4753/Fighting Cabin Fever and Ourselves

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Fighting Cabin Fever and Ourselves
Date of Scene: 16 January 2021
Location: Sion - Nightclub
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Janet van Dyne, Emma Frost

Janet van Dyne has posed:
It's been a couple of weeks-- months, really-- since Emma's kidnap at the hands of her former allies in the Hellfire Club. A long time spent in near-isolation at Xavier's School, under careful monitoring and guard from fellow X-men.

But there's only so long one can spend babysitting teenagers and grading papers. After some promises and an agreement to maintain /careful/ watch over Emma, Janet had offered to take her into New York to blow some steam off. A car came around to pick Emma up, with Janet inside, and a with a change of clothes suitable for the nightclub.

When the limo pulls up at the club it goes into a side entrance, once the papparazi aren't allowed to access. Janet's dress is a tunic of gold with subtle green undertones, long-sleeved and with a scandalously short hem. The back's completely cut away as well, exposing bare skin from neck to hips. Bootie heels in dark umbre and a matching gold purse complete the ensemble. "A little time among adults, Em, that's the answer," Janet calls into the limo. "Plus, some alcohol, and hopefully we can score some E or something while we're in there. I'll buy, but you're on dealer duty."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma nearly sprinted to get to the Limo when it arrived at the School and before she even sits down, the telepath is practically shouting, "Go go go!" The woman gasps and puts a hand to her chest as she gawks at Janet's gift to her. "Oh Em Gee." Emma says looking from the clothes to Janet and before she reaches for the clothes, Emma is moving to sit next to Janet and takes a hug from the woman. "You're the best."

    Emma changes into the perfectly pieced and procured, and even measured outfit. "You always impress me Jan' how you have everyone's measurements memorized like you do... It's scary." Emma says while her hips are popped up with her feet on the floor and she's getting the pants up over her hips with some vigerous wiggling and wriggling.

    Once they pull up at the secret entrance, Emma looks out the door and swallows at the hint of fear lodging in her throat before she looks up to Janet, "I'm trusting you, and of course you're buying. This whole thing is your idea." Emma climbs out and adjusts her top once she's fully out of the limo and standing straight up, her arm hooking around Janet's back and grabbing her waist to pull her close as they walk in. "We're going to get ffffuuuucked." She says dropping her tone and then smiling devilishly.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Yeaaaah we are," Janet says, echoing the tone. She grins at Emma and hugs her back, and arm in arm they walk into the club.

The paparazzi are at least absent, but there are plenty of members of New York's social elite who recognize the two young businesswomen joining the party. Club music thumps and thuds from the DJ and the dance floor. Janet leads Emma through the (fairly exclusive) group of club members and makes a beeline for the VIP lounge. A bouncer waves them both in with a welcoming expression. Upstairs it's a bit quieter. Fractionally, anyway. This is where the truly wealthy and influential congregate, and there are a few familiar faces pleased to see the two women. Greetings are exchanged with some mutual friends and they find a high table to sit at, one that overlooks the dance floor below. A waiter is there moments later, ready to take their order back to the private bar.

"Pineapple daquiri for me," Janet requests of him. There's no money exchanged, no need to flash IDs. Someone else will handle the details. "Oh and if someone around here has a hookup for some party favors, I'll take whatever you've got."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma is giving smiles and nods to those around as they go past, the smile stuck on her painted red lips and the blunde hangs onto Janet tight, and the woman can feel the tightness through Emma's muscles. It's been a while since she's been in this environment and the last time she doesn't exactly have the fondest of memories.

    A shake of her head as they are led to the VIP Lounge and towards a table that is safely calling their names and Emma finally breaks away from Janet and takes a seat her arms and legs crossed beneath the table as she seems to be more the wallflower currently than the old Emma that would control not only her party, but the other VIP's parties.

    "I'll take two slippery nipples and a jack and coke to nurse." Emma winks towards the waiter before looking back to Janet and leaning closer to the table and towards her friend. "Does it feel different to you?" She asks, not quite looking around and away from Janet yet.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"Not that I've noticed," Janet says. "But if you're feeling self-conscious, the solution's a little chemical mood adjustment. I think you're just not used to being out and about with actual people," she observes. "Because-- and I mean it-- being in a school is like being trapped in some nightmare social science experiment. I think you're just worried someone's going to pop out of a corner and yell at you for not grading papers."

"/Live/ a little, Emma. You need a break from, like, all -that-." Janet gestures with both hands, making a pushing gesture towards Westchester.

She crosses her legs, hooking one heel against the rung under her chair. "So. Let's get you drunk at least, maybe a little high, and I'll curate some good hookup options for you," she offers. Janet's eyes rove around the club. "It is not like we're lacking for eye candy," she adds with a wry tone.

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma reaches up to adjust her top again, with a look at Janet, hoping the woman notices her having to keep herself from popping out of the top. Janet OF COURSE picked out that top JUST for that reason. Emma knows it without even having to read her friend's mind. "You're right. You're right." Emma concedes with a smirk before she leans back in her chair, shoulders up and back, her chin lifted too, looking more like the Emma of the months past.

    "It's not like I don't care about the kids, I do, but fuck... one girl ended up crying her eyes out when another girl started fucking wind milling her arms like a four year old fighting. It was the funniest shit!" Emma says breaking into a smile and laughing even before her gaze looks over the butcher's shop of meet on offering tonight. "There's options, but you know we always outclass everyone, and I don't think I'm able to keep up with you tonight." Emma winks playfully and a hint of seductively in her tone towards Janet before looking back over the crowds.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet smiles, wholly unapologetically. "So you're at the top of the pecking order, as per usual. Deign to improve someone's night, then. Two or three someones if you want, I'm not gonna judge you." The waiter returns with their drinks. Janet catches the cocktail straw between thumb and forefinger and sips carefully, looking around the crowd. Fingers play with the little patriotic pendant that sits at the hollow of her throat, almost unconsciously.

The waiter returns a few moments later, and leans over the table. "If you ladies like, my bartender has some goods under the counter. Quality stuff, I promise."

Janet digs in her purse, comes up with two Benjamins and hands them to the waiter. "A little E for me then, and an edible if you've got it." She looks to Emma with an inquiring lift of her brow.

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Of course I'm at the top, you still have your... spangled man, don't you?" Asks Emma with a mischevious smile before she takes her three drinks and sets them up on the table, sliding one of the shots towards Janet, expecting her friend to be as debaucherous as herself tonight. "Y'know... I want some sugar." Emma smiles wide and then leans back in her chair with her shot in hand and waits for Janet to pick up the copy.

    With a lift towards her friend. "To a night we wont remember." And then tosses the drink into her mouth and then swallows with a bit of a bitter face before lifting her arms and shouting her jubilation and glee. WOOO!

    "I think... two or three might be... perfect." Emma swoons playfully with a growl in her throat as she begins to look around again.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet hoists the drink to salute Emma, echoes the cry of celebration, and throws the shot back. The waiter slips off to obtain their contraband and the socialite reaches for her rum again.

"Me and Steve? Going on three years now," Janet confirms, nodding. "Which is crazy, I know. Part of me still feels like I was going out clubbing like... -this-," she says, with a pointed waggle of her finger at the table, "just a couple months ago. Cruising the town, hooking up, going crazy all the time. Steve doesn't care if I go out and get wrecked, at least. It's not his jam, but he doesn't keep me from going out clubbing."

Emma Frost has posed:
    "I'm happy for you. I'd... I'd ruin a man like that." Emma says with a smile that hides the sudden sorrow that crosses her eyes and she lifts her jack and coke to take a long pull from before looking back towards the waiter, wanting to do something rather vile tonight, but he's... not quite up to par.

    "Oh my god. I was about to ask you where we're crashing tonight... FUCK I /do/ need this time off." Emma allows her foot to swing off the chair and she's standing up, moving around the high table, and stretching it seems. Getting limber and making sure she looks like she's class, wealthy, and DTF! Though the halter top does most of those things without looking trashy. "This outfit is fuckin' amazing Janet. Tell me you /didn't/ make it."

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"I'm trying my best, but he seems pretty incorruptible," Janet says with a wry smile. It's meant to be encouraging. "And if a bitch like me can't tank it, I think that you're selling yourself a little short."

The waiter brings over a little box of decorative cardboard, leaves it discreetly on the table. Janet opens it and digs out a chicle-sized tablet, pops it in her mouth, and washes it down with a sip of rum.

"I totally did make it, bled my fingers to the bone, slaved over a hot oven all day." She bites the straw between her back teeth, looking Emma up and down. "Kidding. It's off the rack, don't hate me. But I do have your measurements on file and I hemmed it to fit. I gotta say, you're killing it. Looks amazing."

Emma Frost has posed:
    Emma claps her hands, not at all discreet, but when you could buy the club, you tend to not be super worried about what others think of you. "You're the short one, don't forget it, Though you never have to worry about being a size queen." She teases before reaching in after Janet into the box and uses her pinky nail and ... slips it under her nose and sniffs quickly before doing it again with her other nostril. "OH."


Janet van Dyne has posed:
"I'm only short when I wanna be, honey," Janet observes with a haughty grin. She dips a finger in the box and rubs it across her gums, then shivers. "I like being fun-sized. Easier for Steve to toss me around. What do I wanna be, one of those Asgardians? I couldn't wear heels if I was over six feet tall, and I am not giving up my shoe collection for anything."

She leans sideways to look out over the dance floor below, then looks back at Emma. "How's it going up there? At the school I mean. Aside from being like, mind-blowingly dull. Are you kinda..." shoulders swing back and forth. "Getting your feet under you again? Feeling better? Worse? The same?"

Emma Frost has posed:
    "Exactly my point. Everyone's 'big enough'." Emma says, lifting her hands to give the 'air quotes' but teasingly towards her friend. Leaning forwards and lowering not only the pitch and timber of her voice, but lowering her volume to make sure only Janet is able to hear. "How /is/ Steve, I've wanted to know since... we'll y'know, it's not every day your bestie shares a bed with Achilles or Pitt." Emma says, waggling her eyebrows briefly before leaning back and answering the question Janet asked first.

    "The school is ... y'know, I have a lot more freedom than I expected, even with all the goody two shoes that are there, and some of them have sticks up their butts the size of busses." Emma smirks at the very thought before reaching back into the box and taking another fingernail scoop of the white powder and sniffing quickly while rolling her head back. "I think it might be good for me."