4831/A Match Made in Hell(fire)

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A Match Made in Hell(fire)
Date of Scene: 22 January 2021
Location: VIP Lounge - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Talia al Ghul, Carmine Falcone

Talia al Ghul has posed:
The VIP Lounge isn't quite the pinnacle of decadence in the Hellfire Club, but it's only a floor or two away. This time of day, the room isn't quite as full of intrigue and danger as it will be later in the evening, which makes it a perfect place for collecting one's thoughts. And that is why the woman is here right now.

Dressed in a long skirt of green silk, her top is midriff-baring with long, billowing sleeves cuffed at the wrist. She cradles a slender champagne flute and sips the mimosa while gazing down at the near-empty ballroom below.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     The elevator doors swing open to either side and from within a familiar sight to the Hellfire club emerges. He's dressed in his usual attire that is simple on the surface. A handmade italian suit and bowtie of his. It's simple black crushed velvet styling hiding the intricate inlay unique roses no two on the suit exactly the same each one representing a different span on the falcone family.

     He's got a smile on his face and a cigar tucked into the corner of his mouth as he makes his way deeper into the lounge. No security detail required in a place like this, just the man himself walking calm and confident.

     "And who should my eyes be delighted to see?" He speaks up in that thick gothamite accent mixed with a smattering of traditional italian, the 70 year old man holding a smile from one ear to the other. He makes his way closer walking with confidence befitting a man in his position as the top king of crime in Italy, and Gotham

Talia al Ghul has posed:
The woman turns at the sound of the voice, dexterous fingers lightly holding the glass. She offers a smile that would clear the room, eyes bright. Talia waits for him to come to her, of course, and only when he's a few paces away does she speak. "Talia al Ghul." the woman offers. "And you are...?"

Of course she could find out later, or even make a few discreet inquiries right now. But where's the fun in that? Italian, by the accent and the suit. But it's the Gotham undertone that catches her attention.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "Carmine Falcone" Offered with a friendly smile as he moves closer. The smell of expensive cologne is light on him, just the slightest dab backing him as he moves over and finds himself a seat. "It is a pleasure to make of your acquaintance in person Miss al Ghul"

     For a 70 year old man he moves with grace and poise each step and movement of the hands deliberate and planned the man clearly in far better shape than he holds any right to be. On his face the distinct scar pattern where someone had slashed across his face with fingernails or perhaps claws remains visible even if the wound has faded with age.

     "I admit to being surprised we had not encountered one another far sooner." He motions to the bar a simple glass of italian white wine brought his way. It's not a particularly expensive vintage at all from an area near sicily nor is it by any means in high demand, and yet it gives off a unique smell that is pleasing to the nostrils.

Talia al Ghul has posed:
A dark brow lifts at the name 'Falcone', and Talia inclines her head with a slow nod. "The pleasure is mine, Signore." she replies. Her own perfume is light, if at all, the woman choosing to be more natural. She notes his selection of wine, taking that opportunity to sip of her own.

"Surprised? Not all that surprising, really. We are both, after all, travelers... each in our own way. Still, it is good to be in New York." The woman pauses to regard him more closely. "What draws you away from Gotham?"

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     "Of that I can most certainly concur." He lifts his glass slightly carmine bringing it to his lips for a brief sip. A smile crosses his face. "The world is a very large place with plenty of places in which for an individual to vanish." He sets his glas down onto the table and relaxes enjoying the moment.

     "Recent events have seen fit that I may take opportunity for a slight bit of re-expansion of my business ventures." He flicks a flash of pearly whites for just the briefest of moments. "As such, I have decided to pay a visit to the city and check in on a number of my expansion ventures."

Talia al Ghul has posed:
Talia al Ghul wets her lips with the mimosa, but that's all. The woman watches him all the while, her gaze heavily-lidded and intent as any predator. "And yet the world is not SO large that its resources are infinite." she replies casually. "I am somewhat familiar with your business ventures, Signore. To date, however, they have not intersected with my own. Perhaps this is why we have not met until now."

Ah, let the games begin.

Carmine Falcone has posed:
     Carmine takes his time slowly but surely sipping away at his glas of wine. He looks calm and collected his attention over towards the far wall. The man is clearly getting on in years, but there's that glint of a killer in his eye. A light glint shines at the corner of his eye as she speaks and he brings the glass away from his mouth.

     "And perhaps soon that is to change?" He gives a friendly and warm smile her direction. "The world is vast, but as you say only holds so much." He holds up his glas. "Be it as rivals or partners may the journey be forever as worthwhile as the final destination. For the ebbs and flows are many and no man may know where they final rest."

Talia al Ghul has posed:
Talia al Ghul lifts a brow again, her own smile returning. "Perhaps it will." she replies almost casually. And when he holds up his glass she moves hers, lightly clinking the two. "I like to think that there are always opportunities. Being able to identify and capitalize on these opportunities is the key to being more than simply successful. After all, rivals can become partners if the opportunity benefits both."