3708/Clown 4 Clown. No Not That Clown.

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Clown 4 Clown. No Not That Clown.
Date of Scene: 06 October 2020
Location: Derby Queens
Synopsis: Wade Wilson and Harley Quinn have an amazing night out!
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Harley Quinn

Wade Wilson has posed:
It's an exciting night of roller derbying, likely one of the random things Wade knows a lot about. But he isn't here for the derby itself, he's here because he's looking for one Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn.

She got a glowing review from a six-armed woman from another dimension.

He's been keeping his mask off lately, but she has a reputation, and it made him nervous enough to not want to show his actual face. So he wears, at the very least, his black and red mask. Over that mask is a pair of sunglasses, and he has a nice Hawaiian shirt over some blue jeans and slick black and red Nike sneakers.

When he arrives, he has a massive backpack on, like someone going on the ultimate camping trip, and he immediately announces, like some kind of cop or a principle, "I'm here for Harley Quinn!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
The Derby Queens. Brooklyn's own 'Thunder Dome' is a place where Harley comes often, specially in these nights where the local Brooklyn team is fending off against the Tenderloin girls. Burly, big girls who usually take advantage of their sizes to win their games against the Brooklyn ones. Tonight though they had a wildcard factor, Harley Quinn!

The rough last couple of days meant she more than welcomed this. First getting brought in to the suicide squad again, then being put down so easily by this no-good hero! Harsh life! But tonight she was venting out her steam on the game..

One of Harley's knees hits one of the Tenderloin girls on the kidneys, bringing a 'ooooo' exclamation from the crowd. Bloodthirsty lot these people are apparently! But then the cheerings continue. After her adversary is taken out Harley gets to roll around the circuit at high speed.. Very high speed, an elbow delivered to the face of another which sends them veering to the protective glass...

Meanwhile, when Wade announces who he is looking for out there one of the spectators looks up at him. "Heh? Join the line! Apparently they are out for blood tonight!"

And indeed looking at the circuit again it's apparent that the two biggest women on the team have flanked Harley, starting to lead her to the edges at a rather high speed. Apparently someone is going to hit the railing at top speed!

Wade Wilson has posed:
Wade suddenly goes running down to the ring when his target is acquired, or, well, the spectator points out his target.

He sticks his head into the ring and yells, "Harley Qui--"

Someone slams directly into his head and sends him sliding across the ring like some kind of helpless turtle. The slight curve of the floor is enough for him to go sliding down into the middle. "I really don't actually understand this sport at all, why is it so violent, am I falling into some kind of metaphor???"

He eventually stops in the middle of the ring, struggling to roll over onto his cartoonishly large backpack, which mostly gets him on his side. "You're doing great Harley Quinn! By the way I'm here for you!" he gives a thumbs up while stuck on his side in the strangely shaped ring.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The crowd appears to feel the impact of that blow on Wade with the 'Owww' it shouts out almost in unison before some jeers are sent to Wade, along with some whistling. "Get outta there!" "What team is that girl playing for?" "Wait, that's not a girl!" and so does the booing continues while the man stays within the ring..

As for Harley, well, she continues to be lead to the railing even as she manages to ditch one of the girls flanking her by applying a well-placed headbutt into, well.., lets call it her chest area.. Being 5'5" tall does compensate sometimes! She skids and slides over the edge, sliding a roller skate over the railing and then pushes away!

This does two things. One, the remaining girl hanging on to her gets thrown to a throng of other players, creating a mess on the ring while Harley herself gets tossed over the air with a loud YELP and goes into a skid across the floor to stop right in front of Wade. "Look, if you awhe heah foh the car payments I already paid this month!" she hadn't but ... noone needs to know!

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Actually, I brought a 4K TV, some blu-rays, lots of snacks, rum ham, various consensual oils just in case, a gun, just in case, //another// gun, just in case, and $2000 in cash for various expenses." Wade lists off the various contents of his backpack, though winces at the boos.

"I did //not// bring my hard outer shell for the emotional trauma, but it's okay." He holds out a hand while continuing to lay on his side. "A six-armed woman said you'd think I was great. And then I remembered your reputation, so I put on a mask to hide my ugly face and make the best first impression."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The crowd cheers just a moment later as the announcer comes to up to tell it was a point for the Brooklyn girls. "Woohoo!" Harley jumps up immediately to her feet. Impressive nimbleness too, doing a pirouette in place. "Yea, fuck you Tenderloin bitches!" she calls out. "We win!" damn right. Brooklyn represent, yo. And a filthy mouth as well.

"Wait, did you say rum?" Out of all of what was said run was what popped to her mind. She does seem surprised though. "Spiral?! Awww, I knew she loved me." she positively beams at those news. Of course that this all does distract her.., because after the taunting given at the Tenderloin team a few decide to just rush her. Or at least the area she is at.. Which means Wade is also in the way..

So just as Harley is extending her hand to help Wade up she gets hit from behind. Treachery! "Fuuuuck!" she exclaims, falling down on the ground and starting a tussle with three of the opposing team. And yes, everything goes, including pulling hair. Savages!

"So what's yoh name?!" She asks Wade while delivering a punch across one of the girl's kisser.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Wade Wilson, but my enemies, victims, and admirers call me Deadpool!" Wade slowly tries to waddle up, but then someone tackles him right back to the ground!

"I've been trying to find myself. Like, am I //more// than just a guy who shows up and shoots everyone before getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars? And then I thought... what if I met a likeminded individual and marathoned Friday the 13th?" He asks as he tries to sit up, and then cracks his arm back into place.

"I'm not sure if the TV will survive this." he admits, but then holds up a crooked finger that he then has to snap back into place as well. "But that's what the $2000 budget is for!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"No wondah with a name like that!" Harley ducks under a thrown punch. These girls ain't playing anymore apparently! She grabs her attacker's arm after dodging it, delivering a good bite on it that brings a scream out of her. "The bitch just bit me!"

"Tryin' ta find yohself? And how is that goin' foh ya?" She inquires, picking up another Tenderloin-er and tossing her against the glass. She has some strength on those arms apparently. Not that it's all about dishing out pain, she taking a few shots as well, a kick to the belly and another punch to the side of her face which blurs her makeup along with splitting the side of her lip. "Ow, you are gonna pay foh that!" she pushes the big girl back, sending her sprawling and eventually the whole fight starts to calm down..

"Friday the 13th?! Yoh a Jason lovah too?!" Then she smirks. "And the TV I suppose is the first victim." her grin widening.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Friday the 13th as a series is a classic piece of cinematic history that only served to enhance us as a culture." Wade states like some kind of movie buff as he reaches into his pocket. "I came here to try and make a good first impression on you, I even wore my mask, but we'll never get to this amazing movie marathon at this rate."

"Promise you won't get mad?" he asks, hand in his pocket.

And then he suddenly pulls out a gun and starts firing it at the ceiling. "Don't worry everyone! It's just a glock! It can't hurt anyone important! You just have to ask yourself, //are you important//?"

Then, looking over at Harley, he says, "See? I didn't even bring my adamantium katanas, I'm being //very good//, and //very sane//."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"It also spiked up the sellin' of hockey masks foh the most nefarious o' reasons! NHL was happy!" Harley notes, now placing her hands on her hips as the Tenderloiners are starting to evacuate.. They still look over their shoulders, perhaps considering whether to go for Harley again but when Wade starts shooting they bolt, along with most of the people in the premises. Some screams are heard and it's panic in the place.

Harley looks around, first in dismay but then in delight at the chaos. "Holy shit, yoh give no fucks about consequences, do ya?!" she rolls to the edge of the rink and slips over it in quite the graceful manner. "Come on, lets bolt this joint!" she calls over her shoulder to Deadpool, starting to roll towards one of the side exits.

"Man, best way to end this glorious game!" And that probably means escaping security staff and police, who undoubtedly are on the way already.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Don't worry, I have my incredibly bitchin' 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Deadpool Edition motorcycle right outside!" Wade goes running and then looks like he's about to jump, until he just clumsily climbs over the edge with his very large backpack instead.

"I hold to the idea that no one should be afraid of a glock if they're actually someone important in the world. I've never seen a glock hurt anyone who mattered!" He spots his motorcycle and climbs right on it, then motions for Harley. "Grab my backpack straps! Unfortunately I'm incredibly toned, from all the being a //badass//, so I don't have any love handles to grab onto."

"You know, some would say I'm a hero, actually." he considers as he revs his engine. "I'm //sure// I've killed as many mob guys as the Punisher, and people //love// that guy! I mean, sure I do it for money, and sometimes I do it for //other// mob guys. But you know, when I'm shooting a guy with a name like Anthony Spaghedlioni, I'm thinking, 'this is for justice, the $500,000 bounty is going to afford such a large TV to watch Jerry Springer's new court show on'."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Dude!" Harley replies all excited. "Youse like one o' those salespeople on tv! Look heah, my brand new vaccum cleanah 3000 Turbo Diesel Vintage edition that gets everywheah! And let me guess, I was the lucky winnah o' a free ride because I was the 100th people ta call ta buy it?! Oh joy!"

One should also note that she is still on her roller derby outfit, along with the roller blades, so she is cruising down the street, jumping down some stairs in quite the acrobatic manner to reach the bike. "Lucky we ain't got any goin' up stairs. My one true nemesis.." she slides onto the backseat on the moto.. A bit awkwardly because of the damn large backpack. "Ok, huh.. I am ready." Her legs go up to wrap about the man's front. Look, she is almost falling backwards over there!

"You sayin' people love the punishah? He's got like the worse kind o' people workin' foh his ratings, all you most likely will heah see him say is just some gruntin'... People don't like people like that. No charisma!" She seems to have looked into this in quite the serious manner.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"But he's //so cool//! He just shows up, 'I am vengeance, I AM THE NIGHT!', and then beats everyone up with like ten different styles of martial arts, and goes to hang out with his best friend SUPERMAN!!! I wish //I// was the Punisher. Well, he doesn't get to hang out with //Harley Quinn//, so..." Wade revs his bike up, intentionally showing off the intense engine, before he immediately speeds off down the street.

The cops can already be heard in the distance, they're definitely on their way. "I only fired a //glock//, I don't get why everyone freaks out when you fire a glock. Have you ever seen anyone whose name you remember for longer than a few hours ever get hurt by one of those things? They're practically water guns!"

Then, looking back a bit, meaning, he took his eyes off the road, he asks, "Hey, does this mean I'll have to fight the Joker in an epic duel? Because I'll do it."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Nonononono." Harley just shakes her head a few times, ponytails bobbing from side to side, "That's Batsy! Really, how can ya mix /those/ two?!" but then she is cackling at the change in identities. "And nope he doesn't. Because I foh one like ta keep my knees intact. I heah who he doesn't kill he just cripples foh life. The punishah, not batsy." because there's a difference between them!

"This is totally a case o' you compensatin' foh somethin', ain't it?" Harley then asks of Wade continuing to rev the engine to show off, a brow arching amusedly. "Yoh can do a lot with a glock. You can clock someone with a glock. And that rhymes. And rhymin' is powerful. Every rapper says that." she says in an informational tone, as if that would be common knowledge.

"I ain't with the Jokah no moouh. Scratched outta my life, tossed away like a bad rhyme, no longah a sidekick but my one self!" She spreads her arms up to the air, which makes her almost fall out of the bike but she hands on with her legs. "Ack!"

Wade Wilson has posed:
"I'll have you know, I don't need to compensate for //anything//. My guns are //huge//, I have adamantium katanas, and I know so much martial arts I can't even remember it! My martial arts is //huge//, and I tied a bow around it with your colors just in case." Wade suddenly turns into a car garage when the cops seem to be getting closer and closer. Maybe he fully thought out this rout eand has some elaborate plan!

"Well, just let me know if punching your ex is impressive, I'll do it! If I'm anything, it's someone who knows how to compensate for something he's definitely not lacking!"

With that said, he suddenly stops the bike on the roof, which gives them a nice view of the, well, this part of the city at least. But he stops it across from a ramp. "I'm gonna drive right over that ramp, and on the other side is some rich asshole's apartment who bumped into me and //completely// ruined my hotdog the other day. So we're using his house as a hangout spot while he's in the Hamptons."

Harley Quinn has posed:
The more the man speaks and tries to justify himself the more Harley's expression turns into one of pure amusement. "Yeaaaaaa, you dooooo.." she replies. "Specially with that kinda emphasis!" she cackles once again and peers over the man's shoulder. "Ya know, ya talk about those katanas so much I may just have ta steal on off ya. Who needs double katanas ANYWAY? Any good samurai only uses ONE." she says in admonishment to Wade.

"I don't wanna have anythin' ta do with my ex. So he can just keep out theah on his cohnah while I will stay on mine. I am good like this." Well, to be honest she was still scared of the guy. And if he came back to haunt her once again. So not stiring the nest was a good thing for her!

"Suwah. But I ain't gonna go ta prison ovah this shit." she announces. "So if this is yoh idea o' some Bonnie and Clyde shit bettah not count me in. I am tryin' ta go hashtag reformed!"

But she points. "With that said, lets rock this guy's place!"

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Hey, I need double katanas for blocking //bullets//! Yes, that's right, I can split bullets in half, //with my katanas//. I know, I apologize, I've become intensely attractive, but //I can't help that//." Wade continues to rev his engine, likely doing intense calculations for this jump to pull it off with the perfect execution.

"Prison? I'll have you know, I'm a superhero. Superheroes don't go to prison. Besides, I commit crimes all the time, I don't think anyone cares //that// much. Just make sure you don't rob any banks or do any of the crimes that make Superman show up." he explains, before he finally just immediately hits the gas, hunching down as he tries to make himself aerodynamic with that insanely huge backpack.

Then he hits the ramp, and...

The TV starts sliding out of the backpack and turns them upside down, which causes him to have to act fast.

In slow motion probably.

He carefully twists his body around to face her, reaches out to grab and make sure that she's keeping the same momentum, and then when they finally land on the opposite roof, it's his backpack that hits the ground first, then she hears his spine shatter, and both his body and the backpack break Harley's fall entirely.

His body is literally broken over the backpack.

"Listen, I know this looks bad, but I promise I'll be okay!" he states from his horribly bent position.

Wade Wilson has posed:
Also the motorcycle lands on the ground below and explodes. A nice distraction for breaking into an apartment.

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley stiffles a lil yawn as Wade continues to push his agenda of looking awesome. Well, in truth he does sound awesome but damn if she will be admitting to that! "Man, you remind me o' those loud mouths that don't know when to shut up! Hey, sorta like me!" and then they are flying up through the air.. Her eyes go wide as she sees the TV go wide..., then the bike.. But she spins around in the air to eventually come to land in a graceful manner right atop, well.....

Where would be the most painful place for her to land with those roller blades? Yes, that's right. You are imagining it well! So that's what happens! She lands right on that sensitive spot and bounces off, somersaulting to then do a slide on the ground with her roller blades..

"A few months recovery, eatin' out o' a straw. Gettin' all the hot nurses attention.. Yea, I am suwah you will!" She approaches again, looking down on the fallen Wade.

"And theah went yoh bike.." A sigh. "Not like you'd be ridin' it anytime soon!"

Wade Wilson has posed:
Wade groans in pain, exclaiming, "You crushed me right in the ribbon with lovingly wrapped Harley Quinn colors..."

Then he starts to move, his back cracking as he sits up, with lots of pained yelps and twitches.

He tries to straighten his back into place, knocking at his side a few times, then does a yoga pose here and there, before he's finally standing on his feet again.

Though of course he has to check his gift box area, then nods. "Okay, the gang's all there. And now with the //cops// occupied, we can raid this man's apartment and hope he has an awesome TV! I also hope Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course survived the fall."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I just had ta make suwah they weah as big as you weah claimin' 'em ta be." A shrug is done in return, perhaps Harley not being too sure just yet. "And so, that's yoh supapowah? Sounds like cheatin' actually.." she frowns perhaps bit jealously. Why can't she get those cool powers too?!

She places her hands on her hips, now continuing to roll around that roof a little longer. "It bettah have survived the fall oh theah will be hell ta pay!" She warns out. "Shit, I haven't seen that one in aggeeeesss."

She rolls over to where she imagines that apartment will be. "I am gonna guess you got no idea if that guy will be home now, do yoh?" she calls over her shoulder.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"I mean, he's rich. All rich people are in the Hamptons." Wade states as if that is the entire crux of his plan, heading inside through the roof's door. "Hey, if you break your spine, I'll just drag you to the X-Men. One of them is bound to have a cure for spinal injuries. Of course they'll get //pissed// because I think you might be a wanted criminal, but they're //good people//. Besides, you have a great sense of humor, who could hate you?"

He's already pressing the button on a fancy elevator, raising his arm to check his Adventure Time watch as they wait. "How'd you become, well, //you//, anyway?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"The X-what?" Harley seems to doubt that name a lot, adding, "Sounds like the name o' some porno crew or somethin'. Like Brazzehs oh whateva.. And pressin' a lil on the machismo too, why the fuck is it X-men and not X-gals?" she rolling her eyes. "Haven't got to the 21st century much, have they?" yes, it's quite clear she has no idea who those are. "And I am sorta not a wanted criminal right now." she says, wiggling a finger in warning at Deadpool. "Well, sorta.. Someone has made suwah I wasn't taken ta prison last time I was gonna bring myself in. Trustin' me and all that."

She looks at the elevator door and lets out a dramatic little expression of glee. "Theah's gonna be elevatah music ain't it?" probably the only person in the world that gets excited with it.

"Got tossed into an acid vat ... Ooooor, jumped o' my own accord... depends on who ya ask. As foh me, I am an eternal unreliable narratah so ..., take it as ya will." she then asking. "How about yoh? Bitten by some tough, radioactive animal that gave ya those powahs?" She quirks a brow. "Don't tell me it was a cockroach!"

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Wow, so now you have the proportionate strength and humor of a clown?" Wade considers, rubbing his chin. "I think I'm at least an //honorary// X-Men, but I think they were named by an old man, so they're a bit behind the times."

They wait on the elevator, listening to some nice, chill, elevator music. He has to check his watch again as they go down, and he considers his origin.

"Oh, well, see I got //cancer// a while back, and then the Canadian government cured my cancer by making me immortal. Except it //also// made me ugly because my cancer is healing //all the time//. It's a pretty aggressive diagnosis." He motions to her and admits, "And //that's// why I don't have the confidence to face you without a mask on! I'm hoping that by the time I start humiliating myself with love confessions, I'll have already won you over with my winning personality enough to off-set my ugliness."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Nah, I was already sorta crazy, than this guy I was uh .., sorta obsessed with just made me a bit moouh.." Harley lifts her shoulders. "It's complicated." and it doesn't really seem like she wants to get too much into it. "The strength was my friend that did it. Cos she loves me. Foh real and not like that no good, piece a' shit garbage of a mothafuckin'.." *insert further colorful expletives here for a few minutes* "ANYWAY... That's how."

She then listens to Wade's explanation. "Hol' up." she lifts one hand up. "Ya sayin' the Canadian gov cures people by makin' them immortal? Tell me moouh!" maybe she wants the same thing! Don't hoard all your superpowers to yourself and all that!

"And sorry, I am sorta a material kinda gal. Gotta have a face ta go with the personality!"

Meanwhile, as they go down the elevator she is doing a little dance. Hard enough to do so in roller blades! But she manages. "So, how long we got until whateva bomb yoh planted in that guy's apartment goes off?" which is probably what she is imagining the reason is for Deadpool to look at his watch so much.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Well first I had to join the military, and then be one of the biggest military baddasses, and I made it to Canadian special forces where I earned brutally torturous life saving experiments!" Wade explains as he counts on his fingers the various steps of the process.

"Listen, I would //never// blow up a guy's apartment until I partied in it with a friend and went through all of his things and food."

As they step off the elevator, he points at his mask. "You know, a lot of people would say that my mask is //basically// my face. My sexy red and black face that never has to come off."

They walk until they finally reach the apartment, and he sticks a key into the door, opening it to reveal a very large and lavish apartment. Lots of space, modern appliances, large TV, great view of the parking lot building across the street.

And a forty-something man in a blue robe suddenly looks over at them from his couch, standing up in outrage. "Who the //fuck// are you two???"

Wade tilts his head in confusion. "You're supposed to be in the Hamptons!"

Then the man immediately heads over to a metal baseball bat, starting to march toward the door. "What the //fuck// are you talking about? I'm about to bash your head in. You're that asshole who was in my way the other day!"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Ya soundin' a bit whiny..." Harley replies when the man goes about explaining the life saving experiments, shaking her head to herself. "Immortal!" she points to the man. "That should count foh somethin!" She is rolling along as they leave the elevator, continuing to whistle the elevator tune for a while longer, "We all weah masks in ouuh lives. Even those that may not seem ta be wearin' any masks." she studyin' Wade again for a bit. "It just makes it a bit hardah ta figure you out. But actually wearin' that is tellin' too." there she goes into analyzing people! Well, she /used/ to be a doctor of the mind afterall.

"Room service!" She immediately says, but with the guy identifying Deadpool the gig is up and she lets out a sigh. "Look, the guy has a glock you may not want ta go and try ta whack at him. Unless yoh are an important guy. If so you are immune to it." See? She knows about the Glock powers now!

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Hey, hey, I don't //whine//, I have fits of incredibly desirable sensitivity." Wade explains before the man just starts hitting him with a baseball bat, until the merc blocks it with one arm and then snatches the bat away. "Hey, //hey//! What is your //problem//? I'm having this intensely productive conversation with this refined woman of culture, and you just start //attacking// me? You know, it was bad enough that you ruined my day before, but now you're ruining my //entire// revenge plan!"

"Get out of my--" the man yells, before Wade just thrusts one of his legs out and slams it right into his nose, causing the guy to collapse. "Okay. So, as I was saying. I think that on a philosophical level, if my mask represents who I am, then this //is// the real me! So, really, the question is, do you like my mask?"

He removes the massive backpack, finally opening it to dig through the various things he has trapped in there.

Liquor, DVDs, various clown gag toys. "I thought you'd appreciate authentic clown tools."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I did try ta warn ya.." Harley says with a sigh at the fallen guy, shaking her head slowly to herself. She picks up the baseball bat just in case, bringing it along with her, "What is it with these rich guys and bein' so aggressive? He just started whackin! Really, savages." She tosses the bat over to the kitchen, crashing something for sure as the sound of glass breaking is heard. She shrugs and looks back.

"The mask is good, in a sorta plain mannah. Well, at least it got no wrinkles in it."

She casts a look over at the various stuff being taken out. "I normally use my own toys though!" she even has a little pack for them!

Wade Wilson has posed:
"I've never asked a clown to hang out with me before, so I wasn't sure what your cultural traditions are. Buying some clown tools seemed best." Wade starts pulling out a scarf, which is connected to another scarf, and so on. "Oh come on!"

He finally stops, picks up the Crocodile Hunter movie, and opens it to see that the disk is entirely cracked. "Crocodile Hunter got smashed!"

Then, finally, he's headed over to the large TV to check things out. "You mind tossing that guy into the closet?"

Finally, as he's looking for the remote, he asks, "So, how long do you prefer a guy wait before he starts writing poems and cutting off his own hand and things like that?"

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Uuuhhh, I am keepin' that one!" Harley says of the scarfs. Apparently SOME toys she can take. So she starts doing it just that ..., over and over ..., and over. "Ok, how many scarves, what the fuck?" she is cackling with glee at it though. "As foh traditions. Wellllll, it used ta be bombs, suhprise poison boxes..., mmmm. Acid-spittin' flowahs.." she wrinkles her nose. "Look, Gotham is weird okay?"

"Holy shit, the disk is just as dead as the dude in real life...!" Uff, what a downer. Still, RIP Steve Irwin, may he rest in peace. "Well, he was a fuckin' hero though." once all the scarves are out she puts them into her own bag and rolls to pick up the big guy on the ground... And really, she has some strength there! She gets him over to the closet. "And I hope we ain't turnin' this into an horroh movie. Like Weekend at Bernie's... And hol' up I hope this guy isn't called Bernie!" she then checking him for breathing. "Well, he is still alive so we awhe safe.."

"So, what happens ta the hands ya chop off?" She asks. Ok, she is curious.

Wade Wilson has posed:
"Kind of depends. It might crawl around, it might just be dead while I grow back a new hand. I can't always predict my regeneration, it's almost like a lottery of horror! But don't worry, we're not //killing// that guy, we just have to remember to take him out of the closet before we blow his apartment up." Wade finally pops in Breakfast at Tiffany's, then heads over to the couch to take a seat, patting the cushion next to him.

"After we eat all of his food and drink all of his booze tonight, I'll send you one of my hands, and you can do whatever you want with it." He nods as if he just pulled off the most smooth line ever, and then just chills out.

It will be a great night.

10/10 no regrets!