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  Kokumo Adebesi  
Kokumo Adebesi (Scenesys ID: 2085)
Name: Kokumo Adebesi
Gender: Female
Species: ???
Occupation: College Student/Unemployed
Citizenship: US Citizen
Residence: New York
Education: College
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 22 Actual Age: 22
Date of Birth 17 Dec 1997 Played By Jhene Aiko
Height: 5'1" Weight: 132lbs
Hair Color: Multi-colored Eye Color: Light Brown
Theme Song: When I R.I.P by Labrinth

Character Info


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Kokumo isn't a bad ass. She isn't a genius, but she does love life and helping when she can. She's not even a gentle soul, but she does one day hope to make an impact on someones life, or the world, to make it a better place. She's a creator, maker and builder. She can also be a destroyer. And she will almost always settle for the side of morality and good, unless her family is in danger.


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1997: Born to Dr. Ogun Adebesi & Professor Ai Kim.

2000: Dr. Adebesi infects Kokumo with nanites in efforts to hide his illegal research. Kokumo falls ill, remaining in the hospital for the rest of the year.

2002: Dr. Adebesi retires and opens a small, pediatric family practice. Professor Kim takes of residency at a local, small college to teach English and Literature. Kokumo attends elementary school, finds a love of building and recess.

2004: Kokumo's parents introduce her to computers, which she takes apart, only to rebuild it once again due to internet searches. Enjoying her progress, her parents put her to work with assisting their friends and family with upgrading CPU's.

2010: Shop class. Kokumo excells and finds a love for building, carving, destruction and creation. Shop teacher takes a liking to her and gives her extra credit assignments to perform with his assistance.

2013: Kokumo discovers a way to interface with computers mentally. Frightened of this, sets off a chain reaction that kills the power in a city block. Parents comfort her as the truth is revealed.

2015: Kokumo graduates high school, applies for college and with letters of recommendation from family friends, teachers, recieves a full ride to college in the midwest (MIAD).

2016: Architecture Professor takes a liking to Kokumo, puts the pressure on her to succeed which nearly causes Kokumo to have a nervous breakdown. Professor discovers only part of her secret due to the electrical shortages occuring when she's in distress, gets permission from her parents to help her adjust and cope.

2018: Koko graduates from MIAD with a degree in Archtecture & Design, returns home and begins to build a small workshop in her parents basement and garage. Parents kick her/her things out (lovingly) and rent her a large building to house the tools of her trade.

2020: Kokumo just exists now. Making friends and eating all the tacos she can get.

IC Journal

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Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof! Koko is a pretty happy chick. There are things that get normal people down, but what sets Kokumo apart from the rest is the fact that she can find the silver lining in nearly anything.

Kokumo has pretty much led a solitary life where she's depended on no one but herself. Her parents were always working, and since she was an only child, she never really had anyone to play with. Money was always left on the table for her to go out and get something to eat, as her parents felt she was responsible enough to be on her own around the age of 12. She's pretty resourceful!

Character Sheet


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Electrical Manipulation:
Kokumo can heavily sense the electrical fields in machinery, so much so that she can 'jump start' machines with just a touch. This manipulation only pertains to machinery/objects/computers, as she cannot create nor shape the electrical fields to her own whims. There has to be a spark in order for her to 'jump start' any object, as if there is no spark there is technically no life.

Kokumo is, infested with Nanites. She calls it an infestation due to it being something that she did not want, while others call it a gift. Nanites flow through her bloodstream and encompass her body on a massive scale, which grants her the following:

Moderate Athletic Stamina: Her agility, speed, strength have all been heightened due to her nanites. She cannot run as fast as an olympic level athlete; yet she can compete easily in a 5k run without being too winded. She's able to lift two times her body weight, and is agile enough to dodge a punch or swing. Her eyesight is enhanced, giving her clear vision (close to five city blocks), but she lacks night vision.

Health: While she is not immortal, the aging process is slowed just enough for it to not be noticible. She's able to heal herself of minor wounds, such as cuts and scrapes. Broken bones, gunshot wounds, and other life threatening injuries, if she doesn't die, take half the time to heal. Bruises do not last either.

With her nanites, Koko is able to infuse and interface with technology that she has an understanding of. For instance, laptops, computers, cell phones and televisions she can interface with and mildly control. Kokumo is no hacker, but she knows how to use this ability to search through files to find the information she needs. She also uses this ability to cause havoc.


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Crafting & Carpentry:
Kokumo takes great pride in crafting. As a child, she's learned to whittle and put together basic toys that need assembling, graduating over time through schooling to create complex artistries. She's able to use a welding machine and various tools of the trades through years of hard work. She's an expert at woodworking, metalshaping/bending, and general making. If there is something that she cannot do of her own doing, there are instruction books that she can follow to the letter.

Drafting & Design:
Kokumo is able to create drafts using complex mathematics and simple know-hows to create objects that actually work. A great deal of time goes into drafting and design, such as creating blueprints, studying architecture (architecture of objects), measuring and imagination. Her designs include the full scope; electrical wiring, metal-work, exhaust and piping if need be, containers and shells. If left to her own devices, she could design a house and build it herself.

While Kokumo isn't a mechanical genius, she can certainly make due. She's an ASE certified mechanic, who can fix small chasis engines as well as large (think Trucks, not Semi's or jet engines). Her knowledge of mechanics allow her to custom create bikes and cars, and often times small scale gear that requires movement or adding movement to a person or an object.


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Custom Made:
We're talking transportation. Koko has a modified Triumph Street Triple RS bike, with a 756cc engine, 121bhp of power, and 77Nm of torque. It also has a six speed transmission to eliminate glitches during the transition of gears. The console of the Triumph has been heavily modified to suit the nanites that course through Koko's brain/body/blood stream. A smart computer has been installed to allow Koko to ride the bike without hands, self steering/breaking/parking if her hands are otherwise occupied. Like most of the latest model of cars, the bike has it's own factory built in wifi which allows navigation support and also supports cellular connectivity. It even has minor apps that allow her to use the display to do random internet searches if need be.

This is also paired with a helmet that is tuned to the specs of the bike, that shows an automatic screen display and a minor AI fitted that displays the stats of the Triump, and targets anything that could be in her path if she decides to go at top speeds.

For instance, the helmet displays the fuel gauge, oil pressure light, tire pressure warnings, traction control light (anything that would be seen on a dashboard for a motorbike).

Bluetooth connectivity is also equipped with the helmet, which is connected to the bike as well as any cellular devices (with proper pairing) for music, phone calls, and file sharing.

Garage of Stuff:
Koko's parents gifted her with an auto-body garage, one that holds all of her stuff. It's not exactly a secret lair, but with their basement and home garage too small to house all of her things, her parents just decided it would be much better for her to have the space. The building itself is nearly over ten thousand square feet, and due to her parents modest savings, they're able to keep up with rent until Koko decides what career path she'll take.

Koko has a -very- good relationship with her parents. Thankfully, she didn't grow up with a tiger mom or a very strict dad, as their relationship is all about respect and expressing feelings. Koko can go to her parents for anything, even when she needs to do laundry. And if there is a place she needs to hide and lay low? Her parents got her back.

Whenever there is a difficult design or a flaw that she can't shake, she does have the ear of one of her favorite Architectual professors in the college she attended. They're able to provide guidance and insight into where she may have went wrong, and become a second pair of eyes for her written/drafted ideas.

Untouched Funds:
With the thoughts that Kokumo -may- need help getting into college, her parents set aside a college fund for her to use. With close to 50k in savings, Kokumo lucked out with sheer hard work and won a full ride to an art and design college in the Midwest. Wisely, she's never touched the money, but her parents released it to her to use just for whatever in case of emergencies.


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Kokumo is pretty much defenseless. She's not a fighter, even though she can duck and dodge. Her immediately response to fight and flight is flight, preferring to survive another day or ignoring the problem all together. Even when she's backed into a corner, she's useless.

Kokumo will do anything for family. She would even break the law to make sure that they're safe and unharmed.

Nanites can be disrupted and potentially hackable. Kokumo doesn't have a failsafe or protection when it comes to this. The hacker or persons can take control of her and essentially use her as a puppet, or use her eyes to see what they need to see to gain information. Kokumo will know it's happening, but she does not have the know how or smarts to stop it for now.



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Kokumo Adebesi has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Whatever's Clever February 23rd, 2021 Netflix and chicken. It's going to be a long night.
An Evening at Luke's January 28th, 2021 A diverse crew hangs out at the bar
Crossroads and Where to Find Them January 21st, 2021 Blade gains a wealth of information and a plan.
The Gears that Gods Build January 15th, 2021 Blade arrives on four wheels with another task for Kokumo, leaves on two.
Electric Sheep January 6th, 2021 Blade rescues Kokumo from an ambush and gives her sage advice. And a knife.
Sparks November 10th, 2020 Nightwing and Kokuma have a wee bit of a heart to heart during their night consultation meeting.
Nightwing Clubbing November 8th, 2020 Koko and Dick meet. Then Koko and Nightwing meet. It was a thing.


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Kokumo Adebesi has 7 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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