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Date of Scene: 21 January 2021
Location: Downtown - New Troy
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Peter Parker, Nia Nal

Peter Parker has posed:
A year ago, the project was only a glint in his eye and 5,000 lines of code. Now, Spider-Comm, the stealth communications network set up in New York City, may be coming to YOUR town!

Ever since he realized the Kingpin's connections to other cities existed, he'd visited them using the Hyperloop...and soon realized he missed this vital resource when he couldn't connect. So, he endeavored to run an analysis of the cell-tower network in both Gotham City AND Metropolis to see if he could...well, widen the web, as it were.

He came in the morning, because no classes on Thursday (the new schedule was going to be a bear, he could tell) and changed in the alley a few streets away from the Hyperloop station.
BOY, even the alleys in Metropolis were cleaner.
A few minutes later, he was swinging cautiously through the Metropolis skyline, hoping he didn't crash into any flying people while he was here...

...not a great first impression.

Nia Nal has posed:
The friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is far from his neighborhood, for sure. Metropolis is...different. Then again, Gotham isn't New York, and New York isn't Central City. Cities have personalities. Distinct characters.

Nia isn't from here, but the city has quickly begun to be her home. She lives here, and she works here, and she (badly) dates here. It's a different world from the small town in northern California she was born and raised in. As is, Nia is on break from work. Being a reporter is tough. Very tough. It doesn't help that she's a cub reporter, and tends not to be taken seriously. Still, at least she's made some friends.

Spidey likely catches a flash of color on the Daily Planet rooftop as he swings on by. Nia comes up here a lot. The girl leans on the railing beneath the huge globe, and stares out at the city below, lost in thought. Black slacks and matching shoes go with a dark blue blouse top. It's a professional look, and it works for her. She blinks at the sight of the swinging hero, and the girl raises a hand to wave! Wow, Spider-Man!

Peter Parker has posed:
Spider-Man is already on alert for the local "wildlife," so the waving figure on the roof of...wow, it ACTUALLY has a big planet on the roof.

He smirks as he imagines the building he sells his pics in having a giant bugle on the roof.
He's not getting the I'm-a-gonna-jump feeling from the figure, and he SHOULD be a pleasant tourist, so he swings around another building, vaults upward towards the side of the DAILY PLANET building, landing on the 20th floor and just...
...well, RUNS up the side of the building.

He reaches roof level, soars upward another 50 feet, then comes down lightly on the downward arc of the planet's metal "ring" in a low crouch.

Spider-Man, Threat or Menace (your call) rises and waves to the girl in the dark clothing. "Hi."

Nia Nal has posed:
She smiles warmly as Spidey lands, and she shakes her head. "Okay, so you -have- to be a dancer on Broadway or something, right? You're based in New York...all graceful and stuff. Now, me? I have two left feet." She gestures helplessly down at her feet and offers a lopsided grin. She tucks some dark hair behind her ear and steps away from the edge of the roof.

"Here to see the sights? Or here to knock out some villains?," the girl asks curiously.

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey smirks. "Oh, I'm following a few leads, checking out the appeal of your august and storied city. You have VERY clean alleys, didja know that?"

Spidey hops off the ring to land on the roof about ten feet from Nia. "I hope I'm not intruding, though. I figured you were just hanging out here. You didn't have that jumper vibe. Besides, you waved, and I'm a stranger in town, so why not be sociable?"

Nia Nal has posed:
"Eh, we're a city of extremes. Lots of nice areas. City of the future. ...Aaaaand Suicide Slums." She grins ruefully and brushes her fingers back through her hair. She shakes her head.

"Social is appreciated. Yeah, not intruding. I just got off work and I'm enjoying the air before I take the subway home. Not really in a rush to go home just yet."

Peter Parker has posed:
"Ah. Well...ah, jeez, I left my manner back in the Big Apple..."

He extends one hand. "Spider-Man. Or Spidey. Or Webhead. Or, my PROPER name, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, but good luck fitting THAT on a business card."

Nia Nal has posed:
She laughs and reaches out to take his hand and shake it. "Well, nice to meet you, Fensim." She pauses and then shakes her head. "Nah, shortening Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man just doesn't work. Webhead it is." Nia winks at that, clearly just trying to be playful. "I'm Nia," she adds. "Nia Nal."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey tilted his head.
Nia Nal. Clark Kent. Lois Lane. Interesting trend there.

Glass houses, Peter Parker.
Right, moving on.

"Nice to meet you, Miss Nal. I've met my share of reporters, though. Especially The Stalker. Are you freelance, salaried, intern?"

Nia Nal has posed:
"I'd like to think I'm not like The Stalker. I'm salaried, but a cub. Just started working here over the Winter, actually. Most people have been pretty lovely. A few bigots, but...ninety nine percent great." Bigots about what? She glances about the rooftop, and then back.

"I'm not...holding you up, am I, Webhead?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey tilts his head. "Uhm..." He looks around. "No, I think the building is. Thanks for asking, though."

He is quiet for a moment. As Lt. DeWolff once said, they opened the door for this line of inquiry.

"Having problems, Miss Nal?"

Nia Nal has posed:
She blinks and then shakes her head. "Not really. Nothing big." She flashes another smile and then turns to peer out over the city again. "As I said, most folks are cool. Lots of nice people here." The young woman looks back to Spider-Man, and she leans back against the rail. "So, uh...what do you do when you're not fighting crime and pissing off the Daily Bugle?"

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey raises a finger. "Not the WHOLE Bugle. Just Jameson. And apart from his weird hangup with me, he's actually a pretty good newspaperman. So I tend to cut the guy some slack. He keeps his opinions to the Editorial page, and he is entitled to his opinion."
Spidey leans back against the ring behind him. "Well, I like helping people. It's my schtick, my modus operandi. But I do have to tell you, swinging around the Big Apple is actually very relaxing. Lets the mind drift, become introspective. You can think when the hustle and bustle of the city is around fifty feet below you." He pauses, then asks, "How far away is home? You don't have to give a specific address, of course."

Nia Nal has posed:
"Well, that's good, at least..." She grins and then nods at his mention of helping people. "I get it. I've met Supergirl a few times and...well, she's similar. It's good there are people in this world like that."

Nia blinks at the last bit and then shrugs a shoulder. "Uptown. I live on the edge of Harlem."

Peter Parker has posed:
Spidey nods. "Yeah, I've met Supergirl, too. She's very conscientious. She and I don't exactly run in the same circles, but I consider her a friend. She comes to New York often enough, I was thinking I should make more of an effort to visit Metropolis. Y'know, so she's not the one having to make all the effort." He paused. "Yeah, I know, 'effort' of a woman who can benchpress battleships, but you know what I mean." He looks around, then sighs. "Listen, how do you feel about rollercoasters?"