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Eric Brooks (Scenesys ID: 1302)
Name: Eric Brooks
Superalias: Blade
Gender: Male
Species: Half-Vampire
Occupation: Vampire Hunter
Citizenship: British (Circa 1922)
Residence: Sometimes
Education: University of Life
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Apparent Age: 98 Actual Age: 98
Date of Birth 24 Oct 1922 Played By Mahershala Ali
Height: 6'2" Weight: 215 lb
Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: Massive Attack f. Mos Def - I Against I

The Crystal Method - Weapons Of Mass Distortion Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata Nightmare (Beethoven's HELL)

Character Info


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Blade is a prolific vampire slayer, general battler of bad guys, and a trumpeter of middling-to-decent skill. He's most likely to be found outdoors and in dangerous places, preferrably at night. Protip: know your audience.


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* 1922: Eric Brooks is born in Soho, London; half-vampire, mother deceased.
* 1929: Meets Jamal Afari, begins training.
* 1936: Is nicknamed Blade by vampires and other prey.
* 1968: Joins a group of vampire hunters after years of solitude.
* 1972: Follows a trail to New York.
* 1980: Tracks vampires to Japan alongside his allies.
* 1998: After a brief return to New York, trails more prey to Russia.
* 2004: Returns to New York again by way of Miami.
* 2006: Battles vampires in Detroit.
* 2007-Present: Continues the hunt, primarily in New York and surrounding areas.

IC Journal

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Anything > Feelings:
Even if he's helping you, Blade really doesn't care about your feelings.  If it helps, he doesn't care about his own, either.  Except for anger.  And a cold, calculating determination.  And irritation.  He's a very complex individual.

Separate from the Thirst is Blade's hunger for violence.  Perhaps it's because he doesn't feed in a traditional fashion; in any case, when a fight ends, he prefers to end it as definitively as possible.  He's smart enough to never dispose of an adversary that might prove useful in the future (i.e. any PC), but if he's confident that an enemy has nothing to offer him, Blade is happy to end them permanently.  A little too happy.

Blade picks fights.  He always has a reason, but still, it's a thing that he does.  More than that, he doesn't back down from a fight that he's in any way invested in.  He doesn't care if some idiot punk insults him, though he might pause for a lesson in manners.  But a vampire?  Or even a human being who's looking for serious trouble?  Why yes, Blade would very much like to dance, thank you for asking.

Just with you.  No, seriously.  Blade likes plans as long as they're his.  When they aren't, he's fairly open about displaying his boredom and restlessness.  Sometimes these responses are justified.  The rest of the time it's just him pointedly not saying that his plan was better all along so can we please get this over with.

The name says it.  For all intents and purposes, Blade is unbreakable.  He's been exposed to more physical and emotional trauma than most people will see in three lifetimes.  The average torturer can barely pull a smile out of Blade, not because it doesn't hurt, but because you just can't beat him without going above and beyond.  No amount of damage or pain inflicted on him could get him to fold, but like many anti-heroes, he has a strong aversion to the suffering of innocents.  Especially when it comes to animals.

Secretly Kind:
Blade has an image to maintain.  It would do little for his ambiance of fear and menace if people were to find out that he's got a soft spot for stray animals, children, and pretty much anyone in distress.  As he considers himself a soldier fighting a war, he doesn't always have the option of dropping everything to help (at least in his estimation).  But if he can, he'll probably try while going to great lengths to make sure no one hears about it.

Character Sheet


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Vampiric Immunity:
Unlike typical vampires, Blade isn't vulnerable to things like silver, garlic, or Earth's sunlight.

Vampiric Physique:
Blade is able to lift up to one ton without difficulty, has ripped the head off of another vampire with his bare hands, and routinely performs prodigiously long leaps through the air. 

Blade is able to run at sustained speeds comparable to those of a dirtbike, cross short spaces in the blink of an eye, and has reflexes sharp enough to catch a professional fastball pitch or an arrow with his bare hands. 

Blade's physique lends him an extra level of resistance to certain types of damage, primarily those caused by impacts, common scuffles, and other blunt trauma.  He's also very resilient when faced with extreme shifts in temperature.

While not on par with the best known healing factors, Blade is still able to regenerate from severe damage with impressive speed.  Injuries up to and including extreme lacerations, puncture wounds, poisoning, and broken bones typically take between several hours and one day to heal.  There are limitations; he's not capable of fully regenerating severed limbs or lost organs without extreme levels of outside assistance.

It's safe to say that Blade doesn't get tired in the same way that you or I do.  Like anything biological, he'll eventually succumb to some form of exhaustion, but his stamina is such that he could run a marathon directly before a fight with few ill effects, if any.

Vampiric Senses:
Due to his physiology, Blade's sense of sight and hearing far surpass those of an average human being.  He's capable of viewing objects with perfect clarity at much greater distances and retains this level of clarity in near-total darkness.  His hearing is enhanced in a similar fashion, allowing him to detect the same sounds as an ordinary human ear, but at greater distances and lower volumes.  The range of both enhanced senses is approximately four times what would be considered normal. (Ex: 20-5 vs. 20-20 vision).

Blade is aware of the presence of supernatural beings when they are within close proximity using an instinctual sixth sense.  In addition, he's able to discern what's human and what's not by smell as long as he can get a good whiff of it, with distance dependent upon things like the strength of the source, wind, weather, and ambient aromas. Defining beyond 'human' and 'not-human' can be difficult, if not imposible. 


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Animal Empathy:
It's by no means a scientific system or a supernatural power, but Blade has an affinity with animals, particularly carnivores and predators.  He thinks the same way they do and he shares similar priorities, which leads to an instinctive understanding.  He's that person your cat likes even though your cat hates everyone else.  Blade describes this by saying, 'Animals? We can smell our own.'

Close Combat:
Unarmed, Blade is a potent foe.  He's had close to a century to master and practice a variety of martial arts, including western boxing and wrestling, capoeira, hapkido, jujutsu, escrima, ninjutsu, Shotacon karate, and a rare Spider style of kung fu.  He's even more skilled in the use of edged weapons, particularly when it comes to his sword, his knives, and the variety of glaive, boomerang, and chakram-shaped weapons he carries for throwing purposes.

Unnamed thugs typically pose little danger to a fighter of Blade's caliber unless they attack with overwhelming odds.  Fighters of comparable skill and physicality who /aren't/ vampires are a challenge, as his fighting style has been tailored to be most effective at crowd control and destroying vampire hordes.

It's true that most people can drive.  It's just as true that most people will never drive in anything remotely resembling a combat situation.  For Blade, that's probably just a Tuesday.  It's not just that he's good at it, though he is.  He also revels in the chase; the danger it brings and the thrill of either escape or taking down his prey.  Motorcycle or muscle car, it makes little difference to him.

Escape Artist:
"Yeah, there's a bone in your thumb. Tiny bone. Real easy to break. What you're gonna wanna do is apply torsional pressure until it snaps."  -Col. John Casey.

It's hard to tie Blade up and keep him there, mostly because he's not afraid to injure himself during an escape attempt.  He knows a few tricks, but the majority of what he does involves brute force and the reorganization of his own bone structure.

Blade is not a blacksmith or a gunsmith.  He isn't a mechanic or an armorer or an electrician, either.  Still, he's managed to pick up bits and pieces of all these skills and more.  Enough to suit his personal needs, which usually involve creating specialized pieces of vampire-killing gear, replacing lost or spent weapons, and tuning or refining purchased equipment (i.e. adding extra layers of protection to an armored vest, fitting a firearm with a tactical UV light, melting down silverware into stakes and glaives, creating or disarming homemade demolition charges).

Ice Skating:
Uphill only.

As a young man, Blade studied both martial arts and music under the tutelage of a man named Jamar Afari.  While the former was out of necessity, the latter was a pleasure to learn.  Though he's rarely in the mood to play, Blade is a very skilled trumpeter and his singing voice is respectable, if unrefined.

Ranged Combat:
Blade is an excellent marksman, though he rarely uses this skill to its fullest extent.  He prefers handguns, submachine guns, and other short range weaponry that is more conducive to getting into the thick of the fight.  As a result, he can make many of the same shots as a sniper, but it might take more than one attempt, and he won't be performing any trick shots to wow the crowd that don't involve taking down bad guys.


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The Hunters:
Vampire hunters aren't a social crowd by nature, but they do occasionally form bonds with one another.  Blade has been around long enough to make some friends in his field, and while he's never tried, it's possible that one or more of them may come to his aid if asked.  Most of these people have no meaningful powers and resources; what they bring to the table are their own wits, weapons, and tenacity.

Discretion has never been Blade's strong suit.  He has two vehicles, both black, both very fast.  One is a 1968 Charger, the other is a Ducati ST2 motorcycle.  As they're used for pursuits, they carry enough carbon fiber and kevlar reinforcement to shrug off small arms fire while taking mostly cosmetic damage, but are still vulnerable to heavier weapons like large rifles and machine guns.

Blade has made other minor modifications. The Charger has a number of concealed firing ports that occupants can shoot through without exposing themselves to enemy fire.  Pressing a button on either vehicle's console changes the ratio of fuel and oil consumed by the engine, creating huge clouds of smoke.  Both vehicles have also been fitted with nitrous oxide boosters.

What's in a name?  Lots of knives, that's what.  Plus boomerangs and chakram and glaives for throwing.  Stakes, too.  And everything is made of silver.  It's a collection that has taken a great deal of time and money to amass.

Then there's the sword.  As it sees more use than the rest of his weaponry, it's made from titanium and steel in addition to silver.  It's an incredibly durable weapon, and while it has no special properties when it comes to cutting or piercing, it's tough enough to block or deflect attacks by weapons made from "stronger" materials without breaking (i.e. it wouldn't pierce Cap's shield, but also wouldn't shatter).

Blade likes guns, too.  Primarily pistols, shotguns, and submachine guns; often fitted with silencers and ultraviolet tactical lights.  Still, he's got a sniper rifle, a light machine gun, and an old single shot grenade launcher in a cabinet labeled  'In Case Of Emergency.' 


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Having been raised and trained by Jamal Afari and other vampire hunters, he feels a kinship with them that is rare.  For him they are not only family, they are his brothers and sisters in arms.  Any threat to them is a threat to him.  If they call, Blade will most certainly answer.

Blade kills vampires.  That's what he does.  Occasionally he plays the trumpet or watches a procedural police drama.  Convincing him to do anything else can be a challenge.  In his mind, there are too few hours and too many villains to fill them.

Red Sunlight:
Though he doesn't suffer the same effects as vampires when exposed to normal sunlight, Blade is extremely vulnerable to red sunlight.  Whether organic or artificial, red sunlight is capable of burning Blade in seconds and can incinerate him after just a few minutes of direct exposure.

Shoestring Budget:
As Blade often says, his crusade doesn't pay for itself.  Any funds he requires he must acquire.  His primary source of income is whatever he can take off of any bad guy that isn't dust by the end of a fight.  Virtually all of what he takes in is immediately spent on his specialized serum or raw silver for his various weapons.  At the end of the day, there's not much left over for...  well, anything else.  At all. 

Still Human:
Though he is half vampire, Blade is still human in many ways.  While he is not vulnerable to silver, nor does it take silver to kill him.  Though he has taken their strengths and left behind their vulnerabilities, he retains much of the vulnerability to traditional death that vampires no longer fear.

The Thirst:
One weakness that Blade shares with more typical vampires is the need to consume fresh blood.  He circumvents this as much as possible using a serum that was created to functionally mimic blood as a food source.  Unfortunately, the serum is incredibly unpleasant to take, extremely expensive to synthesize, and very few sources exist.  The manufacturing process is well outside of Blade's limited scientific skills, so he must maintain good business relationships with his sources or he'll be forced to procure new ones.

Serum or blood, each night it must be one or the other.  In as little as a few days without sustenance, even less if injured, the thirst reduces Blade to a starving beast willing to consume the first food source he comes across. 



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Eric Brooks has 13 finished logs.

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The Measure of a Good Hunter January 22nd, 2021 An old hunter in a pinch meets an old friend and violence is had before moments of reminiscing.
Crossroads and Where to Find Them January 21st, 2021 Blade gains a wealth of information and a plan.
Don't Say the Word... January 20th, 2021 Blade goes to the library. It goes about as predicted.
The Gears that Gods Build January 15th, 2021 Blade arrives on four wheels with another task for Kokumo, leaves on two.
Hush, Little Cleric... January 14th, 2021 When a Jesuit scholar goes missing, Blade discovers there's more than he can chew to deal with. One missing scholar, one cult? What's to worry?
Electric Sheep January 6th, 2021 Blade rescues Kokumo from an ambush and gives her sage advice. And a knife.


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Eric Brooks has 13 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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