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Genosha Burns: Additional Evidence
Date of Scene: 09 March 2020
Location: Abandoned Rooftop, New York City
Synopsis: Superman shares a discovery about Genosha with the Avengers.
Cast of Characters: Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Clark Kent
Tinyplot: Genosha Burns

Steve Rogers has posed:
The text arrived from a familiar persona to the Captain with a faint chime of notification. He'd glanced down at it while out with a collective of his fellow Avengers and very quietly sighed. It was a thoughtful sound to himself and it was with solemnity that he reported the news to his teammates present:

A private contact, security-cleared, has information to share about Genosha, potentially evidence and leads for the Avengers in particular.

As such, the Captain's led the group away from the main drag of the city to the very top of a half-finished building. Sure, it's all a little dubious, but it's Steve Rogers -- the man's not up to a single thing except collection of critically-pertinent information. Once upon the roof, he idly glances at his phone before looking at the others. His smile is small, not quite erasing the divot of concern between his brows. "Contact'll be here any minute now." Up here, his voice seems more quiet, but it's just the open air.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff steps out of the construction elevator that brought them up here, peering at the device with a speculative eye. "I do not think they could make that rattle and seem more unstable if they actually attempted," she says of the temporary construction lift. She'd have likely teleported rather than trust the contraption, but then that would be slightly conspicuous.

Wanda is wearing a pair of black slacks an a blouse that is a variation of black and white. A JVD, it fits her figure pleasingly without looking like she's trying too much. A black blazer is overtop of it, though perhaps not quite enough against the breeze that one finds at this altitude in the city. Her arms go about herself a little as she follows Steve across the rooftop.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint is dressed in his usual outdoor get up for this time of year, a bike racer's jacket (purple and black of course), jeans, a t-shirt and a black knit cap with a purple H on the front. Subtle right? But hey but not everything can be a ballcap and shades, besides nobody expects celebrities to be wearing their own merch.

Following Wanda from the lift, he nods, "Yeah, no kidding," he says, glancing back down the lift shaft and then back across the rooftop. "A least we'll know when the source is coming," he says.

Giving Wanda's shoulder a squeeze he moves off to take a position to keep watch on the approaches to the building to give warning if their contact or any trouble should show up.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha has never seriously complained about work a day in her life, but she can't help but feel a little... exposed, meeting an unknown contact entirely on their terms. Dressed for a casual night out in a tan leather jacket, matching boots, a black shirt, and jeans, with her red hair done up nice - nothing super fancy - she stuffs her hands into her pockets and eyes the rooftop entryway warily.
    Steve trusting this guy is enough to get her up here, but this breaks SO many spy rules. Second hand trust should never cut it. She's gone soft while she wasn't looking.
    "If they made you feel safe, the maintenance guys wouldn't get paid as often." Natasha says distractedly, every part of her expecting red laser sights to start popping up all over them, and then it would be Budapest all over again.

Steve Rogers has posed:
"That was part of my logic," Steve admits of the open air of the rooftop. "Didn't want anybody feeling like they could get the drop on us." He can read the unease in his teammates, but continues to project a calm air about himself, as if absolutely nothing were beyond his control or influence here and now. The wind, perhaps, he can do nothing about -- it is brisk.

Bootsteps carry him to the edge of the roof and he looks down and then around with a nonchalance he might not completely feel. Where is --


Off goes his phone again. Slipping it from his pocket, he looks down at the screen and those malleable golden brows lift up nearly into his hairline. A little tilt of his head back and forth happens even as he turns to address the others, mouth open and inhale ready for words.

Clark Kent has posed:
The elevator remains silent, and while visibility is excellent around the building, it won't give much warning for the arrival. Still, a sharp eye will pick it up from a distance, a speck over other buildings, and abruptly close. A rush of speed brought him to the edge of the building, and the blurred arrival glides down to land. It isn't right on top of the group, he gave them their space.

The emblem for the global icon isn't there. There's no blue suit, red cape, or 'S' blazen in scarlet and gold.

It doesn't matter.

It's still Superman. He is as plainclothed as the Avengers are in dark colors, but the identity is blatant: from the stance on landing, to the way he flew in, and obviously the visual of the heavyweight hero both in body and face - it's not hidden at all. He has a large shiny metallic box under one arm, rested as if it weighed little, and inclines his head to the group in a quiet greeting. He's giving them a moment.

If this is real, Superman is not, in fact, dead.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
As they arrive on top of the building, Wanda reaches over to give Clint's hat a little tug, pulling it down over one of his eyes and giving him a smile before moving on across the rooftop. "Proving their worth. I suppose so," Wanda agrees with Natasha's assessment of those responsible for the open air elevator.

Wanda doesn't spot the approaching figure until he's getting relatively near to the building, close enough the motion draws the eye. She looks towards Steve quickly, judging from his stance whether this is what he was expecting. She does move a little bit apart, arm's crossed as she studies the man closely. "Definitely, looks like him," she says, words even more slowly spoken than normal. Towards Superman himself, she says, "So you are indeed, Superman?" she asks him.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint laughs as he pulls the Cap back up, "Cap, Wanda didn't watch your PSA on operational discipline," the archer grouses as he moves to take his position, looking to Nat and nodding to confirm she had things covered close up.

It's not long after that /he/ shows up, Clint's watching the ground more than the sky so he only notices at the last second, the pistol he wore under his coat all but materializing in his hand as he raises it at the... ghost?

The gun lowers, "Yeah, it looks like..." he glances to Steve. "Cap, is that who you were expecting to show up?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha has one of the best poker faces in the business. And it holds while the sight of that approaching blur goes from curiosity, to suspicion, to alarm, to action as her hand begins to reach behind her back for a concealed firearm, turning away from the elevator and warningly speaking up "Guys, six o'clock...!"
    And then it totally falls apart when she realizes what she's looking at. Eyes wide, mouth agape, stepping backward as she's confronted with the presence of possibly the most powerful and well known creature on Earth dropping from the sky when he's supposed to be dead.
    "... ... ... Oh." she practically croaks breathlessly after a very long moment. "... Bozhe ty moy..." (... Oh my God...) she mutters very softly, her mind reeling - practically rebooting - trying to process this. Loki's invasion honestly caught her less by surprise.
    Her gun lowers very slowly. It'd be useless right now anyway.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve's mouth closes into something...almost a smile. There's a twinkle of wry amusement as he returns the silent nod granted by Superman and then makes his way back to the group as a whole. His attention strafes over them all with a poise unruffled, hands in his pockets, and an air of expectancy about himself.

His gaze glances off to the plaincoat superhero again, holding the metal box, and he replies to Clint's question in particular as he then looks at the collection of Avengers: "Yep. 'nd before you get to thinking that I knew all along...I did for a few weeks, but seeing's more convincing than me telling you."

Back to Superman the Captain looks once more, his entire stance now radiating stoic business. "Been looking forward to seeing what you have, Superman. Lots of folks want to help out in any way they can."

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman's eyes move to Wanda, and there is a reserved, but genuine shift of expression. A slight smile. "At the very least, I was Superman," Superman answers her, heavily. There's no lie, but something else. A second, real smile appears, though it carries a stark melancholy to it. He is quite aware of a possible negative reception. There isn't a playbook for 'how to show up when the world thought you dead'. When the world might blame you for being gone. For leaving them, by dying.

"My return has not been.... short, or easy," says Superman, his voice deep, with a weight and regret: an apology in it. His eyes moved to Natasha, and there's a sorrow there, a gentle quality to Superman's steady gaze. He didn't wish to shock her: not really.

He then returns Steve's look, with a mild relief about the business. He approaches, calm, to stop before Captain America. "---But I am able to contribute, even so. I have information to share, unrelated to my situation. I hope you can do more with it." The metal box is offered.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff is studying Superman visually, and truth be told, with her mystic senses as well. Nothing to make her think he's other than he says. Plus there is the person vouching for him. Wanda glances to Steve and comments with gentle wryness, "Because we're used to not taking Captain America at his word." Her expression for Steve is gentle teasing, though there's also a sense of somberness beneath it that keeps it from reaching the normal levels of warmth the Transian woman might usually have.

Her eyes go to what Superman is carrying, the reason for their meeting weighing on her heavily inside still even if Wanda has been managing a more normal demeanor the last few days. She gives a small nod towards Superman, her auburn hair swaying about her shoulders. "If you have information on what happened to Genosha, it would be greatly appreciated, yes," she tells him.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint slips his gun away once it's clear this was who they were supposed to meet and Cap confirmed he was who he appeared to be. "We did what we could to hold things down," he tells Superman. "Good to see you're up and around though."

When the box is offered, Clint looks at the others, and then steps forward to take it, "Guess I'm the Brad Pitt in this situation, but if it's a lady's head, gonna be pissed, just sayin'" he says trying to keep things light, he can already see that the talk of Genosha was starting to bring Wanda down.

With a further look to the team, he checks the box for any sign of a lid, or for that matter what kind of box it was at all.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    The look Natasha gives Steve is alien on her usually composed features, a unique combination of 'dumbfounded' and 'I'm going to piledrive you like Zangief'. Generally she prefers to be surprised by new intel BEFORE it swoops down on her in the middle of the night.
    She's honestly kind of impressed Steve sat on it for that long.
    Natasha is FAIRLY certain she's regained her composure when she eyes the box and starts to say "What is that-" before realizing her Russian accent is heavy. She clears her throat, flustered, and tries again in her more familiar American dialect while putting her gun away, "What is that? Where did you get it?"
    These are actually low on the long list of questions she has - YOU WERE BEATEN TO DEATH ON NATIONAL TELEVESION HOW ARE YOU ALIVE - but they're the most pertinent to her job.

Clint Barton has posed:
...or at least that was what Clint planned to do with it. Once he has it in his hands he suddenly realizes his mistake. The box just about yanks him to the floor before he lets it drop with a heavy thud. Shaking off the surprise, Clint rubs the back of his neck. "Steve, I think this one is for you."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha's attention is drawn from her question to the fact that her closest friend's spine just nearly got broken like a treebranch, the impact of the box hitting the roof drawing a startled, "Barton!" from Natasha, who steps towards him with an uncharacteristic expression of concern. But he's okay enough to joke about it, so the hand she was extending towards him retracts and she crosses her arms, glancing between the box, Steve, and Superman warily.
    She has effectively rolled with him getting shot, but something about a dead man handing him a heavy box... she's a little frazzled right now.

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve returns the Witch's smile with one of his own, equally wry. Nat is included in his private and knowing glance. Nobody can let the secrets slip if nobody knows them all, something the Captain took to heart long, long ago in his induction to SHIELD.

And the metal box, lidded and settled on the ground now, is touched by a now-kneeling Steve with an air of near-formality, of ceremony, tacit acknowledgement that the contents could be the beginning of the end of for those who dared genocide. "We'll do our utmost," promises Steve, his own tone nothing less than an echo of the man standing across from him. Straightening in place, he appears to elect to leave the contents for revelation in the more private and secured locale of the mansion.

"Anything you can tell us now, in person?" The question had to be asked, though the super-soldier spares a glance over at Natasha and Clint, eyebrows silently asking if they need a moment.

Clark Kent has posed:
"Yes. The contents comes with a story; I can give an overview," Superman answers. As the box is taken from him, he first extended a hand slightly, a quick reaction to catch some of the weight with a dart of hand, but only a small amount. Once it's on the ground, he stands back up, folds his arms over his chest, shoulders rolling back to relax. The pose is very Superman, and his thoughts seem distant, going to the story: he isn't focused on his demeanor. It's just natural to him, to stand like himself, of course.

"Eleven hours before the Genosha event, I recieved a signal from deep space. It appeared to be a distress call. I was able to respond." He was alive enough to go into deep space.

"I expected a large refugee ship. Instead..." Superman nods at the box. "A small pod." It is inside the box, presumably. "It took time in space to decipher if it was a relay, or something else. I decided it was... essentially a prank call. When I returned here, I found Genosha had been destroyed."

Superman draws one hand up from crossed, to rub it across his chin and jaw, dismayed. "I believe it was intentionally used to draw attention away. Perhaps it was a coincidence. I am not sure. But what probe itself has told me about the maker leads me to believe it is connected."

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda's eyes widen in alarm at what happens with Clint, though he seems fine enough once it's down on the roof. Still, she moves over to his side, a hand resting on his back for a moment as she checks on him.

The tale of the probe though is enough to draw her attention back. "So whoever it was, probably was getting you out of the way. Would you have been particularly likely to notice this happening in Genosha?" Wanda asks Superman.

She glances about at her group. "And, would any but you have noticed this signal, do you think? If it was aimed at you specifically..." Wanda says in her softly accented English. Letting the words trail off but the implications clear enough. Someone going to the trouble to lure Superman away, must have thought there was a Superman to lure away.

Clint Barton has posed:
"I'm good, I'm good," Clint assures Wanda and Nat as the both come to check on him. "Just a few hundred pounds heavier than I expected," he said good naturedly enough, though he was likely going to have a sore back in the morning. Wanda's touch is met with a smile from the archer, and there's a nod for Nat as well as he listens to what Clark had to say.

Wanda was right on the money with her statement, they had to know he was alive, the question was then, "Did the pod look like it came from Earth?" he asks.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Natasha returns Clint's nod with guarded relief, and turns her attention to Superman, arms crossed; the pertinent questions having been asked by Wanda and Clint already.

Steve Rogers has posed:
"Not only potentially you, Superman, but anybody with the ability to cross the Earth-space boundary." Steve nods towards Wanda in agreement before looking back to the superhero in plainclothes. "Danvers would have been able to get involved easily in a decoy like that." His eyes fall to the metal box with its space-bourne contents and narrow with an appropriate amount of suspicion.

"Not only what did the pod look like, but who're you thinking made it?" After Steve asks his own question, Clint is given a careful once-over out of the side of Captain's vision as he awaits the answers to the questions asked. He makes a mental note to see about digging up the long strips of either heating or cooling padding from the infimary once they return; a strained back is nothing to sneeze at.

Clark Kent has posed:
"I may have noticed," Superman answers Wanda heavily. "I was... I am... able to generally respond to global problems within minutes. It depends." Superman is swift. He may have been able to react. It is impossible to know: he was off-planet. There's no brag in his words, just factual. "This pod may have been aimed at me, or at another, as the Captain mentioned. I am unsure if others noticed the signal. I can do some inquiry. It's possible that I responded before others noticed it." Superman's /very/ swift.

"There's a data drive in the box with the pod, with the distress and other data I found," he clarifies. The next question, from Clint, gets Superman's direct attention, and a firm nod. "It did look like it. But it is /not/, after careful analysis. It was made to look like it. I believe otherwise. Someone went to a lot of trouble. It is alien make, of a tech type that is extremely rare. I can't identify the maker for certain. It took a long time to sort out that it isn't truly from earth. Which worries me greatly. We have to work together on this, I feel."

Despite the clear worry, there is a firm, determined quality to Superman. It's an aura of a sort; when he stops focusing on having been dead, he resumes his role as a beacon of hope. They can work together, and if they do, they will /succeed/.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda's eyes drift off away from everyone as she digests this information. A diversion, of alien make. "Why would... who would..." she mumbles to herself, stepping away from the others and so lost in her thoughts that she might have forgotten for the moment they are there. Her arms move into position for a self-hug as she tries to work out how this fits in with what she knows of the Genosha attack.

Wanda shakes her head to herself. "There is... so much that does not make sense," she says quietly. "Aliens... and Sentinels. I can't imagine how they would fit together." She closes her eyes for a moment, drawing a slow breath to calm herself.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint nods to Superman. "Well got to respect their hustle on that one," he says of the effort to make it look like the pod came from Earth. He looks to Cap. "This sounds like something we should bring Carol in on, I mean her memory might be swiss cheese right now, but she knows a lot about," he nods at the starlit sky. "Up there. She might be up on who's got the knowledge of Earth to pull off that sort of con."

Seeing Wanda close her eyes and take a breath, Clint makes his way over putting a hand on her shoulder. "Definitely seems out there, but we're going to figure this out."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    That's... a lot to take in.
    Though it does fit with the Green Lantern theory. But Natasha's not ready to just start throwing that one around yet.
    On Clint's suggestion, Natasha nods her head, her voice taking on that distant professionalism that's most common to her voice when she says "I agree. This may support Strange's theory about the Lantern. Both of those are closer to Danvers' field than ours."

Steve Rogers has posed:
Steve listens to the information with his arms crossed not in defensive nature, but neutral habit of presenting an attentive presence. His brows move and knit, and he glances once or twice over at the others, gauging their reactions in turn. When Wanda separates from the group, his true-blues slide to Clint briefly. Silent approval comes of reminding Wanda of their presence.

"We're gonna have to work together," the Captain agrees. "There's no option against it. Somebody's gonna come at us from beyond the Earth-space boundary, we need to be able to get beyond it. Danvers, Thor..." A nod towards Clint acknowledges the man's earlier suggestion in Carol. These names he offers off the bat as those able to easily depart from the planet in search of other-worldly evidence or suspects. "Either could look into the Lantern theory." He looks to Superman again with expectation on his thoughts.

Clark Kent has posed:
"...I don't have answers to that," Superman sighs to Wanda. "I intend to test Sentinels from Genosha for if they are similarly 'fake', though. It is worth a try; I am able to test for the markers, but it takes time. This technology is very good at what it does: replicating matter from other worlds," Superman resumes his crossed arms, with a lift of shoulders and a frown. "I'll try to procure my own, unless you have a sample from a Sentinel you know was involved that I can test. If all of this is an invader, it could have been a move to weaken earth. Or ignite war here for some other purpose."

Superman then shakes his head, "Or it could be a coincidence. I don't want to jump to the conclusion, but the timing is suspicious at best. The more information the better."

Natasha's comment brings his attention. "Green Lantern? I can speak to one, or bring him to a meeting, if that's useful. What is the Lantern theory? I don't think a Green Lantern was present at Genosha. But that I can definitely confirm." He's got a close friend of a Lantern variety.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda turns at Clint's touch, though it takes a second before her eyes actually track to him and see him. There's a small, grateful look, and her hand rests atop his own for a moment before she looks back to the others. Drawn back to their conversation, she listens but still appears vexed.

"Remove 16 million mutants, would remove some who could fight, should it come to it. But, I will not claim my Father did not add to the instability of the world. I am hard pressed to say whether the move would be productive or not, if it were something as straight forward as invasion," she says in her soft Eastern European accent.

Wanda nods towards Superman. "We can get you a sample. Or, the large Sentinel is still there, if you wish to get one yourself. It has been... rendered inert, and turned into a memorial, but the substance is there."

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint meets Wanda's eye, a moment of quiet reassurance before he turns to the group as well. "Yeah, Genosha was no push over, still an odd play for an opening move against Earth, but I've seen weirder," Clint says. "And what's this about a Green Lantern?" he asks Nat. "I mean I know there's a guy rolling around with that name, but what, Strange thinks he did it?"

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    'Speak to one', he says.
    Confirming that there's more than one.
    Natasha visibly hesitates when Superman questions her, though. It's not in her nature to just give out intel, but... it's freaking Superman.
    Feeling a little bit like she's winding up to kick a puppy, Natasha's nature wins out and she manages to hold Superman's gaze as she says "That's... classified."
    A beat.
    Damn it, Natasha.
    And then Clint just sort of guesses it and Natasha's shoulders slump just slightly. "... The blasts that destroyed Genosha were both green, had no clear source, left no radiation, and left no sign of what even *could* have caused it if it were man-made. It's... the closest thing to a suspect we have." She shakes her head a little. "... I was going to consult Danvers before siccing the hounds on him. Considering what he may be capable of."
    When Wanda speaks, Natasha says, "... It would make sense. Barring the occasional science experiment and..." she looks up at Superman again, "... present company... Mutants are the closest exception mankind has to how outmatched we seem to be by every other species out there." Outmatched being the understatement of the century.

Steve Rogers has posed:
A gesture off of Steve's arm sweeps towards Superman. "We'd appreciate that if you did speak to the Green Lantern you know, since you've got that connection," he says to the man. "If one of our own is suspicious, it warrants a closer look." He counts the good Doctor as such, defender of the world and reality they live in.

"'nd both of you're right," he says of Natasha and Wanda, his frown deepening. "Somebody gunning for us from beyond Earth would aim not only to decimate defenses, but turn us against one another. It's a well-placed strike." Save for there's not an iota of compliment; more a bone-deep resentment for whomever enacted the catastrophe. "Thing is, they'd need to have known about the uncertain PR involving Genosha before the strike. That takes an insider, maybe the source of that green light."

Stooping, Steve makes to pick up the metal box and its contents. He straightens with a quiet grunt, the box now tucked under his arm. "Figure this'll go back to R&D at the mansion 'nd we'll see what else we can make it ourselves. Once you've examined the Sentinel sample too, we'll compare results. Quicker we can do it, the better."

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman tilts his head a little bit at Natasha and her struggle. There's only empathy in his blue eyes. No pressure at all. "It's all right---" he started to say, to allievate her struggle, but Natasha chose to give the information over, due to Clint's openness.

"I don't believe our Green Lantern would do anything other than attempt to defend all people of earth, as I do, and all members of what was the Justice League," Superman begins, but lifts one palm, "However, I will look into it and talk to him. The lanterns are not the only source of green energy that I know of, but also a great resource /on/ green energy. I'll see what I can do," he says, a promise in the words that leaves no question. Superman will absolutely do exactly what he says he will.

"I will procure a sample without disturbing the memorial," Superman adds, with a quiet reverence, to Wanda. He understands the importance of it, and will be respectful. "If there is nothing else for now, I will set that test in motion. Please consider me to be on reserve, as a resource to the Avengers, should you have need of me." Superman drops his hands, and floats a few feet upwards, waiting for any last words they may wish to give before he goes.

Wanda Maximoff has posed:
Wanda Maximoff walks over to Superman as he begins to float. "Thank you for bringing this to us. The survivors of Genosha are grateful for it, and any other assistance you can give," she says, offering her hand to Superman before he floats out of reach.

Afterwards she turns back to her team. "Thank you all. You continue to prove yourselves worthy of every good thought and opinion I hold of you. Not that those are ever in doubt," she says, walking back over to them. She touches Steve's arm gently, and then Natasha's as she passes them. "Shall we? The... elevator ride awaits," she says, eyeing the unsteady contraption.

Clint Barton has posed:
As Cap hefts the box, Clint shakes his head, "Show off," he mutters to Steve under his breath with a smile.

Then the archer steps towards the elevator. "At least we know that Supes is around to catch us if this thing falls," he says nodding at the elevator. "Embarassing way for a bunch of Avengers to die otherwise." He smiles and turns to Supes. "Good to see you back man. If you go public, send us a heads up okay? I want to be in line of sight of Luthor when he hears the news." Then the archer steps inside the elevator to wait for the others.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
    Superman is a reserve Avenger.
    Tonight is a lot. She was expecting, like...
    Mozzarella sticks.
    Natasha just nods respectfully to Superman and says "Thank you. I think this will help us a lot."
    She backs away a bit, as close to awkward as she's been in years, and finally turns around to follow every one else. She subtly pokes Clint on the back of the neck and says "Don't call him 'Supes' where he can hear you."
    Entering the lift, crossing her arms, she waits for Steve to join them before asking. "So. Rogers. Are you going to look me in the eye and tell me not to report that Superman's alive?" She pauses. "Because I could use a good laugh."

Steve Rogers has posed:
"Do you even lift, bro?" fires back the First Avenger to Clint sotto-voce with that half-smile curling into a fleeting look of theatrical innocence.

Watching his team assemble themselves to leave, Steve is frankly proud as all hell. Such a spectrum of personalities and niche knowledge and powers and abilities: it's a slice of home he'll never get anywhere else. He returns Wanda's soft pat with a half-smile of his own, its cast meant to be reassuring. A final glance towards Superman is followed by a curt, professional, and friendly nod. "We'll be in touch. You have my number." A dry little notation. The Captain then joins his fellow teammates in the rickity elevator set to take them back down to the base floor of the building. Silently, Steve does some quick calculations as he peers at the elevator's ceiling and...yes, this time, they won't break the pulley-cable, even with the box's contents.

Natasha's question earns her a mild look. "I know you're smart enough to know who to tell 'nd when to tell 'em for the sake of everyone around you 'nd the world. That's why you're an Avenger. I trust you." A glance around the elevator as he adds, "I trust everyone here. Tell the whole team, let 'em know. They'll do what's right."

Clark Kent has posed:
Superman drops lower again, without fully landing, to accept Wanda's offered hand. His own is warm without being overly firm. No need to prove anything in that handshake. "I will do all that I can," he answers her, tone more quiet, though not so quiet as to where the others cannot hear him.

"Pozhaluysta," Superman answers Natasha (and probably also Wanda), having picked up on Natasha's accent slip earlier. The man pays attention. His tone is humble: as if he felt some guilt for not doing more.

With the Avengers leaving, Superman drifts up and back, and then raises one fist towards the sky, in Superman's iconic pose of flight... and is airborne, gone in a streak. Bird, plane?