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  The Question  
Vic Sage (Scenesys ID: 632)
Name: Charles Victor Szasz
Superalias: The Question
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Vigilante, former Reporter
Citizenship: United States
Residence: Gotham City
Education: Doctorate in Forensic Science, Masters of Investigative Journalism from GSU
Theme: DC (FC)
Apparent Age: 32 Actual Age: 32
Date of Birth 11 September 1987 Played By Kevin McKidd
Height: 6'1" Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song:

Character Info


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The Question is known as a shadowy figure that at times makes himself known on the criminal scene. Usually, he is viewed as a force for chaos against the criminal element. He acts without apparent rhyme nor reason, causes trouble for crime families or career criminals, exposes corrupt politicians. And then he disappears for extended periods of time.


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* 1987: Charles was raised as an orphan in Gotham's children's services in multiple poorly run foster homes.
* 1997: Due to rampant bullying and violence Charles was sent to a state home for boys where violence continued.
* 2003: With good grades and diligence Vic is able to attend college on a full-ride scholarship.
* 2009: Graduates college, embarks on a job in investigative journalism. Changes name to Vic Sage.
* 2013: Started to feel constrained by what he could do to reveal and help, Vic encountered a scientist that gave him an option to be able to investigate and protect his identity and loved ones using pseudoderm. Began to slip away from pure investigation and into vigilantism as The Question.
* 2015: Organized crime hires Shiva to kill The Question. She does. Then saves him. Then introduces him to Richard Dragon. He trains to become more than he was. He does so.
* Present: Currently still fighting crime and investigating in New York, Bludhaven, and Gotham.

IC Journal

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For the most part it is difficult to ruffle Vic's feathers. He has a calm manner and comes at things with an almost emotionless analytical approach. This leads to him not being overly abundant with his emotional expressions. That isn't to say it's impossible for him. It is more that still waters run deep, and when he is finally moved to emotional expression it tends to be very strong.

It is difficult feeling you are often the smartest person in the room. Not that Vic feels he is a genius, able to outwit the great thinkers of our time. It's more he feels they do not apply themselves to the fields he values. Investigation, perception, and puzzle resolution. He feels that he is often beset upon all sides by people that just won't open their eyes and this comes out with his tone at times being either condescending or disdainful.

From such a difficult upbringing and trying life, Vic has developed an almost idealistic moral compass. For him many issues are black and white, right or wrong. He has somewhat softened in this view a little after his training with some of the great masters of the martial arts. But he is still a man that is likely to leap to judgment and then once he has a position it often takes a strong piece of evidence to shove him off that position.

The name of the game with Vic Sage is obsession. Perhaps maintenance of aim. Once something enters his sphere of attention it's hard for it to ever leave. He is a man who might well be aware and considering many things at once, but he often seems to key on one particular topic, or person, or action and gives it the entirety of his attention, which is considerable. Often times small things like food and sleep fall by the wayside, but such is his focus.

Character Sheet


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Vic is scary smart. Not an inventor along the lines of Stark or Richards. More in practical direct application he is amazing. He is capable of working on roughly seventeen different problems simultaneously in his mind in the background while functioning at full effectiveness on the task/case/conflict before him. He is staggeringly perceptive, able to gauge a situation and the elements in it and almost instantly come to a conclusion that if not entirely correct is mostly correct. He is a combination of Sherlock Holmes, Adrian Monk, and Columbo.


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Vic learned early in his life that fighting was a natural state of life. He had to fight for his position in the orphanage, fight to survive on the streets, fight to then excel, and finally to fight for justice. In so doing over the years he has picked up a strong skill set in combat. He is an exceptional hand to hand combatant, able to take on a large twelve of roughly twelve skilled combatants and defeat them over the course of a fight. He is not as skilled as the greats of our time but has been trained by several of them. He is also able to use clubs, batons, and even a sword with reasonable competence and no small talent. He is also trained in using pistols and is an excellent shot though he rarely uses them.

There can be something incredibly frightening about being interrogated by a faceless man with a penchant for violence. Vic has learned over the years how to accentuate such a situation and to enhance his technique, usually able to inflict mental distress upon people with only a word, a comment, or even a shift in body language.

As a detective, one would say that The Question has no peer. Except that Batman exists. So he has a peer. One. He is perhaps one of the greatest investigators in our time and he has been gifted with a great power of perception in his ability to consider the smallest aspect or clue and then extrapolate from there feasible possibilities then go on and multi-task mentally to eliminate those possibilities until the last best remains. He is aware of all the recent and historical writings on investigations into the criminal method. He is capable of using ancient and modern investigative techniques to help him find the answers he seeks.

As Vic has searched not only for concrete answers to directly perceivable things, he has also embarked on a journey to consider the world beyond what he can perceive. To him the greater things beyond are just another puzzle to consider and try to solve, this includes the nature of man, of god, of the world, of the supernatural, of magic. He is well educated and informed on all of these topics and tries to take them in as a way to build himself up as an individual.

Any investigator into criminology must by its very nature be a student of the human condition and so The Question has trained extensively in trying to solve the greatest puzzle possible, that of the human mind under different forms of duress and motive. He is extremely talented in reading people and their actions, as well as in projecting likely outcomes or decisions simply from having met those people or perhaps read extensively about them from multiple accounts.

When one is investigating people who do not wish to be investigated one of the greatest talents you can cultivae is in not being seen. Vic has always had a talent in fading into a crowd naturally. His features helped with that, his choice in clothes, the pseudoderm. But he's also been able to move quietly and try and get past difficult situations for most of his life. His martial arts training has also enhanced this natural talent.

In the main cities that Vic operates in he is extremely well versed in the criminal layout of the major and lesser operations functioning there. He is aware of the many crime families, the prominent gangs, the life-time criminals, and how they interact as well as the peripheral players who support those operations. He has a list of informants longer than his arm and is able to acquire new ones without much to-do.

Vic is extremely knowledgeable about computers and security systems and how to manipulate them. He is an excellent hacker and is aware of the equipment used in modern security devices as well as ways to subvert them.

Vic has learned how to drive offensively. He is able to get most modern motor vehicles to perform in a way that is needed to pursue or escape pursuit as well as use various stunts as needed. He is equivalent to a well-seasoned stunt car driver and could likely make his living this way if he chose to retire from the vigilante life.

Throughout his life, Vic has cultivated perhaps the most important aspect of himself and that is his indomitable willpower. Ever since his childhood, his difficulty growing up, then the way he pushed himself through school and as a reporter, he has found that his dogged determination has served him well.


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Though not approaching the awesome utility of Batman's belt, The Question's belt has a compartment in the buckle suitable enough to store his pseudoderm mask as well as several doses of the gas he uses to adhere that mask to his face safely as well as change the color of the chemically treated clothes he wears.

The gas is a chemical concoction designed to allow Questions' mask to adhere to his face as well as to change the color of his chemically-treated clothes when it is released. It was invented by the scientist who introduced Vic to the use of pseudoderm for his mask.

Question has used what resources he has to get the ownership of a Gotham storage facility in a former apartment building turned out of business storage facility. Using multiple dummy corporations, to provide him with the means to own and maintain the rather dingy facility, it gives a suitable location for Question to 'live' as he does. Refueling and storing his many pieces of evidence and information much like a hoarder would. Though he apparently has a system, yet it is very arcane even to those he tells it to.

The Pseudoderm mask that Vic uses to become The Question requires multiple chemical aspects for it to perform as it does. First, he must use an aftershave that provides the chemical background on his features. It barely has a scent, primarily smelling with just a hint of alcohol. Then the mask must be exposed to the gas he uses to give it the permeable and adhering properties that allow it to bond to his face and create that breathable seal that cannot come free without the use of another chemical compound.


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One thing that Vic sees red over is corruption. To him it is the greatest betrayal. To be considered as an individual who is performing a service, who has a duty or a role, and to deliberately subvert that role for personal gain is almost obscene to Vic. This is perhaps due to his growing up in multiple institutions, orphanages, foster homes where the people who were meant to care for him treated him extremely poorly. This continued into him seeing public servants, politicians, police officers, all in on the grift at varying points. To him it is a definite touchy button to press.

One thing no one has ever said of Vic Sage is that he's a guy who's easy to get along with. Vic, though having lived for a good chunk of life seems to act in very unsocialized ways at ties. It is perhaps not that he's unaware of manners, or peoples' feelings. It's more he doesn't care, or feels that such things are frivolous or useless in a time when moments count. He will often give voice to his opinions even if their realization might cause undue harm or interpersonal strife. He can be a hard man to like.

Vic can allow himself to be entirely consumed with a case. There are times when he becomes so focused on something that he forgets to eat, to shower, to go outside, to change clothes. He can become lost in the thoughts surrounding a situation and often can leave elements of the case strewn about his living environment. Even to the extent that his walls will have scribbles on them, curious pieces of papers left around with obscure notations. All in all he can be a mess.



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Vic Sage has 18 finished logs.

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Chance encounters August 19th, 2020 The Question meets Silk, and they split up to work a case he is working on.
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A Question Posed March 7th, 2020 Q brings Huntress in for some help. She gets to show off her stellar driving skills.
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Following A Lead February 29th, 2020 Two people looking for the same information run into each other. Someone is less than pleased by that.


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Vic Sage has 18 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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