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Is it worth it
Date of Scene: 07 October 2020
Location: Remy's Room
Synopsis: Honesty is tough when your a liar. Remy tries to be honest, he does it okay.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy had been gone for a few days, off the map as he tends to as of late, leaving a letter.


I will be here shortly, have to check on something.

But today he txts Rogue, simply put heading home, meet in my room.

Two hours later, a taxi pulls up and letting him out, his eyes closing now, as he sighs softly. He moves quickly, not talking, into his room as he sits down at the simple desk and the chair. His hand is placing a black envelope down, waiting for her arrival, as he lights a cigarette, he is freaking out, but he is holding together for now.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been at work at Mel's Diner since noon, but it wasn't a long shift. She'd gotten out of work about 45m ago. She'd seen his text messages after leaving work and was wondering where he'd been the past several days. She thought about him a lot, as she's likely to do after all. A lot of things were mysterious about him, things she didn't really want to ask about because she was afraid of the answers she'd get. She tried to just think positively about it all though...

Moving through the school's halls, Anna-Marie stuffs her hands into a light grey hoodie's pockets. She turns down the hallway to his room, nearly bumping in to a couple of the other 'residents' that live at the school. A few words are exchanged with them, some teasing because they knew where she was going, all in good nature of course.

Marie ends up at Remy's door, knocks a couple of times, then turns the handle to step on inside and shut the door behind her...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
A cloud of cigarette smoke is drafts out of the room; she finds him hunched over the desk, reading as he waves at her."We need to talk; I need to be more honest. I found trouble, and I might be gone." With that, he stands up, as he stabs out his sixth cigarette into the ashtray, as he shakes his head."My past came a-knocking, and that is no good. I went to a person I know to find a lost kid, and well old boss, is demanding work for them. Not, a nice person did not give me an out."

Remy is blurted it out, with as much honest, that still protects him, his eyes watching Rogue now, as he walks to the wall to lean against it one of his purple boots, resting on the wall the other is holding him up, as he waits now."Questions, concerns, comments?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just pauses inside of his room, smelling the smoke thick in the air like this is some kind of a card house or smokers lounge. Her green eyes are on him though as he waves her way, then moves to stand up. She's silent as he starts to explain things, or tries to at least, and mostly motionless as he walks over to lean against the wlal.

Her stare is just 'on him' though, his questioning her if she has questions for him gain an immediate silence that lasts for a few moments.

"I don't understand." Rogue says quietly. "Some... asshole is makin' ya do stuff, and you gotta... leave?" She asks then, voice quiet. Some part of her had expected Remy would up and vanish completely on her, might not even tell her when he disappeared. But, she has a history of her loved ones vanishing on her after all, her parents, specifically.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"They are going to give me jobs, as he sighs softly." Remy pushes off the wall as he strides forward next to her, as he leans forward."This guild, they raised me they are thieves, criminals.....I was abandon due to my eyes, as best I can tell. They took care of me till I left. But now, one of them wants me back, no."

Remy is squirming, his eyes moving away from her, his hand is clenching, closing honesty is not his favorite thing, but this girl, this woman, is his world."So, I wanted to tell you, in case you know, and I will be back, after der jobs I think, but not sure when. She told me she would be in touch when she is needed me."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's hands are behind her back, pressed up against the door frame behind her, one over the other with palms flat against the wood. She remains motionless like this while he leans forward to tell her about some of the details of all of this.

"She?" Rogue asks, but doesn't wait for an answer. "Ya know, criminals and thieves don't really hold a candle t'me, Remy LeBeau. If these people are a burden on your life, then all ya gotta do is point me to'em. I can put a fear in them that will ensure they leave ya the hell alone."

A glance is given over her shoulder, then her eyes dart right back tohis. "You're with the X-Men now, ya know. A whole team'a people who fight against criminals..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"No, they are powerful, not to be messed with, I will keep you out of it, my dearest. I will do as they wish, and you will stay safe.....they will come for you." Remy looks away now ashamed with himself, as his teeth gnash slowly, as in his eyes narrow."They are not to be trifled with, but let us find this missing child and return him home."

Remy picks up the papers handing them over to Rogue, as he speaks softly."A circus that is buying mutant children, I have found the man running it. Yes, we need to go save them, and put him out of business, I risked myself for this. Let's not waste this chance, no?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue seems... less than convinced on the threat of these thieves and criminals, and her facial expression would probably show that. She just watches him turn her down for that kind of reckoning for these people, and instead just glances down to what he's handing her...

Her hands come out to accept the papers, she holds them and looks them over vaguely before looking back up at Remy. "Is this part'a what you're tellin' me? Or is this... somethin' unrelated? It's hard for me t'help ya with one thing, but then draw the line at another, ya know? Especially if you're about t'ditch out on the X-Men, right after we got ya included in them. Let alone ditch out on me, t'go pal around with a bunch of criminals, doin' 'jobs' for them. Sorta makes you a criminal yourself, ya know that, Remy?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"This is unrelated, this is not criminal tied, I will try to stay here." Remy sighs with a pained look, as his eyes close now, as he thinks for a moment, as he walks towards her leather-gloved, hand is coming up to touch her cheek softly as he leans forward almost about to kiss, stopping himself."I wish to let ya know if it happens why I'm gone, not doing it by choice. If I stay here, maybe it no happen, or if we stay together."

The details are there traveling circus, that is buying mutants, moving along the country using old roads, it is a quite a bit of info, enough to find them or even have them arrested, if you could find the next spot."It is an extensive organization; there is not real stoping it Rouge, I wish to keep my love, not put you in danger. More than we already do by......."Throws up his hands as he chuckles softly."I guess you can save me from them if they capture me; I'll send txt as they drag me off deal?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue hovers by the door when he move sup to put a hand on her face and to lean in close to her. Her white bangs drape over his gloved hand, she looks in to his eyes, not really expecting him to actually try and kiss her since she knows he's smarter than that. She does just stare right back at him though.

"It seems a little unlikely that you're gonna be able t'send off a text while you're in the process of bein' 'captured', Remy LeBeau." She replies, her voice soft. She uses his full name whenever she's a bit ... interrogative of his methods. Or just generally unsure of his motivations, like she is now.

"I can't stop ya from doin' what you wanna do though. You're a grown man, and I can't control ya. I just would rather you not rush off t'do 'jobs' for a buncha criminal jackasses. Especially when we were just startin' down a pathway a gettin' ya on the team."

She shakes her head though, her white bangs waving against the sides of her face as she looks down at the stuff he'd given her again. "If some kids are in trouble though? Sure, yeah, I'll help save'em. Of course I will."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Well, honest is a shit policy leads to fights, I might not do it again." Remy teases, as he sighs softly, throwing his hands up into the air, as he backs off now, as he thinks for a moment."We need more than us for this job. So, let's scout out and find others. I hate that I love you so." Remy's voice is teasing, as he leans against the desk, his hand is drumming out a song slowly, as he winks at her.

" I mean, it's not my choice. I tried to escape, and she had me....dead to rites. But maybe, she will not need me, no?" His voice is soft, as his eyes close now, as he walks towards the bed to sink into it, with a shake of his head."Your vexing to little old Remy."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has to turn her head gently to the side to smirk at him again. "Honesty is the path to a guilt free conscience." She replies, like she's spouting off something she read on a bar napkin. She glances down at the papers again before flipping through them, then looking back up at him, "Kitty would be a good person to bring in on this. Maybe... Logan? I dunno. He's hard t'get a hold'a though. Most of'em are gonna wanna know the full ins and outs on this though, Remy. So you're gonna need like a 'briefing' ready for'em." She looks back up at him then.

"Not all of them are as willin' t'just jump inta your little plans, as I am. Maybe it's cause you're vexin' to me too. Or maybe it's cause ya drive me up a damn wall with all your mysteries." She states with a faint smile.

She starts to shake her head again then. "You know nobody is gonna put me in danger though, not your thieves, not whoever is lookin' t'make you do crime jobs again. None'a these fools can hurt me. Not physically anyway..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Maybe, your right. But I'll get something togther for a breifing, there is enough here." Remy nods slowly, as he thinks for a moment."The leader is immoratal, can shape change, she is scary."

Remy's voice is deadly serious, as he thinks for a moment, his hand is brushing his hair back."I let you into a mysertious me and got at yelled, sometime till I tell next one."

Rogue has posed:
"I'm not yellin' at ya." Rogue replies to him, her voice being even toned the whole time. She steps toward his desk and sets the papers down on the corner of it before she leans back against hte desk herself and puts her hands together in front of her lap. "I'm just... showin' concern for your general well-bein', ya big oaf." She smirks across the distance between them at him. "Ya do know that I expect ya to saunter out the door some day, only for me t'never see ya again right? And thusly, my lecturin' your choices here, is an extension of my actually carin' about you." She pauses, and taunts him then by shaking her head and flaring her eyes at him. "For /some/ damn reason."

She exhales sharply then and raises both of her green gloved hands up to her white bangs to stroke them back behind her ears, her eyes drop down toward the floor. "I just want ya t'be safe, and not... gone." She quietly says then.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy LeBeau slides out of the bed now, as he sighs softly moving over to her Rogue, his arms wraping around her, wearing that long jacket, his tight spendexed outfit, his arms just holding her quietly, as his eyes closign now."I know, I will never go, you have me for better or worse, Ma Pettie." His arms not moving for quiet sometime, holding his woman.