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Foxes Love Tacos
Date of Scene: 06 January 2021
Location: Central Park
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Cecily Winters, Saeko

Cecily Winters has posed:
    It's a lovely afternoon in Central Park. The weather is cold, yes, but even here the people and vendors are out in force. Snow, cold, and wind can't keep people from playing, walking, skating, and eating. At a taco stand for the EL SUPERNATURAL MEXICANO restaurant, a woman with three fox tails and a long coat can be seen conversing with the cook. They're sharing what looks to be casual conversation while the woman idly crunches on a crispy taco. Cecily must frequent this cart often, judging by the way the two are just chattering away. There's no line behind her yet anyway.

Saeko has posed:
Lovely, pleasent, perfect. One of the best things about returning to the human world was simply getting to enjoy it, especially now in all its frantic glory.

Disguised as a normal if not amazingly beautiful human thanks to a simple shift hiding her ears and tails, the Tenko was humming to herself as she made her way through the park. Even divine messengers got a day off!

Her lazy indulging however is suddenly brought to a stop with a start as she spots those tails, those ears. Another Kitsune? Here? In the open?

Hastily she turned, her steps taking her quickly to wards Cecily. A little -too- quickly, when she seems to simply appear beside the other fox.

"When did you arrive here?"

Strange greeting from a stranger, but Saeko was exciteable like that.

Cecily Winters has posed:
    Unfortunately, Cecily can't change her tails out. She's rather stuck with them, for good or ill. It makes her stand out in the best and worst of ways. She crunches softly, nomming happily, sharing a laugh with the taco seller. She feels something tingle, though, and before she knows it, there's another woman at her side. She almost drops her plate, a little 'puff' of lettuce and cheese flying up as she catches it.

    "Excuse me?" she asks, blinking in surprise at the new arrival. The taco seller shrugs his shoulders and points at the menu as he looks Saeko over. "Order? Not Taco Tuesday but best tacos in town!" he grins. Cecily nods in agreement, though still looks bewildered.

Saeko has posed:
Clearly, Saeko didn't quite get the confusion, instead tilting her head and reaching out a hand to one of those tails perhaps a little impolitely. They looked real...and they were, that had to be proof enough.

"Did the Amatsu-Kami send you? Are you tasked by Inari or visiting for yourself?"

Rapid questions come, the taco vendor only now looked at as he questions if she wished to order. An eager nod, she gestures towards Cecily's own. "One of those please."

If it was good enough for one Kitsune, why not two?

"You are so open with your tails. Does it not startle people?"

Cecily Winters has posed:
    Cecily seems even more bewildered, then she rolls her eyes. Of course, the touch to her tail doesn't seem to bother her, and they're so soft and silky. She shakes her head slowly, "Oh no, not this again... no I'm.. not a divine messenger or anything.. or the product of one of Inari's drunk revelries... I'm not one of her chosen or anything..." she rattles off. It.. sounds like she's had a conversation like this before. Her tails sweep in an agitated manner for a moment, before the vendor thunks another taco on her plate, and one for Saeko. "First time, free taco, on the house," he reaches up and thumps the roof of the taco cart with a couple of quick thuds.

    Cecily's ears wilt and she sighs, "...I'm not a kitsune... not a real one anyway... just a lookalike.. even have the fire and stuff. Yes, it startles people, bcause I look like a mutant, and lots of people hate mutants. It's quite unfortunate, really. I'm quite fond of my tails, they're very soft," she states with a nod before crunching down on her new taco. Swishy swish. "I can't hide them," she adds.

Saeko has posed:
"You're...not?" puzzlement, confusion, a light twitch of her form and she furrows her brow. There might have even been a little blush at the idea of drunken demigod offspring before she shakes her head...and with it, the illusion that covered her features. It would probably be a little startling to bypassers, maybe they'd start wondering how many 'fox girls' were among them as people had in ancient times, but Saeko was revealed in her fully glory. Dark furred ears and tails, amber eyes and whisker-marks adorning her cheeks as she tilts her head. Those tails, clearly more than Cecily's own three, fan out around her as she bows her head.

"A shame then, that you suffer that burden. Humans have often feared those that they do not understand..."

Cecily Winters has posed:
    "Sorry, dear," Cecily says quietly, ears flattening some. "I didn't mean to ... give you false hope?" she offers with a sigh. Her own ears and tails twitch though, a nice pale contrast to the other fox's dark ones. "Oh... I see... I get it..." she says as she looks the other fox over quite intently. Maybe too intently. Then she noms on her taco again, crunching quietly.

    "Yeah, humans are pretty bad. Not Ramon here, though. This guy's known me forever. I swear he's been here as long as I've been alive." She eyes the vendor who just gives a toothy grin. Maybe he's the real hero here.

Saeko has posed:
Perhaps Ramon was himself a demigod of deliciousness? Certainly his gracious offering of free food was going to be met with a little good fortune as thanks after all, even if he'd done it out of kindness rather than some request for aid. Saeko's own tails wave lightly, more than double the younger fox's own as they give their own twitch and she bows her head once more.

"I am Saeko, Tenko of Inari, and is nice to meet you even if you are not one of my sisters."

Cecily Winters has posed:
    Cecily wouldn't actually put it past Ramon to be a sorcerer or something. Or a matador. Nobody can make food that good, for that long, and not have magic powers. The cart IS called 'EL SUPERNATURAL MEXICANO' after all. "Thank you, Uncle Ramon," the fox says with a warm smile. She turns her head, then bows it politely towards Saeko. "Cecily. Security consultant." She idly pats the butt of the pistol in her shoulder holster, nodding knowingly. "I'm always on the clock."