin then," Kían affirms, definitely recognizing the height.  He takes a moment to process the rest -- half a bottle for a good night actually makes sense.  "Ah, iss lookin' for al-co-hol?  Sorry, iss none.  I am wishin' for bottle of my father's /kýreo/, or even jus' spice-wine.  Was some bir, but iss gone now I thin'."  Shrug.  Wings flex and fold.
    "I am still learnin' Eng-liss," he says with a second shrug.  "I mus' haf an Akiár ak-sen'?  I do not know.  I am firs' to haf learn Eng-liss."  After a moment's reflection, he adds, "It iss a /very/ weir' lan-guage."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yep, booze." As it confirm alcohol equals to booze. Yay for teaching new words! Harley seems to follow what Kian says without losing a beat. Hey, she has listened to insane people for what she feels is a lifetime now, including herself, how hard is to to understand a bird person's accent?! "Now ya makin' me crave for this keehreo.." yes, she butchers the word with her own mix of english and 'Harley' accent. "Who do we need ta kill ta get some o' that rollin' around the towah, mmm?" she has moved closer to Kian now, those last words having been said in a whisper, her eyebrows waggling in that suggestive manner that's always a doubt whether she is being honest or simply joking. Killing for a drink?! Who would do that?!

"So, yoh from Akiar. I imagine it's anotha woahd?" She asks. "Vorps is sorta from elsewheah too. I ain't too sure yet." Honestly, who knew anything for certain about that cat?!

"And damn right it's a weiahd language." She rolls her eyes at it. "I hope everyone has taught ya all the cuisse woahds? Ya know, the real nasty ones. Like .., cockchafer!" Yes, she knows all the words! It's also the name of a large beetle so ..., maybe not exactly a curse word per se.

Kian has posed:
    Kían instinctively backs up.  "Iss no drink' wort' killin' for," he says, eyes widening a little.  Sounds like he might have taken that literally.  "Not even /kýreo/... and can not get anyway.  Iss from my worl'.  Do not know hwere that iss from here," he explains, hopefully defusing any homicidal intentions.
    And then... the emotional double whammy.
    First, mention of Vorpal, whom Kian considered one of his closest friends on Earth, and then also-missing Vic, from whom Kian has been learning the less formal bits of English by osmosis.
    "Vor-pal iss also gone *to* else-hwere," he says quietly.  "An' Cybor' wit' him."  He says nothing about his estimate of the odds of ever seeing them again, but he does sigh heavily.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Sorta. I have had these daiqiris out in Cuba that weah absolutely ta die foh. And ta kill too." Another eyebrow waggle given. Did she note Kian is taking it literally? Maybe! And Harley does like to push those boundaries. "And let me tell ya, when ya get a bomb in yoh head ya get some pehspective on what ya can die foh.." It's a long story. She won't get into it. But suffice to say..., suicide squad shenanigans.

Yet there is a certain sobering up when Vorpal is mentioned, then Vic. The latter she doesn't know too well but.. "Yea.. Vorps sent me a video. Sorta like .., if he was gone he wanted me ta know a few things and .." her expression turns more resolute. "... and I decided I wasn't gonna let him be gone with the last say. So I am heah. Ta help in retrievin' them. And while they may be gone I *know* they will be back. No way that back stays gone."

"And besides, mah fwiend still ain't turned into a furry.." Whatever that means!

Kian has posed:
    "Hyu haf got a message too?"  The little birdman looks up sharply -- not hostile or wary, more *very* interested.  "He lef' me one also.  Did not under-stan' it all.  I thin' he wanted me to haf to work at it a little.  Not sure hwy, other than Vor-pal bein' Vor-pal."
    Kían exhales.  It's a weary sound.  "I am tryin' very har' to stay op-timis-tic."  He stumbles over the last word a little, partly out of unfamiliarity, partly because he's not really feeling it.  "Only thin' that keeps me hopin' iss that my whole worl' thin's I am dead... and I am /not/."
    There's the faintest hint of a smile.  "An' if I am, the after-life iss not what I thought it woul' be."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I did! That damn cat wanted me ta try and get a foundation goin'! HA! As if I could evah be in front o' somethin' like that.." Harley shakes her head to herself in a somewhat self-depreciating manner, hands now resting on her hips and she hopping up to sit on the bar counter, legs crossed by the ankles. She has apparently given up on searching for that 'booze to die for'. "So, ya from outta space..?" She asks, neck craning forward as she examines Kian. "Yoh ain't green enough but, aw'rite. That's more believable than someone claimin' ta be an angel." which apparently is a thing for her..

"And optimistic, Mmmm. That's a good wahd. Even if yoh don't seem too comfoatable with it."

Yet eyes widen suddenly at Kian, "I mean, I'd go moouh towahds this bein' an highly advanced simulation wheah the machines awhe harvestin' our life essence." she says it an almost serious manner. "Not bein' aftahlife. I think I'd look awful dead."

Kian has posed:
    "Gar iss green, but he iss from Eart'.  I thin'.  An'," Kían continues with just a touch of distaste, "I am definite-ly not a an-gel.  Wron' re-li-gion."
    He sighs, and flits up to perch on the back of a chair.  "Easy to be op-timis'.  Har' to have to accep' them gone.  I do not wan' them gone.  An' me bein' here iss only reason I haf to belief they are may-be still out there."  He waves in a vaguely all-encompassing way, as though a simple hand gesture can take in the entire multiverse.
    And then he smiles very slightly.  "I am not cer-tain bein' har-ves-ted iss better than bein' in the wron' after-life."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"He is!" Harley's expression suddenly lights up, "And he's adoawwwble too. When he isn't turned into a 500 pound gorilla, that is.. But still adoawwble, even if I make 'im uncomfortable. Foh some reason!" She lifts her shoulders up in a 'what can I do' way, resigned.

As the talk goes back to mention optimism and acceptance she grows a touch more sober, watching the bird-man with a more clear gaze on those usually wild blue eyes. "Sometimes all it takes is foh us to have that optimism foh the miracle ta happen." she murmurs. "They will know we awhe heah hopin' fiercely foh them to return. It will lend them strength to come back." she nodding as if to confirm her words.

"Vorps was one oh the very few that believed in me. So I am heah doin' the same foh him now. It's what we can do, believe and make suwah to act when we find a way ta help bring 'em back."

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods, and admits, "Iss more than that.  If they can fin' their way back, or we can fin' them, may-be... may-be I can fin' my way home too some day.  Op-ti-mis' for them iss hope for me, even if I do not really be-lief in mira-cles.  I hope that does not soun' sel-fish.  But I do wan' to go home an let my frien's an' family know I am alife still.  They shoul' know.  It is not fair to them."
    He doesn't add that he thinks it's a little unfair to himself too, but a practiced eye might discern that, alien body language notwithstanding.  At a minimum, his wings sag just a little.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ahah!" Harley exclaims back at Kian. Yes, she can understand that. "It does sounds selfish, but theah's nothin' wrong with bein' selfish and takin' care of ourselves, is theah? Specially when we got family out theah not knowin' about yoh bein' alive oh not." a nod offered. "I mean, it's the same thing we got heah, in the same way that we awhe hopin' foh them to return I am suwah yoh own family is doin' the same. Oh if they not, they should!" Then her grin widening suddenly. "And I can imagine you going home and bringin' your people the knowledge on what booze is."

She then rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "You know, you should start gettin' some little bag ready with stuff you'll want to bring back to yoh people. If you haven't already. I can help! Since I been the one talkin' on booze I can provide you with a good bottle foh you to take in the future." yes, she seems like she believes the bird-man will get home one day too.

Kian has posed:
    "If I go home same way I got here, can not brin' anythin'.  I do not know how I got here anyway.  Only haf a guess.  An' the same thin' might sen' me some-hwere else, not home.  Was packed an' goin' to the home-worl', and >pff< I ap-pear in Eart's sky, no warnin', nothin' but me an' my clothes."
    Kían has no idea why he's talking so freely with... well, with a stranger, really.  But if she was a friend of Terry's, that goes a long way.
    He looks around the room.  "At leas' I haf a place to be hwile I am here."
    He adds with a smirk, "An' we haf 'boose' already."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Yoh and your clothes eh?" Harley eyebrow-waggles at Kian, almost as if that was no impediment. "Well, my deah bird friend.." and she hops back up to her feet, stretching her arms up lazily. ".. do ya know the concept o' drug carriers?" and then she waves her hands. "Not talkin' about the ones that put the product in theah stomach oh whatevah, that's disgustin', but the ones that wrap it about their torsos." of course that she'd compare to some kind of criminal activity. But she is trying to help! Right...? "Don't worry! Theahs always a way!"

"But yea, these people seem like good folks foh ya. Acceptin' and all that. Even Shorty, I sweah, that kid is goin' places."

Blue eyes then turn up to the elevators leading up the rooms. "Aaaannyyyway, I am goin' up to Terry's room. Stare at his Wondah Woman figahs. He told me I could have 'em, but I ain't takin' em." she announces. "Just gonna go up theah and stare longingly at 'em.." creepy.

A wide grin that comes to her expression. "Was good meetin' you, next time how bout we try some booze, mmm? Can you drink by now? Can't even tell yoh age." she then shrugging. "Probably doesn't mattah with yoh bein' an alien. I will get us a good bottle!" and she starts marching up to the elevators.