3544/A day at the office.

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A day at the office.
Date of Scene: 24 September 2020
Location: Myrmidon Personal Security HQ
Synopsis: Vic visits Myrmidon, learns some stuff. Tracking down the owner. More to come!
Cast of Characters: Vic Sage, Achilles

Vic Sage has posed:
Small things like a missed computer chip or two don't typically draw the eye, unless you are someone like The Question who tends to see the things that others miss. It has taken a few nights for The Question to track down the home base of the Myrmidon security guard he a run in with that was taking bribes on the side to let some of the advanced circuitry inventory get 'lost' from Jefferson Tech, and the faceless vigilante perches himself on the roof of an adjacent building as his trench coat billows out to the side like a cape, watching the grounds for signs of activity.

Not seeing anyone, the Question drops from the roof using the window sills to slow his decent before rolling to a crouch and crossing the street to vault over the perimeter fence into the grounds of Myrmidon Personal Security itself. "Ok..." he mutters to himself, "Let's figure out if Mr. Johnston was working alone."

Achilles has posed:
    After hours, there -is- staff on site. Not many. But dispatchers are important in the industry. There are three cars on the lot, and the main lights are off. Dispatchers are in the back area, where they monitor communications and security systems. A security company is going to have cameras and other surveillance gear all over the place.
    So it is quiet for the most part as Vic approaches the building. But he is a professional, and as such... there is -no- security system that covers all angles, all areas. Blind spots are the one industry constant. The Question knows how to navigate such places. The back door is RFID locked to ID cards for that matter. The entrance from the parking lot. A lot that is -also- locked via RFID cards.

Vic Sage has posed:
RFID readers. If he was someone like the Batman, something like this wouldn't be much of an issue, but The Question doesn't have the cool toys and gadgets that the Bat has. He has to go much more old school, so the vigilante looks up. People are more usually concerned about the ground floor and don't expect a intrusion from higher ground.

Barring the existence of a fire escape he can use, The Question will attempt to scale the building the old fashioned way of finding hand and foot holds, using window ledges and external protrusions to scale the wall that way. If that isn't an option there is always the direct approach, but that tends to get messy.

Achilles has posed:
    It's not like the RFID readers are there to keep out determined vigilantes. They are mostly to just maintain control of personnel. To insure off duty folks are not on property, etc.
    As expected though, there aren't electronic locks in the upstairs windows and fire codes require fire escapes. So intrusion is just a bit more difficult than normal, but not requiring some cat burglar. It is not as if this is some armed facility. for all intents and purposes it is just an office building.
    The windows upstairs present no difficulties, and the hallways are quiet. You even manage to bypass the window's contact alarm system.
    Once inside, there are a suite of offices on the second floor, and stairs leading up to the third floor. The first floor is where the late night staff does their work. Second and Third floors being pretty much empty.

Vic Sage has posed:
First rule of detective work in a multi story building, all the big things are always upstairs. People think that because they are high, they are safe. People have to get by all the security down on the ground floor before heading up after all.

The Question moves quickly and quietly, avoiding the eyeline of the cameras and sticking to any shadows of the hallway as best as he can. If all goes well and he makes it up to the top floor, he will look for the CEO's office, which tends to be one of the corner ones on the far side of the building, and will slip inside if it is unlocked.

Achilles has posed:
    The irony is.. the CEO doesn't really have an office here. There -is- an office labelled for the Director. The CEO lives and works off site it seems. But the Operations Director's office is unlocked. One big happy family here, huh?
    Either way, the current Operations Director is semi-new to the job. The old one was flushed out and fired when SHIELD ran an investigation. Turns out he had been selling SHIELD surplus weapons on the black market. He is now enjoying a nice cell somewhere.
    The OpDir's desktop computer is password protected. Company policy is to use passwords that aren't -words-, numbers... but they need to be more secure than that. Of course they are not beyond a hacker's ability.

Vic Sage has posed:
Closing and locking the door behind him, The Question makes his way over to the desk and takes a seat in front of the computer. "Ok," the faceless one says to himself, "Let's see if you are smart, or just pretend to be."

The first thing the vigilante does is look for a sticky note with the password written on it somewhere. Tapped under the keyboard, under a desk drawer, someplace less than obvious. Not finding one, he will then look around the room for personal items, things that can be strung together to make a pass phrase like 'ILoveJaw572'. Not wanting to spend to much time on it, if The Question can't figure it out in a relatively quick amount of time, he will search the desk for hard copies instead.

"I know something is here. I just know it. One OD going bad is one thing, but when you get multiple employees working under the table, that can be a pattern..." the Question mutters to himself as he works on uncovering something.

Achilles has posed:
    The bad news is, the password is not written anywhere. But there -are- hardcopies of many things in the office. The worse (or better?) news for Vic is that this guy was promoted specifically -because- he was clean (when compared the old director).
    The thing about a lot of companies like this one... corruption -usually- stays between low and middle ranks. Upper echelons never even aware of it. That is the case in this situation. The Director has records, a gun safe, and all that jazz. If there -is- some level of corruption here, it's not in -his- office. That -may- make things difficult.

Vic Sage has posed:
The Question grumbles as he replaces the last of the files back where he found it, closing the drawer quietly as to not leave a trace of his presence in the office. "Clean. Go figure. What are the odds?"

Staring at the computer screen once more, the vigilante checks his watch and hrms to himself as he mentally contemplates how long it would take to brute force the password. Coming to the conclusion he just doesn't have enough information on the new DO to force it with any chance of success in the given timeframe he shuts off the monitor with a frustrated sigh. Making a note of the name of the DO, The Question unlocks the office door and slips back out into the hallway, searching for the HR office.

Achilles has posed:
    One thing that -was- located was the phone number, and Brooklyn address for the CEO. One Angelo Tampambulos. What a Greek name. There's even a picture of the DO and the CEO on the golf course together. Maybe the corruption is ALL THE WAY AT THE TOP?... Who knows?
    But HR is on the second floor, and their systems are less secure from internal intrusion. With half a dozen terminals there... one of them has the stupid habit of having the password taped down on the desk by the keyboard.

Vic Sage has posed:
With a grin that can't be seen from behind that faceless mask he wears, The Question uses the password to log into the system, and at first does the mundane task of getting all the information he can about the CEO, the DO, the fomrer DO, and the guard that was on the take. Easier to see a connection if you have all the pieces.

From there, the hacker brain takes over and he sees if he can find a workaround from the less secure HR system into the more secure areas.

Achilles has posed:
    It looks as if the old DO was replaced for confidential reasons. There is a block on that info. But the search comes up. CLASSIFIED for National Security. And also Terminated for violation of Company Policy F-27. Cross referencing matches F-27 up with: Using company personnel and resources to break federal statues involving National Security Issues. There is also a stamp from SHIELD somewhere in all of that.
    Notations involve summary dismissal when this came to light, and notes of full cooperation with the agency of SHIELD ordered from on High. And that at that point, the CEO stepped down from day to day operations and investigated the case alongside Federal Operatives. It's a rather detailed report at that.