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Welcome to the X-Men, Jimmeh. Hope you survive the experience!
Date of Scene: 24 October 2020
Location: Central Business District
Synopsis: The X-Team responds quickly to a mutant situation and discover a Misha and a James.
Cast of Characters: Jimmy Hudson, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Noriko Ashida

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Across the radio there's a call on the local police frequencies, announcing abruptly about a disturbance at Bright Horizons Academy. Initially a request for the school assigned officer to return to duty from lunch, but beyond that little else for a span of ten minutes. Very few other officers thought much of what was passing.
    But across state lines and several state borders, those in Xavier's might notice a surge in critical readings at the same time the call goes out. A mutant's latent activation signals kick into high gear as there is a series of power surges that likely sets off the alarms of any that may well be on monitoring duty.
    Then only five minutes after that there is a burst of traffic once again on emergency frequencies as the report at Bright Horizons is escalated.
    << All units, we are getting reports of fire and an explosion at Bright Horizons Academy, please reaspond. Units 811-814-910 already en route. >>
     And in that small city of Weehawken the lights and sirens of the first responders are seen as units are dispatched out.
    And at the school there is indeed a small pillar of flame burning in the corner of the sciences building. The windows are blown out, and there's a line that seems almost as if something had /sliced/ the corner of the building just enough for that side to sliiiide a few inches just down creating an imbalanced look to the building yet somehow staying intact.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The programs that keep an electronic eye and ear on law enforcement channels, plus the school's own monitoring of matters via Cerebro, send out a notification when the incident starts to sound like it might involve mutants or at least people with powers. Kitty gets the alert on her phone and pulls up the information. Soon after she's heading down to get changed into her costume and head over to the Blackbird.

Others of the X-men get the same alert with the information further boiled down. Check on a disturbance at a school. Kitty grabs Noriko on the way. "Yeah, not losing you to the next show that comes through," Kitty teases. "Gear up and you can come with us to check this out." She knows that involving Noriko is one of the best ways to avoid that happening.

When those who respond have met up, the Blackbird will zoom out of it's tunnel and climb into the skies to take them over to the location.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was already with the Blackbird. She often worked with Forge on the jet on the weekends. Already in her green and gold, though she had it unzipped and rolled down around her hips with a black tank top on under it, she's lounging on one of the wings when Kitty arrives with otherse to go check on the alert that went out.

She doesn't say a whole lot, just shuts her music off and closes up the parts of the jet that she was helping Forge work maintenance on.

Inside the Jet, she's strapped in to a seat and just glancing at her phone. "Never a dull moment, round here." Rogue mutters.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Truth be told, bringing Noriko along is probably the only way to keep an eye on Noriko.  Rogue gets a soft grin in return.  "I was bored anyway," already plowed through her current and makeup homework, or at least what she's found necessary to make her grades.  The blue-haired teen, starts to slurp up electricity passively as she gets ready after checking over her gauntlets.

But once isn't enough.  Noriko's metal gauntlets aren't exactly the most durable contraptions so Noriko keeps checking them in the Blackbird.  Maybe it's just easier for the girl to pretend she's busy than chatting right about now.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    It's a tableau that has been seen by the X-Men before. The manifestation of a teenager leading to a conflagration of a sort. A parking lot filled with people milling about, looking frightened, lines of students being held in check while their instructors move about counting heads and trying to coordinate with others where all their students are. A fire alarm is shrieking in its steady high pitched tone, echoing down the halls of the school and outside in the open temporary classroom area.
    From their view in the jet they'll see the emergency vehicles en route from across the city. Perhaps three and a half minutes is the estimate before the first response makes it to the site, a few minutes as they try to get a hold of the situation. Seven minutes until there is an investigative response. All of the data is provided on the displays in the Blackbird, providing what insight it can for the Mutant Team.
    Then as the jet comes in there's a flash of light which sees a thin beam slice through a side of the building which ends in a series of staccato pops that each explode with a crackle, causing chunks of dirt and debris to shoot out from that corner science building, peppering part of the crowd as the teachers start to rush the students further back.
    Time is ticking.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty views the monitors as the jet is approaching, while Lockheed is perched on her shoulder. "Ah, we're not going to have much time here before the police arrive. Let's put the jet on autopilot and Rogue fly us down?" she suggests. "Lockheed, probably best if you stay here. It's already going to be interesting enough without you if we're there when they start arriving," she says.

If that seems conducive to the rest, Kitty programs the plane's autopilot and then moves over to the door, retracting it open without lowering the ramp. "We can see how best we can assist once we find out the situation. I'm a little wary about just pulling them out of there, the whole kidnapping thing. But if it's best for their safety for now, or for those of the rest of the school there, we can do it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are down on her phone, at least until they make their approach. She looks up just in time to see the blast out of the building which gets her eyes to open up wider. "Woah." She softly says. "God damn, this is gonna be more serious than I thought." She grumbles, before looking over to their Captain on the mission, Lockheed. His co-pilot, Kitty, is given a small smile and a light nod. "Sure thing."

Rogue peels herself out of her crash webbings and stands up, she works her suit back up her form, then zips it back up to her neck before she pulls her leather jacket off of the back of her chair and slips that on over her shoulders as well. "Okay then." At the aft of the 'Bird, Rogue watches the hatch open up before she offers a hand to Nori, and to Kitty. "Lets go find out whats what." She'll motion them to put their arms around her waist, hip to hip with the other two, while she does to the same to them, to fly them out of the jet and down toward the chaotic site below... observing it as she descends. "God damn, these people are freakin' out... Least it means they're not lookin' up at us yet."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko isn't really paying attention to the data on the screens once the school comes into view.  She straightens up in her seat to look, catching the beam's debut, for them at least.  She blinks.  "Uh..."  Noriko might be useful, but she's never faced anything like that, even with her chaperones!

Noriko grits her teeth, steeling herself for what's to come.  "Who should I stand behind when I'm still?" she asks casually.  Upon exiting, Noriko hesitates when she lifts her hand to take Rogue's but does so anyway, allowing herself to guided into position.  She keeps her eyes open and scans about, trying to imprint the layout on her mind.  Exits.  It's not like she can just bust through a wall or anything...like /some people/.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    The descent from above is quick and clean, good sight lines let the heroes make their way quickly to land in the school courtyard, away from the view of the faculty and student body as they retreat from the science building. The lights in the building flicker briefly then cut out, casting some of the rooms inside into darkness.
    Though there is one room that has flashes and flickers of greenish light that seems to illuminate the room at the end of the hallway, and each flash accompanied by a snap and sizzle that carries across the distance, like a high capacity wire strained too much and set into motion by a flick along its length.
    The light seems to get brighter and brighter, and then on the third or fourth pulse there's that crackle of energy again and a beam flashes out from that end room again, this time slicing out toward the wooded lot behind the school, away from the parking lot and the other buildings. Yet the slim greenish energy beam seems to slice right through several trees, knocking them over with a low creeeeak and crash as the Autumn leaves go flying.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde winces as she sees the effect of that beam. "Well, either get behind Rogue, or stay near enough I can phase us," Kitty tells Noriko. "Probably the latter as I don't know you want even part of that catching you," she says of the beam as they land in the courtyard.

The sight of the students and teacher evacuating causes a breath of relief to escape. "Hopefully everyone is out, but keep an eye out for anyone who ducked and covered or something," she comments to them.

Once down, Kitty lets go of Rogue, the X-man heading over to the wall between themselves and the source of the brouhaha. She rests her hands on the wall and then slowly leans her head forward through it, to get an idea of what's going on inside, peering about for the source of the green beam and light.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets them down in a safe and sort've out-of-sight position. "I'll do my best t'shield ya, Surge, but sometimes this stuff goes kinda wonky like a bag full'a cats at a rock concert." As they approach the wall, and Kitty leans through it, Rogue looks up at its apex, then around at it's sides. "I think I should just bust this wall down. If nothin' else, it'll be a good escape route for... well us, or whomever else might be in there."

She already starts to fly upward to do just that... even with Kitty pering through it, she knows her friend can just phase out of any debris that Rogue starts to make. "Watch out, Surgey." Rogue says before she draws her arm back... getting ready to punch a hole through said wall!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yeah."  Considering Noriko hasn't ever tested whether she can explicitly absorb energy in other forms (or convert it), she nods to Kitty.  "Got it."  She steps behind the other two women.  "Well I can always speed up.  It solves everything."  She has so much to learn, whether she believes the utter crap coming out of her mouth at any given time or not.

"I think maybe the power of the building is being used," Noriko mumbles the obvious, "Or affected," as she pauses for a moment to try and suck all of the power out of the building from a light socket.  It's too slow, and she only does it in passing as they advance.  Rogue's heads up gives the girl the time to deliberately speed out of the way.  

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    With Kitty sticking her nose in she's able to see through that wall, through the mangled wires that were torn by one of the blasts, and through the slightly off to the side wreckage, peering inside the room she'll see the wreckage first. Desks overturned, a white board chunked and burned by an explosion of a sort, the corner desktop blown apart, and in the middle of it in a small crater torn out of the wooden floor is a teenage girl curled up with her hands /pushing/ into the dirt and debris in the floor, saying to herself over and over, "Stopitstopitstopitstopit."
    The green energy flashes over her body, licking along the ragged sneakers and her blue jeans, over the purple and green windbreaker she's wearing, her eyes are red and tear-streaked as the power keeps building around her, "Stupidsostupidgodsostupid."
    And even as Kitty is watching she'll see the energy flare up, "Oh god, god c'mon stop. Please." The energy builds up until her hair stands on end and it seems to flash around her and about her until she starts to keen with pain or... agony, the energy building around her body until she says, "No, c'mon... AGH!"
    And abruptly she raises her hands and the beam comes to life as soon as her hands rise from the dirt, slashing out as she holds her hands up and thankfully this time it slices up through the roof, causing a slashing tear in the ceiling as drop ceiling falls to the floor around her.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty pulls her head back, saying, "It's a girl, looks like she's trying to get control but having trouble with it." The beam slices up through the ceiling and into the heavens and Kitty flinches despite herself.

"Let's see if we can talk her down first," Kitty offers to them. She nods at Rogue making an escape hole, wanting Noriko to have a path out if it's needed. She turns back towards the building and draws in a deep breath and lets it out, calming herself before she goes ahead and steps through the wall, off to the side of where Rogue and Noriko are, just in case Kitty's drawing her attention causes one of those blasts their way.

Kitty steps through the wall and says, "Hey. I'm here to help. You can control this. I know it's tough, but you can if you focus on it and stay calm," Kitty tells her. The X-man starts to slowly walk forward if the girl doesn't react to negatively.

Rogue has posed:
With everyone out of the way now, Rogue doesn't hold back. She tears the wall down from top to bottom. Just pulling it apart like it's made out of cardboard blocks. She hears the rundown on the girl, and eventually is able to see her inside of it just as another energy blast goes off. Rogue looks away, the light from it pouring out of the hole she's ripping through. "God damn..." The Belle mutters.

The last few feet of wall just fall right down to the ground with a thud, and Rogue lands on it... her wedge heeled boots thud on the bricks and she puts her hands on her hips. "That is a powerful lookin' mutation, ya'll." She comments, as Kitty moves in to provide sensible caring words to the scared girl.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Damn," indeed.  Noriko marvels a moment at Rogue's power before she squints at the light.  "There's something weird about this...like.  It-"  Noriko pauses, trying to make sense of the unfamiliar and familiar of something so strong..and well, not electrical.  "I don't know.  Something might be coming fast guys," she warns in her clipped words that she's deliberately slowed down to keep them understandable.

Noriko moves too quickly to catch, positioning herself closer to the girl than the others, but she doesn't look like she's going to intercede, just on standby, off to the girl's side and in a good triangular formation with Rogue and Kitty.

Surge closes and uncloses her fingers.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
"I'msoscrewed," The girl grimaces as she pushes her now normal seeming hands through her dark hair, trying to straighten it, "Oh god. I'msoscrewed." She looks across the room, tears again coming to her eyes at the shattered computer and desk area.
    But then as soon as she espies Kitty the first thing she says suddenly is, "Eep!"
    "You gotta get out of here!" She says quickly, the tears coming back almost instantly, "I can't stop it, they'regonnakillme. I can't put my hands up, my hands come up it goes boom, oh god. Ikilledhim."
    Yet as she's talking, the energy does start to build up and build up quickly, flickering to life roiling over her skin and dancing from eye to eye. It's all ragged and wild and seeming with no rhyme nor reason. "Ididn'tmeanto." She looks around pleadingly, "And now they're gonna come in here and oh god."
    She doesn't seem to make any threatening moves, but then there's a clatter and a thud as the wall starts to come down which has her repeat unhappily, "EEP!" The power builds and she's crying, tears falling free, "I can't stop it please please."
    Only for the rubble on the other side of the room move and shift as a figure underneath the rubble becomes more evident when acoustic tiles and metal framework from the wall slides free revealing a man who holds up a hand as the girl threatens with a third 'eep'.
    "S'ok, Michelle... Misha. M'not dead."
    "Mr. Hudson?!" The girl cries out, a mix of fear, relief, regret.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty edges closer step by step as she listens to the girl. "I know it seems bad, but there's people who can help you. We're some of them," Kitty says quietly. She watches as Noriko zooms over nearer, Kitty's expression a little worried, though she pushes that from her face to replace the look with a reassuring one for the girl trying to control her power.

"We're not police, it's ok. Just you need to really focus on gaining control. Slow your breathing and calm yourself. Exert control over it," Kitty tells her quietly. "If you need we can help calm what's happening to you."

As the girl speaks of killing someone, Kitty is about to try to reassure her, when that hand sticks up from beneath the rubble. She looks to Michelle and then starts to move over to this Mr. Hudson instead. "It looks like he's ok," Kitty says. She moves over and will reach out to take his hand, and then phase him to pull him out from beneath the rubble.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances over to Noriko, then over to the girl Kitty is trying to talk through this. "Yeah, nine times outta ten, being scared or frantic makes your mutation worse. If you can force yourself t'calm down, it has a high likelihood'a settlin' itself down too." She flashes the girl a soft grin. "We're here t'help ya, we're the good gals." She looks over toward the rubble as this Mr. Hudson comes in to play. "In fact we're here ---"

Damn, he's attractive.

"We're here... to... do the stuff. T'the things."

He's really attractive.

Rogue smiles to Jimmy before she glances back to Michelle and shakes her head, trying to clear her mind. "I mean yeah, you've done a numbah on this buildin', but it's not your fault, really. Seems everyone is okay too."

Rogue looks back to Jimmy and smiles at him. "Hi. I'm Rogue."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
This is more than difficult to watch for the electrokinetic.  At the girl's second bout of tears, Nori can no longer hold her stoic expression.  Tears well up, tiny lightning storms sparking inside.  She ever so quickly swipes them away, but it's no use because the rest of her body has already started to nearly vibrate when some sort of internal dam breaks loose, metaphorical water reaching some second gate.  Her eyes flicker with bright blue light, her electric radius pushing out and then pulling in slowly.  An actual measure of control for once.

"I've been where you are.  A year ago," Noriko offers to the girl after they find out that the poor guy is still alive.  "These people helped me.  They won't turn you over," she says gently.  "I almost killed someone too."

"I can always knock you out or piggyback you to the sea so you can blow up or whatever."  Ah, a moment of reassuring tenderness wrapped in Nori's usual barb-wire.  She grins slightly, her eyes still watery.

As for the man who emerges, Nori only gives him a glance at the moment.  No double takes or drooling.  It's like he isn't even on her radar.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    The hand is accepted, taken by the man who is rising and trying to push some of the debris off him. It's a fair amount, and that heavy framework might've been a problem if it weren't for Kitty suddenly shifting the two of them from one frequency of existence to another, leading them to rise and for the stone and brickwork to fall through the man and onto the floor with a clatter of grinding cement and metal.
    The exhibition of her power gets the... rather fairly tall man to look at her with an open curiousity before he turns his attention back on the girl. "Misha, s'alright." He looks over across that distance toward Rogue and furrows his brow, confused, before he looks back at the student.
    "You haven't done anything that you can't recover from. You just gotta focus and relax. Right? S'what they teach you over in music class when you're playing your recorder. Just focus and relax."
    And, to be fair, the guy does have a certain handsome ruggedness to him. A sort of Wintery outdoors look with his tan pants and brown work boots and the torn blazer and blue shirt. Not quite casual, but not quite business casual, and most of it is ruined by the dusting of powder on his clothes and features.
    Misha though, she's not buying it, or at least... she's still on so much edge as her tears fall. But having Noriko there, having someone giving back to her that touch of empathy, as well as Kitty's manner of control, and Rogue's clear strength, it does help her. So when Noriko reaches out with those words she says, "I am just... just so scared."
    Then she looks to Mr. Hudson, "I'm so sorry, Mr. Hudson. Please forgive me."
    A small smile touches the man's lips, "I'm so sorry too, Misha. I shoulda been paying more attention."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
After helping Jimmy Hudson out from beneath the debris, Kitty turns back towards Michelle. "Do you think that you can control it, Misha?" Kitty asks her quietly. "If not, we have a device that can stop it for now. Until you learn enough control to not have to worry about hurting anyone," Kitty tells her.

She looks to Jimmy, gauging his reaction, and back to Michelle again. She asks Jimmy quietly, "Does any one else know what the cause was? We can get everyone away before people arrive. But if they know who it was, that'll have to be dealt with in time," she says, trying to keep the words soft enough Michelle won't catch them all. Right now they just need calm from her, not worrying about the outcome.

Kitty turns back. "What do you think? Can you keep it under control?" Kitty asks. The others would know she brought an inhibitor with her, in case, well, the situation was much like it turned out to be.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pops her phone out of her jacket and walks over toward Michelle, holding one gloved hand out as she urges the girl to stay calm as possible. "You're already doin' better, I think. Just need to keep on that path. Here, check this out." Rogue crouches down a few feet away and taps her phone's screen to bring up a video.

"Look at these lil fellers." She says in a played up southern accent, not even really her own, more like an old timey prospectors.


"Whenever I feel angry, stuff like this helps calm me down." The Belle says with a grin to the girl. Is she actually helping? Probably not, but Rogue's job really never has been talking mutants down from the proverbial ledge. She's trying through!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I know."

Nori's about to ask the girl's favorite move to try and ground the girl in the banal, but Rogue whips out much (potentially) bigger ammo.  Furry animals.

Still, something about earlier seems to keep creeping up, the way this energy feels as it grows.  <<This energy connects two points.  I don't know what it is.>>  Her mind races with a million ideas.  <<Something, some place, someone?  I don't think we want to find out what happens when she peaks.>>  It's soft, into comms so she doesn't have to move.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "I..." The girl looks to Noriko and then to James, then back to Kitty before a green flicker of energy does dance across her hands and along her feet. "I don't know. Serious guys. I just..." She shakes her head.
    But when Kitty speaks quickly to Mr. Hudson he furrows his brow with a grim expression, "Was a class of kids, she was giving a report, someone said something and I told them to hush it. Next thing I knew I was eating wall and everyone was running out." His lip twists a little, a sour smile knowing the situation is bad. Even as he grimaces at the burn mark on his shoulder beneath the torn fabric, covering it with one rough hand and shaking his head.
    Misha blinks a little however at all of them, "I... I think I can..." Though she's distracted when Rogue steps over and for a moment she eyes the Southern Belle as if she might be crazy. Until she laughs a small laugh and says, "That one guy looks like he's being all 'say what now!' and stuff."
    And, to be fair, it seems that the power isn't building up as fast. But it is building.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde glances between them all, grinning slightly at Rogue's way of getting through. Her eyes end up back on Michelle. "You're doing much better, but why don't we go ahead and use the inhibitor. It's like an ugly necklace, but in this case, form is a little secondary to function, right?" she says. Kitty pulls it out and lets Michelle see it. "Once you wear it and we turn it on, it should control it for you," she says.

She looks back over to Jimmy. "We can take you both with us. Try to sort it out. We do have some contacts, people like the Avengers, who might put in a good word," she says to him.

The words from Noriko draw a tiny nod from Kitty. All the more reason to get the girl's powers und control. Kitty shows Michelle the inhibitor and asks, "Is it ok for me to get this set up on you?" she asks, making sure she's alright with it before proceeding.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts her phone away with a grin as she shakes her head softly. "This stuff neve'ah fails. Always an emotional reset." She now lets her eyes roam around the classroom as she does a full three sixty turn. "Damn, this placed is toast..." With a slight exhale she starts to walk back toward the hole she'd ripped in the wall. "I'm gonna signal the 'Bird, tell Captain 'Heed t'bring her down here off beside the lot. We should be able to board up before anyone notices us... I mean..." Rogue peers up at the corner of the building, then crouches down to pick up some of the rubble she'd made from the wall. A quick hard throw and she pegs a camera on the corner of the roof, causing the thing to basically just explode fromt he impact of a Rogue-thrown stone. "Now it's even safter." Her gloved hands are slapped together as she strides her way across the pavement and talks in to the team comm to bring the Jet's auto-pilot down to her location.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Can I get that video from you later Rogue?"  Noriko trusts that Kitty has it under control and keeps her tone light to keep as much of the vibe from the video rolling.  Something that can keep a teen from outright exploding...for a time?  Powerful stuff.

"I'm going to fry the rest of the cameras and footage," she announces quickly, even as the others are preparing to leave.  A moment later, there's just a trail of blue blur.  Who knows if she gets everything, but she juices what she finds up enough to fry.  The poor school will have to deal with replacing a little equipment, but that's the least of their problems.

By the time the jet is down, Nori appears alongside people loading up.  She'll sit next to the girl, and if allowed (though no permission sought), she'll try to hold the girl's hand for the ride back, but she doesn't take off her gauntlets.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Misha lifts her voice almost instantly, "If it gets this to stop, yespleaseandthankyou." She positively hops on her tip toes for a moment, looking at Noriko for a second before she double-checks with Mr. Hudson. Who does take a moment to look at the three young women who seem to want to help. His nostrils flare slightly as he takes a deep breath and then murmurs.
    "It's alright, Misha. I got a good vibe about these people." Since it seems like none of them are lying exactly.
    Which causes the girl with the flickering green energy now racing along her hands to nod and extend her arms toward Kitty. "I'm set, let's go. If the school sues us, my family totally cannot pay. So let's ditch out."
    "Alright," James says with a nod, "Let's go." He turns to the others even as around them there's a flicker and flash of power, though this time from Noriko as she puts paid to the cameras and their data. The others get on board, and James seems a little taken aback at the situation, but doesn't say anyhing.
    Misha though, she takes Noriko's hand as the Blackbird takes to the sky.