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  The Wasp  
Janet van Dyne (Scenesys ID: 60)
Name: Janet van Dyne
Superalias: The Wasp
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Occupation: Fashionista, Billionaire
Citizenship: American
Residence: New York
Education: MFA
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Groups: GIRL, Hellfire Club, Pym Tech, Avengers
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 22 June 1995 Played By Morena Baccarin
Height: 5'4" Weight: 125lb
Hair Color: Dark Brown Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Man! I feel like a Woman," - Shania Twain

Character Info


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Janet van Dyne is the billionaire owner of JVD fashion and a founding member of the Avengers. Under her nom de guerre of 'The Wasp', her ability to shrink at will and telepathically control insects is a major asset to the team. When she's not off saving the world or revolutionizing fashion, she is at the heart of the social scene all over the globe. Janet never misses a chance to show up at a party, attend the latest gala, or be seen mingling with the best and brightest among the rich and famous.


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1995: Date of birth.
2005: Clara van Dyne, Janet's mother, dies.
2006: Sent to boarding school in Sweden.
2012: Disciplinary trouble has Janet retuned to NYC. She swiftly gains a reputation as a young dliettante and socialite.
2012: Janet starts classes at The Chapin School in New York.
2014: Enrolls in the MFA program at Empire State.
2015: Vernon is killed by an alien entitty. She bullies Hank Pym into arming her with experimental biogenetics and Pym Particles, and becomes The Wasp.
2017: Wedding of Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne.
2018: In response to the Death of Superman, Janet assembles with the other founding members of the Avengers for the first time.
2018: Janet divorces Hank Pym.
2018: Janet takes leave from the Avengers to pilot her business, JVD
2019: Returning to the Avengers in January 2019. Begins dating Steven Rogers.

IC Journal

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The Winsome Wasp:
Janet is a gregarious, highly outgoing Type A personality. She's the life of every party and the center of every conversation. She's effusive, charming, and energetic. Janet can also be vexatious, petty, and as vengeful as her namesake. There is no half speed for Janet in anything she does. She's an efficient if commanding leader when called upon and capable of making swift decisions without resorting to fear or panic. One wouldn't think a vain socialite capable of courage, but Janet is quite fearless about danger or loss. There is a sweet woman at her heart, capable of love and affection. But there's an awful lot of fearless, somewhat sociopathic narcissist one has to chisel past first.

Character Sheet


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Insect Inside:
Radical experimental therapies were used to help Janet integrate the Pym Particles into her body. Her metabolism runs highly efficient; she eats less, sleeps less, and sees more positive results from exercise. Janet is resistant to many common illnesses and recovers fast from wounds. Her wings were grown from DNA cell grafts and emerge from pockets on her shoulderblades when she reaches a suitable size to use them. If they are torn off, they will regrow in time. Janet can fly at a nominal speed of 30mph and manuever as easily as a housefly.

Pym Particle:
The integration of the Pym Particle into Janet's metabolism allows her to grow or shrink at will. Her strength shifts in proportion to her size. At 50' tall, Janet can lift objects weighing up to five tons. Her comparative strength increases as she shrinks, so she can lift objects that dwarf her in mass. Growing beyond 30' is enormously physically taxing. Shrinking has virtally no lower limit, but past the scale of insects, even Janet requires special survival gear.

Summon Swarm:
An implant in Janet's brain gives her near-absolute command over all insects nearby. Spiders, wasps, ants-- they see her as both queen and larvae in danger. Particularly complex commands require her eyes-on presence, and the communication with them is one-way only.

Wasp Sting:
Janet can generate bioplasma suspended in an electromagnetic field. Once discharged, either by hurling the mass or breaking the field, she can easily blast through reinforced cinderblock walls. This power scales with her dimensions. She can also generate an intense electric shock capable of incapacitating most humans and many metahumans.


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Fashion is just one of Janet's skills. She is a talented painter, sketch artist, and indoor designer.

Janet speaks excellent Spanish with a heavy Bronx-influenced accent.

Business Sense:
One doesn't own a billion dollar brand without being business savvy. Janet built up a fashion empire in just a handful of years. She also invested heavily in Pym Technologies and is still the majority shareholder of that entity, and makes sure Hank's creative genius doesn't lead down a rabbit's warren of labor without profitable results.

Janet is moderately proficient at judo and has developed a fighting style all her own that makes full use of her flight and shrinking abilities. She is more than capable of holding her own against many opponents who are still in the baseline of 'human'.

Being a social climber is work. Janet thrives in that environment. She's extremely well connected through other people her age, the arts scene, music, fashion, and through her philanthropic efforts, she knows many of the rich and powerful of New England on a personal basis.


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The van Dyne estate was worth north of $100 million when Janet inherited the wealth of one of America's oldest families. Janet's worth over a billion dollars now, thanks to her majority shareholding in Pym Technologies as well as a very lucrative IPO when JVD Fashion went public. She maintains luxury apartments all over the world and a penthouse suite near the East Village.

Jvd Fashion:
JVD Fashion is the fastest growing fashion label in the world. Janet's already diversified her interests aggressively and is snatching up small but brilliant luxury designers and producers from many different countries. The leveraged assets of the total JVD Fashion corporation exceed several billion dollars and account for fifteen percent of all global luxury goods and five percent of all clothing sales.


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High-Functioning Addict:
Janet uses a lot of prescription medication and designer drugs to faciliate her active lifestyle. Uppers, downers, amps, mood alteration-- she's rather meticulous about how and when she uses, though, rather than relying on drugs as a form of escapism.

Public Figure:
Janet is larger than life and splashed all over the media everywhere she goes. There is little privacy and no obscurity wherever she goes in the world.

Textbook narcissism with some sociopathic tendencies. Janet has few qualms about using violence or emotional manipulation to her way with people, and has used lethal force on more than a few occassions where it was felt necessary.

Self-absorbed often comes to mind. It makes her seem shallow and superficial, and her reckless disregard for consequences may have implicatiosn down the road.

Social climbers have long memories and wasps will attack enemies in a blind rage. Janet exemplifies the worst of both of those mentalities. People who cross her or threaten her end up regretting it profoundly, even if it takes months or years to deliver.



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Janet van Dyne has 92 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
Enter the Van Queen. September 16th, 2021 Gwen brings Bando to meet Janet. Will plaid make a return?
Hellfire Club End of Summer Pool Party August 22nd, 2021 There was a pool party! Everyone had a time.
Little Red Room Reunion June 8th, 2021 Janet and Nadia visit Natasha back when she was in recovery. It's fairly positive. Characters changed hands during a pause, so it ends abruptly.
Rebuilding GIRL, post NOWHERE June 6th, 2021 Janet stops by to check on Nadia after NOWHERE's attack on GIRL.
Tony's Birthday party May 30th, 2021 Tony's birthday party becomes the setting for Gremlins IV.
Virtuous Signalling May 21st, 2021 No description
Setting the stage for an Expo April 16th, 2021 The team at GIRL plans for the first-ever GIRL Expo!
Quiet Evenings Are A Nice Thing March 24th, 2021 A quiet night at Janet's condo includes talk about JFK, Hippies, Lex Luthor, and Steve trying to prepare for the possibility things may go sideways due to Hydra.
Dressing Sara March 18th, 2021 Dick Grayson brings Sara Pezzini to visit Janet van Dyne and get fitted for an outfit for his birthday celebration.
Broken Mirrors: Novgorod March 18th, 2021 SHIELDvengers and the Titans assault a secret facility in Russia, manage not to mangle international law too horribly, and rescue some of the Red Room cadets, but find more questions than answers in the process.
Another Place To Hang Ones Shield February 26th, 2021 After the pair have finished dealing with some high tech hijackers, Steve takes Janet by his old apartment in Brooklyn.
Another You: God Save The Queen February 17th, 2021 The Queen comes to Pym Technologies, The Queen does not leave Pym Technologies.
A G.I.R.L.'s night off. January 28th, 2021 Nadia and Janet have a girl's night in.
A Quaint Place January 27th, 2021 The second of a first date sees Steve and Janet at a small, very old New York pub. Steve gets an assist from the crowd. Or maybe Janet did.
GIRLs Gather! January 17th, 2021 The Mori case is discussed.
Fighting Cabin Fever and Ourselves January 16th, 2021 No description
They're No Sonja Henie January 12th, 2021 Cap takes Janet ice skating in a backscene of their early relationship.
Broken Mirrors: The Lost December 30th, 2020 SHIELD, GIRL, and PymTech are woken up at 3am by unexpected alerts from The Hospice. Despite their best efforts to intervene the Red Room trainees are taken, seemingly by none other than Natasha 'Black Widow' Romanoff?!
A Midwinter Night's Dream December 29th, 2020 Back scene, Janet has managed to get under Steve's skin. Plans are made for ice skating.
Decking the Avenger Halls December 26th, 2020 Some of the Avengers come together to decorate the Mansion for Christmas!
Bustin Out - Above Ground December 24th, 2020 Members of SHIELD respond to the Serpent Society trying to break Sidewinder out of The Raft. The serpents are defeated and the backup generators turned on.
Flashback: Who Watches The Watcher on Monitor Duty December 24th, 2020 A flashback scene for Steve and Janet. Steve doesn't miss much, but some passes seem to go right over his head.
Going Greek December 21st, 2020 A casual lunch outing turns into a plot to redecorate Avenger's Mansion.
New York Style Legal Advice December 8th, 2020 A casual chat with Nadia, Janet, and Jennifer Walters. Janet gives Jen some legally questionable advice.
A Gruesome Rescue November 8th, 2020 X-Men and some notable Avengers come rescue Kitty, Noriko and others from Emma's mess. Some got away.
GIRLs Night in the Mansion November 8th, 2020 Nadia, Natasha, Janet, and Wanda chat at the mansion about the incorporation of G.I.R.L. and why Nadia shouldn't do paperwork by herself. (Also magic and aliens.)
Spooktacular Justice Party October 19th, 2020 The Justice League Halloween party!
A little way to say 'thank you' October 11th, 2020 Janet showers Kara with some gifts in appreciation for her intervention in saving Nadia and Janet from the Red Room.
Avenging Is Hard Work October 7th, 2020 A training session in the Avenger's Training Room gives way to breakfast and talk about Halloween costumes
Kori and Janet: Temp title October 6th, 2020 Kori visits Janet in her office and gets some sound advice (and a birthday bonus).
My Name is Nadia Pym-van Dyne October 5th, 2020 Nadia comes to Janet with a question and leaves with a new name, as well as a discussion about things to come.
A Very Welcome Home Party October 4th, 2020 A party for Nadia's return home on Janet's yacht brings out some of the best and dearest friends the Wasp and Waspette have.
Recuperative Therapy September 29th, 2020 A spa day turns into a family feud, but nothing a good hug can't solve.
They Don't Serve Martinis Here September 27th, 2020 When Nadia and Janet van Dyne wake up in the hospital after their rescue, Steve Rogers is there to greet them.
Favors for Friends September 26th, 2020 Natasha and Janet have a long talk about the Red Room and the experience brings them both a little closer as friends.
The Red Room September 26th, 2020 A combined team of Titans and Avengers assault the Red Room facility. Nadia, Janet, and even Ying are rescued. Everyone lives Happily Ever After ...for now.
A Race Against Time September 24th, 2020 The signal comes and Janet escapes! Escapes deeper into the facility where she manages to reunite with Nadia and a gravity bomb later they are ready to start fighting their way out. Will the reinforcements in the Strike Team make it in time? Find out next time!
A Visitor in the Dark September 23rd, 2020 Janet gets a surprise visitor in the night, but can she really trust her?
Shadows of the Past September 21st, 2020 Janet is forced to recall her capture and receives a visit from Nadia's old friend Ying.
Would the Real Mother Please Stand Up September 18th, 2020 Nadia is brought to a Red Room facility in Russia where she encounters Maria Trovaya, Janet?!, and 'Mother'.
Have You Seen This Wasp September 2nd, 2020 The Russian Consulate and US State Department visit Janet and Nadia spends the night.
Like a Bad Penny... September 2nd, 2020 Sometimes things turn out just the way you expect.
Tim Drake in the House of Fashion August 26th, 2020 Tim Drake approaches Janet regarding a matching ensemble for him and his special lady.
Post Yoga Brunchies August 20th, 2020 Two pairs get together for delicious brunch!
Infinite laps in the pool August 19th, 2020 A quiet evening of introspection for Steve and Janet.
Watchtower Unveiling August 17th, 2020 A crowd of dignitaries, journalists, and superheroes gather at the Justice League's moon base to celebrate the inauguration of the Watchtower.
Seven Deadly Sins Ball August 12th, 2020 Surprisingly devoid of any real scandal
Unstopping the Unstoppable Waspette August 4th, 2020 Janet comes by to give Nadia some cheering up, and Nadia decides to dub herself: The Unstoppable Waspette!
Ants up on the balcony July 30th, 2020 Viv Vision and Nadia pay a visit to Janet's penthouse for some advice.
Complicated Family Trees July 26th, 2020 Nadia comes to Janet asking for some advice and some help about her living situation.
Complications Ensue. July 23rd, 2020 Janet has a plan. Maybe. Steve's a good sounding board as it is.
Of Ants and Ant-Men July 23rd, 2020 Yeah, she's Hank's kid!
So Then He Says... July 17th, 2020 A little sparring, a little banter, a little wondering what the hell Barnes is up to, a little bit of playing dead -- the usual.
Through the Looking Glass Darkly July 14th, 2020 Our heroes brave the portal to a parallel Earth, rescue Hank from the abomination that is PymTron, and break all of his stuff on their way out!
Genosha Burns: Avengers ORGANIZE! June 26th, 2020 Various Brainiac info is shared, and plans are made!
A Wild Wasp Appears! June 21st, 2020 A Wild Wasp Appears searching for her missing father! She has a wild tale to tell the Avengers and given the numerous shady elements in her past soon finds herself under house arrest awaiting a SHIELD investigation and paternity tests.
Treading Water June 20th, 2020 Avengers enjoy some last relaxing moments before world events call for attention
Bailar en La Rosaleda June 5th, 2020 No description
Fly Fly Dragonfly June 3rd, 2020 Glamour met Janet. Branding was discussed. Janet is scary.
A Very Friendly Kidnapping May 31st, 2020 Janet bullies Pepper into going out for drinks.
Does the Rain in Spain Stay Mainly on the Plains May 31st, 2020 A much-needed vacation to Madrid, Spain starts off with a thunderstorm. That's not enough to keep Janet and Steve inside!
The Buoyant: Post Party May 29th, 2020 A few hangers-on enjoy a late night drink aboard Tony's yacht after the official festitivies conclude.
Stark's Yacht Party May 28th, 2020 Tony Stark has a birthday party!
And In the Brown Paper Bag! May 21st, 2020 No description
Quite the View May 16th, 2020 A quiet dinner-date night on a penthouse rooftop and a string-lofted rendition of 'At Last' for Steve and Janet, always time well-spent.
Paprikash May 14th, 2020 Avengers gather over a pot of paprikash. Janet has good news, Wanda bad.
Bronx Night Market Meandering May 4th, 2020 Janet and Steve sample the best of the Bronx Night Market, from tequila to fritters, and Steve's gift remains a secret yet.
A Buzz and Banter Abounding April 29th, 2020 Asgardian mead makes for reminiscing and history musings alike.
WAFFLES! April 28th, 2020 Thor makes waffles for everyone and everyone loves him.
Avengers Ultimates: Burger Edition April 22nd, 2020 On a night off, the Avengers take on a diner's challenge of eating a three pound cheeseburger
Happy Birthday, Avengers! April 20th, 2020 The Avengers gather in their back yard for Thor and Scott's birthday celebrations.
Sit Rep: Perilous April 15th, 2020 Just what is in that sketchpad that Janet leaves lying on the couch? Inquiring minds (named Steve) want to know! Grand miscommunication ensues.
The Hazards of Social Media April 11th, 2020 An attempt by HYDRA to ruin everyone's day is scuttled when Janet, Luke, and Steve manage to overcome the sudden attempt.
The Art and Balance of Peace April 4th, 2020 An evening of meditative Tai Chi and art alike is good for the soul.
Down-Home Double Date April 4th, 2020 All is not well in the state of Lafayette's Beau Cherie. Emma and Janet, accompanied by Alex and Steve, find this out the hard way and finally -- FINALLY -- someone silences the singing animatronic gator.
Stitch Witchering April 3rd, 2020 Emma approaches Janet to get a new dress made for the upcoming Gala!
A Quiet Evening is a Blessing April 2nd, 2020 Janet and Steve enjoy a quiet dinner of conversation and sushi while the contents of that sketchbook remain a mystery. FOR NOW.
Silk for the Ghost Spider March 26th, 2020 Gwen Stacy approaches Janet van Dyne about getting a new costume made to replace the one she lost during the multiverse shuffle.
A Superlative Dining Experience March 24th, 2020 Karen and Janet have a talk about Power Girl's prospects as an Avenger.
Lord Rogers Assembles his First Legion March 24th, 2020 The Avengers receive some unexpected guests: Seven Einherjar from Asgardia, pledging their services to Steve Rogers, Lord of Midgard!
Gossip's Risky Business March 23rd, 2020 Janet presses Natasha for details about Tony; it turns into some heartfelt soul-sharing for the two Avengers.
Hail to the King March 20th, 2020 Steve Rogers, newly appointed Lord of Midgard, informs Janet of the changes to the status quo.
I Guess We're Having a Discussion March 19th, 2020 Steve and Tony talk politics and titles, Janet shares nigiri.
Be Certain It's a Good Fit March 14th, 2020 No description
Avengers: Some Assembly Required March 10th, 2020 Tony unveils brand new Avengers merchandise to his fellow Avengers!
Hot Couture March 8th, 2020 Fashion Weekend in Gotham City gets crashed...and burned.
Baby, It's Only Sort of Cold Outside March 3rd, 2020 Steve lets Janet in on a little secret: Superman is alive.
Operation Wholesome Torture February 26th, 2020 Janet leads a shopping adventure with Steve, Lois, and Clark.
Apparently, Midgard is the Time-Out Room February 24th, 2020 Thor brings news of Loki's exile on Midgard to the rest of the Avengers. Opinions vary. Disappointed looks reign.
Respite in the Workplace February 21st, 2020 No description
Pasta and Palaver February 19th, 2020 A dinner out covers a variety of discussions, including just how fast a check can arrive to the table.
Things that Can't Be Bought February 18th, 2020 Janet and Lois are having tea, and meet Illyana; Janet decides it's time to meddle in Lois' love life.


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Janet van Dyne has 92 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
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