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Scott Lang (Scenesys ID: 453)
Name: Scott Lang
Superalias: Ant-Man
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Occupation: Electrical Engineer, Thief, Avenger
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Queens, New York City
Education: Masters, Electrical Engineering
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: Avengers
Apparent Age: 30 Actual Age: 30
Date of Birth 04 Apr 1990 Played By Paul Rudd
Height: 6'0" Weight: 180 lbs
Hair Color: Auburn Eye Color: Hazel
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Quirky and pleasant, Scott Lang doesn't strike most people as an Ex-Con. Formerly a criminal (and not a great one, hence the Ex-Con), Scott has had a rough past, doing the things he had to when faced with tough life problems. He's turning his life around as the size-shifting hero 'Ant-Man,' (no, he didn't name himself). He's fortunate to be with the Avengers, and with the objective to make the world better... and to make his daughter Cassie proud.


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* 1990: Born in Coral Gables, Florida.
* 2006: Formed a band, as the drummer. Not very good at it yet though.
* 2008: Entered school to study Electrical Engineering.
* 2011: Married Sweetheart Peggy Rae, and found a decent internship after college completion.
* 2014: Laid off from his job, and with a baby on the way, Scott resorted to Burglary. He was very good at it.
* 2014: Caught for his crimes, Scott spent the next four years in jail.
* 2014: Divorced.
* 2015: Continued electronics studies while in jail.
* 2018: Let out on parole. Hired by Stark International into it's design department.
* 2018: Cassie Lang, his daughter, became seriously ill. The doctor needed had been kidnapped by Cross Enterprises. Scott 'borrowed' an Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym to rescue the doctor, who saved Cassie's life.
* 2019: Scott turned himself in to Pym about the theft, but got to keep the suit, provided he use it well. WILL DO!
* 2019: Joined the Avengers. Very excited.

IC Journal

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Genuine Goofy Dork:
If one were to look at a team of heroes, Scott Lang doesn't stand out as the most powerful or charismatic, maybe: but he is the heart. Scott brings a courageous will and loyalty to his friends and family that is difficult to find. A supporter, cheerleader and shameless boost to the spirits, Scott is optimistic, creative, and thoughtful. His earnest quality can sometimes make him read as foolish, but that is a cynic's view of what's actually going on. Being genuine doesn't make him an idiot, it makes him true to himself.

He is also unrelentingly down to earth, but it doesn't strip his ability to dream, or wonder: he's kept a lot of the qualities that are sometimes lost when people age. He's resilient, and able to lend others his resilience and boosting attitude.

He strives to be the best version of himself, but does this by learning from a series of mistakes. And boy, can he make mistakes. He stumbles, and learns, and gets better. He doesn't hold onto things like vengeance or hate; emotionally, he is very healthy. Scott is often goofy and a massive dork a lot of the time, able to laugh at himself, situations, and find the spark of something even in the darkest hour.

Character Sheet


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Ant Communications:
When using the Ant-Man helmet, Scott has developed the skill level necessary to telepathically communicate with ants around him. While he can't do this without the helmet, it still took a lot of practice with the gear to be able to do this at all. One can't just put the helmet on and expect to chat with ants! He can send out orders and maintain good awareness of where his ant-buddies are.

This skill covers both burglary and thievery. Scott is most specifically a burglar, oriented on stealing things that aren't specifically on a person: he's not really a pickpocket sort (although he would be capable). He's a safe-cracker type, including insanely complicated vaults, if necessary. And he is extremely good at defeating security systems that might be in place to block people like him. Finger print lock? Not really a problem... He's broken into superhero bases and labs, and extremely sensitive places without being caught (as Ant-Man). Without Ant-man, he can still defeat security systems, but generally has had less luck about the not getting spotted part. Getting into the safe doesn't always mean getting out (says 4 years in jail).

A hobby from his high school years, Scott has continued his drumming ability off and on over the years as something that's fun and relaxing to do. He won't be doing this professionally, but he could easily join some band of like-minded individuals and play a small venue without entirely embarrassing himself.

Electrical Engineer:
With a Masters in Electrical Engineering, Scott is primarily a designer, but is equally adept in a variety of applications for his training and experience. He has mostly put it into security solutions (like, how to solve a security system to go in and get the thing), but is one of the best in the world at designing security systems as well. He is a heist-master as well as buster, with a generally narrow focus, but he is also adaptive to understanding a good deal of systems if he can examine them. He won't be inventing armor or anything, he's no inventor, but he can absolutely read plans and build things, and put systems together to create good layouts.

This isn't real magic. Well, real as magic gets without being magical. Scott is great at sleight of hand and card tricks. This is mostly just close-up magic, practiced in a mixture of jailtime and house arrest, with the goal of pleasing a small child, but he's actually very good at it, and can palm things quickly or entertain with general card 'magic'.

In a mix of pop culture references and nerdy interests, Scott's got a history of experience with things like Dungeons and Dragons, an encyclopedia of movie references, and all sorts of things in his head. He can appreciate a good amount of nerd culture and follow it without getting left behind. He likes both Star Trek and Star Wars equally, but for different reasons, and is very able to describe why. Back to the Future references? No problemo. Hasta la Vista.

Scott is exceptionally agile and fleet-footed, acrobatic and swift. He could be a roof-running thief in Gotham with the best of the bunch, naturally able to leap gaps, hold his balance on weird surfaces, scale drain pipes, shimmy along narrow window ledges, and the like. It's the cat-burglar physical skillset: just play some mission impossible music, and he's right at home. He isn't some kind of incredible circus acrobat, but is particularly good in odd settings that might baffle others, such as being shrunk down and navigating the surface of SHAG CARPET!


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Ant Colonies:
Scott maintains a few colonies of specially trained ants. Not all of them have names (but okay, most of them do). These are ants used in a variety of heists and missions, and include ants that can fly (carpenter ants) and other types for different needs. They are only useful in tiny size. They're also cool pets.

Ant-Man Helmet:
The special Ant-man helmet allows Scott to communicate with and command ants, termites or other organized insects. He can cause the insects to complete advanced, complex tasks. This helmet took training and special skill to use properly, he can't just hand it to someone and have it work for them, unfortunately. The helmet also gives advanced thermal and electromagnetic imaging, and allow a variety of types of communication, even at tiny size.

Ant-Man Suit:
Scott Lang's Ant-Man suit allows him to shrink to tiny sizes, or grow to towering heights. One of many suits invented by Hank Pym, it is made of highly advanced polymers, and fuelled by Pym particles. He wears them with Pym's blessing, which means he has decent access to (relatively reasonable) upgrades or repairs if he himself can't make them. These suits are armored to withstand general bullets (in most areas, they are not perfect, due to allowing good mobility), and are geared mostly towards protecting the wearer from the problems related to shifting size: these are made for agility, not for invincibility.

The suits have rocket packs that can allow huge leaps or limited, brief flight when in small size modes. A stinging weapon in the gauntlets of the suit allows for a bioelectric 'bite', capable of stunning a human or knocking them out, within several yards of distance, though it does not work with the giant-sized suit. Finally, the suits are flame retardant and electrically insulated.

The suits allow Scott to reduce or increase his size exponentially. Scott's strength adjusts in proportion to his size changing, meaning he can lift more when he is larger, but comparative strength also increases as he shrinks, allowing him to maintain the same strength he held at his normal size even when the size of an ant.

Scott can drop down to Ant-size, or even smaller. He maintains the strength he had at 6' at these tiny sizes, which puts a punch behind even a tiny fist. It also allows excellent leaping ability, able to throw his itty-bitty body a long way. He is extremely resilient to being tiny, and can stay tiny for days or weeks without suffering much effects. He is able to switch in and out of being shrunken as much as he wants to, so long as his suit can power it with enough pym particles. Scott is capable of going so small as to go deeper and tinier than the smallest particles, but there is a very real risk of being lost forever, or even getting jumbled in time or space.

When large, Scott generally sits at 60' tall, with a 75 ton strength push. He can maintain that for about an hour without having much strain. Larger sizes are possible, to truly dwarf buildings or skyscrapers, but can cut the time down to 20 minutes or even less. Massive size (1000+) attempts without specifically being prepared could cause unconsciousness. Anything over 150 feet has diminishing returns on strength compared to the size (and being able to move his own weight), but it sure is impressive. Lastly, Scott enjoys increased durability while large, equal to about his strength.

Scott is extremely resilient to size shifts, since he does not have pym particles inside his body, which means that after a brief rest he is often ready to continue an adventure, pushing well beyond what others might in the same situation with Pym particle use.

Scott hasn't been with the Avengers very long, but he still gets to enjoy a vast number of perks related to being with them. Living in the mansion, chatting with JARVIS, orange slices whenever he wants. And things like having the best heroes in the world by his side in a pinch? Priceless. He has access to equipment, databases, security, and friendship.

Criminal Connections:
Scott knows a lot of other thieves and burglars. He also met a hell of a lot of other types of criminals while in jail. As an Ex-con, he also generally carries decent credit with even friend-of-friends for certain things that might need to be done, or information. He often gets offers for jobs or other questions: at least, he did; less so as an Avenger. Still, he can reach back into these buddies if he needs a good rundown of information, or a truck. He would be able to put together a team to case a place and do a 'job'.

Scott usually carries about a dozen Pym Particle discs, which can change the size of the inanimate thing that they come in contact with when they change size. He can arm one, and throw it, or tack it to something. He can shrink things or enlarge items using these discs, but they are one-use, and he has to collect them and re-arm them to use them again. He can't really afford to leave them lying around all over like batarangs.

Pym Particles:
Scott has a good source for Pym particles, which means that while he can run out, he can acquire more. He does need good reason to request them, and he can't hoard them, but he is able to get the particles he needs to power his suits: most of the time. This isn't a permanent thing, and his source could decide to cut him off for a bit, so Scott has to be careful and respectful about use.

Stark Industries:
After prison, Scott was brought into Stark industries' design department, where he finally found his financial woes resolved. This job is more of a part-time thing, since Avengers duty eats a lot of time as well, but it could become full time if needed. It pays quite well, and Scott isn't under a huge amount of pressure to be forced into terrible jobs like scooping ice-cream while he hangs onto it.


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Scott's daughter, Cassandra Lang, lives with her mother most of the time, but is everything to Scott. He adores her, and they have a very strong attachment. He'd do anything for her, but she is a little munchkin, and sometimes a target. Scott also is careful to not do anything to jeopardize his weekends with her, and often will cancel other plans on weekends to preserve this time with Cassie.

Scott is an ex-con, and there's a lot of problems around having that title stuck to him for the rest of his life. He ends up with the police sniffing around him rather often, certain requirements, and general difficulty with finding jobs (he got lucky once, but again? He can't afford to lose his good job!). He also tends to get looked at when expensive things might get misplaced.

Gear Dependency:
Unalike all the other shrinky heroes related to his Ant-type, Scott can't just shrink at will. He needs his gear. He needs the gear to be working. Without his equipment he is physically fit, smart and quick, but not much of an Ant-Man. He also needs Pym particles to fuel the gear (which requires talking to Hank Pym, often not a good time), otherwise it's just a sexy costume. It's a limitation if something breaks, but it also means he isn't suffering negative effects of Pym particle overexposure: win some, lose some. Health is important.



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Scott Lang has 50 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Comet at me bro March 21st, 2021 Karen catches Scott alone stroking his eel in space and gives him a disapproving look.
Sleight of Hand is no fun with Kryptonians March 1st, 2021 Supergirl and Ant-Man meet on an alien ship. Turns out, Supergirl isn't quite as 'intense' as her sister Power-Girl, or his benefactor Maxima.
MaximAnt February 24th, 2021 A cultural exchange as Scott learns about Almeracian fashion and Maxima learns about Earth music.
Krypton or Bust: Up Up and Away February 20th, 2021 Kryptonians, family and friends gather on the Milano, which then docks with Maxima's ship. Greetings are made and the ships begin their journey to Oa.
Dude Where's My Planet February 8th, 2021 Scott wakes up and is presented with an offer he can't refuse.
Sloshed and Dangerous February 2nd, 2021 Scott can't hold his liquor, Tynan can't hold her temper.
If You Get Back Up; You're Doing It Right! January 30th, 2021 A lot of ant-splaining.
Eye of the Tiger, Heart of a Kitten January 27th, 2021 Scott works out hot and sweaty at Avenger Mansion gym. Power Girl secretly watches from afar and then sets on a favorite song of her's enticing him to get larger. Next thing you know Scott is on his back and Karen is telling him all about his duties he needs to perform.
Avengers and Ice Cream January 27th, 2021 Warren Worthington sends a gift of his company's new ice cream flavors for the Avengers to sample. Oh poor Scott.
It Came from the Deep: Pelagic Nightmare January 25th, 2021 Unleashed extra-dimensional terrors are fought, Meggan impales Eldritch Horror with her giant spear, Hyperion discovers his Laser Eyes are over 9000, Orbital weaponry is fired, new volcano created, Julio eats a kaiju, Scott is abducted into SPACE!, and Rhodey has a fascinating report to write.
Traf-fickle January 21st, 2021 Scott hates New York traffic, teaches Mike Hannigan the joys of marionettes.
Carnival Calamities Cause Crisis January 19th, 2021 Scott attends a fund-raising carnival for his daughter's school that he certainly did not break. Joan gets unexpectedly sat upon by a rainbow gorilla, Meggan tries to ruin Scott's bad boy persona with her photography, and Wanda is up to something fishy.
Stop Stealing My Daughter Already January 19th, 2021 Another day, another attempted kidnapping on Cassie this time by Vulture II. Thankfully a lone gunman is there to lend a hand. Well, bullets.
Stretching the Truth January 15th, 2021 Scott meets a suspiscious Kamala and lays upon her his woes of a leggy redheaded stalker. While robbing Pym-Tech. Again.
Alien Ant Farm, One Hit Wonder January 13th, 2021 Scott clashes with himself to save Cassie, from himself. Then Maxima arrives to make everything far more complicated and bloody.
No Doppel Left Behind January 4th, 2021 Ant-Man and Power-Girl team up to save the day with a mysterious caped crusader and fledgling hero. Everyone gets beaten up by midgets.
Third Date Jitters January 3rd, 2021 Scott and Sofia's third date kicks off, her parentage is finally revealed. Scott needs to hit the gym.
Christmas Crash Course January 1st, 2021 It's Christmastime at Scott Lang's house with Cassie, a mute ninja, an awkward pro-wrestler, and throwing knives.
It came...from Warehouse 42...BH4335C December 28th, 2020 A giant wolf gets free, it is far bigger than thought...and the uh, heroes, stop it.
Bad Santa December 27th, 2020 Surprised Saviors Stop Society of Sinister Santas
Under the Gun December 26th, 2020 More weird Adventures on the planet Rann!
Training to the Max...ima December 24th, 2020 Scott is working on his size-changing when he's accosted by an alien princess intent on stealing his power. Scott nobly and bravely runs away.
How the Talon Stole Christmas December 22nd, 2020 Strix mistakenly thinks a shrunken Scott and his car to be a toy, only to find out that it is, in fact, a very nice man who invites her over for Christmas.
A Haunted Toy Story December 22nd, 2020 A wrecked toy store, rumors of ghostly villains, weeping female Japanese pro wrestlers waking up in the backseat of a car with a man they don't know. Just your usual tale.
Elevate My Fear December 19th, 2020 Scott and Satana skip the highway and take the elevator to Hell.
Let's Destroy the Planet December 19th, 2020 An eclectic mix of heroes manage to track down and finally put an end to Captain Planet and Gaia. The world is safe for big industry once more.
The Ultimate Captain December 14th, 2020 The new Ant-Man leads a task force of Hulk, Mockingbird, and Daidarabotchi against the Planeteers. The new Ant-Man probably won't want to lead another task force again for a while after this...
Mystery in Space: A Moment of Utter Darkness and Cold December 13th, 2020 Hank and company find a broken people living under a loaded gun.
Cass Meet Cass December 12th, 2020 Cassie gets kidnapped (probably not for the last time.) Fortunately she gets mentored by an overqualified assassin and learns to choke out her first victim. Scott is also present and has no idea what's going on.
A Greasy Hypothesis December 11th, 2020 Scott rambles sleep deprived, Bucky delivers Jethro to Shield
Par for the Course December 9th, 2020 Scott, Sofia, and Cassie too play a round of mini-golf. Then Sofia abducts Cassie to 35,000 feet.
The Way To Fix A Wall December 7th, 2020 A meeting at Home Depot turns into a train wreck. Not literally, but close enough.
Lay of the Land December 6th, 2020 Scott and Cassie meet a strange woman looking over Westchester. Cassie once again is the responsible one, while Scott. Ty and Scott talk a little, and Scott manages not to touch her bike! Good Scott!
It's Elemental My Dear Watson December 6th, 2020 Ant-Man, Human Torch, and Vivian Vision do battle with a bunch of teens in color coordinated T-shirts. Things do not end well.
She's Out of His Pantheon December 3rd, 2020 The Ant-Man takes a Mafia linked demigoddess for sushi, challenges are issued to take place upon the field of minigolf.
Just a Relaxing Spar Day December 1st, 2020 No description
Talk About Old School November 28th, 2020 Ant-Man wisely and justly uses his powers to terrify a 6 year old girl only for Lois Lane and Golden Eagle try to wrongfully apprehend him. Sponsored by Oreos.
Baskin My Glory November 24th, 2020 Scott's ice cream endorsement hits a snag. Thankfully Hank is there to bail him out, and Power-Girl to scare the ever-living daylights out of him.
Falcons and Ants November 19th, 2020 Scott Lang is Hired by Carmine Falcone to bug a display he ordered made
Never Meet Your Heroes November 17th, 2020 Drake, Yaretzi, and Atlin are out on the town for pizza, when an awkward chatterbox crashes the party. Only he turns out to be Ant-Man!
Ant-Man vs. Doctor Man November 16th, 2020 Scott drops by for some fun and stays for a heart to heart.
Robot Invaders From Mars VS The Ant Man! November 12th, 2020 Ant-Man fights killer robots
A Gruesome Rescue November 8th, 2020 X-Men and some notable Avengers come rescue Kitty, Noriko and others from Emma's mess. Some got away.
Battleground beneath Our Feet August 19th, 2020 No description
The Re-ant-imator August 17th, 2020 Scott heads to Hank's lab to apologize for his recent ... exploratory foray ... into ant-related communication technologies. A few suggestions on heroic philosophy are offered, and some decent and not-so-decent business proposals are considered.
The Skittering Dead August 11th, 2020 A swarm of undead insects--which may or may not have been accidentally reanimated by Scott Lang--threatens the safety of New Yorkers in the vicinity of Scott's van! Luckily, Julie Yan, Siobhan Smythe, Jane Foster, and Bruce Banner are on hand to competently deal with the situation.
Happy Birthday, Avengers! April 20th, 2020 The Avengers gather in their back yard for Thor and Scott's birthday celebrations.
It was just one more painting! April 10th, 2020 Bandits try to make a score out of Rubin's museum of art. With teamwork between Superboy, Ant-man and Quiver the day is won. The only apparent victim was pizza.
Footholds are for Losers March 27th, 2020 Lang and Barton catch up, doing some rock wall climbing.
So How Was Your Vacation March 26th, 2020 Scott returns to the mansion and Steve, along with JARVIS, is there to greet him. Quesadillas are made and plans to ricochet and fling shrinky-dinks are made -- but after food.


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Scott Lang has 50 finished logs.

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