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It was just a Halloween costume tryout!
Date of Scene: 13 October 2020
Location: April's Apartment
Synopsis: Halloween costume tryouts chez April goes astray when a wild Spiral appears for a long due visit! They meet and arrange dinner. Spaguetti! And Spiral gets the drinks from her old friend Elizabeth.
Cast of Characters: Harley Quinn, April O'Neil, Spiral

Harley Quinn has posed:
Halloween time chez April is always a busy affair, specially when it's COSTUME TRYOUT time! And as Harley had promised she *will* be going as Batman, or something similar to him... As with all Harley does in life she might just impulsively choose something else. But right now....

"So, heah I was, doin' this great deed of helpin' people out from gettin' theah souls SUCKED by some extradimensional entity by creatin' massive panic.." Apparently she is in the middle of a story, on the center of April's living room and holding a dark suit up against her form, looking down at it with a bit of a twist of her nose. She isn't entirely happy with it.

"And then all my friends left me theah to escape the police instead of gettin' me outta theah. Can ya believe it? Even Spiral left ta enact some old movie stuff!" She is clearly skipping a LOT of steps in her tale, and is it even true? Who knows?! But her grumpy expression is quickly turned to a more wider grin as she looks up at April.

"So, whatdya think? Too gloomy? Needs some moouh color? Slash it with red and blue?"

April O'Neil has posed:
April is seated on her sofa with her phone in her hands and her back against the sofa's plush embrace. Her eyes are down on her phone as she's tippity tapping away on the screen while listening, sort've, to Harley's story.

"Uh huh." Rude, is she even listening?!

But when the question comes, she /does/ look up and her eyes go t othe costume draped in front of the Clownette across from her on the other side of the coffee table that April's pink socked feet are resting on the edge of.

"Uh...." She takes a moment to consider it, the costume, and Harley.

"You wanna flash up the Batman's costume?" She asks. "Well, if he catches wind of it it might certainly annoy him more." She says with a smirk. "He doesn't seem like the type to be... festive?"

Spiral has posed:
Somewhere in Belle Reve Prison, Spiral is sitting quietly in her room, plotting. And then suddenly she perks up. Again? This is like the fourth time, now. For once she's doing nothing at the same time, too, so she gets up, starts dancing...

And then appears in the corner of April's apartment with a pop and a yellow flash. Her white eyes look around the room for a moment, taking it in - so cosy, a bit alien to Spiral - and then seem to settle on Harley. "What were you just saying?" she asks. Only then does she seem to notice April. "So this must be April?". She did promise to be nice, so she smiles at her, wanders over to the sofa - the room is big so her many arms don't really bump into anything on the way - and extends one of the lower ones to April. "I am Spiral, the Time Dancer of Death." she announces grandly. "Harley has mentioned me...?".

Harley Quinn has posed:
"You ..., you millenial!" Harley replies back to April when she appears more interested in her phone than in her VERY INTERESTING story! "Oh, my clownette days awhe certainly ovah when I can't even get my bestie ta listen ta my antics ... Oh poouh me!" such a dramatic tone too! But then she winks. She likes to put in a little drama performance from time to time afterall!

Her eyes go down to the suit again. "Suwah.., like write in red lipstick in the front ... 'Harley was heah'. Or somethin' like that.." but then she wrinklese her eyebrows. "And Batman is only omniscient in Gotham. We awhe safe heah in New York.." yet she -does- look over her shoulder to just see if there may be a ninja there looking. It's been many years in Gotham, ok? So she has those triggers!

And it's right when Spiral decides to 'pop' in. "HAAAAAA!" the suit goes flying to land on the coffee table and maybe on April's feet if she doesn't get them off the way.

"Were ya skulkin' around Spiral?" She lifts her brows but then remembers she is still somewhat upset with Spiral so she puts on her best grumpy expression. "Ya left me the otha night." then a glance to April. "And yea, this is my bff April. Meet Spiral."

April O'Neil has posed:
April is smirking at Harley's dramatic reaction to being sunk more in to her phone than she was in to the woman's story. "One of my co workers got arrested for drunk driving last night, I was just testing his friend about it. Apparently his wife is claiming she's moving out and taking the kids. It's... yeah, probably not as interesting as what you were saying... I'll admit that."

When Spiral POPS IN, there's that sudden change in the air pressure that accompanies portals... something that is sadly not unfamiliar here in April's apartment... her cousin Terry is a portaler too after all. Wherever he is.

April DOES stand up, her feet DO fall out from under Bat-Quinn's tossed costume, and she DOES LOOK SHOCKED to see the six armed woman now walking toward her, thrusting a hand toward her to be shaken...

"Uh... Hi." She says, glancing to Harley, then back to Spiral. "She's mentioned... parts of you." April reaches out to take the offered hand, one of many, and shakes it very gently, a dainty grip, not a tuff or strong one by any means. "I'm April, the uh, giver of Truths?"

She cracks a faint smile, that comes and goes in a second or so.

Spiral has posed:
"Oh, did I startle you? I thought you recognised me by now... You even invited me here, remember? Skulking? No. I was in the prison a few moments ago.". This all to Harley. Spiral can't help but smirk, though. The other lower hand scoops down - Spiral only has to dip a little bit - to pick up the costume Harley dropped, and pass it back to her.

Spiral offered a fleshy hand - two of them are actually metal, to add to the weird - and while it's as smooth as a human hand it feels quite hard, unnaturally so. And has 3 fingers! And while she's shaking that hand seems to gaze into April's eyes with some somewhat sardonic mirth of her own.

The smirk becomes a somewhat more genuine smile when April smiles. No freak talk, that's good. "You seem nice. But I already knew that... given you are looking after Harley, Giver of Truths.". Introductions exchanged, she backs away a little, though she's mostly staring at April, no doubt trying to trope-classify her.

Harley Quinn has posed:
With the costume now having been tossed away what Harley is wearing underneath is seen. Which admittedly isn't much. Just a white tank top and a pair of green shorts. No shoes of course because she is no savage... And speaking of savage, once Harley hears that Spiral just came FROM prison she wiggles her finger at the six-armed wonder's boots. Yes, she wants those off. "This is a boots-free zone heah..."

"Thought you weah gonna call oh somethin' befoouh visitin'! And if you comin' foh dinnah I will let ya know that the guest always brings the wine!" Still grumpy! Hmph! Not that she is the type to stay angry or upset for long. Swingy moods afterall.

Her blue eyes go back to April and she looks at her with some amusement at the self-proclaimed title. "Truthgivah, sounds a good superhero name foh ya." A wink given at April. Is she perhaps just trying to ease the tension?

April O'Neil has posed:
Calling people a 'freak' is not in April's programming, she's close to so many people who might regularly get labeled that, and it's just not her style to ever even consider someone such a terrible world.

That being said... she does smile at Spiral, nervously, but then exhales when she hears both Spiral and Harley refer to the Prison situation.

"Why is the first thought after leaving prison, 'Hey, I'm gonna go to April's?'." She asks this question of both of these women, though she doesn't really expect a true answer out of either.

She notes Spiral's eyes just like, staring at her, and it makes her shuffle her feet a little and put one arm over her stomach to clutch the elbow of her other arm, like she's nervous about the stare or something!

Because she IS.

Maybe not a freak, but Spiral IS A LITTLE INTIMIDATING for a 'normal human' like April O'Neil.

Spiral has posed:
Spiral is more than a bit lacking in the empathy department, and it takes her a while to work out Harley apparently isn't happy with her. Then she actually looks a bit sheepish. "I am sorry, Harley. I am... easily distracted." she admits, licking her lips. She just had to try and wring that annoyances neck and drag her into a nightmarish TV episode, that was all she was thinking of at the time! "I will try not to do it again. You want wine? I can get wine." she offers. Peace!

"The boots stay on." she adds, though, eyes narrowing as she glances down at her furry pride and joy boots. "They match the dancing, you know. They are clean." she promises.

See. She's quite able to chat with Harley at this point like she's almost normal. But she somehow senses April looking at her, and her middle arms actually do the same thing, crossing across her middle, while the bottom two she hides behind her back. She wrinkles her nose, and there's an uncomfortable pause. "You want wine?" she offers to April.

Harley Quinn has posed:
The sorry seems to do wonders, Harley's gaze again going wide and happy, the smile manic. Just good ol' Harley! "I hope ya didn't get Arya shanked." she says in a cheerful manner, again with the costume in hand after Spiral gives it back to her and holding it against her form. "And we were goin' through halloween costumes. Ya need ta get a costume too, Spiral. Ya could even join us when we go out!"

But that wide gaze of hers turns into a squint when she sees Spiral refuses to take her boots off. Another small hmph. But fine! "I hope they ain't fused ta your feet by now..., nevah seen ya without 'em.." Even with all the intimidating factor from Spiral it doesn't seem as if Harley cares too much about it at all. For her she is just her friend, not a freak or a supervillain from mojoverse!

"And ..., yea. I hadn't really said much on it yet but .., one o' my last uh .., employers.., caught sight of me again so I have been goin' back to prison sometimes.. It's sorta complicated. But I am not back to my life o' crime, I promise." she says with pleading eyes. Almost as if April's approval was quite the thing for her.

And finally. "I want wine!"

April O'Neil has posed:
April had a Robin costume that was still in a plastic bag draped over the arm of one of the sofa chairs, she hasn't touched it yet, clearly!

"I uh.." April starts to speak about wine before she does glance to harley with an accusatory edge to her eyes. "You've been going back to prison 'sometimes'?" she asks. "What does that even mean?"

A glance is given to Spiral's boots and then she looks back up at the six armed woman before her. "Boots are fine, you should've seen what she was wearing when she came here ... out... of... prison." The last few words are muttered.

Harley had come to April's in an orange jumpsuit, covered in sewage... filth, and sludged it through the window and in to April's bathroom! It was eeeverywhere.

"W-wine though? W-what are we celebrating?" The reporter then asks of the two, not-criminals? One escaped criminal, one ... former criminal / sometimes returning criminal?

Spiral has posed:
"I'm giving up on costumes. I've worn normal clothes for you twice now, Harley..." Spiral says. "And both times it hurt. My unnatural form does not fit into human clothes, and that's the end of it. And no, nothing permanent was done to Arya." she assures.

She looks between April and Harley, and then even Spiral realises that apparently prison is a bad word. "We are not actually prisoners. Obviously. Because here we are. We are not even wanted fugitives.". Well, at least, she thinks she isn't, someone out there probably has a gripe. A grievance, if you will. "I will be going back there after here. They have good beds, good food. What's not to dislike?" she asks, and shrugs her many arms.

"Um, not anything, really...", as to the wine, glancing between Harley and April. "Harley wanted it. But I will get it for you if you like? A gift, for Harley's room mate.".

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I ..., no.. I mean.." Harley is having a bit of a difficulty explaining it.. Because how does one explain working for a tyrant called Waller who is part of the government? So when Spiral comes and saves the day she nods, showing a little relief. "Right, I am not in prison again..! Just .., theah's this group who I am woiking foh, and it ain't really a choice ta say no.." her shoulders rise in a little shrug. An aside is then said to Spiral. "Gumbo ain't good food..." hateful relationship between her and that food apparently!

As for what she was wearing. "All I remembah is the smell..!" a bit of a grin returning to her expression and she prancing over to where April's outfit is. "Look, April is goin' as Robin. It will be fun!" she insists towards Spiral about getting a suit. "With it bein' Halloween we can even get it be a suit adjusted ta yoh arms!"

"And wine is a long lived tradition o' someone visitin' a new home foh the first time. Not that we havin' dinnah apparently but still! Always bring a gift to the house ownah!" She then grinning at April. "Spiral is still learnin' about many o' our ways, but she's been gettin' it all quickly! And she's like the best danceh I know. Have I tol' you I met her on a dance contest, we teamed up and won!" of course that there might have been some intimidation on the judges involved... No need to mention that!

April O'Neil has posed:
"Oh." April replies, not confused at all, only totally confused! "I see. Well that's, good." She clears her throat and her eyes glance over at the Robin costume that is in the bag. She narrows her eyes. "Where are the pants?" she idly comments, as she's only seeing what goes under pants, in a gawdy green shade.

She doesn't wait for an answer though as she looks back to the two of them. "Wine for win'e sake, is... fine with me, I guess!" She starts to step around the coffee table then. "I guess I should make some dinner for us all then, huh? If Harley's got a friend over, we gotta play the right hostess-types for her, right?"

As she walks past Harley, she lifts her foot up on the opposite side that Harley is on and dips it behind herself to kick Harley in the butt, playfully of course, "Did you record this dance competition? Because now I wanna see it!" The reporter stops in the kitchen doorway and turns to face the two of them, her arms folded over her stomach.

"What do you gals want for dinner? I suppose we could order out too..."

Spiral has posed:
Spiral nods at Harley's description of the whole prison thing. And shakes her head when gumbo is mentioned. Nice soup, nothing wrong with it, and generous kitchen staff. She even lets her arms come out from behind her back. They don't actually just lie down at her sides though, they tend to weave around her subconsciously, leaving patterns in the air of their own accord.

"I don't mind regarding food. Just no popcorn. I'll get the wine, then.".

And she starts dancing, lifting up one knee as her arms wave around about her and her hips sway - the reason for the furry boots becoming clear as they accentuate the dance moves. She actually goes invisible first, and then a moment later vanishes with a pop - intent on petty theft somewhere far away from here.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"I can try ta explain it later.." Harley promises. It was a complicated thing for her too afterall. But then her expression shifts into an absolutely wicked one, tongue poking out and her eyebrows waggling. "Pants..?" she murmurs, "Wheah we goin to theah's no need foh pants.. We goin' ol' school Robin. And that means shooorrtyy-shorts." she pats the suit, all proud of it. "It will be glorious and --" and then she gets butt-kicked. gasp!

"We might have! Maybe Betsy.. that's one o' Spiral's friends.., have the security tapes still. She is the owna o' the club. A bit o' a posh british from what I understand." she even lifts her nose so as to demonstrate.

The question on what to have for dinner leaves her rubbing the back of her head. "Well, anythin' but gumbo?" she ain't helping much... But then offers. "I will help cookin'!" because it can only go well.

When Spiral disappears she hrms.. "Don't think she's gonna pay foh that wine .. Oh well! How do you feel about drinkin' stolen wine, Apes?" she approaches the kitchen.

April O'Neil has posed:
April smirks at the Robin costume. "Harley, it's usually like 30 degrees outside in and around Halloween here in New York." She states with a grin. "Pants are super important, unless ya want me to freeze my butt off." She uncrosses her arms and is about to turn around in to the kitchen...

"I don't know how to make gumbo anyway. I don't even really know what it is---" April's tone trails off as Spiral starts to dance... then vanishes. This makes April's eyelashes flutter for a moment before she regards her roommate again.

"She just danced her way out to go steal wine from... somewhere?" She asks. "I mean, I guess I don't care. It'd be kinda funny to take it from some rich person's cellar where it's just sitting and collecting dust, but... yeah, she's the one with the super powers,... her decision where to get it from."

With that said, she heads in to the kitchen. "Spaghetti, or... frozen pizza... or..." She rattles off a bunch of other options as she yanks the fridge door open!

Spiral has posed:
Where else would Spiral get wine other than her second best friend Betsy? It's a busy nightclub about now so it takes a little while, but eventually she returns with another pop, and then lets the invisibility spell wear off, revealing her holding three bottles in her hands - red, white, and rose.

And she slinks over to the the nearest table to put them down. And then just... watches the other two pottering around making things while she just watches quietly, arms waving a little. She works out where April is pretty quickly, and positions herself so she can watch everything from her vantage point, Harley and April both. She actually dances a little bit, having just spent fifteen seconds in a nightclub after all, the music is in her mind now.

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Not pizza!" Is Harley's reply, then leaning over to whisper to April. "She doesn't like it too much, think it reminds her o' somethin'..., still tryin' ta figure out what, think she has suffered a lot in the past." this all said while Spiral is away. And it's no wonder why Harley had taken a liking to the Mojoverse villainess if she believed that. They were similar in various ways.

"So ..., spaguetti!" She announces grandly. Simple and effective to get bellies full! Harley gets on with helping out with dinner, "Casey told me about that problem oouh green friends came upon. But we can talk latah about it. He looked all messed up!"

When Spiral finally appears with the bottles she peers over at her. "Wooo! Bring that white to mama!" She does look quite happy now with her two friends hitting it off.

"Wanna help us cook this thing? Well, it's mostly April's show. I am just the plucky cookin' sidekick." there. She has a trope too!