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  Owari (The End)  
Chizue Nakamura (Scenesys ID: 1016)
Name: Chizue Nakamura
Superalias: Owari (The End)
Gender: Female
Species: Human+
Occupation: Ninja/sys admin
Citizenship: Japanese/American
Residence: New York City
Education: Bachelors in Network security and Network administration, Tokyo U.
Theme: Original (OC)
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 8 Aug 1998 Played By Kasumi Arimura
Height: 5'5" Weight: 112 lb
Hair Color: black Eye Color: Brown
Twitter: CowboyOtaku
Theme Song:

Character Info


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Are Ninjas stealing your lunch money, kicking your dog or trying to kill you? Well if that totally-a-documentary Ninja III:The Domination is to be believed, only a Ninja can kill a Ninja. Thats where "Owari" comes in, because being a Ninja herself she is uniquely sorted for all your Ninja-removal needs. She can also probably reset your wifi password for you, or talk your ear off about spaghetti westerns.


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1468:The Haga clan immigrates from Iga village northward, finally settling in Edo. The Haga theatre company quickly earns a reputation as the city's premier Noh theatre performers.
1493:The Haga clan decides to maintain it's Ninja heritage, and creates it's own school of Ninjutsu. Their mystical rites and abilities have been lost with their immigration from Iga, they begin using a wide array of tools and stage techniques to make up for the difference.
1502:The Haga Ninja formally enter into the service of the Emperor of Japan, the clan finally prospers.
1831:Nezumi Kozo (Nakamura Jirokichi) is captured after burglarizing more than a hundred samurai homes, and suspected of the assasination of more than thirty high ranking Samurai in Edo. Despite having been banished by the Haga clan years prior, he disgraces the clan and is executed by the emperor.
1903:The Haga clan becomes primary investors in Tokyo Electric, the clan once again flourishes.
1906:Head of the Haga clan, Akimitsu Haga is assasinated by a Ninja believed to be in service of the Hand. The Haga clan declares war.

1998:Chizue is born into a Ninja household. Her birthdate is considered especially fortunate, and she is selected for specialized training at birth.
2004:Chizue begins intensive home schooling, and her Ninja training.
2008:Chizue is honored with her first live blade, and demonstrates a profound nack for the work.
2012:Chizue begins her real world training, and begins her vigilantee career. Her young age, skill and distinctive yellow Scarf are an instant hit. "The yellow scarf buster" is born.
2013:The Yellow Scarf Buster teams up with another popular young hero, "The Black cat". They're the youngest duo in Tokyo at the time, and prove to be quite formidable.
2016:Chizue retires the Yellow Scarf, and parts ways with her partner amicably. Begins college and begins operating as a proper Ninja.

2018:Chizue makes her first kill, followed by nine more in an attempted terrorist attack on Tokyo. Social media dubs her "Owari".
2019:Chizue is tasked with tracking down and eliminating a rogue Iga ninja operating in Tokyo, but they are not alone. She manages to kill her target, and their fifteen underlings though is gravely injured. She is awarded the title of "Chunin", and finishes the year on the injured roster.
2020:Chizue graduates with her bachelors, and is tasked with tracking down "Fake" ninja in America as part of a wider plan to expand the clan's influence.

IC Journal

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No really Ninja junk aside, she's kind of a great big nerd. Even whilst she's in the US, she'd rather read about America than just go out and experience it more often than not. She's also constructed a fairly incredible collection of Westerns, on the 35mm theatre reels, Beta, laser Disk, DVD, Blu-ray, digitally of course and thats before we get to all the books about cowboys and western gunfighters. An ideal "Day off" is likely spent indoors, watching youtube rodeos or something. Social butterfly she is not.

Her mother and father were Ninjas, her cousins were Ninjas. She was schooled by, trained by and nurtured by Ninja. Chizue is at her inner most core, as Ninja as it gets really. For Chizue the multicolored ninja masks are a truer reflection of her own self image than anything she shows off for the mundane world. She's borderline overconfident more often than not, and absolutely happy to make it plain that she is absolutely loving every fight she finds herself getting into.

Character Sheet


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Chizue like all her peers, has been the subject of substantial genetic tampering. Her reflexes are aproximately twice as quick as a baseline human, her sense of balance and general dexterity is similarly aproximately twice as acute as a baseline human. As far as healing stuff goes she heals about twice as fast as a baseline human, and generally will heal any injury which was not immediately fatal if given enough time. She isn't any stronger than a woman her size should be, but she can keep up with an olympic sprinter over a marathon distance.

Her primary "Ninja gear" is a suit built with no small amount of bleeding edge Technology, and is everything you'd expect for a "Gadget Ninja" to wear. The base layer is a one way wicking material designed to normalize body temperature with ambient, allowing the wearer to fool thermal sensors. It's reactive in the amount of compression it provides, boosting wearer performance and making cramps all the less likely. The garment is additionally both cut and fire resistant.

The helmet itself is quite close fitting, and designed around sensor fusion primarily. It has it's own encrypted coms package, and supports radio cloning in the field. Featuring NV and Thermal sensors combined together in real time to present an augmented reality interface capable of interfacing with whatever computer she's lugging along. As far as protection goes it'll stop a handgun round at point blank, and provides fairly ample protection from blunt force trauma. Theres ports to allow the use of 40mm gas mask filters or supplemental oxygen as desired. Over this is worn whatever fashion Chizue's a fan of this week. She's best known for her polygonal animal masks of course.

The Cloak and trousers are entirely novel, and capable of appearing entirely invisible to digital cameras. The human eye can catch the outline well enough, especially when she's in motion (nevermind her shadow),though it's fantastically difficult to pick out in low light. It takes a full hyper spectral imaging suite to see the suit clearly when it's still, and thermals are just as ineffective. That said the entire rig can only update so fast, and at any speed beyond a walk will produce plainly visible "glitches" in the presentation.

The rest of her garb is dramatically less exotic, but clearly care has gone into every aspect. From pouches that open silently, to shoes tailor made for silent walking. Gloves which are fantastically "grippy", and body armor designed to move and flex with it's wearer whilst wearing but scant ounces.


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Chizue is an expert with almost all bladed weapons native to Japan, though she's demonstrated a special talent for the sword from an early age. She can cut single bullets from the air, and swat arrows aside with ease. The speed and precision with which she can deliver sword blows is entirely superhuman, and her form is all but flawless. Give her a Katana or a Ninjato, and she's in exceptionally rare company indeed. That said she's not terribly familiar with western blades, and could generally be considered as something of a "Counter-ninja specialist".

She works IT security for a living, and went to school for it. She's a fairly good hacker when she's up against the sort've stuff you normally find in the corporate world, but usually requires physical access to untangle the more exotic stuff. To that end she's rather good at the construction of small computers designed to interface with her augmented reality gear, and devices which she can install in "enemy" network infrastructure to gain access. She's not a particularly -fast- hacker, but her preference for direct interfaces does make her a unique challenge to defend against.

Chizue is fluent in English and Japanese, and knows enough Mandarin to embarass herself.

She's been riding scooters since she was a wee ninja, and has been relied upon two wheeled transport of one form or another to get around since she was young. She's a decent mechanic, and typically cleans up at track days. She's not quite "pro" levels of fast, but she's mighty quick.

The Haga school of Ninjutsu is considered fairly "dirty" even by Ninja standards, and Chizue is quite skilled in it. The art prioritizes damaging or destroying joints, and making use of the environment to cripple enemies. Generally she could give Jackie Chan a run for his money when it comes to grabbing random items and beating people senseless, from chairs to ball point pens she's more than able to make use of it. That said Chizue is a tiny thing, and she lacks the power for reliable empty handed knock outs. She's quite good with joint locks, but likewise her light weight makes her a sub optimal grappler.

Like all true Ninja, Chizue loves guns. She's been training with firearms since an early age, and is an excellent shot with a pistol or a submachinegun/PDW. That said she lacks the stature to make the best of an assault rifle, shotgun or belt fed weapon. She might occasionally put a light weapon precision rifle to use when necessary, but generally she prefers a dramatically form factor. She also can't really afford the bulk of carrying more than one gun at a time.

She was trained in stealth from an early age, and it shows. Even out in the mundane world Chizue's notably quiet more often than not. She knows how to move silently, how to read sight lines, how to make the best of shadow and cover. She's also quite comfortable with using heights to her advantage, and is quite up to date on the sort of security you'd expect to find in a corporate environment.


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She's got more swords, knives, Kama and similar sharp impliments than most people have socks. She has a veritable cornicopia of shuriken, caltrops and similar unpleasant things to boot. Enough repair parts to keep her trademark repaired in tip shop shape, and the tools to make minor tweaks and alterations when necessary. She's also got a pretty impressive collection of Pistols, Submachine guns and lightweight take down precision rifles customized for her use. Theres an array of computer hardware, climbing gear, lock bypasses and similar sneaky tools to boot. The only truly exotic stuff though is her collection of grenades, designed to baffle and surprise. From tiny localized EMPs, to Thermite, to carbon nanotube chaff, fragmentation and even shaped charge anti-tank grenades.

Haga Clan:
Chizue is officially "on assignment" in America, and here at the clan's express orders. As such she can expect substantial support in the way of intelligence on Enemy Ninja movements, and some backup in cracking recovered computers and so fourth. She can expect limited financial support where necessary to boot. When it comes to "Backup" however, the Haga have nobody to send to her aid outside of Japan. Likewise all material support will have to come all the way from Japan, and could take quite awhile to get to her depending on how illegal it is.

Steady Income:
She's got excellent credentials, a fairly good work history and she speaks multiple languages. She can rely upon a steady if modest paycheck, and well taking cash from her foes is part of the whole Ninja thing so she can occasionally score substantial cash "Bonuses".


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Chizue's whole ninja schtick revolves around having gadgety doodads, as such there is a direct relationship between her capacity for combat and how much crap she has on hand. This is particularly dangerous, because she can't carry an armory with her. If a group is too large, or an enemy too resilient that she exhausts her "tricks" she quickly degrades in ability.

Ninja War:
Ninja clans at the best of times are fierce rivals, but the Foot and Hand in particular are locked into all but open warfare with the Haga stretching back many years. When opposing Ninja show up, they immediately become Chizue's exclusive priority. Likewise enemy Ninja will go to extroidinary lengths to kill Chizue, often abandoning their previous mission to make her their exclusive priority. They will attack any friends she might have, out her publically if able and generally attempt to sabotage every single aspect of her life. The paranoia that follows is not entirely unreasonable, but it's just one more reason to remain a shut-in.

No matter what the odds are, Chizue's self confidence is generally absolute. She is often times dramatically too reluctant to leave a battle once it's begun, and finds it genuinely difficult to pass on the opportunity to strike at opposing Ninja when the opportunity presents itself. When she does get her butt kicked, she takes it all the harder and tends to take failure quite personally. This also makes her a fairly terrible student, and stubborn when it comes to potentially changing her "Correct" way of doing things.

Solo Act:
Chizue primarily fights all by herself as is Haga tradition, unlike her mortal enemies. Even with allies close at hand, Chizue makes for a generally terrible team mate. Occasionally unresponsive to calls for help, and pretty much never remembering to check her surroundings to see how her team mates might be doing. She's prone to running off on her own and vanishing entirely, and never calls for help in the heat of the moment.



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Chizue Nakamura has 52 finished logs.

Title Date Scene Summary
A little B and E after hours November 11th, 2021 Giselle and Owari talk over a would be hood's body.
Chillin ninja style September 27th, 2021 Chizue and Maddie talk about lightsabres
Back on the Street September 8th, 2021 Spider-Man introduces Vorpal to Spider-Comm and tries to get Owari to help train Madison with less bloodshed.
Cleaning the streets August 31st, 2021 The Madison gets her first taste of costume vigilante action.
Ninja 101 August 18th, 2021 Madison begins her sword training.
An introduction to Shinobi swordplay. July 29th, 2021 Madisan Meets Owari, becomes her student.
A Turtle and a Tanuki Talk by the Train Tracks July 22nd, 2021 Leonardo comes upon Owari while the kunoichi is slaying a small whisper of ninjas. Approaching her after she's wrapped up the fight the two of them have a talk about tradition and possible connections that could be made.
Unnecessary Roughness! June 23rd, 2021 Scarlet Spider, Silk, Owari, Astro-Knight gather to stop a jewelry store robbery, though an unusual song bird inside keeps the situation from boiling over. Plus, a cameo from Ms. Marvel and Bruno!
Ninjas: Wacky fun! May 29th, 2021 Ninjas hit the ground like flies as a ninja and a goddess reap them down. Food is consumed. Drink also. Honour is spoken of. Pacts are exchanged.
Metropolis has No Ninjas May 14th, 2021 Spidey and Owari visit Metropolis, and break the law.
Hearts of Iron May 14th, 2021 Sif and Owari meet, and depart as friends!
Flashback 2018: Mini Kaiju Pony To Glory! April 21st, 2021 Yellow Scarf Buster helps Robotman defeat a giant magical pony. He wires home for cash.
New York Ninja Night April 9th, 2021 Bakeneko makes a second appearance as an underground cage fighter. A tapout leads to a rather sore loser who prefers to settle differences with firearms. Fortunately, there's a dramatic ninja lurking nearby to run interference!
Return of the Mack (Ninja) March 20th, 2021 Spider-Man and Owari reconnect, and share costume design and dating advice. Like superheroes/ninja do.
Song of ten thousand Cranes. March 15th, 2021 Owari makes contact with SHIELD, everyone walks away.
Cleaning the Streets! February 20th, 2021 No description
A Hospital visit February 15th, 2021 Lydia is recovering in the hospital after the incident in Mutant Town, and is given a surprise visit by Yellow Scarf Buster!
Ninjas and Coffee February 11th, 2021 Lydia goes out to get some fresh air, and she meets a real life ninja!
After the Fall January 28th, 2021 Chizue returns to consciousness...and breakfast.
Return of the Shredder:Enter the Haga January 27th, 2021 Shredder arises from the dead, fights cute girls and mauls one of them. Spider man saves the day.
bank Robbery January 21st, 2021 Flash and Owari dine out post bank robbery foil.
Return of the Tanuki-chan January 20th, 2021 Spider-Man and Owari re-connect.
Evening Calm August 17th, 2020 Some citizens do a walk in the park and chatter about serious business and not so serious foods and maybe a measuring contest. Who knows.
M-town Street cleaning August 14th, 2020 Husk and the YSB chat.
Starting to See the Negative August 14th, 2020 A Ninja, a Spider, and a Firehawk walk into a gun heist...
Mead and Cupcakes! August 13th, 2020 Heidi celebrates surviving another year while her friends cheer her on.
Chance Favors the Cheesy Mind August 6th, 2020 Pete and Chizue get together for quiet talk and good pho.
You've Got Mail July 22nd, 2020 Spider-Man gets some mail via Kitsune Ninja Mail Service.
Ninjaphobia July 2nd, 2020 A god and a ninja talk current events.
Foxes and Raccoon Dogs. June 25th, 2020 A Kitsune and a Tanuki chill on a rooftop.
Pitch black June 11th, 2020 Ninjas from distant clans meet.
The Monstrosity Under the Bridge June 6th, 2020 ULIK is brought forth through a portal to menace Midgard. Heroes respond and save the day!
Kami's place June 4th, 2020 Sally and Owari chill at Kami's penthouse
Ninja from a Ninja May 27th, 2020 Alice begins her lessons.
Never steal near the tri city area. Never May 14th, 2020 A crew tries to rob a trailer, Superman, Hal, Cecily, and Chizue save the day. Oh and Nova is around somewhere.
Spider-Ninja! May 6th, 2020 Spider-Man goes on the Ninja version of a vision quest. May 2nd, 2020 The way of the ninja is introduced to Alice
The Divine and the Ninja April 30th, 2020 Owari is given a divine edict to clean clocks.
A meeting of masters April 23rd, 2020 No description
Spider/Ninja! April 23rd, 2020 Chizue and Peter go out for a bout of heroing!
Knocked Out Again April 18th, 2020 Spidey meets quite a few people - a lawyer, a model, and a ninja - when grabbing lunch.
Training Day for the Spider April 5th, 2020 Spider-Man gets his first lesson in ninja-ing.
A brace of Foxes April 4th, 2020 A compact between foxes is formed.
TECHNO-NINJAS FROM JAPAN! April 1st, 2020 Spidey meets up with the techno-ninja Owari, and they do a little networking. In more ways than one.
Hot chicks on a roof. March 31st, 2020 Fire meet Ninja!
A letter to the editor... March 29th, 2020 Chizue and Lois enter into an alliance
Old debts and young Shadows March 28th, 2020 No description
Shadows in the Night March 27th, 2020 Chizue is in ninja pants, and meets another in similar. But less chatty.
Getting High(In elevation) March 27th, 2020 Miles and Chizue talk about finances.
Ninjas in Gotham March 26th, 2020 Robin meets a New York hero taking down some creepy crawly bad guys.
Tigers and Tigers March 26th, 2020 Ninjas at the zoo.
Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting... March 23rd, 2020 Two Spiders find themselves dealing with NINJAS!


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Chizue Nakamura has 52 finished logs.

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