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Electric Sheep
Date of Scene: 06 January 2021
Location: Dark Alley in Manhattan
Synopsis: Blade rescues Kokumo from an ambush and gives her sage advice. And a knife.
Cast of Characters: Kokumo Adebesi, Eric Brooks

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
The Lumin Club was one of those pop-up clubs that show up illegally out of nowhere. For the first few weeks, flyers would have gone out to those usual club-heads and X-Dealers who were looking for a good time and to make a buck. Sometimes advertisements would go out to those backdoor type of dating apps that weren't really supposed to be on the APP market anyways..

..but if you knew what you were doing, you'd be able to get a "digital invitation" to party the night away.

For the first few times, a few of the themes that worked really well for this setup were silent parties. Where you'd go in, get a set of headphones, and dance. Those without the headphones were left staring in awe or a sense of 'what the fuck did I just walk into' to seeing people writhe and dance without sound. But everyone else?


This night was different, the hosts of the popup club wanted to go old school. A rave. Death metal. Wear your black lipstick and platform boots. You pop in with any color other than monochrome and you're out on your fucking ass by way of boot to the back. It was a night for those who didn't belong, misfits if you'd want to call them that. Or people in their thirties living out the 90's by listening to AFI's Miss Murder with metal finger-long claws decorated with skulls and silver tips upon their fingers.

But it's not what happens in the club, it's what's happening outside...

A man and a woman burst through the doors of the warehouse, clearly intoxicated. Hand in hand, stumbling in attempts to find a quiet place for them to do whatever they pleased. There was a glint in the mans eye, one that reflects off the light all wrong, a look of greed as he takes in the scent of the woman he drags along with him. She was all giggles and so was he, right until he finds a proper wall to slam her lightly against, lips pressing against one another, thigh lifted to latch against his leg, hands all over..

And not too far from the couple was Kokumo, stepping out for a breath of air, motorcycle helmet tucked beneath her arm as she fishes out a joint. It was pointless to have, but it felt good in the lungs either way, and once she lights and takes a drag, she inhales.. holds.. lets it out.. her eyes drawing towards the two as they.. yknow.. make out.

"Freaks.." She mutters beneath her breath.. her head shaking.

Eric Brooks has posed:
Blade is always hunting.  Today is out of the ordinary, but only because this time he's looking for someone who's still alive.  Hopefully.  He's got a faded photograph pinched between his gloved finger and thumb.  Whenever he passes someone who looks even remotely disreputable, he corners them into looking at the photo and asks the same question.  "Where is she?"

It's a young girl.  The picture is at least a couple of years old; by now she'd be a teenager, but barely.  She's got a small, distinctive birthmark where her neck meets her chin that would make her hard to miss regardless of her age.  Still, no matter how much he intimidates or threatens, no one knows anything useful.  He finds one familiar a block or so from the party, but the ghoul is clueless and useless.  A pretty, vapid young man who doesn't even know his master's true name.  Blade is kind enough to leave him with a nose and several fingers that have been thoroughly broken.  He must be feeling charitable. 

Irritated, he lets out a long-held breath and takes in a fresh one as he passes by the door to the club.  Another.  Something smells, and it isn't someone's joint.

With his eyes on the couple, Blade approaches the smoker with the photo held out in front of him.  This time he takes a more tactful approach.  "Yeah, aren't those two romantic?" he deadpans.  "Look, this girl has probably been dead for a while, but have you seen her?"

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
Things were starting to get a little testy between the man and the woman. Maybe it's because the latter knows that they were being watched, or the grip of the man had gotten a little bit too tight and she was feeling uncomfortable. Koko kept eyes on them for a moment, moving from the wall to stand straight, ready to head over until the voice of a man next to her draws her attention.

"What? Oh.." She reaches out to take the photo, her lips pursing tightly as she committs the face to memory. If he could see it, the helmet would glow red softly, taking in the information from Koko.. sending it to her bike.. and to various consoles that she's connected to back at her warehouse. Maybe she could find the girl herself, she did have a taste of heroism running through her.

"Nope." Koko somewhat lies, tossing away the smoke which hits the puddle with a little *doink*, exhaling and shaking her head. "Sorry bud."

'Ow..' The lady cries out, which has Koko looking towards Blade with a shake of her head. She was going to intervene.

'Let me go!' The woman growls, now struggling with the man as Koko makes her approach. Little does she know.. she's in for a treat..

Eric Brooks has posed:
With the two of them wrapped around each other, sweating and excreting god knows what else, Blade can't pick out one's scent from the other.  The photograph disappears, tucked into a pocket on his armored vest.  He holds his hand out again, but this time as a warning.  "Careful.  At least one of them isn't what they seem." 

When he steps under a streetlight, all of his silver shines.  There's a lot.  Stakes tucked into the loops of a bandolier slung across his chest.  Combat knives.  Throwing knives.  Other knives. And something that looks like a lawn dart and a cannonball connected by a chain, only shiny. 

Another step, then he's out of the light and his silhouette is masked by his coat.  No sword tonight.  His attempt at a discreet search.  "This is going to get worse before it gets better," he rumbles.  "If you want to have second thoughts, now's the time."

He hasn't drawn any weapons yet, he just matches his new companion's stride as they both approach the disturbance. He doesn't seem to be terribly concerned with her decision, either. Vampires kill people, Blade kills vampires. That's called job security.

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
The man clearly takes a nip of the woman's neck, and she's already fighting against him. Pushing him back hard as he laughs with a stumble. "You stupid bitch." As he's ready to attack, he hears the voice of Blade and hisses, turning with his back to the far end of the alleyway, fangs bared. "Daywalker.."

Koko? She's in pure what the fuck mode, if she's seeing what she's seeing, is that a vampire? No matter. The woman was crying, holding onto her neck that oozes dark liquid, which has Koko running to her side.

"Are you alright?" She reaches out with a hand..


(Fuck it right? At least that's what they're thinking.)

A little juice to boot to whoop the ass of the daywalker. It was clear then, that the victim of the night would have been some poor soul who stepped out into the alleyway with them, and that was Koko. Koko who is now bleeding heavily from the wrist with a decent sized bite. It even knicked the vein!

Knee-jerk reaction causes her to swing her helmet to crack the woman right upside her head, who stumbles towards her companion with full-blooded laughter.

"You crazy bitch." The man says to the woman.
"What? She smells -great-!"
And to make matters worse, she dabs a little from her lip to shove a finger into her mans mouth, who all but rolls his eyes happily. "Yup. They're dead. KILL THEM!"

All the while.. once again.. Koko -clearly- is in pure what the fuck just happened mode.., but with the good sense to slowly back away.

Eric Brooks has posed:
"I had a feeling," Blade growls.  "I hate feelings." 

The dart and ball assembly is pulled from inside his coat.  It's a meteor hammer and stake, both silver and connected by about ten feet of thin chain.  As an afterthought, he draws one of his favorite knives and sends it skittering across the ground toward the only human in the group.

"Fight or flight, New Girl," Blade calls out.  He drops the hammer end of his weapon toward the pavement, but kicks it hard enough to send it sailing toward the male vampire's head.  He holds onto the stake and wraps a loop of the chain around his own body, proving a counterweight for his attack.

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
The clink of the dart and ball assembly at her feet had her looking down. Which was a bad choice all together. Immediately the woman leaps and jumps onto Koko, attempting to knock her to the ground, the smaller, human woman bracing her feet and keeping herself apart from the vampire with the push of her helmet against her chest. It was clear it was a struggle of strength, one that Kokumo should have lost, but her extreme strength kept the woman at bay especially once Koko bared down.

The man already had a pipe in his hand, rushing toward blade with fangers bared, immediately taking his first swing at Blade's head, spinning low to sweep kick and follow with his makeshift baton.

"I'm going to eat you, pretty girl!" The vampire woman hisses! As she leans in, Koko catches the woman's mouth with the heel of her palm, which is bitten into, all so that Koko could keep her away.

"F..fuck you lady!" Koko cries out, just in time for the sounds of her Triple RS to come speeding by, which Koko pushes the woman into.

She's knocked aside, but at the last second, takes Koko with her, sending her spiraling to the ground. The vampire woman however? She flies and lands right near Blade's left, curled up and -obviously- hurt.

Eric Brooks has posed:
Blade steps backward to avoid the sweep, but the pipe catches him in the shoulder with a low, flat THUNKing sound.  Someone's wearing plenty of armor.  He looks down at the point of impact, then up at his foe.  "Motherfucker, you are stupid as--"  he pauses, spins to unloop himself from the chain, then slings his stake into the female vampire's chest before she's stopped rolling across the ground. 

Then he drops his weapon and kicks it away.  There's a brief glance to assure himself that his human comrade is still breathing before finishes his thought and launches a headbutt. "You're stupid as hell."

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
The woman really didn't have a chance to recover; as soon as she was on a knee, she was hit with a stake and vanishes in a whirlwind of ember. Koko was still alive no doubt, waiting for her bike to make it's way round, transforming mid-drive into a flat platform that she could ride. (With bumps)

Hopping upon it as it comes around a second time, she slaps on her helmet and binds to pick up the 'ball and chain' doohickey that was tossed to her before, the bike itself wheeling quickly towards Blade as he issues a headbutt.

The vampire holds his face and staggers, his nose exploding into a fit of dark blood, nearly dropping to his knee to deal with the pain. "Fuck you!" He cries out, just as Koko tosses the ball and stake right back towards Blade..

"Catch!" She calls out beneath her mask, yet her voice sounds close to mechanical.

Eric Brooks has posed:
The vehicular display is impressive, to say the least.  Blade raises an appreciative eyebrow and spends a moment wishing he could do that.  Then the meteor hammer comes winging back toward him like an enormous bolo-shaped projectile. 

Far from being concerned, he grins.  He doesn't catch the weapon; instead he ducks and lets it sail past him and toward the remaining vampire.  There's enough raw weight there to crush a rhinoceros.  Add in some pointy edges and you have the makings of a respectable party. 

Crouched low to the ground, Blade raises two fingers to touch his brow in an old-fashioned salute to his motorcycling cohort.  

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
Oop! Koko is now an accidental vampire slayer! It.. almost made her mad. Thankfully the tint to her helmet was dark enough to keep her face hidden, even though the light blue light within her eyes could be seen. She makes a little noise as the last bits of the vampire flows away with the gust of wind, leaning back in such a way that has her bike slowly rolling and rotating to face Blade.

And as she approaches, it transforms, which allows her to walk upon it as it does. Once it moves to completion, she hops down and smacks the seat, turning the bike itself off. She was still bleeding, but her wounds were already slowly beginning to heal.

"So. Vampires." She says, nodding her head, finally taking off her helmet. "Vampires."

Eric Brooks has posed:
"Vampires?  Are you fucking kidding me?  Of course they're vampires."  Blade slices a hand through the air dismissively, though he has a dubious expression on his face that almost resembles a smile.  "How about all the... ?" he makes several gestures, as if revving a motorcycle's accelerator and shifting gears for a manual transmission. 

There's a heavy pause, then he elaborates.  "It's Wednesday.  I kill vampires on Wednesdays. And on all the other days."  His tone indicates a level of rote and routine.  "You, on the other hand, are a Transformer.  Or something."  

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
"You ain't got to get smart, man." Koko snaps out. It could have been nerves or his grating and near angry tone. But it was what it was. He -really- didn't have to get smart. The kickstand was popped out from the bike as it settles, Koko dumping her helmet atop of the seat. At the mention of her bike, she gives it a good glance then shakes her head.

"Not for sale."

She wasn't a transformer, but he wasn't too far off. She wasn't about to give out the details to any joe that she comes across, but he was kind of funny, a bit dry, but funny. "A gear head. I made it for myself."

She stops talking as a group of three jump out of the door to the club, letting the smell of.. ew and the sound of music blare into the alleyway. They weren't vampires, just young thirty-somethings who had a ball and were laughing their way to their cars. Sober. Happy. And carrying that 9:30pm self imposed curfew because they were tired.

Eric Brooks has posed:
Blade nods, surprisingly understanding for a guy who normally doesn't care to understand people.  "The first time changes the whole world for you," he acknowledges.  "You'll look at things differently.  You'll see the wolves amongst the flock." 

This is something he gets.  He bends to pick up his weapon and starts coiling the chain so he can stow it.  "You did good, New Girl.  I had you pegged for a middling-to-decent distraction.  Sometimes it's nice to be wrong." 

And that's as close as Blade gets to complimenting someone.  He doesn't let it linger.  "Take a few minutes before you head home.  Let the shakes work themselves out.  You might throw up.  It happens." 

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
"Somersaulting dudes in costumes and vampires?" She clicks her teeth, then puts her helmet back on, her eyes lighting up to a bright blue within the darkness. It wasn't like she could program her own nanites to detect vampires in such a way.. but maybe..

"Thanks." Is all she could offer up, then shakes her head to hop upon her bike. "Kokumo. But call me Koko. People aren't used to the full African name on a chick who looks more asian than not." She kicks her leg up to sit upon her bike, gripping the handle to lean. Kickstand up, bike turned on, all without her moving. "I figure if I lose my lunch every time my adrenaline goes up I'd be anorexic. But.. thanks for the save."

Eric Brooks has posed:
"Thanks for the distraction."  This time he does smile, though it's a bare curving at the corners of his mouth.  "Blade.  Those ones call me the Daywalker.  I'm the boogeyman for suckheads."

It's the kind of comment a person can only make if they're pretty confident or extremely insane.  On a night like tonight, smart money is on both.  He retrieves the silver knife he tossed out during the fight and extends it handle-first toward Koko.  "Keep this.  Just in case.  A strong stomach is good, but you need silver, garlic, or sunlight to kill them.  Anything else and you'll end up as somebody's dinner. And don't fuck around and think you're going to make friends with them. That's an embarrasing way to die and I'll be the only one at your funeral."

Kokumo Adebesi has posed:
She didn't know him well enough to gauge his temperament. But at least he smiled. He really couldn't see hers, nor the nerves that she was sporting. She probably -would- throw up once she gets home. And have nightmares.

"That's.. a curious name. But then again, I call myself a powder." She laughs, the mechanical sound ringing out as he extends the blade, which she takes. She studies it, then leans down to shove it into her boot. "Thanks.."

For a moment, she pauses, committing his face to memory. "It's fine. I'm too busy for friends. I probably won't die any time soon.." Her gloved hand lifts to give him a two fingered salute as the bike roars to life. Turning, her hands balling into fists to press against one another to crack her knuckles, she rides off into the night.. not too far from here.. to her own warehouse abode.