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  Dark Caliber  
Tynan Ireton (Scenesys ID: 2156)
Name: Tynan Ireton
Superalias: Dark Caliber
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Mercenary
Citizenship: Madripoor
Residence: New York City
Education: High School Grad
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 05 May 1998 Played By
Height: 5'8 Weight: 150 lb
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde Eye Color: Greyish Blue
Theme Song: Femme Fatale https://youtube/FcoQUKe9Q90

Character Info


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A young mercenary whose recently starting making some splashes on the scene. Noted for her cold mission first personality on the job, as well as an odd ability to suddenly make weapons appear from anywhere at anytime. Also noted for being selective about the jobs she takes.


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* 1998: Born in Lowtown, Madripoor, Daughter of Artur and Diet Ireton.
* 2005: Starts learning basic self defense from her father after getting in trouble in Wharfside.
*2010: Starts Free Running with several other kids. Mostly to get away from merchants that may or may not of lost a few items.
* 2012: Mutant powers start to awaken. Father discovers burns on Ty's hands, as well as her ability to mimic movements.
* 2013: Ty starts fully learning to be a mercenary from her father. He instructs her in IRA tactics, explosives, sniping, and urban combat. Further develops her hand to hand and melee skills.
* 2017: Ty completes her first mercenary contract via sniping a general in Cambodia. Gets an energy shield gauntlet from her father as a gift.
* 2020: Leaves Madripoor for New York to hopefully go to college to get a MBA.

IC Journal

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Ty dreams that one day she will have her own PMC. This is why she is working towards an MBA, so that she can make the contracts, as well as understand how to structure them so that her employees don't go into suicide jobs that most mercs are sent into.

Irish Temper:
Ty has inherted something of a temper from her father. And it can be rather explosive. The young woman can go into full fight mode if she feels like she's being insulted. A lot of the time though, it usually ends with her getting a pint, and its settled.

Moral Code:
From her first days as a merc, Ty's father instilled into her a moral code. To quote him, "Fight for something, or die for nothing. Believe in something, or get killed for nothing." Ty might be form from one of the morally loosest places in the world, but she has a strong conviction in a set of rules she holds herself to. She will not take jobs that involve killing innocents, or anything involving kids. If she turns down a job, she will not take the job under any circumstances. Any job she takes though, she sees through all the way.

Professional Mentality:
When Ty takes a job, her mindset changes, and she becomes a full professional. She focuses on her objective, and how to acheive it with little to no emotion. Its almost the complete opposite of how she is outside of the business.

Rock Star Living:
When Ty isn't working, she sometimes parties it up. This is mostly cause of her youth showing, and can be a bit worse after a really difficult job. She feels that its needed to let her know that she survived, and sometimes to blow off some steam. An example of this is that Ty owns several Ducati motorcyes, including a Superleggera V4 and Streetfighter V4.

Character Sheet


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Photographic Reflexes:
One of Ty's powers is the ability to mimic physical actions she sees. There are several major limiting factors to this. One is that it has to be something that a normal person of her statue can do. Second, she can not mimic super power like abilties. Third is that she does not carry the knowledge/training involved in an action. Fourth is that again, since its not a trained reaction/action, her body is not used to moving in such ways, and can cramp up severely. And from an OOC Standpoint, must have permission from other players to be copied.

Ty can not copy skill sets. AKA: She could copy Captain America's boxing/CQC skills, but not his Shield Throwing. Or Hawkeye's staff like fighting with his bow, but not his trick shots. Any attempt at this ALWAYS ends in critical failure. This falls under the She does not have the knowledge/training necessary. Ty retains the memory of it for about a week, and limited to around 1 to 3 people depending on the complexity of what she saw. If she trains with somebody she has copied, it simply makes it easier for her to retain what she copied. And Ty /has to physically see it/. It can not be a recording.

One of Ty's mutant powers is her ability to store stuff inside a pocket dimension, as well as pull it out. While putting stuff in is easy, pulling it out can be painful. Ty doesn't need to summon energy to put something in. To pull something out, she has to charge a small bit of energy into her fingers, and makes a slashing motion with her fingers to open a rift. The motion and energy needed is dependant of the size of the rift needed. Small objects like handguns, ammo clips, small gadgets only need small rifts. Larger rifts, needed for larger gear take a little more time and energy, as well as a larger motion. This rifts she can pull out rifles, laptops, and complex gadgets. Ty can only store up to twice her body mass in subspace, and she is not immune the burns of using the energy. Her fingers/hands do heal at an accelerated rate, but she does not have a healing factor for any other type of injuries. Overuse of this power can cause severe burns to her hands.


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Free Running:
From a young age, Ty learned how to free runner on Madripoor. Many of the kids on the island tended to learn the skill set from a young age, mostly to steal. Ty's father learned that she picked on the skill, and encouraged her to refine it a bit further then a game or hobby.

Ira Training:
Ty's father was a former IRA (Irish Republican Army) commander. He taught her many of the skills that made the IRA infamous, such as demilition, ambush tactics, sniping, urban combat, and tactical planning. Dispite her young age, she would almost be considered to be on par with seasoned Special Forces personal.

Unique Combat Style:
While Ty has some close combat training, most of her fighting style comes from the streets of Madripoor. Add in her mutant powers, and she had to develop a fighting style that's uniquely hers.


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Black Market Contacts:
Growing up Madipoor, Ty grew up around smugglers and criminals her entire life. Many of those Black Market smugglers know of Ty or of her father. She can contact them when she is in need of new gear, ammo, or in need for some information.

Ty has a fair number of gadgets, armor, and weapons. Most of her gear she got from her father as well as her black market connections. Ty's perferred loadout though is a GM6 Lynx, 1911MA3 Colts, Kabar knife, Irish long sword, anda a MP5. She has a energy shield gauntlet that can sustained fair amount of punishment. She also has a monocular vision scope with night vision and a HUD targeting display. Ty can switch gear when she needs to, but as somebody starting out on her own, she tries to make do with what she has unless she has to.


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Well, yeah, she's a mercenary, and she's Irish. There will be times where Ty just goes on a binge, and ends up getting drunk. This usually leads her into a lot of trouble more then a few times.

Internationally Wanted:
Ty has done jobs in several areas of the world. While she has not be associated with her Merc Persona has of yet, her Persona is internationally wanted.

Irish Temper:
Ty has inherted something of a temper from her father. And it can be rather explosive. The young woman can go into full fight mode if she feels like she's being insulted. A lot of the time though, it usually ends with her getting a pint, and its settled.

Ty is young, and fairly new to the merc business. No matter how much training one gets, its not the same as actual experience. Ty has done a few jobs, but she always had her father around to basically coach her through the job. Now, she's on her own, and having to make choices on her own.



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Tynan Ireton has 66 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
The Tyger and The Sage May 13th, 2024 Ty visits the Hellfire Club, and meets Tessa. Tessa finds out about a few of Ty's skills. She gets to fill out more of Ty's file.
Hellfire Club Halloween Gala 2023 October 29th, 2023 Hellfire Club celebrates Halloween
The New Improved Super Soldier September 16th, 2023 Grifter anonymosoly sends Bucky a file on a Daemonite takeover of a military base. He hires Tynan and the three of them end the threat and gather information on a bigger conspiracy!
No Chickening Out September 7th, 2023 When Joshua Foley, hot on the heels of becomming a chicken via a curse from ancient Greek spellcasters, needs to be cleared before returning to work, Nettie Crowe and Billy Kaplan come to the rescue.
The New Old Guy July 2nd, 2023 Gabby invites Hellboy to the shop to meet up with Nettie. Tynan arrives with her new mercenary friend. Small talk ensues over what's going down on the magical side of town.
Dicy Times July 1st, 2023 Nettie and Tynan have a brief discussion. Mari does not beleive in magic. Faints when she realizes the crow is talking.
Case 19960233 - Surrey - Victim June 27th, 2023 Jinx goes to Nettie to identify who her parents murdered. She gets more than she expected.
An Invitation to the Club (but not yet THE Club) June 20th, 2023 Shaw invites Tynan to the club and gives her a trial mission.
House Warding June 18th, 2023 Ty invites Lydia and Nettie to her safehouse to get it warded up against evil magical threats. Ty learns a bit more about the differences of magics, history of Nettie, and about different schools of magics.
After Necromancer Pizza June 10th, 2023 Gabby gets pizza delivered to the tea shop. Nettie is recovering from the encounter with the necromancer Kulan Gath. Detective Chimp and Tynan are brought up to date with current events.
JLD: Alpine Rescue May 25th, 2023 Talia al Ghul, Tynan Ireton and Belinda Guitierrez save a missing PhD student who was kidnapped by fire elementals in the Cascade Mountains.
The Beacons Are Lit, Pezzini Calls for Aid! May 3rd, 2023 What happens at Demon fight club stays with... no, not really, but when the JLD and allies show up to aid Agents of SHIELD, some how a fallen angel ends up used as a weapon against a demon.
Justice League Dark: The Pool Party April 29th, 2023 A Mixer in a Hotel Pool. So fancy.
A Witch, a Mercenary, and a Thief Meet in a Magic shop April 6th, 2023 Lang sees Tynan walk into the Candle. Lang meets one of the Leaders of the Justice League Dark, and finds out that Ty is a member of the League. He also finds a Monkey that doesn't like him.
Temp March 27th, 2023 No description
So A wolf walks into a tea bar... March 25th, 2023 A Wolf walks into a tea bar, and there's conversation, motor parts, and ships passing in the night.
Fixing a New Problem March 3rd, 2023 Having enchantments that push her weapons, even when she does enchant them to be tougher, Tynan seeks the aid of Cecily Winters in making her weapons tough enough to survive.
Assassin's Crowe December 28th, 2022 No description
Yule Be Sorry December 21st, 2022 No description
A Very Grey Birthday November 15th, 2022 No description
The Crow and The Cat September 29th, 2022 No description
The Harvest Moon September 27th, 2022 What started as a ritual to keep Gabby Kinney's claws in the light of the moon ends with Mortal Kombat with Tynan in Ireland. Nettie is thrilled with Charlie's progress. Things got weird.
Spilling the JLD Tea September 22nd, 2022 Gabby, and Nettie meet Balder, Patience and Detective Chimp at the new JLD tea house. Tynan ninjas on through.
Short of the Deck September 18th, 2022 Gabby Kinney wanders into an Old Crow, and petitions her aid. Nettie accepts a position with the JLD to come out of retirement and help the group. Zatanna and Tynan join the duo for tea, alcohol, and storytime.
Dox-M: The Show Must Not Go On! May 23rd, 2022 The X-men and a few valient heroes take down the Friends of Humanity's torture streaming operation. Hannah and other captives were rescued. No no one was high and Kaida is real. The place was leveled and sadly the kids will need to find a new place to play basketball.
Practice in the Candle March 20th, 2022 Billy Kaplan and Tynan Ireton do up some practice in containment in the Candle, Booke and Belle, Nettie supervises.
A Dangerous Mix February 22nd, 2022 Jane stumbles into Luke's place to drink with Tynan. What could go wrong?
Trying to Outfox a Fox January 23rd, 2022 Ty tries to outfox Saeko using the magic that Saeko taught her. Don't try to be sneaky with a Kitsune!
New Magics December 26th, 2021 Tynan learns some of Saeko's magics. And gains a new look. Its Foxy.
A Path to the Silver City December 22nd, 2021 Nettie and Jon talk shop about traveling to the Silver City. Tynan has an evil book, and momentarily becomes a threat.
Something They Ate December 15th, 2021 A small evisceration leads to a possible wave of demons! Tiny ones, with sharp teeths.
Kitten Chaos December 8th, 2021 Just move on, nothing to see here. Also Tynan learns how to cast a salt circle.
Another Teacher December 4th, 2021 Ty speaks with Saeko about learning some of Saeko's magics.
Magic Book November 28th, 2021 Hellboy, Madigan, and Jessica confront Tynan's book...book's Tynan? Jessica knocks Tynan out. Hellboy carries out two ladies while people are upset about disappearing wishes.
A Shady Visit November 26th, 2021 Ty meets Saeko, and Satana and Saeko get some Shady visitors.
A Visitor November 19th, 2021 Ty visits Satana at home, and starts to learn little bits about demonic magicks. And more details about the Book are discovered.
War of the Soul: Intelligence Gathering November 17th, 2021 Tynan tries a spell on her own, only to summon something much bigger then she intended.
Witch to Magician November 8th, 2021 No description
A Bored Mairin is a Dangerous Mairin October 29th, 2021 Mairin learned not to touch any of Nettie's things without permission, as well as getting a first hand lesson in exorcism.
A Hellfire Halloween October 28th, 2021 The Halloween bash at the Hellfire Club goes as planned. Darkness, debauchery, deals, and costumes a plenty. Though, given the shenannigans toward the end, the bar might need to put a hold on jello-shots for the foreseeable future.
A Brief Moment October 27th, 2021 No description
The Archivist's B-Day Bash October 25th, 2021 Party was great, until John ran out of booze in the backroom and let his anger get the best of him. Probably another day ending in Y these days.
PoP: Care Bears Gone Wrong October 19th, 2021 Wal-Mart is bad enough, but when a Thinning brings a blast from Nettie's past to bare, it gets all kinds of weird. Who knew that Cocomelon and Barbie could be so *brutal*? The good guys get the win at the end of another day ending in Y for the Night Brigade.
First Casting October 19th, 2021 Ty finally manages to cast her first spell. D'AW!
A Black Cat and a Tyger Walk into a Bar... October 18th, 2021 Ty goes out drinking, and meets a Black Cat. Then gets frustrated with a Rabbit throwing fireballs!
So, what'd you break October 13th, 2021 No description
Reagent Run I October 12th, 2021 No description
A new pet for Nettie October 10th, 2021 Mairin gets chewed out for getting captured, and gives Nettie an advanced robot cat named Emily.
No Sleep for the Wicked Witch October 10th, 2021 No description
=On the Fandom of Villainy October 8th, 2021 Kind of hard to tell if this was a win for good or evil. Some bad folks all around. Anyway Mairin has a job!
A Tycat comes to Call October 6th, 2021 Tynan Ireton visits Nettie at the Candle, Booke & Belle. The two talk shop, and Nettie tries to determine what to begin with to Ty.
oct 3 13:00/Introduction to the Occult September 27th, 2021 Mairin Moran and Tynan Ireton stop into the Candle, Booke & Belle for an introduction to the Occult, and leave after signing a blood contract with a Witch. At least they were fed and tea'd? Nettie Crow gains two apprentices.
A Cold Drink After a Hot Job. September 26th, 2021 Ty meets Phoebe and Mairin. They have discussions about magic and mutant powers.
1000 Faces: Party Like it's 1999 September 9th, 2021 The crowd at the Laughing Magician share their little slices of life, hope, love, heart and soul. Maybe just enough to tip the scales in favor of the world lasting past Friday night.
Work Meeting September 6th, 2021 While on the job in Cambodia, Ty and Quiet find themselves having a meeting. At least they didn't shoot each other!
Meetings June 24th, 2021 Taskmaster talks with Ty, giving her a thumb drive with work on it.
Super folks walk into a bar. It might get dented. May 15th, 2021 No description
Call Me Bakeneko March 27th, 2021 At last, Katsumi attempts to hone self-control through underground fighting and adopts the name Bakeneko for the first time. It sees some mixed results, but fortunately no one dies. Scratch that, three people die. But at least she isn't the one who killed them! Dark Caliber just happens to have some work to take care of, don't worry about it.
Mall with cat February 12th, 2021 Fight complete!
Gun Show! February 4th, 2021 Trying to blow off some steam, Ty goes to the gun range where she meets up with James Rhodes. The pair have a long talk while taking shots at targets.
Sloshed and Dangerous February 2nd, 2021 Scott can't hold his liquor, Tynan can't hold her temper.
Mutant Problems January 5th, 2021 Ty accidently takes a job for the U Men, and ends up in a fight against them. Phil helps fight them off, and meets the young Merc.
Wayne Foundation Charity New Years Eve December 22nd, 2020 A lovely time was had by all, and a Happy New Year
Visitor December 10th, 2020 Ty visits the Xavier School, and finds it a little rough around the edges.
Lay of the Land December 6th, 2020 Scott and Cassie meet a strange woman looking over Westchester. Cassie once again is the responsible one, while Scott...is Scott. Ty and Scott talk a little, and Scott manages not to touch her bike! Good Scott!
New Merc in Town November 23rd, 2020 Tynan shows up in New York, only to find two surprise guests waiting for her on the docks.


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Tynan Ireton has 66 finished logs.

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