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Dance Dance Socialize
Date of Scene: 25 January 2021
Location: Tech Noir
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, James Proudstar, Illyana Rasputina

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tech Noir is a small techno bar in New York that is hidden away in a line of a variety of different forms of entertainment. Tabitha has sneaked in with her fake ID after texting James and Paige and Drake but she found that all of them were busy. "There's way more fun in the city!" she tells them.

Tabitha is wearing her new green plaid short skirt and black top. She wanders through the dance floor over to the bar so she can see what else is going on in the club. The techno music is kinda repetitive but it attracts those who like retro.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar opens the door to usher Ms. Rasputin inside. Neither of them have their ID's out as, I mean, would you ask James for his ID. HIs hair is done in a braided twist. He's wearing dark blue jeans, and a navy blue blazer. Under the blazer is a wool vest done in a colorful indigenous pattern. He has on nice but worn square toes shoes and a scarf in a much finer wool that matches the vest. He looks around casually looking for Tab or some of the other Xavier Kids.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Clubs present a certain kind of challenge to the likes of Illyana. Easy to struggle with crushing humanity all around, the inevitable drama that follows between dates going awry, people showing off, and the meat market quality of it all. The unfamiliar rhythms of teens to thirty-somethings getting on a dance floor or seeking out liquor is completely alien to her, the cumulative weight of experience geared towards entirely different pastimes. But you don't turn your nose up at friends asking. Especially when the saccharine musical tastes of some clubs may not be on the menu, replaced instead by harder, darker EDM via Europe or possibly Tabitha's impeccable knowledge of everything worth dancing to.

On the other hand, where else is a girl regularly wearing leather pants going to fit in? James dresses up and she dresses... it's something. A fashionable ensemble with a long, cold-shoulder shirt that hooks sleeves around her thumbs might seem pretty basic, but pair it with a viciously laced corset and said leather pants, she fits in nearly anywhere. If someone wants to make a fuss, and it's possible the bouncer questions doing just that, she can shift her attire on the fly. Techno will do, thus here she is, a pair of unnatural blue glowsticks in her hair to add to the mood.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith is at the bar in Tech Noir and waiting for her friends. She keeps glancing back at the door, moving her head back and forth to see around people. She hops off the little stool at the small bar as she sees Illyana and James come in. She raises her hand and hops, "Hey guys!" she lets out.

Hopefully, they can hear her over the techno music, "BOW BOW CHICKA CHICKA! BOW BOW!" goes the loud music in a repetitive fashion.

"Illyyyyy!" she lets out, "Rock on! You guys made it!" she adds with a grin. She motions them over repeatedly with her hand, waving a yellow glowstick she was given by somebody in the bar. She offers one to each of them.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles and picks up the sound of Tab's voice smoothly, from across the room even over the din. He smiles and leans down to point out Tab to Yana and moves to close the distance. As he walks the normal dense vibe of the club evaporates him, it seems that even in Techno Noir a 7' Apache and a cute demon princess can make an entrance. James approaches Tabs and offers her a hug and a kiss, taking the glow stick and slipping it into the braid in his hair.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Patience rewards the patient, and Tabby will soon have not one but two companions and change. Music spills out from all directions, a muddied blur of riffs and beats that entice anyone to join the fray. Illyana's lidded gaze measures the exit points before she and Jimmy make it more than five paces in. A subtle thing, and the thick fringe of blonde bangs helps conceal her appraisal of danger. Besides, maybe the glowsticks worked into her bunched buns, the rest of her hair worn loose, will be distracting. Kind of like how certain deep sea fish look all innocent until someone munches onto one of the luminescent bits and finds themselves for dinner.

But before she can grow too lost in her thoughts, there is her name called in diminutive and James pulling her inexorably closer to the spitfire in their midst. Hard to miss that much taller Apache, or the yellow glowstick flicking around. Only when they are quite within earshot does she raise her voice softly, "Tabby. Have you already started without us?" The corner of her mouth lifts, ghost of a smirk showing. "This seemed more interesting than books. Or the pile of dogs supposedly at school." She waits on James to finish with Tabby, and then nudges her with an elbow. Hey, she's trying.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith seems to stare at James as he hugs and smooches her on the cheek, "Uhhh," she smiles, "What up...?" she mutters and then suddenly snaps out of it as Illyana nudges her with great earnestness toward the consciousness she's forgotten about, "Started?" she wonders and then looks at Illyana.

"OH! Yeah yeah, I just got here too. I texted everybody as I came in and I was like...just waiting and crap," she tells them, "It's kinda cool huh?!" she lets out and grins.

"WOO!" she exclaims and throws up her hands, dancing her glowsticks in the air, "Let's rock...! But...first, um maybe you should sit down for a sec. You guys are totally conspicuous...!" she explains and snickers amusedly, maybe making a little joke.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar releases Tabs, good naturedly, and then deadpans, "Who us?" He looks around, "I really felt we blend. These are my people... "He narrows his eyes and nods slowly looking out over the dance floor. He sits carefully on the stool at the bar, not allowing his full mass to come to rest on he stool. "Sorry, we were late. It takes me forever to get ready. Growing my hair out may not have been the best idea." He leans back over the bar and order drinks for everyone.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Acquiring a hug from someone as large as Jimmy is probably like being enveloped by a small tree. It helps to remain lightly rooted to the ground, responsive to the unexpected adjustments required as people bypass him to crowd to the bar. Neither is Illyana's speculative look a deterrent to acquiring something to drink or amuse themselves with, like another glowstick or a salt shaker. Don't ask why they want a salt shaker.

"Different. How did you find it?" the blonde Russian asks Tabitha, carefully navigating around any stools or dancers much more interested in getting good vibes instead of anything serious. "Why sit?"

Well, that decides that, as she turns with her back to the bar, leaning against it rather than stealing real estate from some poor bar stool or something more opportunistic, like Jimmy's spot. Maybe she considers it, paused for a moment. "Your hair grown out looks fine. Combed, da?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith puts a hand to her own blonde hair as Illyana drifts the conversation to hair and styles. Her hair is short and spikey and totally styled. She twirls her glowstick in her hand as she bops back and forth slightly to the musical beat, and then says, "What? Oh yeah, I've got a huge list of clubs I wanna try out. I walked by here this one time and peered in through the windows and crap. I mean, it's sorta...in your FACE!" she grins, "Yeah!" she says and twirls her glowstick again.

She glances at James, "Did you guys walk far...? I didn't steal Hank's car this time, so I got a ride and crossed the street right over here..." she explains.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar pushes a few loose strands back behind his ear, "Tosibo." He scootches over making space for the dimnuative Russian to share the stool, or at least lean against it. "Yeah, right we'll have to make it a weakly thing. Not to far, just an alley a fey streets over.:

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Russian earns that vaguest hint of a smirk again. "You will make Apache sound like a child." The bar there counts as a bulwark against anyone coming up on her back, though the bartender probably wants his or her tip. Thus over her shoulder, she says, "Moscow mule, da?" No point in flashing ID and no point in deviating from expectations, since the liquor is easy enough to pour into a standard cocktail, nothing too explicitly difficult. "You?" She waits on James to add his request to the order, since certain things are no object for a sorcerer.

Money sometimes can be among them. Not to a Frost or Worthington level, usually, but then what else is Hell good for if not filthy lucre?

Watching Tabitha consider the dance floor, she waits for a break in the conversation -- or attention span -- and asks, sotto voce, "Does she forget how we travel?" It's totally a joke. As deadpan and dry as the Namib Desert, but it /is/ one.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar leans back and orders a bourbon, double on the rocks. Making it even easier and something simple and strong for his particular sensibities. His eyes dance at the joke but he knows better than to laugh. "It's nice to be home."