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10:20 to Boston
Date of Scene: 10 January 2021
Location: Gateway Bridge
Synopsis: The hand had two goals. Steal something important to them.. and kill an Iron Fist who had arrived from another version of Earth. Despite Daredevil, Elektra, and Colleen close on their tails, they had the advantage of a plan and surprise. Nobu was recognised, but the Doppel Fist and the cargo were mission successful for The Hand.
Cast of Characters: Colleen Wing, Matthew Murdock, Elektra Natchios

Colleen Wing has posed:
    The second last Hyperloop from Washington DC to Boston leaves at 10:20pm and travels to Metropolis, Gotham, New York City, and New Haven. The train doesn't get up to full speed except in the longer stretches, such as between Gotham and New York City, but it's still an impressively fast mode of transport.

    On the inside, it's much like a regular train though they do require everyone to be seated when accelerating and decelerating. More spacious than most expect of trains given their subway experiences and divided in to three class of traveler - first class, business, and 'cattle class' although they call it economy class.

    The trains have electromagnetic clamps that allow carriages to be connected and disconnected when approaching stops. As the train moves from its source to destination it sheds its load bit by bit allowing it to delivery not just passengers easily but also packages and secured goods.

    Diligently following up on leads about The Hand, Colleen finally found something of use. In a burnt out warehouse, Gotham, she found a small section of unburnt shipping paper indicating the regular use of the 10:20 hyperloop route. One date in particular was circled - today.

    Colleen sits in an economy seat looking out at Washington DC's hyperloop terminal. It's busy and people are still loading on to the train. A digital whistle indicates the train will depart soon which does encourage some stragglers to increase their speed. She is fidgeting in her chair, it's also been a while since they've had actionable intel on Hand operations. She just hopes this trip isn't a complete bust.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
On another type of train Matt would have rode on top in costume but that wasn't an option on The Loop so instead Matt was inside dressed in a suit and tie, cane in one hand briefcase in another, his new ultra thin version of his suit on underneath his civilian gear. Seated next to Colleen, his senses roam over the new arrivals checking them out. As he does he says, "So far nobody seems suspicious, see anything?"

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Do you know what is the worst part of hunting the Hand in public places? Not going as a ninja. Because really, Elektra likes that armored suit of hers to go toe to toe against these guys, besides comfortable areas where to sheath her Sais which, let me tell you, can get rather uncomfortable if the right attire isn't chosen.

So today she was dressed as a business woman. Pantsuit of a black color on red silk shirt, expensive watch, hair bunned up in a twist. The jacket was just loose enough that a couple of her trademark weapons could be stored within, along with a few more surprises and a very thin protective vest under. Because a ninja worth her salt always had a surprise or two up their sleeves.

"I sent a message to our friend from Gotham." This Elektra is saying to Colleen, "But I am not seeing her around. Knowing her she might just be hidden somewhere."

"New toys? Or the lawyer life is getting so dangerous that you need to use that all the time now?" This spoken to Matt about his thin suit.

"Don't fidget, we are just normal passengers here. Calling attention to us is not wise." She smiling faintly back at Colleen.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    The subtle tinkle of handcuffs, the sound of leather on metal - guns in holsters, suggest some US Marshals are transporting a prisoner. He doesn't look particularly pleased, but has a coat hang between his hands so as not to draw too much attention. They pass through the cabin and continue further along.

    People are pushing and squeezing their carry-ons in to the overhead compartments as they ignore each others need to find their own seats. Getting on early with Matt was the smart move. What surprises Colleen is how little security she's seeing on the train. After all, it's in a vacuum sealed tube, what trouble can anyone get up to? Colleen's sword is in a duffle back in said overhead compartment.

    "I'm not ... calling attention to us," she says as her eyes drift over the people as they flow by. "You should have dressed down a bit for economy class Elektra," she chides back. She doesn't like to racially profile, but every Japanese person that wanders by her eyes scrape over looking for clues of weapons ..or something.

    The bell rings and the doors shut. There is a brief moment where the lights flicker and then the train begins to pick up speed leaving Washington DC proper behind. An overhead speaker begins to talk incomprehensibly over the throng of general human noise about their travel speed and arrival times. Team Defenders is in it for the long hall, all the way to Boston, because who knows when The Hand will strike.

    "I think there are marshals on the train. That guy looked like he was their prisoner. Nasty scar down the side of his face and the worst case of sunburn I've seen in ages," she comments when Matt asks.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"Something like that," Matt quips to Elektra about the suit under his clothing. "And yeah, just heard the cuffs. Think the prisoner might be the target?" he ask both women keeping his voice below the noise of the train so it doesn't carry.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    "I've been doing some research though. This train apparently carries $70 million in trade goods daily up and down the Eastern seaboard in the cargo carts. Amazon packages, banking bullion, bonds.. and who knows what else they might have back there. If I were to take a guess, it'd be something back there that they want. But you never know Matt.."

    The voice over the train intercom becomes clear briefly, <<Approaching 100 miles per hour as we head through Metropolis. There will be a small shunt as those departing us are detached from the train where they will safely coast to a stop at the Metropolis station>> The cheery automated voice is still in 'tutorial' mode for the majority of the peoples of America. The hyperloop is still a novelty to at least 20% of the passengers.

    Colleen stares out the window at the rapidly approaching city of Metropolis. A major competitor to New York City, much smaller in size but in terms of quality of life? there's some casual hostility there. Colleen has lived in New York long enough to own some pride of being a New Yorker. Though, she wonders how her life would have been if she'd moved to Metropolis instead. With night having settled in Metropolis glows like a beacon in the night with its tall modern buildings.

    The lights on the train flicker briefly as there is a small jerk in the cabin when parts of the train disconnect and divert to the Metropolis stop.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Remind me again why we are travelling in economy class..." Elektra lets out a brief sigh of dismay yet for those that know her it seems she is more amused than not. One hand reaches up tho hold her chin, head turning to casually glance over to the other passengers coming on, checking faces, their clothing. A lot can be told about it afterall.

"Could be the target." She says to Matt, "Do you have a good line of sight to the prisoner Colleen? I can't get a look at him." the woman says, currently sitting across the duo.

A brief look is given towards Metropolis. Another city. It doesn't linger, instead she going back to her face studying. All casual and full of her stealth techniques.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt two has a wry smile at the mention of Metropolis, he'd been there once before he lost his sight, it was too clean, too sterile, even now without his sight that feeling was still there, last time he visited it was too quiet lacking the life and sirens of his hometown. At the mention of cargo including Amazon packages, Matt says, "Well Foggy will be glad to know the Hand is why his Amazon stuff always disappears," with a smile. "I can move down the train closer to the cargo, see if I can sense anything if you guys want to keep an eye on our friend in cuffs."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    The man in question, Colleen has eyes on, is sitting in his seat like someone ready for action. This despite being a prisoner of uncle sam. She raises an eyebrow and says, "I don't know.. it sure feels like he knows something we don't know."

    Over the loud speakers comes the voice again <<Now approaching the iconic Gateway Bridge that connects Metropolis and Gotham in united>> ...most passengers think that statement is a bit of a stretch. There are ships in the shipping lanes moving in and out of the Delaware bay below. The hyperloop line is set in the median of the bridge itself, flanked on either side by cars and trucks.

    "Sure Matt. Be careful." It is then that the lights go out, illuminating the cabin only by the glow of cell phones and the passing cars outside on the highway.

    Ding ding ding <<Ladies and Gentlemen the Hyperloop track is experiencing a loss in vacuum please brace for breaking>> The train lurches as it suddenly slows down from 120mph to an almost stop with loud screeches, pops, and groans from the fuselage.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Better than when it used to be me making his mail disappear." Elektra replies casually to Matt. Look, that year they dated may have been an infernal one for Foggy.

"Look at his face, his motions. Is he looking around? Looking for someone?" Elektra asks, making this as much a training session as an actual mission where lives may be on the line. "Or perhaps just waiting for a signal."

"Keep in touch." She says to Matt. But then with the train starting to slow down she murmurs. "Guess that's the signal." because yes, something smells fishy! She doesn't get up but she damn well holds on so she doesn't get tossed over atop the other two. No need for embarassment.

Though with the train coming to a stop all of a sudden she has all the excuses to look around, peeking here and there for signs of approaching danger.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"That was you?" Matt asks about the mail. He smirks though, snorting and turning his head to Colleen to include her in the banter."Not a word to Foggy on that one," he asks.."

Matt can only tell the lights have gone out by the reactions around him and the ceasing of the electric hum of the fluorescent lights inside the car. Then he's jerking forward as the train comes to a halt kicking out a leg to brace himself on the empty seat next to Elektra. "Seems like," he says in reply to Elektra as he crouches low by the seats to swap from one suit to another, business suit and cane going into his briefcase while a pair of batons come out. "How's the illumination you guys able to see alright?" he asks his sighted allies.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    It doesn't take long for the emergency lights to come on. A dull red barely adding much to the cell phone light that people are shining around. The doors snap open and two men with machine guns enter. A third behind approaches with a bag, "This is a robbery." The accent is American and unemotional. Either they've done this a lot and thus sapping the emotion from the voice.. or it's a distraction.

    Which it is. The marshals find themselves in a suddenly fight with two other people and when the lights turn back on, it seems the marshals have won. They have their prisoner face down on the ground and he seems unconscious.. and conspicuously lacking the long scar down the side of his face.

    One of the robbers points to the marshals, "We don't care about him, toss your guns in to the bag." There is a long stand-off pause until one, then the other, Marshal puts their fire arms in to the bag. As the man with the bag processes down the isle people begin to put jewellery, wallets, and phones in to the bag.

    The sounds of a similar activity taking place on other carts is mixed with the confusing sound of what's happening outside. A crew of eight people are wildly disassembling one small portion of the vacuum tube with the practiced precision of a heist crew. Right over one particular segment.

    And on top of that, suddenly there is the sound of an explosion from the head of the train where the control room is.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The sudden entrance of the robbers, the shift of the prisoner... It's all very quick, but perhaps not as unexpected. That they continue their ruse of actually going around to have people toss in jewelry and such has her clicking her tongue though. Amateurs!

She is already taking out her earrings. So expensive looking! And also with a knockout poison embedded in. She deftly opens the small capsules open, waiting for them to come in. "We can see.." she murmurs to Matt, "Emergency lights.." before adding, "They have switched the prisoner, might be the target. Can you sense him somewhere?" she asks of Matt. She knows he is quite adept in sensing people afterall, using his other senses for it.

It's just when the men are going by their part of the train to ask for valuables that the explosion on the control room happens. It's enough to rock the carriage a bit, along with having Elektra lurch forward as if she was unbalanced. "Ow.." she says, taking the chance to stick that earring on the side of one of the men's neck. As for the other, she knows he will be handled swiftly enough by one of her teammates.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt pulls down the mask of his Daredevil suit and crouches with his head down as the robber comes to collect the jewels. As he does he sweeps the car for the prisoner until Elektra makes her move. He lunges forward grabbing the other man, slamming his elbow into his face and pushing him behind him knowing Colleen would be coming and could likely take him out on the move. As he does he tosses the bag of loot towards the marshalls. "Your weapons, get them and help out," he says before scanning the train for another target.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen pulls up her hankerchef, guessing she probably looks like an old timey train robber now as she sees her team go to work. When Matt knocks the guy down, the robber is met with a firm fist to the face and the hard floor of the train behind his head too. She reaches up and pulls down her duffelbag and pulls out her Katana. It's not going on her back, she's holding the scabbard in one hand.

    "That's definitely not he same guy.. but he looks.. like an identical twin?," she comments in confusion and looks toward where the explosion was. "He must have gone down the train.. I'll head up the train to where that big bang was if you two want to go after the real prize."

    There's screeching of cars on the highway as a truck jack-knifes and blocks all the traffic. It is a ruse though as its pully system raises up and the men working on the tube connect a section of it up.. and it is pulled away giving them access to the inside of the hyperloop.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
It's all a chaotic mess inside the train car now, with the robbers, the switch, the explosion... People are cowering on their seats and Elektra takes that opportunity to reach down to take a scarf discarded by a woman huddling over. "You won't need this right now." she murmurs, wrapping it about her face so as to hide her identity. Not that she usually cares, but eh, so many people with phones these days. She wouldn't want to show up on the 11pm news..

The Sais come out and she begins to walk down the isle towards the back, a glance given to Matt, "Coming?" as if her tone implied he was late already. A quick look is given to Colleen and even if she isn't the type to put those kind of things in words the eyes seem to be telling 'be careful'.

And then she is off at quick pace.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt's senses find the guy they're looking for and he calls out. "He's heading for the back between us and the cargo cars." He begins to move after Elektra, using the armrests of aisle seats as need to bypass obstructions and people in the aisle. If he passes Elektra he'll ask her, "What's keeping her," as he moves on by. Though that jack knifing semi draws his attention, "I think there's more trouble coming," he calls back to the ladies.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    And then the emergency lights shut off too. The power to the whole train goes out - including all those electromagnetic locks holding the train cabins together in a long chain. The robbers are very busy down the back of the train as they start hooking up their crane system to the last cabin which was to be delivered to Gotham Central.

    The Marshals recognise Daredevil, one of the heroes of New York - 'The Defenders'. They don't get too much press but that alien invasion was something burned in to everyones mind. One of the marshals hoists their prisoner back up and the other joins Colleen as she starts heading up the train.

    From the back of the train, a dozen ninja drop down in to the cart and begin to make their way forward to meet with Elektra and Matt. They are on defence while the cart is being taken away. Ahead of Matt and Elektra is a man currently undoing his cuffs with a skeleton key. He tosses them on to the ground.

    Scared and burnt face and all, he turns as he meets The Hand ninja, he takes up a defensive position in the middle of the cart and says, "Tell your bosses thanks for the spring.. no way I'm not helping out now." He cracks his neck as the people in the cart start to flee up cabins toward Matt and Elektra.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
You don't go and beat someone when they are on their FAVORED TERRAIN, so Matt indeed goes past Elektra, having her arch a brow. Is she amused though? Well, that also means Daredevil will be the target now instead of her! "Trouble is my middle name..." she says in a nonchallant manner back to Matt, and even with the lights off it doesn't mean she is defenseless. She slides to one side of the pathway, now more focused on the sounds as she advances, certainly not as well as Daredevil but she makes due.

"Lets cut through." She whispers to Daredevil. "Guide me."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt grins grimly at Elektra's banter as he makes his way down the car towards the prisoner and the ninja backing him. Fifteen ninja and the prisoner in the middle. Halfway down the car. Stay close." He draws his batons and advances on the ninja trying to strike first and hard to take advantage of the darkness.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    The ninja were apparently ready for the darkness.. or just very well trained. The jump over chairs and run down the middle rushing to meet Matt. No weapons have been drawn yet. Fists and feet start flying even as others pass by and progress on to Elektra.

    Colleen enters the next cart as the lights go out. The Marshal shouts, "US Marshal put your hand up." Colleen rolls her eyes and then quickly hip bumps him off to the side and dives to the side too as one of the robbers turns and unleashes a blast of machine gun fire.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
No weapons? That's their first mistake. The second is to rush Matt head-on. But they will figure out the error of their ways soon enough. As for the no weapons part..., well... As Elektra listens to Matt's disposition of the track, the number of men on their way she crouches down, reaching under her jacket to take out a small round .., grenade?! She throws it to the ground just as the first few ninjas are reaching her, but instead of an explosion there is a smoke that comes up in the air, sending out a green hue that gives just that minimum of light on their immediate surroundings.

Sais flare out, meeting fist with pointed accuracy as she stabs one through the hand. The other, that one gets a pointy reminder on the shoulder on why weapons are the favored choice of the ninja. Or at least the ones she used to train with!

It's a big enough number of them though so she gets a kick on her stomach for her troubles, sending her flying back against a wall and bringing her blades up in a defensive gesture.

"Go for the prisoner. I can handle this." Sure, handle fifteen ninjas in the dark by herself.. Unlikely!

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt should have known the Hand would be prepared like a troop of evil Boy Scouts. Still Matt has the advantage, he's used to fighting blind all the time, these guys have to work at it, he presses them hard, parrying kicks and punches with steel batons and then countering with blows aimed at the ribs and groin. All the while though his senses are on the prisoner waiting for them to make a move.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    The ninjas seem more than happy to merely hold the line, which is a strange tactic for them for a change. The disappearing Elektra trick has them surprised though.. less so when their colleagues start dying to Sais. The ones fighting Matt are trying to sucker punch him in to submission. But one by one they start to drop and fallback.

    "That's enough pajama party," says the man with the scar as he breaks and tosses a chemical flare on to the ground to light the room. Not that he needs it, as his two fists start to glow brightly and he grins showing off several golden false teeth in his grill. "I'm the immortal fucking fist. Let's see what you've got," says the doppelganger from another Earth and then advances on Matt, his fists moving fast and flashing through the air like glowing torches of bright red.

    The gunman runs out of bullets and Colleen is up and running at him quickly. An uppercut in the darkness and he s dropped, then her sword is drawn and she cuts through the gun straps holding the second gunmans machine gun in place. When the weight is suddenly on both his hands unexpectedly, he fails to complete his reload and she strikes him in the neck with the hilt of her sword. He drops to the ground gasping. She leaves the marshal behind and pushes on to the control cabin.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Elektra growls out after the kick, the rush of the fight starting to invade her, eyes widening and the bloodthirst more present.. She twirls and moves between the hand ninjas. Pawns. Younglings that don't know better, taken as cannon fodder by the merciless Hand. Not that it makes her merciful, she cutting through their ranks with her Sais even if no deadly blows are given. There was still the matter of a promise afterall...

But it's when the scarred man announces himself that Elektra pauses, Sais dripping with blood and she moving to stand next to Matt, looking across to the faux Iron Fist.

"I would lie..., if I said I hadn't been looking forward to this moment." The woman says, eagerness on her tone, that kind of eagerness that normally comes right before a murder. For afterall how often does one get to face off against the Immortal Fist of Kun'Lun, deadly enemy of the Hand? Or in this guy's case? The immortal fucking fist.

When the man comes running she breaks left. "I will take his left."

Matthew Murdock has posed:
Matt can feel those fists radiating energy. "Fuck," he swears when he realizes what's happening. It's all he can do to keep the man back until Elektra joins him then he slips to his right striking with both batons and making a sweep or his legs.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen comes fast to face with three men dressed as ninja. Hand. She scowls and they draw short blades, so she draws her sword. The fight begins in earnest as she sees the driver of the train dead behind her. The situation is obvious - they used C4 to blow a hole in the door, then cut the power to the train. Fists start to fly as steel on steel sparks and she finds herself in the retreat almost as soon as she started to attack.

    The ninja put on a fight against Elektra, but they are too green under the belt to face off against one of the Hand's deadliest warriors. So it becomes two versus this otherworldy Iron Fist. How _this_ guy ever became the Iron Fist is not at all evident, he's not a copy of Danny Rand or anyone else they know.

    His fists meet sai and cast shadows against the train cart and he punches seats, knocking them across the space toward them even as he dodges and weaves like an expert kung fu master.

    A shadow appears in the far door and it becomes clear that the carriage behind this one is being hoisted up in to the air. With the electromagnetic locks off they're simply stealing the whole back of the train. But the shadow is of another ninja, the one dressed in red. He is watching, not moving, not helping.

    The man with the scar laughs, clearly enjoying himself, "Well what are you waiting for?" he asks of the man in red, who still does not move, merely watches. The man in red's heart rate is extremely slow, as opposed to this iron fist whose heart is ramping up - as is his aggression, throwing those deadly fists in nigh unblockable punches toward both Elektra and Matt in turns.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
There's something familiar about the man in red, it makes Matt pause a moment which is a moment too long, he's tagged by just the edge of one of those glowing fists and that's enough to send him flying against the side of the car. He hits the wall hard and drops to the ground before he picks himself up. That's when it clicks.

"Nobu," he breathes. "I saw you die."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
With Matt going for the ol' sweep the leg Elektra goes high, jumping to one side and catching the side of a seat with one hand, pivoting to get out of the way of a burning fist before she attempts to scissor kick the impostor. It's dodged, making her frown. Quite the impressive master. Even if reckless and with wild movements. Still, one punch could be enough to knock her down maybe, or even worse... So she keeps her distance, jumping back as a fist crashes the seat she was against.

Yet one single opponent against Daredevil and Elektra? Good luck! "The actual Iron Fist gives more of a fight..." she murmurs, trying to goad their enemy to make a mistake.

When Matt is clipped it's a surprise to her, having her look at the ninja in red. That would be a problem. She knew of Matt's encounters with the old ninja..

"Focus.." She whispers across to Matt, trying to keep him penned to the moment and not go and remember the past. But it makes her take a kick from their foe, which sends her flying over a pair of benches and she winces, rolling back to her feet and getting back into a fighting posture. "Now I am getting upset."

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen feels the blade slice in to her side even as she is forced to drive her sword in to his stomach. She presses up against him to use him as a body shield so the other two can't immediately get to her, then kicks him away. The warmth of her blood flowing freely down her side reminds her that time is running out.

    The two ninjas, though, have a mission and they have completed it. They stare at Colleen and the way now clear for them to leave.. and they leave, at a run.

    The doppel fist spits up some blood as he stumbles back to catch his bearings. He moves more like a boxer when he's not up closer, and more like a kung fu master when he is up close. He cricks his neck and says, "Now would be a good time Nobu-san." He smirks at Elektra and Daredevil, then spits more blood to the ground.

    Nobu holds out an arm and a long chain with a hooked blade drops out of his red clothing. He stares back at Daredevil in the dim light of the glowing fists and says almost as if he barely recognised him, "Daredevil?" The chain begins to spin as he twirls it and he steps in to the carriage itself.

    "You misunderstand why we have come," Nobu says in his thick Japanese accent, unmistakable to those who have heard him speak before. "About bloody time," says the doppel fist and starts moving toward Elektra quite quickly when the chain whips out and wraps about his neck, the blade and hook embedding in his neck. His fists stop glowing as he twitches on the spot.

    Nobu holds the chain taunt and says, "The Hand cannot allow a second Iron Fist to disrupt our plans." He pulls and rips open the doppel fists neck. Blood gushes and he drops to the ground with a thump. Nobu bows and says, "Thank you for your assistance." In a somewhat patronising tone. He turns and jumps, grabbing the bottom of the carriage as it lifts up and away.

    The sound of sirens approaching from both Metropolis and Gotham can be heard even as the carriage is lowered over the side of the bridge on to a long yacht painted black for the occasion. The Hand makes their get away with their cargo; just as the last two ninja enter the cabin from the opposite side holding bloodied blades.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
"No!" Matt shouts as Nobu strikes a killing blow on the other Iron Fist. He leaps to the man's side but he can already feel the life fading from him, his heart slowing to a stop. He lifts his head turning towards Nobu, the ninja is already leaping away. A baton is sent sailing after him and for a second Daredevil considers jumping after his old foe before sense holds him back, though his senses remain locked on Nobu for as long as he is able his version of a long death stare at his fleeing foe. "Damn it." he says standing by the fallen Iron Fist. "We should get Colleen and get out of here," he says sounding angry and defeated.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
It's arguable if Elektra would be too upset with the real Iron Fist dying. So with this faux one dying? She doesn't even bat an eye. What she does though is to run swiftly to that end of the carriage, letting go of one of her sais and reaching into a pocket. She takes out a small tracking device and tosses it with that kind of accuracy proper of a master. It lodges on one side of the carriage and then she finally turns to Matt, offering a sharp nod.

"We will get him." She says, resting one hand briefly on the devil of hell's kitchen shoulder before the two arriving ninjas call her attention... Blood on their blades?

She squeezes her sais tighter and faces them fully. "Are you so eager to rush to your deaths?" She questions, starting to move against them. Yet if there was blood, it meant Colleen might be hurt, or worse. No mercy.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    It seems the answer is yes, as they must fight to the death or be dishonoured. They charge toward Elektra thinking they can double team her to victory.

    Colleen limps out of the control cabin, gripping her side firmly. There are Hyperloop employees helping people out through the emergency hatches now and out on to the highway where police cars and ambulances are illuminating the scene with their flashing lights.

    Colleen does her level best to blend in with the crowd of people pushing to fight their way out of the train and instead bypass them to head to the back of the train to hopefully find her allies.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
The ninja with the bloody swords make good outlets for Matt's anger as they try to overwhelm Elektra with numbers, (fat chance) Matt dives on one seeking to drive him to the floor beating him with a baton as he goes.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The one on Matt's side is the lucky one apparently because he only takes a baton to knock him out. As for the one Elektra is facing ..., it's a Sai right through the upper-part of the chest, near the heart. Not exactly deadly, but they will need medical attention or else it will very much be. She knees him in the face for good measure before continuing on after Matt as they move from carriage to carriage, hoping to find Colleen.

A walking Colleen, not a dead one.

Colleen Wing has posed:
    She's bruised and bloody when she meets up with Matt and Elektra, both of whom don't look entirely put together either. She leans against a chair with her katana sheathed and her free hand gripping her side tightly. "I think.. I'm going.. to pass.. out.. did.. we.. win?," she pants. But guessing by the blood on them she's guessing the answer is a resounding no.

    The Hand came on this train robbery for two reasons -- to steal something and to kill an iron fist. They brought the manpower they needed to kill an iron fist, which was only just enough when a Daredevil and an Elektra got involved. Whatever they stole though.. is being tracked.

Matthew Murdock has posed:
There isn't the time or the energy to argue about stabbed ninja, Colleen was still unaccounted for, he's left behind in favour of finding their friend. When Matt senses her his attention goes to her wound as he answers her question. "They got what they came for and killed an Iron Fist that isn't Danny," he says not sure how exactly that other Iron Fist came to be. "We can still follow the goods, but you need to get that wound looked at first."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
With a glance up at Matt she murmurs, "They won't have the last laugh..." Elektra's tone quite deadly, and very reassuring too. Sais are put aside and now that the train is starting to get approached by medical teams she goes over to put one shoulder under the girl's arm. "Let's go."

Them coming to this trip had only brought more questions than answers.. But one thing was certain. New York did still beat Metropolis easily!

Colleen Wing has posed:
    Colleen hands her sword over to Matt so she can act like a regular civilian and get some medical treatment. Her world is spinning as Elektra helps her over to the medical teams. "I sure hope.. Gotham hospitals.. aren't too bad," she says with a pained chuckle.