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bank Robbery
Date of Scene: 21 January 2021
Location: Long Island
Synopsis: Flash and Owari dine out post bank robbery foil.
Cast of Characters: Chizue Nakamura, Wally West

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    The street's been empty for hours now, because business hours ended ages ago. Yet parked right infront of the "Western Deposit bank co" is a trio of flashy Porsche SUVs, curbside doors left open. Nevermind that they've left the front door to the bank propped open with a trashcan, it's about as obvious as can be that they're a bank robbery of some type going on. It's not even just blatant, it's comically blatant amateur hour stuff really. Yet the alarms aren't sounding, sirens don't wail in the distance. For the moment despite the obviousness of it all, nobody seems to have noticed.

    Owari's noticed of course, she noticed the moment they started getting set up. She noticed the device one of them has is more accurate, the one which has wireless coms down the block almost completely disrupted. So she stands on the ledge opposite the bank, watching these would be master minds as she peels their tech apart layer by layer.
    Now of course hero 101 is usually "get the look outs first", and well Owari's parked in a primo spot for a wiser bank crew. Not that she's all that easy to spot, that perfect black knee length poncho of hers means even without the cloak tuned up she's hard to spot. The fist full of telecom wires she's strung between a nearby cell tower and her armored gauntlet though, or the presence of "Spider Man" webbing on the walkway behind her though? Not usual bankrobber stuff, the webbing of course is a big flag alone.

Wally West has posed:
Wally was travelling through Long Island. The fashionable place for the obnoxious sort of rich people who will neither acknowledge how rich they are, nor how much they have inherited. This of course meant that alot of Wally's favorite greasy spoons are being priced out of the neighborhood. Passing through neighborhood had sort of a meloncholy vibe for him as a result.

Today he had a less than urgent delivery. Some rich jerk had forgotten to get their kid anything and was as a result sending a large flat package at lightspeed from a place name that he didn't recognize in bulgaria to the kid's birthday party which would be starting in half an hour. The dad had of course misremembered the time, so Wally went to the venue to see that it wasn't open to the public yet. Now he had half an hour to kill and nothing to do.

He sped past a bank and about a block later realized that normally their doors weren't propped open with trashcans. That was usually suspicious. He left a nice long black skid trail as he reversed directions to head back to the bank. He sped in to a room full of people sitting on the ground with a few people in black leather trenchcoats, black masks and smgs standing around.

Well these were some unfourtunate robbers. Wally zipped in and started removing bolts from guns. He had left a the barrel off of one in his haste, but it fit his slapstick sensibilities, so he left it. He also took the time to pull their masks over their eyes.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    Theres a wince at a telltale blur, and a slump of the shoulders from everyone's favorite ninja. Never the less she zips on over to the bank, before slipping down to the ground floor to meander in the front door just as casual as can be. She's not easy to see even in broad daylight really, all but invisible as she peers about the lobby. "One of them has an interesting bit of technology, like a cellphone with a bunch of antennas."That voice washed through god knows how many electronic filters to be as intimidating as possible.

    Then well she lets that thermoptic camo drop, and she all but snaps into existance. Dressed head to toe in a deep perfect flat black, save for the brilliant blue of that polygonal tanuki mask she's got on. One hand sliding back to casually grip her pair of swords, but well slumped shoulders hardly seems terribly ready for a fight.

    "I trust you can handle these try hards otherwise?"Mask swiveling around to lock onto the nearest hood who's desperately fiddling with his deactivated SMG.

Wally West has posed:
Wally looks over at the shadowy figure. He is initially confused, because normally when he sees someone running around in black with swords there is going to be a problem. At the very least because they are going to kill some unfourtunate litterbug or something. He has not had good experiences with ninjas.

"How do I know that you aren't with them?" This was ofcourse a silly question, because obviously no one ever admitted to being a part of the crew. Who knew what devious tricks ninjas would play?

Wally started on another one of these unfourtunate robbers -- ending up by flipping the mans trench coat over his head and using his belt to tie it up. He also pulled out a couple pieces of paper from one of the middle tables. He had a trick for handling invisible people. All of this would normally wind up being a four or five hand job, but juggling was easy with superspeed. You could often as not just leave something in the air and have it still be sitting in the air still starting to fall when you were done with whatever else you were up to.

Of course Wally was not infact familiar with the layout of the bank and so found himself looking around for one of those fire escape plan maps. Not exactly what he liked to be doing in the middle of a bank robbery.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "I'm Owari."She offers,before lifting her left arm towards a nearby robber and -Splurch-! She pins him to the wall with a burst of that sticky white webbing, Spider Man's trademark weapon in action. "If you need a reference you can call the Spider, otherwise I'd never have shown myself."Demonstration complete she casually flips that poncho over one shoulder exposing the racks of pouches and grenades clipped everywhere, nevermind the Kanji paint penned over her chest plate.

    "And relax a little, these guys are amatuers in the extreme. Rich kids playing games, I was going to wait until afterwards to pop them."She glances across the lobby, before zeroing in on one hood and neatly webbing him against a convient railing. From there she's all but casual as she reaches into his jacket pocket to fish out, well it looks like a smart phone covered in Antennas. "Interesting, somebody got nice toys."And with a -click-, the bank alarms stir to life and start ringing.

Wally West has posed:
"Ahh you are a spider person." He relaxes a bit. "So do you also quip, or is that something only the main spider dude does?" Wally slows down. "What is the world coming to? Rich kids robbing banks? Man I remember when they used to stick to fraud and embezzlement. Do you remember those days? I miss them already."

"Say, you wanna get some food? I need a bite to eat, and I have-- He checks his watch -- 29 minutes to kill." He looks on at the spider-ninja's handy work with no small amount of admiration. The instant the speedforce activates in you, everything else you to do ceases to be impressive. Meanwhile, other people's schticks remain impressive.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "I'm his friend, but not a spider person."She returns almost immediately, though she hardly even glances up. Instead busied with tugging a few cables from her chest rig and plugging into that little jammer with a faint little nod. "I brought my own, but I'd be happy to keep you company if you want. Bad luck for heroes to dine alone, or so the saying goes."And finally she snaps that polygonal Tanuki mask around to lock onto Wally. "Give me a minute or two to snagging their phones, and then I'll join you. Rooftop cross the street sound good to you?"
    It's like somebody hitting a lightswitch, even with a speedster's sense of perception it's quick. That blue lighting of her mask drops out, and she all but immediately blends right back into the background. She's not invisible of course, you can still -see- her but it'd be mighty hard to notice unless you knew where to look right? Ninja tricks for the win.

Wally West has posed:
"Well, I look forward to eating with you." Wally's stomach is already grumbling. He had a long journey here and then had to deal with guns. That is always a recipe for hunger with him. He begins looking through his catalogue of restaurants with ready food for one that hasn't closed.

The gentrification of this neighborhood makes getting a quick meal a little more challenging, but he finds a stir-fry joint with a buffet. This is of course an amazing find in a neighborhood where hipsters have made the burger joints into the kind of place that costs a hundred dollars a meal and requires a 3-week reservation -- up until their buzz cools down and they go out of business.

He zips up to the appointed rooftop with his bag full of takeout.

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    She isn't long thankfully, decloaking oncemore with a little sigh. She issues another glance back towards the bank, before simply crossing her legs and plopping down right where she stands. "Nice work with the bank robbery, I had been planning on watching them for a little while longer but.."And well she plops down a stacks of phones and that signal jammer, before reaching back to pluck her little backpack free. That foldup semi-transparent little SMG is set to the side, before she pops the lid open and removes a jet black Bento box.

    A bento box covered in adorable little cartoon Tanukis, Foxes, Ravens and ninja stars. A ninja lunch box people, what did you expect?"I'll strip their phones and pull their meta-data apart, figure out everything they've done for the last few weeks. Not a big deal really."

Wally West has posed:
"That is an amazing lunch box. I have to know where you got it." Wally puts down the first container and starts devouring his way through it. "...But I Showed up. Yup I get that alot." He moves on his next container. "Thats part of why I don't patrol--especially in newyork. It always feels superfluous. Someone is on everything."

"That gun disturbs me. Partly because its a gun, and partly because it looks almost exactly like a water pistol I had when I was 12." He pulls out yet another container. "So what you got? To eat, I mean."

He squints when he hears her plan for the phones. "That sounds ominous, but I work with Batman, so who am I to judge."

Chizue Nakamura has posed:
    "The true measure of a Ninja is pragmatism, use the best tool for the job not what dogma dictates."She returns casually, before popping that box open to reveal the sushi, bits of carrot, red pepper, rice arranged to look like an 8-bit Mario. "Nothing special, just what I had laying around. My first day back in NYC after being home in Japan for a few months, takes awhile to get to all the right Japanese Markets to get set back up."Says the Ninja with the most carefully arranged lunchbox in new York.

    "Made from titanium, so it's non magnetic and light."Titanium chopsticks are likewise produced and finally she pulls that polgyonal Tanuki mask away to expose the bullet scarred armored faceplate below decorated with dull blue Kanji. She breaks the seal on that lid with an audible hiss of pressure, before tilting the faceplate back just barely enough to eat with. Then well, she digs on in. "Always a trip to come back to New York, everyone knows who I am in Japan. Nothing more New York than having to explain myself I suppose."

Wally West has posed:
"Man, that is what you have sitting around? I don't really bother with a fridge for my self, because I can empty one in evening. Mario, huh? So does that mean that you used to have Zelda and metroid in your cupboards?" Wally starts on some of the rice. He is actually quite impressed with her lunchbox.

"Too bad it isn't magnetic. You could have those word magnets on the inside, and write stupid messages. That seems like a serious missed opportunity." He finishes his last thinkg of lo mein. "Well I certainly won't forget you, but yeah when you change continents you have to build your rep all over again. The plus side is you get to introduce yourself all over again with the benefit of experience." He gets up from his seat. "I have to go now, but it was great to meet you."

Wally gets up and gather up his litter and zips. He at last gets to deliver the package he has been holding for half an hour. Today has been an interesting day.