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Lay of the Land
Date of Scene: 06 December 2020
Location: Upstate New York
Synopsis: Scott and Cassie meet a strange woman looking over Westchester. Cassie once again is the responsible one, while Scott...is Scott. Ty and Scott talk a little, and Scott manages not to touch her bike! Good Scott!
Cast of Characters: Tynan Ireton, Scott Lang

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Its starting to get late, but a young woman is still riding around Westchester. Its still a bit weird to get used to it being night when she's used to starting to get up at this time. Ty opens up on the throttle on the superleggera as she comes around a bend. The engine purrs a bit as it starts to accelerate. The woman finds a turn off, and heads up a small hill. Soon, she finds a small cliff facing that overlooks most of the area.

    Ty parks the bike, and makes a quick motion with her fingers, slicing a small space by her hand open. She pulls out a sniper scope, and crouches down in a sniper crouch, looking through the scope, marking out areas in her mind. This place would be a perfect hideaway from any troubles. Nobody would look for a mercenary out here.

Scott Lang has posed:
"I need to go pee."

"Daddy I told you to go before we left!"

"You are not helping Cassie, thank you very much." Scott grumbles and squirms in the seat as his eyes squint along the darkening road. No sign of any rest stops, restaurants, or other businesses for the next...5 miles?! An empty Big Gulp in the blue Honda Accord's cupholder indicated there was no way he'd last that long. A turn-off, perfect, get off the main road, hop out into some bushes.

The Accord picks up speed and for the very paranoid maybe it sounds like someone just might be coming after them. But motorcycles weren't the easiest thing to get on and turned around quickly, and the next thing Tynan knows there's a baby blue midsize sedan parked haphazardly right behind her bike. Scott leaps from the vehicle and dashes into some of the foliage, clearly having failed to even notice the fact there's someone else there. The sound of running liquid and a relieved sigh sounds from the man before he hears Cassie poking her head from the car window addressing Tynan. "Hi there, I'm Cassie!"

Scott's eyes go very wide and he turns his head over his shoulder to see the young woman. Thankfully the dusk light hides the fact he's burning bright as he starts and stammers. "Uh I, hey, umm...be a sec. Sorry, sorry..."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty isn't worried about anyone chasing her. Though, there is some curiousity as to why somebody is driving up here. The woman pauses a long moment as she hears the door open, and somebody run into the foliage. She blinks a moment more as she puts the scope down, and then hears a girl tell her, her name. Ty shakes her head a little bit as she makes the scope disappear.

    "Might a lass ask why you didn't, you know, use the restroom before making a trip out of town?", she asks Lang before looking at Cassie. "And you, Lass, I take it, are the caretaker of the child in the woods?", she asks.The woman rubs her nose a little bit. She...has an irish accent and speech, but she...looks like she's from somewhere in Asia. "Also, please don't hit my bike. I worked really hard to get that bike, and have it brought to this part of the Pond."

Scott Lang has posed:
     Scott finishes his due diligence in the bushes, Tynan thankfully saved from viewing any part of it save his back. With a final noisy 'zip' sound Scott comes trundling back out with all the grace of a wildebeest with a broken leg. "Sorry, really, sorry. Planning isn't my strong suit. My daughter Cassie can attest to that. Name's Scott by the way..." Scott beginning to hold his hand out. The one he had quite clearly NOT washed given the cirumstances, something he seems to realize a second later as he quickly drops it and coughs under his breath a few times as he folds his arms.

"Just bringing the daughter up for some wildlife watching tomorrow, got this nice little bed and breakfast we're staying at and...you don't care I'm talking too much. Love the accent by the way...OH MY GOD THAT BIKE!" Scott's hurried and rambling words making it hard to focus on any one thing the distracted and embarassed man is saying. What IS clear is the fact he's getting very much closer to her very expensive. "Cassie come look at this! This thing is awesome!" He looks to be about 2 seconds away from climbing on it and now the car door can be heard opening and closing as the 6 year old blonde girl scurries towards it as well.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty pauses a moment. Wait, he really isn't about to shake her hand with....No. Then when he realizes it, he spots her bike. OH, HELL NO! "Cassie may touch, but you, Mister Scott, will lose your hands if you touch it.", she says. There's a dark look in her eyes. "They only just made those this year, and you do not seem half as reponsible as Young Cassie.", she says.

    Ty quickly gets over there, and makes sure that she has the starter on her. "And careful of the TFT dashboard. It costs almost as much as your car.", she says. Ty makes her way over. The woman sighs a bit as she moves over, hip checks Scott a bit before she sits on the bike, crossing her legs at the ankles. "It seems, Miss Cassie, that your child is a bit hyper, isn't he?", she asks Cassie.

Scott Lang has posed:
"I wasn't going to touch it!" Scott lies a bit woefully, grunting and stumbling as the younger woman throws her hip into him like they were in a moshpit. It draws a brief glare before he shakes his head and smiles at his daughter as she skips over with an enthusiasm that has more to do with the fact he was interested than any real interest in motorcycles she may have.

"Yeah, I have to watch him sometimes now that he's out of jail. And sometimes when he gets tiny. Or when..."

"Hey OK Cassie, she doesn't want to hear my life story," Scott cuts her with a sharp look to his daughter who rolls her eyes and reaches out a timid hand to just touch one side of the motorcycle.

"It's pretty. You should name it, like a pony. Daddy calls his car the AntMobile," the overly social 1st grader informs as Scott groans behind her.

"She likes to make stuff up sometimes, sorry Miss..." Scott clearly fishing for a name on that last.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty blinks a few times as Cassie talks. Tiny? Jail? AntMobile? All of that goes right over her head, and lands somewhere in Westchester under the cliff. The woman looks at Cassie a moment, and then looks at Scott with a slight glint in her eyes. "Its just Ty. Aye I know its rude not to introduce myself, but well, I wasn't exactly expecting somebody to need to use the bathroom up here, or surprise me.", she tells Scott.

    Ty looks down at Cassie. "What do you mean, when he gets tiny?", she asks Cassie. "And his car is blue...Why name it the AntMobile?", she asks the young girl. "And I don't really have any food or treats to give ya. Where I'm from, we don't generally do that type of thing.", she says.

Scott Lang has posed:
"She doesn't need any treats, right Cassie? No food from strangers," Scott reminds his daughter who gives a solemn nod of her head. Scott begins to breathe a sigh of relief. "Sorry Ty, I mean I know we know your name so you're not really a stranger but, uh, you understand. Really, it was just a slight emergency sorry to bother...uh, what were you doing up here anyway? Kinda late for birdwatching, they're more of a morning crowd," Scott points out with a look about the outcropping as if trying to see what made it worth stopping at besides his own urgent call of nature. He's not suspiscious but there's a certain glint of curiousity and a puzzled furrow of his brow as his mind starts putting together that foreign woman on foreign ultra-rare bikes in the middle of nowhere was a bit odd.

Cassie comes through with the distraction though as the moment Scott isn't looking at her she takes it as her cue to talk again. "He and the car get really tiny, so he's AntMan and it's the Antmobile and they ride around and sometimes I pick them up and one time he got stuck in the couch cushions cause I forgot and..."

"Cassie! Didn't you still have some candy in the car?" Scott reminds her, the six year old nodding eagerly.

"Yeah, I should finish it before Daddy does! Nice meeting you Miss Ty! I like your bike!" Cassie skipping back to the car and hopping inside while Scott lets out a sigh of relief.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Well, Cassie makes a great distraction. At least he's not asking Ty questions about why she's up there. She didn't think she would need a reason to be up here, so didn't think of anything. She watches as the girl goes back into the car. Antman though? Really? Who is that? Ty shakes her head a little bit. "Some imigination that kid has.", she declares. The woman does give a bit more of a glare. "Unless she's telling the truth, and you're heading to the School to have her checked out. Seems young though.", she says. Ty looks at Scott a bit more closely. "Though, they say some kids start showing powers early...", she says.

Scott Lang has posed:
Ant-Man was on the Avengers, his name out there. But compared to the likes of Thor, Iron Man, Captain America? He was lucky if he got mentioned in news articles or his face put on TV, he was more like a benchwarmer for the Yankees the way the media treated him. And with so many heros around, well, it was easy for anyone to not know them all.

"Yeah she does, glad she has it though. Good...sorry school? Powers? Wait are you talking about the mutant academy up here?" Scott thrown off-guard by the suggestion before he busts out laughing. "Cassie's only power is talking too much and she got that from me! No I told you, we're just supposed to stop in this little bed and breakfast and then up early to see the birds at the wildlife preserve. She really wants to see a wood duck. A month ago it was trains. I don't know, kids," Scott surmises with a shrug. His eyes doing another onceover of Ty.

She was fit, more fit than most women with clear muscle definition in her arms visible even with the Sun going down. A bike that seemed too expensive in the middle of nowhere. A rather unsettling glare.

Scott takes a casual step backwards, placing himself between Ty and his car, between Ty and Cassie more importantly. "What's all this interest in the mutant school anyway? You going to enroll? Nothing against you if you are. I've known a few, nice folk, but can see why might be on edge. Nothing to get worked up over here though OK?" he assures raising his hands palm up as if to assure her he's no threat.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty shakes her head a little bit. "I'm too old for a place like that. Just saying that I've heard stories of parents who freak out, go crazy, and dump their kids over having powers. Besides, not a mutant. Just heard of the school from a few folk back home, and was curious.", she says. Part truth, part lie. Easiest way to hide a lie is to give the truth. She looks over at Cassie. "I think it'd be a shame to send a kid to a boarding school at her age. Then again, I don't know much about schools. The island didn't have any schools save for the Hard Knocks kind.", she tells.

    Ty stretches a little bit more as she watches Scott's actions. He's getting defensive, and sheilding the girl. Makes her raise an eyebrow. As for the Avengers...well, maybe the higher ups in Madripoor would know of them, but common folk, meh. Its lke asking an american to name several futball clubs in the champion's league. Not likely to happen...

Scott Lang has posed:
     "I'd NEVER dump my daughter," and for just a second there's an edge to Scott's voice that someone would even dare raise the possibility he'd do such a thing to Cassie. The overhead light is on inside the car, as Scott turns his head they can both see the young girl inside finishing the last of a bag of M&M's, barely managing to keep her eyes open as she chews the last one and seems to drift off to sleep in front of them. Scott looks forward again once more to Ty.

"The only time I leave her it's with a babysitter, school, or my ex-wife. Though the first is getting harder to find and the last is my least favorite," Scott mopes with a grimace, running a hand back through his mop of hair, glancing back down briefly once more at the ultra-expensive bike of Ty's as he smirks and remarks, "Guess you're not open for babysitting huh? Although a few of them charge enough they might be able to afford one of those yet," he ponders, stifling a yawn himself. The Sun was almost down now, getting back on the road soon might yet be a good idea.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty shakes her head a little bit as she gives a small smirk. "Sorry, but I don't do any jobs involving kids. Its a professional thing. Unlike many in my field, I have my standards, and lines that don't get cross. Very simply, fight for something, or die for nothing. I choose my fights my way. Nobody else makes those choices for me.", she says. The woman grabs her helmet, and puts it on. She snaps the helmet strap into place. "See ya on the high ground.", she says before starting the bike, and walking it around.

Scott Lang has posed:
     Scott seems to still be puzzling her words over as she starts moving her bike around his car which probably cost as much as just the two wheels on her cycle. "Wait, you're not talking about fighting in a figurative sense here are you? Hey. We're talking about MMA here or something? Cause if you're thinking about causing trouble up here in New York, well you can keep right on riding to Boston. That accent would fit in better up there anyhow," the Yankees fan trying to turn the deadly merc into a Red Sox problem as he keeps pace with her walking the bike, namely to keep himself between her and his daughter the whole while.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Tynan turns her head, and looks at Scott a long moment. Those eyes of hers. There's something dark in them. Cold and harsh. Scott might remember seeing eyes like those someplace else. She turns the throttle, and then takes off as she flips the visor down on her helmet. Just who is Ty? And what is she doing around here? Well, thats her business, but its still disturbing to see somebody whose that young with eyes that seem that cold and old.

Scott Lang has posed:
     No answer, nothing but that stare. Scott sucks in a breath and his fingers twitch towards his pockets. He didn't have the suit on but he had a few gadgets and defenses if he needed them, ready to use them in a heartbeat or throw himself at the woman if need be. He wasn't going to let her near his daughter. His jaw clenches and he braces himself...only for her to ride off instead. It takes Scott a good couple minutes to relax, waiting until long past the sound of the bike has faded. Then he finally climbs back inside the 'Ant-Mobile.'

"Mmm, Daddy? Did Miss Ty leave? I didn't say goodbye," murmurs the sleepy girl from the backseat.

Scott remains quiet a second or two, then smiles and turns around, stretching a bit to give his daughter's hand a squeeze. "Hey, go back to sleep pumpkin. Miss Ty was just a funny dream. Now sleep tight. Tomorrow we'll see the ducks," he promises.

Cassie smiles, her eyes barely open and already closing again as Scott backs the car down off the embankment and back onto the main road, a stern expression on his face. "Keep heading north Ty," he whispers under his breath as he heads for the bed and breakfast.